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Sticky: Lunarian Id Request[Closed]
maikun - Mar 9, 2009
32 replies by takuya1 »»
Feb 19, 2010 9:56 AM
Lunarian Id's
maikun - Mar 8, 2009
8 replies by maikun »»
Apr 22, 2009 1:03 AM

Club Comments
RinnePAIN | Mar 26, 2012 1:34 PM
see ya konoyaro bakayaro ahoyaro skamayaro

doeman | Mar 26, 2012 4:14 AM
yes, english is my first language. i'm done here. see ya round, charlie.

RinnePAIN | Mar 25, 2012 4:44 AM
well then tell me is English your first language ?
i think i deserve an answer ^^ right ?

doeman | Mar 25, 2012 4:23 AM
i've concluded that you were not trolling.

and then they lived happily ever after. the end.

RinnePAIN | Mar 25, 2012 4:08 AM
and what have you find out ?
I'm I trolling or not ?

doeman | Mar 24, 2012 4:53 PM
I asked because it's all over the place. couldn't tell if you were trolling or not.

RinnePAIN | Mar 24, 2012 4:16 AM
well yeah it's not my first language why ?
and thx for correcting my words aregato ^^

doeman | Mar 24, 2012 3:54 AM
answer me this. english isn't your first language, is it?

and it's gomen "NE". not, gomen "ni"

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Category: Characters
Created: Feb 18, 2009

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boyerz (Admin)
doeman (Admin)
maikun (Admin, Creator)
uis (Admin)

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