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Dec 4, 2011
I love the word "fate".
You know how everyone talks about this anime called Mawaru Penguindrum?
Just one single show can completely change your landscape.
Such a thought-provoking series is not made by mere coincidence.
It's definitely... fate.
Of course, it's not for everyone.
There are many mysterious, seemingly pointless story developments.
It's hard to accept abstract ideas that start with nothing but confusion.
But I think... Every line of dialogue, every object drawn in the show exist for a reason.
Nothing in this show is pointless.
Sep 24, 2011
The word "NEET" is used almost interchangeably with "bum" and "hikikomori" in Japan. KamiMemo is about NEET detective Alice and her so-called assistant Narumi solving various cases in Tokyo with the help of three other NEETs and a Yakuza group. While the premise and the main characters are strikingly similar to that of Gosick, they are very different shows in that KamiMemo is more about the drama than mystery.

The story is arc-based with at most two characters for every case. This ensured great character development for the featured characters, which is the driving force behind this series. Unlike your typical detective show, the cases are ...
Sep 18, 2011
"A Letter to Momo" had reportedly taken the director Okiura Hiroyuki 7 years to produce. Allow me to be the first to say, the time and effort spent on perfecting this film have not gone to waste. I was fortunate enough to watch this latest masterpiece at the 2011 TIFF screening.

The art/animation in this movie is top-notch. Production I.G. with assistance from P.A. Works, Studio Pierrot, and CG by Dandelion resulted in stunning visual quality down to the tiniest details. What I especially liked, was the amount of attention paid to body language and gestures. There's so much information to be gleaned from visuals alone, ...
Jul 1, 2011
Hidan no Aria (Anime) add
This is bad, guys. I mean, it's really REALLY bad!

'Hidan no Aria' has just about every cliche harem elements in the book. The premise focusing on a special occupation to try to be unique, the characters strip and trip randomly for fan service, violent retribution for accidental infringement, archetype heroines, obvious tsundere stuttering, ordinary high school student with hidden special powers, protagonist is surrounded by girls who are crazy about him for no reason... I can go on and on.

The core premise is somewhat interesting. It's set in a school that trains mercenaries, and the students undergo various lethal training and get credits through actual ...
Jun 30, 2011
This review exists within the internet, authored by a SHAFT fanboi.
It functions only as a test ground for me. It is also a spoiler zone in this page.

Under the current assessment of the series, it is a "9/10".
This was determined by my reaction to audio-visual investigation of the SHAFT seishun anime.
Patience is the closest thing viewers have to salvation.
However, accelerated exposure could amplify the viewing experience of a class-2 audience.

A collective of readers that has forgotten it is a collective of voters... That is you.
Members of the self-unaware, clueless MAL users under aliases are not permitted to vote "Not Helpful" on this review.
Injection of corrective ...
Jun 25, 2011
'Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera' is a gag anime based on '70s manga with a LOT of ecchi elements. As a result, the humor is mostly driven by classic manga or anime references, ecchi jokes like girls getting stripped naked in most implausible ways, guys getting poked in the ass, or dirty jokes. The comedy style is very Japanese, with persistent running jokes and oyaji-gag (pun-heavy, old fashioned jokes).

The art in the show has a nostalgic style, with retro character designs. For the most part, this show seems like it could've been made in the '70s, but the battle scenes are ridiculously detailed and serious that you ...
Jun 24, 2011
Mixed Feelings
'C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control' is an apparent response to the current state of business, and the recent global financial crisis.

The main theme of this series is "present vs future", with the main antagonist on the "present" side of the argument vying for the control of the financial district against the protagonist's "future" argument. This could be a direct criticism to the banking industry for their irresponsible lending for short-term profits (the present), which ultimately led to the subprime mortgage breakdown and Lehman Brothers declaring bankruptcy, subsequently causing economic disaster in Japan as well (loss of future). Using a person's future as ...
Jun 23, 2011
"I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was [little]. Jesus, does anyone?"

Childhood friends often mean a lot to us, maybe because we feel they understand us better for having a longer relationship than anyone else, or maybe it's the memory of having fun without having to worry about anything. But what happens when you lose one in your early life? What happens if you're stuck in the past?

This series is about a group of six kids who had a very poor naming sense, once called themselves the "Super Peace Busters" as well as giving one of the girls ...
Jun 20, 2011
Bakuman. (Anime) add
The true meaning of the title was never revealed, but most speculators believe it's short for 'BAKUchi MANga.' (Gambling Manga). It is a simple tale of two middle school guys setting out to become professional manga artists. The story progresses like any other sports or music anime, where ordinary guys aim for the top, facing many challenges and rivals on the way. However, I consider this to be the greatest shounen/seishun (coming of age) genre anime I have ever encountered, because it analyzes what makes a manga good in a coherent way, and more importantly, it practices what it preaches.

This is a review by EIGHTHSin, ...
May 8, 2011
Moshidora (Anime) add
'Moshidora' is based on a best selling Japanese novel (translated) 'What If the Girl Manager of a High School Baseball Team Read Drucker's "Management"?' I am not making this up, the title really is that long. The anime title is an abbreviation.
The novel may have swept No.1 spot in every major book ranking chart in Japan with over 2.5 million copies sold in less than a year and half, but the anime adaptation is nothing but complete and utter failure.

One can tell how badly this show was neglected within minutes. Almost all the characters and backgrounds are nearly frozen! Not only that, there is absolutely ...

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