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20 Memorable Quotes from Shirobako

Shirobako is an anime about creating anime which includes several memorable quotes. While many of them are said in reference to producing anime, there are quite a few that could be applied to life in general. Here are 20 of the most memorable quotes!

by ljaesch1
Oct 21, 2015 2:50 AM | 24,855 views

"You learn plenty about who someone is from what she likes!" - Aoi Miyamori

Shirobako Aoi Miyamori

"You don't make anime by yourself! Anime production is teamwork!" - Erika Yano

Shirobako Erika Yano

"If you plan on blaming others when things don't go well, you might as well quit!" - Saburou Kitano

Shirobako Saburou Kitano

"There is no occupation that doesn't have its difficulties. That's why the rest is how much you're able to endure after all the humiliation you face." - Rinko Ogasawara

Shirobako Rinko Ogasawara

"I just realized I love learning things that I don't know anything about. It sort of feels like I'm one step closer to my dream." - Midori Imai

Shirobako Midori Imai

"But if I drew things more carefully, I need more time to finish. At this rate, I'm never going to get faster, and I won't be able to better my technique. I'll end up as a useless animator and not be able to eat." - Ema Yasuhara

Shirobako Ema Yasuhara

"If you're able to eat doing something you love, it's a wonderful thing. However, eventually, drawing won't be enough. You'll start to yearn for new goals." - Shigeru Sugie

Shirobako Shigeru Sugie

"I was just trying my hardest to do whatever was in front of me that looked fun." - Aoi Miyamori

Shirobako Aoi Miyamori

"He's a lion that's been freed from its cage. On the other hand, I'm a solitary tiger. Two wild beasts can never understand each other." - Tarou Takanashi

Shirobako Tarou Takanashi

"They pop up every now and then. People who don't wake up from the dream even after tens of years. I love people like that." – Erika Yano

Shirobako Erika Yano

"Well, it is rough waiting for that call you don't know if you're going to get." - Mari Tateo

Shirobako Mari Tateo

“That was when I understood that you can't just keep agreeing with everything. Every creator is sensitive and easy to hurt. Yet, they relentlessly give criticism, judgment, and more orders." – Rinko Ogasawara

Shirobako Rinko Ogasawara

"Better to ask and be a fool once than never to ask and be a fool forever." - Yumi Iguchi

Shirobako Yumi Iguchi

"I believe that talent, first and foremost, is the ability to take a chance and to be calm enough to learn from mistakes." - Shigeru Sugie

Shirobako Shigeru Sugie

"If I have a goal, then I should take the time to figure out what I need to do to achieve that goal." - Misa Toudou

Shirobako Misa Toudou

"It's fun to draw, but when it's for work, it becomes complicated. You get depressed about how bad you are, or panic because there's no time." –Ema Yasuhara

Shirobako Ema Yasuhara

"But animators are human, as well, so we want to be told, 'You're the only one who can do this!'" - Mitsuaki Kanno

Shirobako Mitsuaki Kanno

"There's something about cumulonimbus that really makes you want to draw." - Yuuji Atsumi

Shirobako Yuuji Atsumi

"We have to lie, but in a cool way... at least, that's what I'm going for." - Seiichi Kinoshita

Shirobako Seiichi Kinoshita

"I realized that anime is made by hundreds of thousands of people, decades' worth of time, and the thoughts and feelings of all the people who watch it." - Aoi Miyamori

Shiorbako Aoi Miyamori

Shirobako is an anime that’s fun to watch, but it also includes a lot of quotes that can be considered to be "pearls of wisdom." Several of the characters are able to impart thought-provoking lines, whether they’re talking about the production of an anime series or about life itself. Hopefully you found something in these quotes from Shirobako that you can apply to your own life.

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