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Top 15 Shocking Lyrics in Anime Song

We all love anime songs. We hum them. We dance to them. We play them. And if we're really into it, we sing them. But singing them means knowing the lyrics, and sometimes the anime lyrics are so brutal or silly you'll doubt it is even real! Here are 15 of those anime songs with shocking lyrics!

by llezur17
Jan 5, 2016 8:37 PM | 65,238 views

"Red Fraction" by MELL

From Black Lagoon

Red Fraction MELL Black Lagoon Shocking Anime Lyrics

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"I have a big gun. I took it from my Lord. Sick with Justice. I just wanna feel you."
"You make me violate you. No matter who you are."
"Been burn in the hell by all those pigs out there."

This all-engurisu song is so notorious it had to be first. The lyrics are so messed up that you can't be sure what the song really means. And you have this feeling inside that you're better off not knowing.

"Howling" by Abingdon Boys School

From Darker than Black

Howling Abingdon Boys School Darker than Black Shocking Anime Lyrics

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"This parched body that only desires will
Imbue itself into the night with filthy fingertips
And wrench you open until you're torn to shreds"

Life is not easy in the world of Darker than Black. The lyrics of its opening song clearly show it. You wouldn't want someone's filthy fingertips touching your insides, would you?

"Song of Fan Service" by Keita and Bobby Statice

From Binbougami Ga!

Song of Fan Service Keita Bobby Statice Binbougami Ga! Shocking Anime Lyrics

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"They rise from women's bodies.
Two great favors.
The twin peaks of hope, shine with a gentle pink.
Boobs! I love them!
Titties! So huge!
Ah boobs..

"Song of Fan Service" is sung by two characters from the Binbougami Ga! anime itself. This song is an anthem about the majesty of boobs. It's pretty straight forward.

"The Sore Feet Song" by Ally Kerr

From Mushishi

The Sore Feet Song Ally Kerr Mushishi Shocking Anime Lyrics

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"I stole ten thousand pounds, ten thousand pounds to see you.
I robbed convenient stores coz I thought they'd make it easier.
I lived off rats and toads, and I starved for you.
I fought off giants bears and I killed them too."

This calm song from Mushishi has some pretty disturbing lyrics. Aside from stealing from convenience stores and eating rats and toads... bears were killed too!

"Dadada" by Group Tamashii

From Beelzebub

Dadada Group Tamashii Beelzebub

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"If mom ignores him for the time being he will suck papa's breasts."

It's just this one line in the lyrics that made this song a part of the list. This. Freaking. Line. The video made it pretty visual too.

"Kyoumu Densen" by ALI PROJECT

From Another

Kyoumo Densen ALI PROJECT Another Shocking Anime Lyrics

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"Against your skin, I will carve in my name. Is it fine if I’ve made you my claim?"

Normally, we label our things using a label maker or a simple pen. But how about a sharp tool piercing the letters to your skin?

"Kill me no Baby" by Chinatsu Akasaki and Mutsumi Tamura

From Kill me Baby

Kill me no Baby Chinatsu Akasaki Mutsumi Tamura Kill me Baby Shocking Anime Lyrics

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"Kill me baby! What's up? (rustle rustle) Absolutely naamin.
Kill me baby! Let's do it come on come on!
What do you say? Boom!"

Hearing this song for the first time without knowing the anime's plot will break your mind. You'll hear the phrase "kill me baby" too damn much, and singing them are two kawaii school girls.

"Motteke! Sailor Fuku!" by Aya Hirano, Emiri Katou, Kaori Fukuhara and Aya Endou

From Lucky Star

Motteke! Sailor Fuku! Aya Hirano Emiri Katou Kaori Fukuhara Aya Endou Lucky Star Shocking Anime Lyrics

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"Darlin' darling freeze in the channel of my sweat, my sweat!!"

I still don't know what this line actually means. Maybe it's literal or a metaphor. Who knows?

"Oppai Dragon Song" by Issei

From High School DXD Born

Oppai Dragon Song Issei High School DXD Born Shocking Anime Lyrics

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"There is an oppai loving dragon living in the edge of a certain country.
The dragon goes for a walk looking for oppai when the weather is good.
Dragon, dragon, oppai dragon Momi momi , chu chu, pafu pafu.
There are various kinds of oppai.
But as expected, he likes the big ones the best.
The oppai dragon will also fly through the sky today."

Funny thing about this song is that Issei sung it with children. It's a children's song about the adventures of a dragon that loves boobs. It's very informative.

"Virtue and Vice" by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

From Gokukoku no Brynhildr


Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"Missiles flying, children getting shot.
Swindles everywhere.
People who should be the most loved ones, killing each other
Once you keep an eye off, things get stolen."

The lyrics of this song pretty much describe a war zone. Children getting shot is never normal. It should not be. That's why the song is in the list.

"Omae no kaa-chan xx da! (Your mother is an XX!)" by Otsuu-chan

From Gintama

Omae no kaa-chan xx da! Your mother is an XX! Otsuu-chan Terakado Tsuu Gintama Shocking Anime Lyrics

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"Are you even still human?! Your mother is an XX!"
"This mole of mine is like the Big Dipper running from my hips to my back. This mole of mine, in comparison to most people's, is a bit large."
"That mole of yours. This mole of mine. Now the two of them, have overlapped."

We all know Gintama's charming idol, Otsuu-chan. She sings and moves like a normal idol but the lyrics of her songs are just so... peculiar?

"Dead End" by Faylan

From Mirai Nikki

Dead End Faylan Mirai Nikki Shocking Anime Lyrics

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"Would you kill your friends, if it helped fulfill your wish?"

This song presents us a question of morality. It perfectly matches the anime's core theme and is equally twisted.

"Owarinaki Pantsu (Endless Panties)" by Yuuki Aito

From Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to

Owarinaki Pantsu Endless Panties Yuuki Aito Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Shocking Anime Lyrics

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"That cloth that, wraps your warmth…
Ahh… I love it.
More than the shape, more than the color, I love their existence,
Closer… Closer… I just want to feel it closer to me."
"Just let me touch them! That's enough! I just want to smell them! That's enough!"

You can feel the strong emotions towards pantsu in the lyrics. The pantsu falling from the skies of a desert makes it ten times more dramatic!


From Gundoh Musashi

GHOST BUSTERZ ULTRA BRAiN Gundoh Musashi Shocking Anime Lyrics

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"Breaking your face!!!!!!"
"If this credit bomb, she'll put out your hands up my brothers."

This doesn't make sense... at all!

"What's up, people?!" by Maximum the Hormone

From Death Note

What's up, people?! Maximum the Hormone Death Note Shocking Anime Lyrics

Shocking Anime Lyrics:

"There's no salvation for the future White House."
"Prejudiced, tricky human piece of shit."
"Hey! Hey! Human SUCKER!! Ah, human, human FUCKER!!"

Someone call the FBI! The white house was mentioned in this cynical song. Come on people, where is the love?

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