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Spirited Away Characters Unleashed: The Ultimate Guide

The legendary Hayao Miyazaki created an animated masterpiece, Spirited Away, made up of a diverse cast of humans and spirits, all of which have complex backgrounds and personalities. This ultimate guide to the mysterious Spirited Away characters is sure to help you understand them better.

by Rhiannone-10
Sep 7, 2015 6:28 PM | 15,025 views

Spirited Away characters come to life in this magical guide!

Spirited Away characters

Hayao Miyazaki is a critically acclaimed director. His work has touched the lives and the hearts of people across the globe. One of his most successful films, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away) has awed audiences of all ages. One of the most successful things about this film is its variety of unique characters. Being able to watch them grow and develop throughout the course of this film makes the movie a definite must-watch recommendation. Here is everything you need to know about the different Spirited Away characters. This guide has everything from character appearance to character personality and development. Get ready, set, go!

Spirited Away characters

Chihiro Ogino a.k.a Sen

Spirited Away characters Chihiro

In Spirited Away, Chihiro Ogino is a young, pessimistic, ten year-old girl. She has brown hair, usually tied back in a ponytail, rosy red cheeks, and a very childlike physique. At first, her attire is, a baggy, green and white striped shirt, paired with bright pink shorts. She starts off as a whiny, easily startled girl, who is frustrated over the fact that she and her parents must move away to the country side. She would rather stay in her old home surrounded by her peers at her familiar school. When she first enters the spirit world, Chihiro is very afraid of her new surroundings. She relies on the people around her, especially Haku, for help. In order to avoid being caught by the spirits, who would transform her into some kind of animal, Chihiro must get a job at the bathhouse, where all the spirits go to ‘replenish’. She first goes down to Kamaji, the head of the boiler room for a job. Although he turns down the offer to have her work in the boiler room, Kamaji still wants to help this feisty, stubborn little girl. He tells her to travel up to the top floor of the bathhouse to strike a deal with the bathhouse head, Yubaba.

Spirited Away characters Chihiro

Chihiro heads up several elevators to the top floor to meet with Yubaba. When Chihiro first asks, Yubaba turns her down and orders her to leave immediately. However, Chihiro refuses to back down that easily and eventually, is able to make a contract with Yubaba. She may work at the bathhouse under the given name of Sen. She is handed off to a female staff member, Lin, as an assistant. Her staff uniform consists of pink shorts falling down over her knee caps, a pink kimono covering up to just over her elbows, with a white ribbon tied into a bow in the back. When she first starts, Sen proves to be pretty incapable of simple labor. She seems as if she had never worked a day in her life (which is quite possibly true). Sen is determined to do whatever it takes to leave the spirit world unharmed, along with her parents.

Spirited Away characters Chihiro

Chihiro’s character truly begins to shift from this point in the movie. She starts off as a little girl - whiny, stubborn and scared of her own shadow. Through her adventures in the bathhouse, though, we watch her transform into a strong, brave, determined, kindhearted, and most of all, capable adult figure. When it comes down to protecting the people she loves, she will not back down, even against unsurmountable odds. She courageously works in a bathhouse full of not so friendly spirits, and confronts all kinds of Spirited Away characters and creatures, like witches, paper birds, and ruthless, hungry spirits. The growth of Chihiro’s character throughout the story is one of the greatest things about this movie. I suppose you could say that after all of the crazy adventures and encounters in the spiritual bathhouse, she is more than ready to face her new home, new town and new school.

Haku a.k.a Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi

Spirited Away characters Haku

Haku is a lean-built twelve year old boy and, as Yubaba’s apprentice, he is second in command at the spiritual bathhouse. Haku is not an ordinary human. He is a spirit being who has the ability to transform into a dragon. He is able to fly all around the spirit realm, running multiple errands for Yubaba. He also shares great spiritual knowledge. Haku has sharp green eyes, along with a black, traditional Japanese bob cut. He wears blue pants, called a monpe, a white Japanese Kimono and a blue sash tied along his waist. His dragon consists of a snake-like body, with antlers and long whiskers. It has silver scales, and a turquoise mane. He is able to interchange between dragon form and human form at will. Haku has multiple personalities. He can be kindhearted and supportive at times, strict and high strung at other times. He is wise, and is able to act accordingly to the situation. He is more than willing to stick his neck out when he cares about someone. From the beginning of the story, through to the end, he does everything within his power to keep Chihiro unharmed and to help her leave safely. His steadfast resolve helps Chihiro finally trust him, amidst contradictory information from other Spirited Away characters. Of course Haku always said she could trust him. Lin, however was not sure of Haku’s intentions. Yubaba’s twin sister, Zeniba insisted that Haku is a greedy thief, who had stolen something important from her. In the end, Chihiro puts her faith in Haku.

Spirited Away characters Haku

Haku does not remember his true name. In fact, Yubaba is the only one who seems to remember it. She keeps it from him, though, because when Haku does remember his name, he can leave the bathhouse forever. Chihiro decides to help Haku recover his name. One morning, Chihiro wakes up to see paper birds chasing Haku’s dragon form. She manages to help by getting rid of the birds, but not before Haku is gravely injured. She takes Haku to the boiler room for Kamaji’s help. Kamaji agrees to help Haku, but explains that to fully heal him, Chihiro must return Zeniba’s stolen golden seal and beg for forgiveness on Haku’s behalf. Chihiro succeeds, and Haku makes a full recovery. His dragon form flies to Zeniba’s house to thank Chihiro and take her to the bathhouse. During their journey, Chihiro remembers falling into a river when she was very young. The river had gently carried her back to shore. Chihiro realizes that the river was Haku! Haku’s name, then, was the river’s name - Nighihayami Kohaku Nushi. Haku helps Chihiro take the final steps to the human realm and vows to quit being Yubaba’s apprentice. He vows that someday, somehow, he and Chihiro will meet again.


Spirited Away characters Yubaba

Yubaba, is a crippled old woman, and head of the bathhouse where spirits go to replenish. Yubaba is a very aged, short, pudgy woman with an abnormally large head, long nose and very, very heavily applied makeup. She also has a bird that resembles a crow (with her head) that flies around doing her bidding. She is the main antagonist in the movie, Spirited Away. Yubaba starts off as a cruel, cold, inconsiderate being, who is only kind to the paying spirit customers. She runs a very tight ship and works all of the bathhouse employees to the bone. She has very strong feelings of dislike towards humans and is not pleased when Chihiro and her parents wander into the spirit realm. After dark, she transforms Chihiro’s parents into pigs. The same would have happened to Chihiro, if it were not for Yubaba’s apprentice, Haku. Chihiro needs to find a way to stay in the spirit realm, while also finding a way to save her parents. To protect her while she is in the spirit realm, Haku instructs Chihiro to get a job at Yubaba’s bathhouse. When Kamaji turns her down, she rides multiple elevators to the top floor, and requests a job from Yubaba herself. Yubaba immediately turns her down and orders her to leave. However, Chihiro is relentless. When her screaming for a job wakes Yubaba’s baby, Boh, Yubaba’s attitude changes. She becomes a kind and caring mother. She finally gives in and tells Chihiro she can have a job as long as she stops screaming. Yubaba uses a name stealing curse when Chihiro signs her name to a contract. Yubaba controls everyone who works for her in this way. She uses her curse to take their name and therefore their identity.

Spirited Away characters Yubaba

Chihiro's new given name, is Sen. She would have forgotten her name completely, but luckily Chihiro happens to have a reminder, a goodbye card from her friend, with her name on it. She pretends to forget her name and begins work at the bathhouse under the name “Sen.” Little does Yubaba know that her staff members Lin, Kamaji and even her own apprentice, Haku are helping Sen to work in the bathhouse so that she can find a way to free herself and her parents. Most do not know that Yubaba has an identical twin sister, Zeniba. Though they look the same, their personalities are polar opposites. Haku had stolen something of importance to Zeniba. She came to the bathhouse to get it back. Yubaba’s baby, Boh, got in the way, so she temporarily transformed him into a mouse-like creature, and made another being look identical to Boh. When Yubaba, finds out, she is furious. When Haku informs Yubaba that Sen and her real child had gone to confront Zeniba, Yubaba offers a deal. If Sen brings Boh back unharmed, and passes one final test, Yubaba will break Sen’s contract and allow her and her parents go home. When Sen succeeds, Yubaba has no choice but to live up to her deal. However, at this point in the story Yubaba has warmed up to Chihiro, and is not as cold as before. In return, Chihiro has no feelings of resentment towards Yubaba. Yubaba's personality probably changed the most out of all the Spirited Away characters from the beginning of the film to the end.

No-Face a.k.a Kaonashi

Spirited Away characters No-Face

No-Face is a lonely, mystical spirit in the spirit realm. He appears to be a black hooded figure, with a white mask decorated with two silver strips travelling down the mask’s eyes. No-Face first appears on the bathhouse’s bridge observing Chihiro and Haku running across so that she would not be discovered as a human by the other spirits. He caught Chihiro’s attention, but when she turned around for a double-take, he turns invisible. No-Face has the ability to devour any being. When he does, he gains their personality and physical traits. Before devouring a being, he is only capable of making small, grunting noises. He gains the voice of the first being he eats. His first being was Aogaeru, the frog-like spirit who works at the bathhouse. No-Face has legs and feet that leave footprints when he walks. Although there is a mouth painted on his mask, his real mouth is several times larger, with very sharp teeth. No-Face appears before Chihiro multiple times, he gains a real interest in her. One night, when she and Lin are cleaning, she sees No-Face out in the rain and leaves the bathhouse door open for him.

Spirited Away characters No-Face

The next time Chihiro sees No-Face, she is asking the foreman for an herbal bath token. The foreman keeps turning her down, so No-Face (while invisible) hands her one. She runs off, saying, “Thank-you.” Hearing Chihiro say ‘thank you’ makes him happy, so later he tries to give Chihiro a whole pile of bath tokens. When she refuses them, saying she only needs one, No-Face feels sad and rejected. That night, No-Face stays in the bathhouse after hours and is caught by the employee, Aogaeru. No-Face lures Aogaeru with gold pieces and devours him whole. He now has both Aogaeru’s voice and greedy personality. In the morning all of the bathhouse staff members were buzzing about the new customer who was handing out gold to any employee who gave him what he wanted, as a tip. Lin excitedly informed Chihiro and ran off to get more gold. No-Face offered Chihiro the biggest pile of gold, but once again she refused, saying she did not need any. Once again No-Face feels upset, so he throws all the gold to the floor. All of the workers immediately scramble to pick up the gold, leaving No-Face feeling insulted. He then shows his true self by devouring two other staff members, leaving everyone in the bathhouse horrified. No-Face begins throwing a tantrum, demanding to see Chihiro. When Chihiro arrives, he offers her anything she wants. Chihiro again refuses, claiming, that he cannot give her what she really wants. However, she offers him some of the food the Unnamed River Spirit gave her. After eating it, he spits out his three victims and once again, becomes his normal self. He follows Chihiro to the train station and she asks if he would like to ride with her. He replies with a grunt and accompanies Chihiro to Zeniba’s cottage. When leaving Zeniba’s cottage, Zeniba asks if No-Face would like to stay and become her apprentice. He agrees and learns how to weave and sew. He becomes happy, after finally finding some company.


Spirited Away characters Kamaji

Kamaji is a middle-aged man who controls the bathhouse’s boiler room. Kamaji is a spirit being with six arms (three on each side), which he uses to control the different buttons and levers of the boiler room. Each arm can stretch to infinite length, which means he never has to move from one spot. He cast a spell on multiple pieces of soot, turning them into living beings that carry pieces of coal to the furnace. Haku instructs Chihiro to ask Kamaji for a job in the boiler room. When Chihiro first asks, Kamaji turns her down, saying he has all the help he needs and has no use for a little human girl. He seems like a cold and uncaring man, with no real interest in the fate of others. When Chihiro picks up a piece of coal that a sootball has dropped and carries it to the furnace, Kamaji seems to admire her determination. Kamaji protects Chihiro when staff member Lin arrives and questions why there is a human in the boiler room. Kamaji lies and tells Lin that he is her grandfather. He advises Chihiro to ask the bathhouse head, Yubaba, for a job, and sends Lin along. After a day of work, when Chihiro falls asleep in the boiler room, he gently places a purple blanket over her. When Haku becomes gravely injured, Kamaji attempts to heal him, and gives Chihiro train tickets so that she can travel to Zeniba’s cottage, to ensure Haku’s recovery. Although Kamaji starts as a cold, unapproachable man, he grows a soft spot for Chihiro and an ‘Any friends of Chihiro are friends of mine!’ attitude, making him one of the absolute sweetest Spirited Away characters.


Spirited Away characters Lin Rin

Lin is a female staff member of the spiritual bathhouse. She is a young woman with long, brown hair, and brown eyes. She first appears in the boiler room bringing Kamaji and his magical sootballs their dinner. She is shocked when she finds a human (Chihiro) down there talking with Kamaji. She immediately questions Kamaji, who lies and tells her Chihiro is his grandchild. Lin finds this very far fetched but decides not to argue. Kamaji asks Lin to escort Chihiro up to the first floor so she can ask Yubaba for a job. At first Lin refuses. She reluctantly gives in when Kamaji offers her a roasted newt. She travels up multiple elevators with Chihiro. Eventually, another spirit stops her and asks her why she smells like a human. She distracts this spirit to the best of her ability, allowing Chihiro to continue riding up on elevators. We see Lin again after Chihiro has signed a contract with Yubaba, and is working under the name ‘Sen’. Haku assigns Sen to work as Lin’s assistant. Lin protests in front of Haku and all of the other employees, but Haku says it is nonnegotiable. Lin acts very cold and harshly towards Sen.

Spirited Away characters Lin Rin

However once they are alone, Lin is very kind and tells Sen that she was really worried. When Chihiro first starts working, Lin scolds her for her clumsiness. To Lin’s dismay, she and Sen were assigned to clean out the tub for the bathhouse’s filthiest guests. When the two are done, she instructs Sen to go get an herbal bath token, and helps her attach it to a rope, pull it, and have Kamaji send up the water. She left to go get the two some breakfast and comes back to find that Sen is responsible for bathing a Stink Spirit! She asks Kamaji to send up all the water available. When the spirit is finally clean, she and Sen join the celebration. The next morning, when the customer, No-Face appears, literally tossing around gold, Lin is eager to get her hands on some. When Chihiro leaves for the train station to visit Zeniba, Lin takes her by boat as far as she can. She also warns the spirit, No-Face who had been following the pair, that if he hurts Chihiro he will be in a lot of trouble. The last we see of Lin is her waving goodbye to Chihiro, along with the other bathhouse employees, while Haku escorts her back to the human realm.


Spirited Away characters Boh

Boh is Yubaba’s baby son and Zeniba’s nephew. Boh is an unusually large baby, taller even than his own mother. Unlike any normal baby, he is able to form full sentences and speak like a grown adult. Before we actually see Boh, we hear him crying on multiple occasions, such as when Chihiro begins screaming for Yubaba to give her a job at the bathhouse. Whenever Boh begins crying, Yubaba will immediately drop everything in order to comfort her son. It is evident that, even though Yubaba is a cold, harsh woman, she loves her son dearly. When Chihiro spots an injured Haku flying to the top floor, where Yubaba and Boh are, she climbs up a ladder on the side of the building to help him. She accidentally winds up in Boh’s nursery. When she hears Yubaba enter the room, she instinctively hides by diving into a pile of pillows. Once Yubaba leaves, she tries to jump out of the pillows but feels a force pulling her back. Boh is holding on to her arm with all his power. Boh refuses to let go of Chihiro, saying that he wants to play. Chihiro offers to come back later, but Boh insists that they play right away. He even threatens to break her arm if she tries to leave.

Spirited Away characters Boh

Boh had mentioned that he was afraid of germs, so Chihiro stuck out her dirty sweaty palm and finds an opportunity to bolt when he cringes. When she finds the room where Haku is, she turns around to see that Boh has followed her. He claims that he is not scared of germs anymore. That is when Zeniba appears, searching for her golden seal. She mocks Boh’s weight and intelligence and transforms Boh into a mouse like creature. From there on Boh accompanies Chihiro to Zeniba’s cottage, where she apologizes. Boh’s curse wears off, and he can return to normal. When they come back to the bathhouse, Yubaba says that she has one more test for Chihiro. Boh protests saying his mother is not being fair, and that he and Chihiro had a lot of fun together. Yubaba insists that “a deal is a deal.” He replies by threatening that if his mother makes Chihiro cry, he will not like her anymore. Boh was pleased when Chihiro passed Yubaba’s final test. Boh started out as a whiny, spoiled brat, but wound up a friendly and good natured baby.


Zeniba Spirited Away characters

Zeniba is twin sister to the bathhouse head, Yubaba. She shares exactly the same old, short, pudgy appearance and even wears the same style of makeup. The only difference is, Zeniba usually wears a small pair of reading glasses in her cottage. While Yubaba lives in a fancy, extravagant, penthouse-like home, Zeniba lives in a small, humble cottage in the woods. When we first meet Zeniba, it appears that she has the same, cold personality traits as her sister. She transforms Yubaba’s baby, Boh, into a mouse-like creature, and orders Chihiro to keep her mouth shut about it, or she will “rip out her mouth.” When Chihiro refuses to hand over Haku, she tells Chihiro that Haku is nothing more than a greedy thief that must be punished for stealing her golden seal. He also tells her that anyone who steals her golden seal is destined to die. However, when Haku is injured, and to save him, Chihiro must travel to Zeniba’s cottage, return the seal, and apologize on behalf of Haku, Zeniba welcomes Chihiro, Boh, No-Face and Yubaba's bird with open arms. She feeds Chihiro tea and all kinds of tasty snacks, and requests that Chihiro refer to her as “Granny.” With the help of Boh and the spirit No-Face, she weaves a special hair tie for Chihiro, saying that it will always protects her. She is remorseful for what Yubaba did to Chihiro and her parents, but admits there is nothing she can do. However, she is willing to forgive Haku, and revise his fate. At heart, Zeniba is truly a warm and (mostly) gentle witch.

Akio Ogino (Chihiro's father)

Spirited Away characters Chihiro dad

One minor character we see in the film is Chihiro’s father, Akiichiro Ogino. He is a tall man with brown hair, brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, and a subtle mustache on his upper lip. Although not quite ‘over weight,’ he has a small amount of belly fat and is bulkier then a lot of the other Spirited Away characters. Akiichiro does not get much screen time. He appears briefly at the beginning and the end. What we can tell is that he is very brave and confident in his abilities (especially with his four wheel drive) and is willing to go wherever either adventure, or his nose leads him. Akkichiro and his family are moving together from an unknown city into the Japanese suburbs. Although his family, especially his daughter, Chihiro, seem down about the move, Akiichiro is the one who attempts to be the most cheerful. On the way to their new home, Akiichiro accidentally makes a wrong turn. He decides to make a short cut through a distinct path, where they come across a strange and out of place building. Despite Chihiro’s protests, he wanders inside, his reluctant family trailing behind. Unknowingly, he leads his wife and daughter into the spirit realm. He speculates that the buildings are from an old theme park, and he and his wife dig into the unattended food. Chihiro decides to explore. When she comes back after dark, she finds her parents have been turned into pigs! They were cursed as punishment for eating the spirits’ food. Akiichiro and his wife return to their human forms after Chihiro rescues them by working in the spirit bathhouse. Neither Akiichiro nor his wife have any memory of being pigs, or being in the spirit realm.

Yuuko Ogino (Chihiro's mother)

Spirited Away characters chihiro mom

Ichiyuko Ogino is Akiichiro Ogino’s wife and mother to Chihiro Ogino. Ichiyuko has lightly tanned skin, similar to her husband, as well as neatly arranged brown hair, dark eyes and thin eyebrows. She wears gold earrings, along with a necklace and lipstick. She is accompanying her family as they move from the city to the suburbs. While her husband is outgoing and adventurous, Ichiyuko is a calm, laid back woman, often the voice of reason and logic next to her husband’s impulsive, somewhat dangerous ideas. When the family stumbles into the spirit realm, Ichiyuko is reluctant to explore with Akiichiro. She feels that they need to get back to the house as soon as possible. Eventually she gives in, trailing behind her husband with Chihiro close by her side. When they come across the food intended for the spirits, Ichiyuko and Akiichiro are quick to dig in to all of the delicacies. Chihiro, who feels this is a bad idea, roams off, only to come back and find her parents transformed into pigs! The two had been cursed for crime and violation of the spirit realm. Ichiyuko, and husband appear once more at the end of the story, humans once again, thanks to Chihiro. They have no memory of their adventures in spirit realm, or of how much time has passed.

The Unnamed River Spirit a.k.a The Stink Spirit

Unnamed river spirit Spirited Away characters
The Unnamed River Spirit is first seen slowly approaching the bathhouse in a hideous, repulsive brown blob, creating a path of mud and a terrible stench behind him. None of the bathhouse employees want him to come, but, because he is a paying customer they have no choice. Chihiro (Sen) is told by Yubaba that she is responsible for attending to this ‘stink spirit.’ With no other choice, she leads him to an empty tub (reserved for the filthiest guests) and fills it with water. Chihiro is swept underwater, and notices something poking out of the spirit’s body. With the help of Lin and the other workers, she ties rope around it, and everyone pulls with all their might. To Chihiro’s shock, a bicycle, along with other human objects come spilling out. When the debris settles, the former stink spirit has vanished to reveal an ancient river spirit with several wrinkles on his mask, white eyebrows and facial hair as well as a few, rotting teeth. He also has a dragon like body formed out of water. He thanks Chihiro with a ‘good job’ and leaves behind a huge pile of gold as a tip for the bathhouse workers. He is not seen again in the story.

The Radish Spirit a.k.a Oshira-sama

Radish spirit Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi Spirited Away characters
The Radish Spirit is a very large, overweight, white Spirit with a red sun hat and an apron around his waist. He carries a blue towel. While Lin is leading Chihiro up multiple elevators to reach Yubaba, she very kindly tells the Radish Spirit to take another elevator if he wants to go higher. Because they are headed to the same place, Lin tells Chihiro to ignore him. She is anxious that he will cause trouble if he discovers Chihiro is human. When Lin is distracted by another spirit, she tells Chihiro to continue without her. This leaves Chihiro and the Radish Spirit alone in the elevator. He kindly stops the elevator for Chihiro to get out. The Radish Spirit is not seen until later, when Chihiro is bathing the Unnamed River Spirit, and then once more at the end of the film when Chihiro is completing Yubaba’s final test.


frog aogaeru Spirited Away characters
Aogaeru is a frog spirit, wearing a blue kimono that works at the bathhouse under Yubaba. Similar to the majority of bathhouse employees, he has a very greedy personality. While Haku is escorting Chihiro across the bridge to the bathhouse (Chihiro must hold her breath so that the other spirits do not know she is human) Aogaeru stops Haku for a chat. Out of shock, Chihiro gasps, blowing her cover. Aogaeru is temporarily frozen and suspended in midair. Once free, he immediately goes to report a human at the bathhouse. We later see Aogaeru accusing the spirit No-Face of using the bath after hours. No-Face devours him and uses his voice to speak. At the end of the story, No-Face spits him out.

Sootballs a.k.a Makkuro-Kurosuke

sootballs makkuro-kurosuke Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi Spirited Away characters
Sootballs, otherwise known as Susuwatari, are magical pieces of soot. Kamaji brought them to life to assist him in the boiler room. They resemble small, black puff balls with thin, black arms and legs. They carry pieces of coal to the furnace. They have a feisty personality, and when Chihiro begs Kamaji for a job, they all pretend to be crushed by the weight of the coal so that Chihiro will pick it up for them. Later on, they prove to be useful, as well as kind to Chihiro, by keeping her shoes and clothes from the human world safe from other spirits. The Spirited Away characters are actually stars in the Ghibli industry as they have also made appearances in Tonari no Totoro.


aniyaku Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi Spirited Away characters
Aniyaku serves Yubaba as an assistant manager at the spiritual bathhouse. He has thin brown eyebrows, as well as eyes. Similar to many other Spirited Away characters working in the bathhouse, Aniyaku’s appearance could be compared to that of a frog. When Chihiro, first arrives at the bathhouse as Sen, Aniyaku, and the other staff members act coldly and harshly toward her because she is a human. However, like all the other bathhouse workers, he is seen
celebrating when Chihiro successfully cleans the River Spirit and defeats No-Face. He cheers for Chihiro when she attempts to pass Yubaba’s test.


chichiyaku Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi Spirited Away characters
Chichiyaku is another spirit who works at the bathhouse under Yubaba’s command as the bathhouse manager. His skin is a yellow-orange color and his features include orange eyes and a thin orange mustache. Like many others in the bathhouse, he kind of resembles a frog. Chichiyaku, along with other staff members, were all quite cold and harsh towards Chihiro/Sen because she is human. Over time Chichiyaku began to accept Chihiro and was grateful to her for bathing the Unnamed River Spirit and stopping No-Face from eating more of the bathhouse’s employees.


Yuna Spirited Away characters
Yuna are the female staff members at the bathhouse who do chores such as cooking, cleaning and serving customers. They live full time at the bathhouse. They all have slick, black or brown hair and they wear kimonos. Their eyebrow shapes vary from circles above their eyelids, and thin straight brows. None of the Yuna were kind to Chihiro/Sen when she first arrived at the bathhouse. They were not pleased to have a human working among them. However as time goes by, these Spirited Away characters warm up to Chihiro, especially after being saved by her from No-Face.

Yubaba's Bird

Spirited Away characters yubaba's
Yubaba’s Bird (Yu-Bird) works as Yubaba’s trusty spy. She is first seen in the movie flying overhead, searching for Chihiro after reports came in that a human was in the spirit realm, probably hiding in the bathhouse. Yu-Bird’s body resembles that of a crow, but her head is more or less exactly like Yubaba’s, with less detail. When Zeniba appears before Chihiro, Haku, Boh and Yubaba's bird, she shrinks Yu-Bird to the size of a miniature crow. After that, she is often seen playing with Boh and riding on Chihiro’s shoulder. After she visits Zeniba, the spell wears off and Yu-Bird is back to her usual self.


shikigami Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi Spirited Away characters
Shikigami resemble paper birds. Under the will and control of Zeniba, they can fly extremely high and fast. Zeniba controls them to chase after, and hunt down Haku after he steals her precious golden seal. Chihiro wakes up one morning to find a flock of Shikigami chasing after Haku’s dragon form. She quickly tries to help Haku by telling him to fly in through the window. Although Chihiro is able to help Haku escape the Shikigami, they have gravely injured him. When Shikigami are told to, they are able to stand upright and cling to a human. After helping Haku, one clings onto Chihiro.


Kashira Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi Spirited Away characters
Kashira are three, strange green heads that hover in and around Yubaba’s office. They all have distinct, angry looking facial expressions, thick black eyebrows, a thin mustache and small beard across their chin. It is unclear what exactly the Kashira’s jobs are. One speculation that they serve as Yubaba’s bodyguards. We first meet the Kashira when Chihiro enters Yubaba’s office to beg for a job. The three are seen bouncing around her office. We see them almost every time there is a scene in Yubaba’s office. When Zeniba turns Boh into a mouse like creature, she transforms the three Kashira to look identical to Boh. When Haku informs Yubaba of this fact, they change back into their original form.


Spirited Away characters Kasuga-sama

Kasuga-Sama are regular customers at the bathhouse. They each wear a long, flowing read cloak, as well as strangely patterned masks. One cannot see this Spirit’s body as it resembles a shadow. Chihiro first witnesses this kind of Spirit exiting the ferry that brings spirits to the bathhouse.


Ootori sama spirited away

Ootori-Sama are another kind of spirit that frequent the bathhouse. They resemble big ducks. Chihiro first saw this spirit on the bridge walking towards the bathhouse.


Spirited Away characters ushioni-sama

Ushioni-Sama are also regular visitors of the bathhouse. They have long, stringy hair, usually green, red or yellow-orange faces, circular eyeballs, and antlers. These Spirited Away characters wear kimono that read out ‘Abura’ (oil). Chihiro first sees this spirit on the bridge, walking toward the bathhouse.


Spirited Away characters Onama-sama

Onama-Sama are regular customers of the bathhouse. They wear leaf-like capes and have antlers. Chihiro first sees this spirit on the bridge walking toward the bathhouse.

The diverse cast of Spirited Away characters make the film even more beautiful!

Spirited Away characters

That concludes this analysis of the Spirited Away characters. The amazing cast is just the tip of the iceberg for this spectacular animated film. It is a masterpiece that everyone, not just anime fans, should definitely witness during their lifetime.

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Top 27 Hayao Miyazaki's Anime Films and Other Works

Top 27 Hayao Miyazaki's Anime Films and Other Works

Hayao Miyazaki, one of the most famous directors in the world, has produced many extraordinary works such as Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. Take a look at our countdown of Studio Ghibli films directed by Hayao Miyazaki based on MAL user ratings!
15 Sweet & Quirky Quotes from My Neighbor Totoro

15 Sweet & Quirky Quotes from My Neighbor Totoro

One of the most well-known Miyazaki films, My Neighbor Totoro is a gentle, heart-warming film. Unexpected magic twists through the seemingly simplistic story of two girls and their father moving to a new home. These quotes gather together the wonder, the magic, and the sweet quirkiness of the film.
Everything Cute and Kawaii about My Neighbor Totoro

Everything Cute and Kawaii about My Neighbor Totoro

The main characters of My Neighbor Totoro are super cute little girls, and the titular character of Totoro is a super kawaii ball of fur. It’s inevitable that you spend most of the movie squeeing in delight. Can you handle the cuteness of this classic anime film?
Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away: Friends or More?

Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away: Friends or More?

Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away) portrays more than breathtaking magic, delicious food, and strange spirits. The main stars of the film, Chihiro and Haku, share a deep connection that becomes the most important aspect of the movie. Let's walk through the timeline of their relationship.
Spirited Away Guide: Exploring the Magical Bathhouse

Spirited Away Guide: Exploring the Magical Bathhouse

The legendary Bathhouse in Spirited Away is filled with spirits and magic, and it's the main setting of the movie. Enter the Bathhouse and explore this wondrous and enchanting place through this detailed guide.