Misa "Mii" Toudou

Misa Toudou

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Shirobako: Kaminoyama Koukou Animation Doukoukai
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Misa Toudou (藤堂 美沙)

She made a film with Aoi and the rest of the gang in the club: "Kaminoyama High School animation club" in high school, and she was inspired to work because of Ema's drawings. She was initially confused in choosing between working in the fields of 2D and 3D, but she now works at CG production studio Supermedia Creation.

Misa has a very tomboyish personality, but she is naturally cheerful and energetic but she can be a little airheaded and shy.

(Source: Shirobako Wiki)

Voice Actors
Elßel, Laura
Simmons, Juliet
Takano, Asami

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