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Jul 21, 11:41 PM
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How are this and revolutionary girl utena similar? I haven't watched this show yet and was wondering in which aspects it was similar. The main reason I liked revolutionary girl utena was the crazy amount of symbolism and bizzar imagery. Will Versailles no Bara also have that?
Jul 22, 12:20 AM

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The female protagonist of Versailles no Bara pretty much pioneered the entire shoujo ai and historical shoujo genres (alongside Utena). Both series feature a strong-willed and tomboyish female protagonist grappling with a grim and chauvinistic reality. Unlike Utena though, Versailles is a strictly historical series centered around the POV of the fictional protagonist and royal commander Oscar François de Jarjayes. She doesn't bring about a revolution technically, she is begrudgingly thrust into it in this poverty-stricken France of 18th century. You won't find the symbolism you found in Utena.
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