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May 18, 2017 11:43 PM
Minky Momo Fan

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I felt the need to create this thread because, after trying to work out an English translation for this title, I realised that none of the ones that I could come up with really conveyed what the original Japanese conveyed.

The literal translation is something like: "From my dream(s), [I] don't become disillusioned by." though it also has the meaning of "From my dream(s), [I] do not wake up from." but the intention is clearly the form considering the content of the OVA.

It's ambiguous as to who the title is in reference to; whether it is from the perspective of our male lead or our female protagonist is unknown - though I think it's probably the male lead.

In case that wasn't explanation enough, the title just means that even after everything that's happened and everything that has been uncovered, he still hasn't become disillusioned toward his image of the female lead.

Incidentally, the title also has the meaning of "From my dream(s), I do not come to my senses."

Which I thought was pretty interesting. So regardless of everything else, I'm a fan of the title.