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Dec 23, 2019
Noukin is an isekai anime that is essentially something like cute girls doing cute things (CGDCT) anime. It uses isekai tropes of being overpowered in a fantasy world. For people bored of this cliches, I would say that this won't be much of a problem since it doesn't follow through something you would expect on a typical isekai storyline. Instead, Noukin feels more like a slice of life comedy anime.

Noukin has basically what you expect from a CGDCT and Isekai. It parodies isekai elements in a lighthearted setting of a CGDCT. It shows plenty of humour & interactions between our main characters like in a ...
Jun 29, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai is a high school romantic comedy. The setting here is that our protagonist Nariyuki is great in academics. However, he is not going good financially and needed to get a VIP scholarship from his school. To his delight, the School Principal decided to give the VIP scholarship ti Nariyuki with a condition, Nariyuki must tutor two of his classmates. Rizu Ogata is a genius at science but struggles at literature. Fumino Furuhashi is the opposite, excelling in literature but is horrible at science.

In the beginning, this anime tackles the reason Rizu and Fumino try to enter a major opposite to ...
Jun 26, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san is not your typical slice of life. The reason for that is because of the focus of the show. This anime tells about a demigod fox named Senko who one day decided to take care of our poor and miserable Nakano who's exhausted from work. That's it, there is hardly anything more of it. What makes it not typical is that the focus is on self-insert.

This show tries to makes Nakano simple so it is easy to self-insert ourselves. This is, of course, to make you fantasize how lovely it is to have someone like Senko take care of you. ...
Jun 21, 2019
Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu (Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu) is a sweet comedy slice of life series featuring Hitori Bocchi. She is shy and has no friends at the beginning of the anime. This anime features the slightly awkward Bocchi trying to befriend the whole class. Why does she need to befriend the whole class? This is because Bocchi's previously only friend, Yawara Kai decided to stop being friends until Bocchi manages to befriend the whole class. Thus, Bocchi, who highly values her friendship with Kai, feels compelled to do so.

If you understand some Japanese, you might have noticed how Bocchi is named. Hitori Bocchi translates ...
Dec 21, 2018
Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san is a nice slice of life CGDCT. It is not wildly humorous, it is not filled with fan service all over the place, and it does not have any big overarching story around it. It a nice simple slice of life with four girls as our main cast. The story is that Akari meets a vampire while wandering around the woods. She gets to know the vampire, Sophie, and decides to live with her.

We have 4 main characters and 2 lesser characters. The main characters are Akari, Sophie, Hinata, and Ellie. Akari is fond of dolls and keeps a lot with her. ...
Dec 20, 2018
What is Zombieland Saga? A horror in a zombie apocalypse? A saga in a land full of zombies? Well, none of that. It is actually an idol anime with zombies as the idols. Why the Saga part then, you ask? Because it is set in the Saga Prefecture, Japan.

This is an anime that doesn't take itself seriously. Keep that in mind if you want to watch this show. Most of the early episodes are just comedic episodes with little story progression. You will recognize this immediately at episode 1. With the first scene that may shock you while also being a joke. However, without forgetting ...
Sep 29, 2018
Ever wondered what is actually happening in your body? But are you too lazy to go and pick up a biology book? Fret not, because Hataraku Saibou (Cells at Work!) is here to get you interested using anime-fied cells. All your cells are now anime characters, designed to be the personification of their respective cells. And they are working really hard to make sure your body stays alive well and healthy.

Hataraku Saibou is a parody of your cells inside the body. It uses the scientific base as a setting or premise, then adds their own twist to make it more interesting and exciting to watch. ...
Sep 28, 2018
Happy Sugar Life is a psychological horror starring Satou Matsuzaka as our main heroine. It is revealed early in the first episode that she lives with Shio Koube, who Satou considers to be her "special someone". Satou did horrible things to live with Shio, and as you might have read already on MAL's synopsis, Satou will do everything in her capabilities to protect her life with Shio, her Happy Sugar Life. Of course, Satou and Shio are not the only characters here. This anime is one to watch if you want to see a lot of psychologically scarred characters.

A theme going on in the anime ...
Jun 22, 2018
Mahou Shoujo Site is what happens when you try to mix all sorts of weird psychological gimmicks without ever thinking how it would go. It is about miserable girls that are turned into magical girls by being given magical 'sticks' gotten from a website called Mahou Shoujo Site.

The show starts by showing our main protagonist being bullied and abused 24/7. I feel like all of these scenes are supposed to make you feel bad and sympathize with our protagonist, Aya Asagiri. But what it really did is making it painful to watch. Fortunately, it is only like this in the beginning.

All those misfortune made her ...
Jun 21, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Wotakoi for short) is a romance comedy which characters are Otakus (Anime or Game Otakus). It is set in an office setting, featuring 4 main characters (2 couples) that are dating each other. Here in there, you would see direct references to manga, anime, games, and the likes. However, this anime fails to deliver well in both comedy and romance. I think it is important for you to treat this more as a slice of life show featuring otaku couples, as to not give any unmet expectations.

The romance in this anime is more of just a setting as it is ...

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