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The Pirate Crew of Each Supernova Captain: One Piece Guide

The Supernovas of One Piece are famous and considered the Worst Generation. One Piece fans know the Straw Hat Crew, but what about the other Supernova pirate crews? Check out this guide to discover these unique crews!

by Nekomori3
Nov 9, 2015 2:39 AM | 5,836 views

One Piece Supernovas
This guide is all about the Supernova pirate crews in One Piece before the two-year timeskip.

The Straw Hat Crew

One Piece Straw Hats
The Straw Hat Crew is the main pirate crew in the One Piece series, and the captain is Luffy. They're named the Straw Hat Crew because of Luffy's straw hat and his nickname, Straw Hat Luffy. The Straw Hats aren't your typical pirate crew; instead of basing their relationship with each other on the usual captain-subordinate association, this crew is a symbol of friendship. Even though the members show respect and trust to Luffy, their captain, everyone still treat each other as friends rather than subordinates. Luffy and Zoro are the only members considered Supernovas, or super-rookies in their generation.


Luffy D. Monkey
Robin Nico
Zoro Roronoa
Chopper Tony Tony

Ship: Going Merry

One Piece crew Going Merry

The Straw Hat Crew's first ship is Going Merry, a Caravel ship. Caravels are small, fast ships primarily used for exploration by Europeans in the 15th and 16th century.

The Heart Pirates

One Piece Heart Pirates
The Heart Pirates are led by Captain Trafalgar Law, who is the only Supernova in the crew. He's also known as the Surgeon of Death and is a doctor. His crew is known to have medical knowledge, experience, and abilities as well.

Known Members

Trafalgar Law
Jean Bart

Ship: Unnamed

One Piece heart pirate submarine

The Heart Pirates crew's ship is an unnamed submarine/ship hybrid. It's very fast underwater, and has a well-equipped sick bay.

The Kid Pirates

One Piece Eustass Kid
The Kid Pirates' captain is Eustass Kid, and he's a Supernova along with his right-hand man, Killer. This crew is known to harm civilians, so Kid's pre-timeskip bounty is higher than Luffy's bounty.

Known Members

Eustass Kid

Ship: Unknown

One Piece Kid pirates ship

Eustass's ship is, like his crew, death-metal themed.

On Air Pirates

One Piece Apoo Scratchmen
Apoo Scratchmen is the captain of the On Air Pirates and one of the 11 Supernovas of the Worst Generation. On Sabaody, he picks a fight with Kid; later in the series, it can be seen that these two don't have a friendly relationship.

The Hawkins Pirates

One Piece Basil Hawkins
Basil Hawkins, also known as the Magician, is the captain of the Hawkins Pirates and one of the Supernovas. He's a stoic, calm individual and is known to use tarot cards to predict the future.

The Drake Pirates

One Piece Drake Pirates
Drake X. is the captain of the Drake Pirates and one of the 11 Supernovas who arrived on Sabaody. He was a former Rear Admiral in the Marines.

The Bonney Pirates

One Piece Bonney Pirates
The Bonney Pirates are another notorious crew. The captain is Jewelry Bonney, a Supernova. After the Marineford War, she tried to fight against Teach D. Marshall, but was defeated and taken in by the Marines.

The Firetank Pirates

One Piece Bege Capone
Bege Capone is the captain of the Firetank Pirates and another Supernova. Capone is known for his surprisingly polite manners, but is also ruthless toward his crew members, even stabbing one with a fork.

The Fallen Monk Pirates

One Piece Urouge
Led by Urouge or the “Mad Monk” and one of the 11 Supernovas, the Fallen Monk Pirates are another notorious pirate crew.

The Blackbeard Pirates

One Piece Blackbeard Pirates
The Blackbeard Pirates were formed by Teach D. Marshall, a former member of the Whitebeard Pirates. Teach is the Supernova in his crew, and he becomes a Shichibukai or Warlord for a brief period.


Teach D. Marshall
Jesus Burgess
Van Augur
Q Doc
Sanjuan Wolf
Vasco Shot
Catarina Devon
Avalo Pizarro

Ship: Unnamed

One Piece Blackbeard Pirates

The crew of the Blackbeard Pirates pilot an unnamed ship that looks like a giant raft.

Did you enjoy the Supernova Pirate Crew guide? Be sure to check out these interesting pirate crews by watching the One Piece anime! It's SUPERRR!
One Piece Franky

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