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Slashing with Style: 10 Afro Samurai Gifs

If you took Quentin Tarantino, feudal Japan, disco music, testosterone, sex, and Samuel Jackson's voice, put all of that in a blender, then you would create the anime Afro Samurai. Go to a doctor if you can't enjoy seeing the coolest samurai ever, chop through a dozen guys like butter.

by msoyka
Dec 14, 2015 1:08 AM | 32,572 views

The anime Afro Samurai is what happens when Gonzo studios says, "We'll do it live!" The sheer absurdity of this show is what makes it awesome. At first you'll think, "Oh, this is just an alternate universe feudal Japan" then somebody whips out a cellphone, and then a demented cowboy will shoot up a samurai. That's when you'll realize that it's best to just shut your brain off and enjoy the ride and the view of the buxom ladies.
Afro Samurai
The Afro Samurai is out for blood, with a vendetta to avenge the death of his father by defeating the best warrior in all the land. On the way to that goal, he's gonna have to slice his way through a lot of bodies, put up with a foul-mouthed sidekick, and get laid of course. This isn't a show for the feint of heart or for the theater critic. No, this is a show for guys who like muscle cars and their whiskey straight. Hold on to your 'fro, because here come the GIFs.

And...boom goes the dynamite.

Afro Samurai fighting
Was that a head or a pimple?


Afro Samurai combat
It's like they're on a disco floor.

Chicks with scars are so hot. I think I have a new fetish.

Afro Samurai shower scene
Those are nice bo...aah earrings you have.

Well, now I'm officially creeped out.

Afro Samurai creepy
I'll apologize for the nightmares now.

In the Afro Samurai universe, Lemonade=Steroids.

Afro Samurai lemonade
I need to drink more lemonade.

I wish that I loved my children as much as this man loves being evil.

Afro Samurai evil
Look everyone, it's Freddy Kruger dressed as a cowboy.

How does he keep his hair so perfect with all the blood and guts flying around.

Afro Samurai fight
So cool.

Get a load of fourey...wait OMG!

Afro Samurai
Well at least he has permanent night-vision now. Look at the bright side of life, right?

He's batting a .1000.

Afro Samurai crossbow block
Gonna have to do better than a crossbow, fella.

I think they're overdoing this whole killing thing. Don't you?

Afro Samurai
I think you got him.

The power of the afro is not to be underestimated ladies and gentlemen. The wearer of such a hairstyle is gifted with enhanced abilities including: looking cool, great swordsmanship, looking cool, improved sex appeal, looking cool, and also an affinity for ridiculous amounts of gore. Now before you go on with your day and do activities that don't include watching Afro Samurai, I have one more question: why isn't this guy number one on MAL's favourited character list?

Afro Samurai

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by Aiwin


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