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July 17th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninety-fourth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. As you should know, last week we rescued Aoi from Yurika's not-capture. However, two meganekko idols working under Patchebel followed us, and we're currently fighting to keep their clutches off of her.

Riri: Why did you have to review all the information?

It gives us something to do until we get to the stage. But look, we're already here!

*Topaz enters the backstage area and slowly walks on the stage. Riri follows behind him, but doesn't go on stage as she hides behind the red curtain. On a podium on the other side is a green haired meganekko, which Aoi has already identified as "Linda". On her side is a brown-haired girl with an apron over her uniform.*

Linda: Fufufu. I see that my taunt has gotten you and you took the bait.

Hanayo: T-that's right! You've fallen into our trap!

If you knew me better, you'd know I have no problems falling for a trap!

*Backstage Riri facepalms.*

Riri: That's not what they meant, Topaz! I just hope you'll be safe...

*Back in the front of the stage.*

Linda: Good to hear that, then... For in THIS blog you'll be having an audience!

Don't I usually?

Linda: I don't mean just your sole reader, but instead look at THIS!

*The auditorium's lights turn on, revealing a full crowd of people.*

Oh man! Not this dream again! At least I'm wearing pants this time, but I still haven't prepared my speech!

Hanayo: No one would want THAT. But enough delay, it's time for me to b-battle you!

But you're a Slice of Life girl, I'm not sure of any way you could stand a challenge.

Linda: Who said we're FIGHTING? No, this will be a battle of....

*Linda hits a button on the remote. The turning of massive gears are heard from behind the stage, and soon the red curtain stage becomes switched with two small kitchens.*


Riri: Oh no, not cooking! Topaz can barely boil water! How will he be able to win!

Hanayo: Y-you're going down!

Linda: Now now, let's not be hasty. I'm sure that Topaz has some secret plan to win, but first let's look at our judges! First, a fellow idol... Takane Shijou!

*A spotlight turns on above the first judge's chair, revealing a white-haired idol in a beautiful gothloli outfit. On her lap is a small, chibi version of herself.*

Takane: It's an honor to be one of the judges for this competition. I can not wait to partake in the succulent tastes that these two will produce.

Takanya: Shijou Shi! (Scribbles a note that says "Honored" on it in fancy calligraphy).

Hanayo: Oh no! Terrible news, Linda!

Linda: What's wrong?

Hanayo: Topaz has already done a blog on Takane! I mean Zettai didn't, but he's not the one taking the cooking challenge!

Takane: I will be as impartial as possible, do not fret yourself Hanayo.

*Hanayo flusters slightly.*

Hanayo: A famous idol like Shijou-san said my name..

Linda: Cool yourself down, Hanayo. Don't worry, there's two other judges, and I'm fairly sure he hasn't blogged either of them.

Oh? Have you read them all like Aoi?

Linda: Both yours AND your silly friend Zettai's as well. You both seem to like idols plenty, and I especially smiled at Ranka's... silly mistake.

You're just saying that because you're both green-haired idols from space!

Linda: Silence! Now, let's introduce our NEXT judge... YOMI!

*The next spotlight comes on, revealing a girl with long blonde hair and a green elegant dress with matching hat. She waves with both hands.*

Yomi: The pleasure is all mine. I always love eating contests as I get to eat all I want for little money. Because I'm poor, of course. I hope that this contest doesn't involve eating dirt or-

Takane: Please, that is enough. If you had continued I may have lost my appetite.

Yomi: Oh, my! I seem to had misplaced my manners, I apologize for my transgressions!

Linda: How about we get to the third judge we've hired... Shinra Kuonji!

*The last spotlight turns on, revealing a girl with long black hair, a black gothic outfit, and pantyhose. She smirks playfully, amused at the other judges.*

Shinra: A pleasure.

Hanayo: She's been blogged by Topaz as well!

Shinra: Hmmm? You question my judging capacity? Very well, I assure you that much like Takane I shall be impartial.

Linda: It's unusual that we obtained three fine ojous as judges.

*Takane, Yomi, and Shinra all let out a lovely ojou laugh.*

Takane: It is as if fate brought us to this meal together.

Yomi: Truly it will be a special occasion. I hope to eat so much my stomach gets bloated!

Shinra: The only thing that could make this meeting better would be if there were pandas....

*Linda stands back up at the podium.*

Linda: Oh well! Let's get those stoves fired up and those ingredients prepared, we've got a cooking challenge to begin!

And we can't forget that...


Linda: Wow, it seems that Topaz has such confidence in his meals that he's going to do his blog while cooking!

Riri: That or Topaz doesn't want a perfectly good Thursday go without a blog...

Linda: Either way, the two contestants must make two separate dishes. Your pantries are filled with various foods, so get to work!

Hair: Hanayo has an extremely simple hairstyle. It's one of the shortest of in the cast, barely reaching her neck in the back and she doesn't have it done up. It does have a cute outward wave near the bottom that looks feminine. Her bangs are also perfect, not that they're hime (unfortunately) but more because they're parted to the right so well that I imagine that she uses some sort of product to keep it in place. Even in flashbacks she had a strong bang-style. And even then, her bangs retain their shape really well. As far as hair color goes, it's a lovely shade of brown. Most of the time, at least. Some images do make her look darker or lighter, but she definitely has brown hair (the darker shade is more in the PVs). Overall I say that I like her hair, but I'd prefer her color to be a bit more stable and I'd like it to be longer.
Grade: B

Eyes: Hanayo has very "cute" eyes. No, really, she has a tarame and it's really refreshing to look at her face because of them. She has some of the brightest and roundest eyes in the cast, which is why I describe her as "cute" but I actually prefer "cool" eyes like Umi or Maki's. Like Maki, Hanayo has purple eyes which is fortunate as I really like that color. I also love seeing every time Hanayo is excited as her eyes light up really well. Her eyes are nice and fit her really well, but it seemed like they needed a bit more...
Which is fortunate, because Hanayo used to wear glasses! Though just from that you can see the biggest problem with Hanayo: she "used" to be a meganekko. Oh sure, she'll wear her glasses when getting ready for bed or otherwise not in idol-mode, but as a whole she stops wearing them. It was really unfortunate when it happened (though not surprising, considering most of her art doesn't have her wear them), and made Hanayo lose her position of my favorite Love Live character. It's like in order to be an idol you can't be a meganekko (which girls like Ritsuko and others have proven is incorrect). It's a shame that Hanayo's glasses were nice too, they were a cute lower-framed pair with a black frame. They didn't fit her entire eye, but I imagine they're more used for reading or similar close abilities. I might have been too rough on Hanayo for this, but do know that it bothered me when it first happened (it's a bit better, though I still dislike it).
Grade: B-

Face: Hanayo has a simple, yet really endearing face. As with her eyes, she's really refreshing to see and I like both her excited and shy moments. She shows a lot of emotion, even if she doesn't realize it. While her faces aren't as memorable as Umi's, Hanayo does have her fair share of great expressions. Her features are small, though many of the other girls are the same way (not that they have the same face, this show is good at making differences in the girls). I especially like how her cheeks are nice and plump too. It shows that the designers knew that she's not exactly a thin girl, and I think that anime as a whole needs more "pudgy" girls like her. Sadly there weren't any changes during the episode that she got bigger and had to go on a diet (unlike another Sunrise production).
Grade: A-

*As Topaz continues his blog, both him and Hanayo are hard at work. Hanayo seems to be chopping up ingredients for curry while Topaz is boiling a pot of store-bought ramen. Hanayo is somewhat flustered, but is attempting to tune out Topaz's upcoming talk about her body.*

Build: Speaking of Hanayo's great body, we reach that time in the blog. Unfortunately, as far as we see Hanayo appears mainly "average". Measurement wise she's 156 cm tall and her three sizes are 82-60-83. For a first-year that's certainly a surprise. She's tied for the second largest hips in the main cast (only beaten by Eri) and her bust is the third largest (behind Eri again as well as Nozomi). And hey, even if it's only by one cm her hips are bigger than her chest and busty girls like that are somewhat rare. Height wise she's beaten by most of the cast, only the resident loli Nico and Hanayo's friend Rin are shorter than her. So why is she "average"? She doesn't show off her curvy body all that much. It's unfortunate as I wouldn't mind her somewhat-plump body (though judging by a swimsuit official art her stomach isn't as notable as I would like). Like I said in the last topic it's unfortunate that Hanayo wasn't shown off to be bigger when she gained weight in the second season.
Grade: B

Breasts: As said prior, Hanayo has a chest measurement of 82 cm. For my grading scale (which tends to use 85 as a benchmark) this isn't too great, but do know that Love Live is a fairly realistic show as far as chest-sizes go. While Hanayo is pretty curvy, I don't imagine it to be that different from the potential a high school girl should be. Again she doesn't show off too much here either. I don't mean as far as nudity goes, but Hanayo isn't all that bouncy (she does jiggle a bit when dancing) and I wouldn't mind seeing her cleavage as well. Sadly Nozomi hogs all the busty scenes (and a majority of "that sort" of fan art), though I suppose I understand and don't mind it too much.
Grade: B-

Clothes: Like many idols Hanayo has a rather large wardrobe. There's too many to name, so I'll just describe the ones I remember well. First off is the Otonokizaka High School uniform which consists of a blue blazer with a white shirt under, a blue plaid skirt, and a bow tie-like ribbon on the neck to colored to show which class you're in. As a first year Hanayo has a light blue ribbon. In the summer months I'm guessing that the blazer is replaced with a yellow vest, a downgrade if you ask me. There is one major difference from Hanayo and the other girls' uniforms: Hanayo wears PANTYHOSE! This makes her outfit a lot better and as I really like blazer uniforms it's a great combination.
There's also a lot of one-shot outfits that the group or Hanayo wear as one-shots. Outside of performances, I mean. There's the big orange costume Hanayo wears when exploring other club themes (yes, like the fruit). In that same episode was another Rock and Roll classic outfit, though it's silly to imagine Hanayo wearing that type of outfit and describing it would lessen the impact. She's also worn a maid outfit, a yukata, and in official art a waitress outfit. As far as the idol outfits go, my personal favorite is the butler-like one in the second season (when Rin was wearing the dress as the center). It not only fits Hanayo's personality and hairstyle and I have a thing for seeing girls in suits, but that episode really helped me like Rin more in general.
Grade: A-

*Topaz continues to stir the generic ramen. However, he adds a green secret ingredient to the meal. He also attempts to fry up a quesadilla using his favorite types of cheeses. Hanayo instead goes for a surprising foreign dish, stirring together the ingredients for a simple Paella. However, once her rice cooker is done, the aroma of the rice makes her mouth drool and a wide smile appear.*

Hanayo (to herself): N-No! I can't give in to such weakness!

*The great rice starts to sparkle, breaking Hanayo's endurance.*

Hanayo (to herself): Well... I suppose a LITTLE couldn't hurt...

Personality: Hanayo, or Kayochin as is Rin's nickname for her, is a shy girl, barely able to speak up and join the main group. She gets a lot of help from Rin, who is pulled in with her. Even in the second season Hanayo is quiet, barely able to speak on a loudspeaker when Honoka had her try and improve. Luckily she' s not as shy on stage as she once was, as now she nearly seems like a natural. I will say that her voice is pretty high pitched, which I'm not a huge fan of. It works well with the rest of the group though, and it's not enough to bother me either. Nothing against Yurika Kubo either, though I haven't heard her other major roles.
There are two great loves of Hanayo's life, though I don't mean in a romantic situation. For one, her love of idols is what got her into Muse (or " μ's", though that's a bit harder to write). Hanayo always wanted to be an idol, and once she saw the three members perform it was a great match (even if Hanayo was their only audience member). She becomes the first fan of the group, and is the member that keeps up to date on idol news. It's often funny and always sweet to see her rush in out of breath with a "Big News" announcement, something that's become a character trait of hers. Speaking of character traits, it was great to see Hanayo get down Nico's actions and personality so well (not to mention her hair style; I wouldn't have thought that Hanayo would have the hair for twintails). Speaking of Nico, as dedicated as Hanayo is she becomes the president of the idol fanclub after the former graduates.
Hanayo's other great love is white rice. She always eats a lot of it, and requires extra rice balls after school to get the stamina for practice early on. She's even seen eating a giant, head-sized rice ball at one point! That said, she does become concerned with her weight after but she easily loses the weight. Even with Honoka tempting her with a restaurant serving Golden Rice (though that was a very amusing scene). Perhaps she should do a duet with Yuuko Oomori from Happiness Charge PreCure...
As some miscellaneous information, Hanayo seems to have an interest in drawing and origami though I don't recall this being shown in the anime. She also seems to care for the school llamas, even going to them when looking for a person (as outlandish as it sounds). Overall I wouldn't have minded seeing an episode for Hanayo in the second season as she only had her introduction as a focus (granted that Rin and Nozomi were more deserving of their episodes).
Grade: B

Libido: None really shown, as far as I know. It's possible that there's more in the songs that I don't know about. That said, Hanayo is usually paired with Rin. The two are best friends and are shown to be very close. It's possible to pair her with Nozomi, though I don't think she'd split up with Eri and it's more of a caring older sister arrangement with Hanayo. There's also Kotori, who has a few duets with Hanayo that I haven't heard. Personally I think that Hanayo and Rin is the best of her pairings. However, Hanayo is also one of the people who mention that idols shouldn't have love, which is a dumb rule.
Grade: C

Age: Hanayo is a first year student and is fifteen years old. That said, I do wonder if she's 16 now as her birthday is January 17th and the second season ended with a March graduation.
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 70
Average score: 7.8
Final Grade: B


*As the timer counts down the last minute Topaz puts the finishing touches on his meals. It looks fairly generic, but edible. However, Linda's announcement shocks Hanayo out of her rice-eating trance. She offers her meals to the judge, but she seems to be missing a major ingredient...*

Shinra: There's no rice in this paella...

Takane: My former chair would be outraged at such a sight! I refuse to consume such an affront to Spanish cuisine!

Shinra: Right, it seems that Buddha was incorrect and rice IS a main ingredient.

Yomi: At least this beef stew tastes good. *starts to spoon it into her mouth*

Hanayo: Er... That was supposed to be curry.

*Yomi drops her spoon.*

Yomi: C-Curry? You attempt to bribe me with such high-class food? I'll ONLY eat ready-made curry when it's on sale, and that's when I don't find random boxes of pirate treasure!

Shinra: That sounds ridiculous. Who would believe that pirates would leave CURRY as treasure.

Takane: I am more amused by the fact that a ninja is eating pirate treasure.

Hanayo: It's not my fault! My rice mysteriously disappeared!

Shinra: Say that to the rice on your face. *smiles smugly.*

Hanayo: W-wait? Did I eat ALL my rice? No, it c-can't be! But it would explain why I'm suddenly so full...

I guess that was your biggest weakness in this battle. Now, judges, partake of my meal!

*Topaz offers his meal next.*

Takane: I-Is that ramen I smell?

Takanya: Shi Shi! *eyes sparkle*

*Takane and Takanya immediately dive into the ramen. In a way worthy of their ojou status, of course, with chopsticks and such.*

Yomi: Hey, what's this?

*Yomi picks out one of Topaz's secret ingredients from the ramen.*


*Yomi immediately eats it and tries to pick out more, despite the other two girls eating the noodles.*

Yomi: Mmmm. The saltiness of the store-bought ramen's flavoring packet makes these bean sprouts taste much better. No doubt I can keep a bowl of ramen for weeks and just dunk them in on occasion.

Takane: Go ahead and eat the beans. My former chair would love if I ate them but as he's trapped in a room this month it would be difficult to have to hold it in for him that long.

What are you talking about?

Takane: It's a mystery. *smirks*

Shinra: While those two are eating that meal I suppose that I'll eat this quesadilla instead. I hope that it has cheese at least, I've had enough mockeries of food from Spanish-speaking countries today.

But first, why don't you turn it over.

*Shinra indeed flips the quesadilla over, showing a burnt bottom. However, the bottom is vaguely panda-face-like. Shinra picks up the plate and starts to leave with it.*

Linda: Hey! You can't just leave like that!

Shinra *from outside*: TOPAZ WINS!

Yomi: *munch munch* I second that. You can't make curry or paella without rice, but his meals are delicious in their simplicity.

*Takane is too busy slurping up noodles to answer, but she gives a thumbs-up as well. Takanya even holds up a paper that says "Topaz wins" on it.*

*Linda sighs at the overwhelming victory.*

Linda: Well, I guess this means that our winner is... TOPAZ!

Hanayo: I knew I should have played him in a card game instead! If only I had learned how to play in time as well...

Don't beat yourself up, Hanayo. I know exactly where the rice went!

Hanayo: Wait, did you steal it? Cheater!

No, but instead I meant HERE!

*Topaz squeezes Hanayo's pantyhose-covered butt.*

Hanayo: EEE!

What? You weren't expecting a butt squeeze? I thought you liked reading my friend's idol reviews! Or were you more expecting something like this?

*Topaz cups and fondles Hanayo's chest from behind.*

Hanayo: Ah!

I know, I'm not Nozomi. But I couldn't help touching the "rice balls" you keep on your chest! Then again, you also have a lot of rice HERE too!

*Topaz starts poking Hanayo's stomach.*

Hanayo *eyes watering*: S-stop! That's embarrassing! A-and it's tickling me!

*Hanayo starts to laugh and falls on her side slowly. Topaz continues to tickle her sides until she accidentally knocks him back by kicking him in the face with her pantyhose-clad foot (as her shoe fell off while being tickled).*

Hanayo: Please! Stop tickling me, and I'll do anything!


Hanayo: *gulp* Y-yes...

Riri: Don't make her do something perverse, Topaz!

Put your glasses back on!

Hanayo: I should have expected as much. *Puts them on* I-is it really that much different?

YES! And now that the competition is over, it's time to end the blog for the week. Join us next time when I discuss Linda!

Linda: If only you knew the contest I have planned for you. Kufufufufu...

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July 10th, 2014
Anime Relations: Aikatsu!
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninety-third week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Last week, Topaz helped save the possessed Yurika. As a reward the ex-Aundae promises to show him "Something Special". She eventually brings both Ririchiyo and him to a large school campus.*

Wow! This school certainly is something special!

Riri: I don't see why, you've been in a ton of schools before...

That's true, but GAIKING is under this one!

Yurika: Wait, what? No! Where did you get such a ridiculous idea! At least I can't say you're not creative...

Thanks, though it's a shame that we won't be able to see any mechas this month.

Riri: I suppose it's good for Zettai's blog that there won't be any fatal overlap. Plus do you really WANT to face Proist? Zettai barely survived and you can barely spell her name correctly!

Point taken. So what are we hear for?

Yurika: Patience, or I'll have to suck your blood!

*Time passes as Yurika eventually leads the two bloggers to an inauspicious room.*

So, as I was saying, you shouldn't make threats that you won't actually fulfill.

Yurika: S-shut your yap! You don't want to not ally yourself with a six-hundred year old vampire! Not only that, but we're finally here.

*Yurika opens the door, revealing a blue-haired girl sitting on a bed.*

???: Oh? More guests?

Wait, are you saying that...

Today's girl is:

Aoi Kiriya

Aoi: Wait, aren't you the one who blogged about the idolmaster girls a few weeks back? And then talked about Yurika last week? I loved those interviews!

Want to be next then?

Aoi: Of course, I bet that your blog on me will be something special!

Riri: Wait, wasn't Patchebel or whoever after Aoi?

Yurika: Certainly, but I figured what better place to hide an idol than in a place that she'll never look!

Hiding the tree within the forest, I see.

Aoi: Right! Thanks to Yurika's influence I was able to live my life with Patchebel thinking that I was captured.

Any ideas why she'd want to capture you?

Yurika: Something involving Aoi's knowledge of idols being a serious detriment to Patchebel. Unfortunately I never hadn't heard anything else about her plans.

A shame. With more information we'll be able to counter her plans better.

Aoi: I don't know what you mean about Patchebel or her plans, but shouldn't we get started with the blog?


Hair: Aoi's hair is usually kept in a side-tail. A pretty thick one as well, and with all that weight on the left side of her head I wonder how she can keep her balance. As you can probably assume I'm not a big fan of the side-tail style. I do find her scrunchie to be cute, the green and blue colors fit her well. She does have nice sides, going past her ears and even her chin! Her hair is also somewhat naturally wavy, though you only see it when her hair is down. And man, I really do like Aoi with her hair down. It appeals to me far more than her ponytail, and it shows off her hair's full length. It goes past her shoulders, which is about a medium length hairstyle. Sadly we don't see her with her hair down much, a shame as I find it really nice. Finally, Aoi's hair is a definite dark blue (as opposed to a blue so dark it could be black) and I do like it.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Much like her hair Aoi's eyes are a deep blue. As a whole she seems to have a blue motif, and as I really like that color I can't say too much bad about it. Her eyes look like pretty pools of water too. I do like when a girl's eyes match her hair color (or are close) as well. Her eyes are also shaped nicely; while they don't have a tsurime her corners are rather high and the curve is a bit subdued (not as subdued as say, Yurika's from last week, but still not as obvious as Ichigo or most of the other girls). It's very obvious that Aoi is a "cool" style of idol from her eye shape and color.
Much like Yurika from last week, Aoi wears glasses occasionally. It's a lot more rare than seeing Yurika in glasses though, as Aoi only uses them when either in "Idol Professor" mode or in disguise. That said, she also wears a great pair. They have really thick frames that are barely blue in color, flowing nicely with the rest of her blue coloring. In general I really do like Aoi's glasses but I'd love if we could see her wearing them more! Also I hope that this doesn't mean that Aoi wears contacts, that would be unfortunate!
Grade: A-

Face: Aoi's face is nice but a bit plain. At least if she's not wearing glasses, but that's just appealing to me in a different way xD. Anyway, there's nothing too objectionable about her face but many of the faces in the series look similar. Not that this is bad though, Aoi does have small features including her nose and her cheeks have a bit of blush in official art. Not quite embarrassment-blush, but the softness kind. Overall her face is refreshing and nice, but doesn't do too much to stand out. Well, at least now, as in the early episodes the CG wasn't that great. It nearly looked like her face was ironed onto the 3D models, which I think are similar to the game. Her eyes were also stretched out a bit. Now the CG resembles the anime version of Aoi and is a HUGE improvement.
Grade: B-

Build: Aoi's only measurement is her height, which for some reason improves 5 cm between the seasons (from 152 cm to 157 cm). The lazy part is that EVERY girl grew 5 cm between the seasons, meaning that they don't have to change their ratios at all and all the girls look the same compared to the others. For example, Yurika went from 153 to 158 cm, keeping her 1 cm above Aoi at all times. It's cool that they made the girls taller, but when there's no difference it's not that impressive! At least she is taller than her "love interest", if only just barely now (as Raichi really grew up).
Bodywise Aoi isn't too impressive. She has an average body and is able to exercise and dance well. She's got a slender, but good-looking, figure. The biggest problem is that, as a kid's show, Aoi's body isn't shown off too much. At least Yurika had her random buttscene as Aoi's body suffers for not being shown off! Maybe she should join PowaPowa Puririn to learn their buttwiggle xD. Also, like her face, she had a lot of problems with the CG early on. Namely that her wrists and arms looked far too thin. It's better now, there's a bit of thinness at her wrists but it's not as bad as it was once. Another complaint would be, in a piece of official art that both Aoi and Kii (another girl) are showing off their legs, is that Aoi's legs aren't as defined as they normally are. I get that it could be the angle, but they look pretty straight rather than curved.
Now, I might have complained a lot about Aoi's body, but take that as a compliment as I really want to see more of Aoi looking great! She's my favorite of the three lead Starlight girls, and that includes a TDB that shares my birthday xD.
Grade: C

Breasts: Unfortunately for Aoi's score she really doesn't have much here either. Not to surprising, but it's always unfortunate as her chest does fit her slender figure well.
Grade: D

Clothes: Aoi's wardrobe is overall nice. Like Yurika she is most often seen wearing the Starlight Academy school uniform, consisting of a dark blue top coat with a white shirt inside, a red ribbon around the collar with a gold button, and a white skirt with a dark blue line and two buckles. On the shirt are four gold buttons, with the top and bottom two connected by a chain. As with Yurika, Aoi only wears knee-high white socks and sadly not thighhighs or pantyhose. Aoi also has a blue exercise outfit, though as it's a track jacket it doesn't show off her body all that well. Her swimsuit top, a half-tank top with a white-with-blue-stripes piece covering her chest, is pretty nice and unique though she really should have worn a bottom and not jean shorts. It does fit her colors I suppose, and this is one of the rare occasions when she had time off and could be put in jeans, but it's a weak excuse and I'd rather have a bikini bottom. Other outfits include a scuba outfit as well as a Santa outfit and a blue yukata. In general her outfits look really nice, though I am somewhat blue biased. She's also worn outfits for "Stylish Thief Swallowtail" and "Naughty Detectives" series, the latter being a drama she's currently in. And no, "Naughty Detectives" isn't THAT kind of series, though sadly she doesn't wear an actual police uniform and instead wears a white and purple outfit (which is nice).
As far as her idol activities go, or Aikatsu if you would, she's a big fan of the Futuring Girl brand. The brand describes itself as "It makes wearers look stylish with cool colors and bright hues. " What this means is that the brand is pretty stylish and has many different looks but as a whole the theme is blues or purples. It looks GREAT on Aoi. She also wore other outfits to show them off or perform, though the best one would be when she was describing Loli Gothic as that's a great look for her as well. In the second season Aoi eventually gets the Aquarius constellation dress, which looks cool and crystalline. It also has a cute crown as well.
Grade: A-

Riri: Didn't your friend say something like "she should be able to use an attack from a water pitcher due to her Aquarius Cloth" or something similar?

That's right, though I could see her using "Diamond Dust" more...

Aoi: You do know I'm not secretly Cure Diamond, right?

That's fair, but the similarities between you and Rikka Hishikawa are many.

Personality: Aoi has a calm, understanding personality. It's really helpful that she can reign in Ichigo's crazy antics most of the time, and the two are nearly inseparable. They've been close friends since childhood where they met at a festival. She's also a bright and intelligent girl that is really good at analyzing a situation. However, this also leads her to over think things. She's also concerned that she doesn't stand out, that she's boring but practical. She gets compared to water, not for its plain taste but more for the necessity. In addition Aoi is really good at thinking on her feet (though she prefers a solid plan). She's also always supportive of her friends and can become determined at times. I like "cool big sister" characters like her, though Raichi is actually Ichigo's little brother.
Aoi's love of idols is nearly unmatched. She keeps a lot of magazines in her room and remembers idol trivia very well. She even scored a perfect on her idol-based entry exams! Her knowledge eventually gave her the nickname of "Idol Professor". While she's not the best idol inseries (even Otome beats her attempt to be the new Starlight Queen) I really do like her. She does get her dues, being in both Soleil and Star Anis. Her idol aura is made up of composed of stars and snowflakes and, eventually, tiny purple, green, and blue stars. It's an interesting that, before idols, she seemed to be an ojou-like girl whose talents included playing the piano or violin, ride horses, and write calligraphy. Her catchphrase is "Odayaka janai wa ne" which is usually translated as "That's something special." She uses it about once an episode, so that's a lot of special things she's seen. Aoi likes sandwiches but doesn't like hot foods due to having a sensitive tongue. Overall Aoi is a really likable girl, and again is my favorite of the main girls.
Aoi is voiced by Azusa Tadokoro, a little known seiyuu. This was her first big role I think and continues to be her most famous I imagine (though Fino Bloodstone was popular). That said, she does a great job voicing Aoi and giving her a cool voice. She's not as refined as Yurika or Ran, but Aoi's voice is really great and fitting. I can't say much as I'm not good at describing voices, but Aoi's is really great. Aoi's singing voice is done by Fūri Uebana whose voice is barely different from Azusa (though Fūri also does Seira's singing voice, so I predict that the two of them won't have a duet xD).
Grade: B+

Libido: Aoi herself doesn't have much of a libido herself (as idols have to remain pure for their fans). However, this doesn't mean that Raichi, her best friend Ichigo's little brother, can't have a huge crush on her. As a fan of both little brothers and cool big sisters (which Aoi is sort of to Raichi) I approve of their relationship. Especially due to all the hoops he had to go through. During one point he had to crossdress to get into the school to see if she's making Valentine's candy. He's also very adamant that Noel is JUST a friend and helper in his idol-focused newsletter. Aoi acknowledges his feelings as well, patting his head cutely when he becomes too worried that he may have lost her. As is, their relationship is closer to siblings but I wonder how long it will remain that way...
There's also the relationship she has with Ichigo. While the yuri isn't as strong as it is on other shows, Aoi did give her a hug when she returned from America after a week/inseries year. As said before the two are also seen together quite often and Aoi often calls herself Ichigo's number one fan. There's also the new girl Kii that Aoi went to the partner's cup with. The two are very similar, both being smart occasional meganekkos that are sort-of managers of Ichigo and Seira, respectively.
Grade: B-

Age: Aoi starts the series as a 13 year old and ages to 14 in the first season. In the second season she starts out as 15 and is currently 16. Her birthday is January 31st, making her an Aquarius.
Grade: C+

Total Grades: 65
Average score: 7.2
Final Grade: B-

Aoi: Wow! It seems that I'm not all that special!

Nonsense! Just because you don't score well doesn't mean that I dislike you. It just means that there's certain areas that aren't to my preferences, and there's nothing wrong with that. Besides, you're my favorite of the main Aikatsu girls, and that's something you should be proud of.

Yurika: Don't not remember me! If you do I'll suck your blood!

Oh, Yurika. *waggles finger at her*. But since we've rescued Aoi there's nothing to do but end the blog for this week...


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July 3rd, 2014
Anime Relations: Aikatsu!
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninety-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz stretches* Ahhhh... Feels good to be home.

Riri: True. For the past month we've been at the arena. I can't wait to get some GOOD food in me. P-perhaps you'll even join me for some tea... If you want to, of course.

Of course!

*Topaz walks to the kitchen and looks into the tea pouch container. Unfortunately, it seems to be empty.*

It seems we're out of tea. I blame my failed attempts at making Shinku some. We should go to the store to pick up some more.

Riri: Are you sure? We might get attacked again. It IS Thursday, after all...

Quit your worrying. What do you think this is, a meganekko cruise? *under his breath* Well, it would be nice...

Riri: What was that?


Riri: *puts on glasses* You aren't LYING to your MISTRESS now, are you?

Just me being a pathetic pervert, Ririchiyo-sama!

Riri: *sighs* What am I going to do with you...

*Riri and Topaz head off to the store, but they notice something unusual...*

Riri: Hey, it's not supposed to be dark already, is it?

No, it's still the afternoon! What's going on?

???: Fufufufu

*A mysterious voice standing on a light post begins to laugh. The owner then jumps down in front of Topaz and Riri.*

???: It's a power of mine, Eternal Night! Now it'll be dark all the time, allowing for my vampire talents to really shine!

How can it "shine" if it's so dark out?

???: SHUTTUP! You want me to suck your blood?!

Oh no! It's that one chuunibyou!

*The mysterious figure half-faints, but leans forward angrily.*

???: I'm NOT a chuunibyou! I'm a full-blood vampire, thanks to Patchebel's magic!


???: That's right... I'm-

*The girl throws off her cloak.*

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June 26th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninety-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Kimiko: So will we finally find out who this mysterious Red Sadist is?

???: It's "Red Sadoger", you ingrate. Since you've waited patiently I'll reveal my name... I Am Evangeline A. K. McDowell!

Riri: Hey, I remember you! I think you did something to Topaz and then he had to lay on my thighs!

Eva: Oh? Now that you mention that I do remember tricking a pitiful-minded fool with my illusions....

Rika: We're lucky that you're in your loli form right now.

Eva: Of course, it's not like this is some terrible manga spin-off.

*Eva ojou laughs.*

Miyako: Hey, they're finishing up the latest fight already!

*The six girls look down into the Colosseum just seconds before a heavily armored girl using a large sword throws a Silver-haired girl with a hairband and tan-like uniform.*

???: Surrender and I'll spare your life.

Hairband girl: I'm not foolish enough to fight in such a one-sided battle. Of course I'll surrender! With the size of that weapon and your immunity to my aura you fight unfair!

???: That is no fault of mine. I must rescue my teacher as soon as possible.

Hairband girl: What? Do you have a crush on him?

???: N-NO! Why would anyone love a KID like him! Besides, I have Takahata-sensei!

Hairband girl: S-sure, just keep on saying that...

*The Hairband girl limps out of the arena.*

Announcer: It looks like Asuna Kagurazaka is the winner of this battle! Now, for the finals we have to bring out our dark horse... Come out, Topaz!

*Crowd cheers.*

Riri: Hmm, they're at the final battle already? How fast are the matches?!

Momoyo: Wahaha, if the girls are strong then the matches are short. And I do love strong girls!

Miyako: You love ALL girls...

Momoyo: You've got me there, Miyako *slaps her back*.

*After taking some time Topaz emerges from the other side and enters the arena.*

I was delayed because I wanted to get this!

*Topaz holds up a wooden sword.*

Announcer: Now, let's make this an interesting finale with lots of attacks and blood!

Actually, I was planning on doing another blog!

*The cat-eared Announcer sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose.*

Announcer: Fine, whatever. Make this take more time. Jeez...

And what about you? Are you fine with that?

*Asuna removes her helmet.*

Asuna: It doesn't matter to me what you do. Do whatever you want as I'll be able to defeat you.

You heard her everyone, it's finally time to talk about another Negima girl! And the main one this time!

Today's girl is:

Asuna Kagurazaka

Hair: Asuna is DEFINITELY easily identified by her hair. This is mainly due to the face that she's a tsundere with twintails. Not too surprising there (it's a common trait of tsunderes) but most don't have hair as red/orange (mostly orange) as Asuna. They are side twintails though, with the base slightly behind and above her ears.The twintails also have most of her hair as well so unfortunately for me she doesn't have free hair. They are long though, reaching her shins in the back (early on at least, she seems to have them thigh-length now and I blame that more on a different art style than the author liking haircuts). And there are a few occasions where her hair is styled differently (usually when she wakes up or something similar) so it's not like I have to dislike her hair entirely. Speaking of her twintails though, as a youth she seems to have a longer "base", tying up her pigtails further in a manner that makes them stick out more (I don't like it and it's hard to describe). In fact, even though it's not the best color it does look nice on her. Not one of my favorite character with red-hair or similar, but I can't remember an orange-haired girl I like more. Her bangs exist, but aren't too impressive. Other than the ahoge I guess, which is especially emotional in the SHAFT season (as is her hair in general). Finally, I should mention Asuna's hair decorations. She received her bells from her crush a long time ago and continues to wear them, giving her a distinct look. The bells get close ups in the SHAFT series.
Grade: B+

Eyes: As an interesting feature Asuna has heterochromia, or her eyes are two different colors. At least in the main manga as SHAFT doesn't seem to have been told (that's why that picture up above looks so odd). Her left eye is blue, or to be specific a cyan color, while the right is green. It's hard to tell at times, though. She does have a tsurime, which is a plus, though the sides are a bit more curved than a usual tsurime (and they have eyelashes at times too). The corners of her eyes are about level with the center of her eye. Overall she's not too impressive, but I think that she also wears glasses in an eye catch in the SHAFT series.
Grade: B

Face: Asuna has a fairly simple face. She's generically cute but the characters do comment on how cute she looks when she dresses up. This shows that she appears to be plain-looking in-universe even though she's not different than the other girls. Her chin is somewhat pointed too, I suppose. She also bears resemblance to Nakane, Negi's "sister", which explains why he quickly attaches to Asuna. I wouldn't say that she's anything too special, but not bad. Also her eyes were smaller in the beginning, but as the art became better they fit her face more, and her face in general becomes better (which is why I prefer SHAFT's adaptation as Xebec made the eyes small).
Grade: B

Build: Asuna, and I'm getting tired-slash-feeling bad for continuing to say this, is average in this area as well. She DOES have measurements though, being 163 cm tall and 74.6 kg (I don't know why the decimal either). Her three sizes are 83-57-84 so her hips are slightly larger than her chest. She doesn't show it off more than usual, though in general Negima is pretty good with fair fanservice so we do see her butt a lot. It isn't anything too special, at least as far as I can remember (unless you count the silly embarrassment she has. Ogres saw her naked butt). What IS special is, well, let's just say that Negi knows some pretty improper words and I approve of that sort of "bald spot". There's also an image of her showing her stomach and it looks a bit too muscular for her, but otherwise she's strong without much bulk. She also has an innate magic-cancel ability, though I'm not sure if it's 100% accurate as some spells do appear to work on occasion. Also she's taller than Negi and so much so that she can marshmallow him with a hug!
Grade: B+

Breasts: As said before, Asuna has a 83 cm chest. This isn't too bad, especially for a middle school student like her. However, her classmates do seem to overshadow her, with the biggest being a full 11 cm bigger! This hurts Asuna slightly, though it's not like she's flat either (the smallest chest sizes in the class are the lolitwins with 62/63). She's about the middle of the pack, and she does seem to get a lot of cleavage shots or other breast-service scenes. One memorable one is an early chapter where Asuna gives Negi a bath and as a result of the girls interfering Asuna gets huge breasts as a result of magic. They get so big they even explode! Luckily she was safe afterward and went back to her normal size. On the other hand, the problem is that, even though Negima is an ecchi series, they never show nipples. I imagine that they're small, but I do need to mention it.
Grade: B-

Clothes: This is Asuna's strongest area, at least for me. Her main outfit is her school uniform, a blazer uniform with the school symbol on her chest, a plaid short skirt, ribbon around her neck, and a white shirt underneath. Sadly she doesn't wear thighhighs or she'd have an S-rank due to her hair and personality. It does seem that she wears bear panties, though I have no strong feelings for or against them. Unfortunately most of the second half is out of school so she isn't seen in it as much (though the anime series do cover the parts where she does). She wears the occasional swimwear as well, including both a school swimsuit (or at least a similar style) and bikinis. In certain pactios Asuna's outfit changes. One includes a cleavage-showing armor, though mainly her legs and left arm are heavily armored. She also gets captured and has to put on sexy lingerie because the demon is a pervert, and there's the time that her and Setsuna wore sexy underwear under a maid/waitress outfit during the tournament arc. Asuna is also naked on occasion, as a result of her showers, battle damage, or Negi just sneezing her clothes off. She also wears button-up pajamas, and later in the series she wears a nice princess outfit. Some other outfits include gym clothes, a yukata, and various casual clothes (including one with absolute territory).
While they aren't "clothes" one can't forget Asuna's pactios. She can summon a pretty big broad sword that's easily as long as she is tall or a harisen fan. The fan even has the ability to cancel summons, making it really useful against demons.

Nice fanny! Er, I mean nice fan!

Grade: A-

Personality: Asuna is a tsundere, but not as bad as some. She's certainly not as bad as Akamatsu's previous tsundere lead Naru (Chisame took most of Naru's bad traits, unfortunately for her). She tends to be the voice of reason to Negi's more optimistic views, though she acts sort of like a big sister to him. She's a bit short-tempered but can be mature as well. That doesn't translate to being intelligent of course, as Asuna is one of the worse characters in class as far as schoolwork goes but when it gets down to it even she can pass. She also tends to be loud when arguing, especially with Ayaka (her eternal rival). She's also an orphan and makes her way through school with a paper route (her friend Konoka offers to help, but Asuna refuses to take more charity than she has). Asuna is also hard-headed at times, which is useful because she sometimes slams her head against buildings when frustrated. She just shows her emotions on her sleeves it seems!
She wasn't ALWAYS like that though. As a child her emotions were sealed as was her body, keeping her young for a very long time. Of course, she doesn't remember any of that due to a memory wipe. As she went through school she met up with Ayaka and the two have feuded ever since. Their fighting helped get Asuna the emotions she has now. She's a bit arrogant but brave and stubborn but dependable. She's usually the first to jump in when Negi is in trouble. She's also royalty, being a magical Mars Princess named "Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Enteofushia". And no, that's not a silly made-up nickname as she is a princess from a magic kingdom on Mars. There's also a lot more background to go with that, but it sounds outlandish and is full of spoilers (even more than I've already said). As far as the anime goes, she's got a particular trait in each. In the first, the Xebec season, she earned her magic immunity by signing a contract with a devil and around the last episode she dies only for the class to revive her by fighting the demon. I'd suggest that she shouldn't make deals with demons... As far as the SHAFT Negima!? goes, she seems to have an odd fascination with a creature called a chupacabra. She even has homemade (poorly-drawn) chupacabra shirts for her fellow club mates!
As far as fighting goes, Asuna is a very powerful girl. You've got the patio abilities and magic nullification (as I've mentioned before) but she eventually learns some martial arts. This include the "Kankahō", using both magical energy and ki. There's probably a lot of complexities and other things I'm missing with Asuna, but I do like her overall.
Grade: B

Libido: Asuna, being a tsundere, has a complicated libido. For one, we see nearly immediately that she prefers older men. Especially her former teacher Takahata, who she even paints at one time for her art club competition. She's crushed when he doesn't return her love, but she eventually recovers. On the other hand, she despises Negi at first for replacing Takahata but as the series goes on you see the two work together very well. You can tell that Asuna really loves Negi, though she's embarrassed and refuses it when asked, calling him a kid. She does get effected by an infatuation-style candy and as a result throws them all away. Though as far as their relationship is concerned it's possible to be more of a sibling or mother/son relationship as Asuna has to come to Negi's rescue. She does seem to marry him at the end of one of the spin-offs though.
Grade: B

Age: Asuna's age is REALLY complicated. At the beginning of the series she's believed to be a middle school student. An early chapter even states that she was born on April 21st, 1988 (the manga takes place in 2003 or around then, so she'd be about 15). However, we find out that there's a hidden past that Asuna had, stating that she's over 100 years old by the time the series starts. Not only that, but due to sleeping for a long time and time travel she's even OLDER once the manga itself ends (though that was a cheap way of ending that arc). The spin-off series like Negima!? I don't think carry this much weight and just consider her 15 or so. Speaking of spin-offs, there is technically the "Mahora Little Girls" series where Asuna, like her classmates, are elementary school students instead (and Negi is an adult teacher). I prefer her usual age.
Grade: B+

This might be a bit of a side tangent, but my original rough draft of Asuna stated that she was "21" going by her birth year of 1988. That was 2009, meaning that her rough draft is almost 5 years old now. And that was when my blogging skills were pretty poor, so you know that the draft wasn't the best. Hopefully I didn't miss out on too much as, even though I've fully read the manga, I might have forgotten something important.

Total Grades: 76
Average score: 8.4
Final Grade: B

Announcer: And that's it, right? You're done with the blog for this week?

That I am. But first...

*Topaz remembers the girl from the previous blog and Yukie's image enters his mind.*

Asuna: I see then, so THAT'S why you wanted to bring that silly wooden weapon with you... Unfortunately, I have THIS!

*Asuna summons a sword nearly as big as she is.*

Wow, the last time I saw a girl with a sword that size the girl holding it also had some really huge... glasses. Yes...

Asuna: Stop being so perverse!

*Asuna swings her sword at Topaz, who barely braces the large weapon with his wooden sword. He's still pushed back, but unharmed.*

Asuna: Don't you see? There's a WIDE difference between our power!

You may have the strength, but from Yukie I inherited SPEED!

*Nearly instantly Topaz seems to disappear, only to reappear behind Asuna. He manages to hit her fiercely in the side, but her armor absorbs some of the power. It becomes stained red, if only slightly.*

Asuna: It seems I underestimated you. I won't make the same mistake twice... (Don't worry, Negi... I'm coming for you).

*Asuna swings her sword and Topaz moves to avoid it. However, she has planned for this and quickly adapts, striking him in the side and sending him skidding across the ground. He takes 45 damage.*

Announcer: Now THIS is a battle for the ages! BLOOD EVERYWHERE!

*Crowd cheers.*

Asuna: It seems like it's time to finish this!

*Asuna makes her sword disappear, and instead summons her harisen.*

Announcer: Wait, did everyone else see that? Asuna has forsaken her sword, which was doing so well, for a simple fan! What could she possibly be trying to do?

You know that I don't have a shield so it's no use to continue to guard break me.

Asuna: Enough of your silly gaming references, take THIS!

*Asuna strikes Topaz with her harisen, sending him flying in a comedic fashion. Although he lands somewhat far away, it's just for comedic effect as Topaz only took 5 damage. However, he feels the spirit of Yukie leave him.*

W-wait? My Mimicry ability can be cancelled by your harisen? I thought that it only worked on summoned creatures!

Asuna: It was just a guess on my part. I figured that your ability was somehow related to you being able to use summons.

How did you know about my...

Asuna: Let's just say that my boss has been wanting to defeat you for a while now...

Wait? You're working for Patchebel too? Or is it another one of the characters going after me, like the one that sent Koneko?

Asuna: That will all be explained shortly...

*While they talk, Momoyo stands up in the seats. she grabs Kimiko's arm.*

Kimiko: Eh? I-I didn't know you cared.

Momoyo: Don't take this the wrong way. I just think that there's going to be something... powerful... coming.

Miyako: Wait, even YOU'RE scared, Momoyo? That must mean that there REALLY will be trouble going down.

Eva: Can't you sense it too?

Miyako: My evil-detection isn't as strong as Momoyo's, but I definitely sense that something is headed this way. And if we're going to escape it, we'll have to run... FAST!

Riri: B-but what about Topaz?

Eva: There's no time!

*Momoyo grabs Kimiko, Miyako carries Rika, and Eva and Riri escape hand-in-hand, leaping up and over the walls of the Colosseum. Miyako takes advantage of her passenger to grope Rika's bottom.*

Miyako: So THIS is the butt that Zettai cares so much for... *smacks it*

Rika: HEY!

*The six girls escape. Back in the arena Asuna bargains with Topaz.*

Asuna: Listen, I don't want to hurt you any more than I have to. And without your abilities you're about as useless as a wet paper bag. Do you surrender?

*Topaz sighs.* I suppose that I have to. But I'll still continue my blogs, no matter what you say!

Asuna: I couldn't care less about your perverse hobby. It's not like it's hurting anyone.

???: Oh, but I do.

*The whole Colosseum, including Asuna and Topaz, turn to see a teenage girl enter the arena. The whole place gasps as she walks out. She's barely dressed, with a tail-like codpiece being a particularly odd feature. Her eye is also covered in an golden shell-like patch.*

Asuna: It's the head of the tournament!

???: That I am...

W-wait, you're the supposed new head? B-but you're...
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June 19th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninetieth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

==Continuing from last week==

Kimiko: ...Momoyo Kawakami!

*Momoyo nods to the meganekko.*

Momoyo: That's right! Oh, hey! Aren't you that one girl who was watching me fight Topaz a few years back?

Kimiko: That's me! And I'm glad that you remember me!

Momoyo: I never forget a cute girl!

Kimiko: *flusters* She called me cute!

*Rika sighs*

Rika: So who is this amazing fighter you've trained?

Momoyo: Mayumayu, of course!

Riri: Wait, that's an unusual name that I don't recall. Are you sure that you've got the right girl?

Momoyo: I never forget a face, and I mean my friend- SHHH!

*The cat-eared announcer walks up to the stage.*

Announcer: Good and bad news everyone! The bad news is that we seem to have misplaced our idol act!

*The whole place boos.*

Announcer: (to herself) I know, she still needs to repay me for that sundae I got her. (back to crowd) Now, we know that this is a problem so instead we're going to have even MORE fights! And I'm not going to keep you any longer than I have to, so let's look at our first contestants! In the West we have... Emperor Topaz!

*Topaz walks out.*

Riri: Ehh? But he just fought! They can't have him fight so quickly!

Rika: It looks like they can.

Momoyo: Usually there's an idol performance between the first and second rounds. However, since Topaz was last in the first round and first in this round, without that break he'll have to endure the damage.

Riri: Sounds terrible! His back was split right open!

Momoyo: I didn't need them, but there seems to be quick-recovery nurses for these types of things. He should be patched up at least.

Announcer: And now that Topaz is on stage we can call out our other competitor! Come out, Yukie Mayuzumi!

*A very dark green-haired curvy girl cautiously approaches the stage.*

Momoyo: C'mon Mayumayu! You can easily split this guy in two and take home the prize!

*Yukie bows towards Topaz. As she does so he spots the sword on her back.*

Yukie: I'm sorry I'm sorry!

Sorry for what?

Yukie: Oh.. Nothing.

Male Voice: She's just worried that if she destroys you too quickly you won't be her friend.

*Topaz looks around.*

Who was that?

Yukie: N-Nothing.... *picks up phone strap* Shhh, I told you to keep quiet, Matsukaze.

Matsukaze? Is that the name of your horse-shaped phone strap? How cute!

Yukie/Matsukaze: Hey, who you calling "cute"? I'll have you know that Yukie here will easily annihilate you!

Yukie: D-don't listen to him... I might be strong, but I'm nowhere near Momoyo's level...

Announcer: Er, are you two going to start fighting any time soon or...?

*Yukie turns to the announcer*

Yukie: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It's all my fault. I got distracted and-

Announcer: Whatever, just get on with it!

That's no way to treat a girl like Yukie!

Yukie: E-eh? you're speaking to me with such familiarity and devotion? Wh-Wh-Why would you do that?

Yukie/Matsukaze: It's obvious what's happening. He wants to become your friend!

Yukie: That's such great news.

*Yukie puts on an intimidating smile/glare.*

Yukie: So you want to be come friends with me then, Topaz?

Announcer: Here we have Yukie's trademark death glare of friendship! There's been a few competitors that have ran off JUST from this!

Yukie: It's not working, Matsukaze!

You don't need to make such an effort, Yukie!

Yukie: E-ee-eeh?

Right, I'll be your friend! I just have a favor first.

Yukie: W-what? A favor? But I heard that being friends don't require things like that!

Yukie/Matsukaze: And don't forget, you're in public so nothin' perverted! Like fondling her butt or putting your- MMPH!

*Despite not being the one talking, Yukie still covers Matsukaze's mouth.*

Yukie: Do not say such vulgar things, Matsukaze. Remain honorable! But what's this task that you're asking of me, Topaz?

I just want to talk about you in my blog.

Yukie: A blog? Er, let me consult my adviser first... *talks to Matsukaze.* W-what should we do? He says that he wants to talk about us!

Yukie/Matsukaze: Don't worry, getting to know people is often the first step in becoming friends!

Yukie: That is a good point.

*Yukie turns back to Topaz and clears her throat.*

Yukie: My adviser has instructed me to allow you to continue.

That's great then! And, as you can tell...

As a note, unlike with Momoyo I was unable to read through the entirety of Yukie's route.

Yukie/Matsukaze: Wow! You suck at visual novels!

Hair: Yukie does have really nice hair. At first glance it looks black, but it's actually a really dark shade of green. It's a bit more obvious in the game as I think the anime greys it slightly. Not that this is bad, I do really like the color. As for hair style, Yukie tends to keep it in a bob-cut looking style. Her hair isn't short though, it reaches her hips or so. Her style instead is mainly because she has twintails in back, spread outward so that they look good. She does have different hair styles, such as having it up in the bath or free in one of the CGs (it looks like she has surprisingly wavy hair). Of course, we can't forget the best part of her hair. Yukie has a near-flawless hime cut. The sides are a bit short, only going to her ear or so, but I do really like her hair style.
Grade: A

Eyes: Sadly Yukie's eyes don't suit me as well as her hair. They aren't BAD of course, it's just that she tends to have a tarame while I prefer tsurime curves. She CAN have a tsurime, such as when she's fighting or being intimidating, but as a whole she tends to have a more innocent look. Her eyes are a greenish-blue color, with the emphasis on blue. It could be nice if they had her eyes be green to match her hair color (though probably a bit lighter) so while I do like blue eyes I don't know if hers are all that great. They're nice, mind you, but not high-scoring. Also, as an added piece of trivia, when embarrassed she is the type to get dizzy-style effects in her eyes.
Grade: B-

Face: Yukie's face is nice and reserved, fitting her Yamato Nadeshiko-style personality. That doesn't mean she doesn't have amusing reactions though. One of the best is, when trying to make friends, she puts on a very intimidating smile. It's funny to see someone get this so wrong, and it's worse as she even has a cute smile when she DOESN'T try too hard! As far as facial design goes Yukie isn't too bad. She has a well-framed face with her lovely hime cut and a small nose.
Grade: B

Build: Yukie has a really nice build. And, most importantly, MEASUREMENTS! One of the best things about doing girls from visual novels, and especially eroge, are that they usually have measurements. Yukie's sizes are that she's 167 cm tall and her three sizes are 88/56/87. Unfortunately Yamato, the lead guy, is 170 cm so she's barely shorter than he is. Other than that though, she does have a near perfect body. She could use 2 cm on her chest and 3 cm on her butt to be "ideal" but I still think she looks fantastic. Her legs are nice, especially her thick-looking thighs, and she's not too muscular (though she is quite strong).
However, there is ONE obvious spot on Yukie's body that deserves special attention. The spot that Yamato made special care to notice. The spot that Momoyo says that Yukie should eat plenty of good food to make grow. I'm talking about, of course, her BUTT. Yes, Yukie is one of the few girls who gets special attention to an otherwise ignored area. And HOW! The majority of official images of her show off her butt, in pool or beach scenes she's often shown facing away from the camera (while her butt is in full view), and even her basic image in the game shows that she has pretty nice hips! Overall she's a butt character done well, with in-series praise and lots of great scenes. Sadly this didn't translate that well to the anime but the manga isn't too bad (one cover has a GREAT image).
There are two problems with Yukie though. For one, Momoyo exists, and her 90-91/58/88 measurements narrowly put her ahead while her 173 height beats out the male lead. Both of these things make Momoyo have a better body, at least for me. The second problem is that, despite all the love and attention her rump attracts it is STILL smaller than her chest. For a bit of difference I wouldn't mind her butt being larger, especially if it was 90 cm to tie Momoyo's chest as that would break a certain barrier my reader knows.
Grade: A-

Breasts: Even though her butt is Yukie's attention-grabber she does have her full chest as well. As said before, it just barely beats her hip measurement by 1 cm and 88 is a good number. Not as good as 90 (though that's more Momoyo), but I mainly say that to make it a round number. She has about the second largest chest in the series as well. Her chest is also pretty perky and nice, and she even has small nipples when they're finally able to be shown. Yes, Majikoi had censorship in the broadcast version, and it was even the sticker-type of censorship that I really dislike. Humorously, even though it was censored there were a few frames of Yukie's chest shown by mistake.
There's also one other nice feature involving Yukie's chest, but that's more something for libido...

Yukie: Doki doki, Doki doki.
Grade: A

Clothes: Yukie is seen most often in the Kawakami Academy school uniform. It consists of a white shirt with long sleeves and blue trim, matching skirt, and a blue ribbon around her neck. The assumed-summer version is short sleeved and looks like there's a white vest or apron in front. It looks sort of like a tennis uniform too, in a way. Unfortunately her legs are bare, not even wearing thighhighs to clothe her upper legs.
Other outfits include a few bikinis in official art and a thong-like bottom though it's so low cut that it misses her crack. In the VN she wears a gym uniform with blue buruma (though sadly I'm not sure if we see a close up of her butt as a result), two one-piece swimsuits (one of which being a basic white version while the other is a sukumizu with a name tag), and cute if bland green-colored pajamas. She also has some nice casual outfits: one being a black tank-top over a blue shirt, a nice necklace, and jeans though they show off the shape of her hips while the other is a cleavage-showing green shirt, yellow vest-like article, and shorts. Finally, while cooking she often wears an apron and as a result she eventually wears NOTHING BUT!
Overall, somewhat plain but a few nice costumes.
Grade: B

Personality: Yukie has a great unique personality. She's shy with low self-esteem, but rather than just wallow in it she makes attempts to make friends. She even has a goal to gain 100 friends in high school. However, she is not very assertive and will back down from a challenge (though in a way that makes it seem like she'd lose, even if the opposite is apparent). The anime doesn't show it, and the manga follows Momoyo's route so I'll add my thoughts on the route itself (or what I've seen). Yukie's lack of assertiveness does make Kokoro take advantage of her (at least at first. though this is also due to Kokoro's own upbringing). Yukie also becomes friends with another girl that's not in the anime that likes baseball, it's really encouraging to see how Yukie slowly gets friends by working hard. Also then they go fight in a battle royale (Kokoro, Yamato, and Yukie) when they team up with Prime Minister Wakamoto. Yukie even made friends with him, not knowing who he was!
But the main reason that Yukie has such a social anxiety is that she was brought up in the ways of the sword and hasn't made many friends as a result. Her father is the resident Sword Saint, the strongest sword-user in the world. Or would be, if he didn't admit that Yukie was even stronger than he is. Yukie also carries around a sword from him, with permission of course, as she thinks the sword houses the soul. She's probably the most "samurai" of the Samurai Girls, so to speak. Yukie even defeats one of the Four Devas (admittingly the weakest one) and as a result holds her title of one of the four strongest women on the planet.
There's also the matter of her keychain Matsukaze. Matsukaze is a black horse cell phone strap which belongs to Yukie. He was made by her father due to Yukie's shy personality. She likes talking to him, going to him for advice and even using ventriloquism to have him answer back. She's GOOD at it, at least.

Yukie/Matsukaze: What you talkin' bout? I'm a spirit that inhabits well-loved objects!

Sure sure, whatever. Anyway, as you go through her route she eventually decides that she doesn't need him anymore. However, it's interesting to think that he's her inner voice as he's more crass than she is. It's probably a really good thing as many things that he says wouldn't fit her Yamato Nadeshiko-style personality. Speaking of which, she's a really good at domestic skills including cooking and cleaning. Her color is green (like her hair) and she values Respect most of all.
The final part of Yukie's personality I'll discuss is her voice. She actually has two different voices (three if you count the English dub. Let's not as I haven't heard it). In the anime she's voiced by Yuuko Gotou who isn't bad and the VN she's voiced by Shino Kujo. Either way she has a nice kind voice, somewhat sweet but not in a bad way. I like how both make Matsukaze sound different yet similar enough that you can tell they're done by the same person.
Grade: A-

Libido: Yukie is in an H-game and....

*Crowd cheers*

Yukie: Awwwwoooo....

No, for the sake of Yukie's privacy I'll keep the Colosseum audience from listening. She deserves their respect.

Grade: A-

Age: As a first year student in Kawakami Academy Yukie is most likely sixteen or seven-

Yukie: I'm "eighteen".

Like I said, she's prob- huh?

Yukie: "As explained in the tutorial, all the girls of Minatosoft games, including this one, are eighteen or above. Yes, that includes Monshiro Kuki, the loli-ish VN girl who skipped grades, is a first year student at a young age, and also calls her 17 year old brother "older". Minatosoft is a classy eroge creator that would not have sexual scenes with minors."

...That sounds like an obvious lie to get away with showing sex scenes. And the inconsistencies don't help! Did they tell you to say that?

*Yukie crumples up a piece of paper and tosses it behind her.*

Yukie: Nooo....

Well, either way that information is a positive for me. Even if it doesn't make sense. Also, before I forget, her birthday is October 26th.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 86
Average score: 9.6
Final Grade: A-

Wow! That's a great score, Yukie!

Yukie: T-Thank you? I'm not sure what I did to deserve such praise, but...

Yukie/Matsukaze: Nonsense, Mayucchi! You kicked major tushie!

That you did, and as a result you get an image!

Yukie/Matsukaze: Whoo-hee! That's one sexy girl!

Yukie: Matsukaze! Be proper!

Your horse is very correct, you're one sexy girl.

*Yukie flusters.*

Announcer: *sighs* Can we FINALLY get going on the whole battle thing?

Yukie: I-I'm sorry I'm sorry! *bows*

*Yukie unsheathes her sword.*

Yukie: There is nothing I cannot cut...

I'll like to see you try!

*Yukie charges at Topaz. He turns to avoid her blade but she quickly reverses it, slashing across Topaz's shoulder. He takes 35 damage.*

Momoyo: They don't call her the Sword Saint for nothing! I'd like to see how Topaz plans on getting out of this one...

*The battle continues, with Topaz making sure to avoid Yukie's blade. She's very fast though, so there are plenty of near misses. Finally, he uses his trump card and thinks of Morgiana...*

Yukie: I see you finally are taking this seriously...

Yukie/Matsukaze: 'Bout Time!

I just wanted to put on a good fight for the audience. But indeed, this is now serious...

*Topaz makes a running jump kick to Yukie, who catches him with her sword for 15 damage. However, in guarding Yukie made her sword vulnerable. As a result Topaz kicks it across the stadium. Yukie falls to her knees in shame.*

Yukie: M-my sword?

Yukie/Matsukaze: Curse you! You've disrespected Mayucchi's love of the sword by separating the two!

What I did was notice that you have many skills, but without a sword your power has decreased! My power, on the other hand...

*Topaz uses his amazing leg strength, borrowed from Morgiana, to hold down Yukie's back. She struggles, but her panty-clad butt shakes in upward.*

Oh, come on! It's like you're asking me to do THIS!

*Topaz lowers her panties and exposes Yukie's butt. Then he spanks her jiggly ass, and as a result she lets out a cute moan as her cheeks bounce.*

A moan...? Wait, are you enjoying being spanked?

Yukie: N-Nonsense! And certainly not because I'm perverted, have a sensitive butt, or because it's you Yamato-er, Topaz!

Well then, this sounds like a good way of any of defeating the great Sword Saint!

*Topaz continues to smack Yukie's pale bottom until it turns red from all the spanks.*

Yukie: Oh no, I'm defeated! Quick Topaz, kiss it to make me feel better!

*Yukie shoves her swollen butt against Topaz's face. He does kiss it, but that only causes a reaction from Matsukaze.*

Yukie/Matsukaze: OI! Earth to Mayucchi! You're in front of people here! You don't want to lose your Four Deva's title, now do you?

Yukie: My... Title..?

*Yukie looks around at all the people watching her. She screams out of embarrassment and pulls her panties up. After that she runs over to her sword and picks it up before escaping.*

Yukie: Noooo! This doesn't count! I'mmm soooorrrryyyy!

*The Colosseum watches in silence. After a moment, the Announcer steps up.*

Announcer: Well, as unlikely as it seems, I have to award Topaz as the victor of THIS match as well!


*Crowd cheers.*

*Topaz heads back to the Colluseum waiting room to recover for his next match.*


*In the official's room.*

Head: What? That MAN continues to beat the strongest female fighters? IMPOSSIBLE!

*The Head of the Tournament's monologue is interrupted by a loud clomping of heavy boots. She notices that sound as someone approaching and barely turns her eye to look.*

Head: I see you've back to pick up the pieces from the last tournament...

???: Cut the pleasantries, I want my teacher back!

Head: Heh. Is that any way to talk to me? You'll never get your sweet onion boya back at that rate.

???: FINE then! May I PLEASE have my teacher back before I ground your stupid head into the dirt?

Head: Still as feisty as ever... But you know the rules. Before you can challenge me, you have to beat the tournament. And, would you look at that? You're facing that dark horse Topaz in the next match. Show him a thing or two for me, and I'll CONSIDER giving your teacher back.

???: *deep sigh* FINE then, just be sure to keep your promise!

*The mysterious armored female leaves, while the Tournament Head remains in her throne.*

==Back at the stands==

???: Ahaha! I told you Yamato would win that match, Momoyo!

Momoyo: You're right, though I think you mean Topaz. Don't you, Miyako?

*A girl with light-blue hair sits next to Momoyo.*

Miyako: Of course I did.

Momoyo: By the way, where were you? I know MayuMayu and Wanko were in the competition and Christine had other business to take care of. What happened?

Miyako: Oh, you know. Trying to get Yamato to recognize his love for me. Same old Same old.

Momoyo: Wahahaha! Hows that going again?

*Miyako holds up a sign with a "10" on it.*

Miyako: Sadly he's still refusing, but a few more occasions of rubbing my butt on his face while he sleeps should do it...

Rika: Wait, are you sure you're not talking about Zettai?

Miyako: Oh, so you've meet Zettai as well?

Rika: Yeah, lets say that...

*Riri and Kimiko giggle as Rika blushes.*

Miyako: Interesting, kukukuku...

*Miyako's recognizable laughter makes the blonde loli in front of the assistant trio turn around.*

???: I-Is that you, White Sadist? It is, isn't it? Funny seeing you here.

Miyako: That's certainly true. It's coincidence that the two of us are sitting so close to each other. I wonder if the other three are here somewhere as well.

???: Certainly, it's nice to see a familiar face in this crowd of many.

Riri: Uh, excuse me... But doesn't that hurt your neck?

*If it wasn't obvious, the blonde loli is craning her neck to see the two rows behind her.*

???: No worries, I'll be fine. For one, I'm a vampire and as such a little thing like this wouldn't hurt. Secondly, my show IS made by SHAFT. At least the GOOD seasons...

Kimiko: And yet that still has a few characters it could describe...

???: Don't worry, you'll know who I am next week... Especially because Topaz seems to be going against MY disciple next...
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June 12th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-eighty-ninth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*A female cat-eared announcer goes up on a stage in the middle of an arena. The stands are filled with all types of characters.*

Announcer: Welcome everybody to the first week of the Martial Arts tournament! I hope you're all ready to see some blooood! Now, this year is special as, due to a certain "trap" named Topaz becoming strangely popular, we're allowing him to participate. I guess that we can't call this "All-Girls" anymore! Though other than him there's plenty to go around!

*The audience cheers.*

*In the stands, Ririchiyo finally finds her seat. She even sits next to Topaz's other two assistants.*

Riri: Oh, hey. Long time no see.

Kimiko: That it seems to be. Hey, any idea why we still don't have pictures even if the site was fixed?

Riri: Topaz said something about bandwidth and a certain photo site sucking suddenly.

Kimiko: I see then, I guess he still has technical difficulties...

Rika: No matter, let's see some combat!

Riri: True, there's been a lot of explanations lately.

Kimiko: I think I heard about the stadium being under new management for some reason. Like that it has a new head or something.

Rika: Huh, interesting. There's new obstacles, like those giant humanoid statues as well. And it seems that Topaz is the first challenger today as well! Finally we'll see a fight!

Riri: You're quite hot-blooded today, something happen?

Kimiko: *smirks* Oh, she gets that from her "Oniisama" I bet.

Rika: ...No comment. *blushes*


*Topaz steps out into the arena. The crowd cheers, but cheers louder once his opponent walks out. She's a red-haired teen wearing a fairly simple white dress, bracelets, and no shoes.*


*The red haired girl nods.*

Announcer: That's right, no only do we have the great blogger Topaz in the first battle today, but we also have the beautiful slave herself, Morgiana!

*crowd cheers*

Announcer: Now that there's no delay, let's get the match started! And... GO!

*No sooner than the Announcer's hand is waved does Morgiana leap at Topaz with a flying kick, breaking the stone floor under her feet from the force. He barely evades her quick strike, and she goes flying towards a statue. The statue crumbles, nearly becoming dust where her foot hit.*

Announcer: W-Wow! If that would have hit Topaz would be done for! Let's hope that she has better accuracy next time! And I don't mean an Accurate Wave!

Riri: Topaz needs to stop adding jokes that only he and his single reader get *sighs*.

*Morgiana attempts to run at Topaz, but he avoids her next attack by diving to the ground. The next attack is avoided by him rolling away before standing back up.*

Announcer: Come ONNN~ This is boring if you just avoid everything, Topaz!

Hey, I don't want to be crushed!

Announcer: But this is as boring as your blog last year!

My blogs are never boring! In fact, I'll prove it to you right now! If Mor doesn't mind me talking about her beauty, of course.

*Morgiana sighs but stops attacking.*

Morgiana: Whatever, you can talk about me if you want...

*Morgiana faces away from him and drops down, blushing cutely.*

Well then, you all heard her, so it seems that...

*The announcer groans.*

Announcer: Not this again! People want to see action, not talking!

*A person in the audience stands up.*

Ichika: I want to see otouto-kun's blog!

*Another person in the audience stands up.*

Lucy: I want to see Topaz's blog!

*A third person stands.*

Shiori: I-I want to see his blog too... *nervously holds up a racket to hide her face.*

*More and more people stand up. Even a tall, busty girl behind the three assistants stands.*

???: I want to hear Topaz talk about cute girls!

*Kimiko stands.*

Kimiko: Me too!

*Riri and Rika stand.*

Riri: Same here!

Rika: I GUESS!

*The blond loli in front of them stands.*

???: I'd rather see fighting, but this will do in the meantime.

*Soon the entire stadium is on their feet, showing their support for Topaz's blog.*

Thank you everyone!

Announcer: FINE, jeez. Have your dumb blog. Tell me when the fighting begins!

Hair: Morgiana's hair is really nice. It's medium length or so, reaching past her shoulders and even going up over them. Plus, when she returns after a time skip her hair is MUCH longer, reaching about her lower back. She also has a side tail, which is one of my least favorite hair styles. However, Mor doesn't have most of the problems I have with them (her hair is mostly free rather than being bunched in the ponytail, her bangs are pretty much untouched) so I don't mind them too much. Speaking of bangs she has a near-hime cut, it's not perfect but she does have great bangs. About the only problem I have with the style is that her hair is needlessly pushed behind her ears. Not too much of a problem and I suppose there's reasons, but still. Also, depending on the medium Morgiana's hair changes color. In the manga it's more of a red, though the fact that it's manga means that it's more often black due to the lack of color. In the anime it looks more fuchsia or pink-ish. That said, I don't mind her hair being this color and I actually kind of like it.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Much like her hair Morgiana has lovely eyes. They're narrow and pretty, with a strong tsurime (unless she's making a "cute" face). The narrowness is even more noticeable as the corners of her eyes make it look like she has dark, Egyptian-like make-up on. Her eyebrows are narrow, being nothing more than a single long mark. Like her hair Morgiana's eyes are red, and while a bigger problem I still don't mind too much. Probably the part I like the least about her eyes is, when she activates her household vessel for the first time she overworks herself and she cries blood. Even her eyes become a redder shade, especially the whites, which especially bothers me.
Grade: C+

Face: While Morgiana is usually stoic or serious, there are a few cute faces she makes. And don't get me wrong, she's really pretty even when quiet! But from reactions like a simple smile or her cute cheek puffing when angry or embarrassed she can become even cuter. She does look somewhat more mature after the time skip, though that might just have been the anime doing that. She has small features as well, meaning she does a good job here.
Grade: B

Morgiana being beautiful.

Morgiana: Stop embarrassing me!

*Morgiana stomps her feet and breaks a bit more of the floor. Dust flies upward from the debris.*

Announcer: Zzz *bubble pops* Eeeh? I heard the sounds of combat, but it seems that I was mistaken.

Morgiana: That is true, I've allowed you to say too much about me. It's time for you to meet your destiny!

*Morgiana kicks again, and while Topaz avoids her barely she makes a statue slightly tippy.*

I guess I can continue my blog while on the run. I hope, at least!

Build: Morgiana has a small, sturdy body. She's got the figure of a teen, not too curvy though she doesn't look too bad either. I'm glad that she's not muscular as I prefer lithe bodies when it comes to that. She IS really strong though, she's killed tigers with nothing but her THIGHS! And that's not talking about her feet either. Morgiana as a whole mainly fights with her feet and legs, meaning that her feet are very strong (even enough to break stone floors when she gets angry or jumps hard). Her feet as a whole are her main focus as well, and while I'm not a good judge of feet hers are really nice. Unfortunately she doesn't do anything like dom or facestand, leaving her feet to being combat-only, but she's still awesome. Such is the power of the Fanalis, which is a race of super-strong people.
As far as the rest of her body goes, Morgiana is like an average teen. She's got a fairly nice belly the few times we see it. Her butt isn't too shown off, but I imagine that's because it's questionable as to if she's wearing panties or not (which I'll discuss in "clothes"). That said she does show off the upper portion of her thigh when she kicks, and occasionally you can see the curve of her butt (though not a buttshot exactly). Her outfit also shows off her armpits, to those with that sort of taste. Finally, MAL says that she's 148 cm tall, but I'm not sure how truthful that is.
Grade: C+

Breasts: Morgiana isn't really flat, but she isn't a busty girl by any means. Her chest fits her body well, I say. She's about middle school age so she shouldn't have too much. She is jealous at times (mostly due to how busty some of the adults are in the series) but it doesn't get her too down. I do have my suspicions that she grew more than her hair while in the time skip, but I can't tell for sure and it's possible the anime just added that too.
Grade: C

Clothes: Morgiana has a really limited wardrobe. That said it does fit her well. Her main outfit is just a simple white sheet-like dress. Earlier on it seemed ratty but she seems to have improved it since joining the party (or, more likely, was able to upgrade). She also upgraded from a rope belt to a cloth one with a decoration on the front. It's simple, but I don't think she's too concerned with her looks. Occasionally she'll wear leg-straps but otherwise this is it. She COULD be going commando under this, but obviously if she is they can't show us (or they are censoring her panties). It's hard to tell, but I say she's not wearing panties. Plus if this little Concept Design is true...
Her only other (official) outfit is a dancer's uniform she wore during a festival. It's also white with an Arabian-themed motif (fitting as that's the design around the series). The top looks like a strapless bra but isn't too revealing and there's long cloth decorations hanging down. It's possible that there's a chain for her top going from a neck-collar, so don't be worried. Her stomach is revealed, but her hips are covered as is most of her butt as a long cloth hangs down in the back, decorations on the tip. She also wears anklets and bracelets as well as a lovely headress that's really cute.
Speaking of jewelry, I should mention Morgiana's household device. But first I have to say that, since she was a slave, we first see her with chains around her feet. This is important because she kept them and they eventually were turned into her device. They're decorated and cleaned up so she can use them as bracelets or anklets as well, and she can make chains or fire come out. She also wears a pretty fancy necklace as a secondary "power source". Finally, when looking around for something to use she puts on a pair of gauntlets and asks if they fit her look. While not too important I found this to be a moment when she was particularly cute so I figured I'd add it.
Grade: B

Morgiana: S-such perversion! *blushes* Y-You're going to stop this blog thing of yours right now, stop saying such embarrassing things!

I can't, the fans are waiting!

Morgiana: Then I'll make them wait for eternity!

*Morgiana jumps at Topaz, but she's blown away by a storm of rose petals.*

Morgiana: WHAT? You have a djinn too? I though that Hakuryuu had the plant-based Zagan!

No, this is another ability. And I have a certain doll to thank...

*Images of his previous blog are brought to him.*

Morgiana: It'll take more than a bunch of plants to make you victorious!

No, but I can at least continue my blog in that time!

Personality: As said before, Morgiana is a mostly-stoic character with some amusing and cute reactions. She's very much a kuudere, but she does have a reason. That reason is a sad past, but unlike a normal girl she was actually a slave for a cruel master. In fact, she got so "broken" that she had problems seeing said cruel master die. She's gotten a lot better at speaking her mind since then and mostly recovered, but still carries a lot of the emotional baggage with her. Understandable as she was physically abused, separated from her family, and even sold like an animal. As a result of being a former slave she's VERY against slavery. She's always trying to help or get stronger, and she's focused on not being a burden to her teammates. She doesn't want to feel useless, after all.
As a whole she's also pretty socially inept, but in a cute way. She flusters cutely even though she's so emotionally tough. On the other hand, she's also not one to back away from a challenge either. When angry she'll probably crack the ground due to her strength. She's also strong, as said before, due to being a Fanalis. They're a rare race so Morgiana went on a trip to visit their hometown. While she didn't reach it before turning around that might be for the best (it was implied that she'd turn into a beast if she did). As a Fanalis her magical power is low, but her physical strength more than makes up for it. Her special skill is kicking and she likes muscle training as a hobby it seems (not that it shows, fortunately for me). Her weaknesses are that she can't swim (she lived in a desert country) and that she's really bad at improvisation as well as delicate tasks. She has problems cooking as a result and tends to eye ingredients. Her favorite food is fish (which she ate three of in no time with a bit of prodding) and she seems to dislike corn. She's named after another Morgiana from the story Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves from the One Thousand and One Nights who was also a clever slave girl.
Morgiana is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu, one of my favorite VA's (though she isn't on my list). She does a GREAT job in my opinion. It's light at times but also strong during her more forceful moments. It's not too high pitched and is really cute. Really, listen to her character song, it's really great and I like her voice a lot! I'm bad at describing voices, if you can't tell, but hers really excites me. Cristina Valenzuela, the English VA, isn't too bad but she uses about the same voice she used for Homura. They're somewhat similar characters and I didn't listen to it too much, but I'd still prefer the Japanese version.
Grade: A

Libido: Morgiana 's libido is a bit difficult to pinpoint. First off Hakuryuu declared his feelings for her and asked to marry, but she didn't share the same feelings for him. It does seem that she's fallen for Alibaba, but there's the question of if she's doing it as she sees him as a savior or a love interest. He has said that, after she's fully explored her options, he'd love to take her. That said she's also not feeling ready for a relationship either, though she does get jealous of other girls around Alibaba. They're currently sticking together, though Alibaba's arranged marriage may put a damper on that (the manga is currently in the middle of a huge flashback so we haven't gotten back to them in a while). There's also her fellow-Fanalis Masrur, her trainer, but that was only mentioned in a fan book so I don't trust it.
In other words, it's complicated but not due to Morgiana being a tsundere. I pair her with Alibaba.
Grade: B-

Age: Morgiana starts the series at 14, but due to a time skip she's currently 15. While not in my preferred range that's still a good age. Though I do wonder when her birthday is.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 65
Average score: 7.2
Final Grade: B

And that's it for the blog this week!

Morgiana: NOT SO FAST! Amol Selseila!

*With a flaming kick Morgiana kicks the whirlwind of petals apart, approaching Topaz as the leaves burn around him. He gets singed (-15 hp) by the chains but avoids her foot. She reels back, flying on her foot-wings of fire to prepare for her last attack.*

Announcer: Wow! Finally we get to see some blood going~ There's the Phoenix Fighter we saw last year!

*crowd cheers*

Morgiana: FALCON KICK!

*Morgiana dive bombs foot-first at Topaz, but she suddenly stops.*

Morgiana: W-wait? Why can't I control my flying anymore?

Because I've taken control of your device. You see, one power of Shinku's I forgot to mention was that she was able to manipulate toys by implanting a rose petal in them. I figured your device shouldn't be much more difficult.

*Topaz flings Morgiana at a statue and uses her own chains to bind her body in place. She struggles but can't escape.*

Announcer: *sigh* It looks like the winner this time is Topaz. What a boring and unexciting battle...

Morgiana: (T-this can't be it! I have to do something to prevent his victory... But in this position...)

*Morgiana kicks the statue in frustration, but it seems that's all the already-tipping statue needs to start leaning on top of her. As it seems to fall in slow motion, Topaz narrowly uses his body to shield Morgiana's helpless body. He takes 100 HP of damage as his back is bleeding completely now. Since his concentration was broken, Morgiana's chains return to normal.*

Morgiana: You-you didn't need to do that...

Don't worry, I'm fine. But you wouldn't have been, and it would be a shame for such a beautiful girl to be in pain...

*Morgiana blushes but smiles softly.*

Announcer: Shame that there was more bloodshed after the battle was over than during it, but since I already named Topaz the victor I can't go back on it now. Even though it looks like he'd easily lose.

Wait, I know!

*Topaz hits Morgiana directly with a rose attack.*

Morgiana: HEY! The fights

*Morgiana realize what he is doing as the roses float her high above the Colosseum.*

Morgiana: Oh no, I've lost from a ring out!

*Morgiana activates her fiery wings once again, gliding outside the Colosseum. After landing hard enough to break the pavement she runs off, enjoying her freedom.*


???: What!

*The Head of the tournament is seated in a large throne and drops her glass of wine. It shatters in her office floor. But after a slight shock she starts laughing.*

???: Fufufu.... Well, I suppose that you're free now, slave. But you'll be back... *smirks* Isn't that right, wielder of Amon?

*The head continues to laugh maniacally as the spilled wine moves and settles near a large crystal.*

==Returning to the stands==

Riri: I'm glad that Topaz was able to finish his blog and win his first tournament match. But that injury looked painful.

Rika: I was amused by it, but I'm sure they'll dress it before his next match.

Kimiko: I hope that the next one isn't this difficult...

???: Oh, it should be.

*The three assistants look around to see who joined their conversation. It seems to be the busty tall girl behind them.*

Riri: Wait, how do you know?

TDB: Because I know how my disciples well. I even know her three measurements! Though I'd prefer one of them to be bigger... *makes squishing hand gestures*

Rika: Oh come on! If you wanted breasts just play with your own, cow!

TDB: Don't talk back like that to me! Besides, I'd prefer another measurement, if you catch my drift...

Kimiko: Wait... Now I recognize you!

Riri: Maybe if you looked her in the eyes you would have recognized her earlier...

Kimiko: Probably. But really, it's...
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June 5th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-eighty-eighth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

==Wednesday night==

Riri: I'm home early, Topaz!

*Riri opens the door, only to see Topaz hunched over a desk with a table lamp on. No other lights are on in the house.*

Riri: T-Topaz? Are you alright?

Topaz: Ehhh? *turns around* Oh, Riri, you're home.

*Riri notices various doll parts on Topaz's desk.*

Riri: So THIS is what you do when your lolis aren't home. *smirks* I wish I could say that I'm surprised, but this is partially in-character for you. (Ririchiyo, stop mocking Topaz's interests. I'm sure he has some very good reason for this!). S-so why are you creating action figures at all hours of the night?

She's a DOLL, not an action figure.

Riri: I figured they were, but I also figured you wanted to keep SOME masculinity... Anyway, why are you making a doll?

Well, you said that you might not be able to make it so I needed to MAKE a new assistant.

Riri: I didn't mean that you should actually CREATE one! Plus it'll be creepy if you were talking to dolls!

...I hadn't thought about that. But I already have it done. I even made this cute red goth loli dress!

Riri: That is surprisingly well made. And you did it all by yourself.

*Topaz averts his eyes* Yes, completely by myself.

Riri: *Sighs* Well, no matter who helped you it's still well made. But right now you should be getting to bed! You have a blog in the morning!

Awww, but I wanted to finish...

Riri: You can do it tomorrow!


*Topaz and Riri go to bed. Not together, perverts*

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May 29th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-eighty-seventh week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone! It's that time of the week again so-

*Riri interrupts from the other room*

Riri: Topaz, come here!

*Topaz heads into the living room where he sees Riri with a giant crate of some sort.*

Riri: It seems that you have a huge package!

*Topaz giggles, but as he does so Riri picks up a couch pillow and flings it at his head.*

Riri: Man, what I wouldn't do to have a teddy bear some days... But enough of the immature humor, what do you think is inside?

I hope it's candy! But we won't know until we open it!

*Topaz pulls the convenient handle on the front of the crate. Inside is a beautiful doll the size of a teenage doll that seems almost life-like. She is wearing a nice black kimono.*

Wow, the craftsmanship on this is really good!

Riri: I think you can turn it on, but I'm not sure how...

Hopefully the switch isn't "between her legs"!

Riri: That's gross, Topaz. Don't you have better jokes than saying that when referring to "turning on someone"

I was actually making a Chobits reference, but still. Let's see if I can find how to activate her.

*Topaz reaches to touch the doll, but she suddenly springs to life. He jumps back in shock. The doll then blinks a few times to wake up before leaping on Topaz.*

???: Yaya knew that she would eventually find Topaz if she mailed herself to him!

Riri: Wait, Yaya? Topaz, what did you order!

I didn't order her! I probably wouldn't be able to afford her anyway!

Yaya: Silly Topaz, for you Yaya would do anything! Even sleep on a twenty hour flight and wait about a week to finally arrive!

Wait, I hope that you're feeling alright! It sounds like you hadn't eaten in a while. Riri, fetch Yaya some food!

Riri: On it! *leaves*

Yaya: Don't worry, Yaya still has plenty of strength left to eat up Topaz with a side of rice. Plus I'm sure you'll be giving me loads of "fluids" as well <3. Ehehehe...

*Yaya slowly slides her kimono off her shoulders, trying to seduce Topaz. He seems unfazed and pulls it back up.*

This isn't the time for this, Yaya!

Yaya: Yaya hasn't seen Topaz in SOOOO long! But I understand, Topaz is just shy and doesn't want to sleep with Yaya in the middle of the day.

*Riri enters the room with a plate that has a sandwich and chips on it.*

Riri: Sorry that this is all I can make quickly. I blame Topaz being a boring cook.

*She sets it on the table before confronting Topaz and Yaya.*

Riri: A~HEM! I know that you're not at fault here, but can you PLEASE not be so submissive during your blog. (or at least be more submissive to ME. Wait, what am I thinking! Stop being so... dirty...)

Yaya: WHAT! Topaz has another girl living with him when he already has Yaya! No matter, Yaya shall take his heart no matter her challengers. Quick Topaz, break the unbreakable, if you know what I mean.

Row Row, I must fight your seductive powers! *squirms out from underneath Yaya.*

Yaya: Aww, but I wanted you to drill my heavens...

Riri: Listen Topaz, just because you watched the music videos yesterday is no reason to suddenly make all these references...

I'd say that it was a good reason to do so, but since I'm free I'd better start today's blog!

Yaya: Wait, what is Topaz doing, mystery girl?

Riri: He's going to talk about you on the internet. And my name is Ririchiyo though people often shorten my name.

Yaya: *gasp* Topaz is going to proclaim his love for Yaya for all to hear? Amazing!

Something like that, sort of.

Yaya: I'll need all the energy I can then *starts eating*.

Hair: Yaya's hair is probably my favorite part of her. It's fairly long, going about to her waist if not further. Fortunately this doesn't mean she loses out on buttshots. It's also a nice black color, or at least close (MAL claims its "raven" color"). Either way, I really like the color. Unfortunately, despite her seeming like a perfect "wife"-type she doesn't have blunt bangs and instead just has "standard" bangs. Though the part in the middle is a bit higher than expected.
Yaya also has hair decorations! She has a long red ribbon on both sides of her head as well as much thicker but shorter black bows. Because of the red ribbons she does remind me of OniAi's Akiko (if you remember my guest blog on her for Zettai). About the only minus is that it MAY be stringy at times, though it's not all the time.
Grade: A

Eyes: It's somewhat hard to point out Yaya's eye color. It looks like a red or scarlet color, though I also can see it being colors like brown or purple. From what I can tell from the manga (or at least art that may be from that source) her eyes are more red. I'm a bit iffy myself as I'm unsure on the color but if she DID have red eyes it might look better with her hair. As it is her eyes just look dull. And that's not the only problem I have with her eyes. They're REALLY circular. Without any marks on the lower part it looks like her pupil has a silly hat on. I don't mind the simplicity, but it does make Yaya look younger. I'd also like to see her with a tsurime as well.
Grade: C

Face: Despite not liking her eyes, Yaya's other facial features look nice. As said before, she does look young but it fits the style of the show. Her features are also small, which is always a plus. I will say that when closed her mouth looks fairly small, but she's still cute. As with last week do know that Yaya's flawless face is manufactured (mostly, I think). She also has very soft-looking cheeks.
Grade: A-

Yaya: Topaz is naughty and likes my soft-looking "cheeks"

Build: That I do, and I don't just mean the ones on your face either! Really, Yaya's butt looks really great. It's shown off in at least two official images AND during the show as well. In fact, she once hugged the male lead from behind and censored HIS horrible man butt with her beautiful cheeks! If only more girls took that kind of initiative!

Yaya: Don't forget Yaya's tattoo either!

I think the anime did, but Yaya actually has a tattoo. I'm not too big on them, but considering hers says "Yaya of the moon" and is right above her left buttcheek I find great humor in it.

Riri: Eh? A near-butt tattoo? That's where people say it is when they're lying about getting one.

Yaya: Yaya shall prove it!

*Yaya bends backwards and flashes her butt at Topaz and Riri, making sure that they can see the tattoo.*

You live up to that tattoo's meaning...

Yaya: Topaz complimented me! And I'm glad that he saw Yaya's tattoo!

Actually I may have missed it. Show me again.

Yaya: Alright! *gets ready to pull her skirt up again, but Riri stops her*

Riri: That's enough butt-flashing for one day. Yaya, Topaz said that on purpose to have you moon him again.

Yaya: Yaya doesn't mind!

Riri: I shouldn't be surprised, but he needs to finish his blog anyway!

Thanks for that, Riri. Fortunately there isn't much to say about the rest of Yaya's body. There's the fact that she has pale skin, nearly porcelain-looking. She's also pretty curvy, with a slender waist to go with her large hips. As a magical doll/puppet/automaton she's also very strong (especially her Diamond Strength power as that's strong enough to stop a steam train). Since I mentioned the fact that she's an automaton it is important to say that she's also a "banned" doll. This means that she has human parts in her. As far as we know, that includes her skin and blood but it's unknown if she has human internal organs.
Grade: B+

Yaya: Ehehehe. Yaya knows one "human organ" Yaya would like to have "internal". Topaz can even use Yaya's bottom if he so chooses!

This isn't that sort of blog!

Riri: Yeah, that's more Zettai!

That's true, but even he wouldn't show "that" in his blog!

Yaya: Are you SURE Yaya can't convince you? *shakes her butt while sliding her skirt upward, revealing her bare cheeks*

I-I'm sure!

Breasts: Yaya has about average breasts, at least for the series. She's not flat but she's not too busty either. Unfortunately, for being so average she does get envious of the bustier girls (especially Frey). While it makes sense as she imagines they could try to steal Rashin, the male lead and her puppeteer, from her it's still not a good character trait. Fortunately, Yaya does show off her breasts a few times. She seems to have nice small-ish nipples and overall looks nice.
Grade: B-

Clothes: The grade here is a bit different. I DO like Yaya's standard outfit. It consists of a black yukata/kimono with long sleeves and a red X-cross near her neck to hold it up against her shoulders. Why she can't have it on her shoulders is a question I'm not sure how to answer. The skirt is also short, showing off a small white under-skirt, and she has white thighhighs as well as sandals. Now, I don't have a problem with the outfit as it's beautiful and elegant. What I dislike is that it doesn't seem to be a good battle outfit. Her sandals are raised so she might trip, her sleeves could get caught, it just doesn't seem that useful outside of aesthetics (though she does succeed in that). She does get new boots from Raishin in one of the episodes which does show off her nice feet when he puts them on, I figured I'd add that.
Another reason I dislike Yaya's outfits is that there's nearly no other outfits that she wears. She wears a blue nurse outfit during one scene, complete with a hat, apron, and giant needle. There's also art of her just wearing a white shirt, but I'm not sure if she wore that in the actual show. Finally, during one of the later specials she wears a bikini. It's nothing too fancy, but I like the black coloring and the V-top works better on a bikini top than a yukata. There might be frills on the bottom though (I'm not sure as I've only seen images).
Grade: C+

Yaya: Topaz liked Yaya's nurse costume then? Hold on a minute!

*Yaya runs over to the box and closes it. It shakes for a bit while she changes inside. When she returns she's wearing her nurse outfit.*

Yaya: Yaya is here to cater to her master's every whim!

Looks great, though I don't have a problem with your nice original outfit outside of combat.

Riri: If you really want to get to Topaz you should have put on a teacher's outfit and glasses. Like THIS! *Riri puts on her glasses and looks beautiful.*

Yaya: *Gasp* Topaz is a pervert with a thing for glasses! How dirty!

Hey, wait a- no, that's pretty much accurate.

Personality: I've already said this, but do know that Yaya is a banned doll in the service of Raishin. As a result she's basically his "monster" to be given instructions on how to battle. Sort of like a Pokemon, I suppose. However, despite Yaya's lithe body she IS the name sake of "unbreakable", meaning that she is a tough melee fighter. Her body can even harden, even including her when it's outside her body. She's quite talented, to say the least, and has GAR moments whenever Raishin is in trouble.
While it's more for libido, do know that Yaya is VERY affectionate. I bring it up here as it's a good amount of her personality as she can get jealous when Rashin is alone with other girls. It gets to the point where every other thing out of her mouth is either sexual or jealousy. One thing I'll add is that Yaya speaks in the third person, which you are probably able to tell from the blog itself. Speaking of Yaya's, well, speaking, she's voiced by Hitomi Horada. Yaya's voice is somewhat whiny and high-pitched, but it's not terrible and makes her sound really cute!
Overall, there's some nice things about Yaya. She's a fairly cute machine doll but I couldn't rate her too high due to some problems she has.
Grade: B-

Libido: Her libido is also difficult to describe. On one hand she has a very high libido and constantly tries to make Raishin hers. She even wants to become a human so that he can marry her. In the meantime she calls herself his "wife". There's other things she calls herself, but that's where my problem begins. You see, Yaya is so in love that she doesn't mind blurting out things about Raishin that might be embarrassing. They might not even be true, like when he wanted to use machine dogs for a task she thought they were for bestiality instead. Even worse, as a result of these false ideas she says HE gets slapped. Unfair male abuse is always unfortunate. There's also the fact that she gets jealous of other girls. I do like she's aggressive though, even if she's not particularly imaginative.
Grade: B-

Age: It's unknown how old Yaya is. Considering she's a doll it shouldn't matter, but do know that she was based after the lead's younger sister after she passed. As a result, she can't be TOO old. Not that it matters I suppose, she was built to be a teen and probably won't grow any.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 67
Average score: 7.4
Final Grade: B-

Yaya: Yaya doesn't know if that's a good score or not.

Riri: To put it another way, I got an 80.

Yaya: EHHHH? Topaz! Yaya thought Topaz would like a modest bust more than this... flat girl!

Riri: *grins* If that's the best insult you can come up with no wonder Topaz scored you poorly.

Now now, there's no need to get rough. Yaya didn't score "poorly" as much as she wasn't as well-scoring as the past few girls. Considering they were busty meganekkos it's not her fault and I do still like her. Though I do imagine that a certain friend of mine will like her more (if he doesn't rant about her libido, at least).

Yaya: Yaya might like Topaz's friend then, but Yaya imagines it would be a long way off before Yaya meets him. Yaya should get back to her actual owner Raishin.

Riri: Wait, if she remembers Raishin, why was she trying to seduce you?

I'm not sure, but I imagine that it has something to do with Yaya calling her Raishin's wife but the two not actually being married. That or my illness has made my abilities somewhat odd.

Yaya: If Topaz is sick then he should give nurse Yaya an injection!

Riri: I think you have that backwards.

...Actually I think she did that on purpose. But it seems we've ran out of time today, see you all next-

Riri: WAIT! I should add that I might not be able to make it next week.

Huh, that seems unusual. And possibly suspicious. But who should I have as my assistant?

Yaya: Yaya shall do it! Or I would if Raishin didn't need me...

I would be afraid to spend that much time alone with you anyway.

Riri: I don't care. Make a new assistant for all I know.

*The words "Make a new assistant" echo in Topaz's mind*

Gotcha! But for serious now, it's time to say goodbye for this week. Hope you had fun!

Yaya: Yaya will try her hardest with Topaz-er, Raishin!
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May 22nd, 2014
Anime Relations: Fantasista Doll
This is the Two-hundred-and-eighty-sixth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone! You know what time of the week it is... That's right, BLOG TIME!

*Riri enters Topaz's room. She sees him on the phone laying on his bed and becomes shocked at his mess.*

Riri: TOPAZ! What's all these tissues around here for? Have you been doing n-naughty things again!

Oh! Excuse my mess, I've had a pretty bad cold for the past week or so. You should know that, Riri.

Riri: I just figured that it was because you had a busty meganekko lay on top of you last week.

I'm not THAT disgusting. At least as far as the readers of just the blog know...

Riri: That's true, I've read those stories you and your friend write. *shudders*

*Topaz continues to mess with his phone.*

Riri: Are you distracted about doing your blog again, Topaz. You should be getting to work! (What am I doing? I hope Topaz doesn't think I'm pushing him away...)

I'm trying to get in contact with this week's girl, but this phone is so old that it's hard to get games to work.

Riri: Perhaps you should redial and- Wait, did you say that today's girl is a PHONE APP girl?

In a way, yes.

Riri: Are you playing that one game with all the boats. I knew you liked that one Moustache-y meganekko with dark skin, but I figured you'd wait until that show actually aired.

It's "Musashi" actually.

I think...

But it's actually it involves another busty meganekko!

Riri: So you ARE playing that game!

Nope, I have no clue how to and-

???: Master, there you are!

*Riri looks around confused, but Topaz realizes that the sound is coming from his phone and looks down at it.*

Oh, you're finally up.

???: That I am. I apologize for my long slumber.

Riri: I-is there someone on the other line? *Riri looks at the phone, confused.*

Nope, it's actually the new app I got! It's called "Fantasy Doll"!

Riri: Like you need more fantasy in your life! (Stop that, t-there's no reason to insult Topaz's life style...)

That's possibly true, but look at THIS!

*Topaz presses buttons and soon the phone emits a large amount of energy. It slowly shoots to a targeted area and reforms into a busty purple-haired meganekko. She stretches slightly.*

???: It's always good to stretch after getting up. And remember to eat a balanced breakfast too!

Riri: What? Another teleporting meganekko? Is there an epidemic I should know about!?

Don't worry Riri, I summoned her using my phone.

Riri: So she's like one of the demons that one meganekko uses?

That's a good comparison to Hinako's ability, but this girl isn't a demon.

???: This "girl"? I have a NAME you know. It's Madeleine!

That it is, and speaking of introductions it's about that time!

Today's girl is:

Fantasista Doll

Madeleine: *whispering to Ririchiyo* Does he usually act like this?

Riri: Only when he wants to do a blog on a girl...

Since you're here Madeleine I figured I'd talk about you. I hope you don't mind.

Madeleine: Master's wishes are my command. *bows*


Riri: Don't ask for Pie-Siri or something like that. This is an all-ages blog. Or at least PG-13 at worst.

I think you mean paizuri but I appreciate the phone reference. But no, I was just going to have her clean up a bit.

Madeleine: Master's room does seem very dusty...

Riri: I think the dust bunnies have taken over half of this room...

I was only thinking about all the tissues, but I guess that helps too. But first I need to give you your uniform. Let's see..

*Topaz fiddles with his phone and a trading card.*

Ergh.... Rah...

Riri: I don't think that your phone has the ability to do that. Maybe if you had one that wasn't over TEN years old!

Nonsense, it still works! And here we go, Madeleine change!

*Madeleine's clothes disappear and soon she's in a maid outfit with a short skirt and cleavage showing.*

Riri: That seems like a dangerous item, but it reminds me of other shows. Like that one with the idols as well as the Pretty Heal girls.

I think you mean "Pretty Cure", but at least you didn't call them HEELs!

Riri: Well I'm SORRY I don't pay as much attention to your shows as you do! (Stop being so mean, Riri. He was just trying to help.) Er, I mean, my mistake.

You're so cute, Riri. *pats her head.*

Riri: Eww, don't get your sick germs all over me! *runs out of the room in a huff*

Awww, I wasn't even able to kiss her hand to help her recover from touching Marian...

Madeleine: You shouldn't do such things when you're ill, Topaz. You're spread germs and get Ririchiyo sick.

Thanks for thinking about us so much, Madeleine, but now it's time for me to talk about this you!

Hair: Madeleine probably has the best hair out of the main cast of Fantasista Doll. At least for me. Her hair is purple, a lighter shade but as a whole the series is sorta bright-haired so she has the darkest color of the main group. It's also long, reaching about her hips. Her hair is wavy as well, flowing nicely if she doesn't have it up. Which she does on occasion, but mainly in battle form to keep her hair tight. It's up in a ponytail at these times, reminding me of another certain female spear maiden...
Not everything is great though. My biggest complaint is that her bangs are so odd that I have to point them out. Her right bangs are fine, being somewhat blunt that ends about where her glasses rim is. It is raised a bit, though. However, the left side of her bangs are brought up into a half-circle. I imagine this is for her hairpiece, which looks like a black mini-crown with a tail of beads hanging down. I didn't even remember this being part of the appearance in the show, which shows how noticeable it is.
Grade: B

Eyes: Madeleine's eyes are probably her best feature. Her eyes match her hair (though a somewhat different shade) and as a result she has my favorite eye color of purple. They also look somewhat deep, though that's just a result of the somewhat-simplistic art style. Madeleine's eyes are also pretty gentle-looking as they aren't as straight-slanted as a full tsurime but they aren't wide enough for a tarame (compared to Akari and Katia, respectively). Madeleine just has a nice pair of eyes, I think.
Of course, as it should be obvious Madeleine also wears glasses. They're a nice pair of underframe black glasses. Not too outlandish and as a result they fit her serious personality. It might have been nice if they were full-framed, but considering Madeleine wears them into battle I can't complain.
Grade: A

Face: Once again we have to deal with a simplistic art style. It's not terrible for me, but I imagine I have a higher tolerance for this type of thing. And hey, at least the characters all look pretty different. Getting back to Madeleine specifically, she does seem to have a bit of a mature look. Or at least she was intended to be, I imagine, as the art style does make her seem younger than her wisdom would imply. Her cheeks seem slender, at least compared to the other girls. I'd also add that she has a small nose, which is always a plus in my book and as a "doll" we can assume that her skin will remain flawless.
Grade: A-

Build: Madeleine's body is pretty nice, as expected from the tallest and shapeliest of the main dolls. Excluding the "next topic" she really doesn't show it though, considering this is a show for young girls. I'll also remind you that she's a "doll". Fortunately this doesn't mean that she has joints showing, but her torso is a different. What I mean is that even when "naked" it looks like Madeleine (and the other dolls) are wearing a pajama shirt. It's a bit strange, but I suppose that's one way for the dolls to retain their modesty. The "shirt" also involves her arms, for some reason, a bow tie choker, and she has an odd marking on the sides of her thighs. I also imagine that it's a better way to deal with air times, at least it's better than taking away nipples and female genitalia through the use of silly games. She also shows her legs off a bit, but they're so straight I can't praise her much.
Grade: B-

Breasts: Again Madeleine is the bustiest girl in the main cast, though considering they're mainly teenagers or lolis it wasn't too difficult. Her breasts do look nice though. I'm just surprised that her massive cleavage is shown and not changed into her "nude" form for some reason. Must be a data thing. Almost all of Madeleine's outfits show her cleavage as well, which is nice for me. There's also a limbo scene where she bounces around a lot, though the sound effect is a bit strange.
Grade: B+

Clothes: Technically I could have described Madeleine's "nude" body here, but I figured you've already heard about that in build. Instead I'll describe her clothing, and as a virtual paper doll she has a fairly high potential for outfits. Two outfits are what she wears most of the time, though. The first, her main outfit, consists of a long sleeve shirt with a deep V-neck (running nearly to her navel), a split black skirt that shows off her left leg yet goes past her right knee, fishnet stockings (unless those are markings on her legs), and heels. She MIGHT wear a black bra underneath, but it's not always seen (surprising as her shirt is basically OPEN). It looks a bit like an office lady, which is nice but she does need the tie and a bit less cleavage. Her other outfit is her battle outfit. It reminds me of an old warrior-based outfit, such as from Koihime Musou (especially because Madeleine uses a spear-type weapon). It consists of a black dress with a crossed-top that probably wouldn't support her breasts too well, a blue scarf and "skirt" around her hips, and a big yellow belt. There's also the big white braids on her back.
As far as other outfits go, Madeleine has a few quick ones. While trying to work as a team for a secret card she did wear a black bikini, but sadly that was only for a pan shot in a montage. There's also the time she worked in a cafe for a school festival and that was in a lovely waitress outfit.
Grade: B

Personality: Madeleine has a sort of generic personality, though there's nothing wrong with that. She's the motherly and doting type, but it becomes understandably excessive in the episode she's the focus of (as that's the plot of that episode). She's also smart and acts like an older sister to the other dolls. She's also something of a Yamato Nadeshiko and acts proper most of the time. This doesn't mean that she doesn't enjoy snacks and baths like the other girls, even going as far as saying that snacks make the girl. Also she's the designated "capture" victim, being kidnapped as well as getting a slash across her stomach during one battle.
Madeleine is voiced by Sayaka Oohara. She's a fairly famous voice actress and ESPECIALLY for busty older sisters or mothers. As a result she does a good job voicing the mature Madeleine.
Grade: B

Libido: Madeleine doesn't really show any signs of libido. She does love her master Uzume, but that's more of a mother/daughter or Master/servant role than anything.
Grade: C

Age: It's unknown how old Madeleine actually is. She seems to be the oldest, both visually and mentally, of the main cast, but as she's Data who knows.
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 73
Average score: 8.1
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for this week! Sorry if it seems a bit lackluster though..

Madeleine: No worries, master. It's more recognition than the show has gotten since it's aired I predict.

That is true, it wasn't the greatest or most memorable series. But it did have a notable busty meganekko, and one I nearly thought of having her be her season's meganekko. I figure that this is a good way to say thanks.

Madeleine: Also I cleaned up your room!

Thank you for that as well, and thank you to the readers as well! Catch you all next week!

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May 15th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-eighty-fifth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone! Glad to see you after all the fights in the recent weeks. It's time to get back to the calming practice of reviewing girls without being attacked!

Ririchiyo: Is that why we're at this high school?

Right! We'll find a way to meet up with this week's girl here.

Riri: Wait, this is the mother's day blog. Don't tell me you're planning on kidnapping a girl from this school and holding her for ransom!

...How terrible do you think I am? But no, we're here to find this week's girl. And I'd rather not find the daughter of this week's mother...

Riri: So that means that she's a... student? Don't tell me that there's a high school mother that you want to discuss!

Fortunately I can't think of any students that are mothers. Except MAYBE one, but I'm not sure if she gives birth after graduation or not.

Riri: Huh. Then I wonder who the girl is... Also I wonder why we're in the middle of the garden as well.

Well, I have a feeling that we'll meet her here, soon...

Riri: But it's not like a girl will just FALL OUT OF THE SKY!

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