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There are many girls in anime. Perhaps too many. Do you like moe? or maybe you like the more action girls? Tsunderes? Meganekkos? Lolicon? School girls? Mecha?
Maybe you have favorite characters. But have you ever thought of WHY? That's what my Perfect Anime Girl Sheet is for. It is to explain, in a mathematical system, why I like certain girls.
Thank you everyone who sent in a blog for 2014. Namely:

Criteria is as shown:

Now that you've seen the categories, I'll tell you about the grading. Grading is based upon a standard A B C D F scale, and each score gives certain points according to the below chart. The totals for each category are averaged, and the result is graded.
Simple, huh?

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emperortopaz - Nov 19, 2009
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Oct 2, 2014 2:24 PM

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emperortopaz | Mar 16, 7:25 AM
This week we look at "The sparkling silver wing", who is also the only Cure named after an animal!

emperortopaz | Mar 9, 7:34 AM
This week we look at a meganekko who will hopefully help me get into shape!

emperortopaz | Mar 2, 7:24 AM
This week we look at a close-eyed bike rider who is also a meganekko!

emperortopaz | Feb 23, 7:17 AM
The art club has a problem; it's mamocentric! But regardless you should read this blog about a lovely meganekko teacher.

emperortopaz | Feb 16, 7:28 AM
This week we look at a meganekko with a way with words. A cruel way, but a way nonetheless...

emperortopaz | Feb 9, 7:59 AM
We go from the world's strongest wrestler to history's strongest-wait, no, this week's girl isn't the show's title character. But she's still plenty strong!

emperortopaz | Feb 2, 7:26 AM
If this girl indeed becomes the world strongest, she might want to watch out for evil scientists that are giant brains!

emperortopaz | Jan 26, 8:01 AM
This week we look at a girl who is a known writer, so is she better than me? Probably, but don't let that stop you from reading this week's blog!

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