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Famous Last Words: 20 Quotes From Gantz

**Please be warned that spoilers are included in this article** Gantz is a hyper-violent anime series based on a long-running manga. In Gantz, it's not uncommon for several characters to die each episode. Let's take a look at the some of the most famous last words!

by zak88
Oct 22, 2015 10:51 PM | 8,019 views

Warning: The following article contains heavy spoilers. Please be forewarned.

“Well... if this is the way it's gotta be...” - Kei Kurono

Gantz Kei Kurono

“Take my green onions!” - Green Onion Alien

Gantz Green Onion Alien

“It won't work on me! Not on me! I'm gonna live through this, and then I'm gonna...” - Hiroshi Hatanaka

Gantz Hiroshi Hatanaka

“Don't you !#$% with us, you little !#$%!” - Kosuke Nakajima

Gantz Kosuke Nakajima

“I had 90 points... 90 points... I just needed 10 more to be free... I was so close, momma...” - Nishi Joichiro

Gantz Nishi Joichiro

“No need for me any more, then...” - Tetsuo Nemoto

Gantz Tetsuo Nemoto

“For it is written that with true faith, one can always find a way-” - Muso Tokugawa

Gantz Muso Tokugawa

“Woof?” - Butter Dog

Gantz Butter Dog

“Hii yah! Hii yah! Uhhh!! What the !#$%?” - J.J.

Gantz J.J.

“Sadako... This is such bull!#$%... Just such bull!#$%...” - Hojo Masanobu

Gantz Hojo Masanobu

“I love you Kato... I love you...” - Kei Kishimoto

Gantz Kei Kishimoto

“I'm going to win! And then, we'll go home together!” - Sei Sakuraoka

Gantz Sei Sakuraoka

“You're finished! Ha ha ha ha ha! You fool! ” - Kannon

Gantz Kannon

“Please... Let my little brother Ayumu be strong on his own... And let him find happiness...” - Masaru Kato

Gantz Masaru Kato

“I'm... sorry!” - Yoshino Uehara

Gantz Yoshino Uehara

“I'm not going anywhere! This whole thing is nuts!” - Naozumi Saito

Gantz Naozumi Saito

“Kurono, be careful. Gantz isn't the sickest one here. The sickest ones are human...” - Daichi Nozaki

Gantz Daichi Nozaki

“Stop making excuses! Enough! I've had it. I've had enough of this mindless cycle of violence! I'll do it!” - Giichi Furuta

Gantz Giichi Furuta

“Hell, until today, I've never actually wanted to kill a man. But between you and Hajime, I think I could develop a taste for it!” - Ryuji Kajiura

Gantz Ryuji Kajiura

“But you're going to kill me? No, have mercy, please! Help me!” - Muroto Hajime

Gantz Muroto Hajime

There you have it! In Gantz some character's last moments are real tear-jerkers and stay with you long after the episode ends. Other characters deserved what they got, but they still want the last say! Nothing tells you more about a character than their final words. Let's also give an honorable mention to those characters who didn't have the time to utter a final phrase before biting the dust. You will be missed!

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