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Dec 10, 2017 3:17 PM
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So about a year ago I watched the Grisaia series and loved it. I just finished rewatching it about two hours ago. Already PADS has made me feel bored and sad. They made me feel so attached to the characters, it's hard to let them go. I had some hope when I saw that they where making Grisaia: Phantom Trigger. Had hope, they are writing a completely new set of characters for the more part. This has not been the first series to make me feel this way, just one of the more recent. I really hate this feeling and seeing as how I am a closet otaku I can't talk to many of my friends about it. Anyone have a solution to this?
Nov 13, 2018 2:44 PM
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Post-anime depression syndrome or pads for short is the feeling of emptiness that you feel after finishing a great Manga or Anime.

Some ways to deal with it include:

1) Working on something.
2) Writing about it
3) Speaking about/ discussing it
4) Expressing it. (like cosplaying or roleplaying…)
5) Rewatching it

!!! Useful info:
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