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Jun 30, 2008 10:25 AM

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If your doing a banner, just edit the post and put you name beside the one you'll do. After you finish the banner, stroke the name :)
Any question/wanted to discuses something , do it here (this will kinda be our discussion thread) ^^

Page 1-8: DONE
Page 9: All done except for
- NoyChan (2nd) (MaHo)

Page 10-11: DONE

Page 12
Valmy (both) (pic provided) (crystal_yuy)
Tsubasa Lover (2nd) (Farethy)
Feena-c (both) (pics provided) (crystal_yuy)
papayascurrio (first - Pic provided) (crystal_yuy)
MissAnonymous (both claims -pics provided) (crystal_yuy)
darkglows (both claims) (crystal_yuy)
RenaPsychoKiller (both claims - pics provided) (crystal_yuy)

Chim3ra (both pics provided) (Farethy)

Page 13
wesley96 (both Pic provided) (Farethy)
Harada_Risa (Pic provided)(crystal_yuy)

Dropped / Switches
tsubasalover - pic provided (crystal_yuy)
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Apr 1, 2009 10:17 PM

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hi, how do you make a banner?