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'Hakushon Daimaou' Receives New Anime for Spring 2020

Jan 3, 11:41 AM
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The official website of Tatsunoko Production announced on Wednesday that Hakushon Daimaou (Bob in a Bottle) will receive a new television anime in April 2020. The original series celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019. Yomiuri TV and Nippon Television will broadcast the new anime.

One day Kan-chan finds a magic bottle in the attic. Whenever someone sneezes, a genie named Hakushon Daimaou is brought out and must grant any wish of whoever sneezed until he or she sneezes again. Sometimes, however, he accidentally fails and only causes trouble instead of granting any wishes.

Hakushon Daimaou is an original comedy TV anime directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa and written by Tsunehisa Itou. It ran for 52 episodes between October 1969 and September 1970. Two spinoff series centered around the character Akubi aired in 2001 and 2006. Akubi was also featured in the April 2019 crossover film with the Monster Strike smartphone game, titled Pandora to Akubi.

Saban Entertainment licensed and dubbed the series in English in 1992.

Official site:

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News submitted by vanillaguard
Jan 3, 12:25 PM
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I knew this anime from its Akubi-chan spinoffs, glad to know her dad's finally getting the spotlight back.

Dibs on the dynamic Yamadera/Hayashibara duo to voice the two mainies.
Jan 4, 11:10 AM
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"Bob in a Bottle"

Never knew this had an actual American dub.
And here I was asking "what is Bob in a Bottle and why was the name Sneezing Magician" not used?"
Jan 14, 1:06 PM

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Okay so I honestly never expected this of all things to get brought back in any capacity. I remember this character more from Tatsunoko vs Capcom than his original show. Can't judge the show yet as that one screenshot doesn't say much of anything regarding designs or whatever.