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Killer (キラー)

Killer is a fighting crewman serving under Eustass Kid as one of the Kid Pirates.

A native of South Blue, with his bounty of 162,000,000 Beli he is one of the Eleven Supernovas appearing on the Shabaody Archipelago and one of the only two that aren't captains, also the second appearing Supernova who does not seem to be in the possesion of Devil Fruit powers.

Killer is seen using a pair of scythe-bladed weapons that are capable of spinning around or being used as hand scythes these are used in combination with his kicks and high agility to make him into a truly formidable foe.

Voice Actors
Hamada, Kenji
Longo, Thiago
Portuguese (BR)
Zanotti, Matteo
Beaucaire, Nicolas
Macias, Jose Antonio
Prémel, Olivier
Forstenhäusler, Yannick

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