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Poll: Mayoiga Episode 12 Discussion

Jan 2, 12:49 PM
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daze3x said:
Great ending to a fantastic mystery. i really loved the theme of this anime. I also appreciate that the ending didnt try to be too crazy. After the insanity that happened in the show, its nice how things ended more calmly. Still trying to decide whether this or high school fleet is my favorite anime that ended this season but there are still two more episodes of high school fleet.

Finally a positive review lol
I thought it was cool cause it made me think about stuff in my own life that I might be avoiding.
Maybe it sounds preachy but I think considering our own scars can lead to really positive changes in our lives.
Other than the "message" this wasn't by any means a great anime imo. 7/10 for the feels
Mar 6, 7:41 AM

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Rather thought-provoking last few eps. It was an enjoyable ride, a good solid show.
Really appreciated the psychology aspect to this show, even with all the bold phantasm, all-inclusive supposition and at times almost 4th wall breaking character interaction between the supporting/background cast; the way how it felt so stilted, yet clearly deliberately so. Made it fun to watch.
Aaand last but not least, enjoyment of such absurd premise made possible by a well-enough-defined cast of characters.

Feeling a solid seven, for now. Might raise the score with time, but as the show probably isn't very re-watchable...I don't know. I usually prefer comedy that is more in your face and simplified, whereas here most of it was in the subtext.
Jun 12, 4:31 PM

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And so it ends. We get an explanation for why Koharun set this all up. Hayato made peace with his fear of losing control over Mitsumune as a coping mechanism and left the village. Masaki made peace with the fact that Reiji was a figment of her imagination made to cope and so she also left the village. Mitsumune, after a lot of shit, developed and learned to live for himself.

Valkana essentially makes a compromise. He still doesn't want to go back to society but he wants to study with Koharun of the village ( the metaphor for people indulge in escapism) to get a better idea. He wants to get better which is nice.

Koharun can't get past her dad and wants to continue researching Nanaki. The person who set up the trip of escapism would have the hardest time making peace with it after all. She even went as far as to instigate Hayato so she'd have a reason to stay at Nanaki Village.

Funny how the loving couple dropped off their love. Pretty funny how that went.

All the other characters remained one-note but I think it's implied what will happen to some of them considering we got their backstories in episode 6. Still, it's disappointing.

Well, except Hyokestu and Jack. What a joke lol.

Essentially while some chose to remain at Nanaki to sort things out or because they couldn't move past, other characters chose to leave after receiving development. This anime is a frantic hair pulling exploration of escapism that had somewhat mixed results but something I appreciated.

At least this one tried to extend its exploration to a handful of characters as opposed to Haibane Renmei which left every character but Reki on the sideline. Rakka doesn't really count since she was bland and unexplored. Also no filler in this one.

In terms of craziness and how it explores its themes, it reminds me a lot of Giga. I liked this one better as it was less convoluted. It's not the end of the multiverse. It's a group of dysfunctional people facing their demons.

Appreciated the calm nature of the ending. People love bombastic endings so they consider it anti-climactic but all the mysteries and developments were finished. It seems like people just wanted this to be a slasher film which is sad.

People who said there was no character development must have been sleeping while watching. And the people calling the characters mentally challenged as a valid criticism must have forgotten that the characters came here because of their psychological scars. They must have said this a dozen times at least lol.
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Jul 1, 6:20 PM
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I actually really enjoyed this series and the mystery behind Nanaki. Yes, some of the CGI and monsters were absurd, but overall I liked the premise and the story line. I was a little disappointed with the ending as I would have liked to seen more of the characters embrace their issues rather than just the MC's. Probably would have been better if they made it into a longer series to handle all the characters. Overall, I give it a 7/10.
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