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Apr 10, 2019
My earliest Ultraman memories brings me back to the many mornings of 2004. I used to wake up at 6am and turn on the TV as soon as I can so I can catch the last 5 minutes of Ultraman before going to school, coming to think of it, bit crazy they aired Ultraman at such a ridiculous hour, if I went to school at 7am I would have never watched the show. I never fully understood the plot of Ultraman from just the fight sequences, just a guy in a wet suit fighting a guy in a rubber dinosaur suit.
Fast-forward to 2019, Ultraman finally read more
Mar 8, 2019
Welcome to Karl Marx the animation: The Daddy of Communism.

As a (fake) Chinese, I can tell you zero things about Karl Marx because the British education system has failed to teach me history of other places other than ‘Great’ Britain. My parents as ex-members of the communist party didn’t educate me on the topic either, if any Chinese is reading this, they are probably calling me out to be a traitor, as they have already, many times.

With that said, I genuinely do not know too much about Karl Marx, nor have I read any of his work, while you might argue that I can’t possibly read more
Dec 10, 2018
I should have known the moment I saw the word KyoAni, and that it can turn into shit very quickly. You probably heard this so many times, but the anime had so much potential, instead it’s a pile of slush with very flowery art that matter jack shit.

I admit upon first sight, it’s extremely visually appealing, the trailer gives almost the same phenomenal feel a Makoto Shinkai trailer gives. But 2 episodes in, you’d be gone and the last thing you care about are the specs of dust particles glowing in sunlight, and 4 episodes in, you don’t remember a single shit that happened read more
Dec 10, 2018

To put it into context, I’m writing this review 12 hours after I watched it in the cinema. 2 years ago, I watched Kimi No Nawa in the cinema, and there was 5 people, including me. The last one was Perfect Blue, there was 8, and 5 of them was people I dragged along. This time, the theatre was filled, it’s almost as full as a first screening of a marvel superhero movie. I think it shook an emotion inside me to see things you like in real life, the anime community in the west isn’t small, but it’s always online and nothing ever comes read more
Jan 27, 2018
Now this is the peak of marketing, using bishounens and gap moe to sell your products, Sanrio sure know what's up. I'm not complaining, well I am, where's Gudetama?? Arguably the best existing Sanrio character {even though he was 5th in the 2017 ranking [Slightly mad that he dropped a position from 2016 (what about KIRIMI-chan who ranked no.1 beating Gudetama in the food character election)]} sorry I'm going off track.

You see, this is nothing but a huge Sanrio ad trying to increase merch and sales. However, I do appreciate the message behind this, it's true that you can love cute things and still be read more
Jun 1, 2017
Why are you reading this? Why am I writing this? Questions we all ask ourselves. Jesus, Buddha please forgive my sins.

The all age version can be found on your regular anime page, but honestly it’s so censored that you see nothing. So onward with the less censored version, which do show boobs but apparently that’s not the 18+ version yet, idk where you’d find that. If you do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Actually, no, please don’t send me it.

This has zero plot, and it's not even a real hentai, I watched this with no subs and I can understand it because it has about 5 read more
Apr 18, 2017
Love a bit of shoujo? Fancy a love story between a 10 year old and 15 year old? No? Good.

Look, everyone likes a bit of lewd jokes every now and then but when your entire ‘comedy’ aspects of the show relies on poop and penis jokes, I think you need to find a new genre to write about. The anime is in fact revolves around main characters that are 10, so naturally they are annoying kids who think they are funny when they say penis.

Penis aside. Character time.

Kaho, a 15yr high schooler who fell in love with a 10yr old because he said mean things read more
Apr 6, 2017
This review will cover a little bit from S1 as well as this season.

This arc is a lot better in terms of storytelling I think, S1 was chaotic and the comedy aspects of it was overwhelming (that, or I got used to the style). I believe it might be quite hefty for someone who have not been exposed to Chinese mythical fantasies and its mechanism, especially with the add on of modern internet humour. I found it difficult to follow at the beginning.

Moving on! The Wangquan Fugui arc is where the real business happens, it’s based on Fugui and Qingtong. It followed a same read more
Apr 3, 2017
Tag yourself
1. Mindless protag girl who is in love with her onni chan
2. Emo boy who loves his teacher who has boobs
3. Loli girl with princess complex
4. Dude with Freud issues and is in love with girl who has long hair because it reminds him of his mother
5. Hypersexual sadistic lady who has nothing better to do than hurting people for fun
6. Gay gal who doesn’t mind being the friend with benefits
7. Big boob thin body senpai who used kohai for sex
8. Someone who just want sex

And… I am none of these, but honestly that’s legit a breakdown of all the characters and 8. is all the character and all the other read more
Mar 30, 2017
The anime had so much potential to be good, yet, it missed it.

It had a good start with Kobayashi and his super powers etc... detective club sounds interesting hmm but as the story progresses it just became a mess. It was actually fun at the beginning, but after the Hanasaki thing it lost me. The ending was too a let-down. Art wise, faces were distorted in some frames lol

Also, Twenty and Akechi’s relationship is like ???????? Get a room? Sit down and talk it out? Thrills?? I definitely didn't get any.

Overall, the story just lacked, the character development was also lacking, I probably wouldn't read more