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August 28th, 2014
Anime Relations: Moetan
This is the Three-hundreth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz stands outside his house.*

Welcome back everyone! As you can tell, this is a big day. Today we celebrate the 300th blog! Okay, so technically this isn't the 300th blog due to the meganekko day specials, and that's not even counting the rare times I do two girls at once. It's also not counting guest blogs either. But, as far as blog days on Thursdays go, this is the 300th example. And do I have a treat for you! Well, I suppose that it's more of a treat for ME, but still. But, if there's newcomers or people unfamiliar with the series I'm going to discuss today I'll give a short synopsis. Sometime in May of 2011 my friend Zettai and I decided to make ideal girls for the other and write stories about them. We've been doing this ever since, and it's been a daily occurrence where we'd give each other a paragraph or two of erotic fiction for the other. I do enjoy doing this, and as a result I decided to include this into the blog. Now, let's enter and see whose here! Even if I can assume who it is...

*Topaz enters the door and enters. He eventually makes it to his living room.*

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August 21st, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninety-ninth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*The blog begins with Topaz and Ririchiyo standing outside a large, Japanese-styled mansion.*

Welcome back everyone. If you're just joining us, we're currently outside the Tsutsukakushi household. We're after the younger sister Tsukiko, who we have reason to believe is the one who stabbed Kanon.

Riri: Man, today's girl has a ridiculous name!

I agree!

*The two enter, and eventually find Tsukiko sitting outside one of the buildings.*

Finally, we've found you!

*Tsukiko stands and starts talking in her monotone voice.*

Tsukiko: What are you talking about? Who are you, and why have you come to face me?

Riri: She doesn't sound like she's lying Topaz, maybe she ISN'T the one that did this...

That's just her monotone nature. *to Tsukiko* We're here because we found out that you're the one who stabbed Kanon! Plus you're the one that sent Hikage and Koneko after me!

Tsukiko: A likely story! Do you have any proof?

Riri: Technically we only have what Satsuki told us last week, but there seems to be video proof and stuff!

That's right, we have evidence and you have the motive! So give up without a fight!

Tsukiko: Harumph! Who do you think I am, Maho? I'm not going down, and especially not for a PERVERT like you!

*Tsukiko pulls out her scissors from her pocket and dashes at Topaz. He somehow summons a red scissor-like blade to defend himself, blocking her attack.*

Riri: Wait, what's going on?

Tsukiko: That's what I'd like to know as well...

It's simple. I used my mimicry powers to gain the abilities of Ryuuko from last week.

Riri: And that comes with a scissorblade?

Would you rather I be wearing Senketsu?

Riri: ...Point taken. Also I hate you for putting that image in my head.

For a better image picture YOURSELF in that outfit!

Riri: B-but the butt would wedge up something fierce!

That's the point <3.

Tsukiko: SEE! That's why you need to be taken care of! Your perverse blogs are ruining the state of anime!

Considering how few people read my blogs I imagine that's impossible!

Tsukiko: We'll see after THIS!

*Tsukiko lunges at Topaz, but he blocks yet again. He even overpowers Tsukiko and sends her scissors flying onto a nearby roof. Tsukiko slumps to the floor, defeated.*

And now that you're defeated, I'll start your blog!

Tsukiko: Grrr, FINE! Do that!

Tsukiko: Oh sure, you just HAD to find an image where I'm eating something phallic, didn't you. You hentai prince!

Hey, it's not my fault that the image happened to look like that when cropped! Here's what it looks like otherwise, and there's nothing too perverse about it.

Hair: Tsukiko has a short bobcut-like hair cut. It barely reaches her neck in the back, if that. Her bangs are parted on the left using clips as well. She has a side ponytail on her left side, though I'm not too much of a fan of them. Occasionally her side tail has some sort of decoration, such as beads, but that doesn't happen too much. The color of her hair is a fairly nice brown, though it also looks like there's a bit of grey in it (not for being old, just as far as coloration goes). And, as she's partially the "stony cat" from the title of the series she's put in cat ears (though that's more often in official art). Overall it's not too bad, but I'd rather her have her hair down (and longer) and maybe have a better bang choice. I will say that Tsukiko seems to wear a lot of cool hats, especially in the second episode where she wears both a brown beret and a maroon cap.
Grade: B-

Eyes: Tsukiko has dark blue eyes, and I do like her gradient that goes from a light, almost white near the bottom middle to a deep royal blue-ish color in more of the center. The colors aren't as strong in the manga though, being lighter overall. Still, it is a nice color as I like darker eyes. Her eyes are also shaped fairly well; they do have a bit of tarame, or roundness, in the beginning but after she makes her wish it's far more likely to see her with a tsurime. This is also helped by the fact that the corners are higher than her pupils. Speaking of her pupils, I like how they look like small black dots rather than anything more complicated. Overall she's got cute eyes that do sort of appeal to me, but I'd prefer them a bit harsher.
Grade: B-

Face: Of course, Tsukiko's cuteness is not entirely in her eyes, her face is really quite wonderful. The art style is pretty much to my liking, with soft-looking cheeks and small features. The noses in particular are nothing more than dots or so! Tsukiko also often has a rosy blush as well, bringing out her cheeks well. She's also emotionless, and while I usually like this feature (and I do like it on Tsukiko) you'll have to remember that she achieved it through artificial means. The reason I'll bring up in "personality", but prior to this do know that she was unable to HIDE her emotions so she'd wear a mask to read to children (first an oni mask and then a cat). She does have a cute face though, especially in the opening when she has her hands up like a cat or rubbing her cheeks on her hands.
Grade: A

*Unknown to Topaz and others, a loud banging noise is coming from the locked shed.*

Build: Tsukiko is a very petite girl in general. She's very loli-like and can easily be mistaken for an elementary student. She's in high school, if you're curious. She even gets pointed out as the "smallest" girl during measurements, though sadly we don't get exact numbers. Now, if Tsukiko had some loli appeal she might be able to scrape up some points here. Sadly she doesn't; her butt isn't shown off enough (and even in the DVDs is censored by steam) and while she does have a bit of a curve it's not enough for my tastes. She does have a nice butt in a few official art pieces, including one where she's wearing only a red backpack, but considering the problems in-series I can't enjoy it too much. She's just, sadly, a slender loli, and about the only part I really like of hers is that her navel is exposed on occasion due to how short her uniform top is. She's also nicely tanned in a couple of eyecatches, but in the main series that doesn't happen.
Grade: D+

Breasts: As said before, Tsukiko is a slender loli. That includes her chest, though that is a bit of a sore point for her. I wonder if that's in the novels/manga or if JC Staff is up to their generic flat-female-lead-is-envious habit.
Grade: D

Clothes: There's actually a fairly diverse wardrobe for Tsukiko. First up is her school uniform, which is what she's most often seen wearing. It consists of a white shirt with a yellow ribbon around her neck, a red plaid skirt on bottom, and finally black socks that don't even reach her knees (it would be better with pantyhose or thighhighs, in my opinion). The shirt has a bit of decoration, with cuffed short sleeves and two olive branch-like leaf symbols on her collar. I prefer her middle school uniform that we see in the flashback, which has a four-button brown blazer with long sleeves with a tan skirt with brown stripes. Sadly we only see that in a flashback.
Tsukiko's other clothes are great as well. She also wears Youto's plain white shirt at one point to cook as she couldn't find an apron (excuses), though sadly panties-and-apron would have been nice to see her in. Naked apron would have been censored, judging by the whole bath scene mentioned before. Other outfits include a Christmas outfit, a magical girl outfit which she also wears in the ED with a crown, a maid, a demon-like black dress with horns and wings and fishnets, a few bikinis though of course the sukumizu is better, a cat-eared maid, and a tennis uniform. Official art adds a bridal dress as well as a cute kimono.
Grade: A

*The noise from earlier becomes more rapid and louder, but the three still don't hear it. Riri hears her phone ring and starts a private conversation as Topaz continues.*

Personality: I'll try my best to keep from going into libido here, so wish me luck. Anyway, when we first see Tsukiko she's a bit shy and childish. This all changes when she makes a wish to remove her emotions, effectively making her face no longer able to express her feelings. She still feels them, though it's possible they're more reserved she does make herself known even without expressions. She is a good emotionless girl, and I do often like that type. There's even added points for being snarky, which Tsukiko has in spades, and she even allows her sister to absorb her emotions when given the chance to return to normal. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that she is an ARTIFICIAL emotionless girl. I don't mean being a robot or something (as that would be fine) but it's more that she uses magic to manipulate her emotions. Even then we can see that she DOES have emotions and is just unable to express them. This is far different from a true KDEG like Hikage, who has emotions but doesn't realize what the feelings mean. It's sort of hard to describe, but imagine that Tsukiko's face just can't move for some reason and that doesn't necessarily make her a KDEG. It does help that it's more of a fictional method than a science one (I thought about using an example that her face being so drugged that she can't move it, but that sounded sad :/) and at least Tsukiko is much more familiar with the cat god statue so she can get rid of this trait rather than be cursed forever, but still.
Tsukiko also has the trait of being a cute little sister character, both literally and figuratively. She has a lot of cutesy kawaii-esque moments, like the ones during the OP I described earlier. She also almost always is eating, most likely something sweet, and she tends to eat a lot. The "cute" part of that is that, as she does that she makes sound effects such as "munch munch". She's the type that doesn't like wasting food, and at one point even intimidates her sister and another love interest as they try to come on to Youto during dinner. Another minor trait is that she gets drunk off just the scent of alcohol. Of course, her cutest "trait" is that she's voiced by Yui Ogura. She has a really cute voice, especially for lolis. I wouldn't say that this is one of her best roles but that's more because of how Tsukiko is rather than Ogura's performance (not just due to her personality, but rather because it doesn't give a good enough range as she's forced to be emotionless most of the time).
Grade: C

Libido: After successfully navigating the previous entry without mentioning this, it's time for Tsukiko's worst trait. The good is that she does fall for Youto and is somewhat of a clingy girl as she dislikes seeing him with the other girls (including her sister). However, their relationship is started when the two share a equal secret of using the legendary cat statue together. This isn't too bad as it means the two have to stay together, but it also means that Tsukiko knows his truth: he's a huge pervert but others don't seem to register it. As such, Tsukiko becomes a white knight of sorts to keep him in check. This is where Tsukiko's scissors come into play, as she has a fairly big scene where she damages Youto's DVD collection with them without a second thought. She also cuts up his love pillow and climbs inside to wait to be "used". That's a bit cute, but her feet were hanging out so he noticed something was off. I'd prefer my girls to be more aggressive than just "wait to be used" as well, but that's just me. She also put all his busty erobooks to be recycled while keeping the more "petite" versions, no doubt to get him to like her more. She also tears up her family photos that her sister took. Overall Tsukiko is the type of girl who goes far too into preventing a pervert by taking away his options than be a good girlfriend to Youto.
Grade: D-

Age: Sources that I can't verify say that Tsukiko is 15-16, but neither Pixivpedia or Wikipedia can verify that. We do know that she's in high school, I THINK. We also see her ten years younger due to time travel and saying she's 5-6 wouldn't be much of a stretch (though I could probably go as low as 4 or so).
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 55
Average score: 6.0
Final Grade: C+

And that's it for this major enemy of the year-wait. Riri, what happened to Tsukiko?

*Indeed, Tsukiko seems to have disappeared.*

Riri: I don't know, I got a phone call so I wasn't watching her too closely.

Tsukiko: I'm up HERE, you foolish blogger!

*Topaz and Riri look up on the roof at Tsukiko's voice, and notice that she's gotten her scissors back. Before Topaz can react, she jumps and slices his neck. Blood gushes out as she deals 100 damage. He falls to the floor, seeming to be bleeding out.*

Riri: TOPAZ!

Tsukiko: AHAHAHAHA! Now you'll never be able to speak again, and the world will be free from your tyrannical mamocentric desires!

*After a few moments Topaz sits up.*

I wouldn't say that quite yet! *coughs*

*Riri and Tsukiko turn to Topaz in shock. He gets up, with the neck wound stitching itself up in no time.*

Tsukiko: W-WHAT?

It's because of Ryuuko's regeneration, it seems. The life fibers seem to have made me more resistant to attacks! Not only that, but my previous wounds have been healed!

*Topaz's hit points go his current maximum, 400. He also uses the scissor blade to help stand up.*

Tsukiko: Your abilities are as cheap as Talonflame or Aegislash! And it's time for me to go Smogon on you!

Riri: *sighs* Sometimes I wonder why I get these jokes...

Tsukiko: All I have to do is bisect you with these scissors! It'll be like cutting threads!

*Tsukiko shows off her scissors, but as she does so a loud crashing explosion comes from the nearby shed. Dust blows all over, causing the three to start coughing and Tsukiko to lose her scissors. As it settles they see Tsukushi standing in front of the busted front of the shed.*

Tsukushi: Why didn't you let me out? I was pounding for a while, but it seems that I had to get MYSELF out!

Sorry about that, but I was confronting Tsukiko. I would have LOVED to have helped you, though...

*While Topaz apologizes Tsukiko tries to find her scissors.*

Tsukiko: Grumble grumble.... AHA!

*She finally finds them, but when she holds them up a scythe smashes horizontally against them. The scissors shatter into dust.*

Tsukiko: NOOOO!

*Ririchiyo stands behind Tsukiko in her full demon wardrobe.*

Riri: That's for both nearly killing both Topaz AND Kanon! Now, I hope that this means that you're done with your crusade against Topaz!

Tsukiko: NEVER! Just look at how he's flirting with Tsukushi! All because she has huge breasts, I bet!

Riri: That is a bit suspicious... HEY! Topaz, what are you doing over there?

Nothing! I swear! I was just apologizing to Tsukushi and she eventually allowed me to do a blog on her next!

Tsukushi: That's right, I gave my permission to the younger Topaz sibling. He'll talk about me next week.

Riri: But isn't the 300th special next week?

That's a good point, Ririchiyo. *turns to Tsukushi.* We'll have to delay this until September as next week is a non-plot special blog milestone.

*Tsukushi laughs.*

Tsukushi: Do not worry, younger Topaz. We'll meet up in the future and then I shall pin you down afterward.

Sounds like a good time!

Riri: I knew you wouldn't want to skip that blog. Rika told me that the girl was waiting at your place for a week now even, saying that she took time off of your stories to come there!

Wait, a girl from my stor-

*Topaz doesn't even finish his sentence before he starts running off!*

Riri: Wait for me!

You'll just slow me down! Besides, stay here to make sure the Tsutsukakushi sisters don't try to do anything funny! Plus we might do something you wouldn't want to be there to experience...

Riri: What was that last part?

Can't hear... BZZ... Breaking.... BZZZZ

Riri: Stop playing like you're on a walkie talkie, I can still see you!

Tsukiko: See, this kind of perverse action is why I want to destroy Topaz!

Riri: *Sigh* Well, I guess this plot will be resolved sometime next month as Topaz has better things to do. Don't miss the 300th blog special next time!
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August 14th, 2014
Anime Relations: Kill la Kill
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninety-eighth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Riri: So I've been wondering... What happened with you and Kimi last week?

That's a secret!

Riri: Come on, your fans want a response!

It's a mystery, it is!

Riri: *frustrated* Just tell us!

Okay, fine. But first how about I tell the viewers what you did with a certain cake-MMMPH!

*Ririchiyo covers Topaz's mouth to keep him from speaking. She's flustered at what he could say.*

Riri: F-Fine, harumph! I just wanted to know i-if you were going to replace me, is all... *looks downward.*

Oh, Riri! *hugs her* You should know that you're not easy to replace!

*Riri flusters even further, breaking out of Topaz's grip.*

Riri: Sheesh, no reason to hug me THAT tight! (but I wouldn't mind it) Anyway, we've arrived at the school. At least, I think that's what it is...

*Topaz and his assistant enter the large, arena-shaped building. However, as they cross into the inside portion they're jumped by a gang of similar-looking flunkies. They pick up the two bloggers and drop them in front of a tall pedestal. At the top, a tall girl with long hair looks down at them while sipping tea from a cup. She speaks.*

???: I see we have two interlopers today. Might I ask why you've invaded my school, and without any way of defending yourself?

Y-you're Satsuki Kiryuuin!

Satsuki: *raises a massive eyebrow* Heh, so you've heard of my family then? Then you're even more FOOLISH than I predicted. Why, I could have you wiped from your spot with only a snap of my fingers. But, as that is not sporting, I'll give you a chance. You should be so gracious, you pig in human clothing!

*Topaz kneels.*

You are more gracious than the rumors state. But I've come with dire news. It seems that Kanon Nakagawa has been attacked!

Satsuki: That is quite depressing news. However, I do not see why it involves me or my school. Guards!

WAIT! I know I'm over stepping my boundaries, Satsuki-sama, but it was not you I require an audience with!

Satsuki: Stand down! *waves her hand, and slowly the guards are seated again.* So what brings you here then?

*Riri speaks up.*

Riri: Kanon was attacked by a girl wielding scissors. Because of this, it is possible that, uh... *whispers to Topaz*what was her name again?

Topaz: Ryuuko Matoi

Riri: Thanks. Ryuuko Matoi has done it. We'd like to interrogate her ourselves.

Satsuki: What? Are you saying that it's possible that this school is housing a fugitive? Guards, bring me Ryuuko right this instant! *snaps fingers*

*Satsuki's guards leave, and in no time they return carrying a teenage girl with black hair. After arriving, they plop her down, and a brown-haired girl runs out of the crowd.*

Brunette: Are you alright, Ryuuko-chan?

*The black-haired girl stands up, rubbing her head. She seems to be wearing a different uniform than anyone else.*

Ryuuko: Yeah, I'm fine. A lil' thing like this won't break me.

Riri: So Mako is here too?

Mako: That's right, I'm Mako Mankanshoku! I may be an underachiever, but I do have a name!


Ryuuko: SATSUKI KIRYUUIN! What fiendish plot do ya got for me this time!

Satsuki: This is not the time to be aggressive to me. It is this young man and his friend that have requested your presence.

*Ryuuko turns to Topaz.* NANI?!

Ah, that famous phrase. I don't keep Japanese in but that just strikes me as so excellent.

Ryuuko: It seems I picked up another weirdo... *sighs* So what do ya want with me?

First of all, I need to confront you about an attack on Kanon.

Ryuuko: Never heard that name before. What'cha talking bout?

Riri: An idol named Kanon was stabbed by a scissor-like weapon and we think that Ryuuko may have done it.

Mako: *uses over-exaggerated poses while speaking.* OBJECTION! Ryuuko couldn't have traveled out of the school without me knowing, plus she has her father's murder to investigate, so unless this Kanon was the murderer herself or attacked Ryuuko for some reason Ryuuko is a good girl and wouldn't attack her and plus the scissor wound would be too small for her scissorblade anyway and I've even been with Ryuuko all month and even though it's summer we've been in school and been eating mom's delicious questionable meat croquettes have you had them they're really good and-

*Mako is interrupted by Satsuki clanging her sword against the floor up there.*

Satsuki: SILENCE, MANKANSHOKU! You've already answered his question.

That's right. Although that really long sentence bothered me it did give an alibi for Ryuuko. As for the second question, I'd like to blog on you, Ryuuko.

Ryuuko: Nani?!

I'll take that as a "sure Topaz, you can talk about me on the internet".

*Ryuuko glares slightly.*

Ryuuko: Over my dead body you're going to embarrass me in front of people!

Riri: Actually Topaz only has one main reader...

Ryuuko: STILL!

*Ryuuko charges at Topaz, but suddenly a girl in glasses appears and catches her scissor blade with another red sword-like weapon.*

Riri: MIRAI?!

Yeah, I summoned her while you guys were talking.

Mirai: I can't believe that you summoned me. You'd better pay me well! If you don't, I'll talk badly about you on my blog!

Satsuki: A summoner, I see. How about this: I'll have you two battle for my amusement. If Ryuuko wins, I'll give her some information about her father.

Ryuuko: NANI?

Satsuki: But if Topaz wins, he'll be able to do a blog about you!

Mako: Don't worry Ryuuko! There's nothing to be ashamed about! Your body is beautiful!

Actually, I could do the blog while they battle.

Satsuki: That is true. Hmmm...

*Satsuki's butler whispers something in her ear.*

Satsuki: I see, good job. It seems that the Kiryuuin family has found out who stabbed Kanon using the cameras that were at the concert. If your girl manages to defeat Ryuuko, I'll give you that information...

That sounds like a good trade, and it seems that...

Today's girl is:

Ryuuko Matoi
Kill la Kill

Ryuuko: Alright, let's go Senketsu!

*Ryuuko transforms into her Senketsu form.*

Ryuuko: Life Fiber Synchronize, Godrobe Senketsu!

Mirai: You're nearly naked, how unpleasant.

There's nothing wrong with a naked female body!

Riri: Stop making yourself sound like a pervert. I mean, you ARE one, but still...

*Mirai and Ryuuko begin their fight as Topaz starts his blog.*

Hair: Ryuuko's hair is pretty interesting. Her color is mostly black but she has red highlights. This isn't like having "red" as a hair color, and in fact I actually like it as the red stands out well against the rest of her hair. It does unfortunately become redder s she gets stronger, a side effect of using her blood to power her abilities, but I like the base form MUCH more. In the final episode she also goes super saiyan and turns blonde, but it's not permanent (and that's not the worst hair change in that episode). Also her red ahoge-like highlight also had a cool effect of destroying a mind-altering ability, it was cool. As far as Ryuuko's style goes, it's nothing too great. Her hair is somewhat short, only going to her shoulders, but it's also extremely voluminous and poofy, giving it a lot of character. When powered up, it seems to go upward and to the right, and in her final form it's sticking straight up.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Ryuuko has some nice blue eyes. They aren't a bad color, but don't mesh as well with her personality I think. Her eyes also seem to have gears around the pupils, though it's hard to notice during the run of the series (It's speculated that they're a result of the infusion with Life Fibers. It's also interesting to compare her to Nia from TTGL as well.). Of course, most of Ryuuko's strength here is more in the shape of her eye. She's often determined so her eyes have an amazing tsurime. She also has somewhat-thick eyebrows, but not nearly as much as Satsuki. When mind controlled she seems to have eyeshadow under her eyes, as if they would be deeper during that time (it shows that she's different, but while I like the idea I'm not big on eyeshadow). Finally, she DOES wear glasses. Okay, so they're only yellow-tinted sunglasses, and it was only during a certain arc, but it was a nice bonus.
Grade: B

Face: Studio Trigger isn't too great at making faces. They do an alright job, but it's not like they're Key who continually put out cute girls. It's possible that this was a budget thing, but who knows. That said, Ryuuko is certainly more of a "cool" girl. She has a bit of a tomboyish face, while Mako supplies the more "cutesy" version. I do like Ryuuko's face, it fits her really well. She's always FULL of emotions, and while she's not "cutesy" she does have a nice gentle smile. There's just a lot of things that aren't quite perfect for my tastes. The biggest is that she does, on occasion, have a fairly pronounced nose. It's not too bad in some scenes, but in other images it's much more obvious. Overall I do like Ryuuko's face, even if it is a bit inconsistent (though, given what the show is like, it's probably a style choice on their part).
Grade: B

*Mirai and Ryuuko continue their battle. Ryuuko continues to swing at Mirai, who can barely withstand her blows. However, as the meganekko's cursed blood is spilled she uses it as a missile weapon from beneath, stabbing Ryuuko in the stomach. This only serves to agitate the teen further, nearly slicing Mirai in half if she didn't move in time. The battle continues as Topaz also continues.*

Build: Ryuuko has a fairly nice body. Her waist is slender and occasionally her body is stylized for emphasis, but she shows it off well. She also shows her butt a bit, which is nice even if it's not especially big (it's not small either, it's just that between Ragyou and even Satsuki she can't quite compare). Her legs are shapely, but it's not too great-looking due to the art style (her calves are nearly as big as her thighs). Overall I do like her body, but it's a bit difficult to find the words to describe it.
As far as body-abilities, Ryuuko has a lot of special features. Due to an infusion with Life Fibers at a young age she has a great ability to regenerate. Of course, this also means that she has some particularly gory scenes that I'm not fond of (this includes things such as getting cut in half or tearing off her skin). Nothing that happens is THAT terrible though, as I still like Kill La Kill. She also is really strong, able to defeat one-star filler characters even without Senketsu. Eventually she can defeat characters using just his scarf part as well. She also has a "berserk mode" which is really only shown one time. It's a fairly monstrous-looking version of Ryuuko with a giant left arm and serves as a sort of "mid point" battle for the other characters in the series.
Grade: B+

Hey, speaking of "berserk" things, maybe Ryuuko wouldn't be like another scissor user and NOT get killed by a giant berserk dog-like weapon... *sigh* Poor Sheele...

Breasts: Mako does say that Ryuuko has a larger chest than Satsuki, but I'm not so sure about it. It might just be that Ryuuko, being more of a tomboy, hides her chest somewhat, but I don't think that's the case. Especially with the Kamui outfits, as it's not like Ryuuko can really keep herself covered when over half of her chest is exposed (though this is a nudity-free show, at least as far as nipples are concerned). She's not bad, it's just that again she's outranked by other characters. Also, like the other girls, she IS really jiggly during the transformation scenes, so much that it's not great. Really, her breasts flop around with no reason.
Grade: B

Clothes: Rather than discuss Ryuuko's main outfit, I'll describe her other outfits first. When we first see her she's wearing a simple white shirt with a red ribbon tie, a black miniskirt, white sneakers, and a black & white jacket with rolled up sleeves. It's a pretty interesting delinquent-type outfit. Underneath, most of the time she wears normal white underwear with blue stripes. From the Mankanshoku household she gets a pair of pajamas, though they are both cute and silly on Ryuuko. It's cute because it has cute rabbits all over, but they don't exactly fit Ryuuko either so it looks silly. That said, it is a nice two-piece set of pajamas and are nice looking. In official art she wears a yellow bikini, but there aren't any pool/beach episodes in the series (though I wonder what the OVA will be like). She also wears a track-like maroon suit in the Osaka arc, where she needs to repair Senketsu.
Speaking of Senketsu, I should start to mention the Kamui uniforms. In the Kill La Kill universe, there is a type of thread called "Life Fibers". Most people are unable to wear a suit of pure life fibers, as even a few "stars" would grant more power than an average body could take. Because she can wear Senketsu, one of the rare pure-life fiber outfits, you can tell how powerful Ryuuko is. She even is able to talk to it (even if to most people it would seem to be a one-sided conversation). Senketsu is a navy blue (nearly black) school uniform that looks somewhat like a face. It's not as easy to tell in his (yes, Senketsu is a guy) "normal form" as the only indicator is his red/orange eye-scarf and the other side is crossed out (as if he was wearing an eyepatch). Otherwise, he's just a normal midriff-showing sailor outfit with a pleated skirt and suspenders. Ryuuko also wears a fingerless red glove, given to her by an ally so she can stab herself when needed. This is because Senketsu requires her blood to work, so this is an easy way of giving it to him. This causes a magical girl-like transformation, called a "Life Fiber Synchronize", focusing on her (naked) chest and butt. Senketsu's "face" becomes much more pronounced in this form, but to be fair I'm not a huge fan of it. It breaks TWO major rules I have for clothes. In general, Ryuuko's upper chest, arms, and hands are all covered by one "half" while she has thigh-high heels and a skirt on bottom (with a thong). The first problem is that her chest isn't properly supported. It's basically held in place by suspenders, and considering she not only hangs by them at one point but she even stretches them a bit to psyche herself up it's hard to believe they didn't show her nipples (unless she has blank boobs, but still it bothers me). The other problem is that, despite wearing a thong, we don't see it as much as we could because Senketsu's skirt is PLEATED! Unlike Junketsu, who just has an awesome thong back. It is nice to see Ryuuko's butt, but I figure you know what the problem I have with her outfit now. It's not all terrible; Senketsu's color is pretty amazing as it's black-ish with red parts and I also like the vent on the back as it looks cool. It's just not as fanservicy as I would expect.
There's a few other versions of Senketsu as well. After "mastering" him the shoulders become much more pronounced and the skirt gets a bit of "spikes" on it. There's also a few minor changes as well, but they're not easily noticed. Another version is "Senketsu Senjin", which has FAR more spiky than normal and even has Wolverine-like claws on her hands! "Senketsu Shippu", another form, is able to fly using thrusters on her legs, though this covers a majority of Ryuuko's lower half. Luckily her butt is still shown. In Shippu the shoulder pieces are also huge, as if they're supposed to be wings. Her final transformation is "Senketsu Kisaragi", which is used by absorbing all the life fibers to take down the final boss. It finally loses her skirt while Senketsu's covered eye is also exposed. The eye-shoulders are also huge, and there seems to be non-connected lights around her waist. I want to compare it to Masquerain due to eyes, but that would be silly. Finally, Ryuuko DOES get Junketsu put on her (while Satsuki wears Senketsu) so she wears the white huge-shouldered thong outfit as well. It's a lot better than Senketsu in my opinion, keeping her chest supported well AND showing most of her behind, but as it's Satsuki's outfit I imagine she wanted it back.
Overall, while I complain a lot about Senketsu I do like the outfits in Kill La Kill. They give people cool abilities and I don't even mind that they absorb blood to do it! Also he's a pretty awesome guy himself, even if Junketsu shows a bit more "Junk in the Ketsu". Though I'll give it that Senketsu is a lot better than other shows...
Grade: A

Personality: Like many great shounen heroes, Ryuuko has a great personality. She's fairly hot blooded and is a rebel, not paying proper respect to Satsuki at their first meeting. She's also a fairly big delinquent, getting in fights at her previous school and even now she gets into them. She's got a great fierce personality, coming into the series scarred at seeing her father's murder she arrives at the academy. However, she goes berserk when Nui, the killer, finally shows up and loses control of herself. It's pretty cool how they make her lose but she bounces back in nearly no time (even if she's a bit worried about losing control at first). Ryuuko also becomes a bit more calm and mature after being hypnotized, but not enough to make the change too huge. As far as family goes, her father is dead (as I said before) while her "mother" turns out to be Ragyou, making Satsuki her older sister. It's interesting how much their dynamic changes at that point, as instead of rivals they become much more friendly. I really like Ryuuko's personality as it fits a good hero VERY well. She doesn't drop easily and as a whole she's an AWESOME, well-rounded character.
I really, REALLY love Ryuuko's voice. She's done by Ami Koshimizu who normally does a lot of busty older sister types, so a hot-blooded delinquent was a surprise. But for me, she portrays it PERFECTLY. Koshimizu does a lot of girls I like, but Ryuuko is definitely one of my favorites. Just that tough, sort of rough style of speech worked really well. I especially like her "Nani?" expression and I'm not even sure why, but that's because I'm terrible at finding words sometimes. Especially for voices. Just know that Ryuuko's style of speech really fits her personality. From my limited experience with the English Dub, I can see that Erica Mendez isn't TOO bad. She's no Ami Koshimizu, but she might be the best VA in the English dub.
Grade: A

Libido: Sadly this is one place where Ryuuko is really lacking; she really doesn't have a love in her life. It's not her fault though, most of the guys in the series are perverts. Both of the exhibition type and the standard generic perverse type. There is Gamagoori I guess, but he's not only a masochist but is more likely to fall for Satsuki. On the other side of the coin, Ryuuko DOES have a high amount of yuri thrown her way. This doesn't mean that Ryuuko is absolutely into girls, but who knows. Anyway, the possibilities include Mako, who definitely has a one-sided crush on Ryuuko and is her best friend, and Satsuki, first a rival and then a sister for ince-sexiness. She went on a date with both at the end of the series. She also gives a passionate kiss to Nui (while mind controlled, but still) and she's heavily fondled by Ragyou as well (at the same time as Nui, no less, but Ragyou does that with all her girls it seems).
Ryuuko is also a bit embarrassed by her kamui outfit as well, due to how much skin it shows. She should be more like Satsuki and wear it with PRIDE! And, eventually, Ryuuko does wear it without worrying too much.
Grade: C

Age: Ryuuko is a seventeen year old high school student. She came close to getting a low A, but sadly for me that one year is pretty important.
Grade: B+

Total Grades: 78
Average score: 8.7
Final Grade: B+

Ryuuko: I-I don't believe it...

*Ryuuko falls, half-exhausted by the battle. Mirai is still standing, but just barely.*

Mirai: I-I barely managed that myself... I'm just glad I was able to stay one step ahead of her.

Mako: Ryuuko!

*Mako rushes over to Ryuuko, slowly carrying her to her father's though the injuries aren't serious. Mirai herself runs out of energy and the summon dissipates.*

Luckily we arrived at what seems to be early in the series and Ryuuko isn't all that strong.

Riri: I still don't understand that... And didn't we just drop some major spoilers during the blog?

Shhh, if we don't bring it up the audience will just assume that they ignored that part.

*Satsuki hits her sword against the ground at her feet again.*

Satsuki: What are you two talking about? I heard nothing troublesome.

That's a relief, but do you think...

Satsuki: Of course! It seems that the young girl that attacked Kanon was none other than Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi!

*Topaz gasps*

That would explain why Koneko was teamed up with her! Those perversion-haters must be working together!

Satsuki: They are true fiends! Do they not realize that true power is nudity, and if I must show my body for power so be it?

Believe me, I'm not one to object to you showing your buttcheeks. Though the other blogger would be a better judge of that...

Satsuki: Who is this "other blogger" that I shall look out for?

It is a one "ZettaiRyouiki", and if you shall meet him you should judge him by using him as a throne!

Satsuki: Hmmm, I am in need of a new chair...

Riri: Shhh, you don't need to cater to him this week. Last week was his birthday blog!

But that doesn't mean that's the only time I need to think of him! Plus he probably needs a pick-up from his true birthday not going that well. But for now, I have to go find Tsukiko!

Satsuki: Fare well, you two. But if you return, remember that you shall have to pay if this "Zettai" is not a worthy throne for me.

I bet that he will be, though if the payment is the same as the judging I would have no problem with that.

Satsuki: You are quite an odd one, *smirks* but oddly likable. Go now, and return at your own peril!

I may come back some day, but hopefully with better news. And that's also it for this week everyone, see you next time when I finally face Tsukiko!

*Topaz and Riri leave to confront Tsukiko.*

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August 7th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninety-seventh week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*We start the blog this week with a beautiful young woman in black sexy underwear and pantyhose with equally black and long hair centering herself in her personal gym. She takes a deep breath, exhales, and spins into a flurry of blows, punching and kicking a punching bag. She pants from exerting herself, and starts to wipe her face off. Suddenly she hears a loud noise, and draping the towel around her neck she investigates.*

*It seems that two people, a young man and a teenage girl with a beautiful hime cut, have came through the window. The young woman starts investigating.*

Young Woman: You guys had better explain why you're here, in my apartment, in less than 10 seconds or else I'll CUT you!

*The Young Woman flashes a pair of fancy scissors kept in a holster.*


*The young man speaks.*

I just figured that I'd be able to do a b-blog on you!

Young Woman: That's not a good excuse! Quick, sic the intruders!

*The young woman's dachshund continues to read a book, not even paying attention.*

Young Woman: Bah! Why do I even keep you around! I suppose that I'll have to do this myself!

*She takes out her scissors and starts slashing at Topaz, destroying his shirt and dealing 15 piercing damage to him. Luckily no blood is spilled.*

I shall accept your wounds, as long as you promise to help us out!

*She stops.*

Young Woman: I see... you have shown me your bravery. You also managed to slip through my security. Perhaps introductions are in order. Now, don't go telling people, but I'm Kirihime Natsuno; yes, you probably know my works as "Shinobu Akiyama". *waves hair majestically* Now, who should I welcome into my apartment?

*The teenage girl starts talking first*: I'm Ririchiyo Shirakiin!

I'm emperortopaz!

Kirihime: I see, so you're the blogger that likes... hold on a minute... *finds and puts on a pair of thick glasses*. THESE! *adjusts them in front of Topaz.*


Riri: Shush Topaz, we're here on official blog-related news!

Kirihime: Oh? What could that be?

We recently had a villain attacked by a woman with scissors.

Kirihime: Isn't that a good thing for you?

In a way, but we were already making amends when she was attacked by ANOTHER enemy.

Kirihime: ANOTHER one? What is this, a Super Robot Wars game?

Riri: You really have been reading all of Topaz and Zettai's blogs and conversations, haven't you...

Kirihime: My research is mysterious... *snickers*

Anyway, we came to ask if you know anything about a certain scissor-wielding woman that may have some sort of problem with busty girls.

Kirihime: Oh sure, just because a flabby-chested girl is attacked you AUTOMATICALLY think of me, is it?

Riri: Actually, considering we did this for the meganekko day blog you were second on the list.

Plus it's more the "scissors" thing we were thinking of...

Kirihime: FINE then! I'll assure you, I've been here working on a novel ever since Zettai's blog. Writing about an assman is quite difficult, and I blame shows not having many references.

I'd suggest either Majikoi or Space Dandy for that. ASS IS ALL!

Riri: Horizon 2 might have a scene too, but that guy's a horrible traitor.

Kirihime: Those sound like series I should watch. How about you two do the blog while I begin.

You heard the beautiful woman everyone...

Kirihime: Just make it quick, I have a... friend coming over later.

Hair: Kirihime has REALLY great hair! Really, it's deliciously long and black, which is my favorite length and color. It flows beautifully down her back and she even has a HIME CUT! Okay, so it's not truly a hime cut as the sides only reach her ears or so, but the straight bangs are my favorite part of a hime cut and Kirihime has that. Her hair is somewhat wavy in the back, but it's not a problem for me. In the opening Kirihime wears a pair of dog ears and in a certain fitting costume she wears rabbit ears. She does have her hair up on occasion, but I much prefer it down (like I do with most girls). About the only problem is that, if the show DID have buttshots, the length of her hair would cover it. That and the sides not being the standard length are the two flaws.
Grade: A

Eyes: As with Syo/Shou in the meganekko blog, Kirihime has red eyes. But, like Syo I actually do like Kirihime's eyes. They're a dark enough shade that I'm not too bothered by their color and as a whole red works well with black (her hair color). At least in the anime, the manga/LN gives her a lighter color that I don't like as much. Still, it's surprising to see TWO red-eyed girls I'm fine with in a row. A lot of the reason I like Kirihime's eyes so much is the shape. They're narrow, with a slight sloping shape. Just seeing her being smug sends shivers down my back! She does seem to have a lot of eyelashes, but they aren't a problem like they might be in other girls.
Of course, I can't forget one of Kirihime's best features. When writing she wears big thick framed glasses! Not only that, but like with her hair they're black, which compliments the red of her eyes well. They make her look even more amazing than usual!
Grade: A-

Face: Unfortunately for Kirihime her face isn't all that memorable and is somewhat average. It is good that she has a somewhat pale-ish tone, which looks nice with her hair again. She does have a pointed chin though, and her nose is apparent but she does attempt to hide it through angles and such. About the only interesting thing I saw is that Kirihime wears earrings. Not fancy ones, just small bud-like ones, but they are red which again stands out from her hair. I'm not too against earrings, but I'd rather not see the ears and have a girl's hair cover them or something. This doesn't mean that Kirihime's face is "average" though, I do like her smug faces as said before.
Grade: B


*Hanayo panics outside Irisviel's door.*

Suzuho: Calm down, I'm sure that Kanon is fine...

Hanayo: But but but! What if she isn't, and we'll be hunted by the pink-haired idol group! Or whatever they're called.

*Iris exits her doctors office.*

Iris: Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that, in the instant Kanon was stabbed Apollo shielded her by putting her into a coma. As thus, once she's taken out she'll be good as new.

Suzuho: So what's the bad news then!

Iris: Even with my healing magic I haven't been able to awaken her. Now all we can do is wait, either for Kanon to repair herself or for Topaz to destroy those scissors...

Build: Kirihime has an overall slender body, and I don't mean that in the insulting way. Not sure why girls take such offense at that word. Anyway she does have a nice build. She has wide-ish hips as well, not quite as wide as her shoulders but more pronounced than her chest. Unfortunately we don't see her butt (especially with the idiotic faucet censorship!). She does have a nice image in the LN art, especially with her bending over, but as far as the anime goes she needed to show it off more. Kirihime's strongest point seems to be her legs. Her thighs look really nice and curvy, as do the rest of her legs. Her feet are also pretty nice as well, and as a dominant girl she really knows how to use them! Also in a quick imagine scene Kirihime becomes a giantess and rampages through a street.
Grade: B

*Kirihime sighs and prepares her scissors*

Kirihime: I was fearing this part in particular.


Kirihime: Now you're going to make some joke about me having a flat chest and I'm going to have to cut your fingers! *points her scissors at Topaz.*

EHHH?! Well, luckily you won't have to do that as I won't make a joke about your chest.

Kirihime: You sure? You're not just doing this because I'm threatening you, right?

The threat certainly isn't hurting my plan, but don't worry as it's not like I'm your show. I judge fairly and while I'm not a fan of flat chests I can at least UNDERSTAND that people CAN like them. And if you can't tell, Kirihime is flat. Not perfectly flat (she DOES seem to have SOME curve) but enough to be picked on by her show. Really, it LOVES to pick on her for it, and barely an episode went by without them pointing out that fact. I'd say that it's less that she has a flat-chest insecurity than others feel the need to point it out every ten minutes (if that). She just needs some more confidence, and while in the final episode her love interest does compliment her a bit it wasn't enough to make up for all the DFC joke. I'm surprised that he doesn't like her more as he says he likes books more and I'm sure that Kirihime is flat like one!

*Kirihime scowls.*

That wasn't an insult PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!
Grade: D

*Kirihime sighs and puts her scissors back.*

Kirihime: Fine then, I suppose that you HAVE to give me low points due your early tastes being terrible...


Clothes: Kirihime has a fantastic wardrobe! Her usual outfit is a black dress shirt with a matching short skirt. She also wears a trenchcoat and nylon thighhighs, though sadly she also wears above-kneehigh boots. The boots are what ruin her nice outfit, covering both her lower legs and probably taking more time to dominate with her bare feet (I'm not big on heel-play). In the Opening this outfit is red, probably to match the other girls better. She also has a red holster for her scissors on her left leg (her scissors are nicknamed "HasaJiro", if you were curious). She does wear sexy black lingerie, occasionally dominating in it which is REALLY beautiful.
As far as other outfits go, Kirihime really doesn't have a lot before the final episode. During it, she's concentrating really hard on writing and the other characters dress her up. the outfits include an inn owner, both a purple and blue kimono, a maid, a bunny girl (with bunny ears), a miko, and a wedding dress. Other outfits that we were teased with included a Chinese dress, various cosplay outfits (including a G Gundam bodysuit), and a school swimsuit. She also wears a bikini in a beach scene, though pareos are terrible (the black bikini in the LN image is MUCH better, both because black is a better color for Kirihime and she's showing off her butt). Finally, she dresses as a secretary in one official image, though sadly her masochistic editor gets the focus and not her (unfortunate, as Kirihime looks great and she's even wearing a different set of glasses).
Grade: A-

Personality: Kirihime is an accomplished writer under the pen name of Shinobu Akiyama. As every one of her books is a best seller she's quite rich, but continues to write as the final book in her seven-part series is still incomplete. As a result the plot makes the male lead "die" protecting her, but when he gets turned into a dog she takes it onto herself to take care of him. She occasionally does side projects as well, which include doing research. She even does some contact sports as well, and is seen practicing boxing. The plot of the series is that it's a comedic mystery series, though since the studios seem to think that flat-chest comedy is great they completely missed the first part (you could even say that they fell FLAT!).
As far as the rest of Kirihime's personality goes, she's a great sadist. Most of the time, at least. I know I'm not too big on being cut by scissors, but most of her other punishments are really sexy. She does tend to use her scissors as weapons, though I blame the other cast members for continuing to push her button (you'd think that they'd learn...). Kirihime is also thoughtful and intelligent, showing a great amount of deduction. She does have her occasional "cute" moments, but I wouldn't call her a tsundere (or yandere, despite attacking Kazuhito and others). She does get "drunk" in the last episode and plans things like a wedding and honeymoon with Kazuhito, acting cute and shy the whole time. However, the way she acts afterward makes me think that it was all acting. All in all, Kirihime is a VERY likable girl but it's really a shame her true talents are wasted on a show that would rather call her flat!
Before I forget, let's not forget that Marina Inoue is Kirihime's voice actress and she does a GREAT job being a dominant girl. Imagine that, Marina Inoue being a great dominant girl with black hair. It's almost as if she had practice!
Grade: B+

Libido: Kirihime's libido is one of the strangest I've seen. On one hand, the good part is that she has a high libido. She's even a natural dom, doing it when not meaning to! And looking great when doing so, as well <3. The main problem is that her love interest is Kazuhito, and while that doesn't seem to bad Kazuhito is a human trapped in a dog's body. Sadly it's not Kirihime that gave him that name (such as in the "you filthy DOG" pet-play) but instead he is actually a dachshund. Granted Kirihime does seem to like dachshunds, but an actual dog getting pinned under her isn't something I'd expect anime to do. A shame, as having Kirihime pin her love interest down would otherwise sound AMAZING. Still, the only kind of "doggy" I should mention under "Libido" should be...

Kirihime: Don't finish that thought, or I'll cut you!
Grade: B-

Age: As the first girl to receive... *is poked by Riri.* What is it?

*Riri whispers things into Topaz's ear, though the only clear words are "Mizuho" and "Lucy".*

Oh yeah, as my lovely assistant has reminded me, I've given A+'s quite a bit lately in this area. Still, Kirihime is a twenty year old adult. Her love interest is TECHNICALLY younger than she is as well. No ideas why they made him a college student when they still investigated his high school, but still. Also, as said before, he's a dog.
Grade: A+

Total Grades: 77
Average score: 8.6
Final Grade: B+

Kirihime: And of course, you scored me terri- actually, that score is somewhat higher than I expected from you. Still nowhere near that 86 that Zettai gave me, but it's a fair score...

It's at least better than anyone from last month. But now that the blog is finished...

Riri: WAIT A MINUTE, we still have unfinished business!

You're right Riri! Hey, Kirihime, did you stab Kanon?

Kirihime: I did not.

There we go. Plus it helps that we were able to talk to you without you stabbing us. Much.

Riri: I didn't mean that, I meant Zettai's birthday present!

*Riri shuffles a pack she brought along, taking out a box with a cake in it.*

Kirihime: No thanks, I'm not in the mood for cake today.

No, you're supposed to sit on it. It's a gift for Zettai!

Riri: I don't get it either. (Even if Topaz likes my b-butt...).

Kirihime: And that PERVERT will eat it? Man, he's more disgusting than I expected! Makes for a good source for my story, though.

Of course! He's accepted at least two of these delicious cakes!

Kirihime: WHAT? You're not only making me sit on a cake, but you're ALSO saying that he's received the same present from you so much?

Riri: Zettai seems to enjoy it...

Kirihime: Well then, let's see if he enjoys THIS!

*Kirihime dumps the cake on the floor and stomps on it. Her smelly, sweaty pantyhose-covered feet become covered in cake and frosting. After smashing the cake with her foot she sits down on a chair in a dominant manner.*

Kirihime: Let's see if that MASOCHIST will eat it now!

He probably will...

Riri: *sigh* Now I know what Chiaki feels like some days...

*The bell to Kirihime's room rings.*

Kirihime: Hey, it's the company I was expecting! You'd better skedaddle!

Wish I could be your company, partially, but I suppose it's time for us to be going. Come on Riri, let's jump!

*Riri and Topaz jump from the open window. They eventually pop out parachutes.*

Riri: So where are we going to next?

Another high school. Though don't worry about eating your bran or raisins...

*Riri glares at Topaz in a quizzical fashion.*

Riri: What?


*Ririchiyo sighs as the two float off to their next location.*

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August 3rd, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninety-sixth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz and Ririchiyo are standing outside a high school.*

Welcome back everyone! As you can see, it's finally Meganekko Day! Yes, that one day a year where we celebrate girls in glasses!

Riri *adjusts glasses*: But isn't that every day for you?

I suppose that it is. However, we have bigger things to be concerned with! Last Thursday Kanon was stabbed by a mysterious scissor-wielding girl, and Riri and I are out to track them down. Luckily I have a few ideas, including today's girl!

Riri: Is it going to be that one meganekko from the Akame show?

Unfortunately I don't think I know enough about her that she'd have a strong passion to attack me or the girls I blog about. However, today's girl could potentially be dangerous. Luckily I have THIS!

*Topaz holds up a pepper shaker.*

Riri: ...I don't get how that's supposed to help.

*Riri shakes her head as the two of them enter the building. Fortunately nothing happens when they cross the threshold and they eventually make it to a library. The only person is a bookworm-looking girl writing furiously in a notebook. They approach her, and she seems startled, nervously darting her eyes and shrinking in fear.*

???: I-I don't have anything right now. Could you p-please leave me alone?

Don't worry, I'm not here to be angry or anything. I just want some... answers.

Riri: Yeah, that doesn't seem ominous at ALL, Topaz...

???: W-wait. You're T-Topaz? I heard that you'd be coming today, something about a b-b-blog..

That's right...

Today's girl is:

Touko Fukawa

Touko: W-wait! I never a-authorized this! I barely know you, so you can't talk about me on the internet!

Riri: Well, we tried. Let's go find another girl and...

You can't expect me to give up already! Besides, it's possible you know something about the attack on Kanon!

Touko: Who is Kanon?

Kanon is an idol and the most recent girl I blogged about. During my blog, she was stabbed by someone proficient in scissors. As a result, my mind instantly went to you.

Touko: WHAT? W-why would you expect m-m-me? I-I haven't don't anything wrong!

A likely story, but perhaps THIS can change your mind!

*Topaz takes out the pepper shaker and sprinkles some of it into his hand. He then blows the pepper into Touko's face, causing her to sneeze.*

Riri: That doesn't seem very nice, Topaz.

Don't worry, I have a plan...

*Indeed, as after Touko's sneeze she alters her look.*

Touko?: Nyahaha...

Riri: Uh, Topaz, I think this is about when I should run...

But we need some answers!

Touko?: Answers? You expect ME to give you answers that easily? I should just cut ya up with my scissors!

Riri: I knew it! You awoke Genocider Syo!

That's fine, I'm sure she'll be more agreeable to be blogged on.

Syo: Eh, I don't mind you talking 'bout me like that. Just be careful I don't stab ya! Hahahaha!

Hair: Touko actually has a really nice and fitting hair style. Her hair color is a brown or aubergine color, but it also is somewhat purple in color at times. It's sort of hard to describe how the color mixes, but either way it's a color that I enjoy. She usually keeps her hair in two braids, which looks really nice on meganekkos. In one of her beta designs she had her braids, but her hair in general was a lot more ratty-looking than now (though that's still better than her not-mohawk version). As far as length goes, her hair at least passes her hips so I can easily call it "long". Her bangs, while not a hime cut, are still pretty full and are parted on her left. Her left side-curl also reaches her shoulder. Overall she doesn't have a lot of variety, but she has a fine hair style.
Interestingly enough, through recent research I discovered a newer game, Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo, that's a spin off of Dangaronpa. The reason I mention it is that Touko is (obviously) IN the game. And I mention it here in hair as she did change her hairstyle! No, fortunately unlike a certain other scissor-user she didn't cut hers. In fact, Touko's hair got LONGER between the events of the game and spin-off as it reaches her knees easily. However, while she loses her distinct twin braids her hair is instead free! Well, sort of free. It seems to clump together in places and in general looks ratty. I do like how Genocider's hair looks a bit more lightning bolt-ish though, she wasn't given an alternate hair style so it's cool to see that they've changed her slightly.
Grade: A

Eyes: Touko has grey-ish eyes, not a bad color as it matches her drab look. They are slightly narrow, but not slender as they retain a football-ish shape. Her pupils are round and have a mini-circle inside, but I don't mind too much as it fits the art style and other characters. She also has a dot in the center of her pupil. She does have a lot of eyelashes, which is about her only downside.
Unlike her hair there's a big change in Genocider Syo's eyes. First off, they change color to red, and surprisingly I don't mind it all that much. It's a good way to show off that Syo is the "evil" side. Her eyes also seem a bit deeper, but it could just be me. Her pupils are also football-ish as well, fitting her eyes a bit better.
Whether Touko or Syo, she wears glasses. A thin-framed pair, but with large frames that cover a majority of the upper half of her face. The nosepiece, something that's not usually mentioned, is actually colored white so I imagine that's also the color of her frames in general. I think she looks great with them, and because of her glasses Touko easily became my favorite girl.
Grade: A-

Face: As said before Touko is a plain bookworm of a girl. Her skin is somewhat pale, but while plain she doesn't look too bad. She has small features and considering the somewhat odd art style she doesn't suffer all too much. She doesn't look too bad in the sprites either. As is fitting her personality Touko doesn't smile too much, but she does have some amusing facial expressions (especially when around Byakuya, her one-sided crush).
Speaking of amusing facial expressions, we can't forget about Syo. Syo's loud, boisterous personality lends itself to a LOT of great facial expressions. One of my favorites is her deep laugh, showing her sharper teeth and long tongue as she's crying in joy. Another is her simple smile, which is cute but "her" as her tongue is sticking out as well. My bad for not mentioning it first, but Syo has a long tongue that somehow sticks out of her mouth. It's so long that it reaches her COLLARBONE!
Grade: B+

Riri: Don't get any ideas with that long tongue of hers, Topaz!

Whatever could you mean? *feigns ignorance*

Riri *flusters*: Y-you know exactly what I mean?

Syo: Whatzat? Is little miss prim-cut JEALOUS that I'll steal her man? Don't worry, I already have Byakuya...Nyahahaha

Riri: Who would want a p-pervert like TOPAZ as a boyfriend? (Me, because I'm an idiot... But...)

Build: Unfortunately Touko's body isn't as great as her head. She's fairly slender, with the only "size" measurement being a bust of 79 cm. Her height is 164 cm and her weight is 47 cm. Incidentally Byakuya is 185 cm, meaning that she's a fair share shorter than him. As said before she's also pretty pale, but not too terribly. The main problem is that Touko doesn't really show her body off, though I'll discuss that later in "clothes". About the only place that is shown off is her left leg in Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo. It also shows off one of Touko's (or, more Syo's) heard-about features; she has tally-mark kanji characters carved onto her upper thighs, one for each victim she murders. We only see it on her left leg, though. Also she might stink as she doesn't seem to bathe often.
Grade: C

Breasts: Unfortunately for Touko, going by measurements she has the smallest chest of all the girls at 79 cm (though considering a few have 80 cm it's not as problematic). Still, due to not seeing that much of Touko's body I imagine she's pretty flat. She might be somewhat proud of her modest chest though, picking on Aoi for having a larger chest.

Syo: That SKANK had it coming! Parading around with those dumb balloons hanging on her chest! I'm GLAD that I slashed her! GLAD! HAHAHAHAHA!

Riri: Man, no wonder Topaz expects you to be the one who attacked Kanon...

I know! Though to be fair it IS really stupid that this series only gives out bust measurements. I wouldn't mind knowing what Touko's hip measurement is...

Syo: That's easy, it's... NYAHAHA! Not that I'll tell you!
Grade: D

Clothes: Touko only really has one type of outfit and that's her school uniform. Not necessarily the high school uniform, but it seems to be her old school's. Anyway it consists of a black sailor uniform with a white color and red scarf. The biggest problem is her skirt though, which is a lot longer than most other uniforms and reaches her knees. It's also pleated, which is one of the worse cloth options due to hiding so much of her figure. It does get a long rip on the left side in Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo, reaching about her hip or so. This shows off her leg more than usual, but as a whole she doesn't have a lot of variety. About the only alternate outfit she has is in the pictures in the end of the anime, and even then she's stuck in the background in her uniform. The only image where she's different is Aoi's, where she's in a gym uniform with blue buruma (though she's still stuck in the back).
Grade: B

Personality: First off I'd like to address the English adaptation *giggles*. You see, because English doesn't use fancy characters her name is technically "Toko Fukawa" in that adaptation. But that's FAR better *muffled laughter* than what happens to Genocider Syo...

Syo: What? Spit it out, you perverse-minded blogger!

Whatever you say... GENOCIDE JILL!

*Topaz laughs, and is soon joined by Syo's distinct laugh.*

Syo: That's an idiotic name! That's the best those dumb Americans could think of to translate me to? NYAHAHA!

Apparently, before your gender is revealed, you get called Genocide Jack. This is possibly based on Jack the Ripper, a famous real-life murderer. The "Jill" part comes from "Jack and Jill". Still, it's really goofy and as you can tell I prefer using Syo even if it's not the "official English name".
Touko had a somewhat sad past, especially with men. Her first crush moved away, and while she wrote her feelings to him he posted it on a bulletin board at school. The other classmates mocked her for it, giving her an inferiority complex. Her teacher noticed that Touko had a way with words and told her to write. As a result Touko became a young writer, eventually giving her the title of "Ultimate Writing Prodigy". She also had another relationship that the guy left in the middle of a movie (that she had been preparing for three days) as their "date" was only because he lost a bet. These things left Touko with a persecution complex as well, blaming others for mocking her behind her back while mocking them first. She just has a bad case of feeling like everyone is out to get her. She's also really gloomy and is a loner, but as a whole I tend to like girls who have poor social skills. She's shy enough that she even has a stutter at times.
Of course, other than the horrible past she has another reason to stay away from people. You see, there's another facet of Touko (as you've noticed if you read the story. You totally should!). That is, she can change into Genocider Syo, an alternate personality. This personality is a lot more dangerous than Touko, already having murdered several people prior to the events of the series. Syo shows up whenever Touko either sneezes (at one point she uses her braids to switch to Syo, it was a cute moment that I felt needed a mention) or when she faints. Considering that Touko is hemophobic, or scared of blood, and she's trapped in a school with people killing each other this comes up as much as you can understand. As far as Syo's personality goes, it's REALLY enjoyable! Really, I'm not joking, I liked the series a LOT more once Syo showed up. She's just that sort of blunt ham that I like, and her over-the-top look is great. I mean, it's bad that she's a murderer and all that, but I really liked her. Syo also retained her memories of the time before the series begins, unlike every other character, due to having a different memory than Touko.
Touko's VA is Miyuki Sawashiro, not one of my top VAs but I do like the voice she gave both characters. I can't say much about her English VAs (yes, they have two different ones for some reason; one for Touko and one for Syo), but I wouldn't expect them to do Touko much justice. Especially Syo's awesome laugh.
Grade: A

Libido: Touko is somewhat perverse, though she doesn't show it. She's a bit of a hypocrite, chastising others for being perverse while she has hidden thoughts of perversion. In fact, she even stalks Byakuya even though he takes advantage of her. Sadly this would mean that he would be the lead, unfortunate for my tastes. She also calls herself a fujoshi, but if she is (we don't see any evidence that I can remember) she's not the bad type that tries to force it onto others. Her naughty fantasies are sometimes good too. The main problem (other than being a doormat to Byakuya) is that Syo does tend to kill "Cute guys that turn her on". From what I've heard though, she says that she's "done" all the guys that she's killed but I doubt it.

Riri: I'm surprised that you didn't mention the fact that she called Chihiro "hot" after-

Hey, that might be really attractive to me, but after spoiling Genocider Syo I figure I shouldn't talk about any more spoilers... Though I COULD mention that in the "bad end" she seems to have disappeared while Aoi has multiple children. I don't understand it either.
Grade: B+

Age: Touko's birthday is March 3rd, though it is unknown exactly how old she is. It's presumed that she started high school as a freshman.
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 72
Average score: 8
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for this special day!

Syo: Was that all? It wasn't a big deal at all! Though didn't you have another question you wanted me to answer? Other than my measurements, Nyahaha!

Oh yeah! I just wanted to make sure you weren't the one that stabbed Kanon?

Syo: Ehhh? Kanon's just some dumb girl, ain't she? I wouldn't dull my scissors on a broad like her! I only use them to kill cute boys that turn me on. HAHAHAHA!

That's a relief, but now we have to investigate the next girl on my list.

Riri: But she says that she kills cute boys! Wouldn't that give you a reason to hurt you?

Syo: Ehhhh, I said CUTE boys, not blog-writing guys like Topaz! What do you take me for.. Wait, did YOU just call him "cute"?

Riri: N-no! You heard me wrong! *blushes*

Syo: NYAHAHAHAHA! Riri has a crush on TO~PAZ, Riri has a crush on TO~PAZ!

Riri: Stop her, Topaz!

No problem! *Does the pepper trick to switch Touko back.*

Touko: Who are you? Where am I? Oh, wait, this is the library. Wait, don't tell me, did Genosider come out?

You don't have to worry, we were able to take care of it.

Touko: That's good then... *sigh of relief*

Look, it's Byakuya!

Touko: Byakuya? HERE? Wait for me, my darling!

*Touko chases in the direction that Topaz pointed, enabling him and Riri to escape unharmed. Once outside they continue talking.*

Riri: So if it wasn't Genocider, whose our next person to ask?

I'm sure you'll recognize her, though it's funny that we're getting another author this soon...

Riri: Hey, I think I remember who you're talking about! I bet that your one friend will be happy as he's done her in the past.

I sure hope so. After all, it WILL be his birthday gift...

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July 31st, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninety-sixth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. As you can see, I successfully defeated Suzuho, AKA Danil, last week and Hanayo, AKA Okay, the week prior. They were both underlings of a caster known as Patchebel. Patchebel also employed Yurika, but she was rescued by me as was her "captive" Aoi. However, last week it was revealed that the fiendish Patchebel is none other than Kanon!

Kanon: That's right! You have to face against ME now! No thanks to Suzuho nearly blabbing!

Suzuho: I'm sorry! *bows slightly.* It's sad that no one is calling me Linda anymore, but this punishment is just.

Kanon: Don't get too full of yourself just because you defeated my minions! I have a much BIGGER challenge for you!

Ririchiyo: Bring it on, Topaz will somehow prevail! Because he's the protagonist, after all.

Kanon: I see then... Then my challenge will be IDOLING!


*Topaz is in shock. And I don't mean by Kanon's stun guns either.*

Kanon: That's right! We'll be performing for this large crowd! And if I know anything, it's that male idols aren't possible!

Suzuho: Actually Ryou, Ritsuko's trap cousin, seems to be popular.

Hanayo: Not only that, but on the topic of idolmaster there's Jupiter.

Kanon: Why are you talking about my sisters?

Hanayo: S-sisters?!?

Oh yeah, you're a part of the six goddesses known as the Jupiter sisters. Or I should say that APOLLO is!

*Topaz points threateningly at Kanon.*

Kanon: Ehehehe.... So you finally realized who your TRUE foe was this whole time!

*Kanon changes slightly, with triangles appearing under her eyes and a dot appearing on her forehead. A halo appears over her head.*

Apollo: I knew that Kanon couldn't hide her secret from you. However, I'll reveal everything IF you are able to defeat me...

That's quite a reward, as I have no idea why you were so after me, or why you wanted Aoi, or why you collected meganekko idols to fight me.

Riri: There's a lot of things you need to answer...(If only Topaz was a better writer. Wait, no, bad Ririchiyo! Don't think about him like that. Topaz is trying his best!).

Apollo: Anyway, since I'm ready I'll perform first. I'll give you some time to do your blog and practice, IF you're up to my challenge!

Certainly, though I feel bad that the audience out there won't be able to see my blog.

Apollo: I feel more sorry for your lone reader. *snicker snicker*


Apollo: Just joking, of course. Now, why don't you go backstage while REAL idols perform. *starts pushing Topaz back before turning to Hanayo and Suzuho* You two, get in positions! We're going to be doing my song "Kanon 100%". Because I'M the star of today.

Hey, that means that...

Apollo: Certainly, now get back stage! And don't think of skipping out by having your assistant perform instead. Topaz HAS to dance!

*Apollo gives one final push and shoves both Riri and Topaz backstage. There, they start to talk.*

Okay, what are we going to do?

Riri: I don't know! This came all of a sudden! Start the blog, and I'll try to think of something!

You heard her, readers!

Hair: Kanon's hair is pretty dull, and doesn't really appeal to me. I'm not really that into pink hair. Not only that, but her hair is also short. It reaches past her shoulders in the back, but only slightly and the rest only goes to her shoulders (if that). This is a downgrade from her Citron days, where she had long, flowing hair that went past her hips. Unfortunately her manager decided to have her cut it as she'd be more popular, and sadly it worked. Between Kanon and Azusa I think that Nisio Isin might secretly an idol manager.
That's not to say there's nothing I like about Kanon's hair. I will say that the sides frame her face well. The big yellow bow on the back of her head looks really nice and cute. While I don't have a strong opinion either way I should mention that Kanon has two antenna in the front as well as two air intakes/triangles. Whether or not that's a reference to a certain girl on a coincidentally named show is anyone's guess.
Grade: C

Eyes: Kanon has pink tarame eyes. I'm not a big fan of pink eyes either, but at least they're darker than her hair. Though I'm not big on red ones either, so Kanon's eyes are lacking. The shape is cute, and I do like tsurime more but I think that the art style fits Kanon well.
Probably the biggest problem I have with Kanon is that she used to wear glasses. Again, like with her hair, she got rid of them for popularity's sake. And, sadly for me, it worked as it not only propelled her to the center of the group but let her go solo instead. The people in TWGOK must have terrible tastes (just look at who Keima chose in the end as an example). She does wear them on occasion in her civilian clothes, but not enough to make a difference. They don't even look TOO great, having small frames and large lenses. Who am I kidding, I still like her glasses and wished she'd wear them more often. It just hurt that the only meganekko girl in the series is a reformed idol, though. Excluding sunglasses, I guess.
Grade: B-

Face: The art style in TWGOK is really cute, but Kanon herself isn't too notable. In the same series Elsie looks nearly identical but is somehow a lot cuter. That said, there isn't really anything wrong with Kanon's face. Her cheeks and features are still soft-looking and her features themselves are small. As Apollo the main differences are that she has markings under her eyes. I think they look like a jester's face paint, though. She also has a halo, but more about that later.
Grade: A-

Thought of anything yet?

*Riri still looks deep in thought.*

Riri: No, sorry.

I have an idea...

Riri: We are not going to dress you up as a girl and try to pull this off. I've had enough traps with that one show airing...

Awwww... Well then, the only thing I thought of was to have me summon girls to perform instead, but I can't do that as I have to perform.

Riri: Wait, did she say, that YOU had to perform or that a "Topaz" needs to perform?

What does it matt- OH! That's a great idea Riri!

Riri: You keep on doing the blog, I'll try to go find her!

*Riri rushes off.*

Build: Kanon has a sort of hourglass shape, measuring at 86-58-85. Her height is 161 cm and her weight is 45 kg. I'd like her to be somewhat curvier as she's not too notable in the bust and hips. She's even shorter than Keima, and by over 10 cm no less! She's certainly no Kusunoki, I'll tell you that! That said, she's not BAD. She just doesn't have anything too notable.
Grade: B-

Breasts: As said prior her chest isn't bad at 86 cm. It's also larger than her hips, though not by much. 86 does technically surpass my limit of "85", but there's also not much that happens with her chest. Okay, so a few of her idol outfits have cleavage, but it's not like she's Yui who tried to seduce Keima like that (even if Kanon only just barely surpasses Yui). Again Kanon isn't anything special, even if she's a bit busty.
Grade: B

Clothes: Like many idols Kanon has a great many outfits. Too many for me to actually say. When she occasionally appears in the classroom she's wearing her uniform, which consists of a red sailor-like shirt with a pink collar and undershirt (both are long sleeved) while the skirt is a short one that's more of a raspberry color. There's a gold badge on the left breast of the shirt as well and a pink ribbon in a bow around her neck. She also wears regular tight socks, which is unfortunate as both pantyhose or thighhighs would make her legs look better. Why yes, I took that from a previous blog, but still. There's also her various idol outfits as well as the occasional bikini in official art, but she doesn't wear anything too skimpy or revealing (or tight, she needs to show her butt more). Probably my favorite outfit is the "disguise" she wore for a date with Keima. It consists of a blue coat with matching beret and a red scarf. I really find that look cute!
Grade: B

*Riri runs back to where Topaz is, holding another girl's hand. It seems to be Kimiko!*

Perfect, now that you're here we can start practicing!

Kimiko: Practicing? For what?

Riri: I told you before. Apollo/Kanon is apparently a villain that's trying to get Topaz to stop his blogs. Because you're technically "Girl Topaz" the rules state that you can take this place.

Kimiko: Oh, I see then. I'm just a STAND-IN!

Riri: Well, it's either that or we have Topaz dress in the idol outfit...

Kimiko: Wait, isn't that a girl's outfit?

Trust us, no one would want to see that...

Kimiko: Hopefully I have enough moves to put on a performance...

Riri: You still have more moves than Flareon and why do I know this Topaz?

You've been reading too many articles with me. Anyway, you two get ready while I finish up my blog.

Kimiko: But we have barely any time, it sounds like Apollo is almost done!

???: Don't worry!

*Two girls appear beside Kimiko and Riri. They are Aoi and Yurika.*

Aoi: I'm sure that professional idols like us will be able to change you into something special.

Yurika: Harumph, you're six hundred years too young to compete with me, but if you fail to defeat Kanon I'll suck your blood!

Riri: Great, we've joined a team of two idols to help.

*Kimiko raises her hands, and Aoi, Yurika, and Riri all join her.*

Aoi: Uh, why are we doing this?

Kimiko: Isn't this the pose of getting a bigger party? If it isn't then the chibis lied to me!

While you four train, I'll finish off my Kanon blog.

Riri: Good idea!

*As the four of them train, Topaz continues doing his blog.*

Personality: First off I should say a small error about Kanon's name: in the magazines Kanon's last name is "Nishihara" but it was fixed to "Nakagawa" for the books and the author apologizes for his mistake. As some other minor information Kanon likes songs, poems, and lessons. She also dislikes press interviews, parties and people who don't show interest in her and is afraid of water and is unable to swim (not that it actually comes up, I think). She also has had a pet turtle named "Kintarō" and has had him for three years.
Now that that's taken care of, I'll explain about Kanon herself. When we first meet her she's already a famous idol. She started as a part of Citron but due to changes in her appearance she eventually became so popular that she went solo. However, being this popular also gives her a lot of work, and she doesn't often have time for school. She's also a school "idol", but not in the Love Live sense and instead in the "she's very popular" sense. She also seems to be one of the fan favorites, eventually earning both her own music videos and spin-off. Not everyone knew about her popularity, and despite Elsie seeming to like her Keima didn't know about her at all. Because of this, she started to try and attract his attention. She has a fear of being ignored, and considering she was meek and "plain" before becoming an idol it's a somewhat important fear. Not that I like the fact that she hits him with stun guns, though (interestingly she seems to be able to fix things with them). However, as Keima continued to ignore her the runaway spirit inside her she turns invisible until he finds her.
After that Kanon starts to notice another side of herself. There were small things, such as stumbling over the word "kiss" or in front of her chief editor (as he wears a wig, or "katsura" in Japanese, and Keima's last name is "Katsuragi"), but that's an Omake-only thing. A more definite and plot-important things is that she THINKS she's hallucinating another side of herself named "Apollo". However, she's actually the Jupiter sister, one of the six goddesses that sealed away the runaway spirits in the first place. She turned to Keima again for help, thanks to Apollo's advice, but eventually got stabbed for it (as the demons who released the spirits were attacking). As a result for most of the "Goddess Arc" she's unconscious, fighting against the wound from the inside and acting as a mini-timer for Keima to get the other goddesses to help. This is the time that Elsie took over for Kanon as well.
There's nothing too interesting about Kanon as her personality revolves around being an idol. I will say that I like idols more than when I first met Kanon (Love Live and Aikatsu both helped), but if you remove her aspect there's not a lot left. Apollo is a bit of a ditz, but she does have enchantment and healing powers so that helps Kanon a bit. She's also the goddess of the arts, which fits Kanon well. Kanon's voice is done by Nao Touyama who isn't too famous. Her voice is nice, but I wouldn't be one of her major fans considering the people in series consider her to have a flawless voice and to be a beautiful girl (they have to tell us this as otherwise we wouldn't be able to tell).
There's some similarities between her and Kaori that I could mention. Mainly that they're both the most popular girls at their schools, but I like Kaori a lot more (shame she never got to popular and even in-series she got humiliated :/).
Grade: B-

Libido: Kanon is surprisingly one of the more aggressive girls in the beginning. She tries to get Keima to be her fan, and comes off slightly yandere (even if her feelings aren't exactly "romantic" yet). I do like when she announces that she wants Keima as her boyfriend in the middle of school. Both for taking the initiative and for being against the whole "idols can't date nonsense". Though the rest of the school wasn't happy at the announcement. She does love Keima a lot though, proving it by getting her wings during a concert. That said, as the story went on she started to fall out of love and eventually gives up (judging by her song in the last chapter being "I will walk on"). A sad sign, considering she was so aggressive.
Grade: C+

Age: Most of the time Kanon is 16, and we don't know if her birthday passes in the story or not. Incidentally her birthday is March 3rd. I say "mostly" because in the spin-off Magical☆Star Kanon 100% she gets transformed into a child.
Grade: B+

Total Grades: 67
Average score: 7.5
Final Grade: B

*Crowd cheers.*

Apollo: Thank you everyone! And remember who to vote for when it comes time!

Hanayo: That's a vote for Kanon, of course!

Suzuho: Don't forget to vote! It's very important!

*The trio leaves the stage, passing Topaz. Apollo snorts at Topaz's feeble attempts.*

Apollo: Luckily your Rebuking had no effect! Our performance was flawless!

Don't worry, I have plans of my own!

*Aoi, Yurika, Kimiko, and Riri all come out in idol outfits. Aoi wears her brand Futuring Girl while Riri and Yurika both wear LoLi GoThiC. Kimiko wears a Spicy Ageha outfit.*

Apollo: YURIKA! You're betraying me again?

Yurika: I won't deny being a traitor, but your plans to kill Topaz are overblown! After all, he scored YOU 67 Points! I should suck his blood for saying you're better than I am!

Right, and it's only because you were getting the focus that I made you an enemy like this. Since then both Ayumi and (especially) Chihiro proved that they were MUCH worse girls so they'd probably take your place instead!

Apollo: A likely story! But allow me to specify that THIS Topaz *points to the guy* has to perform, or else you forfeit!

Aoi: B-but we've practiced so much!

Kimiko: You can't change the rules in the middle of the game!

Suzuho: Why not? It's more specifying the rules, and if my loss has taught me anything it's that specifying the rules is important.

Don't worry, just do your plan. I'll stay in back!

Riri: Sounds good, just don't get in our way!

*The five of them enter the stage.*

Apollo: They won't be able to make it, ehehehe....

*Aoi, Yurika, Kimiko, and Riri all start singing and dancing. The two idols do it flawlessly, while Riri and Kimiko stumble slightly but manage to keep up. Topaz does the monkey in the background, trying not to get in the way. Fortunately he is not in an idol outfit.*

Alright, time for the finisher then!

*The idols spread out, except for Riri. She climbs on Topaz's back and both stretch their arms out to the side. Riri's legs both stretch out as well, while Topaz keeps his balance by only doing so with one leg.*

Riri: *whispers* You shouldn't use moves you've learned from anime. Especially mecha anime.

*Topaz whispers back* Hey, if it worked for Zettai's blog last week it'll work for mine!

*Crowd cheers*

*Yomi also stands up from her judges chair, while Takane's spot is oddly empty. It is as if she had somewhere better to be...*

Yomi: A wonderful and entertaining showing. It's impressive to see people work out a plan on the spot like that, unlike Apollo's choreographed yet empty performance.

Apollo: WHAT?

*She stomps out from backstage. Her two minions soon follow.*

Apollo: You can't say that this whole audience would rather have this... PERVERT be the victor of this idol challenge?

It wasn't just me, it was Kimiko. It was Riri. It was Aoi, and Yurika too. I have a LOT of allies while you treat yours terrible!

Apollo: I-is this true?

Hanayo: You did make us practice for hours. I didn't even get a rice-break like you promised!

Suzuho: You didn't care that I preferred Linda....

Yurika: You took out my soul gem and turned me into a vampire magical-girl. Actually, except for the first part I have no complaints...

Apollo: I-I truly did lose...

Don't worry, there's been many, many challengers for me and this is one of the strangest "battles" I've had. I bet my readers will remember this for a long, long time.

Apollo: Thank you for that. It's good that I'll be remembered. However, as stated I'll reveal EVERYTHING to you.

So let's go from the least important question; Why did you assemble a team of former-meganekko idols?

Apollo: It was fun! Tee hee! But in all seriousness I figured that I'd balance your dislike of idols with your love of meganekkos. After all, you wouldn't attack a girl in glasses! Plus I figured that this would let off some of the steam from Kanon losing hers.

I see then. So why did you want Yurika to capture Aoi?

Aoi: I'd kind of like to know that myself, even if Yurika didn't really hide me that well.

Yurika: Harumph! Don't say I never did you a favor!

Apollo: We really didn't need Aoi herself, we just knew that if you DID blog on her you'd either be able to summon her or use your Mimicry to copy her idol-knowledge. That's why I wanted Suzuho-er, Linda, and Hanayo to become my minions. Though I guess that's like hiding your weakness in your own dungeon.

Suzuho: Hey, wait. Speaking of your mimicry, why didn't you copy my moves for the performance?

... Because I forgot about it. Now, for the big question: Why are you so against me?

Apollo: As you said before, you had a lot of hatred for me and even though that subsided that still counted me as a part of the Pink/red-haired Idol Girl Squad.

The what?

Apollo: Oops, I wasn't supposed to mention that to you...

*The Shadowy figure leaning against the back of the audience rises, ready to take action to silence Apollo. However, she calms down as another person runs towards the stage.*

Aoi: Look, someone is even approaching the stage!

*A girl with her face and body concealed in shadows is in front of the audience, beside the stage. Apollo goes over to investigate, and pulls the girl onto the stage.*

Apollo: Oh? A fan? Would you like an autograph from me?

???: Are you... *Looks at phone.* Kanon Nakagawa?

Apollo: Certainly, or, rather, that's my alter-ego. But I'll be sure to autograph anything for you!

???: Then autograph THIS, you somewhat busty hussy!

*In a quick motion the mysterious figure takes out a pair of scissors and stabs Apollo in the stomach. She coughs up blood and falls back, getting caught by Hanayo and Yurika. Linda pulls out a futuristic gun and attempts to shoot at her, but the shadowy figure departs with a smoke bomb, leaving one last remark.*

???: My name is Catnip, and remember that as I'll take you down soon!

Aoi: This isn't good, she's losing a lot of blood!

Take her to Iris at the arena! She'll bandage her up and use healing magic and stuff! I'll go find out which scissor-user did this, and bring them to justice!

Yurika: Good idea, it seems that the magic of this attack can be neutralized if we destroy those scissors.

Riri: Don't think for a moment you're going alone either!

*Topaz runs out, followed by Riri. The crowd, seeing the attack, is in a panic. Yomi tries her best to calm things down.*

*Outside, a tall older sister bumps into a shadowy figure. A glimpse of of pink-ish hair and a golden sparkle at eye-level is revealed.*

Oneesan: Oh? Excuse me.

???: *mumble mumble*so glad that took care of itself, Kanon nearly outed our team. *coughs* I mean, thank you. Are you perhaps looking for someone?

Oneesan: Yes, my little sister Tsukiko. I haven't seen her since the stabbing! I think she got lost in the panic and escaped with the rest of the audience.

???: Well then, I hope you find her. I'd help, but I need to go alert my allies of something...

*The mysterious figure slips a paintbrush into her pocket while thinking "I'm glad that I took this item from Kanon's dressing room. It should prove to be... useful".*

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July 24th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninety-fifth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. As you can see, I've defeated Hanayo last week...

Hanayo: So how long will I have to keep my glasses on for losing?


Hanayo: Ehhhhh?... Fine.

*Hanayo playfully adjusts her glasses well sighing.*

That's the spirit, and you look beautiful anyway. But to continue what I was saying, it's time for me to face Suzuko!

*The audience gasps*

Linda/Suzuko: You know that every calls me Linda now! It's one of the things I asked for from Patchebel!

That explains why everyone suddenly called you that... But once I defeat you, you'll have to break your ties with Patchebel! Hanayo will as well!

Hanayo: B-but how will we spread the news of idol-research without her?

Same way everyone else does: The internet!

Linda: Hmmm, it seems that you must be knowledgeable about idols as well. *smirks* I think I have a PERFECT idea for your challenge now.

Do your worst! I'm ready for anything, and can start at anytime!

Linda: Well, it's going to take a bit of effort. So while we're getting things ready backstage how about you start your blog. We should be done by the time you finish.

That's a good idea. This way I won't be distracted by other things while blogging. Man, last week I didn't even mention that "Kayochin" is a cutesy way of her first name as the "Hana" could also be written as "Ka". But enough delay, let's begin!

Today's girl is:

Suzuko "Linda" Kanzaki

*Linda moves off stage to get things ready.*

Oh, and like Hanayo Suzuko got her nickname because her first kanji Suzu can also be read as Rin. That certainly explains the teacher in Senran Kagura. But I guess that Japanese is a hard language to learn. Unlike English, as I could go threw the dictionary and knot find too words that people easily confuse the spelling of in their. Your crazy if you think that!

*Suddenly Ririchiyo runs to Topaz from off stage.*

Riri: Please don't do that any more, the comments are going to go crazy with people getting angry from your intentionally bad grammar.

That's fair, I guess. I'll just start my blog from here, then.

Hair: Suzuko has short green hair. The back and sides don't reach much past her chin, and her hair is a paler shade as well. It's also poofy or wavy on the sides, starting at the point her bangs end. It's sort of hard to describe, but I suppose that you could call it curly (it's not drill-shaped which I usually think of when I call hair "curly"). Her bangs are nice, being mostly a hime cut though the right side has a hair piece that's pulled out of place. She wears some sort of clip, but it's hard to tell what it is as she hides it behind a curl. She also has two curls in front that she keeps outside her attack headpiece, giving it a visor-like appearance. In her hair there is also a pattern of a heart, though the exact placement changes due to light (most of the girls in the series have a similar effect). While I mean no insult, do note that I could describe Suzuko's hair as being similar to a green leafy vegetable, such as a cabbage or something. Finally, she does occasionally wear a beret with a big cotton ball, and while it's cute she doesn't wear it very much other than her introduction.
Grade: B-

Eyes: Suzuko's eyes are a pale gold or a greenish color, so maybe yellow-green might be the best way to describe the color. It does match her hair, somewhat, but I'm still somewhat "meh" on the color. She does have a heart shape in her eye as well, though that stays in the lower-left corner of her pupil and is hard to notice in the show proper. Her eyes are narrow as well, though they do still have a rounded shape on top.
She also has small glasses with thin frames. They do look sort of like an old lady's pair, but since Suzuko not only keeps them on throughout the series, including the beach episode, AND even performs in them I shouldn't complain too much. Even when fighting she'll wear the visor-like protective eye guard over her glasses. About the only times she doesn't wear glasses are understandable, and that's when she's asleep or in the bath.
Grade: B+

Face: Suzuko's face isn't all that impressive. She really doesn't get many moments to shine, and in general she's a calm girl that doesn't show a lot of expression. There's nothing wrong with her face, it's still cute, but there's not too much to talk about as it doesn't look too different from the other characters in the show. She does have small features, which is always nice.
Grade: B

Build: The only measurement we have is Suzuko's height, which is 157 cm. As far as her body goes it's fairly nice but isn't anything stellar (space pun not intended). To be fair she is barely a teenager, but she's still has something of a curve. Her waist in particular looks nice, though sadly unlike Makoto she doesn't have a pudgy stomach. I also don't know what her butt is like either. Her limbs are alright, not being too skinny, but as a whole Suzuko isn't too impressive.
Grade: B

Breasts: Unlike the rest of her body, Suzuko is actually somewhat busty. Not outlandishly busty, but she's got a good amount of chest. That said, it's unknown if she uses the bust-boosting treatment herself like she did with Makoto. I doubt it, as she says that it's unnecessarily in Makoto's case so she probably knows that flat chests can appeal to fans. Not only that, but we do catch a glimpse of her chest in the bath, and she's fine.
Grade: B

Clothes: Suzuko usually wears casual outfits, though like many idols there's more variety than I can describe. They do look nice though, even if they are slightly figure-hiding. She does have cute pajamas, being green and somewhat oversized though the main appeal is in the cute night cap she wears on her head. Her idol outfits are also cute, though I prefer the blue outfits over the pink ones (in general they look like uniforms with short skirts, but the idol outfits each have a lot of small design differences between the girls). In the beach episode she wears a yellow bikini, but in official art she also has a blue one (which I like more). Suzuko also practices in both a tight leotard (though sadly without pantyhose) and a track suit. She does put on pants and a heavy coat when exploring the frozen Tundrastar, which is totally not a Kirby planet. There's also her combat outfit and that looks like a normal military outfit.
Most of Suzuko's variety is in official art, though. In the various cards she wears outfits including a maid, a catgirl waitress, a Chinese dress, a race queen, various yukatas, an even a pretty heavy-looking kimono. In all, I do like Suzuko's wardrobe but it would be nice if she would have shown her butt a few times (even her training leotard has a pareo, and that's horrible).
Grade: A-

Personality: Suzuko's main attributes are her quiet personality and knowledge of idols. Of course, even if she's not talkative she does enjoy sharing her knowledge of AKB0048 and gives useful exposition to the other characters. She's calm and reserved as well, though gets excited when people come to her for help. This is her downfall though; she doesn't want to take center stage and would rather be supportive of other idols over working harder herself. This means that she often gets pushed into the background at times. That said, I do like the fact that she's so supportive and has a clear goal. She wants to be like Tsubasa, who is the one who manages AKB. If you're not familiar with that, think of a meganekko like Ritsuko and you would have a similar goal in mind. The reason that Suzuko became an idol is to see them in action so she can properly manage them and also pay homage to other great managers (as both Tsubasa and Ritsuko are former idols). I would still have liked to see an episode for her, but I guess I can't wish for meganekko episodes from idol shows (unless it's idolmaster).
As some off-beat things, Suzuko can be hard-headed at times. She even headbutted another character for picking on her friends! She has a silly side as well, such as when she hallucinated off of mushroom spores and called herself the idol queen of mushrooms. She also eats chips with chopsticks, to keep her hands from getting greasy. I'm not sure how well that works if you're unskilled at it, though. She also occasionally takes pictures using her phone. As far as background goes, Suzuko didn't have much confidence until she started to watch AKB0048 on tv with her grandmother. From that point on, Suzuko vowed to become a manager like Tsubasa. She eventually became one of the 77th generation of understudies with the other characters from Eurostar. As far as Suzuko's voice goes, Sawako Hata is a fine VA. She just doesn't have a lot of roles to compare to, but her portrayal was pretty nice and serious. Nothing against Caitlynn French, the English voice, but that dub in general is terrible and everyone sounds robotic and stilted.
Overall I do like Suzuko. I just wish that she'd have more good moments.
Grade: B

Hey Riri, do you think that the televisions in Eurostar are called Eurov-

*Riri puts her hand over Topaz's mouth.*

Riri: I can already tell where that joke is going, and let's not reference another competition.

Libido: She doesn't show all that much libido. Sure, she does love her fans, but that's different. From my opinion, Suzuko seems to be the type to like her job too much to have a romance jeopardize it. I guess that there's Mamoru who became her fan when Yuka left him, though I don't think she'd act on anything. As far as inter-idol relations, Suzuko is close to both Makoto (as she helped Makoto's complex with her body) and Sonata (who she calls "Sonati" and both have nicknames for each other).
Grade: C

Age: Suzuko is 14, and her birthday is August 6th. Not much to talk about here.
Grade: C+

Total Grades: 69
Average score: 7.7
Final Grade: B

And with that, the main part of the blog is complete. Now, where's Suzuko and her silly challenge?

*Linda walks in from off stage and approaches Topaz and Riri.*

Linda: Right here! And now, to show you what my challenge is.

*She hits a button. As before, the scene changes into a game show-like stage. There are three podiums, each with a large button and buzzer. There's also a host's seat and a podium with a large microphone on it, presumably to ask questions.*

Linda: I'm going to test your idol knowledge! Here's how the game is going to work. *A large monitor descends from the ceiling, showing a crude version of the stage.* Each of us is going to take one of the seats here *The three podiums soon get stick figures drawn into them.* While a judge asks us questions. As we get questions right, the more points we get. If I get to one hundred before you, I'll be declared the winner. If you get to one hundred first, I'll accept defeat.

Sounds easy enough. But if you know all the questions it'll be cheap!

???: No problem, Topaz. I'LL be asking the questions here...

*Aoi Kiriya steps out and sits in the host's seat.*

Aoi: Don't worry, I'll be as unbiased as the previous week's judges.

Linda: Didn't they all vote for Topaz?

That was because mine was better, silly!

*Linda sighs.* Well, I guess Kayochin DID make some big mistakes. However, I won't let you go that easily!

*Linda and Topaz take their positions behind the podiums.*

Riri: Ehhh? Me too? I guess they do need a third... (Maybe if I win Topaz will be proud of me! Wait, stop thinking such naughty things, brain!).

*Riri shakes her head before taking the remaining podium on the side.*

Aoi: Well then, now that everyone is in place it's time to begin the first annual Idol Knowledge test!

*crowd cheers as game show music plays.*

Aoi: Now, the first question is...

*BZZZ! Linda buzzes in.*

Linda: Mimori Kishida!

*The lights at Linda's podium flash green as congratulatory sounds play.*

Aoi: That's right, the question was "Who was the idol who became "Mariko Shinoda the 8th"?" You earn a point.

*Linda chuckles. Her podium's screen now shows a 1 to Topaz's and Riri's both having a 0.*

Linda: (I knew that memorizing the order of the questions would come in handy)

Aoi: Alright then, time for the next question... *Flips the notecard to the back of the stack.* Here we go..

*BZZZ! Linda buzzes in.*

Linda: July 22!

*The lights at Linda's podium flash red as a failure sound plays.*

Aoi: Oh, I'm sorry. But the question was "Which idol with 92 cm hips recently got in trouble for causing a "gas leak" at a local ramen restaurant?"

*BZZZ! Topaz buzzes in.*


*The lights at Topaz's podium flash green as congratulatory sounds play. He then gets 1 point and ties with Linda. In the audience Takane smirks and claps in an ojou manner.*

Linda: W-what? That should be the THIRD question! How did this happen?

Aoi: Eh? Third question?

*Aoi inspects the cards and finds the problem.*

Aoi: Oh, I see. The humidity made the first two cards stick together! I'll just pull them apart real quick and...whoops!

*By trying to get the cards unstuck Aoi knocks over the large pile. Questions fly everywhere, landing in a small pile which she scoops up. Linda is horrified.*

Linda: (All that time memorizing the answers, wasted! But no matter, there's no way that Topaz could know much about...)

*While Linda is distracted, Topaz hits his buzzer again.*

Kyouko Kirisaki is half-Earthling half-Flame Seijin!

Aoi: That's correct!

*Topaz's point total becomes 2.*

Linda: Grrr, you won't surpass me in idol knowledge!

*Linda's eyes glow with flame as she now has something to prove.*

*Time passes, with Topaz and Linda each answering questions.*

Linda: Miki gains 2 cm in her chest, 1 cm in her hip, and grows 2 cm between games!

The cereal that Yurika advertised is "Berry Good Morning Cereal"!

*The game eventually gets to the point where Linda and Topaz are both at 99 points. However, no more notecards remain...*

Aoi: I'm all out of questions!

Linda: Shoot, I hadn't expected such a close game. I knew I should have prepared a full 200.

Aoi: Luckily I have a good question in mind. And this will be for two points, so whoever gets this right will win! "Who is this pink-haired leader.."

*BZZZ! Linda buzzes in.*

Linda: Kanon Nakagawa!

*The lights at Linda's podium flash red as a failure sound plays.*

Linda: Wait, what?

Aoi: You didn't let me finish. "Who is this pink-haired leader who formally controlled the space colony "Mechadol"?"

*BZZZ! Topaz buzzes in.*

I only know of one space colony-themed pink-haired idol, and that's SHERYL NOME!

*The lights at Topaz's podium flash red as a failure sound plays.*

W-wait! That was wrong?

Aoi: Yes it was. And since you two have both gotten it incorrect we go to our third contestant: Ririchiyo!

*Riri, who was starting to doze off, jumps from her name being called.*

Riri: W-what? I wasn't sleeping!

Aoi: Topaz and Linda have both gotten this question wrong. So it got passed to you.

Riri: But I don't know anything about idols!

Aoi: This is just protocol, but I'll say it again: "Who is this pink-haired leader who formally controlled the space colony "Mechadol"?"

Riri: Uhhh... Lacus Clyne?

*The lights at Riri's podium flash green as congratulatory sounds play. She then gets 2 points.*

How did you know that? We haven't watched that show!

Riri: Don't you remember? We went to one of her concerts where Kirino and Asuna interrupted. It was all in Zettai's blog!

That's a good point, I had forgotten about that!

*Suddenly both Topaz and Ririchiyo's lights flash as victory music plays.*

Riri: What now?!

It seems that we've won!

Linda: Wait, how?

Because we got over 100 points.

Linda: But I just meant YOU as in the singular! I didn't mean that you'd be a team!

Aoi: As the judge, I okay their victory. Besides, you're the one that didn't specify that!


Riri: Oh? We're done?

Well, there's still the part where Linda has to explain why Kanon came to mind when she was asked about a "Pink-haired leader". It's almost as if..

*Suddenly Kanon makes a grand entrance, swinging dual doors wide open. She then walks up stage and confronts Linda and Hanayo. To every one else's surprise, they get to their knees.*

Kanon: You have both failed me! ESPECIALLY you, Linda. You nearly gave away my secret identity!

Wait, secret identity? Y-you don't mean!

Kanon: That's right, Topaz. I've been waiting for the day that we'd finally meet. I am PATCHEBEL, Magical Idol Girl!

*The crowd gasps as Kanon's secret identity is revealed.*

Of course! Patchelbel's canon! Patchebel is Kanon! It's so obvious that even missing the L I should have caught it!

Kanon: Just you wait until next week, I predict that it'll be an exciting and important blog! And all you fans out there should give it a watch too! Kira~ <3 *Winks*

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July 17th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninety-fourth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. As you should know, last week we rescued Aoi from Yurika's not-capture. However, two meganekko idols working under Patchebel followed us, and we're currently fighting to keep their clutches off of her.

Riri: Why did you have to review all the information?

It gives us something to do until we get to the stage. But look, we're already here!

*Topaz enters the backstage area and slowly walks on the stage. Riri follows behind him, but doesn't go on stage as she hides behind the red curtain. On a podium on the other side is a green haired meganekko, which Aoi has already identified as "Linda". On her side is a brown-haired girl with an apron over her uniform.*

Linda: Fufufu. I see that my taunt has gotten you and you took the bait.

Hanayo: T-that's right! You've fallen into our trap!

If you knew me better, you'd know I have no problems falling for a trap!

*Backstage Riri facepalms.*

Riri: That's not what they meant, Topaz! I just hope you'll be safe...

*Back in the front of the stage.*

Linda: Good to hear that, then... For in THIS blog you'll be having an audience!

Don't I usually?

Linda: I don't mean just your sole reader, but instead look at THIS!

*The auditorium's lights turn on, revealing a full crowd of people.*

Oh man! Not this dream again! At least I'm wearing pants this time, but I still haven't prepared my speech!

Hanayo: No one would want THAT. But enough delay, it's time for me to b-battle you!

But you're a Slice of Life girl, I'm not sure of any way you could stand a challenge.

Linda: Who said we're FIGHTING? No, this will be a battle of....

*Linda hits a button on the remote. The turning of massive gears are heard from behind the stage, and soon the red curtain stage becomes switched with two small kitchens.*


Riri: Oh no, not cooking! Topaz can barely boil water! How will he be able to win!

Hanayo: Y-you're going down!

Linda: Now now, let's not be hasty. I'm sure that Topaz has some secret plan to win, but first let's look at our judges! First, a fellow idol... Takane Shijou!

*A spotlight turns on above the first judge's chair, revealing a white-haired idol in a beautiful gothloli outfit. On her lap is a small, chibi version of herself.*

Takane: It's an honor to be one of the judges for this competition. I can not wait to partake in the succulent tastes that these two will produce.

Takanya: Shijou Shi! (Scribbles a note that says "Honored" on it in fancy calligraphy).

Hanayo: Oh no! Terrible news, Linda!

Linda: What's wrong?

Hanayo: Topaz has already done a blog on Takane! I mean Zettai didn't, but he's not the one taking the cooking challenge!

Takane: I will be as impartial as possible, do not fret yourself Hanayo.

*Hanayo flusters slightly.*

Hanayo: A famous idol like Shijou-san said my name..

Linda: Cool yourself down, Hanayo. Don't worry, there's two other judges, and I'm fairly sure he hasn't blogged either of them.

Oh? Have you read them all like Aoi?

Linda: Both yours AND your silly friend Zettai's as well. You both seem to like idols plenty, and I especially smiled at Ranka's... silly mistake.

You're just saying that because you're both green-haired idols from space!

Linda: Silence! Now, let's introduce our NEXT judge... YOMI!

*The next spotlight comes on, revealing a girl with long blonde hair and a green elegant dress with matching hat. She waves with both hands.*

Yomi: The pleasure is all mine. I always love eating contests as I get to eat all I want for little money. Because I'm poor, of course. I hope that this contest doesn't involve eating dirt or-

Takane: Please, that is enough. If you had continued I may have lost my appetite.

Yomi: Oh, my! I seem to had misplaced my manners, I apologize for my transgressions!

Linda: How about we get to the third judge we've hired... Shinra Kuonji!

*The last spotlight turns on, revealing a girl with long black hair, a black gothic outfit, and pantyhose. She smirks playfully, amused at the other judges.*

Shinra: A pleasure.

Hanayo: She's been blogged by Topaz as well!

Shinra: Hmmm? You question my judging capacity? Very well, I assure you that much like Takane I shall be impartial.

Linda: It's unusual that we obtained three fine ojous as judges.

*Takane, Yomi, and Shinra all let out a lovely ojou laugh.*

Takane: It is as if fate brought us to this meal together.

Yomi: Truly it will be a special occasion. I hope to eat so much my stomach gets bloated!

Shinra: The only thing that could make this meeting better would be if there were pandas....

*Linda stands back up at the podium.*

Linda: Oh well! Let's get those stoves fired up and those ingredients prepared, we've got a cooking challenge to begin!

And we can't forget that...


Linda: Wow, it seems that Topaz has such confidence in his meals that he's going to do his blog while cooking!

Riri: That or Topaz doesn't want a perfectly good Thursday go without a blog...

Linda: Either way, the two contestants must make two separate dishes. Your pantries are filled with various foods, so get to work!

Hair: Hanayo has an extremely simple hairstyle. It's one of the shortest of in the cast, barely reaching her neck in the back and she doesn't have it done up. It does have a cute outward wave near the bottom that looks feminine. Her bangs are also perfect, not that they're hime (unfortunately) but more because they're parted to the right so well that I imagine that she uses some sort of product to keep it in place. Even in flashbacks she had a strong bang-style. And even then, her bangs retain their shape really well. As far as hair color goes, it's a lovely shade of brown. Most of the time, at least. Some images do make her look darker or lighter, but she definitely has brown hair (the darker shade is more in the PVs). Overall I say that I like her hair, but I'd prefer her color to be a bit more stable and I'd like it to be longer.
Grade: B

Eyes: Hanayo has very "cute" eyes. No, really, she has a tarame and it's really refreshing to look at her face because of them. She has some of the brightest and roundest eyes in the cast, which is why I describe her as "cute" but I actually prefer "cool" eyes like Umi or Maki's. Like Maki, Hanayo has purple eyes which is fortunate as I really like that color. I also love seeing every time Hanayo is excited as her eyes light up really well. Her eyes are nice and fit her really well, but it seemed like they needed a bit more...
Which is fortunate, because Hanayo used to wear glasses! Though just from that you can see the biggest problem with Hanayo: she "used" to be a meganekko. Oh sure, she'll wear her glasses when getting ready for bed or otherwise not in idol-mode, but as a whole she stops wearing them. It was really unfortunate when it happened (though not surprising, considering most of her art doesn't have her wear them), and made Hanayo lose her position of my favorite Love Live character. It's like in order to be an idol you can't be a meganekko (which girls like Ritsuko and others have proven is incorrect). It's a shame that Hanayo's glasses were nice too, they were a cute lower-framed pair with a black frame. They didn't fit her entire eye, but I imagine they're more used for reading or similar close abilities. I might have been too rough on Hanayo for this, but do know that it bothered me when it first happened (it's a bit better, though I still dislike it).
Grade: B-

Face: Hanayo has a simple, yet really endearing face. As with her eyes, she's really refreshing to see and I like both her excited and shy moments. She shows a lot of emotion, even if she doesn't realize it. While her faces aren't as memorable as Umi's, Hanayo does have her fair share of great expressions. Her features are small, though many of the other girls are the same way (not that they have the same face, this show is good at making differences in the girls). I especially like how her cheeks are nice and plump too. It shows that the designers knew that she's not exactly a thin girl, and I think that anime as a whole needs more "pudgy" girls like her. Sadly there weren't any changes during the episode that she got bigger and had to go on a diet (unlike another Sunrise production).
Grade: A-

*As Topaz continues his blog, both him and Hanayo are hard at work. Hanayo seems to be chopping up ingredients for curry while Topaz is boiling a pot of store-bought ramen. Hanayo is somewhat flustered, but is attempting to tune out Topaz's upcoming talk about her body.*

Build: Speaking of Hanayo's great body, we reach that time in the blog. Unfortunately, as far as we see Hanayo appears mainly "average". Measurement wise she's 156 cm tall and her three sizes are 82-60-83. For a first-year that's certainly a surprise. She's tied for the second largest hips in the main cast (only beaten by Eri) and her bust is the third largest (behind Eri again as well as Nozomi). And hey, even if it's only by one cm her hips are bigger than her chest and busty girls like that are somewhat rare. Height wise she's beaten by most of the cast, only the resident loli Nico and Hanayo's friend Rin are shorter than her. So why is she "average"? She doesn't show off her curvy body all that much. It's unfortunate as I wouldn't mind her somewhat-plump body (though judging by a swimsuit official art her stomach isn't as notable as I would like). Like I said in the last topic it's unfortunate that Hanayo wasn't shown off to be bigger when she gained weight in the second season.
Grade: B

Breasts: As said prior, Hanayo has a chest measurement of 82 cm. For my grading scale (which tends to use 85 as a benchmark) this isn't too great, but do know that Love Live is a fairly realistic show as far as chest-sizes go. While Hanayo is pretty curvy, I don't imagine it to be that different from the potential a high school girl should be. Again she doesn't show off too much here either. I don't mean as far as nudity goes, but Hanayo isn't all that bouncy (she does jiggle a bit when dancing) and I wouldn't mind seeing her cleavage as well. Sadly Nozomi hogs all the busty scenes (and a majority of "that sort" of fan art), though I suppose I understand and don't mind it too much.
Grade: B-

Clothes: Like many idols Hanayo has a rather large wardrobe. There's too many to name, so I'll just describe the ones I remember well. First off is the Otonokizaka High School uniform which consists of a blue blazer with a white shirt under, a blue plaid skirt, and a bow tie-like ribbon on the neck to colored to show which class you're in. As a first year Hanayo has a light blue ribbon. In the summer months I'm guessing that the blazer is replaced with a yellow vest, a downgrade if you ask me. There is one major difference from Hanayo and the other girls' uniforms: Hanayo wears PANTYHOSE! This makes her outfit a lot better and as I really like blazer uniforms it's a great combination.
There's also a lot of one-shot outfits that the group or Hanayo wear as one-shots. Outside of performances, I mean. There's the big orange costume Hanayo wears when exploring other club themes (yes, like the fruit). In that same episode was another Rock and Roll classic outfit, though it's silly to imagine Hanayo wearing that type of outfit and describing it would lessen the impact. She's also worn a maid outfit, a yukata, and in official art a waitress outfit. As far as the idol outfits go, my personal favorite is the butler-like one in the second season (when Rin was wearing the dress as the center). It not only fits Hanayo's personality and hairstyle and I have a thing for seeing girls in suits, but that episode really helped me like Rin more in general.
Grade: A-

*Topaz continues to stir the generic ramen. However, he adds a green secret ingredient to the meal. He also attempts to fry up a quesadilla using his favorite types of cheeses. Hanayo instead goes for a surprising foreign dish, stirring together the ingredients for a simple Paella. However, once her rice cooker is done, the aroma of the rice makes her mouth drool and a wide smile appear.*

Hanayo (to herself): N-No! I can't give in to such weakness!

*The great rice starts to sparkle, breaking Hanayo's endurance.*

Hanayo (to herself): Well... I suppose a LITTLE couldn't hurt...

Personality: Hanayo, or Kayochin as is Rin's nickname for her, is a shy girl, barely able to speak up and join the main group. She gets a lot of help from Rin, who is pulled in with her. Even in the second season Hanayo is quiet, barely able to speak on a loudspeaker when Honoka had her try and improve. Luckily she' s not as shy on stage as she once was, as now she nearly seems like a natural. I will say that her voice is pretty high pitched, which I'm not a huge fan of. It works well with the rest of the group though, and it's not enough to bother me either. Nothing against Yurika Kubo either, though I haven't heard her other major roles.
There are two great loves of Hanayo's life, though I don't mean in a romantic situation. For one, her love of idols is what got her into Muse (or " μ's", though that's a bit harder to write). Hanayo always wanted to be an idol, and once she saw the three members perform it was a great match (even if Hanayo was their only audience member). She becomes the first fan of the group, and is the member that keeps up to date on idol news. It's often funny and always sweet to see her rush in out of breath with a "Big News" announcement, something that's become a character trait of hers. Speaking of character traits, it was great to see Hanayo get down Nico's actions and personality so well (not to mention her hair style; I wouldn't have thought that Hanayo would have the hair for twintails). Speaking of Nico, as dedicated as Hanayo is she becomes the president of the idol fanclub after the former graduates.
Hanayo's other great love is white rice. She always eats a lot of it, and requires extra rice balls after school to get the stamina for practice early on. She's even seen eating a giant, head-sized rice ball at one point! That said, she does become concerned with her weight after but she easily loses the weight. Even with Honoka tempting her with a restaurant serving Golden Rice (though that was a very amusing scene). Perhaps she should do a duet with Yuuko Oomori from Happiness Charge PreCure...
As some miscellaneous information, Hanayo seems to have an interest in drawing and origami though I don't recall this being shown in the anime. She also seems to care for the school llamas, even going to them when looking for a person (as outlandish as it sounds). Overall I wouldn't have minded seeing an episode for Hanayo in the second season as she only had her introduction as a focus (granted that Rin and Nozomi were more deserving of their episodes).
Grade: B

Libido: None really shown, as far as I know. It's possible that there's more in the songs that I don't know about. That said, Hanayo is usually paired with Rin. The two are best friends and are shown to be very close. It's possible to pair her with Nozomi, though I don't think she'd split up with Eri and it's more of a caring older sister arrangement with Hanayo. There's also Kotori, who has a few duets with Hanayo that I haven't heard. Personally I think that Hanayo and Rin is the best of her pairings. However, Hanayo is also one of the people who mention that idols shouldn't have love, which is a dumb rule.
Grade: C

Age: Hanayo is a first year student and is fifteen years old. That said, I do wonder if she's 16 now as her birthday is January 17th and the second season ended with a March graduation.
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 70
Average score: 7.8
Final Grade: B


*As the timer counts down the last minute Topaz puts the finishing touches on his meals. It looks fairly generic, but edible. However, Linda's announcement shocks Hanayo out of her rice-eating trance. She offers her meals to the judge, but she seems to be missing a major ingredient...*

Shinra: There's no rice in this paella...

Takane: My former chair would be outraged at such a sight! I refuse to consume such an affront to Spanish cuisine!

Shinra: Right, it seems that Buddha was incorrect and rice IS a main ingredient.

Yomi: At least this beef stew tastes good. *starts to spoon it into her mouth*

Hanayo: Er... That was supposed to be curry.

*Yomi drops her spoon.*

Yomi: C-Curry? You attempt to bribe me with such high-class food? I'll ONLY eat ready-made curry when it's on sale, and that's when I don't find random boxes of pirate treasure!

Shinra: That sounds ridiculous. Who would believe that pirates would leave CURRY as treasure.

Takane: I am more amused by the fact that a ninja is eating pirate treasure.

Hanayo: It's not my fault! My rice mysteriously disappeared!

Shinra: Say that to the rice on your face. *smiles smugly.*

Hanayo: W-wait? Did I eat ALL my rice? No, it c-can't be! But it would explain why I'm suddenly so full...

I guess that was your biggest weakness in this battle. Now, judges, partake of my meal!

*Topaz offers his meal next.*

Takane: I-Is that ramen I smell?

Takanya: Shi Shi! *eyes sparkle*

*Takane and Takanya immediately dive into the ramen. In a way worthy of their ojou status, of course, with chopsticks and such.*

Yomi: Hey, what's this?

*Yomi picks out one of Topaz's secret ingredients from the ramen.*


*Yomi immediately eats it and tries to pick out more, despite the other two girls eating the noodles.*

Yomi: Mmmm. The saltiness of the store-bought ramen's flavoring packet makes these bean sprouts taste much better. No doubt I can keep a bowl of ramen for weeks and just dunk them in on occasion.

Takane: Go ahead and eat the beans. My former chair would love if I ate them but as he's trapped in a room this month it would be difficult to have to hold it in for him that long.

What are you talking about?

Takane: It's a mystery. *smirks*

Shinra: While those two are eating that meal I suppose that I'll eat this quesadilla instead. I hope that it has cheese at least, I've had enough mockeries of food from Spanish-speaking countries today.

But first, why don't you turn it over.

*Shinra indeed flips the quesadilla over, showing a burnt bottom. However, the bottom is vaguely panda-face-like. Shinra picks up the plate and starts to leave with it.*

Linda: Hey! You can't just leave like that!

Shinra *from outside*: TOPAZ WINS!

Yomi: *munch munch* I second that. You can't make curry or paella without rice, but his meals are delicious in their simplicity.

*Takane is too busy slurping up noodles to answer, but she gives a thumbs-up as well. Takanya even holds up a paper that says "Topaz wins" on it.*

*Linda sighs at the overwhelming victory.*

Linda: Well, I guess this means that our winner is... TOPAZ!

Hanayo: I knew I should have played him in a card game instead! If only I had learned how to play in time as well...

Don't beat yourself up, Hanayo. I know exactly where the rice went!

Hanayo: Wait, did you steal it? Cheater!

No, but instead I meant HERE!

*Topaz squeezes Hanayo's pantyhose-covered butt.*

Hanayo: EEE!

What? You weren't expecting a butt squeeze? I thought you liked reading my friend's idol reviews! Or were you more expecting something like this?

*Topaz cups and fondles Hanayo's chest from behind.*

Hanayo: Ah!

I know, I'm not Nozomi. But I couldn't help touching the "rice balls" you keep on your chest! Then again, you also have a lot of rice HERE too!

*Topaz starts poking Hanayo's stomach.*

Hanayo *eyes watering*: S-stop! That's embarrassing! A-and it's tickling me!

*Hanayo starts to laugh and falls on her side slowly. Topaz continues to tickle her sides until she accidentally knocks him back by kicking him in the face with her pantyhose-clad foot (as her shoe fell off while being tickled).*

Hanayo: Please! Stop tickling me, and I'll do anything!


Hanayo: *gulp* Y-yes...

Riri: Don't make her do something perverse, Topaz!

Put your glasses back on!

Hanayo: I should have expected as much. *Puts them on* I-is it really that much different?

YES! And now that the competition is over, it's time to end the blog for the week. Join us next time when I discuss Linda!

Linda: If only you knew the contest I have planned for you. Kufufufufu...

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July 10th, 2014
Anime Relations: Aikatsu!
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninety-third week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Last week, Topaz helped save the possessed Yurika. As a reward the ex-Aundae promises to show him "Something Special". She eventually brings both Ririchiyo and him to a large school campus.*

Wow! This school certainly is something special!

Riri: I don't see why, you've been in a ton of schools before...

That's true, but GAIKING is under this one!

Yurika: Wait, what? No! Where did you get such a ridiculous idea! At least I can't say you're not creative...

Thanks, though it's a shame that we won't be able to see any mechas this month.

Riri: I suppose it's good for Zettai's blog that there won't be any fatal overlap. Plus do you really WANT to face Proist? Zettai barely survived and you can barely spell her name correctly!

Point taken. So what are we hear for?

Yurika: Patience, or I'll have to suck your blood!

*Time passes as Yurika eventually leads the two bloggers to an inauspicious room.*

So, as I was saying, you shouldn't make threats that you won't actually fulfill.

Yurika: S-shut your yap! You don't want to not ally yourself with a six-hundred year old vampire! Not only that, but we're finally here.

*Yurika opens the door, revealing a blue-haired girl sitting on a bed.*

???: Oh? More guests?

Wait, are you saying that...

Today's girl is:

Aoi Kiriya

Aoi: Wait, aren't you the one who blogged about the idolmaster girls a few weeks back? And then talked about Yurika last week? I loved those interviews!

Want to be next then?

Aoi: Of course, I bet that your blog on me will be something special!

Riri: Wait, wasn't Patchebel or whoever after Aoi?

Yurika: Certainly, but I figured what better place to hide an idol than in a place that she'll never look!

Hiding the tree within the forest, I see.

Aoi: Right! Thanks to Yurika's influence I was able to live my life with Patchebel thinking that I was captured.

Any ideas why she'd want to capture you?

Yurika: Something involving Aoi's knowledge of idols being a serious detriment to Patchebel. Unfortunately I never hadn't heard anything else about her plans.

A shame. With more information we'll be able to counter her plans better.

Aoi: I don't know what you mean about Patchebel or her plans, but shouldn't we get started with the blog?


Hair: Aoi's hair is usually kept in a side-tail. A pretty thick one as well, and with all that weight on the left side of her head I wonder how she can keep her balance. As you can probably assume I'm not a big fan of the side-tail style. I do find her scrunchie to be cute, the green and blue colors fit her well. She does have nice sides, going past her ears and even her chin! Her hair is also somewhat naturally wavy, though you only see it when her hair is down. And man, I really do like Aoi with her hair down. It appeals to me far more than her ponytail, and it shows off her hair's full length. It goes past her shoulders, which is about a medium length hairstyle. Sadly we don't see her with her hair down much, a shame as I find it really nice. Finally, Aoi's hair is a definite dark blue (as opposed to a blue so dark it could be black) and I do like it.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Much like her hair Aoi's eyes are a deep blue. As a whole she seems to have a blue motif, and as I really like that color I can't say too much bad about it. Her eyes look like pretty pools of water too. I do like when a girl's eyes match her hair color (or are close) as well. Her eyes are also shaped nicely; while they don't have a tsurime her corners are rather high and the curve is a bit subdued (not as subdued as say, Yurika's from last week, but still not as obvious as Ichigo or most of the other girls). It's very obvious that Aoi is a "cool" style of idol from her eye shape and color.
Much like Yurika from last week, Aoi wears glasses occasionally. It's a lot more rare than seeing Yurika in glasses though, as Aoi only uses them when either in "Idol Professor" mode or in disguise. That said, she also wears a great pair. They have really thick frames that are barely blue in color, flowing nicely with the rest of her blue coloring. In general I really do like Aoi's glasses but I'd love if we could see her wearing them more! Also I hope that this doesn't mean that Aoi wears contacts, that would be unfortunate!
Grade: A-

Face: Aoi's face is nice but a bit plain. At least if she's not wearing glasses, but that's just appealing to me in a different way xD. Anyway, there's nothing too objectionable about her face but many of the faces in the series look similar. Not that this is bad though, Aoi does have small features including her nose and her cheeks have a bit of blush in official art. Not quite embarrassment-blush, but the softness kind. Overall her face is refreshing and nice, but doesn't do too much to stand out. Well, at least now, as in the early episodes the CG wasn't that great. It nearly looked like her face was ironed onto the 3D models, which I think are similar to the game. Her eyes were also stretched out a bit. Now the CG resembles the anime version of Aoi and is a HUGE improvement.
Grade: B-

Build: Aoi's only measurement is her height, which for some reason improves 5 cm between the seasons (from 152 cm to 157 cm). The lazy part is that EVERY girl grew 5 cm between the seasons, meaning that they don't have to change their ratios at all and all the girls look the same compared to the others. For example, Yurika went from 153 to 158 cm, keeping her 1 cm above Aoi at all times. It's cool that they made the girls taller, but when there's no difference it's not that impressive! At least she is taller than her "love interest", if only just barely now (as Raichi really grew up).
Bodywise Aoi isn't too impressive. She has an average body and is able to exercise and dance well. She's got a slender, but good-looking, figure. The biggest problem is that, as a kid's show, Aoi's body isn't shown off too much. At least Yurika had her random buttscene as Aoi's body suffers for not being shown off! Maybe she should join PowaPowa Puririn to learn their buttwiggle xD. Also, like her face, she had a lot of problems with the CG early on. Namely that her wrists and arms looked far too thin. It's better now, there's a bit of thinness at her wrists but it's not as bad as it was once. Another complaint would be, in a piece of official art that both Aoi and Kii (another girl) are showing off their legs, is that Aoi's legs aren't as defined as they normally are. I get that it could be the angle, but they look pretty straight rather than curved.
Now, I might have complained a lot about Aoi's body, but take that as a compliment as I really want to see more of Aoi looking great! She's my favorite of the three lead Starlight girls, and that includes a TDB that shares my birthday xD.
Grade: C

Breasts: Unfortunately for Aoi's score she really doesn't have much here either. Not to surprising, but it's always unfortunate as her chest does fit her slender figure well.
Grade: D

Clothes: Aoi's wardrobe is overall nice. Like Yurika she is most often seen wearing the Starlight Academy school uniform, consisting of a dark blue top coat with a white shirt inside, a red ribbon around the collar with a gold button, and a white skirt with a dark blue line and two buckles. On the shirt are four gold buttons, with the top and bottom two connected by a chain. As with Yurika, Aoi only wears knee-high white socks and sadly not thighhighs or pantyhose. Aoi also has a blue exercise outfit, though as it's a track jacket it doesn't show off her body all that well. Her swimsuit top, a half-tank top with a white-with-blue-stripes piece covering her chest, is pretty nice and unique though she really should have worn a bottom and not jean shorts. It does fit her colors I suppose, and this is one of the rare occasions when she had time off and could be put in jeans, but it's a weak excuse and I'd rather have a bikini bottom. Other outfits include a scuba outfit as well as a Santa outfit and a blue yukata. In general her outfits look really nice, though I am somewhat blue biased. She's also worn outfits for "Stylish Thief Swallowtail" and "Naughty Detectives" series, the latter being a drama she's currently in. And no, "Naughty Detectives" isn't THAT kind of series, though sadly she doesn't wear an actual police uniform and instead wears a white and purple outfit (which is nice).
As far as her idol activities go, or Aikatsu if you would, she's a big fan of the Futuring Girl brand. The brand describes itself as "It makes wearers look stylish with cool colors and bright hues. " What this means is that the brand is pretty stylish and has many different looks but as a whole the theme is blues or purples. It looks GREAT on Aoi. She also wore other outfits to show them off or perform, though the best one would be when she was describing Loli Gothic as that's a great look for her as well. In the second season Aoi eventually gets the Aquarius constellation dress, which looks cool and crystalline. It also has a cute crown as well.
Grade: A-

Riri: Didn't your friend say something like "she should be able to use an attack from a water pitcher due to her Aquarius Cloth" or something similar?

That's right, though I could see her using "Diamond Dust" more...

Aoi: You do know I'm not secretly Cure Diamond, right?

That's fair, but the similarities between you and Rikka Hishikawa are many.

Personality: Aoi has a calm, understanding personality. It's really helpful that she can reign in Ichigo's crazy antics most of the time, and the two are nearly inseparable. They've been close friends since childhood where they met at a festival. She's also a bright and intelligent girl that is really good at analyzing a situation. However, this also leads her to over think things. She's also concerned that she doesn't stand out, that she's boring but practical. She gets compared to water, not for its plain taste but more for the necessity. In addition Aoi is really good at thinking on her feet (though she prefers a solid plan). She's also always supportive of her friends and can become determined at times. I like "cool big sister" characters like her, though Raichi is actually Ichigo's little brother.
Aoi's love of idols is nearly unmatched. She keeps a lot of magazines in her room and remembers idol trivia very well. She even scored a perfect on her idol-based entry exams! Her knowledge eventually gave her the nickname of "Idol Professor". While she's not the best idol inseries (even Otome beats her attempt to be the new Starlight Queen) I really do like her. She does get her dues, being in both Soleil and Star Anis. Her idol aura is made up of composed of stars and snowflakes and, eventually, tiny purple, green, and blue stars. It's an interesting that, before idols, she seemed to be an ojou-like girl whose talents included playing the piano or violin, ride horses, and write calligraphy. Her catchphrase is "Odayaka janai wa ne" which is usually translated as "That's something special." She uses it about once an episode, so that's a lot of special things she's seen. Aoi likes sandwiches but doesn't like hot foods due to having a sensitive tongue. Overall Aoi is a really likable girl, and again is my favorite of the main girls.
Aoi is voiced by Azusa Tadokoro, a little known seiyuu. This was her first big role I think and continues to be her most famous I imagine (though Fino Bloodstone was popular). That said, she does a great job voicing Aoi and giving her a cool voice. She's not as refined as Yurika or Ran, but Aoi's voice is really great and fitting. I can't say much as I'm not good at describing voices, but Aoi's is really great. Aoi's singing voice is done by Fūri Uebana whose voice is barely different from Azusa (though Fūri also does Seira's singing voice, so I predict that the two of them won't have a duet xD).
Grade: B+

Libido: Aoi herself doesn't have much of a libido herself (as idols have to remain pure for their fans). However, this doesn't mean that Raichi, her best friend Ichigo's little brother, can't have a huge crush on her. As a fan of both little brothers and cool big sisters (which Aoi is sort of to Raichi) I approve of their relationship. Especially due to all the hoops he had to go through. During one point he had to crossdress to get into the school to see if she's making Valentine's candy. He's also very adamant that Noel is JUST a friend and helper in his idol-focused newsletter. Aoi acknowledges his feelings as well, patting his head cutely when he becomes too worried that he may have lost her. As is, their relationship is closer to siblings but I wonder how long it will remain that way...
There's also the relationship she has with Ichigo. While the yuri isn't as strong as it is on other shows, Aoi did give her a hug when she returned from America after a week/inseries year. As said before the two are also seen together quite often and Aoi often calls herself Ichigo's number one fan. There's also the new girl Kii that Aoi went to the partner's cup with. The two are very similar, both being smart occasional meganekkos that are sort-of managers of Ichigo and Seira, respectively.
Grade: B-

Age: Aoi starts the series as a 13 year old and ages to 14 in the first season. In the second season she starts out as 15 and is currently 16. Her birthday is January 31st, making her an Aquarius.
Grade: C+

Total Grades: 65
Average score: 7.2
Final Grade: B-

Aoi: Wow! It seems that I'm not all that special!

Nonsense! Just because you don't score well doesn't mean that I dislike you. It just means that there's certain areas that aren't to my preferences, and there's nothing wrong with that. Besides, you're my favorite of the main Aikatsu girls, and that's something you should be proud of.

Yurika: Don't not remember me! If you do I'll suck your blood!

Oh, Yurika. *waggles finger at her*. But since we've rescued Aoi there's nothing to do but end the blog for this week...


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July 3rd, 2014
Anime Relations: Aikatsu!
This is the Two-hundred-and-ninety-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz stretches* Ahhhh... Feels good to be home.

Riri: True. For the past month we've been at the arena. I can't wait to get some GOOD food in me. P-perhaps you'll even join me for some tea... If you want to, of course.

Of course!

*Topaz walks to the kitchen and looks into the tea pouch container. Unfortunately, it seems to be empty.*

It seems we're out of tea. I blame my failed attempts at making Shinku some. We should go to the store to pick up some more.

Riri: Are you sure? We might get attacked again. It IS Thursday, after all...

Quit your worrying. What do you think this is, a meganekko cruise? *under his breath* Well, it would be nice...

Riri: What was that?


Riri: *puts on glasses* You aren't LYING to your MISTRESS now, are you?

Just me being a pathetic pervert, Ririchiyo-sama!

Riri: *sighs* What am I going to do with you...

*Riri and Topaz head off to the store, but they notice something unusual...*

Riri: Hey, it's not supposed to be dark already, is it?

No, it's still the afternoon! What's going on?

???: Fufufufu

*A mysterious voice standing on a light post begins to laugh. The owner then jumps down in front of Topaz and Riri.*

???: It's a power of mine, Eternal Night! Now it'll be dark all the time, allowing for my vampire talents to really shine!

How can it "shine" if it's so dark out?

???: SHUTTUP! You want me to suck your blood?!

Oh no! It's that one chuunibyou!

*The mysterious figure half-faints, but leans forward angrily.*

???: I'm NOT a chuunibyou! I'm a full-blood vampire, thanks to Patchebel's magic!


???: That's right... I'm-

*The girl throws off her cloak.*

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