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Jan 27, 2020
Babylon (Anime) add (All reviews)
"History is written by the victor"
What does it mean to be good? What does it mean to be evil? Is there an objective way based in humanity to measure what is good and what is evil? Babylon is a psychological thriller set in modern day that centers around a philosophical debate about a very taboo subject.

The story is utterly thrilling to the end, an easy show to marathon and think about. The story is definitely the biggest strength of Babylon, especially in terms of making one think about things, which is always excellent to see. Stories that challenge what we know and our views that read more
Nov 23, 2019
Well it's finally over, Happy Sugar Life was quite a ride. A story of a love the world would never accept, and doing anything to protect that love.

The story was very well done, particularly the unique writing style for character's feelings and actions which leads to the absolute best part of the manga in my personal opinion (though it would still be nothing without the story). I'll get to that next.

The art is nothing short of spectacular, memorable, aesthetic, the greatest manga art I personally have ever seen. The character's emotions and feelings are put on display so perfectly that you can feel a read more
Oct 14, 2019
Stranded in one of the worst ways possible, Hajime Nagumo experiences a last spurt of life, a desire to live at all costs. This experience erodes his otherwise somewhat passive personality as he fights for his survival. Arifureta quickly delves into this and delivers itself as a somewhat unique action series. A lot of information early on is done in a "show don't tell" process which may confuse viewers that aren't paying attention but is actually quite simple.

The story is done in a zero to hero format like the title suggests (from commonplace to world's strongest), and it does this in a fun game-like way read more
Sep 18, 2019
Going by my score of 9 you can tell I definitely highly recommend it however at first when I started watching the characters and story made me believe it to be a somewhat cliche adventure story with weak characters. However it takes time to develop characters and eventually dives off into numerous twists that were well set up and foreshadowed. It's a very highly enjoyable show and definitely the most fulfilling ending I've seen in quite a bit.

The story of being lost in space could be said to be like any other adventure story like exploring an abyss for instance, however luckily instead of focusing read more
Sep 14, 2019
This is honestly the saddest manga experience I have ever had, the first 100 or so chapters are absolutely amazing and might've possibly been the best manga I've ever read but the proceeding 80 or so chapters dropped my score from 10/10 to 1/10. I'm honestly not sure how the series went in the poor directions it did but some advice I'd definitely give, after the end of chapter 100 or 110 or so when it feels like a stopping point, just stop. You can read more but don't say I didn't warn you. It is hard to go over the problems with this manga read more
Aug 9, 2019
This is what real anxiety looks like. 25-Year Old Izumi Sumi Doesn't Know Why She Lives is an excellent look into the realities of living with anxiety/depression and covers some existential crisis of wondering "why do I even exist?" The manga starts off gloomily introducing our protagonist and titular character Izumi Sumi, at first I was personally worried this would just be a cheap sob story, if you feel the same way, don't stop reading, it's actually much better.

The story is overall a very simple look into the life of living with anxieties. It deals with this well and includes harsh realities and reflections on read more
Jul 9, 2019
Koe no Katachi is quite shocking, but not in a good way. Perhaps many viewers have never met a deaf person in real life, or perhaps a deaf person may love this simply because it has a deaf person in it. However Koe no Katachi turns a deaf girl into a one dimensional character and dehumanizes her. It reduces her to just being deaf, and being depressed about being deaf. It's pretty shocking to see an offensive work like this be praised by the many and as I've known deaf people myself first hand, I found it pretty disturbing. Let's talk about things done right read more
Jun 26, 2019
Doga Kobo has done it again with a series that's exactly what it sets out to be, a cute heartwarming show. Senko-san does this perfectly and you get exactly as advertised in high quality.

The story follows a hard working man who's beginning to be slammed with massive depression due to how rough just living and working is, when a fox girl who feels like she owes his ancestors arrives to start helping him feel better. If you can accept that as a concept, the show performs it perfectly, so it's just a matter of if that concept could be appealing to you. Every episode read more
May 24, 2019
After watching several dramas with high production values and characters I don't care about (due to weak development), I guess I'm just immune to this sort of series/movie. I like to see dramas that question themselves and their own messages and make you think about various things. This is a more straightforward series that simply says what it wants to say and doesn't do anything new or make you think about anything.

The story is about two very different people that meet and one gets strung along by the other and they talk about themselves while dealing with one of the two having a terminal read more
May 21, 2019
"I'd be lying if I said I ain't scared, but in this moment (when I want to show off to you), I can be brave."

Hoankan Evans no Uso is a brilliant romcom manga set in the old west, and is the funniest manga I have read to date. The manga does a fantastic job with giving the setting the right atmosphere while keeping humor normally more seen in Japanese romcom anime. However that's not to say it's just like any other romcom, the humor has much of its own unique spins to it. Early on I was worried that it would get repetitive, however read more