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Nov 26, 2008 8:00 AM

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I've had a few requests for a list of Hentai titles that involve Jukujo (Older or Ripe) Women & MILFs. This is a listing that Doc Watson over at Anime Nation put together a while back & some titles I have added from my personal knowledge. I know there is more and will add them as I have time. Some clues when looking at Japanese names of series that are normally a dead giveaway that they are related . . .

wife (妻 "tsuma", 人妻 "hitozuma"/"hitoduma", 兄嫁 "aniyome", 奥様 "okusama")
jukujo (熟女 "mature lady" (lit. "ripe woman"))
widow (未亡人 "miboujin", 寡婦 "kafu")
mother (母 "kaa"/"ba"/"haha" is the root)
stepmother (義母 "gibo", 継母 "mamahaha"/"keibo")

Terms for large breasts (ボイン "boin", 巨乳 "kyonyuu"—really big, 爆乳 "bakunyuu"—even bigger, デカ乳 "deka-nyuu"—"huge breasts") or milk (乳 "nyuu"/"chichi") are also good clues.

If available R1, most are listed in their US release names, otherwise it's the Japanese titles.

Akiba Girls
Aniyome wa Ijippari
Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better!
Beat Angel Escalayer episodes 2 and 3
Behind Closed Doors
Cosplay Cafe
Dark Love episodes 1 and 2
Desperate Carnal Housewives
Do You Know the MILFing Man?
Duchess of Busty Mounds, The
Futari no Aniyome
Hana to Hebi: The Animation
Heartwork episodes 1 and 3
Hills Have Size, The
Horny Ladies and the News
Hot For Teacher
Hot Juicy Teacher
Immoral Sisters
Immoral Sisters 2
Immoral Sisters 3: Blossoming
It's a Family Affair
Living Sex Toy Delivery
Love is a Number of Keys
Maison Plaisir
Menage a Twins
Milk Money
Mistreated Bride
Mother Knows Breast
Mrs. Junkie
My Brother's Wife
My Classmate's Mother
Nee, Chanto Shiyou Yo!
Private Pscyho Lesson
Professor Shino's Classes in Seduction
Roommate, The
Slave Nurses
Slaves to Passion
Spa of Love
Stepmother’s Sin
Swallowtail Inn
T&A Teacher
Taboo Charming Mother
Widow, The
Wife Eater
Wife With Wife
Xpress Train