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Jan 17, 2017 4:26 PM

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gabrielrroiz said:

a recap movie better than the actual series?
that sounds awful actually
and i guess i really need to watch the series if only for it being along madoka the series everybody compares to evangelion

Yeah, please watch it (series first of course)! Despite my low score, I strangely recommend it still.

Just this once, I'll fulfill whatever your wish is.
Jan 18, 2017 5:41 AM

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I thought it would be one of those shows I would really enjoy and would never want it to end, but oh well, it was too ordinary, whiny, and even though there are scenes I still enjoyed, overall, it was a bit forced and superficial.
Jan 18, 2017 6:36 AM

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Noragami. The antagonists were terrible. And Bisha was annyoing as fuck. Since one of the former antagonists and the named goddess take part in the sequel, I decided not to watch it. Plus I spoiled myself a little and didn't like what I saw (cheesy shit). Well, at least I liked the characters' "development" even though there were only hints of a "real" major plot.
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Jan 29, 11:37 PM

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Infinite dendrogram. Animation is garbage, pacing is garbage, non existant world building. I've read the LN so i know thats its a decent book.
Bofuri has better animation than this crap adaptation.
Jan 29, 11:38 PM

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Mine was Kill La Kill, it just failed in terms of story and characters. Visuals were a bit better then I had expected, which was nice.
Jan 29, 11:39 PM

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Grand Blue is not as funny as I thought, a lot of the jokes are boring or just plain bad. Azusa and Nanaka keep it interesting so far though.
Jan 29, 11:55 PM

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*Cowboy Bebop.
Everyone was praising this anime so I decided to give it a shot. Most of episodes was extremely boring and it was there were connected. The last 2 weren't good but.. It wasn't enough. That cowboy who was supposed to be MC's "rival", the one who was always with his horse, was so cringe, probably one of the worst characters. A complete disappointment.

* Infinite Dendrogram
I have friends that love the light novel for this and the said only good things about it, but the anime is mediocre at best. The animation is average, the story is plain boring, the pacing is crap. I don't know if the adaptation is bad or the LN is mediocre and my friends overprased it, but for me is very disappointing.

Jan 30, 12:50 AM

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My latest dissapointment was probably Kino no Tabi. I was really interested in this anime and it was on my PTW list for a couple of months. When I finally watched it I was not amazed by it. I expected mush more given the hype it got.
Jan 30, 1:01 AM
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The thought of relating love to science,hyped me up.I thought it might be some sort of contender for Kaguya-sama which mixed psychological and romance really well.But here in Rikekoi we have scientists who suffer from very severe case of autism.They argue why a character is 30s late but continue to argue over it for 5 mins straight.Every single episode is a drag to watch.I don't even find a single bit funny.There's your scientific tidbits here and there and adds nothing to the show.It pretends like it's an edutainment show but it's not.
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