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The Ultimate Guide to 67 ONE PIECE Characters!!

One Piece has a vast array of recognizable characters, who have multiple names and unique traits. This is the ultimate list of their nicknames and a comprehensive introduction for these 67 characters!!

by fancypants101
Jul 27, 2015 8:31 PM | 658,471 views

1. Monkey D. Luffy a.k.a “Straw Hat Luffy”, “Straw Hat”

one piece character luffy

Luffy is the main character of One Piece. He possesses the power of the Gomu Gomu no Mi and his limbs stretch like rubber. He has a distinctive scar under his left eye. This young man dreams of becoming the King of the Pirates and embarks on a voyage gathering new shipmates as they navigate their way around the world on an epic adventure. His father is Monkey D. Dragon, commander of the Revolutionary Army, and his grandfather is Monkey D. Garp, the Marine Vice Admiral. He is the sworn brother of Sabo, the Chief of the General Staff of the Revolutionary Army, and is also sworn brother to the famous Portgas D. Ace, the second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He looks up to “Red Haired” Shanks who is one of the "Yonko" also known as the Four Emperors.

2. Roronoa Zoro a.k.a “Pirate Hunter Zoro”

one piece character zoro

He is one of the main combat specialists of the Straw Hat Pirates, and Luffy’s first shipmate. Originally from Shimotsuki Village of the East Blue, he is a practitioner of the “three swords style” in which he holds a swords in each hand and another in his mouth. His dream is to become the greatest swordsman in the world. He has a "samurai spirit" that helps him stay cool and stoic in order to fulfill his goals. His most remarkable features are his green hair and green "haramaki," a band worn around the midriff. As a sign of respect towards a tough opponent, he removes his black bandanna from his left arm and wears it on his head. The scar on his chest is from the Battle with Mihawk, and the one on his left eye was gained at some point prior to the New World chapter.

3. Sanji a.k.a “Black Leg Sanji”

one piece character sanji

Sanji is the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, also known as “Black Leg Sanji.” He is from North Blue and the fourth member of Luffy's crew. Thanks to his training with Zeff, his cooking skills are first-class. Notable features include his black suit, blonde hair, asymmetrical curled eyebrows, and he is rarely without a cigarette in his mouth. His left eye used to be hidden by his hair but from the New World chapter it's his right eye that is covered, and he also started growing a small goatee. Sanji battles with his legs so he won’t hurt his hands which, as a cook, he must protect at all costs. He’s also a notorious womanizer, and a flirty character. He is looking for the All Blue, said to be inhabited by creatures from all four oceans of the world, a dream for any chef.

4. Nami a.k.a “Cat Burglar Nami”

one piece character nami

Nami is the second of Luffy's crew members (although she officially joined after Sanji). She is a navigator dreaming of making a complete sea chart of the world, which nobody has ever done before. Her navigation skills are so intuitive and reliable, that she can predict the weather from observing the flow of the tide and by feeling the wind. Her steadfast devotion and sharp wit often give her a position of authority akin to that of leader within the Straw Hat Pirates. She's one of the most popular female characters.

5. Usopp a.k.a “King of Snipers”, “Sogeking”

one piece character usopp

He is the third crew member to join Luffy and is the marksman of the ship. His father is Yasopp, a sniper of the Red Hair Pirates. He started to lie to comfort his ill mother and gradually it progressed to pathological lying. He comes across as a lighthearted and frivolous person but is actually very timid and pessimistic. His skills as a sniper are outstanding is and he is proud of to serve the Straw Hat Pirates. However, his weapon of choice is a slingshot, not a gun. That makes it possible to neutralize enemies without taking their lives.

6. Tony Tony Chopper a.k.a “Cotton Candy Lover Chopper”

one piece character chopper

Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates with the adorable appearance of a reindeer. He was originally a regular reindeer but ate the Hito Hito no Mi that made him a half human, half reindeer. Ever since, he’s been shunned by both reindeer and humans. He met Dr. Kureha, who passed on all of her medical knowledge to him, and decided to live as a doctor. He's the token mascot character of One Piece.

7. Nico Robin a.k.a “Devil Child”

one piece character nico

Robin is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates, whose nickname is "Devil Child." She is the sixth member of Luffy's pirate crew and originally from Ohara in West Blue. She is a smart beauty who ate the Hana Hana no Mi which makes it possible for her to grow any part of her body anywhere like a flower. Her goal is to find the secret of the Void Century. In the New World, she pulls her hair back into a ponytail.

8.Franky a.k.a “Cyborg Franky”

one piece character frankie

Luffy’s seventh companion and the carpenter of the Straw Hat Pirates. His real name is Cutty Flam. He is a cyborg with weapons all over his body. His sensitivity and compassion makes him like a brother of everyone. However, he's often called a pervert by the others, which he takes as a compliment (a joke somewhat lost in the English translation due to being a Japanese pun). His dream is to make his own ship and go on a voyage to Raftel. His appearance is highly distinctive and is easily recognized by his blue "ducktail" hairstyle, aloha shirt, and swimming trunks. Oh, and his massive robotic arms. His signature pose is to make a star with both arms above the head.

9. Brook a.k.a “Humming Brook”, “Soul King”

one piece character brook

Brook is the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates and admires Luffy the most in the gang. His nicknames are “Humming Brook” and “Soul King”. Originally from West Blue, he is Luffy's eighth crew member. His power is that of the Yomi Yomi no Mi which made him come back to life after the death, so his body is skeletonized. A swordsman with afro hair, he swore to meet the whale he once encountered in Reverse Mountain again.

10. Kin’emon a.k.a “Foxfire Kin’Emon”

one piece character kin

He is a samurai living in Wano Country who is as tall as Brook, and Luffy only comes up to his waist. In Wano Country, the power of the Devil Fruit is called sorcery. His power is activated when he says “Doron!” and allows him to convert objects into any type of clothing he can imagine. He hates dragons and pirates for some reason. He refers to dragons as the “Enemy of my parents”.

11. Gol D. Roger a.k.a “the King of the Pirates”, “Gold Roger”

one piece character gold

He was the captain of the Roger Pirates and a legendary pirate whose execution was the beginning of the Great Age of Pirates. Roger succeeded in circumnavigating the Grand Line for the first time in the history and obtained the “One Piece.” Portgas D. Rouge was his lover and they had a son together, Portgas D. Ace, the second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Luffy’s straw hat originally belonged to Roger.

12. Silvers Rayleigh a.k.a “Dark King”

one piece character silver

Rayleigh is a great pirate who was right-hand man to Gol D. Roger. He is now retired and currently working as a coating mechanic in the Sabaody Archipelago. His fighting style with a sword lacks any unusual characteristics but he powerful enough to knock down Sea Kings and stop Borsalino with one sword. Rayleigh is able to use all three types of Haki and tutored Luffy in their theory, as well as passing on some basic techniques.

13. Shanks a.k.a “Red Haired Shanks”

one piece character shanks

He is the captain of the Red Haired Pirates and one of the Four Emperors. He spent his childhood carrying out chores for the Roger Pirates. After the Great Age of Pirates began he made a name for himself, finally becoming one of the Four Emperors that govern the New World. Luffy has always greatly respected Shanks, even before Shanks lost an arm to save Luffy from a Sea King. He is the one gave Luffy his trademark straw hat.

14. Kaido a.k.a “Kaido of the Beasts”

one piece karacter kaido

Kaido has the most vicious character of the Four Emperors. There are many hypotheses surrounding him. In the manga he is described as “the strongest creature in the world” so he could be a user of a Zoan-class Devil Fruit or non-human. Even his appearance is shrouded in mystery. Trafalgar Law strives to diminish Kaido's military forces, in particular, the users of artificial Devil Fruit.

15. Dracule Mihawk a.k.a “Dracule "Hawk Eyes" Mihawk”, “Greatest Swordsman in the World”

one piece character mihawk

Mihawk is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the greatest living swordsman, whom Zoro sees as a rival that must be overcome. He carries the black sword “Yoru” on his back which is said to be the most powerful of all black swords, as well as being considered one of the twelve strongest swords in the world. Yoru can cut a huge galleon in half, slice through a huge frozen tsunami, and also able to parry bullets with the tip of the blade. Shanks is his rival and they had an intense battle in the past. Mihawk says he lost the will to fight Shanks since the latter lost his left arm. These days, they maintain a friendly relationship and sometimes drink together.

16. Donquixote Doflamingo a.k.a. “Heavenly Yasha”, “Joker”, “Charisma of Evil”

one piece character dofla

He is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and King of Dressrosa in the New World, as well as the captain of the Donquixote Pirates. He dethroned King Riku by entrapping him with a heinous plot roughly 10 years ago and took the throne for himself. Doflamingo deals on the black market as “Joker” with several top figures in the New World and has a strong connection with the Celestial Dragons. He comes to be known as “the most dangerous of the seven warlords of the sea,” “the man who dominates the dark side of the New World”, “Charisma of Evil.”

17. Trafalgar Law a.k.a “Surgeon of Death”

one piece character law

His real name is Trafalgar D. Water Law. One of the Worst Generation, the Seven Warlords of the Sea and captain of the Heart Pirates. His bounty is 440,000,000 belly. His nickname is “Surgeon of Death” and he is actually a doctor. He used to be a subordinate of Doflamingo and was raised to become his right-hand man, but Law left that crew before that came to pass. User of the Ope Ope no Mi (spatial displacement).

18. Vergo a.k.a “Demon Vamboo Vergo”

one piece character vergo

Vergo is a vice admiral of the Marines, one of the 3 major powers that maintain the balance of the world. However, he is actually an undercover spy for Doflamingo achieving the position of vice admiral after 15 years. According to Law, he is the most important of Doflamingo’s subordinates.

19. Caesar Clown a.k.a “Master”

one piece character caesar

Clown is a scientist who lives in Punk Hazard Island in the New World. His subordinates call him “Master.” He is a leading figure in the development of weapons of mass destruction and used to work for the government as a colleague of Dr. Vegapunk. When he worked for the government, he was successful as the No.2 of the Scientific Force. His laughter is very distinctive, sounding like “Shurororo.” His power is that of the Gas Gas no Mi. He can release gas, transform into a gaseous form, and change the oxygen concentration in the air around him.

20. Boa Hancock a.k.a “Pirate Empress”, “Snake Princess”

one piece character boa

She is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and one of the most beautiful women in the world, with the nickname “Pirate Empress.” She is the empress of the island “Amazon Lily” and captain of the Kuja Pirates. With the power of the Mero Mero no Mi, she can make anybody fall in love with her and petrify them. She is an extremely selfish and arrogant character. Her “looking down” pose is one of her trademarks. However, she becomes a shy and pure-hearted girl in front of Luffy.

21. Buggy a.k.a “Buggy the Clown”, “Buggy the Star Clown”, “Commander of Pirate Dispatch Organization”

one piece character buggy

Captain of the Buggy Pirates. His bounty is 15,000,000 belly, significantly lower than some of the other character's bounties. But this character is nothing to sneeze at! He used to be an apprentice at the Roger Pirates together with Shanks. Using the power of the Bara Bara no Mi, he can detach body parts and control the detached parts of his body within a certain distance. Currently one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. He is a scheming little scoundrel, with a deeply flawed personality, but has with a certain charm that makes him hard to dislike.

22. Mohji a.k.a “The Beast Tamer”

one piece character moji

Mohji is the first mate of the Buggy Pirates. His unique hairstyle often changes, and resembles various animals, such as a lion or ram. He is an animal tamer and is very affectionate towards Richie the Lion. He battles by having Richie attack the enemies , backing him up with punches and whip attacks.

23. Cabaji a.k.a “Cabaji the Acrobat”

one piece character caba

Cabaji is the Chief of Staff of the Buggy Pirates. He is a swordsman on a unicycle. He is easily recognized by his asymmetrical hairstyle, being longer on the left-hand side, and his long checkered scarf. He is always calm and collected, and a skilled combatant but has never really shown his abilities as Chief of Staff.

24. Jinbe a.k.a “Night of the Sea Jinbe”

one piece character jimbe

Jinbe is a fishman character resembling a whale shark and is the captain of the Fishman Pirates. Yosaku claimed that Jinbe is a ruthless man who banished Arlong the fishman pirate to East Blue in order to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea. In actual fact, he has a strong, chivalrous spirit and prioritizes humanity and justice more than his own life and position. He is a master of “Fishman Karate” and “Fishman Jujutsu.” While he is incredibly powerful on dry land, he can only show his true strength in an oceanic environment.

25. Bartholomew Kuma a.k.a “Tyrant”

one piece character barth

Kuma is a huge man who is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and a Revolutionary Army officer. He entrusted his body to the government scientist Dr. Vegapunk for experimental modifications. His body and mind have been altered when he was transformed into a cyborg known as “Pacifista PX-0”. He is a man of few words but before joining the Seven Warlords of the Sea, he was a feared pirate nicknamed “Tyrant”.

26. Edward Newgate a.k.a “Whitebeard”, “The Strongest Man in the World”

one piece character white

Newgate is the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and formerly one of the Four Emperors. He is the strongest man in the world who was an even match for Gol D. Roger himself, and was considered to be the man who came closest to One Piece until two years ago. Although tales of Whitebeard often stray from the truth, Whitebeard exceeds what is thought possible for normal human beings, thanks largely to the Gura Gura no Mi. He can cause earthquakes and tsunamis by punching the air, the ocean, and the ground. That impact can be transferred directly into the body of an enemy. It is said to be “the power to end the world.” What a scary character!

27. Marco a.k.a “Marco the Phoenix”

one piece character marco

The first division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. His goal is to help Whitebeard to become King of the Pirates and he looks up to Whitebeard, referring to him as “father”. A Zoan-class Devil Fruit gave him the ability to change into a phoenix with blue regenerative flames called the “Fire of Resurrection.” He is a man of strong resolve that loyally supports Whitebeard and takes care of other members. His many positive character traits make him an ideal choice for Whitebeard’s right-hand man.

28. Portgas D. Ace a.k.a “Fire Fist Ace”

one piece character ace

Ace is the second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy’s sworn brother. His father is the former King of Pirates Gol D. Roger and his mother is Portgas D. Rouge. The power of the Mera Mera no Mi allows him to generate raging flames that can easily burn smaller ships to cinders. He can create flames in a variety of shapes, such as small bullets, spears, and giant spheres. He tragically lost his life during the Marineford Arc.

29. Jozu a.k.a “Diamond Jozu”

one piece character joz

The third division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He is proud of his phenomenal strength. His huge body and distinctive armor make him stand out in a crowd. The name of the Devil Fruit he ate is unknown but he can change his body into a diamond due to its influence. His diamond form is so resilient that he was even able to withstand a direct strike from Mihawk’s sword.

30. Vista a.k.a “Flower Sword Vista”

one piece character vista

The fifth division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Like Marco, he looks up to Whitebeard like a father and endeavors to help him fulfill his goal of becoming King of Pirates. He is a swordsman with a silk hat and long mustache. His two-swords style is powerful enough that Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in the world, acknowledges his strength. When he first appeared in the story, he was fighting against Mihawk but the battle never came to a decisive conclusion.

31. Squard a.k.a "Maelstrom Spider Squard”

one piece character squad

The captain of the Maelstrom Spider Pirates who are affiliated to the Whitebeard Pirates. His most notable features are his unusual hairstyle, being bald on top with long, wavy, pink hair at the back, and the mark on his forehead that looks like a spider. He admires Whitebeard who helped him after Gol D. Roger destroyed his entire crew.

32. Doma a.k.a “Bohemian Knight Doma”

one piece character doma

He is a well-known pirate in the New World, usually seen with a little monkey on his shoulder. He uses two swords, holding them pointing downwards. His party has become the subordinates of Whitebeard since Ace made them surrender. He makes relatively few appearances in the story. In the anime version, he fought against Momonga in the Marineford Arc.

33. McGuy a.k.a “Thunder Lord McGuy”

one piece character mcguy

One of the pirates captains under Whitebeard in the New World. A well-known pirate with a lightning-shaped mustache. His nickname is “Thunder Lord McGuy”. He has long hair and a long chin, and fights with an electrified sword.

34. Whitey Bay a.k.a “Ice Witch”

one piece character whitey

Another pirate captain under Whitebeard in the New World. Her ship is an icebreaker and her most recognizable character trait is her blue hair. Her fighting style and abilities are unknown since she has not been shown taking part in combat.

35. Marshall D. Teach a.k.a “Blackbreard”

one piece character blackbeard\

The captain of the Blackbeard Pirates. This character used to be one of the crew in the second division of the Whitebeard Pirates. After his shipmate Thatch found a Devil Fruit, Blackbeard murdered him and took it for himself. He deserted the Whitebeard Pirates and struck out on his own. After that he joined the Seven Warlords of the Sea, took over Whitebeard’s territories after his death in the Marineford Arc, and is currently one of the Four Emperors.

36. Jesus Burgess a.k.a “Champion”

one piece character jesus

He is the captain of the first ship of the Blackbeard Pirates and one of the 10 giant captains to support Blackbeard. He is overtly masculine with an immensely large body but is also a complete moron without a severe lack of intelligence.
He usually battles with just brute strength but also used guns to attack Whitebeard. Little is known about his abilities and his bounty has not yet been revealed.

37. Van Augur a.k.a “The Supersonic”

one piece character van

He is the sniper of the Blackbeard Pirates. His vision and accuracy are so incredible that he can shoot down a bird that cannot even be seen with a telescope. He is also known as a quick shot, able to fire at Ace several times, aiming at his forehead and chest when he turned down Blackbeard’s invitation to join the party. His bounty is currently unknown.

38. Avalo Pizarro a.k.a “The Corrupt King”

one piece character avalo

He is one of the crew of the Blackbeard Pirates and a prisoner who escaped from level 6 of Impel Down. His curved mustache, thick beard and horns are his most distinguishing features. He often adds “Nyaa” to the end of his sentences. Not much has been revealed about his fighting style but was seen using a Gatling gun in the attack on Whitebeard.

39. Doc Q a.k.a “The Death”

one piece character docq

Doctor of the Blackbeard Pirates. Apparently he is very ill and gets around on his horse “Stronger,” who seems to be in equally poor health. Although he is a doctor, he has little regard for human life. He once mixed regular apples and apple-bombs together and gave them away to people at random.

40. Sanjuan Wolf a.k.a “Colossal Battleship”

one piece character sanjuan

Another member of the Blackbeard Pirates who escaped from level 6 of Impel Down. He is a giant so vast in size that Marineford, headquarter of the Marines, is simply not large enough to hold him. His fighting style and bounty are both unknown.

41. X Drake a.k.a “The Red Flag”

one piece character xdrake

He appeared in the Sabaody Archipelago as one of the Eleven Supernovas. He is a pirate but used to be a high-ranking officer of the Marines. He seems like a calm and stable person but his personality has yet to be revealed since he has not made many appearances. He does not have a defined pirate flag like other Supernovas and uses a symbol that looks like alternate version of the Marines’ logo. He fights using a mace and sword simultaneously. A Devil Fruit gave him the ability to transform into a dinosaur.

42. Sengoku a.k.a “Sengoku the Buddha”, "The Resourceful General"

one piece character sengoku

He is stationed in the headquarters of the Marines, one of the 3 major powers that maintain the balance of the world. He used to be the Fleet Admiral and is currently a supervisor who trains and instructs junior Marines. Sengoku, Monkey D. Garp, Zephyr (shown in One Piece Film Z) and Tsuru joined the Marines at the same time. He is a very honest military officer who strongly believes in justice and righteousness of the government’s decisions. However, when those decisions disrupt the lives of civilians he becomes infuriated.

43. Sakazuki a.k.a “Akainu”

one piece character akainu

Stationed at Marine headquarters and currently holds the position of Fleet Admiral. In his days as the Admiral he was called “Akainu” (Red Dog) and is one of the most renowned Marines alongside Aokiji and Kizaru. The Magu Magu no Mi grants the ability to control magma and surpasses the power of Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi. He possesses the most deadly of all flame and heat-type abilities.

44. Kuzan a.k.a “Aokiji”

one piece character kuzan

A Marine who used be one of the Admirals together with “Akainu” and “Kizaru”. The Hie Hie no Mi enables him to freeze himself and anything around him in a blink of an eye. He can shatter anyone he freezes, making his power potentially lethal. The side effect of the Devil Fruit does not really affect him because he can also freeze the ocean.

45. Borsalino a.k.a “Kizaru”

one piece character barsalino

Currently the Fleet Admiral of the Marines and possesses the power of the Pika Pika no Mi, which grants the ability to change his body into light and move at the speed of light. He exterminates his enemies easily with kicks that deliver immense impact, combined with impressive range and incredible accuracy.

46. Monkey D. Garp a.k.a “Garp the Fist”, “Hero of the Marines”, “Legendary Marine”

one piece character garp

Vice Admiral of the Marines and Luffy’s grandfather. Garp is highly resilient and unbelievable physical abilities. He can throw a cannonball faster than it can be fired by a cannon, and wield a ball and chain so massive that it is many times larger than a ship. This character has fought against the world’s most dangerous pirates, like Gol D. Roger, relying only on his herculean strength. He prefers to keep the position of Vice Admiral, saying “I don’t need a higher position to do what I want” and turned down the offer of promotion to Admiral several times.

47. Smoker a.k.a “Smoker the White Hunter”

one piece character smoker

A Vice Admiral who gained the ability to turn his body into smoke, evading attacks, from the Moku Moku no Mi. He can also travel quickly in his smoke form, and capture his target. He carries a jitte with a Seastone, which disables any Devil Fruit user. Smoker was believed to be invincible until the existence of Haki was revealed. He acquired Haki 2 years after becoming the Vice Admiral.

48. Monkey D. Dragon a.k.a “The world’s most dangerous criminal”, “The Revolutionary”

one piece character dragon

He is the Leader of the Revolutionary Army, a son of Monkey D. Garp and most importantly, Luffy’s father. He is a revolutionary who plots against the government and carries out coup d'états around the world. His ability have yet to be revealed but the government has been searching for him as “the world’s most dangerous criminal.”

49. Emporio Ivankov a.k.a “Miracle Person”

one piece character emporio

This character is the “Queen” of the Kamabakka Kingdom and a commander of the Revolutionary Army, often called “Iva-san”in the Japanese version, and “Iva chan”by Luffy. He is a master of “Newkama Kenpo” and skilled at hand‐to‐hand combat. His Horu Horu no Mi ability is to alter a person’s hormones, changing their body from the inside. His abilities have saved many lives and even whole countries, leading many to call him a “Miracle Person.” He is about three times bigger than regular people, but his head is so big that it’s one third of his body.

50. Enel a.k.a “God”, “God Enel”

one piece character enel

Enel was the former God (King) of Skypia which governs Sky Island 10,000 meters above the ground. He suddenly arrived in the kingdom, followed by an army, and deposed the previous God Gan Fall. Enel then ruled the kingdom through fear for 6 years using his power of Devil Fruit and Mantra (a type of Haki). His ability is one of the most dangerous out of the One Piece characters', allowing him complete control over lightning.

51. Charlotte Linlin a.k.a “Big Mom”

one piece character linlin

The captain of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the Four Emperors. She is the only female member of the Four Emperor and is very fond of sweets. Therefore she demands sweets instead of cash as protection “money” from the people in her territory. Big Mom takes care of Fishman Island after Whitebeard’s death as a part of her business, which is differs greatly from Whitebeard’s style when he was in charge. At present, the Fishman Pirates led by Jinbe work under the Big Mom Pirates.

52. Urouge a.k.a “Mad Monk”

one piece character urouge

One of the Eleven Supernovas who appeared in the Sabaody Archipelago. He is a big man, always with a smile on his face. His Devil Fruit ability causes him to grow larger and stronger the more damage he takes. His bounty is the lowest of the Supernovas at 108,000,000 belly which is believed to be related to the 108 temptations mentioned in Buddhism.

53. Scratchmen Apoo a.k.a “Roar of the Sea”

one piece character apoo

One of the Eleven Supernovas, from the Longarm Tribe. His power comes from a Devil Fruit of an unknown name, allowing him to change his body into musical instruments and attack his enemies. His bounty is 350,000,000 belly which is relatively high.

54. Caribou a.k.a “Wet-Haired Caribou”

one piece character carib

Another of the Eleven Supernovas. He known for his unbelievably cruel character, and became famous for killing Marines. He is a leader of the Caribou Pirates together with his brother Coribou. He ate the Numa Numa no Mi and is able to change the body into a bottomless swamp. His bounty is 210,000,000 belly. What a scary character!

55. Bellamy a.k.a “Bellamy the Hyena”

one piece character bellamy

He is one of the subordinates of Doflamingo who is active in the New World. His bounty went extremely high while he was still at a young age, which led to him being called the “Big-Time Rookie” until 2 years ago. He is feared and called the “Cruel Pirate” and the “assassin’s bullet of Dressrosa”. The Bane Bane no Mi lets him turn parts of his body into springs.

56. Demaro Black a.k.a “Three-Tongued Demaro Black”

one piece character demaro

A pirate who was recruiting crew members by impersonating Luffy’s name in Sabaody Archipelago, where the Straw Hat Pirates reunited. He doesn’t have any special abilities and just uses guns in battle. However, he ability to manipulate people with lies plausible enough to be believed makes him a potentially dangerous adversary.

57. Foxy a.k.a “Silver Fox Foxy”

one piece character foxy

The captain of the Foxy Pirates. He is very good at the “Davy Back Fight” in which pirate crews gamble using their members, with the winning team taking members from the losing team. Foxy holds the record of 920 matches undefeated before finally losing to the Straw Hat Pirates. Foxy’s Noro Noro no Mi gives him the ability to release “Noro Noro Beams” which can slow down their target for 30 seconds.

58. Dorry & Brogy a.k.a “Dorry the Blue Ogre” and “Brogy the Red Ogre”

one piece character Dorry and Brogy

They are two former leaders of the Giant Warrior Pirates. They each have a bounty of 100,000,000 belly. Dorry has a beard that reaches his waist and his weapon is a long sword called “Terry Sword.” His laughter usually sounds like “Gegyagyagya!” Brogy also has a beard and wears a helmet with horns. His weapon is “Bruiser Axe” and laughter sounds like “Gabababa!”

59. Arlong a.k.a “Arlong the Saw”

one piece character arlong

He is a sawshark fishman from Fishman Island. He is from a slum area on the island where orphans and street gangs gather. Fisher Tiger and Jinbe were like his brothers and he admired them, calling them “Big brother Ty” and “Brother Jinbe”. He was imprisoned by the Marines but after Jinbe joined the Seven Warlords of the Sea, he was released. Then he moved to East Blue to build the “Arlong Empire” and dominated 20 villages including Nami’s home town Coconut Village with force.

60. Hatchan a.k.a “Six Sword Style Hachi”

one piece character hachi

He is an octopus fishman from Fishman Island. He used to belong to the Sun Pirates (the Fishman Pirates) led by Tiger Fisher. After the death of Tiger Fisher, Hatchan was unable to accept Jinbe as the new captain, so he followed Arlong, who formed his own crew. He moved to East Blue and fought to create a fishman empire based in Nami’s hometown. He is now retired from the pirate business and runs a Takoyaki (fried dough balls filled with octopus) restaurant called “Takoyaki 8.”

61. Wapol a.k.a “Tin Plate Wapol”

one piece character wapol

Wapol is the current monarch of the Black Drum Kingdom and used to be the king of the Drum Kingdom (now known as Sakura Kingdom) and made the citizens suffer under his tyranny. He fled the country when it was raided by the Blackbeard Pirates, later forming his own group called the “Bliking Pirates”. The Baku Baku no Mi gave Wapol the ability to eat and digest anything, taking on its properties. Kind of sounds a famous Nintendo character. (Hint: he's round and pink!)

62. Kuro a.k.a “Kuro of a Hundred of Plans ”

one piece character kuro

Kuro used be the captain of the Black Cat Pirates. His actions ultimately led to Usopp joining the Straw Hat Pirates. He retired from pirating because he got sick of the being constantly pursued by Marines, and spending his life chasing loot. His new plan was to find a wealthy person, earn their trust and a place in their will, before killing them and taking their fortune.

63. Zeff a.k.a “Red-Leg Zeff”

one piece character zeff

He is the master chef of Baratie, a restaurant ship normally located in East Blue. Zeff is Sanji’s master and taught him how to cook and his kick-based style of fighting. He is one of the great pirates who navigated the Grand Line with his pirate group “the Cook Pirates” and came back unharmed. His sharp footwork and lethal kicks were widely renowned. His crew often attacked other ships but never took food from them. Not taking food from others was the most important rule and he severely punished any shipmate who breached it.

64. Krieg a.k.a “Foul Play Krieg”

one piece character krieg

Krieg is a pirate admiral with the largest armada force in East Blue with 50 ships and 5000 men. He wears Wootz Steel Armor which even Luffy struggled to damage. He attacks with quite a few weapons made from the same steel, but worst of all is the deadly poison gas bomb “MH5” which he claims he can easily wipe out a small village. His most famous quotes is “When a guy gets flustered because someone calls him weak, it's proof that he recognizes he IS weak. Let the outcome determine the weak and the strong.”

65. Gin a.k.a “Man-Demon Gin”

one piece character gin

He is the combat commander of the Krieg Pirates. He battles with a tonfa-like weapon with a metal ball on the top. He can withstand Sanji’s kicks and break the Pearl’s armor, which can stop a cannonball. He respects Krieg from the bottom of his heart and follows any order given. His nickname of “Man-Demon” is comes from his willingness to kill anyone that Krieg orders him to.

66. Pearl a.k.a “Pearl the Iron Wall”

one piece character pearl

He is the second commander of the Krieg Pirates. His body is protected by two enormous armor plates. Pearl grew up in a jungle and is proud of the fact he is never hurt in battles. The two large armor plates defend his torso while the smaller ones on his hands can be used to block attacks aimed at his head, and to attack. When he feels danger he uses friction to create sparks, surrounding himself in blue flames.

67. Alvida a.k.a “Iron Mace Alvida”

one piece character alvida

The captain of the Alvida Pirates. She is the first pirate captain to be beaten by Luffy in East Blue. Coby, the boy Luffy helped get into the Marines, used to work for this woman as a chore boy. When Luffy first met her, she was a very fat, ugly woman. She ate the Devil Fruit Sube Sube no Mi and transformed into a beauty.

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