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[Game] Guess the Anime ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
LordRoku - Jun 7, 2014
767 replies by Kannei »»
Mar 26, 2020 1:49 PM
Count to 10000 ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
LordRoku - Jan 25, 2014
390 replies by Kannei »»
Mar 26, 2020 1:48 PM

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Seiichi_sama | Dec 31, 2020 3:16 PM
@Leinchetzu. Happy New Year mate! Hope this year will be better for all of us.

I don't think it so. They still haven't finished the tournament so I'm sure there will be another season later on.

Man, you're lucky. My gf just loves to spoil me but oh well. hahahaha

For me, it was pretty good. The story might be pretty slow but it was still cool, I don't have any complaints whatsoever for this season. Just hope they would have a 3rd season soon.

Well, you know the news, they like to exaggerate. hahaha But wow, your neighbour is one tough person.

IF you really do mess up though. Hahaha Thanks mate. I'll be sure to be a fine ass lawyer someday. haha

True. Although there were a lot of us here at first but well, that's life. I'm sure I won't stop writing here since we've already started our years of animeship and I hope you do too.

Right now, I'll start watching Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai and Ascendance of a Bookworm. I just finished Sleeping Princess in the Demon Castle and the Journey of Elaina (which I found in their reviews and other anime posts about the anime really exaggerated).

Speaking of Deadly Sins, I think they'll be releasing another season this winter season. I can't wait for it to come out. hahahaha Also, I'll probably watch the latest season of AoT once it's finished since this season looks promising.

Leinchetzu | Dec 28, 2020 5:40 AM
@Seiichi_sama , Hello mate , merry christmas ! You should save it into chrome , or maybe write it down. Good thing you remembered. Was actually wondering if you are still here.

Is this season the last season of Haikyuu? or will there be a few more episodes? Unlucky for you , my gf doesn't spoil anime for me hehe.

We're doing great. Had a wonderful Christmas and we're to have a great new Year as well, hopefully.

Mahouka was good? I want to watch it regardless of what others think. Was a 3rd season announced? I loved first season.

Next studying sesion is in January. Can't wait ... yay ...

We're already fine here with Covid. The infection rate is bellow 3/1000 infected. The Vaccine arrived, don't know how good it is but we'll see.
I actually figured the infection is not that bad afterall. Had a neighbour 78 years old get infected and she's fine. And her husband didn't even get sick and he took care of her.

Damn, you better be my lawyer if i ever fuck up in the future haha. I'm happy for you and i'm sure you'll be a great lawyer. I'm holding my hopes up that you'll do great and that you'll get through law school and be successful.

It's actually been years already since we started writing like this. I actually enjoy it so I hope we'll be here in the years to come as well talking about our ventures in life.

What anime have you seen recently? I recently finished Demon Slayer and it was great , not the best but enjoyable. I have seen a few more but i also rewatched a few. Seen the latest Deadly Sins season and Dorohedoro , started Ajin , rewatched AoT for s4.

Seiichi_sama | Dec 26, 2020 5:04 PM
@Leinchetzu. Merry Christmas mate! Finally remembered my MAL account after how many months of logging in. Still not used to using this new name before. hahahaha
How are you doing this past few months? It's been so long since we've talked.

The last season of Haikyuu was good even my gf didn't hold back her excitement and read the manga. Now she's been telling me the spoilers of how it ends. hahahaha

So, how is it going with your gf mate?

Oh yeah, have you watched the 2nd season of Mahouka kouokou no rettousei? Damn, even though there aren't many people loving the 2nd season but for me it's still amazing. I can't wait for a 3rd season to come up.

Wow. You've studied a lot there mate.

True. Fortunately, me and my family are safe from covid and I do hope it will stay like this especially from this new covid variant I'm hearing nowadays. We already got our 1st case of the new covid variant here so I'm sure it will start spreading here in no time.

Yeah, I was grinding those anime before the battle of law starts. Same as what I'm doing now in my precious christmas break. HAHAHA
I literally wasn't expecting law school to be this hard ever since class started but just as you said, "a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do".

Leinchetzu | Jul 11, 2020 12:23 AM
@Seiichi_sama, Doing great,here the situation is much better in most of the country but much worse in specific areas of the country. Here in the West we're doing great.

Oh , first season is weird and experimental , but it only gets better. Keep going.

Hunter x Hunter , oh man , I cried at the end of Chimer Ant arc, it was so good. I hope he lives to finish that manga.

I recently watched Kengan Ashura and it was great. I need to catch up to Haikyuu as well. Haven't seen the last season.

My gf has strange sense of what she likes or what she doesn't. But i'm fine with it.

I'm done studying til January 2021. Thx god. I took all my exams. Passed them all of-course.

Might watch Made in Abyss next. Right now i'm watching Ajin and it's pretty good.

Damn , Oregairu had a lot of hype surely. But episode 1 of Re:Zero blew everyone and everything to dust. It was magnificent. Haven't seen it but everyone loves it. That's a good sign.

How have you been doing? i hope you'll stay safe there mate and i hope everything will go back to normal soon. The virus ain't that dangerous against healthy individuals from what i've seen.

Also, you've been grinding some anime if you've seen some Jojo and completed HxH.

Seiichi_sama | Jul 10, 2020 5:07 PM
@Leinchetzu. How you doing mate? Any news about your country about the covid-19? Mine here is only getting much worse especially since the people are getting restless from the government. hahaha

Just watched JoJo and I'm still getting the hang of its story in the first season. hahaha

I also am done watching Hunter x Hunter after how many years of putting it off my charts. xD Do hope they'll make a new arc in the future though. It was really good.

Right now, I finished the 4th season of Haikyu and am planning to watch another anime while I still got the time before my law school class starts.

Ohhh... I thought she likes the same anime like my gf. I haven't watched any romance or drama anime series lately. hahaha

True. Carole and Tuesday does have a unique type of concept. It was really good watching that anime.

Wow. I'm sure you'll be done with your course in no time then mate.

HAHAHAHA You really do have a lot to watch. xD I do recommend watching Made in Abyss. It's an amazing anime.

Same. Although I'll probably wait till Oregairu's 3rd season to be completed for me to watch it.

Leinchetzu | Apr 1, 2020 4:27 PM
@Seiichi_sama , This used to be my life before lol. Nothing would've felt different. And now it's quite depressing. But yeah, the situation is only getting worse.

I can eat whatever i want for now thankfully , but I still like eating what people call "poor man's food" , like pasta , polenta , eggs and so on. But i just like those foods and they're easy to make and I'm getting lazy to cook.

Jojo first season is very weird and confusing at time as well. It's also crazy weird. But keep going , it only gets better. Part 3 is one of the best adventure shounen arcs ever.

I will catch up on all good anime of each season eventually. Right now i have too many episodes to deal with from Jojo. Still need to watch 65 episodes or so.

She probably likes the anime where the MC is OP and then she likes anime where there's romance and/or drama. Stuff like Your lie in April or Angel Beats or Ano Hana.

I also stated watching Carole and Tuesday, it's great and refreshing. However I'm sad since I can't watch weekly , my brain can't fathom weekly , but it would've been great to do it since this one seems immersive. Like all the pictures they take , they post on Instagram and there's an actual instagram that posted that picture as it aired on TV. That's a pretty cool concept. So like, the anime character take a picture IN THE ANIME and then posts it on INSTAGRAM IN THE ANIME and then the Real life instagram account also posts it at the same time making it seem like they did it. That's great.

Could be the same course. This is the third university i'm going to and I can say that I like this one. Glad I got here.

I'm looking forward to catching up to Vinland Saga. I also wanna watch Beastars , Made in Abyss. Oh god , so many. Can't wait for s3 of Oregairu this month. Also Kaguya - Sama s2. Didn't like it that much but still wanna see where this is going.

Seiichi_sama | Apr 1, 2020 4:00 PM
@Leinchetzu. Same here. Although it is good to have the time to watch A LOT of anime for the moment, it is still better to work/study and go out. I don't know but being cooped up inside feels suffocating nowadays compared to my teenage days. HAHAHAHA

I've been eating almost the same food for the past few weeks. Man, I would love to eat something new if there are restaurants open outside in my town.

Seems Fate and JoJo really get you. hahaha I'll watch JoJo today then since I recently finished Runway de Waratte.

Well do watch Bofuri once you feel it. I tell you, it's good.

Ohhhh... Does she like Anime that deals with mind games? Or maybe something else?

Civil Engineering. Nice. You pretty much have the same course as I had when I was once an engineering student.

Leinchetzu | Mar 31, 2020 4:18 PM
@Seiichi_sama , Well , the vaccine is due next year ... the situation is unclear , nobody knows for how long we'll have to stay in quarantine and everything has went to shit. So i don't know how all this will end and what's going to happen after. I am literally losing my mind being forced to stay inside for so long. Very annoying.

I actually really like Fate/Apocrypha , i didn't like Sieg as a main character but I like everything else and the final Siegfried vs Karna fight was great. Mordred vs Semiramis was great, Chiron vs Achiles was great as well. All the final fights were good. I even cried in the end.

I haven't spoiled who won or lost so i hope that's fine.

I also didn't start FGO/babylonia yet.

My man .. you gotta start watching really. I'm at season 3 / part 4 and it was fucking glorious. This is the daddy of all shounen really. It has been so much fun til now that I can't even. I will probably be very sad when i got no more to watch. Joseph Joestar is my favorite character for now.

I was told to check Bofuri by a friend. I probably will at some point , but i'm not looking forward to it just yet.

She does watch anime. She has a very peculiar taste so it's hard to find stuff she's willing to watch. But I did watch Code Geass and Guilty Crown with her and she liked them both.

I'm a civil engineer , i work with calculating and projecting buildings on papers so the builder can build upon the instructions from me. Now i'm having online courses for some of the classes.

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