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Aug 25, 2014 6:43 PM
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Just finished watching this a few days ago and I need to vent to some people who know what I am talking about (none of my friends watch anime)

Anyway I really hated this ending, didn't like the whole third season much either. Which is sad because I absolutley loved the first two seasons. I really enjoyed the growth and development of Shana's character but it seems like they just threw all that out the window and Shana became very one-dimentional (along with most of the other characters too) and the story progression became very rigid and mechanical.

What I'm talking about is how in the first season Shana is learning how to be human. As she grows as a person she builds relationships and makes friends and so forth. This continues in the second season too but she also starts to grow and develop as a Flame Haze. Since she actually cares about the people she is protecting she has a sense of purpose now and no longer thinks of herself a "just" a Flame Haze, because being a Flame Haze is a source of pride for her now. She stops thinking of herself as being a tool of Alastor's, and she starts owning her title by adding her name to it (The Flame-Haired, Burning-Eyed Hunter, Shana)

In the third season Yuji comes off as just being very selfish for wanting to take being a Flame Haze away from Shana since she actually wants to be able to protect the people she cares about now. Then he takes away the human life she had built for herself when he takes Hirai's torch back from her and restores the original Hirai, which seems like a cruel thing to do since it was Shana who had built all the relationships with the rest of the students (I got the impression the original Hirai didn't really have any friends of her own) Which also makes me wonder which one Kazumi will remember: the original Hirai or Shana? Either way seems like she's getting shafted by Yuji too

I would appreciate anyone's comments and thoughts, like I said I wanted to get this off my my chest but none of my friends have any clue what I'm on about. Maybe I just got too emotionally invested in the story, but that's why I liked it so much; I don't usually get drawn into a story like that
Sep 1, 2014 7:39 AM
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I didnt like the final season also, it had so many characters and very little background story.

Yuji wanted to create a world for the Tomogara so people wouldnt be eaten and forgotten, thats a great goal. so why do the flame haze want to stop him, i know they talk about the consequences but in the end they're all fine with it.

Meaningless fights and deaths, at the end i had no idea why they were fighting which resulted in the death of the general. IT COULDVE BEEN TALKED OUT
Sep 5, 2014 12:34 AM
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Nice to know at least someone felt the same way I did. The first 2 seasons had a lot of characters too but they took the time to develop each of them at least a little bit so you get to know them. 3rd season abandoned that and like you said, lots of characters but no development, and to make it worse they dropped ïmany of the characters you already cared about to bring in all these ones you don't care about.

The reason the flame haze wanted to stop the snake of the festival was because if the crimson denizens kept consuming people's existence even in Xanadu it would still end up disrupting the balance in the real world. The fact they he kept going with his plan even after being told this pretty much proved that Yuji was not in any way in control of his actions (since his whole reason for doing it was so that the flame haze didn't have to fight anymore, but if the balance of the worlds was still threatened then they still would need to fight to maintain it) and since Yuji was not in control of himself the whole love story angle completely falls apart, it's just the snake of the festival being a selling controlling jerk for 24 episodes

I have to admit though I did like Rebecca Reed, maybe because she was one of the few 3rd season characters that did get some development or maybe it's because I have a thing for sassy women with short hair lol

I'm actually thinking of writing some fanfiction to tie up the loose ends with the Misaki high school students after the end of the 3rd season, just to be able to pretend I have some closure with them