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LordRoku - Jan 25, 2014
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Aug 22, 2018 2:23 PM
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LordRoku - Jun 7, 2014
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Nov 23, 2016 6:29 PM

Club Comments
Leinchetzu | Feb 10, 6:54 AM
@EdmarSIC , Yeah , watched anime like a madman in the past 2-3 weeks.
Finished , Hinamatsuri , Classroom of the Elite , Hataraku Saibou soon to finish Romeo no Aoi Sora , Caught up with One Piece also seen Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records , Mnemosyne (this one was very good) , Wolf's Rain and also saw 3 episodes of Tate no Yuusha. Oh oH and Alderamin which was also nice.

Tate no Yuusha no Narigari has to be my favorite this season. Can't wait to binge that.

Dororo , can't wait to see that either. It seems quite interesting , might watch the original as well from the 60s.

Yakusoku no neverland is very good from what i've heard.It's a Sci-fi , mystery , horror , shounen.

I hope they will make an anime only ending or announce s2 after. Cause Kaguya-sama seems to be pretty popular , it would suck if they left it hanging.

One Piece won't end any time soon. Depends what you define as "soon". It's at ep 872 and it has a lot of things to deal with still. Even in the manga. I'd say some 5 years more or so.

EdmarSIC | Feb 10, 5:30 AM
@Leinchetzu. Ohhh... That was quick. xD Well anyways, I'm glad you learned things there. Its better than nothing right? hahaha Also Welcome back mate! Finally got time to watch anime again, are we?

Revisions doesn't have any romance in it. Its more about dramas and how to save the world and stuffs. Damn Dororo is fantastic. Never did I expect to find something very unique and wonderfully made. I highly respect Tezuka Productions for that.

Mob Psycho is still the same as ever. Amazing! I'm quite satisfied with this season's anime releases. Got a few good ones to watch.

Yakusoku no neverland? Haven't watched it yet. Is it good? What genre is it? @.@

Damn. I wonder if that would be the same with Nisekoi as well. Waiting and waiting till they will finish the story of the anime. *sigh*

Btw, I heard from my friend that One Piece will soon be finished, is that true?

Leinchetzu | Jan 21, 7:45 AM
@EdmarSIC , Actually , I won't , i just decided to head back home and figure something else out. It's too exhausting. But at-least i tried something different and i learned a lot from it.

Revisions? Sounds like something i wouldn't watch. Maybe if there was any Romance, i could check it out. What i really want to watch this season is Dororo. The opening is a killer. I also want to watch Mob Psycho and Yakusoku no Neverland. Date a Live 3 as well , also Shield Hero. SO many this season that are pretty good.

Kaguya-sama anime sounds very good , but i'm already worried since the Manga is ongoing so they will finish the anime and we won't get the full story , most likely.

EdmarSIC | Jan 15, 6:00 PM
@Leinchetzu. Damn. Will you be alright with that kind of lifestyle?

Yeah. They released 12 episodes in just 1 day which made a lot of anime viewers surprised by the sudden anime release. The Anime is called Revisions and the genre is Action/Mecha. I just finished it recently and I must say its pretty good after enduring the early episodes because of the MC's attitude.

Man you definitely have to watch that when you got the time. Also I recommend you watching Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Its still on its first episode but man it is amazing. Although I'll be holding it off for a while cause I would love to watch this anime after its done. hahaha

Leinchetzu | Jan 15, 2:09 PM
@EdmarSIC , Yeah , bunny girl anime was amazing nonetheless. Also i just love the little sister before the end.

Life in London is boring. A lot of people everywhere , everyone is busy , not time for friends. Work is 6 days a week 10 hours a day not time for myself really. I'm honestly not feeling it. It's just too noisy and high maintenance.

Wait , what did netflix do? they made another anime?

Grand Blue is something i definitely have to watch. Haven't had time to do much

EdmarSIC | Jan 10, 3:35 PM
@Leinchetzu. That bunny girl anime you mentioned about? Damn it's good. Done watching it and I am quite amaze by it. Another unique type of anime using the "atmosphere" to judge the characters. And I love how bunny-san has that serious face on her even by being flirted by the MC. xD

So how's life in London?

Netflix did it again. Immediately putting 12 episodes in just a day even a lot are surprise by it. xD I'll be watching it on my holidays since the reviews of Revisions here on MAL is highly praised.

Also, man you should watch Grand Blue if you haven't. Every episode for me is hilarious to the point where you didn't expect you finished all 12 already. hahaha XD

Leinchetzu | Jan 1, 2:56 PM
@EdmarSIC , Happy New Year man ! I wish you all the best for this year.
I haven't seen the Nanatsu no Taizai Movie , i guess i got something to check out now. Will watch it the following days if i get the chance.
Oh , i will wait for that one to finish , shield hero sounds so boring. Pretty sure it will be epic just because of that.

I'm just happy that Kaneki banged Touka. He so fking deserved it. But yeah , i found :re s2 not so bad. It wasn't as bad as people made it seem. It wasn't amazing and it was very confusing , but it wasn't terrible. I enjoyed my watch.

I work on Holidays only if i want. But as a sales person i get a lot more money on holidays. So it's up to me i guess.

The bunny girl anime is absolutely at genius conversational level. It's not finished. There will be a next season maybe. But it's really good. Also a Movie will air this year sometime that continues the story. But damn , it was a great watch.
Now i'll watch goblin slayer.

EdmarSIC | Dec 31, 2018 5:24 PM
@Leinchetzu. Happy New Year mate! XD
Finally got some free time to spare. hahaha
Oh yeah, have you watched the movie of Nanatsu no Taizai? It has just been released not too long ago and damn it was awesome. I was even surprise to see there other character which have been with them in the anime is a "Godly" character.

Also the PreAir Episode of the Shield Hero came out at the same time as Nanatsu too. Its a 45 minutes episode and man it was satisfying.

True true. Tokyo Ghoul is already finished and I must say that it still didn't satisfy me. I'm disappointed from what they had done to this last season. *sigh*

Ohhhh I can't wait for it to be released then. xD I really love those Op of those anime you mentioned.

Whoa.. so you work even on holidays? @.@ That's not mandatory right?

That's true. 1 year of watching anime would mean 1 year of having yourself on the red. No work no pay is the society we live in. hahaha

Ohhh do tell me if that Bunny anime is good.

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