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Kineta joined the Manga Moderator team in 2008, and was promoted to Database Administrator in 2009. Her main tasks involve managing the staff team and the upkeep of section guidelines to ensure quality and consistency across the site. An engineer by profession, she enjoys editing technical papers and MAL articles for readability. Once an avid doodler, anime has always been part of her life, and the manga Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and Fruits Basket were her re-entry titles in university.


Snowical (or Snow) has been a member of MyAnimeList since April 2010, at around the same time he picked up anime. He joined the News Team in early 2011, at the behest of a close friend and former moderator. He quickly found himself at home reporting sales rankings and recurring articles. While he first came across anime during vacation, where he saw parts of Hayate no Gotoku! on Animax Asia, he wasn't entirely sold until he completed D.Gray-man.


Vindstot has been a member of MyAnimeList since August 2013. Before becoming a news moderator, Vindstot was a frequent on the episode discussion boards of seasonal titles, but later veered into different pastimes such as collecting anime soundtracks and playing visual novels. Around late 2015, he began posting news articles in the Overrated/Underrated club, making his debut in newscasting. Vindstot progressively became active on the news board in 2016 and subsequently joined the News Team later that year. His childhood anime mostly consisted of Rurouni Kenshin and Digimon, and he has grown more accustomed to contemporary shows after watching the Monogatari Series.

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