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Apr 16, 2019
“I feel thin… stretched. Like butter spread over too much bread.” - Bilbo Baggins, Lord of the Rings

Every good thing must come to an end, or at least that’s how the saying goes. Not that it’s too good to continue on forever, but because it should end while it’s still doing well. If not, however, it is doomed to milk its already-explored ideas until it drenches all the quality from its previous work. Thus is the fate of the once beloved Monogatari series.

Promise of the Premise:
Zoku Owarimonogatari, captures the events that took place after the Second Season of Owarimonogatari, and before the epilogue to the ...
Mar 28, 2018
With the new “Boogiepop” adaptation recently being announced, I decided to revisit the old one, hoping the sudden news might finally give this hidden gem the recognition it deserves. Boogiepop Phantom is Madhouse's semi-adaptation of the on-going self-titled novel series from 1998, particularly the second and the third volume of the series, "Boogiepop and Others" and "Boogiepop at Dawn." It was released at the beginning of the year 2000, following the wave of deep, complex and esoteric shows filled with dark character drama that emerged as a magnitude response to Neon Genesis Evangelion's deep impact on the entire genre. Unfortunately, even though Boogiepop was a ...
May 1, 2017
What really scares us? Death or the oblivion? Of course, the oblivion. It is not dying itself that frightens us the most, but rather knowing that we will lose everything we loved and cared for. All of the memories we've treasured, the choices we've made and the people we've touched; everything will cease from existence. So why do we treasure our past so much? Is that just a collection of memories the nostalgia bounds us to, or is it the part of who we are?

Serial Experiments Lain is not your average show, and definitely not something you run into every day. It is a unique ...
Nov 19, 2016
'People save themselves on their own. Nobody can ever save anyone else'
- Araragi Koyomi

To begin this review, I shall say that while there were always disagreements whether a certain show was good or not, no series was ever able to split the community like the Monogatari series does. And there will always be the ones saying that it is the best of the best in the anime world, and the ones that will see it as just a pretentious over-the top harem show. Now, before you cast of my review thinking that I'm just going to praise the show, I'll have to ask you to ...
Jul 17, 2016
Since the release of Bakemonogatari, the first part of Monogatari series, this unique show has been splitting the community in two parts, one side being the Monogatari fans, like myself, who threat it like a rare philosophical gem of the anime universe, and the other side which sees it as just another harem show that tries to cover the fanservice with some 'random' philosophy.
By writing this review, I want to show you my view on this show, not to force you to have the same opinion on it as I do.

As you are familiar with the series (I assume, since this is the review on ...

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