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Dodecahedron-O24 - Jan 20, 2014
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5 hours ago
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Chelle - Oct 3, 2009
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Club Comments
deguy | 4 hours ago
@Rasco114 Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy hanging out here. :-)

@Rockweaver Whoa! You pushing 60 too? Nice to know that I have company here. I'm close to the line but, then again, not too I like to think. ;-)

PhillyFlash | Today, 1:43 AM
Happy Saturday, oldsters! Time to rise and greet the new day!

Happy running, Rock! The only time I run is when I'm trying to catch a train, and even that rarely happens. HA! I do lots of walking instead!

sbyrstall2 | Yesterday, 10:18 AM

Now this is an OP. Yeah!! :D

Rockweaver | Yesterday, 10:13 AM
@sbyrstall2 enjoy the runs and have fun anyway. perhaps you can listen to some anime OP to run faster lol
like this have fun

sbyrstall2 | Yesterday, 9:50 AM
I have a very busy Memorial Day weekend. Saturday, run the Bayshore half marathon in Traverse City. Sunday, a 5k race in Detroit, then Sunday night/Monday at the Soaring Eagle water park in Mt. Pleasant. No time for resting/anime. :(

Rockweaver | Yesterday, 9:32 AM
@chelle sorry to hear that. i work 7 days a week and only get off 5 holidays a year. while i have a lot of vacation time it is hard for me to get a break to use it. research is an odd field. Still i do hope you can have a few hours of peace and quiet to relax in just because you could use it :)

Chelle | Yesterday, 7:39 AM
@Rockweaver, not this weekend. Had to take Wednesday off 'cuz my mom got really sick. Had to make a lot of phone calls for her and run some medical errands. Even though Thur and Fri are my days off, I usually spend those days running her and my oldest daughter to appts, helping her out around the house, and the household grocery shopping, etc. There's no such thing as a day completely for myself. I do treat myself every once in a while to a movie, or some sort. Went to see EndGame on it's opening weekend, and next weekend will be treating myself to see "RocketMan". That's my ME time. :)

Rockweaver | Yesterday, 4:17 AM
@Racso114 welcome and yea I still use Cool but then I am also pushing 60years old so.... @PhillyFlash gad your weekend weather is going to be nice. I get my day off on Monday this month and will wait till July 4 for my next day off. So the grill will be humming Monday and the anime will be on. @Chelle lady relax and have some fun. you have been too busy and this weekend i hope you can get a bit of a break.

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