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23feanor | Today, 12:15 AM
Watching cherry blossoms sounds lovely, although I saw on some youtube vlogs that there are very strict rules for the parks in Japan, so you can't just rock up with a blanket and a bunch of beers and food like they do in anime.

Although it's mild temperature wise over here, we have almost daily deluges of rain and strong wind, so pretty grim whenever you walk out the house. Soon it'll be summer and we'll all be sweltering and wishing for winter again.

PhillyFlash | Today, 12:05 AM
Happy Thursday, oldsters! Time to rise and greet the new day!

Ahhh, yes! Cherry blossoms! I heard they blossomed early over in Japan!

filifjonkan | Yesterday, 3:13 AM
Thanks and likewise to you all! @23feanor that sounds lovely! Sometimes I search for cherry-blossom in Japan on youtube. Just to enhance that spring-feeling…

PhillyFlash | Yesterday, 12:16 AM
Happy Wednesday, oldsters! Time to rise and greet the new day!

23feanor: Beware! Old Man Winter might still be lurking in the weeds, ready to spring an unexpected cold snap on you!

23feanor | Feb 20, 5:14 AM
@filifjonkan it's very mild over here, haven't needed to put the heating on for a few days now. Spring does indeed appear to have sprung

PhillyFlash | Feb 20, 12:16 AM
Happy Tuesday, oldsters!

Welp, the long weekend is over, time to go back to work. URGH!

PhillyFlash | Feb 19, 12:19 AM
Happy Monday, oldsters! Time to rise and greet the new day!

filifjonkan: Well, it was too chilly here yesterday to see any signs of spring. BBRRRRRR!

filifjonkan | Feb 18, 5:27 AM
Thanks and likewise to you all! Are you by any chance looking for signs of spring? We went out for a walk today and we saw some snow drops!! Or should I say "imaginary" drops?! ;-)

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