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Discuss the Series You Just Finished ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Chelle - Jul 27, 2009
2,062 replies by 23feanor »»
Today, 1:09 AM
What are you watching?, seasonal anime ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Dodecahedron-O24 - Jan 20, 2014
298 replies by 33orion77 »»
Aug 21, 4:24 PM
"Cartoon" which turned out to be an anime
mozgow - Mar 18, 2015
17 replies by Astalo »»
Aug 12, 4:11 AM
What do other adults in your life think about your watching anime?
ArnoldK - Aug 6, 2009
10 replies by ig-88a »»
Jul 13, 6:31 AM
Sticky: Some of Our Favorite Music ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Chelle - Oct 19, 2009
336 replies by 33orion77 »»
Jun 27, 8:11 AM

Club Comments
PhillyFlash | Today, 12:25 AM
Happy Friday, oldsters! Time to rise and greet the new day!

Well, you made it to the weekend! Feel free to pat yourselves on the back for your accomplishment!

PhillyFlash | Yesterday, 12:32 AM
Happy Thursday, oldsters! Time to rise and greet the new day!

Well, yesterday was sunny and comfy, I guess summer is finally over, to which I say....YAY!

PhillyFlash | Sep 16, 12:15 AM
Happy Wednesday, oldsters! Time to rise and greet the new day!

Yo, deguy! Having seen that dead bat, did that inspire you to dress up as a giant flying rodent and fight bad guys in your neck of the woods? :P

filifjonkan: I became a fan of Manchester United when they came to Philadelphia for a friendly back in 2005. I've been a fan ever since.

deguy | Sep 15, 10:44 PM
I came across a dead bat on the road last Friday. People kept on telling me they've seen them flying around at night but I had never seen any in my 9 years here...until last night when I saw two flying around under some neon lights in Yamagata city.

filifjonkan | Sep 15, 7:10 AM
Good afternoon, all oldtakus aruond the globe! I hope you and your near and dear are fine and have slept well. In Sweden, the SHL is about to start, in the beginning with no audience in the arenas.

Take care!

filifjonkan | Sep 14, 10:38 AM
Ah, so Premier Leauge has started, that sounds nice. For some reason, my favourite team has always been ”The Reds” Liverpool FC. I read that mer Salah did a hattrick! Me and our son has since long talked about going to England and watch a game, but it seems very difficult to get tickets. Also @PhillyFlash, too bad that the Flyers did not proceed.

23feanor | Sep 14, 2:51 AM
@PhillyFlash ah yes the NFL season starts soon. I've been a recent fan of the Kansas City Chiefs for a few years now, also like the Baltimore Ravens. I used to like the Patriots years ago but Bellecheck annoys the hell out of me, as does Brady.

The actual 'football' season kicked off yesterday here in the UK, the Premier League and my team, Spurs lost the opening game! Not the best start!

PhillyFlash | Sep 14, 12:28 AM
Happy Monday, oldsters! Time to rise and greet the new day!

filifjonkan: The American variety, but I like soccer too! :)

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