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There are many girls in anime. Perhaps too many. Do you like moe? or maybe you like the more action girls? Tsunderes? Meganekkos? Lolicon? School girls? Mecha? Maybe you have favorite characters. But have you ever thought of WHY? That's what my Perfect Anime Girl Sheet is for. It is to explain, in a mathematical system, why I like certain girls. Thank you everyone who sent in a blog for 2017. Namely: ZettaiRyouiki SPARTAN_119 Criteria is as shown:
Now that you've seen the categories, I'll tell you about the grading. Grading is based upon a standard A B C D F scale, and each score gives certain points according to the below chart. The totals for each category are averaged, and the result is graded. Simple, huh?

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emperortopaz - Nov 19, 2009
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Apr 9, 2019 10:07 AM

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emperortopaz | 2 hours ago
It's still October, and that means that we'll be continuing our monstrous girl tradition! This week we'll be looking at a particularly lovely and slender oni!

emperortopaz | Oct 14, 7:09 AM
While I may have disliked zombies in the past this idol show certainly changed things for me, and we'll be looking at a beautiful Legendary Courtesan this week!

emperortopaz | Oct 7, 7:14 AM
It's finally October, and like most years it seems that we'll be looking at monstrous girls! And to begin with, we'll start with this shy girl with only a single eye!

emperortopaz | Sep 30, 7:12 AM
While earlier this month we saw a Symphogear user and a magical girl who punches her opponents, it's time to combine them as we look at the main character of Symphogear herself!

emperortopaz | Sep 23, 7:12 AM
Sadly this girl is not a magical girl, but she still has a very sexy transformation sequence! We'll be looking at this beautiful mecha girl this week!

emperortopaz | Sep 16, 7:07 AM
Last week we met with a magical girl who uses swords, and this week we're looking at one that uses FISTS! And she's even a great Pink girl too! Get with it, Toei xD (though some recent ones like Nodoka are good, of course, but still).

emperortopaz | Sep 9, 7:12 AM
We begin this month with a great slender magical idol, one that relies on a Japanese blade for combat!

emperortopaz | Sep 2, 7:05 AM
It's fairly fitting that we're going to be looking at this fallen angel and prince(ss) of darkness for this significant blog number.

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