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Here is a collection of promotional videos (PVs), TV ads (CMs), and trailers for the last week. This thread excludes videos that have already been featured in an article. Please check the News Board, under the Preview tag, for articles that feature a promotional video. Last week's PV thread can be found here.

Futsal Boys!!!!! | ONA | PV
Futsal Boys!!!!! is a multimedia project created by Bandai Namco Arts, Bandai Namco Entertainment, and Diomedea. the project will include an anime, a mobile application, and futsal games played between the cast members. Mao Marita is credited as the original creator and Shouji Yonemura (Death Note script) is credited for story construction. Other staff members include character designer Tomomi Ishikawa (Persona 5 the Animation) and music composer Ron (Kuroko no Basket).

Healin' Good♡Precure | TV | CM
Healin' Good♡Precure will air on February 2 at 8:30 a.m. on ABC, TV Asahi, and other affiliated channels.

Kakushigoto (TV) | TV | Character PV
Kakushigoto adapts the slice of life comedy manga created by Kouji Kumeta. Yuuta Murano (Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu) is directing the series at Ajia-Do. The video previews Hiroshi Kamiya (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Noragami) as Kakushi Gotou. The anime will broadcast on BS-NTV and AT-X at 11:30 p.m. on April 2, followed by Tokyo MX and Sun TV.

Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho 2nd Season | TV | Teaser
The new teaser video for second season of Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho reveals that Shinya Takahashi (Amagi Brilliant Park) will cast as Hanao Ebisu. The anime will premiere on Animax and other channels in Summer 2020.

One Punch Man 2nd Season Specials | Special | PV
The promotional video for the specials of One Punch Man 2nd Season previews the fifth episode, titled "Puri Puri Prisoner to Datsugoku Shuujin-tachi" It will be bundled with the fifth Blu-ray and DVD volume, which will go on sale on February 27.

Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Recap | Movie | Trailer
Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Recap is a compilation film of the TV anime that aired in Summer 2018. The film will premiere on May 29.

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Love the look Kakushigoto. Has an interesting style to it.
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excited for Kakushigoto, it's looking good
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Sports animes are still popular, huh?