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March 26th, 2015
This is the Three-hundredth-thirtieth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.


Welcome back everyone. We're still currently trapped on this island, but it seems I've found the mastermind behind this plot.

: Well, I wasn't planning on you being here. I only brought Iori to have fun on this island with someone.

: She always takes me out on trips like this. *sigh*

: But it was my birthday yesterday!

: Uun!

*Yayoi is wearing a birthday hat and Yayo blows on one of those unraveling blower-type toys.*

: That was a coincidence! N-not that I don't care about your birthday. I just happened to pick up some party supplies. Hrph!

Tsundere as always, Iori. But enough about Yayoi, it's time to talk about Yayoi!

: Wait-what?

I mean that we need to finish up your birthday celebration and get on with your blog.

: That's fine. I might as well allow you to do that while we're finishing up the cleaning. Don't forget that I'll battle you later in card games!

On motorcycles?

: Sadly no.

That's for the best I guess, I can't actually drive. But enough about that, time to begin the blog!

Today's girl is:

Yayoi Takatsuki

...Why do you have Oni horns, Iori?

: Because I'm an evil Rook boss, mwahaha!

: Actually I'm pretty sure those are bamboo shoots.

I do guess it's actually spring now-wait, that still doesn't make sense! Ah, oh well. I might as well get to the blog...

Hair: Yayoi's main feature are probably her twintails. They're somewhat wavy, looking almost drill-like at times (but not quite). I'm not sure if she ever has them down, sadly I can't remember if she did. She does have nice hime cut bangs, at least in the series proper (I'm not sure what to make of the mess in Xenoglossia, but that's far from her biggest problem in that series). Yayoi's sides are also cute, reaching past her chin. Overall not too bad, but I'm not big on twintails. Color wise I'm not too much of a fan either. Yayoi's hair seems to be orange or red, the latter especially in Xenoglossia. However, it also seems to be brown as well at times which is a color I'm more accepting of.
Yayoi's Puchidol Yayo has some interesting hair moments. There's one part when she gets stuck to Hibiki's Puchidol Chibiki because their long hair gets tangled together, as an example. This is because Yayo has two types of seasonal changes. In winter her hair grows extremely bushy and poofy, making her look really cute, while in spring she grows a replicating bamboo shoot out of her head.
Grade: B-

Eyes: Yayoi's eyes are tarame, fitting her personality well. Her eyes are also green (with a bit of blue). I don't mind it too much, but I do have a problem. She looks a lot like Haruka eye-wise. Okay, so Haruka has greener eyes while Yayoi's are more blue, but you can probably get what I mean.
Grade: B-

Face: The problem with doing a month-long special of girls from the same series gets problematic as there's not much I can say here. Yayoi really doesn't have too much that sets her apart from the past girls this month face-wise. Well, I do guess that Yayoi does occasionally have a cat-like :3 smile at times, but other than that there's not much that I haven't said in the previous few blogs.
Grade: B

Build: Yayoi has a loli body. She's 145 cm tall and 37 kg and her measurements are 74-54-78. The only change between games is that her hips were once 77 cm, so go her butt getting bigger. She fits the “average teen girl” body type so I'm not too interested in it. There's really nothing too big about her appearance that interests me. I will mention that in Dearly Stars it's said that she has a lot of endurance and it's said that she could dance on stage for hours without a break. Of course, that's her actual measurements but Xenoglossia had... other plans. You see, in that series she's instead 154 cm and 44 kg. But that's not the only thing that grew, oh no... Her measurements became 87-56-82. This of course means that she went from a girl with a larger hip measurement to one with a very busty measurement. I'll discuss this in the next part, but you can already see it's dumb.
Grade: C

Breasts: At 74 cm Yayoi has one of the smallest chests in the series. Fitting I guess as she's one of the smallest girls in general, but that's going a bit too far. She's mostly flat and fits that personality type. One interesting thing is that Yayoi has what's called a “Hi-touch”, which is what she calls a high five. I bring this up here because fans seem to have combined that with the Producer getting into perverted situations and call him touching Yayoi's chest a “Pai-touch”. And, as said before, Xenoglossia really ruins Yayoi by making her one of the bustiest characters. She even ends up beating AZUSA by 1 cm! I'm not even sure what inspired the creators to do so. To compare it with another idol show, it would be like if Nozomi was smaller while Nico and Umi were the two bustiest girls. That's gross and ridiculous, as are Yayoi and Chihaya in Xenoglossia. There are just some things that shouldn't be altered, let the flat girls remain that way.
Grade: D

Clothes: Yayoi has a pretty varied wardrobe. Makes sense as she's an idol, but she does have a bit more personality than the others in this area. In the games, while she has a lot of outfits many of them looking similar even compared to the other girls. Her clothes are also often baggy or worn, showing her “poor” side. As far as the fruit costume goes, Yayoi was some sort of orange. I don't mean color, though orange is her theme color, but rather orange-the-fruit. Other outfits she's worn in the anime include a Santa costume, a frog hoodie, and an athletic outfit. Yayoi seems to like frogs as she also has a frog wallet she calls “Berochoro”. As far as cards go she seems to have a multitude of sailor uniforms (black likely being my favorite), winter wear, a wedding dress I think, a bike outfit (though sadly we can't see more of her spats butt), a baseball player, a waitress, a cowboy and southern belle-type dress, a lacy black dress that looks more like underwear, and what appears to be a Hawaiian outfit. Oh, and in Xenoglossia she seems to wear animal suits. I think her favorite is a penguin as I've seen that the most, but it's completely possible that it's RITSUKO's favorite given how much she rubs against Yayoi while she's wearing it.
Don't think I forgot about the beach episode, I just wanted to give that outfit a bit more room to speak. You see, Yayoi wears... a Sukumizu/school swimsuit. Even more than some of the busty girls this is the best swimsuit in that whole episode. Well, the busty ones DO catch my eye a bit more, but let me explain why it's so important for Yayoi to wear that sukumizu. First off is obvious, ALL lolis should wear sukumizu. The lines on it greatly compliment a loli's natural lack of curves, and Yayoi fulfills that very well. Second is the color, as blue tends to compliment orange, such as her hair. The small white name tag also makes the sukumizu look more colorful as well. Finally, and most importantly, because Yayoi is a poor girl the sukumizu compliments even THAT. As while the other girls have the finances to purchase swimsuits Yayoi would be afraid of making such a frivolous purchase. Instead she uses what she was given in school, the sukumizu. I'm probably reading too much into things, but it's a reasonable answer as to why she wore it.
Grade: B

Personality: As said multiple times before, Yayoi has financial problems. She even became an idol so that she can help pay for her family. She has four siblings meaning her family is fairly large. She also takes care of them while her parents are gone as she's the oldest. She also has a habit of searching vending machines, she occasionally asks the Producer if she can borrow money, and if she spends too much she'll become depressed and lay around for a day or two due to her regrets haunting her. In the anime she seems to be friends with a person who puts 50% stickers on her groceries. She also enjoys doing housework and cleans around the 765 Production building. I don't mind her “poor” side, it makes her cute and gives her a lot of characters.
What I don't like about Yayoi is the other side of her personality. That is, her “ALWAYS 200% GENKI!!” side. She's a lot more hyperactive than Haruka and has to be told occasionally to lower her voice as Yayoi has a tendency to yell. I'm not too big on hyper girls. She's mostly cheerful, which isn't too bad, but I don't like how depressed she became in the sports meet episode. I don't even remember why it happened, but I do know it made her perform poorly. Just know that Yayoi is around my least favorite girl from the series (though it's not like I hate her either). She's also one of the troublemakers in Puchimas, intentionally causing problems with Harukasan or kidnapping Iori to go on a trip to the standard deserted island.
There's a few more facts I want to talk about. For one, Yayoi gets poor grades as she's not the brightest girl (though she is hard-working). She enjoys sports, especially baseball as she plays it with her younger brothers. She's a big eater but she's not rude about it either; she just likes getting a big breakfast. She does seem to like bean sprouts and eats a burger with enough bean sprouts to make the burger bigger than her head or so. She's also scared of heights, including airplanes (she needs someone to put a sleeping pill in her milk, it seems xD).
Yayoi is voiced by Mayako Nigo. I am not a fan of her voice, though I've only really heard her in this role. On the other hand, if there's something Xenoglossia did right was the voice actesses. Yayoi for example Ami Koshimizu as a voice actress. She's one of my favorite voices, but this was before she really got a name for herself. Then again I wonder if this was the mix up with the chests as Ami tends to do busty older sisters so maybe they misunderstood Yayoi being an older sibling xD.
Grade: C+

Libido: Yayoi really doesn't show much libido, at least as far as the anime goes. In the games it seems she's more welcome of perverse moments and doesn't mind being touched (it even raises her tension). She also seems to touch the same-aged (or so) Iori inappropriately as well. That said she does seem to become submissive to the Producer in the games. Whether that just means as far as taking him more seriously or there's some deeper meaning I'm not sure (I only read it as I haven't played the games). She also sings a song called “Pla-sonic Love!” that shows her love at supersonic speeds, even if it's “platonic”. Fortunately that's a lot better than the first translation I saw as “Pure Sonic Love!” as that would mean that Yayoi would be headed towards the dark side of deviantart (well, ONE of the dark sides).
Grade: C

Age: Yayoi is between 13 and 14, and thus not in my preferred range. Unlike Iori she also doesn't have the bonus of being one of my favorite lolis in the franchise either. Her birthday, oddly enough, is March 25th (so yesterday).
Grade: C

Total Grades: 53
Average score: 5.9
Final Grade: C+

And that's the blog for this week!

: I got a much better score, fitting for my natural beauty.

*Iori flicks her hair beautifully.*

: You'd better appreciate that as now that my blog is done I get to battle Topaz! Fight-o!

So what kind of battle are we going to be doing this time?

: We're going to be playing Gather The Magic!

That sounds oddly familiar, though changed due to copyrights-WAIT! That's the same game Iria challenged me to! I don't know if we can battle that way again.

: What? You've already played that game? Well, I guess there's no rules that say that I have to choose something else. Besides, Queen already gave me the money to buy cards. I can't grovel back to her!

I suppose that we can let this one time pass.

: It's not like there's a lot we can do on this island anyway.

: Right. Plus I already have an arena all set up. Powerrrr ON!

*Yayoi presses a button on the remote control. Giant stone monoliths grow out of the ground, creating a makeshift arena. Iori and the Puchidols take seats in the stands while Yayoi and Topaz sit on opposite sides of a large flat surface. They shuffle their decks, with Yayoi placing a few cards on top. Topaz doesn't notice the cheating going on. Both players draw their opening hand of seven.*

: I'll begin this time around!

And, just like last time, I'll place this in a spoiler because it'll get long maybe!

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March 19th, 2015
This is the Three-hundredth-twenty-ninth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

==On a deserted island==

Welcome back to the blog everyone. Now, many of you may be wondering why we're here.

: I certainly wonder myself.

To back up a bit, late last month I was told to investigate the 765 Productions by Makoto. I went there and did blogs on both Chihaya and Haruka. After doing her blog Haruka challenged me to a battle, of which I don't understand how I won.

: Half of 256 is 128!

Sounds like Anzu isn't the only idol who can do complex calculations in her head! But anyway, Haruka tricked me with Miurasan and I got warped here.

: Yayoi dragged me here, if you're wondering. Sadly I can't find her.

That's odd. We're on an island so it's not like there's far for her to go. Let's go looking for her.

: Harumph. I've already looked around enough, but since I want to rub it in your face when you can't find her I'll follow you. Come along, Io.

: Moh!

*A chibi version of Iori glances from behind Iori's legs.*

Wow, I didn't even notice that Io was here too.

: She's a very shy Puchidol. But anyway, since we're going perhaps you have some entertainment planned.

Well, I could do my blog on you...

: Eh? That's it? Can you at least carry me?

If it's not on my back and I'm on all fours I don't think I can.

: WHAT? Are you calling me heavy?

No, I'm just weak and puny.

: I see then. W-well, let's just walk together while you talk about me.

*Iori places Io on her head and takes Topaz's hand.*


: Don't misinterpret this! I'm just doing this so that we don't get separated. I figure you'd moan like a b-baby if we do!

Whatever you say, but since she's given me permission...

Today's girl is:

Iori Minase

Hair: Iori has brown hair that goes all the way down to her waist (or so), with a mostly-straight line down her back (there is a curve by her shoulders that widens it, but it looks nice). To be fair it does look darker in Xenoglossia, nearly black, but darker hair seemed to happen to most girls in that show. She also had a headband, and while she usually has one in now it's not as noticeable. The reason for this is that, back then, it pulled her bangs back and you could see her scalp (plus two out-of-place hairs). That's the main reason I dislike hairbands, I really don't like seeing the hair line. To be fair early art has her with this hairstyle as well, but the main anime/current look it's different. She instead has a very elegant swept bang on the left, while her hair on the right is pulled back. It's really pretty and fits her ojou personality well. While she doesn't often have her bangs down she does so in the game, revealing she has a lovely hime cut (in the games at least). She does this to evade being recognized by President Kuroi. I'm not sure if she has them down in Puchimas at times, but it's possible.
Speaking of Puchimas, Iori is sometimes referred to as "forehead-chan" due to her hairband. The reason this concerns Puchimas is that her Puchidol, Io, has the ability to shoot lasers out of her forehead. Sadly both Io and Iori in general get underused in Puchimas, or at least I think that. Going back to Iori's hair, I'm not sure why I like it so much, but I definitely do. She looks like a fashion model so that could be it, but I find her hair extremely gorgeous. I'll also mention that she occasionally has it up in a ponytail for certain cards as well. This doesn't look bad, but I prefer her "natural" look.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Iori's eyes sadly aren't as good as her hair. Mostly due to the color-Iori has PINK eyes. Now, it's a bit hard to tell as it nearly looks brown like her hair (a trait I do enjoy) but her eyes are defined as "pink". Shape-wise it's fine, A-1 standards aside. In fact, she's a bit better than most of the rest of the cast as she has a strong tsurime.
Grade: B-

Face: Again we run into A-1 problems here. They aren't as bad, Iori has small features which help, but there's nothing too much that sets her apart from the other girls. Other than her forehead I suppose, but I mentioned that back in "hair". I will say that her expressions on some of the cards she's on are really expressive and cute. Another thing I should mention is that she's gotten a few "wet face" scenes, in both the main anime and even the movie.
Grade: B

Build: Iori, while my favorite loli idol of the first season, is still a loli. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. They even had an episode where she (and the other loli idols) try to act more mature but fail spectacularly so I'm glad that she became more accepting of her true beauty. She starts at 150 cm and 39 kg in the first game before moving up to her current measurements of 153 cm and 40 kg. Oddly enough her measurements remained the same at 77/54/79. As you can see, her hips are slightly larger than her bust. Sadly this doesn't matter too much as Iori really doesn't get too many fanservice scenes (especially compared to the curvier girls). Oddly enough though, in the Million Live cards she shows her bare stomach on no less than five cards. I'm guessing that her belly is considered to be attractive. I can't say for sure but her navel sure is cute. I would say that she could have gotten a higher score here if she'd show something like her butt more, but Idolmaster isn't a fair series.
Grade: C-

Breasts: I'm sort of surprised that Iori has a chest measurement of 77 cm. That's even bigger than Chihaya! That said, it still doesn't give her enough chest to make a difference. Like many Riesunderes she has a flat chest.
Grade: D

Clothes: Iori has a lot of clothes! Well, you can sort of assume as she's an idol and thus I'll say my normal "she wears a lot of idol outfits", to paraphrase, but even then she has a lot of great clothes. As is tradition I have to mention her fruit costume is a peach (though sadly she never shows her peach bottom). I assume that this is because her official color is Pink so she wears a lot of it (even if Haruka is trying to move into her territory). She also has a lot of cute frilly dresses, including a wedding dress and a Cinderella ball gown (though the latter two may be card-only). At the beach she wears a frily pink and white bikini, though sadly the frills cover her butt. She also wears a white shirt during a water fight in the movie, a bad idea as it becomes see through even if she has a bra under it (though good for the audience). Speaking of the movie she wears a pretty interesting school uniform in it; a long sleeve white shirt, red necktie, and blue dress. It looks pretty nice. Her cards are extremely varied as well, containing such outfits as cat ears with tail (possibly tiger-related as a call back to Taiga), a couple belly dancer-ish outfits, a beautiful purple kimono, a Santa dress, a demoness outfit with thighhighs, a bee costume, a royal gown, a few sports outfits (mainly lacrosse), and a beautiful black detatched-sleeves dress with a great trim. She also has a few official cosplays due to her VA; first she dressed up as Alisa from the God Eater series and then, as she's Harada Katsuhiro's favorite idol, she also dressed up as Lili from his Tekken series. Both series are Namco productions so it makes sense. She also wears Nadeko Sengoku's outfit in a CD cover, if that counts, as she sings "Ren'Ai Circulation".
Grade: B+

Personality: The first thing that you notice about Iori is that she's rich. She's the daughter of a powerful CEO and this is used in the series to confront villians. She does have an air of elegance about her, fitting her ojou background. However, it seems that her father can be scary. Iori has a mother and two older brothers as well, though her brothers are overseas. Outside of maids or butlers the only friend Iori seemed to have growing up was her stuffed rabbit Usa-chan (or, in the anime, Charles Donatello The 18th). Surprisingly she's not spoiled though, she's best friends with Yayoi and helps around her house when necessary. She even decided to become an idol to prove to her father that she could make it herself. She does have a pretty big ego, to the point where her interviews in Puchimas are fast-forwarded as she taks about herself too much (this may just be for the comedic effect though). She also calls others, especially Miki, "Anta" which shows either familiarity or is condescending.
Another easily-noticed trait of Iori's is that she's a tsundere. Luckily she's not a bad one, only being slightly harsh around people she knows and kinder to strangers (including fans). Even then she's not annoying at all She does like teasing the other girls, especially because she can come up with ghost stories quickly, and she does have a sharp tongue and short temper. She's nicknamed "The little-devil idol" for this. She seems to enjoy vacations and shopping, though in Puchimas she doesn't seem to enjoy Yayoi taking her on random trips. She also seems to be multilingual and is able to speak Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and fluent English in addition to Japanese. We also can't forget that she becomes part of Ryuugyuu Komachi, though fortunately she doesn't cut her lovely hair.
We can't forget about Iori's VAs. Obviously her main voice is Rie Kugimiya, the tsundere queen herself. She's a bit high, but it's in no way distracting and sounds really nice. At least to me. That said, it's impressive that Xenoglossia was able to get Yukari Tamura to play Iori. She does a GREAT job being a smug loli like Iori, but both voices are great. In general, there's a lot of things that made Iori my favorite loli and one of my top idols from the original series.
Grade: B+

: Of COURSE, no one can resist my extravagant beauty- Wait. I can understand you MAYBE falling for the charms of girls like Ritsuko or Takane, but there's another loli you like more than me?

*Topaz tries to avert is eyes.*

: If you don't tell me I'll have Io shoot you!

: Moh!

Alright, I blame Anzu's great personality. But you easily have her beat on hair!

: Figures that a lazy guy like you would like Anzu. I really shouldn't be surprised. N-now get back to the blog, even if you're nearly done!


Libido: There really isn't much shown in this area for Iori. She might hit on the Producer, like most of the girls, in the games, but I don't know much about them. She's likely to be paired up with Yayoi though. The two seem to spend a lot of time together and I'm not sure if their meeting has ever been explained.
Grade: C

Age: Iori, as one of the idolmaster lolis, is only 15. Technically she started at 14 in the first game, but she's aged slightly. Iori's birthday is May 5th.
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 61
Average score: 6.8
Final Grade: B-


What? You didn't like your score?

: Well, I imagine that your other blogger friend would think higher of me, but that's not the point. I mean I'm sick of looking for Yayoi.

: Kii!

Calm down, Iori and... I.. o. That's it!

: What?

We can't find Yayoi but I have a sure-fire way to find her Puchidol Yayo!

: It's probably a dumb idea...

*Topaz sneaks behind a nearby tree, and then pops out with a leaf over his face.*



: Kiiiiiii!

*Iori leaps back while Io nearly fries Topaz with a head-laser. There's a small smoldering area just where he was standing (as he had taken evasive action and jumped back behind the tree). He also drops the leaf.*

Wow, I did NOT think that through...

: What's the big deal! You nearly scared the living daylights out of us!

Well, I was hoping that by scaring you it would make money pop out.

: You DO know real people aren't like that...

That's true, you don't have an oddly giant-headed proportion. But we do need to get some money on the ground. Do you have a coin on you?

: I only have a credit card, that's usually enough.

That's not helpful. Let's see... *Topaz digs around in his pockets, eventually pulling out a coin.* AHA!

*He drops it on the ground.*

Now we wait...

: Do you really think a plan like this will work?

*Nearby bushes rustle.*

Shhh, she'll hear us.

*An orange-haired Puchidol emerges from the bush.*

: Uun? Un-uun!

*Yayo goes an picks up the coin cutely, putting it in her mouth before starting to run off on all fours.*

Hey! Don't run off!

*Yayo slows down and stops. She then turns around and, crying, offers the coin back.*

No no, that's yours.

*Yayo stops crying and looks happy.*

: Uun!

*Yayo does the pose of getting money.*

But you have to take us to Yayoi. Can you do that?

: Un-uun!

: What do you think, Io?

: Moh!

: Your judgment is as good as mine. Let's go, Topaz!

*And so they did. Iori and Topaz, along with Yayo and Io go across the island, with silly screens of them canoeing down a river, mountain climbing, and a break for tea. Eventually the reach a hut. The four enter it and see Yayoi up on a throne with two Harukasans as guards on either side of her. They have silly Roman helmets and spears.*

: Welcome you two. I'm the island chief here, but if you're looking for a Yo-yo I already gave mine away.

Curses! But at least we have a Yayo!

*He holds up the Puchidol.*

: Uun?

: Enough playing around, you two. So THIS is where you went after you dropped me off.

: Well, I was ordered here by the Chessmasters to make sure that Topaz didn't get a hold of THIS!

*She holds a mechanical device attached to her wrist and back of her left hand.*

I-Is that the Savior Saver?

: Uhhh, I think that's what they called it. But no matter. You're before me today and if I defeat you I can go back to the city!

: But why are you doing this?

: The other idols and I have decided that, since you seem to not like twintailed idols we'd defeat him before he has a chance to blog on us. Now, my minions! Get them!

*The two Harukasans sway back and forth, not doing much of anything.*

x2: Kakka!

*Yayo is too distracted by a shiny coin to battle.*

: Un-uun!

: Fine then, seems I'll have to take care of you myself!

*Yayoi epically takes out a deck of cards.*

: Hey, this is my blog! You can't fight him yet!

That's true. Wait your turn.

: Fine then, you'll have a full week to prepare yourself.

You heard her everyone. Seems next week will be a blog on Yayoi!
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March 12th, 2015
This is the Three-hundredth-twenty-eighth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*We start with Ririchiyo and Topaz at the 765 productions. Topaz is napping in a seat with a magazine over his face while Riri is playing the 3DS. She is surprised by the sudden camera, but shakes Topaz awake.*

: Topaz! Topaz! It's time!

*Topaz yawns.*

Did you finally beat all the characters in Classic mode?

: I did, but that's not what I'm talking about. It's finally Thursday!

Is it? We've been here for a full week already?

: At least it gave me time to practice my Smash skills if Haruka wants to challenge us in that this time.

Oh yeah. We're here because Haruka, AKA Pawn Eight or something similar wants to battle us!

: I can beat Classic mode on rank FIVE now!

*Riri stands proud, her hands on her hips.*

Congratulations! Hopefully Haruka will challenge us on that now.

: Certainly. Now all we have to do is wait...

Always waiting with this blog. Hopefully it won't take too-

*Haruka slams the door open and bursts through. She's again wearing her villainous costume.*

: Haruka Amami here! Now that my performance and stuff are done, I can finally battle you!

But first, the blog!

: What's that?

: He's just going to talk about you a bit.

: I don't have anything bad to say about that, I love hearing my fans' thoughts!

Well then, let's get onto it. And as you can probably figure...

Today's girl is:

Haruka Amami

Hair: The first thing to note about Haruka's hair is that she often wears twin decorations on her temples and they tie her sides into sort-of twintails. They do look nice. She also has level bangs, though they're split up so it's not quite a hime cut. She'll also wear a cool hat while in disguise. Color-wise her hair seems to be brown, though not as dark as it seems in Xenoglossia. It may also has a red-ish tint to it, but that might be because her image color is red and she wears a lot of that color. The biggest problem Haruka has is that off is that her hair is short, barely reaching her shoulders at points. The hair at the bottom also spreads out a bit as well, though it gets hard to tell. It isn't too terrible though and fits with Haruka being a "cute" idol.
Grade: B

Eyes: Haruka has green-blue eyes, a nice if basic color. She also has a tarame, which is fitting considering her personality. Her eyes look nice if a bit plain. The one good thing about Haruka's eyes is that, as said back in Makoto's blog, she'll wear glasses in her disguise. They're also great, being black with thick-ish frames (at the very least we can see the entire frame). They compliment her face well and she should wear them more often.
Grade: B+

Face: Haruka's face is also somewhat standard. She has a basic A-1 face, which isn't bad (she has a small nose among other features) but it does make her stand out less. She is a pretty positive person as well and often has a wide smile on her face. However, this wide smile also makes its way onto Harukasan, Haruka's Puchidol, where she nearly has it all the time. Only in her case it makes up about a third or so of her face.
Speaking of Puchimas, there's a lot of memes associated with Haruka's face. First off, from the games we have Dark/Black Haruka. This is an expression she has where her eyes are empty and half-closed yet she has a smile. It looks very off-putting and some people call this her yandere version. Speaking of creepy, during some promotion for an idolmaster game one of the PlayStation Home items was a plastic mask of Haruka as well as a skin with odd proportions and a lifeless stance. People call this the "Home Haruka" and it gets portrayed in creepy ways from what I've heard. Finally, there's the nonowa. When thinking Haruka tends to look up and to the right or left which looks like a のヮの in Japanese text. As a result this became it's own chibi creature.
Grade: B

Build: Haruka is 158 cm and 46 kg, and her three measurements are 83/56/80 in the first game and 83/56/82. As you can probably tell, the only difference is that her hips grew by 2 cm (and to be fair in the first game she was only 45 kg). Because of this growth Haruka became somewhat of a butt girl. Not as much as Takane or Uzuki are, though she does get a card where she's coming out of the pool and you can see her butt front and center. I blame Haruka STILL having a bigger chest even after this change (the other two have larger hips). The main problem with Haruka is that even with this change she doesn't have that much of an outstanding figure. She has a pretty slender and average figure. Not quite a loli, but not a curvy girl either. Granted Haruka's body isn't terrible, very few girls are, but she doesn't impress me too much. At least she's not shy to show it off in a bikini.
Grade: C+

Breasts: As said before Haruka has an 83 cm chest. She does have some curve, enough to keep her from being flat, but not enough to consider her "busty". She's average in this area too, it seems. This isn't counting her nonsensical busty moment during one of the Puchimas EDs where she's nearly as big and bouncy as Ritsuko. Okay, so measurement-wise she is, but I'm pretty sure that this moment is JUST because they needed another girl to bother Chihaya and Makoto wasn't a valid girl for that purpose.
Grade: C

Clothes: I apologize for all the idols recently, especially in this area here. I know that I don't talk about individual outfits too much due to the variety they have. Haruka in particular, as one of the main three girls, has a lot of outfits. A good amount of them are school-related, with a sailor uniform (with occasional blazer) or another sort, mostly with bow ties. As is required of all main Idolmaster girls I have to mention Haruka's fruit costume which is a strawberry. In general she tends to wear either red (her image color) or pink outfits. She also dresses up as a villain for the in-series movie, sporting a black cape, a short red skirt, red and black striped thighhighs, a white sleeveless shirt with a necktie, and long black gloves. In the beach episode she wears a pink bikini a with white outline. She also wears more in the cards, like most Idolmaster girls do. These include a maid outfit, a bull hoodie (I think), a pirate outfit, gym clothes and buruma (sadly she doesn't show her butt like Uzuki), a towel, an oni-striped top and skirt, and a yukata.
Grade: B+

Also, while this is something important I'd like to point out I have no idea where to put it. So I'll just mention it now, after discussing her build; a lot of features Haruka has are shared by Yukiho. Though I do guess Yukiho is slightly slimmer, but they do look alike and the short brown hair is another factor.

Personality: Haruka is a very cheerful and upbeat main heroine. She's the light of optimism in the other girl's lives, getting along with all of them and being the “heart” of 765 Productions. As a result she becomes the unofficial and then official leader of the group. She works hard and, even if she's a bit of a klutz she doesn't let falling get to her. She considers going a full day without tripping to be an accomplishment. Luckily this sort of thing doesn't happen while on stage as she concentrates. The problem is that Haruka is a really plain main character. Even the President of the company considers her “average”. She seems to have an above-average singing score in the second game, though not as high as Chihaya. Haruka practices singing in the park due to a childhood memory. She's also skilled at making sweets (and, despite doing well in the anime, she's a poor cook in the games). She lives outside Tokyo with her parents, which explains why she's on trains or rushing to get to the Production office. She also has a catchphrase in advertisements where she says “Producer-san, it's (object)! (object)!!”, but she doesn't use this in the anime as I recall.

: Producer-san, it's glasses! Glasses!!

*Haruka adjusts her glasses.*

Looks lovely! Getting back to the blog, most of my problems with Haruka are in the spin-offs. She's a pretty big troublemaker in the Puchimas series. She's the one who does a lot of things to Harukasan including intentionally getting her wet (which multiplies her) or feeding her after midnight. Harukasan is a gremlin, I suppose. In general Harukasan is one of the worst but most entertaining Puchidols; it's pretty dumb and only thinks about eating, though as a comedy she does fit in. Haruka herself also introduces herself each time she appears, but I find that charming. She does wear glasses to try to seem smarter in one mini episode too, something I liked.
Haruka is voiced by Eriko Nakamura. She's not a big name VA so I don't have much to compare her to. Haruka is definitely her biggest role and her only other starring roles are Chisato in KoiChoco and Ui in Hoshizora. I can't say too much about Haruka's voice, it's not bad but she's not too great either.
Grade: C+

Libido: Haruka really doesn't show romantic feelings. It's possible that there's more in the games towards the producer, but I wouldn't know. She seems to be paired off with Chihaya mostly, as said last week Haruka helps her through her difficult past. I could see her getting with Yayoi due to the girls being similar as well. I will add that one of Haruka's image songs, "I Want", talks about possibly dominating a guy that confessed to her (including making him kneel, becoming his "first master" and engraving her love on his body with a whip. The last part doesn't appeal too much to me, but the others are nice). That was a REAL surprise as otherwise there isn't anything to indicate that she has this sort of feeling, Tokiko she is not (the femdom idol from Cinderella Girls).
Grade: C+

Age: Haruka, like Chihaya last week, is seventeen. To be fair she was 16 in the first game, again like Chihaya. Her birthday is April 3rd, meaning she's slightly younger than Chihaya (who was born in February).
Grade: B

Total Grades: 64
Average score: 7.1
Final Grade: B-

: So that's all the blog is? Seems short.

Well, you are an “average” girl. I'm not your biggest fan, though

: That's true, one of my fans wouldn't call me “average”! But now that the blog is completed it's time to battle!

: I'm ready! *looks pumped.*

: What are you so excited for? This battle is just between Topaz and me.

: B-but.. All that practice.

Don't worry, I'm sure that your skills will come in handy sometime. I hope. So what game do you have for me this time? Yu-Gi-Oh? More Pokémon? Some game I don't know yet will still defeat you at?

: You were closest with the last one, but it shall be I who shall triumph over you! For I know your weakness!

: They aren't that big and distracting, Haruka!

: What are you talking about?

I think she means your glasses. I don't know what she's talking about, I think they're the perfect size.

: I agree *adjusts them*. But while that will distract you, I mean THIS!

*She holds up a video game.*

: If anything that's Topaz's strong point! Seems you've gotten confused at this, what a joke. No wonder you're just a PAWN.

: It's not the fact that it's a video game. It's the GENRE!

: Topaz will beat you no matter WHAT game you play.

Err, Riri... You might be selling me somewhat high.

: But you always win at the games I see you play!

But those are mainly RPGs and Platformers!

: ... There's other types of games?

: Enough with this silliness!

What? I never agreed to that! I'd also squeak a clown nose at that sentence, but I lack one.

: Stop fooling around, Topaz.

: Right, I've got the game going already too! Pan-paka-pa~n!!

You're not a heavy cruiser, poi!

: I'm just having fun! After all, Producer is spending time with me!

I'm the Producer?

: The Imprint ability must be activated. Quick, beat her and then we'll escape!

But where to? We need to defeat the Chessmasters.

: If you defeat me I'll take you to my boss Left Rook. Of course, if I win you'll have to stop blogging forever!

: DUN DUN DUNN! Don't accept her challenge, Topaz. I-I want to keep blogging with you.

I have to. It's worth the chance to face one of the higher ups in the Chessmasters. Plus we need to get the Savior Saver!

: Didn't you learn from Makoto not to rush into things?


*Riri sighs*

: Well then, go get your Buster Blader or whatever it's called.

: I'll even let Producer play with Miurasan as an extra reward... Bet she'll be soft to marshmallow too...

: *grumble grumble.*

I appreciate the offer, but I'm doing this more for my blog...

: It's alright. I'll allow you to enjoy fondling boobs. But just this once!

You are a kind assistant, Ririchiyo.

: I-It's just because I'm in a good mood today!

: Alright then, enough being distracted. It's time to play my game. And it's a RHYTHM-based one!

I just hope it doesn't involve dancing. That's something I wouldn't want to subject my readers to...

: And I hope it doesn't involve singing. You couldn't carry a tune with a bucket!

Yeah, but I can TUNA FISH!

: Really? How?

Er, that's just a joke.

*Riri sighs yet again, facepalming this time.*

: Ha ha ha! I knew you'd never be able to beat me in this sort of game!

That doesn't mean I shouldn't try!

: You really shouldn't, but since you've already accepted my challenge I'll go first! I'll show you how "normal" I am! Let's start!

*Haruka plays the game, hitting buttons in tune with the music and following the prompts. In the background Harukasans seem to be dancing and other silly things. Haruka makes it through the song nearly perfectly. She gets every note with at least a "good" score, ending up with a fairly high score.*

: Wahaha! You'll never be able to beat my record!

So all I have to do is hit the correct buttons when the on-screen prompts tell me to? I should be able to do this!

*Topaz starts the game, pressing the buttons much like Haruka just did.*

: H-how can this be!

: I blame you picking a song he's really familiar with. Then again, I know my way around that Megalo-whatever song too! Chiaki made me play that game and it was fun and stuff!

*However, Topaz slips up right in the middle of the song. A note goes by and he misses it completely.*

: YES! Now I'll be able to beat him easily!

Don't count me out quite yet!

*Topaz continues with the song and finishes. The words "High Score" flash on the screen.*

: W-what?!

: I don't even understand how that happened!

: It's quite simple.

*The three turn around to see the meganekko manager standing behind them.*

: What do you mean?

: Well, that was a prototype game that was based on an idol game. It didn't work properly so it was scrapped, and I was able to get it for free to entertain you idols during your free time.

At least it doesn't require cards to play, though.

: That would earn us a Million... Live! I do Love Live. But getting back to the point at hand, there was a major glitch in that song in particular.

: A glitch?

: When a perfect score is gotten, the combo points are given but a multiplier is not added for the "perfect" bonus. This is due to there being exactly 256 notes in the song. Upon taking the last one, it would roll over and make the multiplier 0.

That explains it somewhat...

: But I... I did it completely. Why does the multiplier effect so much?

: It's not just the multiplier. If Topaz had skipped any other note he'd still lose. However, for some reason missing the exact center note forces the game to count the two beside it twice. This is enough to bump up his score by 1% per note. In other words, Haruka's 100% is less than Topaz getting 51% twice.

: B-but that's unfair!

You're the one who challenged me at the game. I won, fair and square.

: Well, you won because of horrible glitchy programming. But you did beat her and that's what's important.

: *sigh* Haruka is depressed now... But I have another plan! Take THIS!

*Haruka flings a soft small humanoid at Topaz.*

: Ara?

*Miurasan starts to play with Topaz's hair.*

: See, I kept my promise!

: Heh, this is what you get for getting excited over nothing. (that's a relief. I don't thing I could take Topaz fondling another girl).

She is quite cute, thanks! But what about taking me to Left Rook or whoever?

: Well, the mystery is in this book...

*Haruka lifts up a heavy-looking book.*

: Oh no, not my hands. I'm such a clumsy main girl!

*She drops it, causing a loud noise and spooking Miurasan.*

: ARA!

What's the meaning of-

*Both Topaz and Miurasan disappear. Riri tries to stop them, but catches nothing but air.*

: N-NO! I can't lose Topaz again! Don't tell me you sent him to the underworld!

: What? No! I did what I said and sent him to where Left Rook is. I'm sure he can find her, IF he can survive...


*Topaz appears in a densely vegetated area.*

-this? Huh. It seems that Miurasan dropped me off here. Luckily she couldn't have gone far. *looks around* Oh, there she is.

*He attempts to sneak towards the Puchidol, who must have rolled away after they got there. However, he steps on a twig, scaring Miurasan to teleport once again from the loud snap.*

: ARA!

There goes my ride. Hopefully I know where I am....

*The camera zooms out to a deserted island.*


*The camera goes back to normal and with Topaz trying to find his way to the beach. Once there he hears a voice.*

???: Oh? Did she take another person out with her on one of her "vacations" again. I swear...

*Topaz turns to see an ojou-like girl with brown hair and a fairly distinct forehead.*


: That's me!
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March 5th, 2015
This is the Three-hundredth-twenty-seventh week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz and Ririchiyo are standing in front of a familiar building. That building is the 765 Productions office.*

Well, we're here again...

: Remind me, why are we at an idol's production company?

We're here for Zettai's homage blog!

: I know that reason, doofus! (y-you aren't a doofus, Topaz. Sorry I lash out) I meant the OTHER reason. You know, because you forgot to tell our readers why we came here.

OH! You're right, Riri. We're here because last week Makoto, who was a knight of the Chessmasters, told us to come here. Seems that this is where Left Rook was last seen.

: And don't forget to tell them why are we looking for Left Rook in particular.

We're looking for the Savior Saver. Or something like that.

: Good. Now we can enter. Luckily I had the bright idea to call ahead for a reservation.

*Ririchiyo looks proud and Topaz pats her head.*

And I looked around for holes in the ground and have ramen to bribe any puchis that get in the way.

: Go planning ahead, this is already better than last time!

That it is!

*The two enter 765 productions. The room they eventually get to is the main room, though the only one there seems to be a blue haired girl listening to music while seated on a couch.*

Perfect! H-hey, Chihaya!

*The girl takes off her headphones and looks up to Topaz.*

: Can I help you?

: We're here to do your blog. And also look for a certain person named "Left Rook", have you heard anything about them?

: If you're thinking of some dumb chuunibyou thing you're better off asking that one Cinderella girl.

*Chihaya attempts to put her headphones back on, but Topaz stops her.*

What about my blog? All I'll do is talk about you.

: Whatever. Just let me listen to my tracks in piece.

: You might want to pay attention to Topaz. He might have some comments about your chest.

Don't ruin the surprise, Riri.

: M-my chest? Fine, I'll listen to your dumb blog. But then you'll have to leave. I only have so much time and I need to get ready for a performance later.

It'll take as long as it has to to explain everything. And, as you readers can probably tell...

Today's girl is:

Chihaya Kisaragi

Hair: Chihaya has really pretty hair. It's long, going all the way down to her waist or so. Even better is that it's the straight-back type, meaning that it doesn't curve around her neck or at the bottom or something. That's my favorite style for long hair, so good job Chihaya. She does have a part over her left eye, but as a whole her bangs are fine (though she doesn't have a hime cut). The sides could be longer as currently they seem to get lost in her bangs and are hard to see. It seems she was initially proposed with a headband, but that was dropped. Other than that she really doesn't have too many different hair styles, which is a plus for me. Finally, her hair is a dark blue color, a nice shade for my tastes. In the beginning I guess it looked black, but it's been lightened up since the arcade days.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Chihaya's eyes are pretty as well. I do find it difficult to describe her eye shape though. Personality-wise she seems like she'd have a tsurime, which she sort of does. However, there's a curve in the middle of her eye before it slopes downward. I'll guess that she has a tsurime and the corners of her eyes seem longer than they should be. I say this due to how her pupils are situated. This is just how I see it, though. It's sort of difficult to tell her eye color as well; it's either a gold, which I'm not as fond of but would fit her personality, or a brown, which I prefer. Even outside my opinion people see her eyes more as “brown” though. Sadly on the glasses front I can't recall if Chihaya wears any or not. She doesn't in the main series (the closest I think are ski goggles in a recent Million Live card), but it's Puchimas that I'm not sure about.
Grade: B

Face: Chihaya has a fairly average A-1 ish face, matching many of her costars. That said it's not too bad. She has small features and at least Idolmaster puts some thought into making different faces. I especially like the Puchimas version (and the Wooser version as well as they use the same model). It looks really soft and puni, with the (mostly) lack of nose really helping as well. That said I do find her really beautiful, and the moments when she's all goofy and laughing (like when Haruka opens a box wrong and whacks herself in the face) I really enjoy. I'm not too big into the game or Xenoglossia but seeing that I haven't experienced either I can't be too rough on them.
Grade: B+

: So you like glasses... Interesting...

: That he does. Perhaps you could put THESE on.

*Riri hands Chihaya a pair of red thick-framed glasses which she then puts on. Chihaya looks wonderful.*

: H-how do I look?

Wonderful! Good call, Riri.

: I haven't been your assistant for years for nothing!

True, you do keep me on track.

: Speaking of which, don't get distracted by her glasses.

... Huh

*Topaz is admiring Chihaya's glasses.*

: I said get back to your blog!

Er, of course!

Build: Chihaya has what I'd describe as a “classical beauty” figure. She's 162 cm which is a fair height and weighs 41 kg. Due to this she has a low BMI and seems to be really underweight, but that's likely because as an idol she has to stay slim. Oddly enough she has a problem with people calling her “slender”, but I imagine it means something different in Japan. Also strange is that she apparently wants to be “fat” in the games on occasion. No, this isn't due to her chest (we'll be talking more about that later anyway); instead it's because her idea of a great singer is an opera singer and those tend to be bigger for the expanded lung capacity. Or something, I understandably don't know much about Opera. She still doesn't eat too much sweets, even when Haruka offers her some (though Chihaya can't turn down vanilla ice cream). Her three sizes are 72-55-78 so that means-

: Ku...

-What was that for?

: Isn't it obvious? You're going to mock and insult my chest.

I wouldn't think about doing something like that. I was just going to say that your hips are bigger than your chest.

: Yeah, and who wants a flat girl with a big butt!

*Ririchiyo and Topaz turn to each other, sigh, and return to facing Chihaya with the same answer.*

: Zettai.

Zettai. But that does remind me of a problem. I mean besides having more than a 5 cm difference (she also doesn't change between the first two games). You see, Chihaya doesn't shown off too much. She's got one good card where she's bending over, but as a whole she covers her body. Even in the beach episode she wears a shirt until Haruka pulls it off her. It's a shame as Chihaya's slender body is really nice, especially with her non-loli height. Her legs aren't always great but they do look nice in the cat-based white sukumizu card.
Grade: B-

Breasts: As said Chihaya has a 72 cm chest, and this is probably her worst area for me.

: See! You men are all the same!

Just breast bias isn't the reason though! It's true that I do prefer larger chests Chihaya's flat chest is still very beautiful! While that's the main reason for her score, because my grade is poorly one-sided, I have a better reason this time around. Chihaya is one of those girls who have a REALLY bad chest complex. You see, she's probably the flattest of the non-loli girls. As a result she's constantly reminded of that fact, and it doesn't help that Idolmaster is such a chest-dominated series as well. I'm not the best at ranting at this type of thing, but it is sad to see her picked on in-series and by fans for this fact. There was even a card on her BIRTHDAY that made her glare at Azusa and Takane for that reason. Takane, being more of a butt girl, should show that off more too. It's also a major part of the personality of Chihya, her Puchi idol, as she slaps girls that are “boing boing” and she's (meaning Chihya) also jealous of Miki and Azusa's puchis apparently being busty (we're not able to tell, but they are). Chihya otherwise is fine and cute, but it goes to show how much importance is put on Chihaya's flat chest complex that she really shouldn't have. It's sad that people have to bully her like this. While she does get a “D” here imagine it's more for “D”FC rather than a low score! Oh, and I won't forget Xenoglossia. Even if I haven't seen it it's obvious from the art that they messed up all the girls' chest sizes. It's so bad that Chihaya and Yayoi somehow end up bigger than AZUSA! Okay, so she shrunk a bit but STILL!
Grade: D

Clothes: Chihaya, as an idol, has a lot of outfits. Just look at the card game alone where she wears things like a white sukumizu, a kimono, a maid outfit, and a mermaid's tail (just to name a few). Some other official art includes a Santa outfit and a wedding dress. She also has various idol outfits in the main series, and her casual clothes are pretty as well. I do like how she wears a lot of neckties as they're a part of her blazer school uniform in the anime. As her fruit costume she wears a grape outfit, appealing far more than another “grape girl” to Zettai I bet. As a whole her color seems to be blue, which fits well with her personality. While I didn't go into much detail about Chihaya's many, many outfits do know that I like her clothes choices (even if they're somewhat reserved). Oh, and I guess that she wears a red shirt, black jacket, and white pants that make her hip's sides seem extra-large in Xenoglossia.
Grade: A

: That's not a great score. I bet that Takane or Asuza both got much higher scores...

They do suit my tastes better, that's all. Your body has its admirers too!

: Like who?

: Zettai! He'd easily find you attractive!

That's why I did your blog as a homage to him!

: Is THAT why there's so much fanservice?

There's not THAT much...

: Sure, if you compare it to some of Zettai's. Though I do guess that's because Chihaya isn't a COW like you like!

: I-Is this right?

You'll have to excuse Riri. She gets cranky sometimes.

: I'm NOT CRANKY! I just don't see why you had to do Nozomi and Sumire when I'm not around. You know how jealous of the latter I am...

: I've heard of this "Nozomi" *Sigh* Maybe I should have used that one breast-growth contraption I got...

DO NOT DO THAT! Be proud of your flatness! Like another blue-haired girl once said "A flat chest is a status symbol"!

: Sure doesn't seem that way in a lot of shows these days...

*Riri rolls her eyes*

That is a sad truth, and if I could help I would. Sadly all I can do is write my blogs...

: So whatever happened to that invention?

: You'd never guess...


Wow, that flashback was more informative than I was expecting...

: SEE what I mean about the fanservice?!

That was just one time!

: That's no excuse! But I guess this is his homage so you're allowed to play around like that. Just don't forget to finish up the blog!

I might, so let's continue onward before I forget!

Personality: Chihaya is a cool and serious girl that's dedicated to her music. Which is cool as she's voiced by Asami Imai who is a really nice voice actress for my tastes. Her voice isn't too low, but still really appeals to me by being a fitting sweet teenage one. There also seems to be a joke due to one of her songs, “Ohayou!! Asagohan”, coming out somewhat robotic and it made the nickname “Mecha-Chihaya” which may have been the inspiration for the giant Chihaya robot in the main series. Getting back to her dedication, I've heard that she may have throat problems in the game (I can't prove that for sure). It's sad as she sees herself more of a vocalist than an idol and doesn't care about the flashy moments of the career. She also enjoys listening to classical music and doesn't enjoy doing things that don't further her career.
There's a sad reason for her dedication. You see, she used to sing for her younger brother Yuu (in the anime, at lest) and he really enjoyed it. However, eight years prior to the series beginning he was killed in a car accident. His death served to drive a wedge between her parents and they divorced. Chihaya currently lives by herself in a simple apartment. Because of this Chihaya is very insistent on having the Producer call her “Chihaya” as she doesn't like being called by her family name. She also felt the blame of her brother's death, becoming nearly unable to sing until Haruka came and helped her through that.
Chihaya may seem like a typical aloof TDB, but she's actually a lot more developed than you'd expect. You see, in the arcade games she has an extremely unbalanced mood. If you forget to greet her or she has a bad lesson it could be disastrous. The reason is that she has low tension gains but high tension losses, which shows that she suffers from depression and social anxiety. They really did a good job of showing how this works, but as you're timed in the game this can cause an unwinnable situation known as a "The Chihaya Spiral".

: Hey, it sounds like she's a tsunshun, like me.

Well, in Chihaya's case it would probably be a “Kuushun”, but the idea is basically the same. She even puts up a smile for the producer and tries to remain cheerful and happy around him. That said she's also symbolized as a “Bluebird of Happiness”. This is directly referenced in at least two of her songs, but it ties in with her trying to find her own path and her trying to find her unique happiness.
There's a bunch of little interesting things about Chihaya as well. She is a fan of dogs but doesn't own one as she's not allowed to have them in her apartment. She is allowed to keep Chihya in the Puchimas series, but Chihaya isn't a fan as Chihya sleeps on her face. Speaking of Puchimas Chihaya has a running joke of wanting to name every one of them she sees as “Gonzales”. I'm not sure where that name comes from, but it's a silly running joke of hers. It seems she's also bad with technology, but that's not shown too much in the anime. About the best reference is that she has a 90's-style phone while others probably have more up-to-date ones. She has an air of maturity but she'll still giggle at simple jokes. She's also interested in Kabuki, Greek Architecture, and photography, it seems. There's also rumors that she still believes in Santa due to a line in a game, but I can't say for sure.
As you can tell, I really like Chihaya. While she's not my favorite idol she probably has more backstory and depth most of the girls don't.
Grade: A

Libido: There's none really shown. I do suppose that there's some for the Producer in the games but there's nothing in the anime. I suppose that her and Haruka could have a thing, with both being main characters, but I can't be too sure.
Grade: C

Age: Chihaya is sixteen, though she does start the games at 15, and her birthday is February 25th. Happy over week-belated birthday! I do suppose she's older in Xenoglossia, being over 50 years old due to SCIENCE fiction, but I don't think that counts.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 71
Average score: 7.9
Final Grade: B

: I knew it. You just wanted me to... Hey, that's not a bad score.

No it isn't. You've at least beaten the recent middle school idols.

: Sadly the busty ones still best you.

: It's all because of my chest... *Sigh*

While that doesn't help I'll also say that your lack of libido also helps. Imagine how much better you would score if you were more aggressive! Or, even better, DOMINANT.

: Right, if you got a A- there instead you'd be above Azusa!

: Thanks, but I'd rather just concentrate on my music for now. Plus I should be getting going, I'm already late for my “appointment”.

Just remember, people love your flat chest so hold it out with pride!

: Certainly!

: Hey, it's about time for you to go.

*Azusa shows up behind them.*

: Oh no, it's the final boss already!

: Don't worry, I got this.

: Oh? Are you three busy playing a game?

: We were busy, but I'm ready now.

*Chihaya stands up and flicks her hair in an epic way. She then starts walking out and follows Azusa. Chihaya's chest is full of pride and she walks with confidence. However, Topaz holds her up.*

Oh, and one more thing. If you meet up with a person named "Zettai"...

*Topaz whispers into Chihaya's ear. She looks almost sick from whatever he's saying, but also intrigued.*

: A-are you sure?

Certainly! I bet he'll love it!

: Whatever Topaz told you don't do, Zettai is a pervert (but he likes DFC so he's a chill guy. Wait, "CHILL"? Riri, you know better than that).

: I'll get right on it then!

*Chihaya leaves to go find Zettai.*

Now what are we going to do, Riri? Chihaya wasn't one of the Chessmasters.

: True, but we did get a message that there was one here...

*Suddenly a mysterious shadow appears behind Topaz and Riri.*

???: Are you looking for the CHESSMASTERS? Well then, you've found one right here...

*As they turn around scared they only notice a girl with two bows in her hair. She's also wearing a black cape, trying a bit too hard to be a final boss.*

: Haruka Amami here! And as the eighth and final pawn I'll battle you!


: You can't battle him today, Haruka. You've got a performance to get ready for.

*Haruka sighs.*

: You may think that you've won today, but we'll see who the winner will be... Next time!

*Haruka points threateningly to Topaz before leavng with Ritsuko.*

: Well, at least this way you're giving a hint...

That's true. It seems that next week will be Haruka Amami, see you all then!

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February 26th, 2015
Anime Relations: DokiDoki! Precure
Example #326: The Blade of Courage

This is the Three-hundredth-twenty-sixth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.


Last time, on emperortopaz Blog Z!


*Charges up*


*Charges up*

Fortune's Pretty Cure level is over 9000!

: What? 9000! That's impossible!


: But that was a myth!

*Fortune enters Innocent form, but Diamond was able to defend against it.*

: IMPOSSIBLE! She shrugged off the Emerald Illusion?

: That's right, now take this! Ora ora ora!

: Not if I get you first! Ora ora ora!

*Diamond and Fortune shake their butts at each other, but Topaz gets in the way.*


: Somehow I have been beaten!

Sadly not with spanks.

: You still have me though, and this isn't even my final form! GWAAAAAAAHHH!

*Charges up*


And that's basically what happened.

: How come you made it seem like a classic Shounen?

Because he was the only announcer I could find. Would you rather have the Star Wars guy, or maybe have it narrated by the Pokémon Stadium announcer?

: Ugh, I guess this was fine then.

I figured you'd be fair. Now, on to that blog...

: How much of a fool do you think I am? I know you're trying to get me to get weakened by your blog! Since I'm in charge here I'll force you to battle me FIRST. If I win, you stop blogging forever, but if you win you'll gain the ability to blog me.

Sounds like a fair trade to me. What's your challenge? Some sort of video game? Perhaps a card game of sorts?


*Cure Sword tosses a Shinai at Topaz. Surprisingly he's able to catch it.*

What's this for?

: Kendo.

But I'm an untrained civilian!

: I'm able to pick WHATEVER I want. Be glad that I don't use my Excaliber-er, Holy Sword.

Sounds like someone is confused after all the Shounen jokes...

: S-SHUT UP! Just get in a stance, you nimrod!

I can't say I'll be any good at this, but have at you!

*Topaz gets into a battle stance. However, before he can really raise his guard Makoto strikes him with her Shinai. Topaz backs up, taking 10 damage from her blow.*

: I figured that you'd be USELESS like this.

I-I'm just getting my bearings. Try to do that again!

: Certainly! ERRRAAAGGGHH!

*Makoto charges Topaz again. However, Topaz parries and strikes her in the back of the head. Both Rikka and Iona are amazed.*

: W-with one strike...

: How were you able to do that?!

I guess I've been playing too much Smash and I got used to countering. Down B's are really useful.

*Sword stands back up and dusts herself off.*

: This means NOTHING, you hear me! I'm going to destroy you one way or another! FLASH! HOLY SWORD!

*Makoto charges at him, her holy energy blade drawn. However, flashes of the previous girl race in his mind...

-And he grabs Makoto by her arm just as she's about to strike. Topaz then flings her overhead, causing her to hit the wall with a loud BANG!*

: What just happened?

: It's his mimicry ability, he copied your martial arts skills.

: That guy is just full of surprises.

Well then, it looks like I've won.

*Makoto stands, being so damaged that her Cure form is reverted.*

: That you have, and as I promised I'll allow you to blog about me.

*Makoto bows to Topaz, deeming him a powerful adversary.*

Thanks then, I'm glad I could convince you to let me do this. Now, all you readers can probably assume but...

Today's girl is:

Makoto Kenzaki
DokiDoki! Precure

*Rikka and Iona both leave Cure form and sit beside Makoto, who is seated on the floor in a seiza position.*

Hair: Makoto's hair is very short. She has some of the shortest hair in the PreCure universe as it doesn't even go past her chin. It is cool looking, having a lot of circles in it and nice split bangs that look well-maintained. She uses hair clips as well to keep it in place. Her sides also aren't too long, ending about at her cheeks. It is a dark purple, and as you could probably tell by the last few girls I like purple hair. Occasionally she'll wear a cool poofy-looking hat while in disguise.
Cure Sword's haircut is different to Makoto's in a lot of ways. Cure Sword's hair is a bit longer, but she keeps it in a ponytail. It sticks upward out of the back of her head. There's also an inward curve at the end as well as a secondary curve, though in general she has a lot of these “curves”. It's sort of hard to describe, but a lot of DokiDoki girls have a similar effect in Cure form. Her hair is also a lighter purple, not as good as her normal color. I've read that her hair looks like the shorter version of Cure Beat's, but I haven't seen her show yet.
Grade: C+

Eyes: Like many current PreCures Makoto's eyes are the same color as her hair. This also extends to Cure Sword, her eyes becoming lighter like her hair. I do like her purple eyes, but overall her shape isn't too much different from other Cure girls. She also has a lot of eyelashes on the sides, something I'm not too fond of. That said Makoto does have sparkly and nice eyes at times. And of course, we can't forget her big, red, thick-framed glasses. They're great, though she doesn't wear them as often as Rikka. But Makoto, along with Aoi and Yurika from Aikatsu and Haruka from Idolmaster, gave me a great appreciation for idols who use glasses as a part of a disguise.
Grade: B+

Face: Makoto has a standard Precure face, cute but not too impressive. She does have small features, which is always a plus. She also has some really nice expressions as well, one in particular I remember being when she finds Ai (the baby) really cute, I think. That said she's also a bit grumpy in the beginning, being far more serious than the other characters. I don't mind, but do keep that in mind.

Still a cute face though

Also, apparently there was a meme face of Makoto eating an onigiri. I hadn't heard about it until I was doing research, but Makotonigiri (original name, isn't it?) is another cute face.
Grade: B+

*Sumire runs into the room.*

: *pant pant* I got here as soon as I could!

: Thank you for coming, Sumire. But as you can see I've already lost...

: That's too bad. It seems that our fortune telling is no match for Topaz.

: We weren't expecting Rikka to show up. I'm sure that Topaz wouldn't have been able to take down both Sword-senpai and myself.

: I didn't want Makoto to keep being confused. Had I known it was her I probably would have confronted her.

: True true, if I had known that Topaz hadn't been keeping you from me I wouldn't have been as manipulated by the Chessmasters. Though I still don't know where Mana is...

I think she was with Zettai, but even before you attacked she should have been back.

: She's not!

Well then, how about I help you find her. After your blog of course.

: That's acceptable.

: What should I do?

: How about you sit with us and listen to Topaz?

: A-alright.

*Sumire nods and sits next to the other three as Topaz continues his blog.*

Build: Makoto's body isn't too different from the other Precures. She has a slender middle school body, fitting both the art style. The only unfortunate thing is that she doesn't have any real points of interest (including a butt attack). I do suppose she shows off her back after her transformation, meaning her legs are somewhat shown, but I wouldn't count that. She doesn't fit my tastes, but she's not too bad I imagine.
Grade: C

Breasts: Again, as said many times, Precure don't normally score well in the chest department. Nothing wrong with that, this is a show for young girls, but it doesn't fit my tastes.
Grade: D

Clothes: As an idol Makoto does seem to have a fair-sized wardrobe. Her basic outfit consists of a vest-like coat (though it goes past her knees), a white long-sleeved shirt, and shorts. She also has a necktie but sadly does not have thighhighs or pantyhose; she barely has socks on at all! Her uniform is similar to Rikka's from a few weeks back, but as a refresher: Her school uniform, another outfit we see her wear, is a white one-piece with a skirt that seems to have purple around the collar, wrists, and pockets. There's a yellow bow at the bottom of the collar, but overall it's not an impressive uniform. Purple does fit Makoto a bit better, being that she's a Purple Cure. Makoto also wears an apron over this uniform to cook. She also wears a Halloween outfit in official art. She's also worn a hooded track outfit and she dressed as Snow White for a performance. In the movie she's seen in a fancy dress, but I can't talk too much about it.
As Cure Sword Makoto wears a white and violet dress with a lot of frills and bows. Especially around the shoulders, giving the appearance of a bird motif. She wears a cape a few times, but she doesn't actually fight in it. She also has detached sleeves and really high boots (ending mid-thigh). As a interesting bit of trivia Makoto is the first official “Purple” Cure (Moonlight is described as a “Silver” Cure for some reason and they're not counting Milky Rose as a “Cure”).
Grade: B-

*As Topaz ends his last sentence Nozomi bursts into the room.*

: Pawns! Right Knight! We have an intruda!

: Stand down Nozomi, we know that Topaz is here.

: He's been doing Makoto's blog as he defeated her in kendo.

: Really? Interesting. But dat's not why I'm saying dat. I was followed.

*A beautiful girl comes out from behind Nozomi.*


: That's right, Topaz. So THIS is where you've been all this time (don't get too angry at him).

: What's wrong with hanging out with us?

Yeah, plus I was attacked by them. Or something.

: A likely story! I'm only somewhat surprised with the girls surrounding you; I can understand the busty girl of course, and I bet that some of the magical girls here wear glasses or something. Then we have the girl with the great hair.

: Thanks for noticing. Yours is great too!

: I wasn't asking for a compliment! B-but I appreciate that. Anyway, you've skipped both my birthday AND let down your friend!

He recovered quickly!

: Yeah, but he still had his assistants scold him, and it's not like he has anime to support him either!

Don't worry, I have a very good homage blog coming up for him. He should like it too.

: That's fine, but I'll try to remind you to make one earlier next time.

Thanks for that, I can be a bit forgetful.

: As touching as this reunion is, how about we continue with my blog? We still need to find Mana!

Oh, right! I can't forget that plot point! Back to the blog...

: Is everyone sitting too? I suppose I'll humor you, Topaz.

*Riri and Nozomi takes a seat with the others.*

Personality: We're first introduced to Makoto as the strong-minded Cure Sword. She has a strong sense of justice, but enjoys fighting alone. She saves the lead a few times in the first few episodes, but other than that her power gets decreased to the point that Cure Ace takes a lot of Makoto's personality traits when she shows up. Which is unfortunate as she gets a bit forgotten as a result. There's bound to be some reason Sword was one of the final “thanks” girls, maybe a poor luck of the draw or that's when her VA was available, but it wouldn't surprise me if she was forgotten by Toei. Speaking of Toei I've heard comparisons between Cure Sword and a Kamen Rider. I don't know the show so I'm not certain, but Kenzaki Kazuma from Kamen Rider Blade is written in a similar fashion to Makoto's name and is also symbolized by a spade. As far as Cure Sword is concerned I can't remember if she started it but for both her and Fortune, before they officially joined the teams, they'd have a bad habit of watching the other girls battle. This wouldn't be too bad if they didn't show it on the previews to tease fans of the characters.
Getting to Makoto specifically she's an idol as her “civilian” cover. She really likes to sing and wants Marie Ange to listen to her somehow, so she sings with her whole heart. Kanako Miyamoto does a good job as well, even if she's not well known. In fact, during one episode Makoto sings to the “villain” Regina while transforming! It's a real surprise as she forgoes the usual transformation stock footage during this moment so I wouldn't mind seeing it happen more often. Anyway, the reason Makoto wants to find Marie Ange so bad is that she's the Princess of the Trump kingdom and Makoto was a knight. Unfortunately the kingdom was attacked and, while escaping, Marie Ange got separated. As a result Makoto tries her best to find her. Another key moment was that Makoto was the only one who didn't believe that Regina was reformed, even though Mana kept pushing their friendship on the other characters. However, being trained as a knight had some side effects as Makoto is a terrible cook and can't use a broom properly. She also has dorky moments, breaking her charisma but making her seem even better. Overall she's not a bad girl, but she does get ignored a lot in the series.
Grade: B

Libido: Makoto doesn't show that many scenes. Well, other than the obvious Mana moments but every girl in the series gets those. And I do guess that Rikka does imagine the two getting married at one point in the manga. However, I doubt that Mana is that interested in Makoto as anything more than an idol to admire. However, the true love of Makoto's life is/was Marie Ange, her queen. She writes a vaguely love song for her and gets angry when she finds out Marie Ange has a fiance. Curse you Tusk! Wait, wrong Ange, and even Tusk is better than a certain villain. But back to Makoto. Her love for Marie Ange is so major that she nearly remained in her dream world in the movie solely because Marie Ange was in it.
Grade: C+

Age: Makoto is 14, like many Cures. Unlike most Cures we also know her birthday, November fourth, due to another character's birthday episode. We also see her in the past in flashbacks and in the future in the movie, but she doesn't seem to change too much.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 57
Average score: 6.2
Final Grade: C+

: THERE! Now that my blog is officially done can we go look for Mana?

: I would like to find her myself too. I've been trying to get her on the Cure-municator the whole time.

I bet she'll just fall into our laps...

: Do you know the chances that something THAT ridiculous would happen?


*Suddenly a crashing noise is heard as two figures come through a window. They roll safely and stand up. One has pink hair and the other is a blonde.*

: W-WHAT?!


: That's right! The overflowing love! Cure Hear- Well, I guess I'm just Mana right now, but still.

: Where have you been!

: We've been so worried about you!

: Well, after nearly destroying Spain I-

: Wait, what?!

: Just continue, Mana. We can go into details afterward...

: Good enough for me. Anyway, as I was saying, I saved the universe by destroying Blog Zero and her assistant.

: But dat was nearly a month ago! What were ye doing all this time?

: Well, I visited the person most important to me. Isn't that right, Regina?

: Certainly! We played video games and had lots of fun together!

: For a whole month? Without contacting me or Makoto? Or even Alice or Aguri?

: Of course not. It would be selfish to take the time from you to tell you that I'm alright. And everyone knows I'm the least selfish person ever. That's why my heart is so pure and I'm able to use the nimbus cloud.

: Wasn't that just a dream sequence?

: Don't talk back.

*A large screen television appears and a curled-hair girl appears on screen.*

: If you're alright we'll all take you down on my personal helicopter.

That sounds needlessly complicated but fun. I'm in!

: I'm here in the helicopter too! Don't forget to include me!

: If anyone should be worried about being forgotten, it should be me.

: Oh my, were you the one that had an older brother written out?

Sounds like he went up stairs with his basketball. But how about we take that ride now?

*The group agrees and lands safely on the ground.*

Wow, that was uneventful.

: What, you think the universe revolves around YOU? Heh.

That's true.

: OH! That reminds me. We have something for you.

: What are you talking about?

: I think she's talkin' about dat one device Iona made.

: Oh yes. The Savior Saver.

Now that's a tongue twister. What does it do?

: Well, you know how we told you about the three saviors that would ruin us if you were able to blog about them?

: Wait, I wasn't there. Tell me more.

I think she pretty much explained it, but it seems we have to meet with three girls that saved us or something.

: That's highly vague.

: Fortune telling is not a very specific hobby.

: It isn't, but the Savior Saver would have at least told us once you've found all three girls. You see, after you blogged a girl considered one of your "Saviors" an alarm would go off.

That sounds noisy. How would it help me?

: Jeez, do we hav' ta tell ya everything? If ya do one o' your saviors ya'll be able to tell if you got that!

: Right. Last I knew it Makoto had it.

: Oh, that one thing shaped like a Cure phone? I lent it to Left Rook in case I would fail in my mission.

Who is that?

: It's... Huh. I could imagine her a few seconds ago, but now I'm drawing a blank.

: It's as if the memory was drained out of our heads.

: Harumph. That's certainly convenient. I blame Topaz being a poor writer.


: But don't worry. I know that the place you're looking for has "765" in the name...

That's more helpful than nothing, I guess. Come on Riri, we have a homage blog to talk about!

: Let's hope that Zettai appreciates all you do for him...

Of course, as I appreciate everything he does!

*Riri and Topaz walk into the sunset. Join us next week for... more idols, actually.*

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February 19th, 2015
Anime Relations: Happiness Charge Precure!
This is the Three-hundredth-twenty-fifth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

==Last time==

I am in the way!

I shall fondle your DFC!

NOOO! I am defeated blargh!


Go to the tower there!


*He goes.*

You are Makoto and EVUL!

: I am! Blah blah important plot points!

Oh no! How could It get worse?

: I am here too!



We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

: Really? You're going to call that "it" for the review.

: It seemed really rushed...

I may have paraphrased, slightly...

: "Slightly"? I'm pretty sure that's the shortest way you could have put it. It's like you're trying to hurry up to do something!

Well, I do sense a battle coming up...

: That's true. A battle between you and I, for the sake of Sword's safety, shall commence.

*Iona gets into a ready pose.*

We're fighting already? I'm surprised. I would have thought that I could have at least done my blog first... Too bad, I had a lot of interesting things...

*Iona looks interested.*

: My blog?

Yeah, I'll compare you to other anime girls.

: Don't fall for it, Iona. He's just trying to buy time!

I would like to buy time, but I imagine you wouldn't be the one to purchase it from. Plus it's not like I have any plan either...

: He's obviously-

*Iona puts out her arm.*

: Be that as it may, I can see in his eyes that I should trust him. And even if it IS a trap it'll be the way forward if we HAVE to fall into it.

: Stop it with your Meta speak, this isn't an RPG!

: True. But I'm also curious. Alright Topaz, I'll allow you to hold off the battle until after the blog.

*Topaz speaks to himself.*

Phew, that was a close one. Now hopefully I'll be able to come up with a strategy by the end of the blog...

*Back towards the others.*

Well then, let's get thi blog on the road! As you should be able to tell...

Hair: Iona's civilian form has really nice hair. It's a dark purple color, one of my favorites. It's also mostly straight and free, with her sides resting really beautifully on her shoulders. She does put it up in a ponytail to practice karate, which to be fair is understandable. The length goes about midway down her back. Her bangs are about the only problem, having a bit of a curve and revealing some of her forehead in the middle. As far as her cure form goes Cure Fortune also has the bang problem but in general it's not too bad either. Her hair is a lighter purple which is a downgrade but not a troublesome one. Her hair is also put into a long ponytail which goes about down to her hips. The ponytail does have a wide “base” against her head which means it's harder to tell that it's a ponytail. Then again this is HapiCha and nearly EVERY Cure in it has a ponytail (though it seems that it's far from the only series with a lot of ponytail girls. It's almost like Kyon designs the cures). It is big and voluminous, with a heart-shaped pin and ribbon over her left ear. She also has other hair styles with her cards “Pine Arabian” and “Anmitsu Komachi”. With Pine Arabian it's nearly beehive-like with ribbons and a tiara, with a high ponytail at the top (somewhat similar to Cure Peace). With Anmitsu Komachi she has a mostly-basic straight ponytail except that she has a red bow in her hair at the base as well as a bow made out of HAIR. It sounds better than I've described, though, and looks really nice. Finally, with Innocent Form Iona's hair is in another ponytail. She has the same bangs but her hair is longer (it goes past her knees) and even lighter than as Cure Fortune.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Like a lot of Precure Iona's eyes match her hair. This means that she has purple eyes, which are my favorite if you couldn't tell. She also has a nice shape, with high corners and a strong tsurime. As opposed to her hair though is that Cure Fortune's eyes aren't that much different color-wise. They stay a fairly nice purple throughout, even in Innocent form. She does have visible eyebrows, but they're nothing compared to Hime's (or the Yes! Precure). Overall they're really nice eyes.
So what could make them even better? GLASSES! Sadly Iona only wears them on a single occasion as she doesn't actually need to use them. But in episode 27 she assumes a “teacher” Precard and, as figures, the outfit comes with a pair of glasses. They're an underframe version with red frames (seriously, is this a big fashion item? Not that I'm complaining, but still). They still look nice on her, though.
Grade: A-

Face: Iona's face is simple. While PreCure in general is a “simple” show HapiCha in general has a lot of simplicity. As a result Iona has a small nose (barely one at all) and a fairly small mouth as well. She doesn't get a lot of the comedic facial expressions either, but I don't mind. She's a serious girl at first, but calms down and smiles a lot more when she officially joins. It's a really nice smile. I also like the facial expressions she makes in the second eyecatch, they're funny xD.
While there's nothing overly wrong with Iona's face I do have some problems. There are times when she looks off . One moment that I've noticed quite a bit is that in the opening, when the camera zooms in on her face her eyes seem a bit further apart than they should be. That's a minor problem though. The biggest thing I dislike is Innocent Form. The girls put on make up while transforming and I'm not a big make up guy. Iona, being the last of the four, does her nails while wearing the make up the other girls put on during their turns. Her lipstick bothers me as does her blush. Still, it's better than Yuuko's where the blush is shiny so it looks like she's putting on clown make up. That said, Iona does have a nice face for my tastes.
Grade: B+

Build: Sadly Iona doesn't have a great body for me. It happens with a lot of middle school girls it seems, especially in shows for girls. Not that there's anything wrong with that, though, better than not looking their age. Her body is fairly slender and not too impressive. Even her legs and arms aren't too defined. She does practice Karate and is one of the strongest at the dojo so I'm guessing her physical strength is fairly high. I'm pretty sure that she's tall too, being the tallest Cure of the four I think but not taller than her love interest Yuya.
Of course, we can't skip Iona's BEST feature. You see, much like Sunshine Cure Fortune also has a Tambourine and, like Sunshine again, smacks it against her butt for one of her attacks. And it's not like Sunshine's where it could somewhat be considered a “hip” strike, Fortune quite literally hits it against her butt. No wonder I've gotten used to calling that attack the Starlight ASScension! She does another hip-smack in her Pine Arabian outfit as well.
Grade: C+

Breasts: While it is likely that Iona has the biggest chest of the main four, just guessing, she's still quite flat. Unfortunately Yuuko is the one that gets all the busty fanart it seems.
Grade: D+

Clothes: As a purple Cure Iona tends to wear purple. About the only outfit that isn't is her school uniform which is a basic (and boring) red-and-white sailor uniform with a red frilled skirt. Luckily we don't see her like that too much. Her normal outfit consists of a purple shirt and miniskirt. She also wears a karate uniform in some episodes and seems to have a black belt too. Speaking of sports she wears a soccer uniform in one episode, a blue one with red stripes, and it looks nice as it's tight on her butt. She also dresses up as a fortune teller in both the school festival and the second eyecatch. She also wears various Precards. There's the aforementioned teacher in a suit (probably my favorite for obvious reasons), a necktie-having police officer (at least in official art), and probably loads others I'm forgetting. Oh, and the “Commemoration card” seems to be only for the 500th episode “Thanks” but it seems to consist of a short pink shirt with a green tank-top underneath, a yellow ruffled skirt, and pants that are rolled up to the knee. She also seems to wear a fancy dress in the movie, but I don't think that's out as of this writing.
I can't forget her Cure outfit(s) though. Cure Fortune wears a black vest over a white blouse/shirt, a wavey purple skirt that's longer in the back, and long gloves and stockings to give her absolute territory. It's not too terrible but it's not unique as most HapiCha Cures look similar. As far as her in-Cure costumes there's Pine Arabian and Anmitsu Komachi. In Pine Arabian Iona's top seems to be two pieces, with turquoise on top with a gold heart on her chest with a lighter-colored bottom part and gold designs along with a short skirt-like lining. The sleeves are shoulder-length and lighter in color. She also wears puffy turquoise pants with gold heels with turquoise tips and ankle bracelets. She wears two gold bangles around each wrist. In her Anmitsu form she wears a light purple kimono with detached sleeves, shoulder pads have wavy cuts roses, the nagajuban neck is red and the bottom of her kimono is a skirt like the petals of cherry blossoms, a red belt with purple obi-dome (belt clip) holding a heart with a cherry blossom in the center, and sleeves start from the middle of the forearm with purple grips and extend to her wrists, end in pink wavy cuts, while its extension have drawn a cherry blossom in pink stockings. Her geta sandals are purple with red grips. The Arabian outfit is sexier, but I do like Anmitsu more. Finally there's her Innocent Form. It does look somewhat bridal-like in design, with a mostly white dress though the skirt part is multicolored in pastels. Sadly most of Innocent Form is just a new attack, similar to the GoPri finishers.
Oh, and since Fortune hasn't had her transformation video have it here:

Grade: B+

Personality: Iona is a powerful hero when we first see her. She's even said by the enemies that she's the strongest Precure, but that's mainly because her older sister, Cure Tender/Maria, was captured. She blames Hime for this as well as her general incompetence, though it's Iona's fault as Tender took an attack for her. Iona even refuses to join their team at first unless Hime leaves. Then again she's not that great at teamwork as it takes having Cure Lovely stand up with her against the PreCure Hunter to even recognize that she needs help. This isn't counting the poor soccer episode where she wins the game nearly by herself, ignoring Hime, yet still learns the true meaning of friendship somehow. She doesn't join until after her cards are destroyed and the other girls allow her to wish for more, using the cards that they've collected (and yet this “wish” ability isn't used again). She has a strong sense of honor and that combined with her looks and aloofness may make me consider a blade-less “Honor Blade”.
Speaking of her aloofness, Iona is not a very social person. She's not in the same class as the other three girls and in general is hard to approach. She's also strict, ordering the others to actually train at the beach rather than have fun. Iona enjoys to laugh, but she's always too tense around others to do so. Overall I like how she slowly opened up to the group, especially Hime.
There's a few more bits of trivia I need to tell you about. Her symbol, as you can tell from her attacks, is the Star. She's also a skilled fortune teller (Fortune telling Cure Fortune; imagine that xD). She's a bit frugal, trying to use coupons or bargains whenever she can and keeping Hime from getting too much junk when they're out shopping. Finally she's voiced by Haruka Tomatsu, one of my favorite female VAs. She keeps Iona's voice from being too high, and in general it fits the character well. That said I do like some of the hammy attack names and such, though it helps that Iona is somewhat more serious than most other Cures.
Grade: A-

Libido: Iona's love life is actually somewhat strange. For one, unlike a lot of other Precure series it seems that she's not yuri. Well, not “officially” at least as she gets a date with an admirer named Yuya Kaido. Yes, that's a guys name and not a crossdressing Yuuko's persona (I say that as her nickname is “Yuuyuu”). Anyway, the two go on a date to the zoo together. Things get messed up but it seems that she may have fallen for him as they continue to date after that. The fact that she was the first went into Innocent form because of him is a bit out of nowhere, unless they hinted at his existence before hand. Yes, I'm a bit miffed at how thrown-in their romance seemed to be. A better developed pairing would probably be her and Hime. They actually didn't like each other but by the end they do get along and even get a cute shoulder-resting scene with her. She also deeply cares for her sister Maria, and while probably not a romantic option Iona does give a massage to her.
Grade: C+

Age: Much like many PreCure girls Iona is only 14. We do see her younger in a few flashbacks as well.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 68
Average score: 7.6
Final Grade: B

: I'm not sure if that's a good grade or not...

Well it is BUTTer, er BETTER, than Sumire last week, but as a whole it's not too great. You middle school girls from girl's shows don't usually do well.

: If only Zettai were doing us instead. But enough wallowing in your invalid and arbitrary grading system-Iona, defeat him!

: With pleasure!

*She pulls out a tambourine, with Topaz having a big grin on his face.*

: That smile is suspicious, but no matter. Destroy him!

: WITH PLEASURE! Starlight Ascension!

*Iona smacks the tambourine, including on her butt, to use the attack. Topaz is blown across the room, taking 30 damage. However, when the dust settles he's still on his feet.*

: W-what? He survived!

: NOBODY survives Cure Finishers! Well, I guess they do but that's what combination attacks are for. But enough of this nonsense. How were you able to survive?

You fool! I resist butt-elemental attacks! I'm not immune to them like Zettai, though.

: W-what? "BUTT" is an elemental now?

: Have they really ran that far out of ideas for new Pokémon? But don't let that phase you.

: Of course. Finishers aren't the only attacks I have- HIYAH!

*Iona punches and kicks Topaz. He's able to evade or block all of them.*

: What are you doing? You should have the powers of the PreCure behind you!

: I don't get it either. It's like SOMETHING is holding me back. Weakening me.

*It suddenly hits Makoto.*

: I've heard of this. Topaz can grant power ups with his blogs! Or, in this case, power YOU down!

: WHAT! How could he have such a powerful ability... But that just means I have to use stronger ones myself...Pretty Cure Sparkling Star Symphony!

*Iona's cards are mixed with another costume. Soon she's in a classic Japanese kimono used for dancing.*

: Anmitsu Komachi! Pretty Cure Sakura Blizzard Dance!

*Iona dances about with her tambourine and a whirlwind appears. Topaz manages to hang on, not getting swept away. Iona looks annoyed.*

: Even THAT attack had no effect. It seems that I'll have to just use my SUPER PUNCH!

What? That's not even an ability you have!

: That's fine, it's just a regular punch. Have at you!

*Iona runs towards Topaz, but as her fist nearly hits his face a voice is heard.*

: What's the meaning of all this!

: R-RIKKA! I thought you were taken away by this fiend! Where did you go?

: I was in hiding for bit, but after thinking I decided to follow him. However, it took a while for the elevator.

: Does this mean that Mana is back too?

: She SHOULD be, but she hasn't been answering her phone messages. I quite worried.

: It's all Topaz's fault I bet.

: But Topaz isn't even the one who BLOGGED Mana!

: Yeah right. Next you'll say that there's another person making blogs on anime girls!

B-but there is, and he's awesome!

: Stop it with your lies! Well, the fact that there is one, I'd imagine that he'd be better than YOURS at least!

It all depends on the girl.

: So you say, but enough horsing around! Iona, destroy Topaz!

: Not if I have anything to say about it!

: Do you really think that you'll be able to defeat TWO PreCure, Diamond?

: Of course! Diamond is unbreakable, you know! Now, Iona, prepare to take THIS! Raquel Butt Punch!

: Psst. Did she say "Raquel Butt Punch" or "Rocket Butt Punch"?

The former. The latter sounds like something one of Zettai girls would do.

*Diamond leaps rear-first towards Iona, making a clean hit.*


: I would hope that's because of the meme and not what you think of my butt.

: Certainly not the latter. Your middle school butt was so soft yet intimidating.

: Thanks, I think. I imagine that your bottom is quite large and damaging as well.

: You guys need to stop getting so distracted!

Stop interrupting their sexy, sexy conversation, fun-stealer! No wonder the other Chess Pieces get so angry at you...

: That's ChessMASTERS! And while she may be a friend she's an enemy right now Iona. You can use what ever means you'd like!

: What ever means.... Alright then, Innocent Form go!

*Iona's outfit turns white with a rainbow skirt.*

: We'd better watch out, she's entering Parthenon Mode! We'll never be able to defeat her at this rate!

Don't worry. It's just the useless power up of Innocent Form.

: That's a relief. I was worried she would become too powerful for us to deal with!

: Don't underestimate Innocent Form, or I'll make you pay!

What will you do if we estimate Innocent Form correctly?

: You'd still pay!

Curse you extra charges!

: Don't worry, I've got this!


: Oh yeah? Prove it with THIS! Pretty Cure, Emerald Illusion!

*Iona draws a star in the air. After that she poses and a large star is shot from her chest. It surrounds Rikka and becomes a clear emerald.*

You call that an emerald? Geez, that's barely glass. Look, you can see through it!

: What, you don't like the name? It's got a stone in it and everything!

It does, but that's no excuse for making it sound like you pulled out random words from an English dictionary.

: Don't question the attacks. Besides, now that Rikka is trapped...

*Rikka's eyes snap open as she speaks. Within seconds Iona's Emerald cracks and shatters. Iona is in awe.*

: B-but it can't be! My Emerald Illusion should always work!

: You fool, no substance is harder than Diamond!

Yeah! Except maybe the heads of Mana fanboys...

& : What was that?

Nothing, just talking to myself.

: That's better. Now, *points to Iona* prepare to taste the strength of Topaz's second favorite PreCure!

: Nonsense, he likes ME much better!

: Enough of this! Raquel Butt Punch!

: Oh yeah? Take this: Starlight Asscention!!

*Rikka and Iona leap backwards at each other, hoping to hit the other with her middle school butt.*

N-no... It can't end like this!

*Topaz races towards them.*

: W-what are you doing? You can't stop them!


*Topaz dives between the two girls who seem to be moving in slow motion. Both girls hit him in the head, squishing their buttocks against him. Topaz nosebleeds and falls back, having taking 55 damage.*

: T-TOPAZ! Are you alright?

I'm fine. But there's no reason to argue about being my second favorite. It's a hard decision, and BOTH of you have the potential to be my second favorite. Fortunately there doesn't seem to be any contenders that would knock you out of the tie.

: Not even a March “hare”?

: Or a Mermaid?

Certainly not. You two are both great! Come, let's go home.

*Iona and Rikka carry Topaz between their shoulders and walk his limping body out. Makoto stomps to gain attention.*

: First you make Mana leave this dimension, then you mess with Iona's mind and make her think you're Yuya. I can't stand for such disregard of the PreCure franchise. You'd better be prepared...

*Makoto transforms into Cure Sword.*

: Because I'll show you next week!

I think I'm good on what "games" are, but I think I get what your intentions are. You're going to battle me next time.

: That I am, so your reader had better keep paying attention!
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February 12th, 2015
Anime Relations: Aikatsu!
This is the Three-hundredth-twenty-fourth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

==Last time==

Sumire! What are you doing here?

: The same as Nozomi, trying to prevent you from getting to our b-boss!

So why are you and Nozomi trying so hard to keep me from your boss? And who IS your boss in the first place?

: That's too many questions! I have to keep it all secret from you!

I bet I have a way to get answers out of you, but I'll only reveal it if I'm able to do my blog on you.

: A blog? Oh, I heard about those. Yurika-senpai and Aoi-senpai both had one done, right? I'll allow you to do one on me, I would love to follow in Yurika-senpai's footsteps.

Glad you were easy to convince then, as...

Today's girl is:

Sumire Hikami

Hair: Sumire's hair is extremely beautiful. The color could be a bit darker as it's only a periwinkle or light purple, but otherwise it's perfect. I can't begin to describe how perfect her hair is. Of course, as per my preferences she has a hime cut. This includes her sides which go down to her chin or so and frame her face nicely. Occasionally she'll have it in twintails, but I can forgive that as she's usually exercising at the time. They're also lower-based twintails which look great. Other than that she keeps it nice and straight, barely being wider than her shoulders. Length-wise Sumire's hair is to her shoulder blades or so. It's long enough to look good but also likely a lot more manageable than longer hair (and thus she's able to show it off more). Finally, while she has the occasional hairband in official art (that doesn't alter her hime in any fashion, fortunately) she usually has a blue ribbon on her right side above her ear.
Guys, I seriously can't explain HOW MUCH I love Sumire's hair. Ever since seeing her it's been incredible. There's the standard hime beauty mixed with the purple color that flips all my switches. THEN they have to go and animate it such a GORGEOUS fashion. Seriously, it has so much bounce that I can't resist giving Sumire a perfect score here! Oh? You'd like some examples? I'll provide!

Just look at that hair blow in the wind. All beautiful and gorgeous.

Look at it sway as she moves her hips. She just looks so happy!

Even as a loli it was great! Well, younger loli.

Grade: A+

Eyes: Sumire also has great eyes. They match her hair or so, going from a blue to a darker purple. As I've said before, I love purple eyes and Sumire is no different. It's a FANTASTIC color. While she doesn't have a full tsurime as the top of her eye is curved, the high corners of her eyes still make them look nice and nearly straight.
About the only thing Sumire is missing, considering who I am, is a pair of nice glasses. She's not quite famous enough to need them while going out though, so let's hope that happens later on in the series. On the other hand, there is an official advertisement with her in glasses (it's for Aikatsu-brand glasses). Hers are a GREAT black-framed pair and she looks simply outstanding in that image.
Grade: B+

Face: Sumire has a simple but cute face. She doesn't look too different than the other characters in the series. Though I do think she's a bit paler, but in a way that looks nice. She does have small features, which I'm always looking for, and soft-looking cheeks. She does have a beautiful smile too, as you can see above. Unfortunately she gets a lot of praise in-series from the other characters. As an example, in the Halloween episode it takes little effort for her to get people to give her all their candy. Granted, Sumire DOES look really cute and they do show her with sparkles so it must be something special (wait, wrong girl xD), but I don't see too much of a difference. Oh, and since Sumire came late in the series she wasn't as effected by the earlier version of the dancing CG.
Grade: B

Build: Unfortunately Sumire's body isn't as strong as her head. She's just a slender middle school girl which doesn't appeal to me that much. She doesn't even get a good scene like Yurika's butt did! That said she's not terrible either. She's possibly athletic due to all the idol exercises, though she probably doesn't have as much stamina as her other stars. Her legs are pretty skinny though, but that's more likely an art-style thing.
Grade: C

Breasts: Series for young girls aren't too great here. Aikatsu is no different, and Sumire won't change anything either. Not that it's a problem, but my tastes lie elsewhere.
Grade: D

Clothes: Sumire actually has a fairly nice wardrobe. Understandably for a school based show she's most often seen in the Starlight Academy uniform. As said before (and copy/pasted): The Starlight Academy school uniform, consists of a dark blue top coat with a white shirt inside, a red ribbon around the collar with a gold button, and a white skirt with a dark blue line and two buckles. On the shirt are four gold buttons, with the top and bottom two connected by a chain. Sadly even Sumire does not wear thighhighs or pantyhose. She also wears a blue-and-white tracksuit when practicing or exercising. There's also a winter coat that's a bit darker blue than her regular outfit, but this isn't as noteworthy. There's also the outfit she wore for a fashion designer, seen above (it's the second gif, the one with the big bow). Sadly it gets ruined, but with some quick thinking from a friend they manage to make it work.
Sumire also dresses up for Halloween and Christmas. Her Halloween outfit is a cait sith. No, not the Final Fantasy VII character, the mythological one. Basically she looks like a purple-and-black cat, with a poofy hat with a face, a sleeveless one-piece for the body, cat paws (though with holes for her fingers), thighhigh "feet", and of course a purple tail. She also wears a scarf for some reason, though I just find it cute overall. There's also a flashback of her in a witch costume, though there's a modern version of that in an official art image. Sadly her Christmas isn't as impressive. It's only in official art, but she wears a Santa dress with gloves and high boots. Probably the best thing is her cute earmuffs.
Of course, we can't ignore the biggest part of Aikatsu-the cards! Sadly enough Sumire hasn't gotten a unique designer so far, but that's alright because she shares the perfect LoLi GoThic with Yurika. In particular Sumire seems to be a fan of the British Coord which is a frilled shirt, black vest, red bow at the neck, and a black/red patterned skirt with matching boots. You can see a lot of Sumire's "cool"-ness in her outfit choices. Another of her outfits is the Odile Swan Coord which is a black/purple lolita dress with arm bands, heels, and thighhigh nylons. It fits with her INCREDIBLY well. The second outfit she gets is the Snow Princess Coord. It has a lot of colors but is mainly red and white. It does look nice, but while I get what they were going for (a Snow White-themed outfit) it's got too many apple decorations to me. Even her crown has an apple! Overall I do like her wardrobe, though it could be a bit better (then again she might get a new outfit sometime down the line).
Grade: B+

Huh, a Snow White-based BEAUTY with a lovely hime cut and an ice motif... Seems familiar...

: I'm not sure either, but it does put a SMILE on my face.

Can't think of it right Nao, but maybe I'll remember better at 8:40. But enough distractions, let's finish up the blog!

Personality: Sumire is a quiet and soft-spoken girl when we first see her. In other words, a KDEG idol. That said it's not like she had a sad past, she just has problems with people she doesn't know well. She overthinks things but is a nice girl. Akari, the third season lead, also helped as Sumire was seeing everyone as rivals in the idol business. With this mentality she wasn't able to make friends and was a loner. As far as becoming an idol, it was a suggestion from her sister. She admires both her older sister and Yurika, one of her inspirations. She also enjoys fortune telling.
Sumire's speaking voice is Yuu Wakai. She has a gentle, soft but not extremely high-pitched voice. It's really easy to listen to. Her singing voice is "Mona from AIKATSU☆STARS!" though I'm not sure who that is. Whoever it is does a pretty job.
Grade: A-

Libido: None shown, as Aikatsu isn't too much of a "libido" show either. There may be times further on in the series. About the closest thing is that Akari thinks she's cute. Well, a lot of girls do, but Akari was almost smitten when they first met. That said Akari also calls Juri "hot" and is the lead so who knows if this would go anywhere. She also admires Yurika, but it's likely not in a sexual way. As a bit of humor, in Japanese her last name is written as "氷上" which means "On ice". I bring this up because the "上" part means "on top" which makes her sound a bit dominant xD. That could be stretching it, and I only know this secondhand as I don't know Japanese so it could be wrong.
Grade: C+

Age: Sumire starts the series at the age of 13 and, while I'm not sure if she had a birthday episode, she's currently 14 I think. Her birthday is October 20th. We also see her at a younger age, as shown above, but that was in a flashback (she's still cute though).
Grade: C

Total Grades: 66
Average score: 7.3
Final Grade: B-

: That's not too good of a grade...

From the neck-up you're great, but the art style/figure mixed with the low libido is your big problem. But don't feel too bad as you're still one of my favorite Aikatsu characters! In fact, you're my favorite of the third season new girls!

: That's a relief... *deep breath* Now, what is this big "Idea" you have for making me reveal our plans?

It's... my Mimicry ability!

: Your what?


*Images of Nozomi flash in Topaz's mind*

: But all that will give you is a Kansai accent! And maybe some idol skills. I don't see how you'll convince me.

Like DIS!

*Topaz grabs Sumire from behind, surprising her. He holds her so tight that she's unable to struggle free.*

Now, howz about I start with the punishments?

: That's a poor accent, you know.

Yeah, you're right. I'd better drop it. But instead I'll focus on THIS!

*Topaz starts fondling Sumire's middle school DFC.*

: Ahh~ Ohhh~ S-stop! Please! No more...

But while you might not be busty your chest is still wonderful. I could play with your modest chest all day!

*Sumire is starting to blush as Topaz's fondling becomes more intense.*

: P-please! I'll do anything... Anything...

But there's an opportunity presenting itself here. Just let me do one last thing...

*Topaz sniffs Sumire's nice-smelling hair before kissing the top of her head romantically. He starts to glow.*


*Topaz levels up; He gains +30 HP.*

Wow, it's been a while since something like that's happened. I guess I haven't been paying attention to scores as I have before. But your hair is amazing, Sumire.

: T-thanks. *pant pant*

*Topaz releases Sumire, but she falls to her knees. Her shirt is disheveled and she's breathing deeply.*


: Ahem. It's embarrassing to be put in such a state. But, considering I'm no fighter I'll say that the match is yours.

Thanks, and thanks for leveling me up too. At least I didn't have to have to put some type of fluid on your chest or something like that.

: W-WHAT? Who would think of such a t-thing! Though you did have to fondle my chest...

That is true, but at least the censors won't get mad at me and overuse stickers or light beams. Getting off that topic, will you tell me all the answers now?

: Only the ones that I know. Unfortunately I'm very low on the chain of command. However, I have heard that Chinatsu and Kanon were also a part of the group.

Sounds like there's something in common...

: Indeed. A bunch of idols have decided to gang up on you. Of course, there's a few that's just there for the muscle or because they don't care for you.

I recall Nozomi telling me that.

: That's good. Did she tell you about the saviors?

That she did, though she only mentioned them. Do you have a better idea of who they are?

: As the one who foresaw that using my cards, no. I cannot give you any names, just that they aided you in battle...

That could be almost anyone!

: That's why we're keeping you from our boss until we figure it out. However, the true higher-ups are loafing around...

Figures that they'd be SLACKING then. Hee hee hee

*Sumire tilts her head.*

: I don't get it.

Grrr, if only Ririchiyo was still around...

: I'm not sure who this "Ririchiyo" is, but she sounds... important... to you.

Anything else you're able to tell me before I meet your boss?

: Just one... I'm not sure who most of the higher-ups are but Right Knight, my boss, is...

*The scene fades out. We return to Topaz exiting an elevator.*

Man, I'm relieved that I didn't have to have a battle in that thing. There wasn't even a girl whose hips I can stare at!

*Topaz explores the top floor of the highest tower on the campus. He eventually finds a royal-looking large room. At the far end is a mysterious figure on a chair.*

R.Knight: Well now Topaz. I'm somewhat disappointed that my two pawns weren't able to distract you longer. After all, I made sure that they'd appeal to you no matter your tastes...

Nozomi may be plump and busty while Sumire is modest and cute, but that's no reason for me to not take you as a threat. Plus I know your TRUE identity!

R.Knight: Oh? Well then, why don't you shout it out...


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February 5th, 2015
This is the Three-hundredth-twenty-third week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. As you may have seen last week I'm currently under attack by Nozomi for no reason.

: It ain't for no reason! But first, ain't you forgett'n your "review" part. I'm sure one o' your readers should... appreciate it...

Of course. How could I forget such an important aspect! Here we go

===Flashback filter and music===

: Finally you arrive, Mana. I hope you have something to say!

: I certainly do... I have to go now. My dimension needs me.

*Mana poorly flies away outside of Cure form. However, it's more like someone moving the animation film she's on upward rather than a separate animation. After she's past the upper part of the screen a poorly scrawled note that says "Note: Mana died on the way back to her home dimension."*

===End Flashback===

: Ya know that ain't what I'm talking about. I meant the-

Oh, you mean your introduction? That got far too much play on your show anyway. I don't want to make it even worse.

: Fancy that, you ain't going for the obvious fanservice moment.

I'm impressed at myself, but I figure that you're just trying to trick me somehow!

*Nozomi clicks her tongue*

: Was it dat obvious? And here I was thinking you'd be an easy capture.

I'm surprisingly agile, but what are you going to do with me?

: It all started a while ago. You see, many idols have joined forces ta defeat ya and your unfair dislike of them.

But I've been starting to like them more and more. Plus it's not like I dislike-

: I wasn't finished! But you're right. Not all of the Chessmasters want revenge against ya in particular. We're just helpin' others do their dirty work. Heck, not even all of the girls are IDOLS!

That'll just make it harder to figure them all out. Any hints?

: I've heard dat da rank o' the piece shows how strong they are, be it in combat or hatred of you. I forgot to mention, but all da girls are also named after a chess piece. I'm a Pawn myself meaning I ain't much compared to the big dogs.

So why are you going after me in particular?

: Right Knight has told us that you've recently blogged her friend and made her disappear. As a result I have to bring you in for capture and possibly extermination.

That sounds terrible. Any way I can get out of it?

: Well, since I'm in such a good mood I'll tell ya. Ya see, I and two other fortune telling pawns have forseen your success, but ONLY if you find and blog about the three Saviors.

I see... Any idea who these "saviors" are?

: Ya think I'm dumb enough to tell ya that? Well, even if I knew.

A shame. Hey, if you're going to eliminate me, how about I do a blog about you next?

: I don't see any harm in it. Go right ahead!

Well, you heard her. It seems that...

Today's girl is:

Nozomi Toujou
Love Live

: (Hee hee hee. All I gotta do is delay him. I already have another pawn coming this way...)

Hair: Nozomi has really nice hair. It's long, going all the way to her hips or so. She does keep her hair in twintails, which I'm not exactly fond of, but they're the lower type so she doesn't look “cutesy” either. In fact, if you didn't know that they were twintails you could guess that she had wavy hair from the front. Other than the bumps from her head to shoulders, which is where her bands are. Her bangs are there, but they seem to be brushed to the left to create a windswept look. In fact her bangs seem to mirror Eli's well, another character in the show. Nozomi's sides are very slim, but they do provide some framing (it could be better). This is her main hairstyle for the anime, though she may have some variations in cards or for a performance. When in her miko outfit she puts her hair in a very nice straight-ponytail. She also puts her hair in a single braid for graduation in the final episode.
Nozomi's hair is a fantastic color though. It's a dark purple which is one of my favorite hair colors (second only to black and tied with dark blue). I will say that the promotional music videos make her hair seem even darker, to the point of looking nearly black. Not as black as Nico, but in some images it's “hard” to tell the difference between them. I say hard as I'm only looking at their hair, and sometimes Nico has her hair down in twintails like Nozomi does.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Nozomi has pretty nice eyes too. For such a mischievous girl it's surprising that she has tarame eyes. It's common due to the art style I guess. Still she'd look better with a tsurime. That said her relaxed look does look nice, as said before. Her corners are low as well. Overall she has a motherly look to her eyes. Nozomi's eye color is nice too, being a nice turquoise color.
Grade: B

Face: Let's get this off my chest first. I don't like the image MAL uses as Nozomi's main image (at least currently). Her lips look far too emphasized. It's not that bad in the show proper, but now that I looked at images she does seem to have a line showing her lower lip on occasion. I'm not a lip person. Other than that her face is fine. She's got small features, especially her dot nose, and her cheeks look soft and plump. It fits her body style well. She has a sweet smile, at least when she's not preparing to fondle one of the girls. That's probably her most significant face too as her smug pre-fondle grin is funny.
Grade: B

: Hmmm... That's not too bad yet, but couldn't ya spot me a point or two?

Grade: B Grade: B

: Geez, no reasons to be a broken record.

Grade: B Grade: B

: I SAID...

*Nozomi turns to face Topaz, but in his place is one of the record players with the huge horns. A Phonograph, if you will.*

Phonograph: Grade: B Grade B

: Oh, I see. So ya ARE a broken record. My mistake.... Wait, I lost him!

*She spots Topaz running off in the distance.*

Darn! That's what I get for not keeping up with technology!

: Dun be thinking I can't catch ya!

*She starts chasing after Topaz. They run through the streets, avoiding various people in classic chase sequence style. At one point Topaz even dives on his knees under a window pane being carried by two people. Nozomi stops to let them pass.*

: I'm still on ya tail!

That's given me some time, but what else can I do?

*He looks around. Eventually he sees the perfect solution. He climbs a large stack of books and jumps on a rooftop.*

: HEY! Those aren't yours to climb on!

Desparate times call for desparate measures! Besides, it's not like they're yours. I'd respect yours too much.

: Thanks you for that.

Plus you'd cry if I stepped on your doujinshi.

: *nods* I probably-HEY!

*Nozomi catches up with Topaz, other than being on the ground.*

: Hey, ya think I can climb up on dose?

: What? NO! In fact I'm moving it away so people don't keep stepping on it. Some people these days...

*Sensei pushes the cart away. Topaz taunts Nozomi from the top.*

Neener Neener!

: Ya think ya are so smart? I can jus' climb the inside stairs!

*She rushes inside.*

Hopefully she takes a while in there and I can complete her blog...

Build: Nozomi is 159 cm tall and her three sizes are 90/60/82. Already you can see one slight problem. That's right- Nozomi is shorter than Eli, her main love interest (who is 162 cm), though it seems that the anime makes Nozomi a bit shorter than that! Wait, that's not it? Oh, yeah, I see it now. Nozomi is supposed to be a “plump” girl but her waist is the same size as Eli or Hanayo's. At least Hanayo makes sense but Eli should be more slender. I'd wish that Nozomi was a bit bigger, but I blame her wearing clothes as they do make her look bigger around. Nothing wrong with that, she's got a robust figure and I'm a big fan of those type of girls. Something else you say? Well, I suppose that she doesn't show her legs all too much. The few official images I've seen show that they aren't bad, with nice thighs at least, but I'll admit that she's not a leg girl.
Of course, I'm just jerking you around. I know exactly what you're thinking. Nozomi is extremely top-heavy, having a 90 cm chest while her hips are 8 cm smaller. This is the biggest difference among this series as well. This is a bad thing as I prefer my girls to be hourglass-shaped and I give a leeway of 5 cm. For this Nozomi would have to add 3 cm to her hips, making them 85 cm, “butt” I wouldn't mind it getting even bigger. Though if we're doing that I hope that Eli's hips are growing as well since I don't want the bustiest girl to be the same girl as the butt-iest. Nozomi's chest already hogs her artwork and moments, but more on that in the next area...
Grade: B+

*Ring Ring. Topaz pulls out his cell phone and opens it while talking to himself.*

I really should get a new ringtone and not turn it on during blogs, but I guess this can't hurt. Hello?

: The cards tell me ya're talking about my bum, aren't ya?

Sure, but where did you get my number?

: Ignore that. But speaking of “numbers” how dare you say that my hips need to increase by 3 cm!

Hey, I like my girls hourglass-shaped, not top-heavy. Well, to be fair I don't mind them but I also don't score them as well as I do the more even-figured girls.

: I blame ya friend poisoning ya'lls mind. Beside, he's got an 8-cm advantage for HIS favorite of Nico!

What are you talking about? Nico's chest and hip measurements are only separated by 5 cm!

: HA! That's what she WANTS ya ta think! Ya'll mock me for a “3 cm diff'rence”, but SHE'S the one who dun it ta make 'er chest bigger!

You're lying, there's no way that Nico could have a 71 chest!

: She's the one lying here. My hands an' cards never lie. Plus I went and red 'er diary. Seems she admits to lying on 'er profile!

Wow, hopefully a certain reader appreciates this new knowledge. Well, more that his favorite has a bigger butt:chest ratio and not that she feels that she needs to hide her beauty. Or that I'm picking on him, he needs more confidence and I wouldn't do that. If that's all I'm hanging up on you now.

: Grrr... Fine then! I'll be catching ya shortly anyway!

*Click beeeewooopppp...*

Well, let's see if we can't complete the blog before that...

Breasts: As said before Nozomi is the bustiest Love Live character. She just barely breaks 90 and Eli is at 88, while the third place is Hanayo at 82. As you can tell, the non-Nico third-years are VERY busty for this series. Nozomi especially, as said before, is a chest character. The result is that fanservice seemed to take this in stride, giving her many moments that revolve around her chest. For one, as parodied last time there's a moment when she uses her chest to stop a girl. This is funny, but it got over played by the third repeat (once on the preview, once on the actual show, and once more during the recap). There's also another funny moment involving her unable to chase after Nico due to her chest getting in the way. There's also an official image of ther squeezing Nozomi's chest with a measuring tape, presumably from envy. And that's not counting the loads of fanart either. In general Nozomi's chest her main physical attribute, and at least they're not overly bouncy that I remember.
Grade: A

Clothes: Even though we're on clothes I can't stop talking about Nozomi's chest. This is because a lot of her outfits do emphasize her boobs. But before that I'll talk about her main outfit, her school uniform. It consists of a nice blue blazer with a white shirt underneath, a plaid blue skirt, and a green bow tie. It would have been excellent had it been a necktie but this is still good (note that in an early promotional image she DOES have a nice blue necktie). Nozomi also wears thighhighs which give her absolute territory. The summer uniform seems to be a short-sleeved white shirt under a vanilla vest, though for obvious reasons I'm not as fond of it (not as much as the blazer, at least). Another common outfit for Nozomi is a miko outfit as she's a shrine maiden on occasion. It looks nice on her.
As far as idol outfits go, there's not too much to say. I do like the one episode where she performs in a groom-like outfit. Most of them are showing at least part of her cleavage though. Even when no one else has exposed cleavage Nozomi might. I'd rather say that this is because she's more alright with showing skin than just calling the creators on wanting to show her off more. This doesn't count the official art though, which has a lot of bikinis (though they are supportive, which I approve of), a cheerleading outfit with cleavage, a fortune teller's outfit (which fits her really well), naughty pajamas, and a maid outfit. Though she did wear a maid outfit to help out at Kotori's work. She also has cards of a short kimono and a cute winter outfit. Overall she's got a strong wardrobe but it does emphasize her chest. Oh, and her theme color is purple, which looks really great on her.
Grade: A-

*Nozomi slams the door open. She's panting from climbing all the stairs.*

: *gasp* Man, that was a TON of stairs. I guess that counts as a few days of training I should be able ta get out of. But you!


: Tha's right! I'll knock you right out!

I don't think so!

: Would you rather die here then?


*Topaz leaps from the building.*

: That fool! Wait...

*He lands in the arms of one of his favorite girls who happened to be standing beside a cart.*

: Wow, what luck to be standing here for my part time job as a grocer!

I know, but I guess you've got to do something to past the time between seasons. Hey, nice melons!

*Char drops Topaz and covers her chest. He luckily lands on his feet, unharmed.*

: Topaz no ecchi!

Not those, though they are quite nice. I mean these.

*Topaz points to the various melons on the cart.*

: O-oh. You really should have used a different phrasing then.

*Topaz continues to look through the fruit.*

Oh, I bet Zettai would love these pears, they're his favorite shape of "bottom heavy". And of course speaking of bottoms we can't forget about apples.... Wait, I can't be distracted by healthy snacks now, I have to get away!

: I can't leave, but if you go down the blockI think there's an alley you can get through. Try that.

Great idea, I'll be off! Good to see you again.

: Always glad to help!

*Topaz runs off, escaping just as Nozomi herself leaps off the building. She lands butt-first on the display, breaking her impact but also the fruit bins.*

: WHY CAN'T PEOPLE KEEP FROM FALLING OUT OF THE SKY! I mean, Topaz was one thing but YOU! You know how much my boss is going to rant me out about this? Look, you've squished all the bananas with your fat buttocks!

: I ain't got a big bum, you're thinking of Elichi. Or maybe Maki.

*Nozomi wipes the banana off and starts chasing after Topaz again.*

: Just be glad that I'm a good employee or I'd chase after you too!

???: WHO is a good employee?

*A red haired girl poses and claps her hands in a dance-like pose. She even claps slightly.*

: SEE! This is why I didn't want to employ you! You FRENCH are all alike, always tipping over fruit carts! CULPA! That means guilt, which is what YOU have!

: Hey! It wasn't me! This time... Really, a girl fell from the sky and crushed it.

: A likely story, you cheese-eating surrender monkey!

: What, is that a common phrase or something? You're the second person to call me that.

: If the shoe fits! Now you'll have to work extra hard!

: Nooooo!

Personality: Nozomi didn't get a lot of character development until the second season. Until then we only knew she was a bit of a mastermind behind Muse and had a habit of fondling the other girls when they acted up. She was also friends with Eli and the vice president to her president. She is also the wise mother-type figure, being more mature than most of the other girls, and was a miko at the place they decided to first train. Her profile states that she likes Yakiniku but dislikes caramel. Her hobby is also telling fortunes, using cards, though occasionally she bends the rules to get what she wants.
It wasn't until the second season that Nozomi really got a chance to shine, though. In general the second episode did a good job of showcasing some of the lesser-developed girls like Nozomi and Rin. In Nozomi's episode we get her backstory. You see, she used to not have any friends and was a loner. There was a scene of her just reading a book until it got dark out, all alone. She eventually approached Eli, who had been moving from place to place (much like Nozomi), as she didn't want another girl to be alone like she was. Not only this but she also brought Muse together for similar reasons. She was still nervous, but eventually her plan to get everyone together worked. I did like learning about her background, and it helped make Nozomi into my current favorite LL character (well, that and Hanayo not wearing her glasses as much too). It does sort of suck that she's defined more by her chest though, she seems like a great tricky girl.
Nozomi is voiced by Aina Kusuda. She has a fairly nice voice, giving Nozomi a mature but not too old-sounding voice. As an added mention Nozomi has a Kansai accent, but she's not from there (well, not directly but she did pick it up when she lived there). Nozomi is also part of lily white, along with Rin and Umi.
Grade: B+

Libido: Nozomi seems to be fairly high. No, not just because of the fondling. That's more of a punishment or bonding situation, not necessarily a sexual one. No, instead she has a main and a minor “pairing”. The minor one first is Nico. The reason, I assume, is because the two seem to bicker and people like pairing the bustiest girl with the flattest one. Sort of a Big-Small attack, I guess. This actually wouldn't be too major, but there are some official images of the two cuddling on a bed together in pajamas. They also have a duet pair named “Otome Shiki Ren'ai Juku“. It also seems to have a strong fanbase, but I can't see it working out. Maki is the one for Nico, and Nozomi...
My god, Nozomi and Eli have a TON of yuri scenes together. Seriously, it's like the two are married by the end of the second season. Well, it's not like they kiss, but they do get a lot of scenes. There's one where Eli stands behind a sitting Nozomi and wraps her arms around her. There's the suggestive “parfait eyes” that the two share at one point, and as a result “parfaits” became a fan nickname for “sex”. And of course I can't forget “Garden of Glass/Garasu no Hanazono”, a song about “lilies” and “secret romances”. Overall, I'd say that Nozomi has a high libido but not for me, if you understand well.
Grade: B

Age: Nozomi seems to be seventeen and her birthday is June 9th. That makes her a Gemini, and she's certainly got “twins”. Jokes aside she's also a third-year high school student who graduates. I'm not sure when Japanese graduation is, but it could be possible for her to be eighteen by the show's end (maybe). She's also the oldest girl, being a month older than Nico.
Grade: A-

Total Grades: 82
Average score: 9.1
Final Grade: B+

*As Topaz finishes his blog, he runs into an alleyway. Unfortunately for him, it's a dead end as the only exit is blocked by a car.*

: Mwahaha! Ya thought that you could escape from me? Fat chance!

Not if I slip between the car and the wall!

: Ya'll never be able ta do something like dat. Now just come peacefully!

You'll never capture and eliminate me!

*Topaz squeezes between the car and the wall. He's able to slip through somewhat easily and ends up on the other side.*

Man, it's a good thing I wasn't "happy" or I wouldn't have fit!

: Don't praise yaself like dat, I'll be right over!

*Topaz flees, but Nozomi gets stuck as her chest is too big to be able to fit through. She has to back away and think about it.*

: Hmmm... If only Rin were here...

*The mysterious purple haired girl finally arrives, but is panting from running so long.*

???: I tried to find you, Pawn 5, but you kept on running.

: Topaz is a slippery lil' bugger. But now that ya're here Pawn 6 I have a job for ya...

*Nozomi has Pawn 6 slide between the car and the wall. Her lithe middle school body is easily able to fit more than Nozomi's. She makes it through with little effort.*

: Now hurry off to the tower. Topaz will probably get lost on the way so you'll beat 'im there!

???: Sounds like a plan.

*She rushes off to the tower. Sometime later Topaz arrives.*

Man, I really seem to have gotten lost. I always take for granted how good Ririchiyo is with maps. But it looks like I'm finally here...

???: N-NO!

*A mysterious girl blocks Topaz's path inside the building.*

???: I'm the self-appointed gatekeeper here, and you're not getting i-in without my permission!

*The girl looks up, allowing Topaz to see her face finally from her hime cut. Instantly he knows who it is...*

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January 29th, 2015
Anime Relations: DokiDoki! Precure
This is the Three-hundredth-twenty-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*We open with Topaz seated beside a blue-haired meganekko.*

Welcome back everyone! Sadly this week is the last of last year's meganekkos. Unlike last year, where I did a girl from a previous year, I decided to come back to this girl's series...

Today's girl is:

Rikka Hishikawa
DokiDoki! Precure

And now to start her-

*Rikka coughs slightly.*

You should watch out if you're getting a cold.

: No, no, no. I did that intentionally. How could you waste an opportunity like this with a poor start? I thought I was one of your favorite Pretty Cures...

You are, and to be fair I did have a great many ideas going around in my head to open this blog off.

: Let's look at then.

I'm just glad that Tsurugi manage to get the pictures working right. I already have to do this blog without Ririchiyo.

: Oh yeah. You told me about her. Er, what was it again?

She didn't want to break into another school again. Oh, and she wanted to confront Kagerou, a person from her universe, because I picked on her a bit for getting an "electric massager" from him.

: You really shouldn't pick on your friends, you know.

I'm sure she knows it's all in jest. Now, how about we look at some of the failed openings?

: Aren't you worried about taking too much time?

It's not like I have people after me. Go normal blogs for once! Anyway, this one is the first one I thought of. I eventually scrapped it because it seemed too dramatic.

: I do like that beginning, but I don't like how you made Mana out to be this horrible person.

That's fair. She wouldn't be that blunt. Plus this time of the year it's more likely to be a snowstorm rather than a regular one. *Shakes fist at weather.*

: But there's nothing wrong with snow. It can be beautiful!

You only say that because you don't have to stand out in it. You also use it as an attack, so I guess you'd be more fair towards it as well. Though I can't say that "Beauty" doesn't fit Ice-attacks, just look at Cure Beauty! And speaking of people shaking their fists at weather, it's time for the second introduction.

: That's a poor introduction. It makes it seem like she's dead, which she isn't.

That's a good point, and one of the reasons I didn't use it. She's only in another dimension, is all.

: *Sigh* True... I guess that's what happens when you get caught up with the wrong people.

I'm sure she's safe. Though Zettai might do some naughty things with her, who knows.

: Probably not. There's enough other girls that he could have much better choices.

Yeah, but if there's a group moment she might join. But that's his blog and I should be getting to my own. But first, the last deleted introduction.

: Oh, and Mana also can't fly outside of being a Cure. That's a dream sequence.

That doesn't mean they had to show it during the movie previews the way they did.

: I'll give you that.

: Wait a minute. This is the same as Rino's a few weeks back.

Oh, that's on purpose. You see, I was trying to steal Mana's role as the president now that she's in another dimension. Then you'd scold me for doing that as I'm not even a student. There's a reason that this is the latest one I thought of.

: I guess I pointed it out anyway, so the joke is still there.

Exactly. Hopefully the fans appreciate all these silly mini-introductions.

: I know I did. But I think we need to get to the blog proper. I'm curious about how you've scored me.

I'd better start right away then and quit procrastinating!

Hair: Rikka's hair is a lovely navy blue color, fitting both her "blue-cure" archetype and looking pretty in general. Her hairstyle is nice as well. First off it's long, reaching about to her mid-back. The sides reach her chest or so, so her face is framed pretty well. I'm not too big on her forehead showing, but I do find the braids above her hair to be both cute and unique. Her hair in general is mostly straight too, meaning she has a wonderful head of hair.
Unfortunately Cure Diamond's hair isn't as great. Nothing wrong with it, just that it's not as great as before. First off is that her hair becomes much lighter. It's still blue, which is fine, but it nearly looks like a lighter shade of purple. Her mostly-free hair also goes up into a ponytail. A VERY wide ponytail that's about as wide as her shoulders. Now, there's nothing wrong with ponytails but man, Precure has had a LOT of them recently. Her bangs are somewhat cleaned up as well, looking better but still not as great as actual bangs would be. Speaking of bangs she gets hairs that stick out on the side on the ides of her face, and the sides themselves again reach her shoulders but are upturned slightly. She also has two large curls that seem to make circles on either side (as a whole Doki Doki liked their circle-hair). Finally, she has a blue tiara with a darker gem, probably a diamond, in it right where her ponytail starts. Overall Rikka's hair is nice but I like her "civilian" side more.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Much like most other current Cures, Rikka's eyes match her hair. In other words, her eyes are blue and, like her hair, are a darker shade out of Cure form. Her eyes have a fair shape as well, not quite a Tsurime but it's not like she has too much roundness to her upper eyes. The high corners also help, though I'm not a fan of all the eyelashes (they aren't as noticeable in the actual anime, and even then it's not like Rikka is the only one like that). She does have some shine to her eyes as well.
Of course we can't forget about Rikka's glasses! Sadly she doesn't wear them all the time, only when reading or similar things. But she wears them enough for it to effect her grade. Having such great glasses helps, with a lovely full-frame and the red color contrasting well with her blue hair (not as well as if she had, say, black hair, but good enough). I got scared at one point as well; in one of the episodes the plane the girls are riding on crashed. Luckily they all made it out safely, but Rikka said that she lost her glasses. Luckily she wore them in a later episode so either the writers forgot about that or she had another pair.
Grade: A

Face: There's nothing too bad about Rikka's face. It's somewhat simple, but to be fair Precure has always been like that (well, as far as I've known). Her face has a nice shape and her small features, especially her nose, make her very cute. She also has an expressive face, though not as outlandishly as the girls of Heartcatch or HapiCha could be.
Grade: B

Build: Sadly Rikka doesn't do as good in these areas. As expected of an average middle school body, she doesn't have too much of a figure. Not only that, but because this is Precure there's not many scenes for her to show off either. Most of her transformation is cloudy as well, hiding most of her figure from the head down. Her legs do show though, and they're somewhat nice (not bad, but they could be better). She also gets one of the rare butt-punches in the series. Though to be fair, it's only because Raquel, her fairy companion, was connected to her hip and he charged forward. It would have been awesome if Rikka had more butt-scenes like that, maybe like sitting on the Raquel-chair, but I guess it is a show for kids. I'll also add that, in the first ending for the series, Rikka's dancing is awesome. Go her arms pumping back and forth, it was funny yet cool xD. It may have became a meme as well.
Grade: C

Breasts: As previously Rikka won't score well here. She has a pretty flat chest, which also fits both being a Precure and a teenage girl. Not that Fanart agrees, but I don't count that as a reliable source.
Grade: D

Clothes: As fitting for a Blue Cure, Rikka has a lot of matching outfits. Her casual outfit is a light blue dress with a white long-sleeved undershirt. It looks somewhat old-fashioned, but I am probably not finding the best way to describe it. The skirt part itself is pleated slightly, but it's not too bad. She wears short socks as well, and there's a blue ribbon below her neck. Her school uniform, another outfit we see her wear, is a white one-piece with a skirt that seems to have purple around the collar, wrists, and pockets. There's a yellow bow at the bottom of the collar, but overall it's not an impressive uniform.
Of course, next up is her Cure Diamond outfit. It's an elegant-looking white dress with light blue parts, with a flowery look that fans out at the bottom (though she does have an inner dress to cover the front). She also has fancy looking shoulders, with the right one held down for some reason. There's a dark blue bow on the right side of her body while a similar-colored heart crystal is over her heart. She also wears a lot of jewelry, basically gold bands (sadly the only "diamond" on her whole body is the one in her tiara), on her neck and arms. Apparently this is a big deal as she's the first Precure to wear bracelets instead of hand-warmers.
There's not many other outfits to talk about, though. She does have two calender images, one in a witches outfit for Halloween and another in a yukata for a summer fireworks celebration. They're nice and like most Precure match her colors well.
Grade: B

Personality: Rikka is a secretary of the student council and best friend with the lead character Mana. She keeps a watch on Mana, being responsible for her antics and sometimes being taken advantage of. Rikka is a great friend, and with Alice, a third friend, they've been together since elementary school (well, as friends as Alice is in another school for no good reason). After Mana becomes Cure Heart Rikka helps her with a single selfish (just by pressing a traffic button, but hey it's still impressive). After that Mana tells her the secret and gets Rikka into the Pretty Cure as the second member. She stutters at first, not having pride in herself but eventually joins as Cure Diamond. In general Rikka may have a bit of an inferiority complex, falling back if she sees herself as incompetent or otherwise uncomfortable.
Rikka is a great girl. She's smart, being in the top 10 for exams and first in her class, but she's also somewhat blunt and snarky (I remember during the carrot episode Rikka said EXACTLY what I was thinking xD). She's well-minded and is often the motherly voice of reason in the group. She has a good heart as well, even going as far as to help a villain with amnesia. To be fair she does want to be a doctor like her mother (and if she grew up to look like her, I certainly wouldn't mind xD). Speaking of Rikka's parents, they're not exactly the "abandon the child" type but they do often leave her home alone. Her dad is an Archaeologist and as said her mother is a doctor. Rikka herself also likes to study, but when her grades drop from the top questions are asked. Fortunately this is because she was playing competitive karuta (basically a card flip game) rather than anything bad. She also likes frogs as her whole room is decorated with the motif. However, her PreCure design is probably more inspired by being the Prince's swallow from an old fairy tale. To show how smart she is, at six she managed to figure out a remote to Alice's big fancy house and use the traps to almost let them escape. Overall she's an impressive girl and easiest my favorite girl of the show.
Rikka is voiced by Minako Kotobuki, who you probably recognize as being Tsumugi from K-On. She gives Rikka a well-fitting voice that's not too high pitched. It's really gentle as well.
As Cure Diamond she gains the ability to use ice as a weapon. Sadly there's no move called "Diamond Dust" as that would have made a great reference, but alas. Twinkle Diamond shoots out a bunch of small crystals and can freeze, while the tambourine-like Diamond Shower is more of an area attack. She also has a stronger version of the Shower called 'Diamond Blizzard" that she uses in the finale, freezing herself to keep minor enemies at bay. There's also Diamond... Swirkle (I agree that the name is terrible. Apparently it's supposed to be a coffee drink of some sort?), which is basically a whirlpool-like attack. Hilariously enough there's one time when she failed yet succeeded with an finisher; An enemy ate her ice attack but it was so fast that he got a headache as a result.
Grade: A

Libido: Sadly Rikka's libido is a disappointment, but I blame that more on the series than her as a person. First is that we're introduced to Rikka as being Mana's best friend. There's obviously yuri going on there, but as more characters get added Mana started to pull away from her. I'd say that she'd more likely go with Regina for some reason at this point. There's even a bit of jealousy in Rikka's heart as well, and she even mentions in the movie that living in a world without Mana is pointless. I wouldn't mind it as much, but it's very obvious that Mana is going for Regina yet she still teases poor Rikka along.
As far as the other characters, there's her fairy companion Raquel. While he didn't fall for her at first, he did train to stay in a human form to be helpful. After his first crush ends he seems to fall for Rikka slightly, but this isn't brought up again. Finally there's the villain Ira. Ira gets some feelings for her after she heals him, but it's been said officially that Rikka doesn't feel the same way. It's unfortunate as they could have had him become an ally in the last episode or something, but since that would be giving Doki Doki too much credit. I don't mind either of them, and it's sheer coincidence that the two guys are both shotas. Honest xD.
Grade: B-

Age: Like many other Pretty Cures, Rikka is 14. Her birthday seems to be September 17th and she's a Virgo (the latter is important as it's said in the series while the birthday was only mentioned on the creator's twitter it seems). We also see her younger in both a flashback and the movie (maybe) but I wouldn't count those. They really should have had her born in April though, then her birthstone would be a diamond xD.
Grade: C+

Total Grades: 68
Average score: 7.6
Final Grade: B

Well, now that the blog is over I should probably get going.

: Of course, have a pleasant trip. *bows* Thanks for all the kind words.

*A mysterious envelope flutters inside the room and lands on the desk. Topaz picks it up.*

What's this? A note? But this isn't even an opera house! Though I hope this isn't from an octopus, be careful Rikka.

: As a magical girl I'm always cautious about tentacles. But I think there's more reason for this note than just a reference to your favorite game.

You'd be surprised.

: Just read it...

Don't give me that look. I was planning on doing so anyway. Let's see... *he rips open the letter* "Stop the blog now, or we'll force you to end it. We, the Chessmasters, are awaiting you at the highest tower on the campus." Well, it looks like there's another enemy out for me now.

: I told you not to mention that...

True true. But since I'm the only one who they're after I'll go off and confront them. You stay here, where it's safe.

: Are you sure you won't need me?

I may, but I'd rather you be safe than follow me.

: Be safe yourself, too!

Of course!

*Topaz runs off, looking at a map to find his way around the school. However, as he's distracted he bounces head-first against a soft "wall". He gets knocked to the ground and looks up, seeing a Purple idol.*

: Now now now. What do ya reckon we're going to do now?

Uh, release me?

: Ha! *smirk* I know just what to do with bloggers like you! But we'll have to wait until next week to see how things are really going to go down!

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January 22nd, 2015
Anime Relations: Denki-gai no Honya-san
This is the Three-hundredth-twenty-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. As you can tell, we're finally not intruding on a school this week.

Ririchiyo: FINALLY! It's time for you to go after girls that are an appropriate age for you.

Nothing wrong with Japan's love of high/middle school girls, other than the sheer amount I guess. But that aside we're coming here to you from the Umanohone Bookstore.

*The camera zooms out, showing a bookstore with shelves, displays, and just in general has a ton of books nearly everywhere.*

Riri: So it seems. This place seems a bit cramped, what with the tall shelves. Let's meet with the girl and then head out.

But that would be a waste of a perfectly good opportunity! Why not take a bit of a look?

*Topaz starts flipping though the books, looking for something to catch his interest.*

Riri: But these are all p-perverted books! Have some decency, you're not only with a girl but there are viewers!

Don't worry, I'm quick! I mean look at all of these!

*He holds up arms full of doujins.*

Riri: HOW? I only turned my back for a minute!

I'm good at finding what I like.

Riri: Do I WANT to know all what you "like"?

Look! It's a great Kloah work! Can't forget Shuz either, he does great shotacom too. Kurikara and Kujiran's paizuri books are top-notch, and both Yuuta Okumoto and Tomoe Sasamori's works are well done. The latter does a lot of meganekko work too!

*Riri rolls her eyes.*

Riri: All those busty girls, can't you have something OTHER than that?

I do have Px-Real's Sigshiri book. *holds it up*

Riri: I didn't mean BUTTS! Wait... What's this one?

Uhhh, I-I'm not sure! Must have slipped in when I wasn't looking.

*Topaz avoids eye contact suspiciously, but Riri picks up the doujin.*

Riri: Hmmm, looks like two lolis on the cover. Good choice. (I refuse to lose Topaz's affection over some dumb books!)

Y-yeah! Lolis. that's what it is...

Riri: That's suspicious. I'll just see what is in here-AAAHHH!!!

*She glares at him before opening the book. She practically gets knocked back in shock.*


Not so loud, Riri. And you've seen books like that before. NemuNemu is a skilled artist.

Riri: Jeez, that doesn't mean that I want to SEE your dumb fetish! Besides, what do you have against lolis? All your books contain busty girls and shotas!

But those happen to be my two favorite perversion food groups.

Riri: Here, I'll pull a random one out! Annnnnd-THERE!

*Ririchiyo shoves a random doujin from a loli shelf into Topaz's arms. He flips through it*

Uh, Riri, is there any special meaning to this?

Riri: What are you talking about? I just pulled one at random and figured you could use some p-perverse loli action.

But Riri, this is a Project Kagura book. More importantly it's the second Kitsune Kami collection.

Riri: So?

Here, why don't you look through it?

Riri: Sure, but I don't want to see what-OH MY LORD!

*Ririchiyo blushes a deep red and struggles to get the doujin back on the shelf.*

Riri: I-It was just an accident! I didn't mean such a... PERVERSE book! (I wonder if he'd "use"... no, don't think such perverse things!)

Don't worry, it happens to many popular shows. Just be glad that pictures are still gone!

Riri: But I was doing things! My wonderful Youkai body, soiled in such a way! I'll never live this down!

*She hides her head in shame but gets a tap on the shoulder.*

???: Uh, excuse me. But are you Ririchiyo?

Riri: Yes, but I'm not going to be doing something like THAT! You PERVERT!

???: Like what? I'm supposed to meet you and someone named "Topaz" today.

*Indeed, the mysterious guest is indeed a meganekko.*

Oh, Sensei. So that's where you were, I was looking for you!

*She eyes his armful of doujins.*

Sensei: Sure you were... I guess yet again I lose to fictional characters. I really could use some more Girl Power, right?

Nonsense, I think you're beautiful! And if you allow me, my blog will prove it!

Sensei: I will, but only if you check those all out!

Errr, I seem to have forgotten my money. Riri?

Riri: I'm not supplying your porn habit, Topaz. It was enough to watch you lotion up that one demon bishop last week.

Hey, she traveled all the way from Brazil! Well, from Spain to Brazil and then here, but still. Plus people who don't read both blogs will be confused...

Sensei: I'm already confused...

Don't worry, it's just continuity. And since we've found you Sensei...

Today's girl is:

Denki-gai no Honya-san

Riri: Is her name really "Sensei"? That sounds more like a nickname than anything.

Well, technically it is. But other than her pen name of "Jona Taro" we don't have much to go on.

Riri: Oh, so it's like that one Girlfriend girl?


*Topaz puts aside his armful of erotic doujins.*

Hair: Sensei has really great hair. About the only minus is that her hime cut has a part in the middle, though to be fair it is a pretty sizable one. In fact it passes the halfway point of her forehead or so. That said, her hair is wonderful. Color-wise it's a lovely dark blue. It goes about to her waist or so, and goes straight down her back (probably my favorite hair style). Occasionally it's up, but that's mainly in the shower or when she's working on manga (or when she's trying to find out what to wear for a date; examples include both a ponytail and braided twintails). Finally, as said before she does have a pretty major hime cut, and her sides reach her shoulders. Her hair also seems to be shiny, a fact brought up in-series as well.
Grade: A

Eyes: As the art style of the series is a more puni plush one, Sensei's eyes are somewhat curved. It isn't too obvious as otherwise her eyes look straight on top, though the fact that the only eye-outlines are at the top might make it easier to notice. There is a point where she's heavily made-up in a fantasy, with a massive amount of eye liner that makes her look more eye-lashy than normal (I'm not big on make up on anime girls). Her pupils are quite large but they match her eyes somewhat by being blue. It's not too impressive if you consider 3/4 of the main female cast have blue eyes. Sensei's is the only one that matches her hair though.
Sensei nearly always wears her glasses. About the only time she doesn't is when she's at the hot springs (which is understandable) and when she's trying to prepare for a date (which isn't). Luckily Umio, the guy Sensei is going on the date with, appreciates her glasses. He even rants about how awesome they are. It's always great to see a guy respect a girls glasses after so many years of them being underappreciated. They truly are a girl's great offense and defense <3. As for Sensei's glasses themselves, they're a red underframe pair. I'm not sure if it's a fad lately, but I've been noticing this type of glasses being really popular at the current time.
Grade: A

Face: As said previously Honya-san is a puni plush show. As a result Sensei's facial features are small, including a dot-nose that is almost impossible to see. There's also not much detail either. Her cheeks could use a bit more plumpness, though. Now you might be thinking that I really like her face. I do, but something seems a bit... off. Maybe it's because when she opens her mouth you can see the top row of teeth, which isn't something anime usually does (though the other characters do the same). I don't mean just when she smiles, I mean you can see the entire row of teeth from one side of her mouth to the other. Another problem is that she can get emotional, crying so hard that her nose starts to leak. That said, in general her silly facial expressions and her cute blush is enough for me to appreciate her.
Grade: A-

Sensei: Aaaauuuu.... I can't believe that people have seen me with a runny nose. How am I going to be able to recover from the deductions from my girl power? Waaaaaaaahhh!

*She starts to sob uncontrollably.*

There's nothing wrong with your girl power. Have you've been paying attention? You've gotten great points across the board!

*Sensei starts perking up, eventually standing.*

Sensei: So will you continue to talk about me being great?

*Topaz turns his head to not make eye contact.*

O-of course! I only have good things to say...

Sensei: Why won't you look me in the face and say that?

*She starts shaking him by the shoulders*

EiiieeeeEEEiiieee. Alright then, I'll tell the truth.

*Sensei stops.*

The problem is that the next few areas are some of your worse.

Sensei: So my body lacks Girl Power then?

Not at all, but you're not to my tastes.

Riri: Let's just get into it. Then she'll see for herself.

Great idea, let's do that!

Build: Sensei's body is somewhat unknown. This is because she hides her figure in baggy outfits and it's also not like this is a fanservice series either. That doesn't mean she doesn't have any shape, it's just very subtle. She has some butt curve, which is pretty nice (especially in certain poses). She's surprisingly thin for a mangaka, but I imagine that's a combination of not eating too much and the stress she has. Still, I wouldn't have minded her to have a bit more pudge. Height-wise she's the tallest of the girls but is still shorter than any of the guys by at least a head (not that I mind too much). I'll also add that Sensei seems to lose a lot of her "Girl Power" here for low hygiene. This includes a multi-hit combo loss of using a wet-nap and showering in the store sink to bathe! She also uses clothes spray to make sure she smells good, in case she wears the same outfit multiple days in a row. The crazy thing is, I really don't mind. Well, if she's as disheveled as one of her pre-date ideas I might take a bit of offense, but otherwise she's a busy girl so some days of not bathing can't be TOO bad.
Grade: C

Breasts: She's a bit on the low-medium side of things chest-size. She's smaller than Hio and the side characters of G-man and Tsumori (all of which by quite a bit) but she's bigger than the two lolis Fu-chan and Kameko. Still, for some reason they had to force her into being jealous of the bustier characters (especially Hio) and during their date prep they couldn't think of anything guys might like other than large breasts. Much like certain authors- OHHH BURN! Jokes aside Sensei does have a modest chest, and one that fits her body. It did seem she got bigger for a single joke in the final episode, but I wouldn't put too much thought into it.
Grade: C

Clothes: Sensei has a surprisingly varied wardrobe. Well, not literally as her closet is full of the same outfit, but you get my point. Most of the time she's in her work "uniform" which consists of a zipped blue track jacket with a red collar and matching track pants. Occasionally she'll wear a long dress instead of pants, but it doesn't show off much more. When on the floor at work she'll also wear an apron (I'm not sure why, you'd think she'd wear it when making manga as it's more likely for her to drop ink at those points). She also wears a more flowery apron when making chocolates. Other outfits include a great goth lolita outfit (perhaps similar to Kuroneko from OreImo on purpose), gym buruma (she keeps the track jacket on), winter coat including scarf, a pink flora yukata, a revealing cat bikini (or so) with added paws and ears, a school swimsuit (which fits her well), a maid outfit, green sailor uniform, a cosplay of Yui from YuruYuri due to a VA joke, a DBZ-style gi, and both over- and under-dressed for a date (trying too hard with a fancy/stylish outfit and not hard enough with a ripped, dirty long T-shirt). She also wears a cheerleading outfit in an eyecatch, humorously enough drawn by Itou Life who is another ero doujin artist I'm fond of. I suppose that I can also count "naked", but the awkward lighting means no one got a good look at her. Finally, technically we see Sensei in another girl's garterbelt, but being so far removed from fancy things she thinks it's a headband.
Grade: B

Sensei: Arrggghhh, I can feel the Girl Power flowing out now that people heard that.

Hey, it was a funny moment and I'm sure no one thinks less of you for your silly antics.

Riri: Hey, what's this "Girl Power" you keep mentioning? Is it something I should be worried about?

It's a conspiracy by two girls to keep picking on Sensei. In fact, now that we've gotten to that point I might as well talk about it. But first I'll talk about the rest of her personality.

Personality: Sensei, as said before, is just a nickname. She came into the store saying she'll surpass even her "sensei" in the manga field. As you can infer, she's a mangaka, with the pen name of "Jona Taro". Oddly enough this puts her and Umio together (as he's a big fan). Being a mangaka is a big part of her life as well. She occasionally sleeps at work as her directer knows she could be up all night for several days at a time to work on manga. She's very hard working, but occasionally needs Hio's lap to regain composure. You see, when Sensei gets stressed she starts to become a crybaby. She also slacks off every so often, but not on purpose. She also has incredible willpower, though I'll give an example later. Although we never actually see her work I'll assume that it's pretty popular and she's a skilled artist too (she nearly left the bookstore to pursue it full-time).
Sensei is voiced by Minami Tsuda. She's not a major VA, but she's had some good roles. She does get Sensei's emotions, and isn't too high pitched or anything even during Sensei's "episodes". Her voice fits well.
I'd also like to explain a point about Sensei and her "Girl Power". You see, a running joke in the series is that two of the other female characters tease Sensei about her lack of "Girl Power", which is an arbitrary scale they made for girls. It seems that they use it JUST to pick on Sensei though, pointing out her flaws right in front of her. They even videotape it and tie her up to force her to watch. First off, I'd like to say that while I appreciated the focus on the meganekko this is the wrong way to do it. It makes the two girls seem overly spiteful, and it's THEM that seem to have a problem moreso than Sensei. Sensei might spend all day at a family restaurant just having the drink menu (which is a feat of endurance, both for her mind and for her stomach, and one that I respect), but THEY are the ones who studied her all the time. Did they not have anything better to do that day? I'm not sure, but it felt like the anime went out of the way to explain how un-feminine Sensei is. It's like one of those jokes that isn't especially funny but people like repeating. Not only that, but most of the things Sensei does aren't that bad in my eyes. It may just be a culture thing, but I can understand using practical outfits rather than "cute" ones and other time-savers when under a crunch.
Which is really a shame as Sensei is easily the best girl in the series. I'm not saying that as a meganekko lover either (though that helps). Her relationship is cute and I like her personality of being a skilled, if tired, mangaka. You've got Fu-chan who surprisingly isn't a fujoshi but instead a zombie lover that tries to bean whoever looks like one with a baseball bat similar to a certain Inami (I will say that her romantic moments are fine, though). Then there's Hio who I've already mentioned is a bit of a bully and a stalker but otherwise has "busty" as a character trait at times. Not that Tsuyuri is any better, who is a drunk trying to reignite a past love (unsuccessfully). The only other fine girl is Kameko who takes pictures and has fro-tastic hair, but even she's not as great as Sensei.
Grade: B+

Libido: As I've said before, Sensei writes doujinshi. I'm not sure if it's ero books in particular, but it's possible. She's not experienced in real life though. She does get a lot of great moments with Umio but she's too shy about dating a fan to admit anything. She does get angry when he tries to hide his butt-pillow in front of her and confiscates it, but chances are that's because he grabbed it in an intimate moment between the two. Or maybe she wanted him to use her butt instead xD. She does have a lot of lap pillow moments, to Umio's sensitive pleasure, and as said before he does a great job being my type of guy (see his glasses rant I mentioned before). There's also a moment when Sensei tries to think like a guy to prepare for a date and assaults the other girls helping her in various ways. My favorite is that she took the reverse trap Kameko and put a dog collar on her, which shows Sensei might be a bit of an "S".
Grade: A-

Age: You might think that Sensei is young, especially due to the art style. However, I'm fairly certain that she's over 18 as she's selling ero books. Not only that but I've heard she's even over 20, which would be a "plus" if only we had a more concrete idea.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 80
Average score: 8.9
Final Grade: B+

Sensei: Ehhhh? I actually got a good score? E-even with all my girl point deductions?

There's nothing unfeminine about you, Sensei. You really need to get your co-workers to appreciate you more.

Riri: Hold your modest chest out with pride as well, we need more girls proud to not be busty!

Sensei: That sounds like a plan!... *Stretches and yawns* But it'll have to be after my nap. Thanks for helping me with the blog.

So can I have those manga for free?

Sensei: No.

*She walks into the backroom and falls on a bed, instantly starting to sleep.*

Well, it was worth a try.

*Both Topaz and Ririchiyo exit the store empty-handed. However, once outside she asks a question.*

Riri: Now that the meganekko recaps are over who are we going to visit next week?

I'll give you a hint. What is a "10" on the Mohs Scale?

Riri: ...Cynthia? But Zettai already did her! Plus you're not done with the series either.

Nice job remembering that, but I'm looking for a more exact answer.

*Riri thinks for a short time, but sighs.*

Riri: I see who you mean now. You and your gem references....

Well, she IS a girl's best friend!

Riri: Good point. And considering what her friend is like that's asking a lot.

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