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Sep 2, 2014
These days, seinen, geared towards young adult men and older, are thought of as the mature, intelligent evolution from shounen. In turn, shounen are seen by some as mindless and flashy acts of violence and softcore eroticism meant to feed young boys’ growth in testosterone. Both vast opinions have flaws, just like any opinion born from the extremely flawed mind of a human, but the stereotypes of each genre are true in some way: shounen are indeed geared toward young boys and seinen are geared towards men who want a story with more mature themes. Having this in mind, the manhua Feng Shen Ji completely read more
Jul 14, 2014
Babysitting. Some of us might have done it, whether it’s one of those odd jobs or it’s being stuck with a younger sibling. Especially when you only want to focus on yourself, something prevalent in just about any age group (but especially during adolescence), having someone else to tend to can be one of the most irksome things to deal with. So let me ask you this—what if you were in high school, enjoying a selfish lifestyle that you’re arguably allowed to have (to an extent), only to have a child dumped on you? This is how Aishiteruze Baby starts, introducing us to the prospect read more
Jun 22, 2014
Before watching Tamako Market, I had to prepare myself. I mean cold showers, a critical state of mind stemmed by delirium, and eating a cup of ramen filled with enough hot sauce to burn my tonsils off. Distraction from the cuteness is key—because the cuteness is paramount. It springs up in all corners, in every moe smile, in every darned bit of music, in every bright color. Beneath a tactful disguise of a thousand hues of pink, a conniving truth festers. If you let your guard down you will never see it.

I’m here to tell you the truth. And the truth is that Tamako Market read more
Jun 7, 2014
Dakedo Happy Paradise is the shoujo manga that anybody who’s anybody needs to read. No exceptions, just read it. You want me to explain why? I shouldn’t have to. The characters are why you should read it. There’s Ganbatte-chan, Sexual Harrassment-kun, I-look-like-a-girl-pyon, and our favorite black haired sweetie named… Uh…

The characters are not only carefully molded but also deeply developed, each with their own realistic issues. Everyone needs to experience such intricate characters—no, people—with their own eyes. In Dakedo Happy Paradise, you’ll see unrequited love that will tug at your heartstrings and force you to scream “Ganbatte!” for the (side) character. In Dakedo Happy Paradise, read more
Mar 30, 2014
Have you ever been in a hospital for a certain period of time? I haven’t. I would imagine a hospital being a somewhat orderly establishment—a place where the sick patients can relax (unless we’re talking about a psychiatric ward… which we aren’t). A hospital would most likely be quiet, monotone, and serious, with a somewhat melancholic vibe for obvious reasons.

What does this have to do with Hantsuki? Well, this anime mostly takes place in what seems to be a small, local hospital. By the way, this hospital breaks every single rule that can be broken. Even factoring in that this hospital is small (meaning that read more
Mar 18, 2014
Seirei Gakusha is a somewhat confusing manga that is pretty subjective. Some people will be completely baffled while reading it while others will find their own meaning to an obscure story. I found myself leaning towards both sides - searching for meaning and answers but also embracing the fact that the story can be pretty jumpy.

Seirei Gakusha relies on obscure meaning rather than somewhat concrete analogy. Instead of wasting time on explanation, a lot is shown and never really deeply explained, leaving you to take it how you want if you're interested in the story, or get angry if you're not. By taking this route, read more
Mar 17, 2014
As I read this manhua, I felt like something big was missing. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful and fluid art, I had a nagging thought in my head that said a chunk of the plot had been taken out, making the story... not really a story. Beauty Under the Moon is a little strange. It's extremely short, yet where other manhua rush through the plot, it seems to me that Beauty Under the Moon didn't rush as much as it omitted. What had the chance to be a beautiful story ended up holding little weight or deepness because of the flat execution.

There wasn't enough read more
Mar 11, 2014
Ah, young love. Sweet, right?

Not at all, once reality sets in. "Love" is harsh, painful, cold, and unforgiving. Young love is cute because ignorance is bliss. Young love is eventually ruined by low self-respect, immaturity (and sometimes maturity), naivety, and lastly people going into the relationship in search of physical pleasure. This is why many read shoujo, because no matter how unrealistic it can be, it's often sweet and serves as an escape.

Then there are those manga that are so unrealistic that it isn't even sweet, corny, or redeeming. Hajimete is one of those manga. It is a story about young love, told in read more
Mar 8, 2014
Adele to Darius is a nice, pleasant, and well-done story that doesn't look like much at first, but is actually quite entertaining. With good story-telling, good pacing, and engaging characters, Adele to Darius nicely does the task of offering an enjoyable yet simple story in a small amount of time.

[ STORY ] The premise good and simple, making Adele to Darius clean but not necessarily "original" and reminds me of Aladdin in regards to the setting and to an extent the characters. If you think about it hard enough, you might be able to accurately predict some things that will happen. Essentially, the story is read more
Mar 7, 2014
Reading this manga was a pleasant experience. I went into it without high expectations and was surprised by the genuinely sweet aspect of this short story. KiwaGaku (Kiwametsuke Gakuya Ura Ouji) isn't very dramatic, nor is it groundbreaking. You probably won't feel your heart pounding as you read. You'll probably be able to accurately predict what will happen. Although the manga is not extremely original, that isn't necessarily the aim, and there are a few refreshing things nonetheless.

KiwaGaku's story is just another rendition of a typical shoujo manga. Boy and girl meet, girl falls in love with boy, and then, suddenly, there's love. The fairy-tale read more