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Manga Database Guidelines

The following guidelines were written as a reference document for both Manga Moderators and general users as a standard for Manga Database entries. For the general user, it should provide both an idea of which edits/additions will be approved and denied, and how to help speed up the approval process from a user's perspective.

Please note these have been written as general guidelines only. MyAnimeList Administrators and Manga Moderators reserve the right to append, remove and change the following rules as they see fit to maintain an orderly and consistent database.

You are encouraged to report any entries that do not meet the following criteria here.

I. Manga Additions
Additions to MyAnimeList's Manga DB must fit within the following scope:

I.1 Country of Origin
Works must be created:
  • in Japan for the Japanese market (Manga)
  • in Korea/China for the Korean/Chinese market (Manhwa/Manhua)

I.2 Method of Distribution
Works must be distributed either:
  • Professionally
    Reputable publishing companies are those known for publishing works in printed, bound volumes for their respective country's market.
    We accept the following works published by these companies:

      I.2.1 Manga (incl. Manhwa/Manhua) - Printed
      Series and collections/anthologies published in printed magazines and/or volumes.

      I.2.2 Manga (excl. Manhwa/Manhua) - Digital
      Series published on the publisher's digital platform (requires an integrated e-reader and integrated purchasing options, if applicable).
      • Includes series released in digital magazines only if the mag has its own web domain (e.g. and is owned exclusively by a publisher with at least one pre-existing digital platform.
      • Excludes official publisher pages on other digital platforms (e.g. pixiv, Twitter). Excludes digital magazines and platforms owned by manga retailers (e.g. ebookjapan).

      I.2.3 One-shots
      Single-chapter comics not compiled into anthologies or bound volumes of another series.
      • Sometimes single-volume stories are called "one-shots"—these are given the Manga type.

      I.2.4 Light Novels
      Series published in printed volumes and/or magazines under a recognised Light Novel label.

      I.2.5 Novels - Please wait to submit these entries.
      Proper novels which have been directly adapted to anime and/or manga (e.g. Shinsekai yori); cannot be an interpretation.
      • Restricted to Japanese/Korean/Chinese novels written in the 1980s and beyond.

      I.2.6 Booklets
      Extra material distributed with other media (e.g. CDs/DVDs/BDs) or during special events/campaigns.
      • Excludes booklets distributed with manga magazines or other books.

  • Independently

      I.2.7 Doujinshi
      Self-published, printed volumes by professional creators with works already in MAL's Manga DB using their own or public domain characters.
      • Includes manga and light novels; excludes digital-only media and novels.

      I.2.8 Webcomics/Webtoons
      Comics distributed via independent digital platforms (e.g. pixiv, Naver) or online retailers (e.g. Amazon, ebookjapan) which are later distributed in print by a reputable publishing company in the country of origin.

I.3 Submissions Etiquette
Please observe the following when adding new manga to the database. It will help your submissions be approved faster.
    I.3.1 Ensure your submission does not fall into one of the following:
    • Unpublished webtoons: webcomics released on independent digital platforms which do not belong to reputable publishing companies (e.g. pixiv, Naver). When a reputable publishing company in the country of origin prints and distributes bound volumes of the webcomic, then the published version will be added.
    • Comics created for markets other than Japan/Korea/China.
    • One-shots already compiled into bound volumes.
    • Artbooks, series guides, reference materials, picture books, and animanga.

    I.3.2 Search carefully to be sure the manga is not already in the database or waiting in the queue.
    Try searching the Japanese title, only one to two words of the title, and known synonyms.

    I.3.3 Complete as many fields as possible.
    At minimum, you should be able to add a title, image, and at least two pieces of other information (e.g. genres, magazine, status). Entries without the minimum information may result in an automatic denial.

    I.3.4 Include links to any supporting evidence for the entry information in the "Additional Info" field.
    For example, image of the volume's Table of Contents, link to MAL News, creator's blog/Twitter, etc.

    I.3.5 Censor NSFW images following guides detailed in Section II.4.b. Uncensored images may result in an automatic denial.

    I.3.6 Do not submit the same addition more than once. This will only serve to slow the rate of acceptance rather than improve it.
    If you received an image error upon submission, don't worry, it has been submitted.

II. Manga Entry Division
The following determine when entries are split or combined:

II.1 One-shots
All one-shots will be merged into the anthology/series volumes they are published in.

II.2 Prequel/Sequel Volumes
    II.2.1 Prequel volumes with different titles or "Volume 0" designations will have their own entries (e.g. Usotsuki Lily 0, Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 0)
    II.2.2 Sequel volumes will have their own entries if given a different title, unless:
    • volume numbering continues despite title change;
    • chapter numbering continues;
    • volumes and chapters have no incremental values and no distinguable gap in serialization; and/or
    • serialization officially ended and then resumed within 3 months.
    II.2.3 Chapters given title changes will remain in the original entry until the next volume is published; if the publication title remains the same or falls into the above criteria, a new entry will not be made (e.g. xxxHolic Rou, Shirley Madison)

II.3 Anthologies
    II.3.1 Ongoing anthology compilations may have a separate entry for each volume if:
    • more than two years occur between volumes;
    • volumes have unique themes clearly indicated in the titles; and/or
    • volumes are not distinguished with some incremental value.
    II.3.2 Only doujinshi published in anthologies authorized by copyright holders will be associated with the respective series name.

II.4 Re-issues
    II.4.1 Aizouban, Kanzenban, Bunkoban etc. editions do not warrant new entries; please provide details in the Background Information.
    II.4.2 Extra manga chapters and one-shots included in these editions will receive their own entry, provided they were not compiled elsewhere.
    II.4.3 Extra light novel chapters will be included in the original entry if the chapter was previously omitted from publication; newly-written chapters will receive their own entries.

II.5 Light Novels
Non-numbered volumes of the same series published sequentially will be treated as numbered volumes and combined in one entry, unless they are specifically designated as sequels.

III. Manga Titles
The following describes how the title fields are to be utilized on Manga entries:

III.1 Main Title
[url=soon]MAL's romanization[/url] of the official title, including subtitles.
    III.1.1 If Mangaka短編集(Tanpenshuu) is preceded by the volume specific title, it will be used as a subtitle instead (e.g. Flip Flap).

III.2 Japanese Title
Official title, as written in the colophon; if not available, then in the logo, table of contents, or publishers website.
    III.2.1 If the official title is in roman characters, this field should be as well (rather than in katakana).
    III.2.2 Korean/Chinese series should have their original title, not Japanese.

III.3 English Title
Only one of the following official titles, listed by precedence where all three titles exist:
 (i) English distribution (physical release) title;
 (ii) English simulpub title;
 (iii) English version of the title, as it appears in the official logo or on the official Japanese website (urls don't count).
    III.3.1 If the English title is the same as the Main Title, it should still be included in cases (i) & (ii).
    III.3.2 Misspellings of English words in case (iii) will be corrected (e.g. Total Eclips of the Etarnal Heart → Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart).

III.4 Synonyms
Only the following will be included:
 • Official English title given by the creators or streaming sites when superseded in the English title field
 • Official shortenings/acronyms of the title
 • Traditional title readings if any kanji include unconventional furigana (e.g. Ao no Exorcist)
 • Alternate romanizations of the title used by scanlators (excluding special characters with macrons and circumflexes)
 • Included one-shot chapter names
 • Volume titles for non-incremental series
 • Title changes during serialization
    III.4.1 The field is currently limited to 255 characters; if the synonyms list exceeds that number, only romanized variants will be used.

IV. Manga Volume & Chapter Counts
Please read through and understand these guidelines thoroughly before making edit requests to volume and/or chapter counts:

IV.1 All Entries
    IV.1.1 Chapter counts include not only the series’ chapters but also any included one-shots, side-stories, prologues and oddly numbered chapters.
    IV.1.2 Specials will only be included in the chapter count if they are 5+ pages in length, unless the regular chapters are also <5 pages.
    IV.1.3 If a chapter appears in multiple volumes, it will only be counted as a chapter in the first release (e.g. Bus Hashiru, Nanairo Sekai)
    IV.1.4 If a volume is not divided into chapters, its chapter count should be 0.

IV.2 Publishing/Just Finished Series
Please do not submit edits to Volumes and Chapters when the series is still ongoing!
    IV.2.1 Volumes will remain as Unknown until the publisher has announced the final volume. As serialization is often ahead of volume releases, this may not be known until after the final chapter is released.
    IV.2.2 Chapters will remain as Unknown until the final volume is released, so that we may total serialized chapters and extras/one-shots for a final chapter count. Moderators may choose to bypass this if all previously published volumes did not contain any extras and a sufficient number of pages have been serialized for a full final volume.

IV.3 On Hiatus Series
Volume and Chapter counts will be filled in based on the last printed releases.

IV.4 One-shots
Volume and Chapter counts for these entries are always 0 and 1, respectively.

IV.5 Doujinshi and Booklets
    IV.5.1 Each booklet will be treated as its own volume in the Volume count.
    IV.5.2 Volume and Chapter counts of a subsequent professionally printed release will take precedence. Also refer to sections XXXX and XXXX.

IV.6 Web Series
Chapter counts will follow those given in the printed volumes, where conflict arises.

V. Manga Information
  • The following fields can be changed through the Manga Edit option (top-right corner):

    V.1 Synopsis

      V.1.1 English synopses only.
      V.1.2 Synopses taken from other sites must be credited in the format: (Source: source)
      V.1.3 Major edits (rewriting/adding sentences) to a sourced synopses should be credited as: (Source: source, edited)
        Minor edits (changing romanizations, fixing typos or adjusting punctuation) should be sourced normally.
      V.1.4 Translations of publisher's website text and/or volume's back cover should be credited as: (Source: publisher, translated)
      V.1.5 If you write your own synopsis without using any other materials, you may credit yourself as [Written by username].
        No plagiarism! Please note if MAL Rewrite creates a synopsis for this entry, yours will be replaced.
      V.1.6 All synopsis credits should be one double-spaced line away from the synopsis text.
      V.1.7 No external urls.
      V.1.8 One-shot synopses will be placed in the more info tab and linked from the synopsis.
      V.1.9 For anthologies, please list chapter titles using "#. "; i.e.: 1. 2. 3. …
      V.1.10 For included one-shots, please list titles as follows:
        Included one-shots:
        Volume #: One-shot Title
        Volume #: One-shot Title2, One-shot Title3

    V.2 Background

      V.2.1 Titles (e.g. series, book, franchise) should be italicized.
      V.2.2 No copy-pasted or rephrased/plagiarized text; everything must be original.
      V.2.3 For a non-exhaustive list of points which should (not) be included, please see Section VI.

    V.3 Alternative Titles
    Please see Section III.

    V.4 Picture
    No pornographic images. These include, but are not limited to, images showing genitalia, nipples, or obvious outlines of both through "clothing". Please place rectangular censorship bars (generous in size, white in colour) over any questionable parts of the image. You may not edit these features out (e.g. brush/smudge/blur), they must be censored.

    Adult images containing sexual acts will be removed when a more appropriate image becomes available. Loli/shota hentai images portraying sexual acts will not be tolerated, censored or not. Other loli/shota images containing nudity must be censored severely, covering the entire chest and pelvis area. Sexual objects and provocative fluids (e.g. semen, saliva) must not be present on the image.

      V.4.1 Maximum height (portrait) and width (landscape): 600px. Please scale down high resolution images using advanced image editing software (e.g. Photoshop, GIMP); MAL's algorithm is very bad.
      V.4.2 Minimum height (portrait) or width (landscape): 600px, unless no other image is available.
      V.4.3 Do not modify images. This includes cropping the image to fit 225x350px ratios, adding borders, stretching images, etc.
      V.4.4 Please upload the best quality image you can. Compare other versions of the image on Google to ensure your source is high quality, the correct contrast levels, and the final version (e.g. some images on Amazon can be low-quality scans and/or preliminary designs used for promotional purposes).
      V.4.5 Of 20 available images, a maximum of 10 may be volume covers; at least 10 slots must be reserved for official art such as splash pages (i.e. horizontal orientation/landscape) and promotional images.
      V.4.6 First volume covers of the first standard release will be used as the entry's main image for consistency.

    V.5 Chapters/Volumes
    Please see Section IV.

    V.6 Publishing Dates
    Please enter both the publishing start and end dates when updating, even when the start date is already in the entry.

      V.6.1 Only one of the following dates, listed by precedence where all are known:
       (i) Serialization exact dates: use MM-DD-YY.
       (ii) Serialization months and years: use MM-YY.
       (iii) Serialization years only: use YY if one-shot, else skip to next line.
       (iv) Volume dates only: use YY.
      For entries with "Serialization: None", volume dates should be used in the form MM-DD-YY.
      V.6.2 Serialization dates should reflect the first and last serialized chapters of the series, ignoring any included one-shots and extras published prior to regular serialization or following a break.
      V.6.3 Pilot chapters re-numbered to chapter 1 at the start of the first volume will be considered the first serialized chapter. Those labelled chapter 0 or included in subsequent volumes will not.
      V.6.4 Web serialization dates will only be used for series released on a reputable publisher's digital platform; independent webcomics/webnovels which are licensed for print later will use volume dates.
      V.6.5 Doujinshi release dates will be used even if the work is subsequently licensed for professional release, provided that the doujinshi release is the first release (no web). Also refer to sections XXX and XXX.

    V.7 Relations

      V.7.1 The "Adaptation" relation may only be used between the Anime and Manga Databases; please use "Alternative Version" for Manga to Light Novel relations.
      V.7.2 Summary/recap anime episodes should only be linked to their parent anime entry, not the Manga Database.
      V.7.3 Anime adaptations of manga or light novels should only be linked to the original source (not both); multimedia franchises based on a different source may be linked together.

    V.8 Type

      V.8.1 One-shots which receive a second chapter will have their type changed to Manga.
      V.8.2 One-shots and Light Novels originating in Korea/China will still have the One-shot and Novel type, not Manhwa/Manhua.
      V.8.3 Doujinshi which are later published professionally will have the Manga type and Doujinshi as a genre. Also refer to sections XXX and XXX.

  • Edits to the following fields may be requested here. XXXXX

    V.9 Status

      V.9.1 On Hiatus series will have a status of Publishing until an On-Hiatus option can be added.
      V.9.2 Discontinued series will have a status of Completed until a Discontinued option can be added.
      V.9.3 Series will be set to On Hiatus after 3 years of inactivity (i.e. no new chapters, volumes, or announcements). If a new chapter is subsequently released, the entry will be set to Publishing.

    V.10 Genres

      V.10.1 Demographics (josei/seinen/shoujo/shounen) are only given to entries serialized in magazines (Manga) or imprints (Light Novel) which clearly state a target demographic.
      V.10.2 If a manga changes magazines to one with a different demographic, both should be added.
      V.10.3 The romance genre is implied for shoujo-ai/shounen-ai/yaoi/yuri series and should not be added.

    V.11 More Info

      V.11.1 Serialized one-shots and side-stories should be listed in the format: Romanized Title (JP Title, EN Title); Magazine Name Year Issue
      V.11.2 Re-published doujinshi should be listed in the format: Romanized Title (JP Title, EN Title); Doujinshi Convention Name Year
      V.11.3 Re-published anthology one-shots should be listed as: Romanized Title (JP Title, EN Title); Anthology Title Digital{if applicable} Vol.# (Anthology JP Title; Anthology Publication Date)
      V.11.4 If the included one-shot/side-story has a synopsis, it should be placed directly below, and its title should be in bold. The title listed in the synopsis should then link to the More Info. (e.g. HanaKimi)
      V.11.5 Do not link one-shot titles from Synopsis to More Info if the one-shot synopsis is not present.
      V.11.6 Titled specials which are not included in the chapter count should also be written.
      V.11.7 Any other information describing how MyAnimeList handles the entry information should be noted here.

    V.12 External Links

      V.12.1 Official site links should represent the entire series, not just the product information of a single-volume.
      V.12.2 Preference will be given to JP Wikipedia.

VI. Manga Background Information
This section is for encyclopedic information on the entry, written in full sentences, which expands upon the existing database information. Data which is better suited for tables, lists, and/or point-form notes should be added to More Info.

A non-exhaustive list of points which should (not) be included are as follows:

VI.1 Sources & Adaptations
If the entry is a:
    VI.1.1 Original work: all adaptations may be listed, excluding those already linked in the entry relations. Fine details about the subsequent adaptations (e.g. directors, live-action actors, awards, etc.) should not be included unless they are highly notable.
    VI.1.2 Anime/Manga/Light Novel adaptation: Source information should only be given in ambiguous cases (e.g. the manga was serialized before the anime, but the anime is the original work). Other adaptations should not be listed.
    VI.1.3 Other adaptations (e.g. visual novel, rpg): Source information should be given, omitting irrelevant details. Other adaptations should not be listed.

VI.2 Source Material Coverage
    VI.2.1 Deviations which alter the core story from the source material should be given, without event details. For example, "An original ending was written for the series."
    VI.2.2 If the source material was fully adapted, this may also be mentioned.
    VI.2.3 Some embellishments or omissions are expected for adaptations; these are not worth detailing and should not be included.
    VI.2.4 Manga start/end chapters of anime adaptations should be added to the manga entry as a separate field, not detailed in the background information.

VI.3 Licenses
Worldwide licensing information should be given.

VI.4 Impact
    VI.4.1 Industry awards and rankings should be included. See the News Guidelines for a selection.
    VI.4.2 Significant sales achievements, such as placing 4th on Oricon's Yearly Manga Rankings, are also acceptable. Cumulative sales may be included when highly notable.
    VI.4.3 Reviewer opinions, fan/community polls, and other non-industry related rankings should be omitted.

VI.5 Concept, Production Information
Only statements which can be sourced to the creators will be accepted. Please provide links to the source(s) at the end of each background submission for easy moderator verification.

VI.6 Serialization/Re-issues
    VI.6.1 Magazine changes should be noted. Long or indefinite hiatuses and discontinuation should also be included.
    VI.6.2 Included one-shots, specials, and other bonus chapters should be reserved for More Info.
    VI.6.3 Special edition (Aizouban, Kanzenban, Bunko, etc.) information should be noted.
    VI.6.4 Web release information (dates, platform) may be given for independent webcomics/webnovels which were licensed for print release later.
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Added an Anthology and Furthermore part under Section 1

1. Only manga published by reputable publishing companies will be admitted to the manga database, with the following exceptions:

a. Doujinshi:
1. of a published series, drawn by the original creator; or,
2. of original story or using public domain characters, drawn by a published mangaka; or,
3. collected and authorized by a reputable publishing company, and distributed like standard manga.


e. Anthologies:
+ 1. collected stories distributed like standard manga.

+ All one-shots will be merged into the anthology/series they are published in.
+ Ongoing compilations anthologies may have a separate entry for each volume if more than two years occur between volumes (ex. Adachi's "Short Program") or have unrelated content (ex. Robot)
+ Only doujinshi published in anthologies authorized by copyright holders will be associated with the respective series name.

Further clarified material not allowed in the DB in Section 2.

2. The following submissions will be automatically denied:
+ * Artbooks, series guides, reference materials and animanga.

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Clarified light novel rules, removed OEL, re-worked anthologies and added digital manga.

Section I

b. Light novels:
1. with manga and/or anime adaptations already in the database; or,
2. illustrated by published mangaka +illustrated/authored by contributors to anime/manga in the database.

c. Manhwa, Manhua, OEL:
1. marketed as manga, and published by companies known for publishing world manga. +professionally published comics made in Korea or China for their respective markets.

* Ongoing compilations may have a separate entry for each volume if: more than two years occur between volumes or have unrelated content (ex. Short Program, Robot).
+ more than two years occur between volumes;
+ volumes have unique themes clearly indicated in the titles; and/or
+ volumes are not distinguished with some incremental value.

+ e. Digital Media
+ 1. if electronically distributed by a company known for publishing digital manga (ex. GanGan Online).

Clarified chapter counts and added notes on titles.

Section II

4. The following edits can be changed through the Manga Edit option:

c. Chapter/Volume counts
* Counts will be left as Unknown as long as the series has no official end date; please do not submit counts if it is still publishing and this is unknown!
* One-shots do not have volumes, so please do not submit counts changing it from Unknown to 1.
* Chapter counts include not only the series’ chapter count but any included one-shots, specials side-stories, prologues and oddly numbered chapters as well. Specials will only be included in the chapter count if they exceed 5 pages in length.

5. All other edits to entries may be requested here.

+ a. Titles
+ 1. Official English titles in the English title field (i.e. licensed English or official Japanese English titles).
+ 2. No special characters in romanised synonyms or titles (ex. ō, ô).
Modified by Kineta, Nov 19, 2010 5:21 PM

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Re-organized, expanded, and rewrote large sections of the guidelines.
Please read through the top post as if it were entirely new guidelines; the changes are too numerous to list in full.

This is a working copy. I expect minor revisions will need to be made in the short-term to account for undocumented processes or improve clarity. Only major additions/changes will be documented until the new guidelines are in full effect.

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