Takabayashi, Tomo

Takabayashi, Tomo

Given name:
Family name: 喬林
Birthday: Aug 26, 1983
Member Favorites: 16
Blood Type : O
Twitter: @TakabayashiTomo

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AyakashiAi | May 29, 2020 10:09 PM
I don't quite know if the last comment posted was directed towards the anime series or the light novels, but in this author's defense, her works are quite dated and the reason for that is because they were quite literally published in the early 2000s. The first novel for KKM was published in November of 2000 and the latest novel was published in January of 2010. As expected of early works, the romance depicted isn't going to straight out be in your face BL especially depending on the audience you're targeting and the type of story you're going for. In this case, not only was the time and attitude different, but the author's main focus for the series was to be adventure and comedy, not romance. The author also chooses to depict their relationship in more subtle ways whether it's due to Japanese culture, the audience she was aiming for, how the public would've viewed it back then, or because of the personalities of the characters themselves, in my opinion, it works quite well. I wouldn't call it fujo-bait as the relationship is there, it's just expressed differently. I don't believe that a kiss or a straight-out confession of I love yous is the determining factor of a relationship. And this can be seen from Takabayashi's work, a subtle but budding relationship between Yuuri and Wolfram. The anime downplays it a lot and skips many scenes, but it can be seen within their actions within both the novels and the manga. I say actions because their words contradict their actions due to them both being a bit shy (if not tsundere). Keep in mind that since it's dated, you'll also see many outdated insensitive jokes and overused tropes. I'm not saying to excuse it, but it should be kept in mind that with works from the past, there will be many developments that have yet to occur.

Maou_heika | Apr 15, 2019 9:31 AM
Since my previous comment got deleted I guess it's best to put it in a much nicer way: If you cannot write anything decent then don't write at all or move on with a new series make it a legit BL this time I promise I won't even touch it with a ten foot pole. All the recent works have been low-quality terribly written fujo-bait which honestly sucks since the novels were quite good. Also Wolfram really sucks, I don't find abusive guys to be attractive from any angle, please don't glorify such terrible behavior.

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