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Meet the Characters of Blood Lad

The diverse cast of supernatural and human characters in the Blood Lad manga are brought to life in this anime adaptation. Take a look to learn more about them.

by ljaesch1
Sep 13, 2015 11:37 PM | 43,536 views

Blood Lad is an adaptation of Yuuki Kodama’s comedic supernatural manga of the same name, and the anime includes 10 episodes and an OVA. There are both supernatural and human characters in the series, and they are very distinct from each other. Read on to learn more about the characters of Blood Lad.

Staz Charlie Blood

Staz Charlie Blood from Blood Lad

Staz is a vampire, and he is one of the territory bosses of East Demon World. He’s unusual for a vampire, because he avoids attacking humans. It seems that Staz doesn’t attack them because he’s an otaku who’s obsessed with goods that come from the Human World. His favorite items are Japanese games, anime, and manga. Staz’s otaku interests serve as the basis for some of the humor in Blood Lad, with the Dragon Ball franchise being one of the properties that gets referenced on multiple occasions.

Even though Staz has these otaku interests and is considered a lazy moron by other characters in the Demon World, he’s actually rather strong. Others are forced to acknowledge his strength and what would happen if Staz gave up his position as a territory boss.

When a human girl named Fuyumi Yanagi accidentally wanders into the Demon World, Staz meets her and falls for her instantly. But Fuyumi is eaten by a carnivorous plant while he’s busy fighting against a challenger for his territory, and she becomes a ghost. Staz makes it his duty to bring Fuyumi back to life, even going so far as to become her vampire bodyguard.

After Staz and Fuyumi meet up with a girl named Bell Hydra, she accompanies them on their quest to find The Book of Human Resurrection, which can possibly help bring Fuyumi back to life. As Bell travels with them, she finds herself falling for Staz, but he’s too clueless to figure it out. Apparently, his anime and manga collection didn’t include any shoujo titles that might have helped him pick up on the hints that she drops.

Staz’s rival and friend is a hybrid werewolf named Wolf. Staz’s hot-tempered friend tries to find ways to battle against him, even though he knows he has no chance of beating Staz. But being the friend that he is, Staz tries to humor Wolf’s requests when he can.

Staz comes from a “high-breed” vampire family, but he tries not to associate with them. He has an older brother named Braz D. Blood, and a younger sister named Liz T. Blood. Staz doesn’t get along with Braz, who had frequently experimented on Staz during his youth in the hope of awakening his full potential. While Braz succeeded, he found it was too much for his brother’s young body and sealed some of Staz’s power away. Staz believes that Braz was trying to kill him back then, so he loathes Braz. Liz is a prison warden, and she harbors disdain for Staz right at first. Staz, however, seems to bear no real ill will toward her, and it seems he starts getting closer to her as the series progresses. Much to his disdain, Staz finds himself having to go to Braz in order to get some help with The Book of Human Resurrection, and Braz unlocks Staz’s full power after the two brothers make a deal. Staz’s newfound strength starts to give him more of an advantage as he fights against enemies.

Fuyumi Yanagi

Fuyumi Yanagi from Blood Lad

Fuyumi is a human girl who accidentally wanders into the Demon World when a black curtain that serves as a portal between the Human World and the Demon World suddenly opens in her bedroom. She becomes lost in this strange world and meets Staz. He is fascinated by Fuyumi, and they becomes friends as he starts sharing his otaku collection with her. Unfortunately, the two are interrupted when Staz is challenged for his territory. While he’s in the middle of his fight, Fuyumi is eaten by a carnivorous plant and becomes a ghost. She wants to be resurrected so she can return to the Human World and resume her regular life, and Staz vows to help her.

She sticks by Staz after he becomes her vampire bodyguard and works at trying to find a way to bring Fuyumi back to life. As Fuyumi travels with Staz, she discovers that he has a lack of common sense, which sometimes astounds or annoys her. But over time, she develops faith in him. Fuyumi’s faith in Staz likely comes from her nature of being kind, sensitive, and supportive.

Fuyumi and Staz meet Bell Hydra, the owner of the Black Curtain portal that allowed Fuyumi to come to the Demon World, although she insists it was stolen from her and that she wasn’t the one who cast it. Fuyumi and Bell form a close friendship over the course of the series, and it’s revealed near the end that they are actually sisters.

Bell Hydra

Bell Hydra from Blood Lad

Bell is a treasure hunter and a high level user of spatial and teleportation magic. She’s the owner of the Black Curtain that brought Fuyumi to the Demon World, but insists that it was stolen from her before it appeared in Fuyumi’s bedroom. At first, Bell suspects Staz of being the thief, so she puts him through several comedic trials before determining that it’s not him. Bell stays with Staz and Fuyumi, and she uses her spatial magic to find out information by opening a space and seeing through it like a window. This allows her to spy on others, but Bell doesn’t always share the information she gathers through the use of her magic. This made it hard to determine right at first if she’s really trying to help Staz and Fuyumi or not.

It turns out that Bell had her hands on The Book of Human Resurrection, but sold it to someone in the Demon World before she knew that Staz needed it. She claims she sold it to Staz’s rival, Wolf.

Bell may have a bubbly personality, but she’s also clever and deceptive. And since she’s a treasure hunter, she also has an insatiable curiosity about anything that’s hidden away. But even with these traits, Bell finds herself falling for Staz. Unfortunately for her, Staz appears to be oblivious to her feelings. Fuyumi and Bell form a close bond of friendship as they spend time together, and they later learn that they’re sisters.


Wolf from Blood Lad

Wolf is a cross between a werewolf and an unknown demon. Because of this, he considers himself to be a mongrel. Wolf has two forms: a human-like form and a half werewolf form. He is the territory boss of West Demon World, but he has ambitions of conquering all of the Lower Demon World. Wolf is a street fighter who uses an iron rod in his battles.

Wolf is mildly short-tempered, but is also powerful and strong-willed. He is friends and rivals with Staz, and they’ve known each other for years. While Wolf knows he’s not stronger than Staz, he still keeps trying to challenge him to battles in order to help himself become even stronger. Whether or not Wolf’s strategy actually works is debatable.

After Bell tells Staz and Fuyumi that she sold The Book of Human Resurrection to Wolf, they pay him a visit. He says that a book like that would be too hard for him to read and that he doesn’t have it. Wolf says he’ll only help Staz find the book if he’s defeated in a battle, which leads them to one of the challenges that Wolf has become known for.

But when Wolf meets Fuyumi, he finds himself developing a little crush on her. He may display a tough personality, but Wolf is also capable of having a caring nature that manifests itself when Fuyumi and the others are in trouble.

Braz D. Blood

Braz D. Blood from Blood Lad

Braz is Staz and Liz’s older brother. He’s a noble and pure-blood vampire who resides at the Blood Estate in the Demon World Acropolis. Braz is deceptive and manipulative, and appears to be the main antagonist of Blood Lad. Even with these traits, he appears to care about his siblings to some extent, although he seems to favor Staz over Liz. But Braz gives off the impression that he’s more likely to care about his siblings if he feels that they can be of use to him. Braz is also the one who wrote The Book of Human Resurrection.

When Staz was younger, Braz was determined to try to awaken his younger brother’s powers prematurely. But it turned out the powers were too great for Staz’s young body, so Braz sealed them away. Since Braz used torturous situations for his experiments, Staz assumed for years that Braz was trying to kill him, so he developed a loathing for his older brother and really doesn’t want anything to do with him.

When Staz swallows his pride and decides to talk to Braz about wanting help to bring Fuyumi back to life, he says he will only do it if Staz makes a deal. There’s a monster known as Akimu Papladon that Braz wants destroyed, and that Staz can only defeat if he lets Braz unseal his powers. Staz agrees to the deal, but it doesn’t appear that he and Braz become any closer as siblings by the end of the series.

Liz T. Blood

Liz T. Blood from Blood Lad

Liz is Braz and Staz’s younger sister. She is a prison warden, and is in charge of determining an individual’s guilt or innocence. If she finds someone guilty, she gets to deliver whatever punishment she believes fits their crime.

Liz looks up to Braz and tries to be strict and a “good girl” in order to be of use to him. But she also does this with the hope that Braz will give her the attention that she always saw him giving to Staz. Liz is jealous of Staz, and disowned him after he ran away from home. She’s also lonely because she has no friends, since she believes anyone trying to be nice to her is just sucking up due to her noble status.

Before Staz can make it to see Braz, Liz captures him and puts him in prison. She has no qualms about doing it, since she feels detached from him. Liz says he can only escape if he defeats two zombies, and Staz keeps getting defeated over and over. Once Braz removes the seal on Staz, he defeats the zombies and wins his freedom.

Later, Liz goes to visit Staz, who tries to teach her that she can have fun and be a “bad girl” sometimes. Liz develops a bond with Fuyumi, and she finally makes her first friend. And while she may still not be close to Staz, it appears her hatred and jealousy is starting to thaw.

Akimu Papaladon

Akimu Papaladon from Blood Lad

He is an artificial demon created by the notorious doctor Franken Stein, who built on and improved the research left by one of his relatives. Akimu Papladon is made up of many different demons’ body parts that have been stitched together, and he has the ability to manipulate all the separate parts. He desires to keep growing stronger by taking body parts from others, and he only wants to collect the strongest parts that he can find.

When fighting with others, Akimu Papaladon seems to be very confident in himself and his abilities, and constantly holds himself above others. The only time he acknowledges someone else is when he finds beauty in their fighting skills. He may be arrogant, but he’s also cunning and intelligent. Akimu Papaladon is cruel and sadistic, and he enjoys the terror and pain that he creates for others.

Before he became an artificial demon, he was a regular demon known as Pantomime. He served as an errand boy for Wolf Daddy, the King of Demon World Acropolis. As Pantomine, he had the ability to imitate other demons’ power by touching them. Before he became Akimu Papaladon, Pantomime had no desire to attain greater power.

As you can see, Blood Lad includes a variety of characters that inhabit the Demon World. Many of them include traits that help to bring out the humor that the series is aiming for. And even though many of the characters are supernatural beings of some kind, they still have personalities that viewers can identify with.

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