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10 of the Hottest Charlotte Fights!

Charlotte has a ton of ability-wielders and the Houshinoumi Academy is tasked to finding and stopping them all for their protection. Here are 10 of the hottest fights between the council and the rogue ability wielders!

by jekibak
Nov 9, 2015 3:47 AM | 16,403 views


Yuu Otosaka vs. Nao Tomori and Joujirou Takajou

Charlotte Yuu vs Student Council

Yuu is accused of cheating his way into the high school of his dreams. Backed into a corner, he runs from his accusers who give chase. Yuu is surprised to find that they have abilities of their own, albeit imperfect ones. His only chance is to join the Houshinoumi Student Council.

Udou vs. the Student Council

Charlotte Student Council Udou

Udou possesses the ability dubbed “Thoughtography”. He uses the ability to make extra money to support his poor family. When Nao Tomori and the rest of the student council confront him, tensions run high. Especially when Nao accuses him of lacking the martial art spirit.

The Student Council vs. Suspicious Man

Charlotte Student Council vs Suspicious Man

The student council receives a location for an ability-wielder. An investigation into the scene leads them to suspect that someone is trying to harm the ability-wielder. Nao spots a suspicious man following their tracks and chases him down. Unfortunately, he proves to be stronger than Nao.

Misa Kurobane vs. the bad producer

Charlotte Misa vs producer

The pop idol Yusa Kurobane is being threatened by a dirty producer. Unfortunately, she hasn’t a clue to what’s really going on with her passive possession ability. The student council and Misa, Yusa’s deceased sister, confront the producer and his goons to get him to stop. Misa’s personality matches her pyrokinetic ability and the fight begins to protect her beloved sister.

Saitou vs. the Student Council

Charlotte Student Council vs Saitou

A mysterious flying figure is published in a magazine. Nao convinces the student council to camp outside the city in order to catch him. Saitou appears after several days, demanding the foursome to leave the area or he’ll call the police. But when Nao records proof of his flying ability, he gets angry.

Ayumi Otosaka vs. Konishi

Charlotte Ayumi versus Jealous Girl

Ayumi returns to school after a cold. Seeing her friends becomes awkward, however, when Oikawa, a boy she previously rejected, continues to ask her out. With some help, she tries to return to class. But a jealous Konishi confronts her, ready to do what’s necessary to win back Oikawa’s affections.

Yuu Otosaka vs. Hosoyamada

Charlotte Yuu vs Hosoyamada

Tragedy changes Yuu and he leaves the school and his home. He goes on a rampage using his 5-second possession ability to beat up three thugs. His grief leads him to some pretty terrible decisions as he regresses back to his former selfish ways. Then Hoysoyamada, the leader of the gang, shows up to exact revenge on his fallen comrades.

Yuu Otosaka vs. the Facility

Charlotte Yuu vs Facility

With Ayumi in danger, Yuu is forced to go up against the facility keeping the siblings captive. New information about his ability gives him an advantage as he faces well-trained forces. The facility is prepared, however. This fight is the plot twist that changes everything in Charlotte.

Yuu Otosaka vs. Foreign Terrorists

Charlotte Yuu vs terrorists

A group of foreign terrorists have captured Kumagami and Nao with the help of a traitor. Shunsuke Otosaka is told by the terrorists that they want Yuu and only Yuu. Yuu is tasked to bring them back with the use of his Plunder ability. To even out the odds even more, Yuu uses Plunder on his own brother to take Shunsuke’s Time Travel ability.

Yuu Otosaka vs. the world of ability wielders

Charlotte Yuu vs Ability-Wielders

Yuu’s on a mission to rid the world of ability-wielders. His time is limited, however, and he’s desperate to complete his goal before losing his powers. Ability-wielders everywhere nickname him the Grim Reaper as he struggles against united forces of abilities. His only chance of success is to use the powers he Plunders from others.

Charlotte isn’t really a fighting anime. But the character’s use of their unique abilities makes for an entertaining watch whether they are protecting other ability-wielders or taking down terrorists. The anime shows that even if someone possess an imperfect ability that seems to have little real-world application, with the right team in place, it can become a powerful advantage against others.

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