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Chelle | Today, 2:50 AM
Good morning all. Today will be my first day back to work after being home 7 days. Now, last Saturday and Sunday I couldn't go to work 'cuz of trees. Mon-Wed were vacation days and Thu-Fri are my normal days off. I don't want to go back to work, but after the week I had, I'm so ready to go back. I need a real vacation to recover from my "vacation". :/

PhillyFlash | Today, 1:05 AM
Happy Saturday, oldsters! Time to rise and greet the new day!

Ahhh! Thanks for the info, Rock! Admittedly, I haven't watched much in the way of 70's anime save for Original Dirty Pair and The Rose of Versailles.

Rockweaver | Yesterday, 4:23 AM
@PhillyFlash Oh it is the ending theme song. I managed to watch the entire series and after episode 2 it got to be less annoying and slowly became fun. lots of old school animation and tropes it was a flash back to the 70's feel of anime. if you want to take this adventure watch the series called MAZE this is the page for it. just do not enter with high expectations lol

PhillyFlash | Yesterday, 12:25 AM
Happy Friday, oldsters! Time to rise and greet the new day!

Hey there, Rock! That was quite the goofy opening! HA!

Rockweaver | Jun 13, 3:31 PM
OK this is so bad it is actually good lol enjoy

PhillyFlash | Jun 13, 12:18 AM
Happy Thursday, oldsters! Time to rise and greet the new day!

You rode 25 miles on a bike, sbyrstall? Whoa! I don't think I've ridden a bike 25 miles inn my life! HA!

Congrats on your anime haul, Rock! Happy viewing!

Rockweaver | Jun 12, 5:08 PM
Oh i am super happy just got more anime today
Bastard, Noir, Bubblegum crisis, RayXephon, MAZE, Hand Maid, and record of the Lodoss war all complete series so it should be a fun week and weekend

sbyrstall2 | Jun 12, 5:22 AM
hehehe...I'm not that old...yet. I'm a spry 53 years old. After a 25 mile bike ride, I feel like I'm 70. <groaning>

@Chelle....Halfzheimer kicking in now? (halfzheimer is you forget half the shit)

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