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Aug 9, 2014
I usually avoid watching OVAs and anime movies since I mostly get bored fast and lose interest halfway.
But with Karate Bu, it was a different story.
I gave it a shot at first since I'm a huge fan of old school anime, and boy I'm thrilled I did that.
This show is full of manliness, and even if you didn't like martial arts you have to give it a shot.
The theme is about a high school karate club ruled by the great head of Osaka, Takagi.
He is different from your normal main characters, I think he's more like Takamura from Hajime no ippo.
The story is mostly narrated read more
Jul 26, 2014
This is a hidden Seinen gem.
It's one of those series that stuns you with an incredible balance between drama and ambitions, and it feels deeply rooted and natural, just what you want from a Senien show.
Kintaro is as good as a main character could get. It's incredible to watch how his aura and ideals affect all other characters around him, and how that affects his life and career in Yamato construction in the most unpredictable ways.
The plot is unfortunately only 20 episodes long, but it's very well written and all episodes are connected nicely. You're gonna love all the original characters Kintaro meets along his read more
Jun 21, 2014
In Anime, there exists a few great works that structured the road and pioneered the way for those who came after them. Lupin the 3rd is one of those works.

Starting the grandson of the first Lupin, Lupin the 3rd. Known all around the world for his thieving skills, charismatic personality, and monkey face.
His gang of The marksman Gigen, the samurai Goemon, and the charming cat-thief Fujiko all link together for what to be a humorous set of adventures.
The plot mostly consist of single-case episodes. Familiar faces pops-up every once a while, like Detective Zenigata, whose sole purpose in life is see Lupin behind bars.
The series read more
May 17, 2014
This anime is a comedy gem, that's all there is to it.
The story centers around a freshman high scholar looking to make friendships, and then he meets the main character Masaru, the sexy commando club leader, and it all starts from there.
Masaru is hilarious, has very peculiar personality and no common sense. He is the main attraction in the story, and the center of all weird situations in the school. He will make you laugh in many ways you're not used to. The art and sound aren't anything special , but the fun and laughs you will get out of every episode is something you read more
May 17, 2014
First of all, it really will help if you got previous Lupin experience before watching the show, as it is more fun for the long-time series fans with passion and desire for more of the Lupin franchise.
The story is set prior to the gang getting to know each other, but you will get your usual share of thrilling robbery adventures starting the great Lupin the 3rd. Jigen and Goemon arrive to the picture as they complement each other to get the job done as always. surprisingly, Fujiko, the only female in the gang, takes center stage in this series, which is not a bad thing read more
May 8, 2014
This anime is as genuine as it could get when it comes to animation modulation of football world.
It really provided a realistic image of the professional football and tackled every aspect in sports from players, coaching staff, management, and fans with absolute purity.
Tatsumi is a very interesting character with a unique personality and a strange sense of humor and work ethics. You will not get bored easily as every team ETU encounters add up many different yet very entertaining characters. The challenges rookie coach Tatsumi and ETU have to overcome just to survive in the top-flight Jleague just adds-up to the intensity of the read more