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July 28th, 2016
This is the Four-hundredth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Happy four-hundredth blog everyone! This is a major moment in blogging history! I never expected to get this far when I first started.

: Certainly. You've been through a lot more than you could have ever expected. And I'm sure that you'll have to face many other threats.

That sounds sort of ominous, but considering I still have to face Aldra I do have at least one more major battle in the future. Though I do wish that Ririchiyo was here to help celebrate. She must be having fun back home, I suppose.

Nothing but fun times for her!

: Getting away from your absent assistant, have you remembered who I am yet?

I have, and if that's a sign that you want to be blogged on I won't misunderstand!

Today's girl :


Wait, why?

: Because we have a few things to discuss first.

Not more discussions! I can't write that much!

: It's your own fault for causing so much strife. Then again one of the things I have to talk about involves powering you up.

Powering me up?

: Yes. I shall unlock your potential. But before that, you have to be punished! I mean... “trained”!

Wait, that sounds like something bad...

: Nonsense! All you have to do is enter this room over here...

*May leads Topaz over to a nearby room with an open door.*

Hey, is this some sort of Hyper-Potion room?

: Yes. That's exactly what it is. Now go inside and gain your 200 HP.


: No. The Hyperbolic Time chamber will provide the punishment for all the times that you've betrayed Zettai.

*Topaz gulps.*

ALL of the times?

: Well, I suppose that I'm only counting the blog ones. But that's still a lot, so get in there!

*May kicks Topaz inside and closes the door. She even locks it using the gigantic safe-like handle.*


: That seems to be for Ayaka's blog. Ufufu...


: And seems that you've seen Azusa's torture too.


: Ufufu, seems you're facing Maou's challenge now...


: Seems like there's a lot of girls who you have to pay for now. Like a certain yandere whose measurements you didn't notice and thus graded her higher than she deserves, or putting that gif of a certain MEAT in her blog that burned his eyes. Not to mention the silly "motorcycle" girls who will remain nameless... Hmmm, Tsubasa should be coming up soon too...


: There we go. *Looks at her watch* Hmmm? Been a full day already? Well, I guess I should let you out.

*May opens the door and bright light shines out. A silhouette of a muscular man is seen.

: Wow, I guess that the training really DID make you stronger!

*Topaz emerges and he's as thin and wimpy as ever.*

Actually I think that was just the lighting. But I do feel tougher, and training in there meant that I didn't lose HP!

: Well, not technically anyway. But what have you learned?

Big breasts aren't the only thing to appreciate on a girl's body! And that I should appreciate flat chests more!

: Exactly what I wanted you to learn. Here, I'll give you a big busty hug and rub my breasts all over you!

Only if you pull up your skirt and rub your butt against me for an equal amount of time!

: Good answer. That's what I wanted you to say. And I'm not actually rubbing my chest on you.

What about your butt?

: That either.

Shame. But now that I have newfound appreciation for flat chests what can I do about my blog?

: Hmm? You mean about the girls in the past who you have wronged?

Exactly. There's so many that I feel like I should apologize to. Like Nagi or Shana!

: And the girls from kids shows like Aikatsu or Precure!

Well, they'd still score low. Outside of transformations scenes it's not like they show off too much, which is something I still plan on scoring on. Shiny, featureless skin is still kinda strange. Wait, "Scoring"! How am I going to score girls now?

: You could always CHANGE the blog.

You're talking crazy talk. Changing something this far into it? That would make the calculations all wrong and complicate things so much!

: No, you see all you have to do is change "breasts" to "chest".

What's the difference.

: Well, with "breasts" it's implied that there's a pass or fail rating. Basically be big or lose points. With the new scale it's better at showing appeal and how often they show it off.

Alright, but I'll still punish girls who either use pads for fakeness or get jealous and have bad scenes. Girls should be proud of their chests, no matter the size!

: Good boy! Now that you've finally experienced your failings and learned from them now you may start my blog!

Wait, what about unlocking my potential?

: That comes after the blog.

I see. Well then, you readers should be excited because...

Today's girl is:

May Hyou
the Nyntindois series.

*May ahems.*

Hmm? Did I forget something?

: Well, what is my full name?

I said it. "May Hyou".

: No, my FULL name.

*Topaz sighs.*

"Mayella Ann Hyou".

: And why do I have such a silly name?

*Topaz sighs again.*

Because I didn't understand Japanese at all back then and made up random stuff. And your first name is based on May Oak from Dengeki Pikachu too.

: Ufufu, you really liked that manga way back then, didn't you?

I didn't have a lot of manga at the time and was an idiot.

: Explains a lot. But then again you were terrible at names. I mean, I have to keep your actual name a secret but let's just say that "Topaz 1510" was a dumb name. Especially considering your SPECIES of monkey-like people were named the "Topaz".

Hey, you don't need to point out every moment of my chuunibyou-ish days! Or, technically, before that, but still.

: Oh don't worry. I'm only "Topaz"-ing you. Tee hee <3. And be prepared to have me chime in and out during the blog itself too!

That sounds... great. Well then, let's get started!

Hair: One of May's most obvious traits is her dark black hair. It has a nice blend with her light skin, though currently her hair has turned brown to match her inspiration closer (one of her inspirations was from a manga, so it seemed that the character's hair was black). Either way it's a nice dark color that looks nice. Style-wise some things haven't changed. May's hair is still long and flowing, being free in back. Her hair seems to reach about her mid-back, but I apparently drew her with windswept hair so it was hard to tell. Not to mention my poor art skills, but still. Probably the only problem are the average bangs. I think I was trying to have her hair come down over her eye for a seductive look, but now it just looks like she's emo or something.
Grade: A

: You can tell I was from way in the past. There's no way a character Topaz would make now wouldn't have a hime cut or something.

What about Kimiko?

: She doesn't count as she was supposed to be a character based on you, but she was "popular" and got her own spin-off. Speaking of her, I do notice that both her and I have brown hair. Could it be that you were just lazy in creating my sprite?

Who me, Lazy? Don't be ridiculous! It's more that I had problems as the preset black in the program made it look grey. Now, let's continue onward and not speak of this.

: The joke there would be funnier if you didn't give a good excuse, you know.

Eyes: May has small black eyes. It's possible that I was trying to make them narrow, matching her Japanese descent, but I just drew them as dots. While the majority of the characters are like that, with a couple exceptions, it is odd that I didn't give her anime-like eyes. Also in demon form, which I'll talk about later in "body", she has yellow eyes. Overall I imagine that they aren't bad but I am poor at putting my thoughts into art.
Grade: B-

: You weren't bad, but if you were looking forward to this being a career I'd suggest that you would have practiced more.

Luckily I knew that I wasn't going to be an artist, though I wouldn't mind making video games.

: Maybe someday. Or you can just watch an anime about that instead.

Sounds like a plan!

: Oh, and while you mentioned that it's odd about the eye shape I'm surprised that you didn't give me glasses. Though I imagine it was far, far before you knew that about yourself.


Face: As mentioned before May has pale skin, though it's very beautiful. It's also quite soft, and she prides herself on having no imperfections. I will say that her face is a little simplistic-

: A LITTLE? I'm pretty sure heads shouldn't be that round, and other than having a nose I'm pretty sure my SPRITE has more facial emotion than your art.

Fair point. I was and probably am still a poor artist. Regardless, May has a mostly average face. Oh and she seems to have facial markings in demon form.
Grade: B

: Before we continue, how about you show that full-body sketch?

I'd rather not...

: It's not like it's mamocentric-well, I suppose that because it's from the front it could be considered, but it wasn't deliberate as there were more males in the series and they used the same forward-facing pose. So anyway, here you go!

As you can see I'm not good at the arts.

: To be fair this was done over a decade ago, and likely even further as well. Not that it completely excuses it as I imagine a current image wouldn't be better, but you're too lazy for that.

I am! But anyway May is a fairly curvy girl with a thin waist. Her feet and legs are alright, but are likely better than my poor art can show. Sadly there's no measurements-

: What are you talking about? YOU are the creator of me, you decide my measurements.

I suppose, but I have no information about back then. If I were to give her measurements now, I'd say that she's 167 cm tall and her three sizes are 90/60/90.

: Any reason for those?

Yeah. As the love goddess I used the measurements that are the average "perfect woman" sizes. Though I hope my friend wouldn't be angry.

: We can't all have measurements like that cute loli imouto of his.

: Ufufu, seems someone is speaking about me and required me to give a cameo. I hope that they're saying something nice, like me being butt-tastic.

Anyway, getting back to May I have to describe her demon form. As she has succubus blood in her she has the ability to go into a demon form. Her forearms turn red and thicken into clawed hands, her legs become hoofed, and she gains both wings and horns.

: Sorta like your demon form. HINT.

I-er, I'm a very creative person!
Grade: B

: Nice save.

*Ahem* Anyway, let's get to May's chest. As one of the inspirations behind her is Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, she is quite busty. As said before, it's likely that her bust size is 90. Luckily her chest isn't too insanely large for her body shape, and she doesn't show it off or bounce too much either. Other than that, not much to say. She hasn't shown her nipples, either.
Grade: B+

Clothes: It's a factor that May is fairly fashionable, but the only outfit I've drawn her in is her basic one. As said, Tifa was a major inspiration so May has a similar outfit. She wears a tanktop that exposes her middriff, jean shorts with black belt, and sandals. She also carries a bull whip that she uses in battle. The Elemental Gem Jade hangs around May's neck, and it has been fashioned into a scorpion-looking brooch, with four legs, two claws, and a pointed tail. The jewel is set into the body, and is protected by a gold back.

: The whip gives a nice sting, pun intended. Though you won't know why until the next area.

As far as variety, May has none. But as a custom creation I can pretty much put her in any sort of outfit I want.

: What I'm surprised about is the Chinese dress. I mean I know you like them, but it doesn't show off my body as well as I would like.

It's to symbolize your goddess powers.

: What it symbolizes is that I like covering up. I'll just tighten it, and there! Though my "meat buns" look so great and about to pop out.

Meaning her butt, of course. In that case let us continue onward!

*May shakes her big meaty butt at the camera.*
Grade: B

Personality: May is a very beautiful, but not quite egotistical, character. If she seems that way blame my poor writing skills. Anyway she's pretty flirty and can enjoy being the center of attention. Despite this her attacks tend to be subtle, not doing a lot of damage but dealing status ailments instead. She uses a whip and a bunch of insect-based attacks. The latter is due to her third and final inspiration, Jean from the second Lunar game. The insect attacks are due to Jade, which is her elemental gem and goddess, being a large scorpion. I have no clue either, I think the name "Jade Scorpion" came from some movie from around the time (and not a memorable one or one that I saw either). Overall she's not bad, but I wish I had more to say about her other than her attacks or the characters she was inspired from.

: You could always show an image of what the goddess looks like.

But that would require effort!

: What about THIS:

*May pulls out a parchment and undoes it, revealing the picture inside.*

In all fairness that's the updated version of Venom Jade, which is the third form of the goddess's power.

: Because the Nyntindois gods have not two but THREE forms! Power creep and all that.
Grade: C+

Libido: May, being a goddess of love, has a fairly healthy libido and is quite lustful. She's also married to my namesake in the Nyntindois series, both for tradition (as I am the king of the gods) and out of love. She also has the ability to attract others just by playfully flirting, though she sometimes forgets to turn that power off.

: I can't say that I dislike the attention, but at least I can turn it off. I mean, can you believe if I had to wear a veil all the time to hide my beauty?

Exactly, though you're probably not as attention-grabbing as I'm making you seem. Also I'd like to recon May's past as it currently seems really cruel, involving sexual harassment and her becoming a lesbian because of a cruel father.

: Topaz didn't exactly understand anything way back then. Luckily he now has the internet for more information and is kind enough to remove horrible backstories that cause poor plotholes and Gary Sue-ing of his own character.

What are you talking about?

: I'm sure every guy probably had a dream at one point of "converting" a lesbian through the power of his own, well, you understand. Besides, with all the abilities your author avatar has, from copying other abilities, near-instant regeneration, reality manipulation, and even creating life or a solar system as an attack you're already checked too much off on the "Gary Sue" chart.

I knoowwwww.... If only I could go back and teach my younger self a lot of lessons! But that's aside the point. Only one more area to go!

: But before that, don't forget the short cameo I had in the PSWhoa comics.

Ah yes. You see, in one of the chapters the PSWhoa cast faced off against the holders of the Elemental Gems. May had to go against the sexy Shiek, a Newman (which is that game's version of elf). After Shiek got her clothing removed by Exhi!e's Secret Button May took that as a challenge and stripped herself. They then wrestled off-screen to the excitement of all the guys. I'm not sure how but Shiek seemed to win.

: Ufufu, in all fairness we both "won", and same for several bystanders as well...
Grade: B

Age: May is 19, and her birthday is April 16. Why, I have no clue but that is her birthday.

: And to specify, at the time of my creation "Topaz" was 23. Not this Topaz, the one from Nyntindois and my husband. So I'm technically younger than him. Still older than the real life was when he created me, by quite some time.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 76
Average score: 8.4
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for the week!

: I would have expected to get higher, but I guess your tastes really have changed. But now that it is complete I can finally "touch" you.


: "Touch" you. I'll pull things out of you that you never knew you had. How does that sound.

I need an adult.

: I am an adult. Couldn't you tell by my "age" score? Besides, I know it's your first time so I'll be gentle. Now, stand still and relax as I reach deep inside you and grab hold of your essence...

*May places her hand on Topaz's head.*

I definitely need an adult...


*Cosmic energy flows into Topaz, filling his body with energy. Visions of past girls flood into his head, empowered by the souls of the sacred gemstones:

Like the wind blowing through the hair, Diamond enhances HAIR!

+30 HP

Like the reflections off a winter's ice, Sapphire enhances EYES!

+10 Defense, +1 Summon, and 2 meganekko points.

Like the power of expression and emotion, Moonstone enhances FACE!

+25 Defense

Like a body of a statue and carved of earth, Quartz enhances BUILD!

+15 defense and 5 HP

Like the flames of the heart burning with passion, Ruby enhances CHEST!

+60 HP

Like a thread of hope in troubled times, Emerald enhances CLOTHES!

+10 defense and 40 HP

Like his own personality, always supportive and positive, Topaz enhances PERSONALITY!

+5 Defense, +20 HP, and +1 Summon

Like the ties of marriage and affection, Jade enhances LIBIDO!

+5 Defense and +3 Summon

Finally, like the passage of the years and wisdom, Cordierite enhances AGE!

+5 Defense, +10 Hit Points, and +1 Summon

*After receiving such great power May removes her hand from Topaz's head. She seems to pant afterwards.*

: Seems like the powers connecting me to my home world are trying to drag me back for manipulating this world too much. But do not worry, I have enough power to continue training you.

More training?

: Of course!

===Meanwhile, in the Colosseum jail===

*Ririchiyo approaches a girl who is tied up and her mouth taped shut. She removes the tape.*

: YOW!

: SHHH! Do you want us to get caught?

*Riri unties Críet.*

: So what happened?

: Some girl came and kidnapped me! Luckily I have enough magical power to contact Topaz.

: Try to do it steathfully, so that Aldra and her troops don't pick up on it.

: Right!

*Críet gets down on her knees and prays. As her current troops have next to no magical abilities they aren't able to notice the magical signature. On the ground Airi notices, turning her head as it flies off. She shrugs it off and continues to Topaz's house. It eventually reaches Topaz, who is trying to sit still but spasms.*

: I told you, you need to sit still for this to work!

Sorry, my leg cramped up.

: Well then, uncramp it and sit down!

*The message reaches Topaz's ears...*

: Help us...

My friends are in peril!

: But you can't leave now! If you do, I won't be able to power your focus up further!

But I fight for my friends. C'mon Nina, let's go rescue them!

*Nina, who was sleeping against a post letting May and Topaz have their private time, is shocked awake.*

: Eh? Oh, I-I wasn't sleeping!

*Nina becomes a bird, ready to transport Topaz back.*

: You'll never be able to defeat Aldra at your level! Even if you did just gain a bunch of experience.

There's no time! I have to make sure they're safe!

*Nina flies off towards the Colosseum.*

: *Sigh* When will he listen to reason...

*As Nina and Topaz approach the Colosseum, it starts shooting at them.*

Watch out!

: You think?!

*Nina avoids many shots, but her wing gets hit.*

: I can't maintain my form any longer, I have to become a humanoid again!

Fine, but don't drop me!

: I make no promises.

*Nina goes back to her normal form, even if the picture didn't change as I am lazy. She holds Topaz princess style as she flies past the lasers.*

Quick, go through that alley! They won't be able to get us if we do that!

*Nina dives through, getting caught in a bedsheet that somehow wraps around her body like a toga. She also gets a golden disc of sorts stuck to her head as she does aerial maneuvers.*

===Meanwhile, back at Topaz's house===

*The sun is in the middle of setting.*

: You sure it was before dusk?

: I think that's what the sage said. Though who knows if she was a real fortune teller anyway.

: Yeah, probably some faker and-

*Suddenly, in the sunlit sky Topaz emerges. The sun behind Nina, combined with the golden disc and outfit makes it seem as if she's an angel descending to drop him off.*

: I have brought you Topaz.

: Uhhhh....

: That was an oddly specific fortune that came true...

Rika! Kimiko! You're both alright!

: You're alright too, Topaz!

: What happened?

I was crystallized, lost my memory and wandered about, and then a beautiful goddess of love touched me and I felt something I never felt before!

: I'm jealous! Of the latter mostly!

: Where's Ririchiyo?

I thought that she was with you.

: Nope. Last I knew she was at the Colosseum with you.

Curses, she must still be there. No wonder she's in such peril! But we can't get there now. It's too heavily guarded.

: And I'm too hurt to fly next to it too. I'm going to take off as a result.

That's fine, though I may need a ride back to May.

: F-fine, but give me time to prepare first!

*Nina flies off with a floppy wing.*

: So who are you going to do next week? It's the special meganekko blog remember.

Ah yes. Meganekko day is a special day so it's a shame that Ririchiyo isn't here. But don't worry, I know EXACTLY who to do...

: Who?

Someone I should have done a long time ago....

==The Next Day==

*Topaz knocks on a door of a fairly average house. It is opened by a loli.*

Hello there. Is your meganekko "older sister" home?

: She is, not that I enjoy it. But if you promise to keep her busy I'll let you in!
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July 21st, 2016
This is the Three-hundredth-ninety-ninth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz continues to climb up the super-high tower. He is nearing the building at the top, far above the clouds.*

Urrghh.. Ooofff... So.. Tiring.. Hard to... Summarize... But so... close...

*He eventually gets to the railing of the building and hops on. He pants as he sits for a short time.*

Man, I thought that was going to go on forever! I guess I got my exercise for the year, I hope.

*After resting he stands up and starts exploring. For some reason he doesn't find anyone.*

Hmmm... How unusual. I was expecting a girl to be at the top of the tower. Especially some type of catgirl, with a staff that they'd train me with.

???: I think that you've got the right franchise, but the wrong girl!

*Topaz is surprised at the female voice coming from behind him. He turns and sees a gigantic white bird with pink markings behind him.*

What the?!

???: I said you had the wrong girl in mind!

Well, there's that but I'm also surprised that you appeared and that you could talk.

???: Of course I can talk! I'm a person!

Are you some type of druid or...?

???: No, I'm...

*The bird lands beside Topaz and transforms. She becomes a human girl, though with big white wings.*


Doesn't ring any bells, sorry.

: WHAT?! But we had a lot of fun on our adventure together!


: What happened, Ryu?

But I'm Topaz.

: Er, sorry about that. I guess your imprinting got to me. But still, you played my game so you should know who I am.

In all fairness I recently got trapped in crystal and lost my memory.

: Hey, something sorta similar happened to me too! Only I got transported through time and space. But don't worry, I had the other characters tell me how to produce the Tonic that saved me. And fortunately I happen to have all the ingredients here!

That's good, I was hoping I wouldn't have to reach into my pants.

: Couldn't you have worded that better?

Like "I didn't want to grab all the junk I keep in my pants?"

: I didn't mean MORE pervers as far as "better" goes!

*Nina goes over to a pot that happened to be simmering over a cooking fire.*

: Anyway, let's see here. I have to add some Root...

*Topaz watches her from the side.*

: P.Fish...

*Topaz snickers.*


: C.Nut...

*Topaz snickers more.*


*Nina starts to glare at Topaz being so immature.*

: and W.Ant.

*Topaz snickers.*


*He stops.*

Wait, that one isn't as silly.

*Nina stirs up the mixture and scoops it into a flask. She then hands it to Topaz.*

: Now drink this.

*He does so.*

: -but not all in one sitting. The P.Fish is poisonous, after all.

*Topaz falls to the floor, sweating profusely. A imagine scene of a cross section of his head causes fireworks to go off.*

: Are you alright?

*Topaz coughs a bit, but stands up with a determined thing.*

I have done a great wrong!

: What? Is the poison getting to your brain or something?

The exact opposite; I've never been thinking clearer! And I betrayed a friend last week. So I ask you, can you help him forgive me?

: Forgiveness is good, so I'll do anything you ask of me.

Allow me to massage your butt!

: WHAT?!

Massage your butt!

*The camera closes up on the winged princess's hiney, showing off it's surprising meatiness.*

: Get that camera out of there!

*The view returns to normal, and a cross-like anger mark appears on Nina's forehead. She tries to remain civil.*

: I won't do that. Try something else.

Well, I suppose that you can massage me instead.

: I don't know how that will help him...

-With your butt!

*Nina's eye twitches.*

: D-did I hear that right?

Of course!

: Then take THIS, you pervert!

*Nina slams her butt against Topaz's head, knocking him down and sitting on his face.*


: This is what perverts like you deserve!

*She continues to sit on his face for a few more minutes before getting up.

: There, did you learn your lesson?

I sure did. Asking for buttservice leads to buttservice!

: That's not what I was going for, but alright. And, as additional punishment you have to do my blog!

Alright. It's not like there's any other girls here. But don't think that you've got it just for that reason as...

Today's girl is:

Breath of Fire

...And she's a great girl!

: Thanks for that! Though it's a shame the picture isn't too great.

I know. It's a shame the series doesn't get a lot of art. Oh, and before anyone wonders while Nina is a franchise name I'll mainly be focusing on the original Breath of Fire. It's the one that I know the best.

Hair: Nina doesn't have the best hair. It's short, barely reaching her shoulders in the back. It's also very curved, being spiked upward (especially in back). She has some hanging down on the sides by her ears and some in back. Nina also wears a headband, though she does have nice bangs. She does have a part with a long “middle” that's fairly common, but I suppose that in her time it was a lot less common. It's possible that her hair gets longer after a time skip, with the hairband being lowered and a more wispier-style. It does look like she's wearing some type of helmet or hat in her field sprite, but in battle her hair is really simplified. Overall not too bad but nothing outstanding either.
Grade: C+

Eyes: Nina has fairly fitting eyes. They're tarame and seem full of life and vitality, perfect for a healer. They're also a fair shade of blue, eventually matching her outfit which isn't bad. Her eyebrows do seem to change slightly in her older form, looking a little more mature. She also may have green eyes in some official art (or they put the wrong image on the page). She gets a lot more detail in the manga as well, but sadly she doesn't wear glasses.
Grade: B-

Face: Nina's face isn't bad either, being really cute but maturing slightly through plot. It is a bit basic, but matched a lot of faces from the time period. She has a somewhat noticeable nose, but it's not too bad in the game and manga. Not that it's hidden, but more that it fits her face well. She shows a lot of emotion in the manga as well, even if a good amount is anger. The angle of Nina's face does change between the two face sprites in the game so it looks like her mouth moves upward, but it's also because she has it open in her first one. Overall not bad. And the less we talk about the American box art the better...
Grade: B

Build: Nina is a fairly nicely-shaped teen. That said it's possible for her to be 176 cm and 56 kg but I am uncertain about how accurate that is. But looking at her shape, she does look fairly thin. Especially around her waist. Her legs are fairly shapely, but that may just because Nina's outfit shows off her thighs. We do get a nice buttshot in the manga, showing that she has nice curve but it also removes her crack which is dumb. Of course the most noticeable things about Nina are her two wings. She was the first, and all Ninas that followed are part of the Wing Clan. They look really pretty and fluffy. I will also add that Nina becomes the token Airship as well, being able to become a gigantic bird to fly the party around. It's really cool, at least to me, but doesn't count as far as her score goes. Fortunately she still gets an alright score here.
Grade: B-

Breasts: This is one of the reasons I wouldn't consider Nina a “loli”. She doesn't have a flat chest. It's a bit more noticeable in the manga, especially when she's covering her otherwise bare chest with her arm (no nipples are seen). Her field sprite also seems to have a chest too, but I think that may just be her chestplate.
Grade: C

Clothes: Speaking of Nina's chestplate she does have a fairly cool outfit. It consists of a red leotard with high leg-holes and short sleeves, a gold chestplate with straps and decorations, blue thighhighs and almost knee-high red boots, and elbow-length white gloves. Once she becomes older her outfit becomes blue instead, which I do like more. Nina also wears various equipment, but like most games back then it didn't impact her battle or field sprites. That said she does still show her rapier, her weapon of choice. As far as the manga goes the only new outfit is some cute pajamas while sleeping. Helpful, but a bit more variety would have raised her score here more.
Grade: C+

Personality: Nina is very much your traditional JRPG white mage love interest. She's also a little bit spunky and independent, going off with a couple of soldiers to save her poisoned father (and king, making Nina a princess). They don't succeed but Ryu, the hero, comes to save them and defeats the Wizard that had poisoned her father. They return to her home city of Wyndia and Nina joins the party. She doesn't get too much characterization, that happens in older games, but another moment where she's a major part are the times where she gets involved with the Time Key. She gets trapped in a time portal trying to pull the key out and gets sent back in time several years. I guess she should have asked Lucca for help xD. But anyway, she develops amnesia and has to have the party find ingredients for a cure. After recovering she's able to become a Great Bird and also changes her attack animation. Her younger version teleports to the enemy and stabs it while the older version enhances the blade and swings at the enemy. I found it really interesting how it was changed. The final part I remember from her is the ending. Way back in the first quarter you have to deal with a giant dungeon-like robot, going into it and battling. However, it's implied that the robot has a mind of its own, disobeying the enemy's orders to attack the remaining twin town. Not only that, but after you shut it down for good the robot decides to help you by jumping into a volcano and allowing you to continue onward. Well, in the ending when you're returning characters back to their towns Nina stops at the volcano and pays her respects, even if silently. She then continues with Ryu to Wyndia and becomes the last member of the party to leave. Overall Nina is really quite likable, and the original one probably remains the one I know best (even if I've played III and IV). Oh and her hobby seems to be eating things, which is always cool but wasn't shown in the game that I can recall.
Grade: B

Libido: On one hand Nina is portrayed as Ryu, the lead's, main love interest. She doesn't admit it, though. She also doesn't tolerate perverts in the manga, attacking some Dark Dragons when they were caught watching her bathe in a lake (Ryu too). That said she is at least a bit more straightforward in that series. Nina seems to enjoy the wedding in the game too, and I guess I should count the fact that she can either give a massage or get a massage from an old creepy guy in Auria. I'm only mentioning that for completion, though (and there's a similar scene involving massages in a future game as well, IV I think.)
Grade: C

Age: Nina's official age is unknown. Or at least THIS Nina as the one from the second game is 17. Anyway, this Nina seems to start out younger than that, but gets transported back a few years and loses her memory. What I like about this is that it sorta gives her a bit of straight shota appeal as she does seem to be the main love interest (even if in the manga Bleu/Deis is flirtatious and the two butt heads a bit). Though it is unfortunate that they had to age her up, I guess.
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 59
Average score: 6.6
Final Grade: B-

And that's the blog for the week. What did you think?

: Better in some areas and worse in others. Sometimes the manga helped, while others it wasn't as helpful. Overall I guess I should be thankful since as a SNES sprite I wouldn't have had many points if not for that.

Right, even if I greatly enjoyed the game and have many fond memories. Especially because it was one of my first RPGs, and one of the few non-Nintendo ones I own for the SNES. But now what should I do with my newfound wisdom?

: Don't worry. I know exactly where to go. We shall visit the goddess of love. I'm sure that since you have recalled your memories you should remember her.

I don't know, there are a lot of lovely goddesses I know...

: I suppose so, but hop on as we fly upwards.

Further up than this?

: Yes. To the floating castle where she lives.

Sounds familiar somehow. But oh well. At least this way I won't have to climb up a pole.

*Nina becomes a bird and, with Topaz on her back, they fly upward. They eventually land on a floating island in the sky.*

Wow, this place seems really fancy! And so clean too!

: It should. Not many people are able to come up this way. Magic and machines are completely unable to come close to this place.

Isn't your transformation magic in a way?

: Apparently not. It doesn't cost MP anyway.

Fair point. So where is this goddess you keep on going on about?

: She's in here.

*They walk to a nearby (and only) building and enter. There, a girl with a large staff with a scorpion on it sits on a throne. She gets up when Topaz enters.*

: Welcome, keeper of Topaz. It has been a while...

I'm still not sure who you are.

: You do not recognize me? I suppose that I am not to your usual illustrations. Blame making it tradition to have original girls done in such a format. Except for that one Hiroko girl, but she had other differences. But I am MAY HYOU, goddess of Love and keeper of the Love Jade!

*The goddess May strikes a flashy pose. Sparkles appear before her face.*


*Both May and Nina pratfall from Topaz's confusion.*

: Grrr... Let's just say that we'll be changing a lot of things around her-NEXT TIME!
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July 14th, 2016
This is the Three-hundredth-ninety-seventh week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz springs upward from a reclined position. He looks around and finds himself in a cabin of sorts, resting in a bed.*

What happened?!

: You expect me to know? All I know is that I fished you out of the water nearby. You must have been tempted by my “custom lure”.

*Misty giggles to herself.*

And you brought me here to recover?

: That I did. Luckily there wasn't a gang of Spearows out hunting you.

I agree, I can't even RIDE a bike! But it still feels like there's something or someone after me...

: I'm sure it's just in your head.

Perhaps, but I can't remember anything...WAIT!

*Misty jumps from his sudden outburst.*

I got hit by a scooter, then a guitar several times, and then thrown off a bridge by someone who disliked their blog.

: B-blog? What do you mean by that?

Apparently I do blogs on anime girls on internet. It happens every week.

: I see, I see... Any clues on who it might be?

My amnesia seems to be blocking any specific examples, but I have a feeling that a great many characters may have been angry at me.

*Topaz gets out of the bed.*

Well, I thank you for your service, but I think I should be going.

*His legs wobble and he can barely stand. He falls back, sitting on the bed.*

: You aren't going anywhere like that. While you may think that you're alright to travel, there's no way that an idiot like you could ever make it! Not with all the commotion that's happening outside these days.


: Yeah! It seems like there's some arena machine stomping around, with a queen taking command. I'd be careful even if you were in full health.

So what should I do?

: Well, I contacted some couriers to transport you. But until they arrive...

*Misty's eyes dart toward Topaz, trying not to make eye contact in a shy manner.*

: How about you do a blog on me?

Sure! Hopefully it will help out with my memory. I'm sure that a character that seems as seeped in my brain as you might jog a few memories. And as said...

Today's girl is:

Misty (Kasumi)

Hey, you don't mind if I call you “Misty”, right?

: I don't. I figure that more of your readers would be confused if you didn't. Wait a minute, why did you use the older version of me there?

Even though you are likely popular, finding a good official image that was big enough was somewhat difficult.

Hair: One of Misty's most signature features is her hair. She has short orange hair and it is usually kept in a side tail. I'm not a big fan of the style and the band is bland (though I imagine it's to keep her character model simple). Her bangs are spiky but overall bland, and she seems to have gaps above each eye. She really doesn't have much on her sides either, at least in her basic version. While this would normally be bad Misty at least has a lot of variety. In the anime she has different styles on occasion, including things like bun-hair and possibly wearing a wavy wig while being a mermaid. I say a wig as her hair extends to her waist and prior to that when she had her hair down it only came to her shoulders or so.
Outside of the anime there's a few interesting factors with Misty's hair. In the original games, as they were only in black and white or so, Misty's hair was sorta gray. It was still officially orange, as seen in the more-colored Yellow. Likewise the manga series are the same, being black or grey due to the limitations but still being orange on the color pages. Of note is that in Adventure Misty has much blunter hair. Not exactly a hime cut, but her hair has many more straight lines. I'll also compliment Dengeki Pikachu for the deep black and cooler hair style as she has a thinner tail, better sides, and a long point in front. Oh, and in the Johto games Misty changes her hair. It's down and drooped over her shoulders, grooming it forward under her ears. Her hair is still spiky in front, perhaps even spikier. Finally, her hair seems to get either darker (becoming a darker orange or brown) in the main games while Pokémon Colosseum 2 has her looking redder.
Grade: C+

: Oof, looks like I'm off to a rough start. I though you'd said you'd praise me!

It's more of a description and pointing out features that interest me more than anything. Sadly your hair is quite poor for my tastes.

: Harumph!

Eyes: Misty doesn't have bad eyes, but they are somewhat odd. They seem tall, but that's mainly because her eyes are narrow in a vertical fashion. I'm not that big of a fan of narrow eyes as they don't look as great as the rounder versions. Speaking of being rounded, she does seem to have a tarame though it is hard to tell. Maybe she does have a tsurime in Origins, but it is sorta hard to tell and we don't see her much. I will mention that the manga versions have improved eyes; Adventures seem to have a more triangular upper arch and fairly nice eyelashes on the side, while Dengeki Pikachu has her having much fuller-looking eyes. Sadly she never seems to wear glasses, with the closest being some eye-hiding sunglasses she wears in an early episode and then some goggles she wears around her neck for a disguise.
Grade: C

: Well exCUSE me for not wearing glasses!

I know. It's a shame as the Dengeki version should have. It was by the guy who wrote G-On Riders, so you could tell he was a fan of girls in glasses.

: I wish you would stop mentioning that horrible series. The Pikachu one, not the one I don't know about.

I likely won't. It was one of my first manga so it holds a special place in my heart.

Face: Like with her eyes, Misty's face isn't too interesting. The main thing is that her eyes being narrow does make the gap between them more noticeable. That said her face also has a lot of positives. She has a small dot nose which I really like and a fairly cute smile when she has it. Though the open-mouth smile in the games do look a bit phoned-in. I do like her expressions in Stadium 2, either looking smug or compassionate. Her cheeks and chin aren't as pronounced as some other 90's shows, though it is still there. It could be because she's younger than a lot of those characters, but I can't be sure. Origins doesn't do her any favors, as her face seems smaller and as a result she looks really masculine for some reason. Luckily she isn't around too much in that series. Speaking of “masculine” I should mention that the slapstick Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga she nearly looks like a Dragon Ball girl (which isn't a compliment, I'd say).
Grade: C+

: You know, if I didn't know any better I'd say that you were trying to anger me on purpose.

How so?

: Take a look at all those low scores!

Fair point, but don't worry. They're more because your head doesn't appeal to me much than any sort of spite. You just happened to have a lot of features I'm not too fond of, but I'm sure that there are others who would give you a fighting chance.

: Whatever. Just continue with your dumb blog.

==Meanwhile, At Aldra's fortress==
*Aldra is sitting on her throne.*


*The maid shows up.*

: Yes? What is it?

: Have we found Topaz's body yet?

: Sadly no, but we are working at it non-stop!

: Good good. And have we gained a lot more statues for my “exhibits”?

*Airi averts her eyes, sweating a bit.*

: Airi, be honest with me!

: We have collected no crystalline statues..

: WHAT? But we have been stomping around for a couple weeks now. Are you saying that there's NO ONE we've come across?

: Well, there have been... but...


*Aldra comes close to Airi.*

: They keep on being saved at the last minute...

: H-HOW?!

: Seems that some guy and his dark-haired companion have been saving them.

*Aldra knocks over a nearby table while Airi covers her face with her arms.*

: There is ONLY one guy around that would defy me in such a way. It's obviously TOPAZ!

: But that's impossible! We saw him get crystalized!

: There's no other explanation. And that dark-haired companion is obviously that Ririchiyo! Gwaahh!

*Aldra holds her head in her hand.*

: A-are you alright?

: I'm fine. Leave me be. Go check out the living captives, if you want to feel important.

: If you wish me to.

*She flies off, but unknown to Aldra she melts into the wall outside her room. She continues to eavesdrop.*

: Listen... Stop taking over my body...

???: But your plans have been ineffective. Have you seen how poor those three have been?

: I don't remember YOURS finding Topaz either.

???: True, so let us fix that. ETHER!

*Ether spins down a pole as per her usual entrance.*

Ether: Ara? What task does the wonderful Aldra-sama have for me?

*Aldra coughs a few times.*

: I have received news that Topaz may still be alive. As a result you should go to his house and eliminate anyone there.

Ether: Ufufu, sounds like a great plan. Hmmm?

*Ether takes out her pole and slams it against the wall. She nearly touches where Airi is, making the ghostly maid jump slightly.*

Ether: Hmmm, must have just been my imagination.

*Ether leaves as Airi rushes to the prison hold.*

: Hmm? Doth thou have some news?

: Ah, so you must have been stationed here after the fight.

: It is a frivolous duty for a knight of my standing, but I shalt not cross my lord's orders.

*Seeing it is safe a mysterious, yet familiar girl gets out of the shadows. Once she shows her face the sound of a studio audience cheering is heard.*

: Is there some news on Topaz?

: Yes. Not only does Aldra force me to tell her about about the mysterious man roaming about but she's going to strike your house too.

: Not my house! I need that for living! N-not necessarily with Topaz-er, I mean...

: Yes yes, I know I know.

: Thine cheeks fluster more when speaking of Topaz than if thou wouldst have a cold.

: S-shut up! I just don't want the kitchen destroyed again.

: Whatever. I just figured that you would like to know.

: I'd rather be able to leave this place.

: Sorry, but I can't have Aldra catch you. Since Topaz is away she may try to extract the demon form from YOU instead. Until then, stay here hidden.

: I sure hope that Topaz comes to get me soon, if he really is alive...

Build: Misty isn't exactly curvy, but she does have her appeal. Unfortunately she's somewhat short, but at least she's still taller than Ash. While her legs look alright, especially in the more fanservice-y shots (they have a nice line to them) her arms do suffer as they look somewhat noodle-like and straight. And even then her legs aren't THAT impressive either. I will add that her navel does look better, being that her most iconic outfits tend to expose her midriff. While Misty does wear shorts she doesn't have too many buttshots though (that I can remember). One particularly memetic one is when Ash happens to look to the side while eating as she passes by, giving the impression that he's looking at her butt. I will say that she looks MUCH better in Dengeki Pikachu. Her thighs and butt are shown off much better, though sadly her butt is still somewhat flat. In fact I used to trace this one full page image of her into my notebooks (though it was from the front so I am ashamed of what I did).
Grade: B-

: Wait, if you lost your memory how do you remember things like that.

I do get bits and pieces of memory, but not enough to identify myself. My pieces are just good for blog information it seems.

: Fair point, but do you really have to embarrass yourself like that?

Well, I say ashamed but that's mainly because I only liked breasts way back then. Now my tastes have evolved, as they normally do. Sad that fanservice shows seem to have done the opposite...

Breasts: I wouldn't say Misty is flat, but she is on the lower end. She does have some curve, make no mistake. Just not enough to give her cleavage, even when wearing bikinis (though in all fairness May does not have any either). I will mention that the international versions of the “Misty's Tears” were altered as she was technically topless in the Japanese version (the angle is from the side and most of her chest is covered by her arm). I'd make a joke about Manji symbols and censorship, but that would be getting off track. Then again the TCG didn't know what to do with Misty, as she seems to be bustier on her “Misty's Wrath” card yet completely flat on the non-holographic “Misty” card. Must be due to the outfits she's wearing. Oh, and at one point in the anime she wears a zipped coat with Pikachu and Togepi inside.
Getting to the other Anyway, in Origins Misty seems to be bustier, but as she looks older in general I guess this fits. Adventures really doesn't really show off her chest much either, though at least she doesn't keep balls there. Finally I should mention that she is really busty in Dengeki Pikachu. At least for her normal version. In fact in one scene edited out of the American releases she tries to use “evolving” hot springs to make her chest bigger.
Grade: B-

: I can only imagine how much bigger of a pervert you would be HAD that scene been in. Disgusting.

I will admit that I was quite the pervert in those days, and desperate so I'm not sure what would have happened. Especially with some of the, er, art I “altered” in notebooks that I had finally unearthed. Though to be fair I was at a very impressionable age then.

: So what, you blame ME for your dumb breast fixation.

Not at all. The fact that they put you in a wet suit hurt your chances quite a bit. Gary's sister May on the other hand... Well, let's just say that she has large breasts, long dark hair, and perhaps a shotacom personality. If she did wear glasses a lot of my fetishes would be explained with a single manga character.

Clothes: Oh man, this is perhaps Misty's best area. Misty's most well known outfit is her yellow tanktop that shows her middle, red suspenders, and blue shorts. She also wears sneakers, but as far as footwear goes I only care for bare or sock-wear among things go. Later on she wears a yellow vest-like top that's buttoned in the front, a large red sash as a belt, and very tight looking shorts that nearly look like yellow spats. Or maybe the red is an undershirt, it's hard to tell. Then, even later she wears a yellow hooded shirt, again lacking sleeves, blue shorts, and a white belt with pink buckle. As far as the games go, she wears a black-ish strapless bikini in RB, a bikini with a white top in Yellow, a blue bikini with wristbands in FRLG, and what seems to be a white one-piece with hip-length jacket in the Johto games (GSC seems to make the top part more red, but I think that's just an effect to show shading). She also has official art in a red and white bikini as well as the yellow ones in the TCG with her badge on them. She also has a strapless orange top as well. Misty also seems to wear a blue bikini with a white stripe in Origins. Speaking of manga, I haven't read much of Adventures but it seems she wears a tanktop with short straps and shorts as a usual outfit. She also has a flowing gown which looks nice too. In Dengeki Pikachu she starts out wears a low-cut shirt, a jacket, and shorts. She then gets a more classic look, though for whatever reason her shirt has a zipper and is really quite short. Her shorts also had to be altered as she wore a more V-shaped cut. Speaking of censorship in that manga they took her sling swimsuit-like outfit and turned it into a wetsuit for the American release.
Ahem, well, now that we've finished the games, manga, and basic outfit it's time to discuss Misty's clothing. While not comprehensive I imagine I did manage to find a list of what she wore in the long anime series. So let's begin: Misty has worn a yukata with what seems to be koi or goldfish on it (or that's at least what the red splotches look like), a stage dress that looks like a Goldeen showgirl, a pink kimono with crown, an elegant red dress with mink collar in an imagine spot, a red Chinese dress, a red bikini as well as pink or yellow or green, a mermaid outfit with a shell bra, a red shirt with a striped pink jacket over it and said jacket has an Electrode pocket, and both a Team Rocket outfit and a Nurse Joy outfit (though not in the same episode). While there's probably more, a lot more, I can't remember them too well or don't feel like looking too hard for images. Overall she does really nicely and besides showing off her body all the swimsuits also show that she's a Water trainer.
Grade: A

*Kimiko and Rika are exploring a near-labyrinthian library.*

: So you're sure that the sages are here?

: That's what my app said.

: Please tell me that's not that one app that allows you to catch monsters.

: Of course not. Topaz is supportive of his friends!

: I guess. But I just hope that these “sages” are better than that one mysterious egg-shaped guy with the Super Dragon Balls.

: Hey, at least he liked us! Even if it was the wrong place again.

*They hear some voices.*

???: These snacks are divine! Om nom nom.

???2: Hey, don't eat them all!

: That must be them!

: I don't know, they sound sorta young to be “sages”.

: Are you kinda young to be drinking?

: Eh, time is silly.

*Rika and Kimiko eventually arrive at the sages. They see three light-haired girls sitting around a table, which is filled with various sweets. One of the girls stops the other from using her bitey mouth to eat everything while the third cringes at Rika's entrance.*

: Ugh. Am I going to have to quarter war injuries again? Because I do NOT want more wounded people in here!

: I THOUGHT I recognized your voice. Man, it's been what.. A couple years since we saw each other last?

: At least. And here I thought that I was going to get peace and quiet for once.

: Wait, so you guys know each other?

: I'm surprised you don't know me.

*The gothloli waves her hair in an elegant manner.*

: Some call me the Golden Fairy, others just use my name of “Victorique”. But with these three I am the Sage of Mystery!

: That sounds like a corny title.

: Wait, there's only three of you.

*The girl trying to stop the other from stuffing herself looks up and starts speaking.*

: Ah yes. The fourth sage couldn't make it today. Shame as I like the Sage of Machines.

*She stops to greet the newcomers.*

: I suppose I shall have to introduce myself as well. I am Kazuki, the Sage of Biology. My favorite food is Yuuji.

: Who is Yuuji?

: Her little brother.

: No wonder Empry likes you then.

*The third girl, clad in nun clothes swallows a mouthful of food before speaking.*

: And I'm Index! They call me the Sage of Magic because I have 103,000 ancient tomes in my brain!

: So these are the sages. A shame, I was expecting a certain meganekko cat girl or maybe a pajama-wearing librarian.

: You and your perverted thoughts.

: Anyway, since you came here I expect that you're in need of our advice.

*She stuffs at least two more pastries in her mouth before being stopped by Kazuki.*

: What did I tell you? At least save some for our fourth member.

: MMMpphhh-mmmphhh.

: Swallow before you speak.

*Index does so.*

: I said I thought that the Sage of Machines wasn't coming.

: She still sent a proxy from her series! So mind your manners!

: You'll have to excuse them. They aren't used to company.

*She elegantly drinks her tea.*

: So a fourth girl is coming then? I wonder who it could be. I hope she's a curvy, cute girl!

???: I am ONE of those things!

*Kimiko turns around, only to see an old lady hovering on a ball. Her expression sinks.*

: Oh.. How disappointing...

: That's no way to treat your elders, young lady!

*The old lady bops Kimiko on the head.*

: So what is it that you two seek?

: We're looking for Topaz!

*Kimiko sits up, rubbing a bump on her head.*

: Yeah! And the other Sages aren't being helpful!

: What is a “Topaz”, and is it tasty?

: Don't eat him. And that includes biting his head. Even if he may deserve it.

: He's a companion of ours that was sent flying. We know he's alive, but can't get a good trace on him for some reason.

: I see now. You need the might of my crystal ball. Oh ho ho. You should be glad that I am in a good mood and won't charge you for this.

: Good, because we forgot any cash.

*Baba places the crystal ball on the table and starts using it.*

: This is very unscientific...

: QUIET! I must have absolute silence!

*She waves her fingers over the ball.*

: Hmmm, let's see here. I can see the one that you love returning in a fortnight. He shall be in the arms of an angel, though a creature of Wraith shall be following shortly after. Not only that, but this “Topaz” shall have to look within himself and face his fears before facing a powerful advisory. Then, from the looks of things, the shadows of the Past shall creep upon him.

: Can we get the non-overly vague version?

: From what I understand Topaz will be returned home sometime in two weeks.

: And all the rest?

: Well, I have to keep SOME mystery. I don't want to spoil you or the readers...

*Rika sighs.*

: Well, I guess we got what we paid for. Guess we'll be going now.

: Let's hope the return trip doesn't take as long!

*The two take off, waving goodbye to the sages.*

Personality: Misty is an extremely classic character. At least for me, as she was one of the first tsunderes I saw. And she's not a good one either, often being the one to drag Brock away or scold Ash on his lack of experience. She does try to be kind, but she gets easily agitated or frustrated and thus ruins her cute facade. Fortunately she does seem to calm down a bit by the time she stops being Ash's companion. She's also the youngest of four sisters, often called the “runt” or something similar. She does enjoy feminine things, such as shopping and cute Pokémon and seems to dislike most Bug-types. Or at least the ones she's not friends with, aren't “cute”, or are distinctly not bug-looking (such as Pineco). She also dislikes carrots and peppers. As far as Pokémon go Misty tends to favor Water-types, as is fitting for her gym being Water-type. Her ace tends to be Starmie and is likely the hardest one to face in RBY early on (Brock is difficult only if you have Charmander or don't have something better in Yellow). Oddly she tends to use Staryu far more in the anime, despite still having Starmie. Another of her more famous anime Pokémon is Psyduck, which is a thorn in her side at times as it randomly caught itself and pops out at random times. She also attempts to purposely give it headaches to activate the Psychic abilities, and there's a episode where she thinks it finally evolved (It was just a wild Golduck that likes to show off for female trainers). Of course we can't forget about her Togepi, which imprinted on Misty when she shoved the other characters out of the way. It was a crybaby for a while and the metronome was used as a deus ex machina occasionally. It is also famous for being potentially evil and annoying. Other Pokémon Misty has includes Goldeen, Horsea, Politoed, Gyarados, and Luvdisc. The Gyarados is interesting as she once climbed into the mouth as one as a child. Oh, and Misty's voice isn't too different between the Japanese and English-language versions (to the point I think that was intentional) but the Japanese VA does seem to be calmer. There's probably a lot of other differences between the versions, such as Misty outright slapping Ash on their first meeting,
Misty in the games is fairly similar, though she describes herself as having an all-out offense with Water-types. This is despite buffing her Starmie with Harden or X Defends. Her team becomes more interesting as the games go on, gaining a Quagsire for the electric immunity in GSC, using Water Pulse instead of Bubble Beam in FRLG and on, using a Rain Dance team in Stadium 2 (with a lot of interesting picks for round 2 like Nidoqueen or Dragonair), and having really neat teams using new Pokémon in the rematches in HGSS and the tournament in BW2. It's also said that she trains at Seafoam islands, though the Pokémon mansion would be easier I imagine. Overall, while not one of my favorite character archetypes I will say that Misty has a lot of nostalgia for me. She was the original travel companion and, while not too difficult in the games, I do remember trying to use anime/manga logic and brought a Magikarp to her gym thinking I'd have an advantage. This was the days before I knew better, so it was a level 5 and there was nothing I could do xD.
Grade: B-

: Man, you were an idiot back then.

What do you expect? It was twenty years ago and I was barely into RPGs at that time. The internet didn't exist for up-to-date strategies either. Though I do hope that Starmie gets a Mega as it's a cool Pokémon and I like it a lot. Plus all the Gyms should have their signature mons become mega in rematches.

: Isn't Starmie broken enough?

Wasn't Gengar? Or Mewtwo?

: Fair point. But considering they've had me use Blastoise in the Stadium series and Black and White they'll probably have me use his mega instead.

Fair enough. But I hope they change his attacks to actually come out of his giant cannon in the future.

Libido: Good lord. Misty, being Ash's first companion is probably the one most consistently paired with him. At least as far as the people who watched the first seasons. It was at least my first experience with a love-dumb protagonist as well as the tsundere stereotype. That's probably the biggest reason that the two never officially got together. Not that I mind either way, I'm not a major shipper and am just explaining these things. I'll also add that there were a lot of English-language songs that are REALLY trying to push the two together, so I don't know if the dub added anything or not. She does seem to tease him a bit more in Dengeki Pikachu.
There also seems to be a lot of other pairings as well. As far as canon things from the games we do see Misty out on a date at the cape in Gen 2, while in Fire Red and Leaf Green the Fame Checker mentions she wants the cape to be a major dating spot. Said Fame Checker also mentions that she idolizes Lorelei of the Elite Four. I imagine it's just due to a lot of her Pokémon being water-type, and it is definitely not a romantic relationship. Other famous shipping that my sources have mentioned include Brock, Tracey, Gary, May and her brother, and various guys of the week. Her odder pairings also include Ash's Pikachu and Suicune, the latter seeming to come from Adventure. I'll never understand how people randomly decide these things... Speaking of Adventure though, as Red and Ash are two separate characters I'll add that Misty does have feelings for Red in that manga.
Grade: B-

: Y-you don't need to mention such embarrassing things!

Apparently the only one who doesn't notice is Ash, though. It's fairly obvious your crush on him.

: GRR, get on with the blog or I'll CRUSH you!

But I doubt you have Wax and Limestone. But hey, if you get three blue energy cards and your boyfriend Acid Rain will fall!

: I have no idea what you're talking about, but I somehow still feel like I should punch you. I won't, but don't test me further.

Age: The anime early on states that Misty is 10. Seems the dub avoided this though, as even back then shows were heavily censored. Either way this places her at about Ash's age. However, if she's 10 during the events of RBY or FRLG that puts her at 13 in GSC or HGSS. Not much of a difference, but it helps slightly. Also helping is the fact that she points out being twelve in Dengeki Pikachu, using it as a reason why Ash has to listen to her.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 61
Average score: 6.8
Final Grade: B-

And that's the blog for the week!

: Grrr! That's a pretty bad score!

I'm surprised as I was expecting it to be worse. I do usually prefer the other girls, including most of the female Gym Leaders.

: Then why did you even do me?

I suppose that the franchise means a lot. And while you weren't my favorite my traced art of you certainly left a lot of memories in my youth.

: I guess that's fine then. But since you're remembering things why don't you get out of here. I heard the motorcycle courier drive up, so you should be on your way.

Hopefully nothing happens to you by me being here. Saying goodbye is always hard, but I do hope you live your life well.

: You too!

*Topaz exits the cabin and Misty lets out a sigh.*

: Well, I suppose that he wasn't the one I had feelings for. Sure seemed like it for a bit, but I guess it was something else.

==Meanwhile, At Aldra's fortress==

Barta: Aldra-sama!

*She salutes Aldra.*

: What is it, Barta. You better have a good reason to interrupt my rest.

*Barta throws two girls who are tied up on the floor.*

: I still do not understand.

Barta: I was reading Topaz's “blog” or whatever. Anyway, it seems that he was in the care of a motorcycle rider. As such I brought several to you.

: Ugh! I wasn't taking any guys out on the road. And don't mess up my Katana!

: Careful. I was under the impression that she was from a slice of life, but it seems that she has a sword.

: Not that sort of Katana.

: You better not have messed up my bike either. It's custom made to fight the Boomers!

Barta: Those sound like easily defeated Forest creatures.

: Enough of these misunderstandings. It seems that neither of these girls has Topaz.

Barta: I did try to catch that one shadowy rider, but she was too fast for me. She didn't seem to have anyone either.

: Blast it! Where could Topaz be! It's like he's always right under our noses, but at the last second he disappears!

Barta: So shall I dispose of these girls?

: Meh, I don't care. They could still be useful, so put them in the prison with the others.

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July 7th, 2016
Anime Relations: FLCL
This is the Three-hundredth-ninety-seventh week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

==At Topaz's house==

*Kimiko enters Topaz's house.*

: I told you not to call me that.


: Sure sure. Just don't do it again. Now, where is that Rika?

*Kimiko goes through the rooms and finds Rika. The floor around her is littered with bottles.*

: Not so loud...

: Don't tell me that you've been drinking the whole time that Empry has been gone!

: Alright, so I won't tell you. But I will say that I slept some of the time.

: Glasses! Now who is going to tell me who won at the arena this year?

: If it's that important, why didn't you watch it?

: I had other things to deal with first. Seems there's a lot of people wrecking stuff in Gensokyo and they wanted to make sure that they had all the help they could use.

: And how useful were you?

: Well, let's just say that my being here wasn't my own choice...

: Oh ho ho. I understand exactly what you mean.

: But it's a shame that I can't watch the battle now.

: Don't worry, I managed to record it.

*Críet shows up behind them in the doorway, making Topaz jump slightly.*

: I wasn't expecting anyone else here! Since when did Empry get a maid?

: She's been around for a few months now.

: Anything else big happen while I was gone?!

: Sadly Oniisama got tired of blogging and is taking a short break. Said the universe needed recovering or something after a mecha exploded.

: Luckily Topaz still seems to be doing his. Though I can't be sure, it's just a feeling I have. And as said I recorded the match. Would you like to watch?

: Of course I would!

: I suppose I should watch too....

*The three make popcorn and sit down. They watch Topaz defeat Setsuna, Centorea, Annelotte, and Undyne.*

: Wow! Topaz is really doing well this year.

: I guess all that battling recently came in handy. And look, he's facing off against that Menace girl that Zettai-niisama did as a first blog. *munch munch.*

*They continue watching.*

: Wow, that was a quick battle! Though I would say that my brown butt is much better.

: Hers is bigger though.

: Not by much, and her chest is far bigger so I obviously have the best tushie! *munch munch*

: Hey, look! He's won so Aldra is coming out now!

*The trio watch in awe and silence at Topaz's loss last week. A piece of popcorn even falls out of one of their mouths to the ground with a thud, easily heard in the otherwise quiet room.*

: S-seems like the winner is Aldra. And I'm getting out of here before things become even stranger!

: TOPAZ! Do something!

: What do you want me to do? It's not like we're versions of the same person that Empry split off so that he could become a god. I don't die when he does.

: If that was true, I would hope that doesn't mean I have to go around in a turban...

: Putting those jokes aside we'd better get to Gensokyo!

: But I already came from there! He's not there, I can assure you.

: Really REALLY?

: I'm sure!

: They did mention that, since he's merely crystalized and not dead he wouldn't go there.

: See? We need to find his body first.

: But it fell in like the middle of nowhere. How are we going to find him?

: You could go consult the sages...

: Who are the sages?!

: What's this adding silly plots now. We aren't even main characters!

: Regardless I heard that there is a group of sages that, collectively, know everything.

: Sounds like a waste of time...

: Waste or not, it's our best shot at finding Topaz before Aldra and her cronies! We should leave immediately!

*Topaz-er, Kimiko, picks up Rika and heads out.*

: HEY! I'm not travel size. You can't just pick me up and drag me somewhere!

: But we have to find these sages of great knowledge, and hurry!

: Sigh... I guess I have to wait here. Again...

==Meanwhile, back with the true Topaz==

*Topaz is travelling down a barren bridge leading away from the forest he landed in. He staggers as he walks slowly. As he walks, he barely hears a radio playing faintly. He then hears a motor roaring, nearing closer as the radio becomes louder and louder. Eventually he turns around just in time to get clobbered across the face. He falls back and rolls, taking 11 damage.*

OUCH! Why would you do something like that?!

*The girl on the scooter finally stops and, placing her guitar on her shoulder, turns to Topaz.*

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June 30th, 2016
This is the Three-hundredth-ninety-sixth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.


*Crowd cheers.*

: That's right! As you may have seen last week, Topaz managed to defeat Undyne in the final battle of this year's Colosseum match. As a result he now has a right to challenge the owner of the competition Aldra. However, in his way stands a new challenger. That's right, the dark-skinned Egyptian! Considered a Menace to herself and all others, we have MENACE!

*Crowd cheers.*

: I am not quite as bad as that makes me sound...

I think that Koto was making fun of your name.

: Then it is fortunate that I did not understand it then.

: I'm glad myself as well. And really, I'm just trying to get the crowd pumping, so don't mind me being a little bit energetic.

I blame changes through translations.

: True. At least they didn't force me to wear less revealing clothes and have people comment on how it looks “better” somehow. But as you viewers can see, we're no longer at the Forge Arena. Good thing too, I think that my replacement was starting to reek. But anyway, this time we're seeing the grand opening of the Terrain Arena! Though don't confuse that with the Grand Arena, folks!

*The camera does a sweeping shot of the arena, showing off the dirt ground and various outcroppings of rock.*

Is this another redesigned Pokémon battlefield? Like from the anime or something?

: Do not be silly. Aldra planned it out herself.

I suppose, and judging by your outfit we must be playing a children's card game or something. I just hope that motorcycles are involved...

: Excuse me? Card-games? Motor-cycles? I know not of your modern luxuries, but I assure you that this battlefield is just for fighting.

: Well then, how about we get right to the roughing around!

: No, I am quite interested in what this young boy thinks about me. Especially as, like Melona before me, it would not be my first blog.

True as Zettai did you a long time ago.

: It will be a shame if he actually does stop blogging...

I agree!

: But it is not time for wallowing. Converse about me, Topaz!

Sounds like a good plan. And as you audience members have heard...

Today's girl is:

Queen's Blade

Hair: Menace's hair is probably her best asset for me and is really quite great. The biggest problem is that it's short, being a bob cut that doesn't even reach her shoulders. The good thing is that I do enjoy the bob-cut style, and it looks really pretty on Menace. Reminds me a bit of Anri from Durarara too. It's also a great black color, which is my favorite hair color too. While there is a slight center gap due to her headdress she has blunt bangs which looks fitting for such a royal girl. Speaking of her headdress it looks really cool, fitting her Egyptian design with a lot of little details. I find the groups of tassels on the sides to be cute, and the big golden figure in front certainly fits Menace. Overall this is really great! Oh, and Player 2 Menace in the games lacks the golden figure and has a more tiara-like headress (compared to other girls changing color schemes this might seem boring, but keeping Menace's hair black is cool).
Grade: A

Eyes: Menace has blue tarame eyes. While they aren't awful, do realize that a LOT of Queen's Blade girls have blue eyes so that hurts her score. It's over-saturization and all that. The shape of her eyes are pretty, but outside of preferring tsurime eyes I'd say that they'd fit her royal standing a lot better. Though I guess she is a fairly laid-back girl so such eyes do fit.
Grade: B-

Face: Menace's face is, well... To be fair Queen's Blade suffers a lot here. The facial designs aren't to my liking as they aren't that “cute”. Menace's face is fairly average, though. It's not like she looks manly or anything, but she does have a lot of problems. The biggest is that she has a somewhat large nose, or at least an easily noticeable one. She also either wears lipstick or has very pronounced lips. That said her face does look a bit more rounded in the game books, namely her soft-looking cheeks (er, the ones on her face). Her cheeks are sleeker in the anime, though to be fair it does look better at least to me. Maybe her mouth is too close to the bottom of her chin or something, I can't be sure. But while she's nowhere near “ugly” she does have a lot of problems here.
Grade: C+

Build: Probably the first thing to mention is that Menace has dark skin. It looks really great. Measurement-wise Menace is a bit short, only being 157 cm (though that's only short for an adult). Her three sizes are 90/58/85. While he just BARELY manages the 5 cm parometer I judge for a true hourglass figure it would be far better if Menace had bigger hips. Especially her bum, of course. The reason, besides showing it off in general because Queen's Blade is a good fanservice show, is that Menace is sorta one of the butt girls of the series. She shows off her nice and round cheeks quite a bit, with a particularly great close-up in the second season's ED. The rest of Menace's body isn't bad either, especially her thick-looking thighs, and she does headbutt and know a lot of unarmed martial arts which could be counted here. Overall she's an extremely attractive and curvy figure that is known more for her butt. If only it was bigger (and while wishful thinking it would be great if her butt became bigger than her chest size for another 90HB exception).
Grade: B

Breasts: Menace's 90 cm chest isn't too bad. They're large, but considering the series that doesn't mean too much. She's overall fairly average here, I'd say. Her nipples are shown, but nothing too interesting to say about that. I could say that she would need a bit more support though, but that's for the next area.
Grade: B

Clothes: Menace has an interesting main outfit. It consists of a jeweled necklace on top (with a bit of fabric in back), long bandages on her forearms, striped panties that are often wedged up her butt, and sandals with bands going up her legs. On one hand, I really like the Egyptian motif of it. It's a cool theme that isn't seen a lot in anime, and shows off her backstory well. Speaking of BACKstory of course I really like her striped panties as they show off her butt really well. What I don't approve of is her top. Namely that it's a metal necklace and is stiff, so it's common for Menace to show off her exposed chest more than she might intend. I really dislike it and it drags her whole score down (though not too much). It's so bad that in the games they had to give Menace a striped bikini top to wear underneath, just to keep her from flashing more than she may intend. Rebellion's outfit is even worse; it consists of a MUCH smaller top that just covers her nipples with the least amount of clothing, her arm bandages are much longer and fuller, and she wears a tapestry on her lower half (hopefully just in the front). She also has a choker and arm bands for more decoration. As far as variety goes, like most of the girls in the first season Menace wears a school uniform in the specials and a bikini in the second season's. She also has a few more swimsuits in official art, the notable ones being a sling swimsuit and a tiger striped one with tails and ears. Basically Menace's lower body is fine, but I would have liked her to not be showing constant underboob and wear something under her necklace.
Grade: C

Personality: Menace was originally the princess of the kingdom of Amara. No, not the Ice/Rock dinosaur. It's an ancient kingdom that has long since been destroyed. You see, Menace was a frivolous royal, caring more for her parties and massages than running the kingdom. As a result a close friend Anarista locked Menace inside the slave chambers where she eventually died. Afterward Anarista betrayed the kingdom and it fell into enemy hands. However, the Swamp Witch revived Menace to do her bidding. Even though she's a thrall to the Swamp Witch she would rather see her kingdom of Amara recover. Since we first see her she has rebuilt it somewhat, now having a population of nearly one hundred citizens. Each of which is loved by Menace with her whole heart.
Backstory aside Menace is a pretty great character. She's focused on her goal and has learned from her mistakes as well, becoming a great queen. She also goes at her own pace, being really relaxed. That said, even if she's gentle she is very powerful. She has a lot of magical abilities, including being able to mind control others and resurrect those from the dead. She also has a talking staff named “Cetra” (though sometimes he's called “Setra”, I don't know which is more official) though she tends to use him as a mace more often. She's also really good at marial arts, especially hand-to-hand as she enjoys practicing it. She also enjoys oil massages and dislikes people who don't do as she says. Oh and speaking of her combat I don't know Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken but it seems that Menace's VA is a big fan of it. Whether by her intervention or otherwise a lot of Menace's attacks or poses from the games seem to come from a character named Souther. She has a lovely voice, with Yuuko Gotou doing her most of the time. However, as she got sick the stand in of Akane Tomonaga did Menace's voice.
Grade: B

Libido: Menace has a fairly high libido. In fact it's one of the reasons she was considered a poor queen. She couldn't break herself away from a yuri harem she created. From what we've seen, she enjoys being massaged by beautiful women and drinking wine off their bodies. It's a shame we don't see her being more “queen-like”, if you know what I mean. Still her subjects seem to be willing to follow her, and that's important too. As far as named characters go, Melona is probably fairly high due to the amount of art with the two and them being on a team together. Speaking of the team Airi might also count, but doesn't seem to be as common. There's some images of her and Anarista, the girl from her past life, as well. Sadly Anarista seems to be the one leading Menace, and speaking of Menace being sadly submissive she also has some art with Echidna also fondling her Egyptian body.. On the other hand there's an image of Menace on top of Branwen, who is currently chained up (making that one of the better images as it shows Menace's dominance). She also mind controls Leina into being her servant in the main series as well. Overall she does pretty well, I'd say.
Grade: B+

Age: Menace is definitely an adult, and an ageless one. It's possible that she's a zombie, considering being resurrected after being dead for 4,000 years, but considering her Egyptian theme she's much more likely to be a mummy. Only without the bandages, of course (fortunately they didn't have to be burned off first).
Grade: B+

Total Grades: 71
Average score: 7.9
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for this week.

: Hmm... Seems that despite different tastes you and that Zettai fellow are quite similar. You almost gave me the same scores.

So are you pleased by your blog?

: Quite. But that does not mean that I won't battle you. Bow down before my authority or I shall give you the death penalty!

*Menace gets into a fighting pose.*

: Seems that we'll finally get to the main battle of the blog. Looks lie Menace is getting into the spirit! Come on, let's give our crowd a good battle!

*Up in the VIP room.*

: You had BETTER. Or ELSE!

: I hope that Menace will be alright...

*A mysterious woman in a metal mask to disguise herself shows up.*


: Yes, Quake?

: (to herself) Hmm? “Mistress”? Not “Sama”?

: Since you've arrived I am to believe that the final touches have been made on the Colosseum's construction?

*Quake salutes.*

Quake: Yes! We should be able to take off at any time.

: Touches? What do you mean by “take off”

: Do not worry yourself with details, Airi. And Quake, go to the command center. We'll set off the second that I get that power.

*Quake bows and leaves the room. We then return to the battle arena.*

: Alright everyone! Let's get this battle going!

: Allow me to start. ROYAL HEADBUTT!

*Menace leaps high into the air and slams down head first. Topaz avoids the attack, so she slams into the ground.*

That looks dangerous!

: Be careful of that Head Smash attack, it has a high base attack!

Luckily it has fairly low accuracy. Well, equal to Stone Miss at least.

: Is that one of those Pokey-mons references? Melona and Airi talk about it sometimes, but I do not understand the games you play.

*Menace does another spiral leap into a headslam, but this time Topaz dives behind some rocks. She breaks through them easily, leaving floating hearts.*

: Looks like another narrow evade for Topaz. But what's this? Has Aldra gone crazy to give out bonuses for destroying her arena?

: Crazy or not you'd better collect them. Who knows what other attacks Melona may have!

*Topaz collects said hearts with ease.*

Oh no!

: What's wrong?

My HP hasn't been restored at all. These are Castlevania hearts!

: What a horrible night to have CURSES! Try to find wall-chicken then!

: I won't give you a chance! Setra, help me!

: Of course, my wonderful delight of an owner!

*Menace leaps again, this time speeding up thanks to Setra powering her up. Topaz still evades and she slams head-first into a rock. The power-up looks like Topaz's head.*

: How morbid! Menace's latest attack knocked Topaz's head right off!

Don't worry, I'm still here! That's just a power-up!

: It must be an extra life. Get it!

Great plan!

: MENACE! Make sure Topaz doesn't get that!

: Of course. Setra, let us use that new spell!

: Whatever you say, my precious desert flower!

*As he approaches the 1-up Menace casts on a spell. He is within hands reach, but suddenly a burst of spikes appears over it.*

KYAH! I'd better not touch those!

: Ufufufu. As long as I concentrate on this you'll never be able to get it.

*Topaz and Menace glare at each other, awaiting the other to make a move. However, the floating face disappears far before Menace's spike block.*

Unfortunate, but seems that you've used all your magic just to keep me from an extra life. Now I'll prepare my attack while you're standing in place!

*Topaz charges at Menace, about to push her out of the circle. However, while she seemed distracted her eye glows as she looks right at Topaz.*


*She shoots a blast from Setra at Topaz, who becomes bound by a mystical circle.*

What?! You shouldn't have this type of spell!

: To be fair she can't conjure spike blocks either, but considering that was a gag I guess it doesn't matter as much. (Ririchiyo, you need to stop picking on Topaz's plots.)

: If you want to break out of this then use your foolish "Mazoku Topaz” form!

*Topaz's heart beats with dark energy.*

N-no! I won't allow myself to be taken by the darkness again!

: Suit yourself. Take a direct hit!

*Menace leaps and hits him with a headbutt against the chest. Topaz takes 99,999 damage, the numbers even showing up and staying there.*

: Oh no! It's like a Dreamcast attack!

: Looks like it's all over for Topaz!

I don't think so!

*Topaz takes a step forward with determination!*

: It can not be! I dealt so much damage with that single attack, there is no way you can still be standing!

That's what you think, BUT...

*Topaz thinks about Undyne.

As a result of her undying determination and sheer GAR-ness Topaz is able to become Topaz the Undying. A laser comes out of his eye, though it doesn't impede or do anything interesting other than looks. Not only that, but the damage gets severely reduced. The numbers even explode and disappear. In total, Topaz only had 9 damage dealt to him.*

: N-no... It can't be!

*Up in the VIP room Aldra looks excited, but quickly relaxes and lets out a sigh.*

: Something the matter?

: I was hoping that this was Topaz's demon form, but it's not even as powerful as Annelotte's. Most of the strength is in damage prevention and would be useless for my uses.

*Returning back to the arena.*

: WOW! Did you all just see that?! Topaz survived a mortal blow, and came back even stronger than ever! Thank Arceus for rolling HP meters, I guess.

: Your new form does not intimidate me. Let us continue our attack, Setra!

: Certainly!

*Menace charges at Topaz, ready to whack him with the staff. However, he catches Setra with two fingers.*

: Wow! So cool! Bet all the girls in the arena are swooning over Topaz's cool moves!

*Topaz pushes Menace back, and she nearly loses her footing.*

Now, it's my turn to use an attack! Rain of Spears!

*Topaz summons spears which shoot at Menace. She manages to dodge most, but one strikes her through the panties and she gets stuck against the wall of the arena. Menace's brown butt is nearly exposed as her body is hanging underneath.*

: Looks like we have a winner!

Not yet!

*Menace's panties finally break, exposing her butt more though her “front” is covered. She falls to the ground.*

: Oof...

: Uh-oh, looks like we lost this one!

: Don't remind me...

*Topaz returns to normal, seeming very exhausted. Meanwhile, in the VIP box.*

: Hmmm, seems that form is stronger than you expected. I can't believe that Menace would lose so easil... Aldra-sama? Aldra-sama?

*She looks around, but Aldra is no longer seated in her throne.*

: Congratulations, Topaz! Not only did you defeat the four competitors, but you defeated an extra battle as well!

: What is this? The Elite Four?

That would explain not being able to heal properly between battles. But what comes next?

: Isn't it obvious?

: Certainly...

*Aldra walks out, looking intimidating as the camera pans up her villainous body.*

: I was hoping that Menace would make you use "Mazoku Topaz” so I can judge it's power. Sadly you have been QUITE stubborn. As a result, I have to take you down with my own hands. You should be honored.

: WOW! Seems like we'll have a major battle next week!

That's right, looks like we'll finally be able to finish up this plot. See you next time!

*The screen fades to black in a cartoonish fashion, as what happens at the end of the other blogs when they end.*

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June 23rd, 2016
This is the Three-hundredth-ninety-fifth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

: Welcome back everyone! And as you see I'll be the announcer this week.

Hey, whatever happened to Koto?

: She suddenly had to leave for some reason. Something involving Aldra-sama.

*Meanwhile, up in the VIP room Aldra is sitting on Koto's back.*

: Ufufu... Seems you're really enjoying this punishment.

: Of course, Aldra-sama. Everyone would love such tender care.

: I knew that you'd make the perfect slave. But I'm not as tender a queen as you may think..

*Aldra lifts Koto's skirt and starts smacking her fat butt.*


*She secretly enjoys it.*

: Ufufu, it's so much fun to tease my subjects. But for now I'm going to keep sitting on your back for the WHOLE fight.

: Sounds wonderful, I'm such a lucky minion!

*Back to the main stage.*

: So anyway, I wasn't paying attention to the battles so far. Can anyone clue me in?

You're not as good as Koto, now are you. Anyway, for the past few weeks I've been climbing the tournament ladder.

: Though to be fair it's more like Mortal Kombat as Topaz has to face everyone in the competition.

Exactly. And we've been her at the Forge Arena as I nearly got disqualified because I had trouble finding it. I manage to beat both Setsuna and Centorea, and last week I had to fight Annelotte. It was a rough battle, but I managed to come through. As you can see. This time I have to face Undyne.

: Sup? Pssst, who are we talking to again?

: Topaz has some sort of "blog" where he talks about Anime girls.

: I see then. Reminds me of what Alphys writes then. But why am I here? Besides to defeat the horrible HUMAN!

*Undyne points to Topaz.*

: You will rue the day that you came to face me!

: I still find it silly that Topaz is doing Undyne. She breaks so many common rules. What's next? Some Overwatch girl? Shield Knight? Some other obscure video game character?

: Hey, wasn't her game voted #1 in some poll or something?

To be fair I wouldn't take GameFAQs as a reasonable judge of gamers.

: Just look at all the stupid whiny Americans! And Topaz is only one of those things.


: Who cares about poles, unless they're the kind that I can impale Topaz with!

I disapprove. Besides, we have to do the blog first!

: Why's that?

I'm not sure, but it's been that way since the first blog this month.

: I think Topaz mentioned something about wanting the girl to hear his thoughts and they often go away after the battle.

: Well then, I guess I just won't have a blog! WAHAHA!

: Oh no! Undyne just launched a powerful psychological attack on Topaz! How will he get out of this one?

Why bother?

: Wait, that's not what you are supposed to say! She may be a troublemaker but we still need to do a girl this week!

True, but we obviously can't do one on Undyne.

: Wait, why's that?

Because you're obviously not AWESOME enough to deserve one.

: GRR! I'll show you JUST how awesome I am! Fine then, do your stupid blog! Bet I'll score ALL THE POINTS! Gwahaha!

: I am surprised that worked, but I'm not complaining...

Anyway, since this girl is raring for battle let me introduce her by saying...

Today's girl is:


: Pssst, does he always say something so odd?

: Usually the links are better, but that's what he gets for using a non-Anime character. I just hope that he doesn't have to put any silly anime relations still...

: What do you say we get this blog on. I'm getting a little hot under the collar. Must be the summer heat.

*Juri tugs at her neckline to get a breeze of wind down her shirt.*

Well then, let's get on with the show!

Hair: Undyne has a really strange hair style. It's pulled back all the way, and looks nearly bald in front most of the time. In fact, at first one could mistake it for part of a plume on her helmet rather than hair. Basically she has her hair pulled back in a ponytail, thought the animation in battle does have a cool bouncy, waving effect. In a certain run through her “powered-up form”, which I'll explain later, makes her ponytail spikier. Her hair is also a bright red, which isn't too bad (that's one of the reasons I thought it was a plume at first). Luckily it doesn't look bad on her, and in battle due to the monochrome enemies it appears white. Undyne does receive some help with a certain date-form, as in Alphys's date she actually styles her hair a bit different. Some of her hair is freed, and she places it over her left eye in a nice feminine style. Though it's completely possible that she's wearing a wig (especially as it's black in that part rather than white). Still, her uniqueness isn't completely bad, and as an aquatic-looking creature having any hair is a surprise.
Grade: C

Eyes: Undyne does not have great eyes for my tastes. One of the first things you'll notice is that she has an eyepatch over her left eye. I don't mind it too much as it makes her seem intimidating, and when in her “improved form” it starts to shoot out lasers! It fits with her personality well, is what I'm saying. What's less interesting is the fact that she has reptilian-like eyes, meaning that she has yellow sclera and vertical pupils. They do not look great, and I really dislike different colored scleras (and she eventually gets black sclera as well). She also wears heavy red eyeshadow, though in battle it's not detailed. Problems aside Undyne's eye shape isn't too bad; she does have a strong tsurime and her thick eyebrows don't look bad either. Overall she does have some problems I have trouble getting over, so she doesn't score too well here.
Grade: C-

Face: Undyne also has a pretty poor taste, though I blame some of that being in a sprite-based game. As you should be able to tell, she has blue skin and fins on the sides of her heads (where ears usually are). They're also blue with red markings, if curious. She does not have a nose, which is a good thing for my tastes, and her mouth is really big. Well, maybe not “really” but it's still large due to having big, yellow, and pointed teeth. Unfortunately her mouth and teeth are a big problem. For one, her upper lip is defined but as a result her side-profile makes her goofy-looking. Her teeth also look buck in both the sprite and most of her battle images. I think that they were trying to make it look like her mouth is constantly a bit open, but it's not a design choice I'd approve of.
Fortunately, the fact that the speaking boxes have character images-and the fact that they're well-emoted-helps Undyne out quite a bit. She has a lot of various emotions that are seen through there. Some of my favorites include a big toothy grin and a laughing version that's really humorous to look at. She also has a more reserve cat mouth-like one too. Overall these help her a bit, but Undyne really doesn't do too well due to her unusual looks.
Grade: C+

Build: Undyne doesn't do too well here either. When we first see her, her body is mainly hidden by the large suit of armor she's wearing. That said, when we see her in a more relaxed outfit it's surprising to see she's so thin. Not in a bad way or anything, but I was expecting her to be more muscular. I guess that's due to the sprites not showing too much detail as she seems to be strong. Also, Undyne doesn't have too much of a feminine figure either. Her hips are a bit wide, but other than that she's skinny. As a plus she does seem to be fairly tall, easily taller than any of her love interests by at least a head or so. I'll also add that she's a fish-like humanoid monster, and Monster bodies in Undertale are somewhat unusual but that's not too important.
Grade: C

Breasts: Undyne has a very slight curve to her upper body, but I imagine that she's more muscular than anything.
Grade: C

Clothes: Finally we get to something Undyne doesn't completely bomb out on! But really, she does have some cool and interesting outfits. We first see her, as said before, in a cool suit of armor. It's black and due to how the location we see her in is she's well-shadowed. In general it's a heart-pounding escape sequence and she's made out to be extremely intimidating. Her helmet also has a glowing eye. In battle it sort of reminds me of armor from a certain long-running shounen anime, which kinda makes sense if you think about it. When in her upgraded “Undying” form her armor becomes spikier (especially on the shoulders and gauntlets). It also gains a heart decoration on the torso and smaller ones on the hands. Undyne also can create and throw big blue spears, presumably made out of energy.
When not in armor Undyne wears a lot of casual outfits. Her main one consists of a black tank top and blue pants with red shoes. It's hard to tell the details of the clothing due to the sprite work, but a lot of games are like that. For a date she also wars a white turtleneck and a black presumably leather jacket. In the ending at the beach Undyne wears a yellow two-piece bikini though the bottom looks more like shorts than a bikini bottom. Overall not too much, but more than I'd expect from a sprite-based RPG like this.
Grade: B-

Personality: As said, when we first see Undyne she's extremely intimidating. This is helped by having other characters build her up for you. During the chase scene there's a lot of goofy moments as well, with a running joke where Undyne gets interrupted by Monster Kid. She's also a fairly difficult battle no matter what, as in the route where you kill things she becomes Undyne the Undying. Other than a silly pun with her name this form shows how determined she is and how much willpower she has. She's extremely hot-blooded as well, which is awesome. Undyne is also honorable, refusing to attack those on the phone and trying to make excuses for hunting the human. She's also extremely passionate about things, always throwing her whole self into something. She even gets egged into becoming the Human's friend through taunting. She also helps out other monsters as well, and is the captain of the Royal Guard. In general she's a cool battle-loving girl. As more information, she doesn't like hot or cold weather (she even has a warm fridge), she may dislike sweet or sugary foods and soda, and she seems to dislike puzzles but enjoys Papyrus's japes. There's also a funny part where she wonders if Anime is real as she was told it defines human history. Luckily you can assure her that it is.

: Why? Is anime NOT real?

I think it is.

: How can you be sure?

Besides all the girls around that are from anime, you mean? Let's see... Personally I've ridden in a mecha, rescued an alien princess from the clutches of a demon king, and seen gigantic swords and magical girls.

: That sounds AWESOME!

That it is. But overall Undyne is a really great, well-defined character that I wanted to blog about. While I probably forgot some things, she's a great battle-loving hot blooded girl with both humorous and caring sides.
Grade: A-

Libido: Undyne has pretty good libido, even if she's more innocent. She's too scared to give her meganekko girlfriend Alphys a note for a date, which leads to confusion. She then interrupts said date when Alphys thinks the main character wrote it instead. In the end scene they nearly kiss, but another character tells them not to kiss in front of the Human. Fortunately Undyne still gives Alphys a kiss in the good ending credits, showing both their love and that Undyne is in the lead. Undyne also goes on a date with the racially-blank Tumblr-gendered Human, giving the Human a lesson in cooking. The cooking becomes so hot and intense that Undyne's house burns down! Wait, perhaps I should have put that better... Oh, and because her house is on fire Undyne goes over to her friend Papyrus's house. While friends they don't seem to have any romantic feelings and are purely platonic.
Grade: B-

Age: Undyne's age is unknown. I'd say that she'd be in the late teens or twenties (considering she's the captain of the Royal Guard), but I can't be sure. Monster ages are strange, as are their romances, in this game. Apparently she also followed a currently-aged turtle on his adventures when she was younger.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 57
Average score: 6.3
Final Grade: C+

And that's the blog for this week!

: FINALLY! Now we can actually fight!

You don't have an opinion on the score?

: No. Why, is it really low or something?

: It's on the low side, yes.

: TOPAZ! Now I have another reason to destroy the likes of you! Now, prepare to take my spears!

*Undyne summons spears in various patterns on the ground, spiking them up. Topaz has to roll around, but he avoids them.*

: Looks like the battle has finally started, with Juri sending out a flurry of attacks!

*Crowd cheers.*

: Thank you for the cheering, I'm glad to be considered your champion!

You won't be the champion much longer, as I'll dethrone you! Then I'll face off with Aldra and get her to stop her plans!

: Don't think it will be as easy as you are thinking. Especially if I do THIS!

*Undyne swipes Topaz with a green-colored spear. He is unharmed, but he gains a green heart symbol on his chest.*

Oh no! My hitbox!

: Gwahahaha! Now I have you!

*Topaz attempts to move, but cannot.*

Now I'm stuck!

: She SLASHED you and now you can't move? Man, it's like that one jungle-based robot master in seven all over again! But I thought that green meant you were good at DODGE-ing!

Maybe, but I sure couldn't teach it!

: I blame Gohan being a poor student, perhaps...

: Seems like Topaz is in quite a pickle! Pun unintended. But without his high evasion skills how will he EVER be able to avoid Undyne's spears now?

: Ufufu... I have you now!

*She creates a floating spear and sends it flying in slow motion at Topaz.*

: Hopefully a plumber will leap at it and redirect it! (Hopefully I haven't been making too many references this blog...)

*As the spear is about to hit Topaz he remembers the girl from last time.*

*A shield is created just in time, knocking the spear away.*


: Looks like Topaz has finally used his Mimicry powers. As a result Undyne's powerful spear attack was blocked by his great shield!

: Seems that Topaz has a few more General abilities than I thought... Wait-that joke w-wasn't intentional!

Looks like I thwarted your attack, Undyne!

: That's right, I should just give up and-NOPE! Don't think that a simple SHIELD will get you through this! En GUARDE!

*Undyne surrounds Topaz with spears, attacking one by one. As a result of the floating shield seeming to move how he wants he's able to block all of them.*

That's not how you spell that.

: You must be joking if you think I CARE!

*Undyne starts using odd attacks, redirecting the spears at the last moment. Still, Topaz seems to be blocking them. His heart beats heavily, as if his demon form is trying to get out.*

I can block all day!

: Be careful! Remember that you were able to break through Annelotte's shield with Centorea's strength. Undyne might be the same!

Don't worry, I'll just leave the screen. That way I can get all the dragon's treasures!

: This isn't Shadowgate!

: Plus if you leave the arena you are disqualified.

Holy glasses, forgot that part! Guess I'd better think of a better idea-and QUICK!

*Undyne's attacks continue, though they seem slower for some reason. She pants as she speaks.*

: I'll... break through... this shield! Or my name is not UNDYNE!

*With a burst of power Undyne breaks through the sheild with a charge. However, at this moment Topaz's green-heart status runs out and he barely evades.*

Phew. That was a close one. I nearly got kabobed!

: I have a feeling that's not a real word. And don't be too careless, Undyne may be planning something!

: T-that's.. right... oof.

*She falls face-first to the ground.*

: What the?!

: HOW?! Did you see that folks? Topaz just defeated Undyne. I think. He didn't actually attack at all, but somehow she fell to the floor!

I imagine it's because of the Forge Arena. Aquatic bodies such as Undyne and Juri seemed to be sensitive to the blazing flames and molten metal.

: I was just thinking this land was fairly HOT.

: True. I'm sweating and I wasn't even fighting! Even my BUTT is sweaty!

: Too much information.

I'm sure SOME reader will enjoy that. But it looks like I won this one.

: Don't say that yet. This is a battle to the death, so there's no count down!

I remember Koto saying something like that. But even when the girl obviously can't fight more?

: I want to do something, but those are Aldra's rules. She even mentioned something like...
: Of COURSE you should attack those that can't fight back! Use every VICIOUS ADVANTAGE you have!

You know, that impression was spot-on...

: Mmmbbb-blkkk...

This is no time to be impressed, Undyne needs my help! But what do I have that can quench her thirst?!

: This is beginning to sound like sponsored content. But I doubt it as Topaz didn't bring home another bag of money.

: Looks like you only have a few more minutes left! What will you do, Topaz? Leave your opponent to die, or forfeit and save a life?


*Topaz gets under Undyne's body and tries to pull her away on his back.*

I'll help her-URK! Back... breaking... words... difficult to get out-KYA!

*However, she seems to be too heavy and he falls to the ground. He is able to get out of under her and stand back up.*

What can I do?

: What about one of your many items?

I don't think a picture of lolis or a rabbit's foot will be much use, Ririchiyo. If only some sort of refreshment would fall from the sky!

*Suddenly a vending machine falls from the sky and into the arena. Everyone is shocked.*

: D-did that REALLY just happen?


: Stop joking around and do something!

Fine then... Hmmm, let's see here.

: Why are you even taking so long?

Well, the Fresh Water is more economical but the Lemonade heals more overall...

: We don't have time to go shopping, Topaz. Just pick one!

Fine then!

*Topaz kicks the machine and a can comes out. He then pours it on Undyne.*

Wow, I'm lucky that this was water and not, say, coffee.

*Undyne coughs but picks herself up.*

: Just like the other human... Perhaps humans are not as cruel as I had expected.

: There are plenty of cruel humans, but Topaz certainly isn't one.

: And from those dishonorable rules it seems Aldra is a cruel one. Seems like I have a SPEAR to pick with her. But for now, it seems that our battle is over.

*Undyne hops down from the arena.*

: You can't, like, just GIVE UP like that!

: I'm not “giving up”. Topaz outlasted my attacks, and I don't want to be in this blasted place for one more minute.

*She leaves, only to be confronted by three other shadowy figures backstage.*

: Who are you two?

???: Our names are not important.

???2: All that matters is that you, like us, have a dislike for Aldra.

???3: We are going to strike after Topaz has weakened her in battle. Can we count on you?

: You mean get back at the one that made me fight in such a warm place, knowing I might faint? Then LEAVES me for dead? YEAH I'm going to want to face her!

*The four of them slink back to the shadows.*

: Congratulations, you've finally won the Colosseum matches for once!

Hurray! Though I do wonder how that vending machine came flying through...

I guess that's a matter for another day though. Looks like I'll finally be battling Aldra!

*In the VIP room*

: MENACE! Nothing you've done has gone right! Each of these “Honor blades” have fallen without Topaz even breaking a sweat or into his demon form. I mean sure, that Annelotte form did have a bit more power and I could feel his demon side trying to come out, but we need physical proof! And it's all YOUR fault!

*Aldra turns and points, but sees Airi standing next to her instead.*

: My apologies. *looks around.* Where did Menace go? I have to have a TALK with her.

: Is it like my punishment “talk”? Because it was enjoyable!

: Shut up, you SLAVE!

*Aldra kicks Koto in a sexy dominant fashion.*

: OHH!

*She secretly enjoys it.*

: Ah-HEM. It seems that Menace has left. She's right THERE!

*Airi points to the arena.*

: Hmmm, seems she's going to face Topaz herself. Fine, I'll let her mistakes slide if she makes him use his demon form.

*Back on the arena floor, where Topaz is surprised to see Menace.*

: What's this? Another competitor?

: I am not a competitor. But I have come in place of Aldra-sama.

You can't just change the prize like that.

: Do not worry. You shall face Aldra-sama, but first you shall have to get through ME!

: ANOTHER battle?! Man, if we're going to stay here I'll have to get some type of refreshment.

: Koto will be joining us again next time, and the battle is switching locations.

Not again!

: At least they're telling you ahead of time this time!

Fair point. Where is it?

: We shall face each other in the Terrain Arena. And we shall battle next week, as is natural for your blog.

Seems we've got a girl for next time. I'll be seeing you readers then!
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June 16th, 2016
This is the Three-hundredth-ninety-fourth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

: Alright everyone!

*Crowd cheers.*

: That's right! It's finally the third Thursday, and that means we'll be getting to the next battle! If you missed last time, Topaz triumphed against Centorea. Though to be sure I'm not sure how. He just ran around until she sort of fell out of the ring.

Hey, it worked! You never heard of bullfighting?

: This isn't Spain and you're not your friend. And I don't believe that bullfighters suddenly grow wings and fly away!

That might be more interesting though. But I guess that's more something a person would do if they were BUFFALOfighters...

: Fair point, I think those might have wings. But enough about wrestlers with ten-million power.

: Agreed! And I'm personally glad the previous battle didn't end with Centorea bursting out of her shirt.

I know, Centaur Flash is a terrible attack against bosses.

: That's NOT the reason! Besides, I don't think that's how the attack works at all...

Who can know for sure. I mean, in some continuities Centaur Man IS a Wo-man.

: Huh, I guess that one Master in Nine really wasn't the first female then. Maybe, at least.

Wait, a female “Master” involving “Nine”? Is that any relation to a certain Saturn scout?

: Sadly no.

: I'm lost, so let's get back to the bloodshed! Now, Topaz was about to be shot illegally when this shielded girl entered and guarded him. She then introduced herself as "Annelotte".

: Certainly, and it seems that I shall be Topaz's next opponent.

*She swings her sword and takes aim at Topaz before pressing the tip in the ground in front of her feet. She then places both hands on the hilt as well, looking up with noble stature.*

Just one question, Annelotte. Why are you fighting for Aldra?

: I was expecting you to ask if I would allow you to do a blog on me...

: Darn it Topaz! Can't you do anything right? (Besides steal my heart-er, oh no! The palpitations!)

Okay, so there's THAT too, but I really want to know. Don't you know that Aldra is planning something evil?

: I do. Though I do not know the details.

I suppose that I don't either. But even so why are you helping the villain?

: I am not helping her.

I'm pretty sure that trying to defeat, kill, or steal my power would help her.

: You do have a fair point, but I did not join in order to face you.

What are you talking about.

: Do you not remember what the prize in this competition is?

Since I'm mostly forced into it, I can't recall.

: Koto, would you like to explain?

*Topaz and Annelotte turn to Koto, who lets out a yawn as she tosses the microphone. She looks quite bored, so she jumps when Annelotte speaks her name.*

: W-what?!

Hey, you shouldn't be falling asleep!

: Not my fault you keep being boring. Between your “plot” and “blog” there's way too much talking for my tastes. I bet the crowd agrees to with me, right? RIGHT?!

*The crowd is silent.*

: FINE! I'll tell you about the prize. Even if you've seen it for yourself, I think. The winner gets to challenge Aldra in honorable combat.

So that's why you're here!

: Precisely. I am only competing to face Aldra at the very end.

Well then, seems that we have similar goals in mind. But I doubt that you'll step down for me to take the path to Aldra.

: Of course not. I'll fight you with everything I have. I have a reputation to keep up.

You are a noble and honorable woman, Annelotte. Though I have been fighting a lot of those lately. It's as if Aldra had planned out a theme for this month...

: I'm sure it's just coincidence and she was collecting skilled warriors.

That's probably true. But speaking of which, how about I get on with the blog?

: It'll be no trouble at all. Go right ahead.

: *Sighs* Fine, I GUESS I can wait until you get done with this stupid thing.

: And do not worry, I won't attack Topaz until he has finished and prepared. There is very little he could say that would anger me.

: You'd be surprised...

: Wait.. Does that mean?

: Yes, you are free to go.

: WOOHOO! I'm going to take a break. I'll be back soon, once I take a short nap!

I wish I could take a short nap...

: Don't be lazy, Topaz! Your life isn't that busy!

I meant more so that I'd recover my HP, like in video games.

: Life isn't video games, Topaz. That doesn't work!

Oh, and a good massage from a tanned elf DOES?

*Riri facepalms and sighs.*

: .... Just get on with the blog...

Today's girl is:

Queen's Blade

Hey, why don't you use your last name?

: I'm not sure. I guess I don't want to wave my noble line in peoples faces. That or they want me to be like the other girls and not mention it, like with Leina and her family.

Fair point.

==Meanwhile, in the VIP room.==

*Aldra and Menace barely take a seat before the blog begins.*

: I had not expected that the concession stands would take so long. We barely made it here in time for Topaz's blog.

: Indeed. I even intimidated all the other customers to allow us to cut in line. Remind me to fire those employees.

: With pleasure.

: Now, let us await the blog-HEY!

: What is it, my mistress?


: Hmm. It seems that she has left the arena. Mayhaps the heat was getting to her?

: The Forge Arena may have blazing infernos, but it should be no hotter than usual. Not that it would not be impressive, but rather if we turned up the flames any more we would have difficulty seeing the battles. All I know is that we shall have to PUNISH Koto for leaving the arena.

: Of course.

Hair: Annelotte has really pretty hair. It's extremely voluminous and looks very fluffy, and the sides curve in front really cutely. She definitely looks quite glamorous as a result of her fluffy hair, and in back her hair looks nice as it becomes quite wide. Length-wise it's also good, being long without reaching her hips for maximum butt-appeal. She even keeps it flowing which to me is always beautiful, and her sides easily rest on her shoulders, with the tips reaching her chest. Probably the biggest problem is her crown/tiara/helmet in front. Not that it looks bad, as it matches the rest of her armor with a nice silver color and I like how interesting it is, but rather because it makes her bangs look really generic. She doesn't even show what I think is the part in front as her helmet hangs down in front. Annelotte's hair color is also pretty, being a mix of either silver or, more likely, purple and white. It matches her silver appearance quite well. That said I still easily prefer Annelotte's player 2 version/demon form as it has a beautiful black color. Mixed with her hair style it looks extremely beautiful, so it's a shame it's not shown off as much. Oh, and her headdress turns gold to match the armor change. Overall not a bad hair style, though blocking of portions is a shame (even if the way she does it is cool).
Grade: A-

Eyes: Annelotte has fairly basic eyes for the series. Sadly like so many girls she seems to have blue eyes, which hurts her score a bit even if I don't mind the color as much as Zettai. The eye shape is also a calming tarame, which while cute doesn't seem to fit with Annelotte's character. Luckily her eyes are MUCH better in her demon form. Not only does she gain a piercing tsurime, looking extremely fierce and dominant, but her eyes also turn red. I used to not like red eyes, but I've certainly seen the appeal recently and it helps that Annelotte's hair changes to black as well. Her eyes just look excellent in that form, which is a shame as again she's not in it a lot. Still it's enough to help out Annelotte's score from being too terrible for being generic here.
Grade: B

Face: Sadly there isn't too much to help Annelotte from being generic here. She's not one of the “cute” Queen's Blade girls and, while not as masculine as Cattleya, she does look a bit manly (though it fits her being a reverse trap). And it's not enough to make her bad-looking either, just slightly generic. Annelotte also seems somewhat mature, at least compared to her followers (though the fact she gets called “Oneesama” helps, perhaps). She does have fair-sized features, including her nose which is a downside. Sadly for once her demon form is a downside. Not because of the pointed elf-like ears, those are fine. The main problem is that she seems to be wearing make-up. The eye shadow I don't mind too much as it brings out her eyes, which as previously stated do look excellent. What I dislike is that her lips gain a blue lipstick-like color to them. I'm not big on lipstick, and the color makes it seem like Annelotte is extremely cold. Overall Annelotte's biggest problem is that she looks very generic among the other Queen's Blade characters.
Grade: B-

Build: Like a good fanservice series should Queen's Blade gives measurements for its girls. Annelotte seems to be 159 cm, which for some reason seems short for her (maybe it's because I'm thinking of her being a TDB; she is only one cm shorter than Tomoe which she looks about equal to). Her three measurements are 86/57/82 so sadly she seems to be bustier but within my reasonable amount of 5 cm. Her waist also doesn't seem too bad either. It is also fortunate that Queen's Blade is probably one of the best franchises for fanservice. As a result Annelotte shows off her butt quite a bit, with a piece of official art even showing off her naked apron behind. And it does look glorious and plump, as all girl butts should. I certainly feel jealous of her phantom steed. Her thighs also look fantastic, as does the rest of her body as well. Her limbs look really sleek, especially considering her strength. I'm not as fond of her “front” shots, such as when she's practicing with Siggy, but I guess I have to accept them (it would be better if she showed her butt more instead). Overall she's quite strong, but the problem is that with her mostly “average” body she really doesn't stand out among all the Queen's Blade characters. Even her demon form isn't different, not even having tattoos or something that would be more interesting (like wings or something). Well, other than a deep purple aura while fighting which looks kinda cool, but still.
Grade: A-

Breasts: Annelotte is more of a chest girl overall. One reason may be that she does have a larger chest with a 4 cm difference (as mentioned prior). Her frontal breast plate also seems quite brittle, breaking quite often and revealing her large breasts. Well, large in theory considering some of the other character in the series. Annelotte seems to be in the “average” area here as well, not being flat but also not having huge lumps either. She's just fairly nice, with a balanced chest against her body shape. She also gets some chest focus as well, but as Queen's Blade isn't a terrible fanservice show (*coughDxDcough*) it's not incredibly focused either so it doesn't get annoying. She also has fairly plain, but not too big, nipples which fit her chest fairly well. Overall her chest is fairly-sized and fairly-shown off, I'd say.
Grade: A-

Clothes: Annelotte has a fairly sizable wardrobe, especially considering that most Queen's Blade characters don't have more than one outfit. She's most well known for her breastplate with open cleavage which is probably a terrible idea, to be fair, but it's similar to Leina's for a cool continuity nod. The breastplate also has a tiara (as mentioned earlier), gauntlets that reach her shoulders or so, and thighhigh boots though sadly the sort with heels. Really, who fights in heels? They look awful, bringing down the entire outfit. The armor is a cool silver, again fitting with Annelotte's hair, and she wears a blue dress under it with big poofy shoulders, a white stripe on the bottom of the skirt, and some golden ornamentation in various places including shoulders and down her stomach. Blue works not just because it's a royal color but looks really great against her silver color (though I guess that's like her blue eyes paralleling her silver hair). Sadly she wears a “cape” in back, covering only past her hips though fortunately she seems to show her butt fairly as mentioned before. Underneath it all she wears boring panties, though they are pink. In demon form her armor instead turns golden and the blue turns a very dark red. The golden color isn't great, but the red looks really amazing especially with her black hair. Her sword, usually silver with a gold hilt, becomes golden as well with a black hilt and red gem. It looks really awesome and fits a “dark sword” as well (though why her personal changes also change her outfit and sword makes less sense the more you think about it...). Oh, and Annelotte also wears a choker with a horse's emblem that she uses to summon her phantom steed Ambrosius.
Of course, despite all that about her normal outfit Annelotte has a few more. As mentioned before she has a great naked apron image (sharing it with Aldra). She also wears a blue bikini, a blue dress, and a white wedding dress-ish dress (the two dresses being very frilly). She attempts to wear the revealing “vibrating armor” as well but she doesn't sync well with it. Annelotte also seems to have a cute white shirt for pajamas, and in the beginning of the OVA she has a royal-looking outfit with pants and looks a lot like a reverse trap. Really, her wardrobe is fairly strong but the bad hip cape and heels, not to mention not wearing her alternate outfits too much does keep her from an A.
Grade: B+

Personality: Annelotte is a great character, at least for my tastes. She's an honorable knight and I mean that literally, she was part of the Kreutz Knight Corps before they were attacked. Incidentally she was also the daughter of Margra Kreutz. Annelotte seems to be the last remaining one, having escaped a great explosion thanks to a nameless soldier pushing her away and into a river. She was also raised to take the throne, meaning that she was also raised as a man (though why I have no clue as this series has shown that females are perfectly capable). Even though she looks obviously female this apparently doesn't translate as she's still called “Oniisama” by her friends and gets groped to make sure (she prefers “Oneesama”). That said Annelotte is very much an “older sister” archetype, being more mature and a good leader. Hilariously even Siggy calls her “Oneesama” even if Siggy is older than Annelotte. Even her name “Anne” sorta sounds like “Ane”, which is Japanese for “older sister”. Fits as, well, she IS an older sister, but that's a tale for another girl...
But anyway Annelotte is really quite great. She's an older sister-like reverse trap and my favorite from Rebellion. However, I do see a lot of Leina in her and I can see how some people can interpret Annelotte as “boring” as well, she's not exciting like LunaLuna for example. She's still extremely charismatic though. I also will say that having Aya Endou be Annelotte was a perfect fit, and in general she's a great girl for my tastes. Oh, and before I forget she likes sweets, dislikes heights, and her hobby seems to be horseback riding.
Grade: A-


: Something the matter, Aldra-sama? Are you feeling ill?

: No, I just had a shiver up my back for some reason...

Libido: Annelotte doesn't show too much libido. She's a noble knight. That said she has a LOT of yuri options. Nearly every girl that she meets and gets to join her army has a somewhat crush on Annelotte. The yuri is especially strong between Annelotte and LunaLuna, though Yuit calling her “Oniisama” is also quite attractive. There was also the OVA where Annelotte trains with Alleyne so seeing two of my favorite QB characters sounds really good to me. Apparently in the books she also trains with Tomoe, but this isn't shown in the anime as of yet. Speaking of “training” she also works on sacred poses with Siggy in one of the specials, and considering how close they get-well, let's just say that the two are nearly kissing, but not with their lips... Annelotte also has shipping official art with Aldra (which is nice due to a certain reason), Liliana (though sadly in a “defeated foe” way), and Mirim, meaning she has a LOT of options.
Grade: B

Age: Annelotte's age is unknown. It's likely that she's the same age as Leina in the original series (as there's a time skip between the previous seasons and Rebellion, I think). I will say that all the girls that follow Annelotte do call her “Oneesama” so that's some added appeal here perhaps.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 80
Average score: 8.9
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for this week.

*Crowd cheers.*

: I am not sure if that is a good score or not...

: It's not THAT impressive, but it's not a bad score. I guess.

No need to be tsundere just because she got the same score you did.


*Ririchiyo sticks her tongue out at Topaz from the sides of the arena.*

But indeed, you did do quite well. You're even the highest scoring Queen's Blade character for me.

: Though I have a feeling that we'll have to blog about more as the year goes on...

*As they finish their conversation Koto runs back to the arena floor. She's wearing a cap with a chibi Aldra face on it, holding a banner with “Colosseum Rules!” on it, and in the other hand has a hot dog.*

: I'm back! Did I miss anything?

Yes, you missed the entire battle. What do you think?

: No need to be snippy, jeez!

: I think that Topaz isn't being snippy, he's just trying too hard to make a joke. Like always.

Sometimes my jokes are good!

: Key word being “SOMETIMES”!

: Arguing couple aside-

: WE ARE NOT A COUPLE! *grumble grumble*

*She sits down on a nearby chair, mumbling to herself.*

: Anyway, we are just preparing to battle. Are you ready, Topaz?

Hold on, let me activate my special ability.

*Topaz thinks long and hard about Centorea, giggling slightly at the wording before becoming serious.*

*Topaz has gained the power of Centorea. He inspects himself.*

Hmmm, I don't seem any different.

: Just be glad that you didn't grow a horse-butt!

Agreed. Though I wonder...

*Topaz opens his pants, looking down into them.*

Nope, I guess I didn't get THAT...

: TOPAZ, I thought you were better than making THAT kind of “horse joke.”

What are you talking about? I was thinking I'd get her bow, but I only have her lance and sword. How am I going to use Centaur Arrow at THIS rate?

: What were you thinking of?

: N-nothing!

*Ririchiyo blushes.*

: Just get on with the battle!

: I agree!

*Koto has mustard all over her face, the hot dog having been consumed.*

: I am ready.

As am I.

: Well then, let's get this MURDERFEST underway!

*Crowd cheers.*

*Annelotte makes the first move, drawing her sword as she lunges at Topaz. He attempts to leap back, but instead falls backward though he still avoids her swing. She then attempts to slam her sword down, but Topaz is able to crawl between her legs.*

: Would you look at that? Annelotte already has Topaz on the ropes! Not literally, this isn't wrestling. Let's hope that Topaz didn't find a string like last time, I want my battles to have some more bloodshed to them!

*Annelotte continues her onslaught, but Topaz's avoidance seems a lot slower than in the prior battles. He's already panting.*

: I told you that more exercise would be good!

It's not that... It's as if-*pant pant*-I'm suddenly-*pant* much heavier...

: Oh no! You got Centorea's great fat weight!

I don't think it's that!

*Topaz continues to barely evade Annelotte's attacks. Eventually he even takes out Centorea's sword, but his actions are easily predicted by Annelotte.*

My body hasn't changed, but it's more like I'm weighed down by something else...

: It must be all of Centorea's equipment, it's too heavy for your weakling body!

Huh, you'd expect that I'd get her strength with her weapons. But I guess having her horse backside helps her carry more.

: Encumbrance rules are silly with quadrupeds!

: Do not get distracted and put your guard down, Topaz! It would be wise if you would remember that!

*Topaz turns and sees Annelotte diving at him. He somehow swings at her in time, but she blocks the blade with the shield and it rolls off the said shield.*

: See? I have more equipment as well!

True, but don't count me out just yet!

*Topaz swings at Annelotte.*

: What's this? Has Topaz gained the upper hand?! WOW! Maybe he'll defeat an opponent for once!

: You're too slow.

*She easily blocks the blow with the shield. She then presses against the sword, sending it flying from Topaz's hands. The sword dissipates as it leaves his hands.*

: Looks like it's your loss-

Don't put your guard down!

*Topaz brings out Centorea's lance, and even though Annelotte puts up her shield the sheer power Topaz has taken breaks through the shield and knocks her back. She bounces slightly, blood coming out of a pierced wound in her torso.*

: WOW! Now THIS is what I was expecting from a Colosseum battle! Go on, finish her off Topaz!

I'd rather not “finish” her, though... Why don't you could start the countdown?

: What countdown? You either have to finish her or push her off the arena floor. Don't chicken out now!

That's unfortunate, hope I can move her without hurting her too much more.

: And why would THAT be?

*Annelotte starts standing up, propped against her sword. She seems wounded but still in fighting condition.*

Y-you're still...

: It will take more than a single attack to put me down for the count. Besides...

*Even if I'm lazy and the image does not show it, Annelotte enters her demonic form. Her hair turns black and her eyes red, and her armor turns golden.*

: Now you're in deep trouble! Come forth: Ambrosius!

*A phantom steed is created.*

: Oh no! Not more horses!

: Oh man! Did you get all that folks? After receiving a heavy hit, Annelotte is fighting back harder than ever. She even summoned her horse-eh? Is that legal?

: As long as it is not another character I will allow it.

: Well then, seems we got a quick reply from our Majesty Aldra-sama. Go right ahead and get your revenge on Topaz!

: With pleasure!

*Topaz backs up an takes a heavy gulp. Annelotte then charges, her sword pointed at Topaz. He looks around and notices he's still holding onto the lance. He somehow digs the point into the ground and leaps up with all his strength. He vaults right into Annelotte, knocking her off her horse with his heavy equipment weight. The two brush themselves up as the stand, with the horse disappearing now that Annelotte has fallen off the saddle.*

: So it's a Spear-battle you're wanting! No wonder you had the advantage over me... But I shall end this!

*Annelotte gets out a lance of her own and runs on foot towards Topaz. However, he leaps up again, using all his strength to jump, and lands on the smooth spearhead. This launches Annelotte off the floor and she hits the wall with a hard slam. Ririchiyo runs over to her.*

: It's alright! She's just knocked out!

: Well, I can't say that wasn't an exciting battle. Right, y'all?

*Crowd cheers. Meanwhile, a conversation is started in the VIP room.*

: How unfortunate. I was quite hoping that Annelotte would be victorious. Topaz surely has some superb luck...

: He does seem quite fortunate. But I think Annelotte underestimated him and that lead to her downfall.

: I am sorry that I have picked so many poor choices.

: No, no. This might make for an interesting next battle.

: Can you please explain, Aldra-sama?

: Since Annelotte has a demon form it's possible that Topaz, using his mimicry ability, will activate his demon form on the next girl. Then we can have a better idea of how powerful he is.

: You are a genius and see the good in even losses.

: Thank you. But do not forget to contact that Koto. We need to share a few good “words” before the next battle...

*Back at the arena.*

Thank you, thank you.

: Right! And with the defeat of Annelotte we only have one challenger. Luckily she just got here too, and I have no idea who she could be either.

Wait, am I having the battle immediately?

: Not even enough time to hit select a couple times? Er, I mean bandage Topaz up....

: It is Aldra's orders! She also says that I have to meet with her soon. Er, I hope it's not for anything bad... Oh, here the next competitor comes!

*A mysterious, eerie figure enters the arena. She seems to be decked out in a full black suit of armor, and walks onto the arena floor.*

???: Are you the one challenging me?

Er, um, I guess?

???: So you are the human that has come to destroy all the monsters?!

Well, I did beat up a half-demon.

: And stripped a tengu.

: And defeated a centaur.

???: I KNEW IT! You humans are all alike, destroying those that are different from yourself.

W-wait... No... It can't be...

???: What? Do you recognize me? I am not surprised...

*She takes off her helmet.*

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June 9th, 2016
This is the Three-hundredth-ninety-third week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*The crowd is cheering as the blog begins.*

: Looks like the crowd knows what time it finally is! That's right, it's time for another bloodbath! Er, battle, but I sure hope that it's a bloody one. For those who were out getting concessions I'll catch you up. It's June, and that means that Emperortopaz has once again entered Aldra's Colosseum competition. Last week he was cut up by Setsuna Sakurazaki, though somehow he was able to strip her and thus win. It's bogus, I know, but let's hope that this battle will be much fiercer. You see, Topaz has to defeat the mighty Centorea Shianus in battle!

*The crowd continues to cheer.*

Am I really needed for reviews anymore?

: You should be glad that she's doing that for you. I thought you were lazy!

Good point! Thanks for that, Koto!

: Anytime! Be sure to repay me by having a great battle!

But where are we going to find one of those?!

: Perhaps thy maiden means thy combat betwixt myself and thou.

Considering my previous track record I think that's asking a bit much of me...

: Don't beat yourself up about that, Topaz!

: Right, that's Centorea's job. Now, before the audience starts falling asleep let's begin the fi-

The Blog! Good point, Koto.

: Thou should not interrupt, Sir Topaz. And I doth not believe that I gave thy permission for this “blog” of yours. I do not even understand...

I'm just going to talk about you on the internet. Like what happened with Setsuna.

: I see. Though I do not wish to have our battle finish in such a fashion.

: Same!

: Agreed, it was boring.

I make no promises. But moving onto the blog, it seems-

*Centorea stomps her hoof, making a loud “Clop”.*

: Still though, I do not believe I have given permission.

I thought you were alright by not objecting.

: It would not pain thou to ask.

True. But I was guessing that you would just say “Neigh”.

: I would not refuse that quickly. Doth thou think I am that adamant?

: I'd make a Pokémon nature joke, but it seems that joke already went over Centorea's head. And that's saying something considering how much she's towering over Topaz.

Yes, you could say that she's on a high horse...

: Topaz! Stop FOALing around-grr, now you've got ME doing that!

: I do not appreciate such banter. If thou continue such escapades, I shalt attack thou without allowing your “blog”.

: Quick! Make lots of puns! Um, er... What are under a tired horse's eyes-SADDLEBAGS! What do horses wear on their heads-Ten-GALLOP hats!

: HEY!

Look, even Centorea is doing it! Hay is for horses and all that.

: That's not funny!

Aww, I apologize for making fun of your lower half. I didn't mean for you to get such a long face.

: Topaz! Stop that this instant!

In all fairness the last one was unintentional. But I shall stop such horseplay right now.

*Centorea's eye twitches and she unsheathes her sword. She then charges at Topaz and swings. She nearly hits him as he was off-guard, sending him across the arena. He lands safely, though he did take 20 damage.*


A-alright. Don't worry. I'm done now. Man, that was like getting hit by a Nine-Handicap Level Nine Ganondorf. But enough about silly challenges, let's get on with the blog.

: A wise decision.

: Aww man. I was just getting into the battle! Can't we have that first?

But if Centorea leaves after being beating she won't be able to hear my thoughts.

: In addition it also means I can punish sir Topaz immediately if he doth say something offensive or embarrassing.

When have I ever embarrassed a girl in a blog before?

: Almost every time?

: I have a highlight reel from last time, if you're interested.

No need, but let's get going as...

: *sigh* Not again... Why does this boring thing always have to happen?

: I am quite interested in thy opinions, but doth not anger me with thou's words or thy will be in a world of hurt.

*Centorea takes a seat, positioned as other horses would.*

Well then, I guess it's time to pony up!

: Don't make me put you out to pasture!

: Stop making jokes like that, Topaz. You're just barely in stable condition!

Hair: Centorea has quite pretty hair. It is blonde, but it's also more of a golden blond and reminds me a lot of the color of hay or wheat which sort of fits considering she is a centaur. I do prefer darker colors, but I wouldn't call Centorea's hair a bad color either. Her tail color is also the same, which is a nice touch. She usually keeps her hair up in a fairly slender ponytail, much like a lot of swordgirls. Length wise her hair reaches her “lower body”, which would approximately be her hips. Her sides are quite long, reaching her chest though only the upper part. Her bangs are a bit of a mess, with a small bump and most of her bangs fanned out to the left. This also leaves her with a long middle bang that reaches her nose. Centorea does have a few other hair styles, including twintails in a certain disguise and having her hair down to comb in one of the specials, but most of the time her hair is up in a ponytail. And I just realized that pun... Anyway, we can't forget about Centorea's unusual ears either. She has horse ears, meaning they stick out rather far (similar to elf ears, though they seem to have hair on them). Overall Centorea does well, but her poor bangs do hurt and while it doesn't look awful I do like darker colors of hair.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Centorea does have blue eyes, though at least it's a bit more interesting with the other girls having different colors. Plus I think she has some European blood in her, possibly, so that might explain being a blue-eyed blonde. Anyway her eyes are pretty, like a lot of the cast and have a nice hue and shade to them. Centorea has a slight tsurime, which is good, but her eyes are also fairly narrow so it's harder to tell.
Of course, we can't move on without talking about Centorea in glasses. Yes, she wears them as part of a disguise, and they're a nice under-frame version too which look nice. While not a major scene it still got an official image, which is nice. In addition, the mangaka also drew an image on Twitter of Centorea cosplaying as characters her VA has. One of the two was Baker, so while not officially canon it was nice to see her cosplay as a meganekko.
Grade: B+

Face: While you wouldn't expect Centorea to have an amazing face, she really does. Most of the time she has a really stern, but not actually angry or mean, face. But when she's flustered she's simply amazing. Really, there's this one scene where her face turned bright red and that was one of my favorite moments as she looked so cute. She also has a few silly emotions, such as when she had a carrot that she especially enjoyed. That said, she does have fair-sized features, including her nose on occasion, which is a negative. Also her face curves fairly nice, but her chin is a bit more pointed than I'd like (or at least more than I'd expect). Overall Centorea has an amazing face with some problems.
Grade: B+

==Up in the VIP chamber ==

: How dare Centorea allow Topaz to blog her first. It fills me with anxiety awaiting the battle and, I am hopeful, Topaz's doom.

: Have more faith in your minion. After all, do you not think that she shall defeat Topaz to rescue her feathered ally?

: That is a good point. I shall hope that she is as noble as I expected.

: Yes, yes. And do not forget...

*Aldra spins a glass of wine before taking a drink.*

: Waiting only allows the taste of victory to be much sweeter.

: Your wisdom and intelligence always causes me to be in awe, Aldra-sama.

: Ufufu.. But I do wish that the battle would commence quickly. Though I may have to visit the little queen's room...

*She gets up and goes to the restroom.*

Build: Now we get to the bad part. Not that centaurs are bad or anything, but much like Miia Centorea's odd and unusual body does hurt her here. It's just so removed from my tastes it doesn't look great. Unfortunately we don't have a length or height, and Centorea herself refuses to let her weight get out. Kinda odd that the newly introduced characters have more accurate measurements, which is a shame for Centorea. Going by D&D logic the centaurs tend to be about 7 feet tall and about 2100 lbs which, in metric, makes Centorea about 213 cm tall and nearly 952 kg (wow, no wonder she'd be so concerned). Her three sizes are 103, 61, and- er, well, I guess she only has two sizes. The reason Centorea doesn't have a hip measurement is that it's difficult to understand what her hips are. Are they her entire horse lower half? Or are they just her back legs? I guess this would be a “if dogs wore pants what would they look like”-type of deal. I just don't enjoy her lower half, and the less I think about her silly last name's “namesake” the better. Her tail is cool, though. She has also had a few silly scenes involving her lower half getting in the way, such as bashing the lead with it, getting it stuck in a closing door, breaking a faucet with it, and breaking both a squishy chair (in the manga) and an exercise ball (in the specials). She also allows the lead to ride her on occasion, meaning on her back of course though this made him into her master due to centaur customs. Her top speed seems to be 60 km/hour as well. I suppose that I should mention her presumably high strength (she can lift both Mero and Miia with one arm each), and even though she's a large creature it's wasted by not having any additional reach.

: Stop making D&D jokes, your reader won't recognize them. Besides, the racial hit die make centaur a terrible creature to play as.

Fine fine. Anyway, while there's nothing “wrong” with Centorea's horse lower half. However, between that, missing out on her hip measurements, and well as lacking any sort of height she could never have done well here. Oh, and in an imagine spot Centorea thinks of being pregnant, but oddly enough it's in her “human” half which biologically shouldn't happen (I guess it's for the audience's sake, but it seems really poorly designed). And that's not even counting a deeper problem....
Grade: D

Breasts: Centorea has a very massive chest. As said before, her bust size is 103 and her cup size is I. That said, those are just what Centorea says, and she's embarrassed by her large size so she might be lying. That's possible as she has broken through no less than 3 different bras, including one that Papi and loliSuu both fit their heads in the cup of. As a result she doesn't wear a bra, so of course this means that she bounces around like crazy. Especially in her introduction where she bounces around for at least than five whole minutes, though in general Centorea gets a LOT of fanservice forced on her large chest. Granted as mentioned before they at least try to show off her horse side too, but that's not taken sexually at all. It's especially bad as it seems that at times her whole character revolves around having a large chest. And while she's the bustiest of the main cast she's only the fourth in the series (Okay, it's understandable that she's below her mother and the giantess-ish, but the series really didn't have to add a literal COW either). This show is not subtle about breasts, which definitely gets annoying at times. I think that in the fan-made spin off 4koma series she even teams up with Tio and the other busty girls to complain directly to the creator about how tiring and obnoxious having large breasts are (though it might be an official omake, I can't be sure).

: Most unusual. I thought mine bosom was to thine tastes.

Things change. But don't worry, I do like your large chest. It's extremely attractive and I can see why it's treated as your charm point. Even if Miia's explanation of your bust being large because you would have to feed rather large calves bogus, the fact that you would count as a “large” humanoid does give you a better excuse. Just not to the extremes that you're put through. I also appreciate that you show your bare breasts, though your nipples are large. They are well designed in the manga with a nice shading effect, though a shame the anime doesn't follow and gives you rather generic nipples that are even larger I think. You also “poke” out of your shirts quite a bit. I also have to say that there was an official sketch in the books with Centorea keeping a carrot between her chest which was a nice fauxzuri tease too. Overall her chest is attractive but I'd prefer Centorea to not be defined by her large breasts and have such fanservice forced every time she has a chapter focused on her.
Grade: C+

Clothes: Centorea has a few nice outfits. Usually, and the outfit she's most known for, is a sleeveless ribbed sweater with collar and a red handkerchief or black necktie around the neck. On bottom she wears a large black skirt which hides her lower half pretty well which she seems to keep on with a belt around her waist. That said the shirt could stand to be thicker as it seems like Centorea keeps bursting out of it (not without reason, but it happens too often to be coincidence). She also owns a full suit of armor that looks rather neat, and on the character song CD she wears a more breastplate-looking version with gauntlets and pauldrons though with a tight black undershirt underneath and a cool blue “blanket” decoration on her horse half (I know it's not a blanket but I don't know enough about ceremonial horsewear to know a better name). She seems to sleep in pajamas with frilly cleavage, even if she doesn't sleep that much and I imagine it's more for decoration. She also wears an apron over her normal clothes when cooking and some other outfits include a Suu-created waitress disguise, a kimono, a wedding dress, and what seems to be a sports bra and other exercise outfit in the online game. She also has a dark blue bikini though she needs one that fits her chest better and one of the few excuses I can see for wearing a pareo (Centorea is a bit embarrassed about having her lower half seen). She also wears a “one-piece” swimsuit that she borrows, which she also explains that she doesn't like her horse front shown even if her “parts” are in the back half as it still looks like she's not wearing anything from the waist down from the front. As said before the author did put Centorea in VA cosplay including both Baker and Petra, but that's not in the series proper. Finally, we can't forget the fact that Centorea has a lot of weapons. She's mostly identified with a sword, even if it's fake, but she has a great amount including lances and bows and is skilled with all of them.
Grade: B

*Aldra returns.*

: I have returned, so inform me of what has happened.

: Not much, I am afraid. Topaz has still not completed his blog as of this time.

: Blast it! I was hoping that he would be getting to the battle already!

: Do not worry. That time seems to be approaching.

*Menace glances at Aldra's hands. They seem to be covered in oil, grease, and blood.*

: ALDRA-SAMA! Are you alright?

: What nonsense are you speaking of?

: Your hands, they look far too damaged to only be from a washroom!

: I had some... BUSINESS to take care of. But I ask of you, drop it.

: But I see blood!

: It is NOT mine. You do not have to worry. In fact, it would be helpful if you forgot all about it.

: B-but...


: Fine...

*The spirit inside Aldra speaks to her.*

???: I too am curious about this “work” you could be doing. You're not doing something to compromise my plan, are you?

: You do not need to concern yourself. I am merely preparing a “back-up” if necessary...

???: What is THAT supposed to mean?

: Back-up? What does that mean?

: You were not supposed to hear that. Forget all about this conversation!

*Aldra's shouting surprises Menace so much she takes a step back. Aldra is then concerned with her minion's dejection and starts a new conversation.*

: You know. I do have faith in you Menace.

: You do?

: Yes, the warriors you have arranged have all been quite powerful. But I must ask, you DID prepare four, correct?

: I did, Aldra-sama.

: Then why have I only met the three?

: Ah yes. Well, I shall only say that she has had quite a trip from a long-forgotten land.

: I see, but do you have a name for this warrior?

: Of course, her name is-

Personality: Centorea seems to be a fairly standard honor blade, though unlike a lot she has blonde hair instead of black. This kinda makes her seem like Saber, and people were even saying that Saber's VA should do Centorea if an anime is made. That said Natsuki Aikawa, a relatively minor VA, took over Centorea. She does a great job, though sadly the subs weren't great with her old speak. She also has a couple of nice character songs that I enjoy as well.
Anyway, back to Centorea. She joins the harem when Kimihito, who she calls “Lord” or something similar (might be “Master” but that seems more like Suu's territory), saves her from a mugger as she was spooked and had her sword taken from her. Centorea was so smitten by his bravery that she became his knight and now protects him. She's sensible and level-headed, though not always honest with her feelings as she puts up a “wall” between those who she doesn't trust as she is bound by honor which gets better of her reason. Centorea is sort of a big eater, fitting her large body, but she mainly eats vegetables with her favorite seeming to be carrots. She does not eat meat, and while not as bad a cook as the more “carnivorous” characters her food seems bland and tastes like the ingredients. She has more taste buds than a human, which explains that. Centorea also loves Japan, turning her room into a Japanese-style tatami mat room without much furniture. She also seems to play a lot of RPGs and watches anime, though this isn't shown in the series (just the information she has learned through it). Centorea is also from a noble family, which explains her last name, but her father was also a human which is something she didn't learn until her mother told her. Overall she's a great honor blade with a lot of nice little quirks that make her different (and I don't mean just her lower half). I'll also add that she's usually called “Cerea” but I figured I'd use her full name as a sign of respect through the blog.
Grade: A-

Libido: While not as open as Miia or as domiant as Rachnera Centorea still has her fair share of libido moments. She's likely one of the more “pure”-hearted of the harem, treating him as if he was her master (in the nobility way, not the master/servant way). She may also have the highest self-control as she was at least able to explain the affects of the full moon before falling into the high libido the moon gives them. She also gets hypnotized by a devil/succubus and tries to take the lead right after as well. That said, she mainly uses her chest to tempt him when under these effects, which while understandable goes with what I said earlier about her chest being far too forced into scenes. That said she has shown a lot of love towards Kimihito, fantasizing about them both running away together and raising a family together. Overall she does well here.
Grade: B+

Age: Centorea's age is unknown, though she's likely the same age as Miia and the other girls which probably places her at college age or so. I can't be sure, though. What I do know is that Centorea's birthday is November 28th.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 71
Average score: 7.9
Final Grade: B

: Hmmm... That is an unusual name.

: I do not think we are in any position to say that, especially myself. But I imagine that being underground for so long leaves a lot of outer influences unknown.

: Perhaps-wait!

*Aldra holds out her arm.*

: It seems as though Topaz's blog is finally completed.

*Centorea stands as Topaz finishes.*

So what did you think?

: Overall I do not have a problem...

*She brandishes a large lance.*

: But do not think thy words did not anger me! Thou hath embarrassed mine honor and-

Hey, I think it's the series that focuses too much on showing your “honor”...

: Enough with such slander! Have at you!

*Centorea charges at Topaz, who rolls out of the way.*

: ALRIGHT! We're finally getting to the battle!

: Be save Topaz! Especially because she seems to have both Trample AND Piercing!

Yo dawg, I heard you liked dealing damage against defending creatures, so now you can deal damage while dealing damage!

: People won't get that sort of card-based humor. (Er, though I guess I started it. Stupid Ririchiyo, stupid Ririchiyo).


*Centorea charges. Topaz once again avoids her lance, but gets kicked by one of her hoofs. The kick sends him flying again, dealing 40 damage. When he stands back up he has a silly imprint of a hoof on his face.*

: Wow! That looked like it HURT! Awesome!

More like Ow-some! And believe me, it did hurt.

: Here I come again!

*She charges at Topaz.*

: That charge looks quite SPIRITED!

How awful, and she has a lance so it will do triple damage!


*She slams down her lance, barely missing Topaz.*

That wasn't a sword at all!

: Thus the “secret” part, doth thou not understand?

: Careful! Centorea may have been ordinary before, but it seems that she's more Resolute than we expected!

*Centorea swings a few more times, but after avoiding them all Topaz seems to be breathing heavily.*

: Thou movements are starting to slow, thou must be getting tired from the battles!

Maybe a little... But I have many more abilities that you haven't seen!

: I disbelieve thy attempt at intimidation.

*Centorea gets out a second lance. Each one is about as large as Topaz is, yet she can carry it in one hand with ease.*

: Now THIS is the proper way to intimidate someone!

*She starts running towards Topaz, who is backed into the corner. He looks to the left to see her spear, the right to see another, and under Centorea's centaur body to see four hoofs moving quickly. Every way looks dangerous.*

: Thou shalt not escape my grasp THIS time!

: She's right! That's a perfect way to negate Topaz's constant evasion, to make sure he has no way to escape! Alright! Might we see the end of Topaz right here?!

: I-I sure hope not...

*Time seems to act in slow motion as Topaz's thoughts spin through his head. Of his errors and mistakes, his great successes and achievements... All the way to Setsuna's blog last time-wait... Setsuna... Setsuna.... Topaz recalls the power of Setsuna!*

*Just as Centorea is about to strike Topaz he leaps upward. He then hovers around a bit on two large white wings, while the horselady slides out of control.*

Look Riri! I have wings too!

: Good job, I guess. I just hope that we won't be sponsored by any sort of energy drink now.

: WOW! Just when we think that Topaz is down for the count he springs back up! What a miracle worker!


: Wait! This seems unfair!

: To point that out would be the thing that is unfair. Remember, Setsuna also was able to fly without punishment. But....

*Aldra concentrates hard.*

: No, not at all.

: What is it, Aldra-sama?

: I was measuring Topaz's energy. It did spike up from normal, though unlike his “Mazoku” form this is much weaker. It must only be the Mimicry ability.

: I see, but what is the difference between his forms?

: Topaz's normal energy is unimportant. Rather high for a human, but not outside any radical ranges. Seems that this form is only fifteen percent, which is still out of a normal human's level but nothing compared to his “Mazoku” form.

: How much powerful is that?

: It doubles his normal power.

: But that doesn't seem like much.

: On a normal human it does not. But imagine if I were the one wielding such power...

: I see....

*Back at the arena floor.*

: Do not think that taking flight saves thou. I have learned from much research that such creatures are weak against arrows!

*She gets a bow out.*

: Oh no! She's a Silver Knight! Wait, those can't use swords...

Forrest Knight?

: Those can't use lances. I have to say, she's really confusing.

: Thou art the confusing ones! Do you not mean “Ranger”?

What does Ike have to do with this?

: Not that type-Grr, I'll just end it here!

*Centorea draws her bow, aims at Topaz, and fires. However, a cloaked figure runs into the field and intercepts the arrow with a shield.*

: WHAT?!

: HEY! I have to call foul and disqualify Topaz immediately!

: Wait, NO!

: But we had someone else enter the field to his rescue. Such things are illegal!

???: Yes, but Centorea has not moved since she charged at Topaz, correct?

: I haven't, but what does that have-

???: Look at your feet...

: What do you-OH!

*She notices that one of her hoofs had been placed on the ground, outside of the arena.*

: I must have placed it while sliding around for a foothold. My apologies, sir Topaz. It was I that nearly performed an illegal attack on you.

: *Sigh* Once again we have Topaz being the victor. Man, it's getting boring around here. Like if Topaz was a Pink Cure and talking down the villains.

: Hey! Some Pink Cures are cool! And also that one JoJo SNES game was cool too!

: But I must ask, who are thou who would run into danger on another's behalf? That show of nobility is quite honorable.

???: I am glad you asked that. Especially as I seem to be Topaz's next opponent. But it is I-

*The mysterious figure takes off the cloak.*
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June 2nd, 2016
This is the Three-hundredth-ninety-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz and Ririchiyo walk into the Colosseum. Specifically the Grand Arena where they had previously fought a powerful foe.*

Well, I'm ready for this competition. Bring it, Aldra!

*Topaz makes a pose, but soon realizes that there's no one there except for the three of them.*

What gives? I was thinking Aldra and the others would have an audience. Like when we fought Melona in April!

: I think that we should be thankful that she hasn't set a trap up. And I don't mean a crossdresser either!

But Momoko told me that there would be the traditional arena battles this month! And we saw such a crowd entering the Colosseum too! If only we had some clue as to what's going on!

*Ririchiyo looks around and sees Momoko sweeping up the side of the arena.*

: Look! There's Momoko! Maybe she knows something!

Great plan!

*The two head over to Momoko.*

Hey Momoko-

: Oh, Hello you two. Sorry if I'm a bit dirty, but after I sorta failed to get you here I got demoted to janitor.

That's unfortunate. Luckily I'm here, so maybe you'll get the job back!

*She lets out a sigh.*

: Actually, that's the only reason I'm still standing. Aldra didn't like me being unable to defeat you, and nearly crystalized me like she did many other people. In fact...

*Momoko looks up at the large clock. It is only about five minutes to the hour.*

: If you don't hurry I'll get crystallized!

: Don't worry. We'll just get a couple of magical Aho Girls to unfreeze you.

She's a peach, not an orange Ririchiyo...

: Oh yeah... (Why didn't I realize that? I feel like an idiot!).

But we're here. Why would Aldra be mad?

: No no no. This is the GRAND arena. You were supposed to arrive at the FORGE arena!

All these new places are so confusing! Like that one Psychic attack that causes confusion... Hmmm... It's on the tip of my tongue...

: Psybeam!

That's it! But getting back to the subject at hand, where is this "Forge Arena"?

: Down the hallway and take the stairs. You can't miss it.

Thanks for the help!

: Think nothing of it. In fact, why don't you take THIS!

*Momoko hands Topaz a peachy sword.*

What? The Momo Kyun Sword?

: The namesake drop?!

: Don't worry. That's just a practice sword. Though it might help you defend against the many weapon users you'll be meeting next.

Sounds ominous, but I'm sure we'll be fine.

: You shouldn't assume that you'll win just because you're a protagonist...

Fair point. But for now we should hurry! Thanks for the sword!

: Good luck!

*Momoko waves as Ririchiyo and Topaz head back into the building. Meanwhile mysterious cloaked figure with a large slender sword wait at the Forge Arena. The Forge Arena seems quite warm, with molten metal and various machine-creations in the background. The crowd up in the stands are speaking among themselves. In the VIP chamber Aldra looks at her large pocket watch. She then turns to Menace, who is standing beside her.*

: Where is that blasted Topaz? He should be here, or we'll have to disqualify him for the competition. And believe me, I did NOT set all this up just to be disappointed!

: Er, I am not sure what could be taking him. Perhaps he is making use of the little boys room?

: He had better hurry up! The time is almost upon us!

*Meanwhile back on the arena floor the announcer girl is waving herself from the heat.*

: What's happening? Are we going to have the battle or not?!

???: Patience.

: I'd love to have some patience, but if Topaz will forfeit the match if he doesn't show up in... Oh my-THIRTY SECONDS! Twenty-nine... Twenty-eight...

*The crowd starts to chant as the number gets smaller.*

Crowd: Twenty.. Nineteen...

*Aldra also does the same, watching the second hand on her watch get closer to the hour.*

: Fifteen... Fourteen...

: Topaz had better hurry! Nine... Eight.. Seven...


*Topaz makes a running leap from the stands. He falls facefirst onto the arena, rolling a bit but eventually getting to his feet. He takes 20 damage, but, limping slightly, he gives a thumbs-up.*

I'm ready!

*Just as Topaz finishes saying those words Aldra's watch alarm goes off. She turns it off and Menace lets out a sigh of relief.*

: You are lucky that Topaz showed up in time...

: Of course, Aldra-sama.

*Meanwhile, Riri leans on the railing on the side of the arena.*

: I told you not to do anything dangerous before the battle!

It's alright, I made it in time!

: Wow! That was cutting it quite close. I bet the audience was on the edges of their seats waiting!

Sorry, I was given poor directions. Or actually, no, I wasn't told to come to the Forge Arena in the first place!

: That's really interesting-NOT!

What, are you from the Nineties?

: Well that IS when my show aired... But enough of that. Let's see who the first girl Topaz will face this month!

*The mysterious swordwielder throws off their cloak.*

: It is I, Setsuna Sakurazaki!

*Topaz gasps*

But what are you doing here?! I thought that Aldra would only recruit villains!

*Setsuna clenches her fist.*

: Do know that I would not normally sully my blade with riffraff such as yourself. But Aldra has taken something precious from me, and I need it returned immediately.

Uh-huh. So she took Konoka.

*She flusters.*

: W-what are you talking about?! I never mentioned her name at all! D-don't be making things up.

Totally Konoka.

: It's really obvious.

: Even I can see that...

: Anyway, it seems that you are ready for combat.

*Setsuna unsheathes her blade.*

: I hope you are ready for a proper battle.

: YES! I've been waiting for a good battle for a while now! Let's see lots of blood and guts!

I'd rather not.. In fact, I'd rather start my blog first.

: *sigh* This thing again? Why can't you do this backstage?

Because the arena battles allow me to reach a wider audience.

: He has a captive audience of more than one, is what he's really saying.

: I have been warned by Menace to not allow you to do a blog on me. But...

*She returns her sword to her sheath.*

: If you truly have some type of magic in your words I'd like to see it for myself. Do whatever this "blog" is to me. I am not afraid.

Well then, sounds like..

: Sigh... Well, I guess this means I can take a break for a while.

: No. If Topaz betrays my trust in him you should be ready to commentate. Though I imagine that he would not survive the first blow.

That's not very reassuring, but here goes Setsuna's blog!

Hair: Setsuna has really beautiful black hair. Usually she keeps her hair up in a big, spiky ponytail on her left side, but there are rare occasions where it's down. Sadly in the main series it only reaches her shoulders, which isn't too bad and gives her a cool boyish-look or so. In the Negima?! series she has much longer hair, reaching her waist when down and I prefer that version. Her bangs are blunt-but only on the right side. Because of Setsuna's ponytail, though even when it's down, the left side of her bangs are parted to the side. This makes her hair look a little lopsided; I don't mind when the ponytail is in, but it doesn't look as good without it. It's also said that Setsuna is an albino and her hair is only black because she dyes it. This would be unfortunate if it were true, but I don't think we see her without black hair so it likely isn't accurate. Oh, and she also wears cat ears in the magical world arc and bunny ears during the school festival, both looking pretty cute.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Setsuna has fairly nice eyes. They start out with a strong tsurime, but as she becomes more relaxed so do her eyes. It's unfortunate as I do like sharper eyes, but I also like seeing her character grow too. Negima?! and that other, lesser season don't help as in it her eyes are a bit more tsurime, sorta like how they were in the books at that point. Don't get me wrong, her eyes do retain a bit of slope which is nice. Her eyes are a dark brown color, or at least as far as I can tell. It's a pretty color. I'll also add that when she goes into her winged form her eyes may become red, though as it's a supernatural form I don't mind too much (plus red looks nice with black). Again we have to address the fact that Setsuna may be an albino and she wears contacts to change her eye color. It's a bit more reasonable, but I think it's a more magical method as, like said, her winged form seems to have red eyes. Overall Setsuna does have nice eyes, but her sharp tsurime is missed.
Grade: B

Face: Setsuna has a cute and simple face, much like a lot of Negima characters. Having a small nose also helps her here. Both her emotionless “cool” face and the various cute faces that are more recent look great with her, showing many sides of her personality. Setsuna also seems to have a bit more blush in the SHAFT version so her cheeks seem softer. I will say that she's pretty, but so are a lot of girls in Negima and Setsuna doesn't stand out. Not that she's bad, of course. It's just that she's not spectacular.
Grade: B

Build: Setsuna has a lot of measurements! She's 151 cm tall and weighs 65.6 kg (I'm not sure why there's a decimal either). Her three sizes are 71-52-74, which are quite nice and shows that she's more of a butt girl. Unfortunately I can't think of any significant moments though do know that Negima is a pretty fair as far as that goes. We do see a bit of her buttcrack when she's changing before her and Asuna's battle in the tournament as an example, and there's probably many other places as well. Except in the Xebec anime at least, that seemed to avoid most of the fanservice and they also in general might dislike butts. She's also pretty slender, though I mean that in the best way, and pretty strong despite her lean frame. She also is classified as a traditional Japanese beauty, with pale white skin and very beautiful. She also has nice, if thin, legs. She also has white wings that she hides in the beginning (and whenever it would be convenient) though she's hated in her tribe for that. The reason is that she's a Hanyou, or half-demon (that's a very vague if easier to understand comparison). Though like the girls in the series I'd say that she does look cool and angelic. Setsuna's skin is very beautiful, but she's a bit too lean I'd say. Especially her lower half could use some meat on it, butt included.
Grade: B-

Breasts: Setsuna leans on the “flat” side of the scale. Especially with some of her co-stars. That said she's not perfectly flat either. As said before her chest is 71 cm, and she does have a bit of a curve as well. As a middle school student I'd say she looks about “average” or so. Though as said she's a Japanese beauty and her mostly-flat chest does help out in that regard. It also helps that Setsuna really doesn't mind either, it's good to see a girl that's not concerned here.
Grade: C

Clothes: Setsuna has numerous outfits, and probably many that I've forgotten but I'll try my best to remember them all. First off is the Mahora Academy uniform, which consists of a brown blazer with white shirt underneath, red neck tie and plaid skirt, and short socks. The lack of good legwear is kinda balanced by wearing spats under her skirt, and like many classic sword girls before her she wears a sarashi too (unknown if she wears a fundoshi, though I imagine that it would be hard to hide under spats). She also stops wearing the blazer when it starts becoming summer. While preparing for the school festival Setsuna gets forced into a bunny outfit, becoming embarrassed by being the “only” bunny. Fortunately she's a lot more comfortable wearing a fluffier-looking one with Negi (though it does expose her navel). She, alongside Asuna, wears frilly lingerie as they didn't notice it while dressing and Setsuna herself wears a maid-like outfit over it. Setsuna also wears a samurai outfit in the theater village and a kendo uniform at times. In the Negima?! spin-off she somehow has the chibi form of a crane. She also wears a gym outfit with a white shirt and blue shorts (sadly not even spats). There's also a green maid outfit she wears during her pactio moments with Konoka, another blue-er maid outfit, and when dressing up for a ball Setsuna wears a lovely suit with necktie. As far as bathing suits go Setsuna prefers the classics, wearing a sukumizu (though at one point she wears cat ears and tail for added appeal). She also wears a white one-piece in the SHAFT anime and a green bikini in official art (though she's not showing too much). She also tends to carry around a sword of course, and through Pactios she gains the ability to summon up to 16 short swords or one big, green sword that Konoka can amplify with her magic. Overall there's a lot of sexy outfits, both masculine and feminine-looking, that Setsuna looks amazing in.
Grade: A

Personality: Setsuna gets introduced as a side character, not really doing much of anything. However, as the story goes on she's thought to be a spy for an opposing magical faction. However, it's revealed that she's instead Konoka's bodyguard and childhood friend. However, Setsuna has been keeping away and protecting her in shadows due to an incident where the two of them nearly drowned in a river. While at first she keeps her distance, as the story goes on Setsuna becomes a lot more open with her emotions. Eva even points it out during their fight in the tournament, but Setsuna proves victorious by saying she's stronger BECAUSE she's closer to those that she has to protect now. Sadly it does mean that Setsuna does go from a “cool” emotionless girl to one that shows her emotions more freely, but she still has hints of a more serious personality. I don't mind it as much as the growth is actually shown really well (though the Xebec anime does really skip out on her past, if I remember correctly). I'll also add that Setsuna belongs to the crow tribe specifically though it was translated as “bird tribe” (the kanji seem to be similar, but I wouldn't know for myself). Her white wings were considered a bad omen so she was kicked out.
Setsuna is, of course, a very skilled swordswoman. Her fighting style, Shinmei-ryū, is a reference to Akamatsu's former work Love Hina. She has numerous demon-slaying strikes, though most often they're used to remove clothing. Setsuna also knows some magic, including the ability to use shikigami. She also can make a small chibi version of herself that looks cute. She likes kendo practice and Konoka, and dislikes idle chatter and perverse things. Setsuna is also voiced by Yuu Kobeyashi which does her voice really well. She's also a native of Kyoto, though I'm not sure if she has an accent or not. Overall Setsuna is an extremely wonderful girl that grows very well through the series in mind. Oh, and in the epilogue Setsuna mainly wanders but saves up money for a Cruiser. She also marries in 2017, which “happens” to also be the year that Konoka marries. But more on that in the next area...
Grade: A

Libido: Setsuna's libido really depends on which version you're experiencing. She may have slight yuri moments with Asuna, but that's both a mix of the two being rivals and arriving in the magical world together. She also has shipping scenes with Negi, including one that she promises to protect him when he's in trouble. It's joked that it looks like a love confession, but I could see the two being more like family than romantic. She does give him a good, well, “holding” when she think he's attacking him in the bath. Oh, and Tsukuyomi also has a major crush on Setsuna due to both using the same style of fighting (though Tsukuyomi more has yandere-like glee in fighting her). But that's not what you were expecting, right?
No, the obvious pairing is Setsuna and Konoka. Setsuna has a definite crush on her ojousama. The two are often seen together, and Konoka seems to “innocently” embarrass Setsuna a lot (such as asking if it matters that the two of them can have a Pactio. This involves a deep kiss, and the two DO get one later on in the series). In the Negima?! series this is brought up a lot more, with various eyecatches of Setsuna admiring Konoka. The most obvious scene is when she's staring at her ojou's body and has to go into shade as she's getting “hot”. It's possible that the two were married together, as mentioned before. However, the sequel UQ Holder tends to flip-flop on this issue. At first we were introduced to the lead guy who has a last name of “Konoe” and is related to Negi, but later on we see practically two identical girls to Setsuna and Konoka (Isana and Honoka, respectively). One has to wonder if they were added due to complaints, but having canon grandchildren makes this a pretty awesome yuri pairing.
Grade: B

Age: Setsuna starts the series at 14 and ends up being 15 by the time it ends. That's not too bad of an age, but she is still only in middle school. As additional information her birthday is January 17th of 1989, making the series in 2003. Though who knows, I seem to have trouble keeping track of the time that long-running series start in. Hayate being inconsistent certainly doesn't help either. Also I cannot remember if Setsuna has been mentioned as being alive or dead while the events of UQ Holder are occurring (the series is set in 2086, but Setsuna is also half-demon and Ayaka, a powerless human, is still alive).
Grade: C

Total Grades: 72
Average score: 8
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for this week!

*Topaz turns to Setsuna, who is angry and embarrassed, trying to keep from exploding.*

: Wow! It seems that Topaz's talking has really angered Setsuna! Let's hope that she really lets 'em have it!

: Ahem. Do not take offense. Although your words are quite... colorful, it is not because of the blog that I have to defeat you.

Right, it's to rescue Konoka!

: Stop bringing her up!

*Setsuna unsheathes her sword.*

: But yes, now that you won't be lasting much longer I can admit it. Aldra has kidnapped Konoka, and if I manage to either kill or remove the demon seed inside you she will be released.

Demon seed?

: Stop thinking dirty things! She obviously means the shadow elemental core in your body!

That.. would be a fairer idea.

: Don't worry, I know of a way to get it out that is relatively painless!

You can? Wow, and doctors were wondering how to remove it for some time.

: That's right!

*Setsuna leaps in the air.*

: All I have to do is kill you. Then you won't feel ANY pain when it's removed!

*She comes crashing down, narrowly missing Topaz as he dives to the ground.*

Sorry, but I have to decline that offer.

: Wow! Did you see that attack? And Setsuna was leaping, which would mean extra damage!

: Seems you're more trouble than I was expecting. Guess I shouldn't go easy on you.

*Setsuna slashes at Topaz a few more times, each time forcing him to step back.*

: Will you just hold still?!

: Looks like Topaz put all his points in evasion.

: This is boring, let's hope that Setsuna doesn't run out of PP or Topaz starts attacking himself. WAIT, what's THIS!

*Setsuna has backed Topaz to the end of the arena floor. It even crumbles slightly.*

: If he gets pushed off, it will be the end of the match! Don't do it Setsuna. That would be anti-climatic!

: It does not matter. I shall slay him here! Zanmaken Ni-no-Tachi (Evil-Cutting Sword, Second Strike)!

*Setsuna uses a powerful sword strike where Topaz is, but he tumbles under her skirt. Unknown to both of them he pulls at a single stray thread, loosening it slightly.*

: What evasion! Let's hope that Topaz has a counter attack in mind!

I do! Take THIS!

*Topaz pushes the black-haired swordgirl on the back, unbalancing her. The thin thread is pulled even further as Topaz's foot is on it. Setsuna falls forward and is unable to catch herself, so Topaz starts to celebrate.*

: Boring! But it seems that Setsuna has-


: She activates her trap card-wait, wrong game.

: Good. I was hoping that she'd use this ability.

: Interesting indeed...

*Setsuna spreads out her wings with a mighty "fwooomp". She then flies above the field, completely avoiding hitting the ground.*

Hey! Flying should be illegal in this sort of competition!

: Tell that to Giran the monster! You've got to figure out an alternate way to beat her!

: Like beating her senseless, or dead!

Both of those sound like horrible ideas.

: I don't see YOU thinking of anything.

I will... Eventually...

: Stop delaying the battle any further. Though do not worry, as I'll end it right here! Sica Shishikushiro!

*Setsuna activates her Pactio, creating 16 small blades that fan out around her. She shoots one at Topaz, but he avoids it.*

: So you're continuing to evade, aren't you. Well, let's see you avoid THIS!

*Setsuna shoots out several blades at once, all flying at Topaz. He avoids two, but one seems unavoidable. It is at that time that Topaz finally takes out his sword. He then hits the incoming blade, causing it to bounce off.*

: What?! You were armed the WHOLE TIME?

: Why didn't you bring that out EARLIER?!

I was saving it for a later battle. Didn't want to play my whole hand at once.

: A brave notion, but looks like you've lost the element of surprise!

It is a shame.

: But since you are armed I have no qualms with using my full power! SHIKA SHISHIKURO!!

*Setsuna spreads out all sixteen blades and shoots them at various angles at Topaz. He manages to deflect some, but many hit and he takes 40 damage from the multiple blades. He looks somewhat injured.*

: ALRIGHT! Now THIS is a fight!

: Don't get too injured Topaz! N-not because I worry about you or anything, harumph.

Don't worry, they're only flesh wounds!

: Hmmm... Hopefully Topaz will activate his "Mazoku" form soon. That way we can get a good sense of his power.

: Agreed. I do hope that once we take his power it will be enough for my... purposes. He should be activating it now, while he's on his last legs.

: Do not think you can evade me as well as you once could!

*Setsuna flies around the arena, using aerial attacks in addition to strike Topaz with her multiple smaller blades. He manages to evade, but he soon becomes tired. However, as she floats around the arena the small lose thread gets caught in the grinding machinery of the Forge arena.*


*She goes to strike, but gets stopped. As if something tugs her backward.*

: Confound it! What matter of mischief are you up to this time, Topaz?

Not me!

: A likely-errgh.. story. Stop it this instant!

*Setsuna keeps pulling and pulling. Eventually the thread has taken enough and Setsuna's outfit falls to pieces, showing off her fundoshi butt and sarashi flat chest, as well as the rest of her body. She turns bright red.*

: NOOOO!!!

*She floats down and runs off, covering her body with her wings.*

: Don't run off! You'll lose the match!

: I don't care! I've already lost my modesty and dignity! GWAAAHH! I am sorry to have failed you, Konoka-ojousama!

*She leaves the main arena area.*

: Well then, looks like Topaz is the winner!

Awesome! Thank goodness for load-bearing outfits!

: You got insanely lucky that match.

Luck is still a skill. One that I seem to have quite high.

*Still up in her room Aldra pounds the arm of her throne.*

: MENACE! How has Topaz been able to defeat one of the girls you blackmailed into fighting for us?

: C-calm down, Aldra-sama. It was merely dumb luck that allowed Topaz a victory. I assure you, the next girl has far more raw power than the scrawny teen.

: For your sake, I hope so...

*The crowd cheers for Topaz.*

: Seems you've quickly become a crowd favorite!

In all fairness they may have just jumped on the bandwagon.

: Or they're a bunch of perverts!

Could be that too.

: Either way we'll be starting the next match in ten minutes! Or technically next week, for broadcast!

: Sometimes time works funny.

Like how one year in a manga or webcomic could take upwards of years real-time?

: Exactly.

: Anyway, let's introduce the next girl while Topaz is getting his wounds treated.

Treated as in bandaged up. They won't let me actually "heal" between matches.

: *While applying bandages to Topaz* I suppose that's part of the challenge, but it does seem like it effects you more than the other girls.

: Do not question Aldra's ways. And now, let's have a big cheer for the one, the only..

*Horse hoofs are heard.*

: Great! A mounted unit!

No... It can't be...

*A centaur arrives in the arena, decked out in full armor. She takes off her helmet to great the audience.*


: That is correct. Now allow me to be the one to defeat thou!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Aldra has hired non-human creatures, but how do they expect me to beat HER?

: I sure hope it doesn't involve how Setsuna lost... (For both my sake and the reading audience.)

: Thou would be mistaken to think that such a silly ploy would work on me! But I await thine opinion, next time...
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May 26th, 2016
Anime Relations: Momo Kyun Sword
This is the Three-hundredth-ninety-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone!

*Topaz stretches.*

Man, I feel great.

: See? I knew that one of my "massages" would perk you up.

: I'd rather not know...

: Especially once I stopped using my hands, ufufufu.

: I SAID I didn't want to know!

Don't make Ririchiyo nervous. *Turns to his assistant* She didn't do anything like you're expecting. Unless you think she stepped on my back.

: I suppose that's not as bad as I was think-HEY! That's my favorite seat! Hopefully she didn't break anything!

: Don't worry, I was gentle.

It still felt great. Somehow I feel as if I regained my lost hit points.

: Sadly you did not gain a level, though.

: In an earlier draft he would have. But speaking of blogs shouldn't we find another girl to talk about?

: What? You don't want to speak about me again?

I don't think the reader will appreciate that.

: Or he'd think it was all one big mistake.

A shame about "Character" from "Show", I suppose.

: I don't know what that means.

: Never mind, blog humor.


: I see. So what should I do while you do this thing?

Well, I guess you can watch over the house and do housework and stuff.

: Don't push all the work on her just because she's a maid!

: I don't mind, but...

*Críet takes out a large cash register-like machine.*

: I'm going to charge you for everything...

Whoa now, let's not do anything too crazy!

: You're so cheap, Topaz.

*While Topaz and the others are talking they don't notice a bush sneaking around outside his house.*

???: Ufufu, they do not expect a thing. Now, to wait here until they exit...

*Back inside.*

: Well, I think we've wasted enough time inside. Come on, let's go searching for girls.

Cruising for babes?! I didn't know you would allow me to do that!

: NOT THAT! I mean one for the blog!

Of course.

: Good luck. I'll stay here and take care of the house.

Sounds good to me.

*Riri and Topaz leave the house, with Críet waving nicely from the doorway. She closes up and Topaz looks behind him to make sure that everything is alright.*

: Stop dawdling! We've got to find a girl-and fast!

I was just worried and-OOMPH!

*A girl leaps out of the mysterious new bush and tackles Topaz to the ground. Riri is still walking forward, not noticing the attack.*

: Let's see... That's this much for bus fare and-


: Right, that much a piece and-


: What? Do you want some fruit to snack on or-

*She finally turns around and sees Topaz is under a girl wielding a polearm. His hands are on the spearhead base, the point over Topaz's head. *


I know!

: Get off him this instant!

*Riri slams her body into the mysterious girl's body and pushes her away.*

: Reveal yourself!

???: I am...

*The girl flings off her huge cloak.*


: That's it? No last name?

I think she's based on a fairy tale.

: I see then.

: I don't know what you mean by "fairy tale", but I was born from a peach!

: Sounds suggestive. I'd say someone I know would like that, but...

No, she means the fruit.

: Ah yes. Now I remember. She's that one genderswapped Momotarou, right?


: Seems my talent precedes me! Do you want to stand down or face me in battle?

Can I wait until after my blog is finished to decide?

: What's a blog?

: He basically talks about you to other people.

: This isn't going to require me to remove clothes... right? Like when I got popular as an idol.

Not unless you want to-KYAN!

*Riri smacks him upside the head.*

: Hey! You can't have nudity during the blog. And stop trying to corrupt innocent girls.

I wasn't trying on purpose, but as you can see...

Today's girl is:

Momo Kyun Sword

Though I would like to mention how dumb the name "Momoko" is for her.

: Well, technically she is a swap of Momo-TAROU.

I meant because her "peach" isn't in the right spot.

: What do you mean by that?

Peaches are obviously butts, not breasts! A shame you don't show off your "true peach" instead.

: To be fair breasts are usually "melons" and Suika already had THAT name...

Fair point, but even if she's Momoko due to coming from a peach there's no reason for her dumb outfit and-

: Whoa whoa whoa. Let's not get too carried away. There's still plenty of blog to go.

Fair point, so let's get started!

Hair: Momoko really has lovely hair. It's a beautiful black color, easily my favorite color for hair. That said, she does have the ability to fuse into different forms using her animal companions. This in turn changes her hair color into blonde, green, blue, or pink depending on which companion she uses (the last one being all three for the finale). Not as great as her basic black hair, but even the pink version isn't too troublesome. She also has somewhat-nice bangs. They look almost hime-like, especially with the sides being so long (and layered, she both has her ears covered and hair down to her neck) though her bangs have a large part in the center. This is because she wears a red peach headband. Her hair is really long as well, reaching down past her feet even when up in a ponytail (her usual look). She also has a really long ribbon at the base of the ponytail, with a golden peach holder on it. The other forms also have separate hair styles, with the blue being very similar, the green and pink also have ponytails, and the pink is more free. Sadly the blonde monkey form has short hair. Overall Momoko does really great here, though I would definitely enjoy if she had it down more to showcase her volume.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Again Momoko has a great color scheme here. Her eyes are a beautiful purple color, though again her eyes change in her various forms. Another problem is that Momoko's eyes are a somewhat generic tarame. Nothing wrong with that as there's still other girls with tsurime eyes, but having such rounded eyes does make Momoko look younger and more childish than she needs to. Nothing bad, though, and I suppose glasses would do a lot to help out.
Grade: B-

Face: Momoko has an amazing face too. She has great puni-like cheeks with a rosy blush. She also has a big, expressive mouth and a small nose. Really, everything looks nice for my tastes, and there's not much to discuss here. I will say that, as a sorta low-budget series, that Momoko does occasionally fall off-model too. She also gets various facial.. paint? Tattoos? Some sort of design on her face when she transforms, though it's not permanent.
Grade: A-

Build: PEACHES ARE BUTTS! Er, I suppose that's more something for the next area, but really. Momoko should show of her “true peach” more often, and by that I mean her butt. She does get a couple of quick moments, but Onihime her brown-skinned rival seems to be more of a butt girl (granted, that's slightly more fair than a lot of other series, but still). Other than that she does have a nice, curvy body. Her arms and legs are also properly proportioned, and in general she looks really nice. She's also somewhat strong, though in most battles she has to merge with one or more animal companions to beat the opponent. Speaking of which, when she merges she gains some properties of the animals (such as a dog/monkey tail or feather-like hair decorations). She may be somewhat tall, but without any sort of measurement or scale it's hard to tell. Another thing I'd want to mention is that, in an early episode, Momoko gets challenged to an eating competition and eats so much her face and body are stretched out. While it's not for long I found it to be interesting that she'd change so much, even her face gets plumped up. That said, it's still a shame that she's introduced with her chest being a “peach".
Grade: B

Breasts: As said before, it's really dumb that her chest is considered her “peach”. I mean, the way they position her shirt does make it look peach-like, but it's a really dumb introduction. Momoko does have a pretty large chest, though considering some of the other girls in the series she might be placed as “average” among them all. That said she's certainly a chest character, showing cleavage and getting clothing destruction all the time. It would be fairly nice for me, though the rest of her body needed to be shown off too of course. And Momoko definitely has a “bounce” problem. She'd jiggle just by WALKING and the first episode has her bounce so much that her breasts nearly become VERTICAL. Sadly I imagine that Momoko being so fanservicy turned a lot of people off the series, which is a big shame as the series needs more attention. Size-wise and not bouncing around like she's trying to make a fruit cocktail Momoko looks pretty good, but she certainly has her annoying situations. I mean other than the dumb “peach” idea too. Apparently in the Blu Ray she also has a minor nipple peek. A majority of the series was nude-free, but for whatever reason there was a screen crop on the broadcast and they sneaked in a nipple when Momoko is losing her top. It's not the best-looking and actually hurt her a bit more than you'd expect. Down with boob peaches!
Grade: B-

Clothes: Momoko's clothes are, well, they're not great. What they are is thematic, though. Her traditional-looking outfits certainly fit with the time period the series is based in, though with a lot more exposure than I'd expect. Momoko usually wears a white top with a peach-based opening to show off her cleavage (still dumb), a pink shoulder-jacket over that, a purple belt with three stones and a smaller, lighter belt over it, and a short red skirt that's unfortunately pleated. She also has unattached white sleeves and white thigh-highs, and seems to wear panties under her skirt. She also has some variety as her outfits change when she absorbs her animal companions. The dog form gives her a purple strap-top of sorts with silly loincloth-like pants (as they hang down in front for some reason), the pheasant gives an even more revealing white sling-top with flowing bottom, and the monkey reminds me of Infernape for obvious reasons with furry joints, breastplate of sorts, and gauntlets. In the beach episode Momoko wears a pink and white bikini, though when the top is lost she has to fight with another girl's top (much like Goldilocks she had to look at one too small, one too large, and one that was “just right”, if slightly tight). Oh and of course she often ends up naked or with torn clothes after battle, though it's usually covered with pink fog. Overall her biggest problem is that her outfits are mamocentric and that definitely needed to change, but the variety does help.
Grade: B

Personality: Momoko is the genderswap version of the classic “Momotarou” fairy tale. As a result she was born from a peach and raised by her adoptive grandparents. In reality she is a child of celestial and demonic birth, and her sister's reveal was another fairly big surprise for the series. Other than that, there's not much to talk about in her past. Well, I guess there are three animal companions that hang around her (a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant. The latter is female, if wondering). Much like a magical girl Momoko can fuse with them using her “Momokyun Possession” ability. She also keeps a dagger that belongs to her grandfather, which she loses in an episode and has to go retrieve. Otherwise she's tasked with finding shards of a divine peach, going to various locations around Japan to get one.
Momoko is a standard lead character. She's airheaded and is somewhat of a dojikko (especially when it will put her in a perverse position), but she's honorable and has a strong sense of justice. She certainly tries hard and is a bit stubborn, but she's friendly and has good intentions. She's also fairly skilled at combat, even if she often has to combine once an episode. She usually uses a sword, but in other forms she uses different weapons; with the dog she uses a polearm, the monkey gives her a pair of claws, and the pheasant gives her a bow. Overall she's not exactly a complex character, but for the series she's from she certainly works.
Momoko is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu who is a really good VA. She did Momoko really well, at least I think so. Though she does need more attention to her fanservice-lead series like Momo Kyun and SekaTsuyo (also another series she voiced a sorta fruit-named tall girl with long dark hair).
Grade: B

Libido: Sadly Momoko really suffers here. She doesn't seem to really have any interest in love at all. I will say that she chastises her male animal companions and others for being perverse, which would hurt if they weren't actually animals. Probably the closest thing she has here is her rivalry with Onihime, which I do support. Though I would say that Onihime would more likely be the lead in that pair. She also gets fondled by Ringo, the red-haired divine assistant, in the hot springs and returns the favor too. Not that anything would come out of that, but I felt that I should mention it.
Grade: C-

Age: Momoko's age is never mentioned, other than being born in a peach some time ago. She seems to be in her high teens or twenties, but I cannot be sure.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 70
Average score: 7.8
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for this week!

*Topaz turns to Momoko who is flustered and covering her face with her hands.*

: I can't believe that you would look at me with such lewd eyes!

: Don't be too embarrassed. He does that to all girls.

: HEATHEN! I will have to pass on my offer. I'm going to defeat you!

But I haven't done anything wrong!

: Nonsense! Menace told me that you were a cruel man and wanting beautiful women to become your harem!

That would be nice, but that's not the intent of this blog.

: Honestly, considering she wants to rebuild her kingdom that sounds like something SHE'd want to do...

: Enough of your lies! I shall defeat you here! Then you shall be judged in the arena!

: Wait, so you're not going to finish him off?

: No, I am but a messenger. I was told to force Topaz to join the Colosseum matches that start next month.

Didn't I just beat Melona there?

: That was separate. But if you won't come easily, I'll be forced to knock you out!

*Momoko slashes at Topaz, cutting his clothes as he narrowly avoids her polearm.*

Alright then! I'll go, I'll go!

: Enough of your tricks! You'll probably try to escape half-way. I'll put an end to your lying devious ways this instant by knocking you out!

If only Momoyo was here I'd have her fight in my place!

: She probably wouldn't be challenged enough. Plus the close names would make the audience confused.

: Who is this "Momoyo" girl?

She's a strong fighter that has "peaches" as her favorite food.

: Wait, do you mean butts again?

No. Though considering it's Momoyo I wouldn't be surprised. She does like Yukie, after all...HEY!

*Topaz narrowly avoids another slash.*

: Be careful, she looks fast!

You think I want to be hit?

: No, I mean because she looks like she'd crit every time!

Those are just first generation rules. Like how X Accuracies are broken. Wait, no. It was like that in GBC too.

*Momoko makes several more strikes. Suddenly Críet bursts through the door.*

: What are you guys doing out here that's making so much noise?!

*She sees Topaz under attack. It looks like he's cornered.*

: Oh no! Topaz!

*Críet slides between Momoko and Topaz, her maid dress getting heavily damaged and showing her sexy tanline body. Though nothing questionable is shown as she still has her bra and thong panties on.*

: Don't get in my way, minion of Onihime!

: O-Onihime? Who's that?

: Don't consider her a demon just because she has pointed ears and dark skin!

Listen to Ririchiyo, she knows demons! She even is one!

: HEY!

: You expect me to believe your words when you work with such forces of evil? And YOU, leave so that I may face and knock Topaz unconscious myself!

: What if he wins?

: I don't see how that can be, but sure. If I get knocked out instead I'll take you all to the Colosseum. There you can fight in the annual battles, as usual.

Oh yeah, forgot that was in June...

: That's good to hear, so take THIIIISSSS!

*Críet swings the cash register-like machine at Momoko, knocking her out.*

Man! That was sure one good COUNTER ATTACK!

: Topaz... Only Spanish people will get that.

Nothing wrong with that, and the internet will help with the rest.

: At least my math skills have come in handy... And speaking of that-

*Críet makes an obscene hand gesture.*

: Topaz, you need to stop making sex jokes...

That wasn't me! Technically, at least.... But for now let's wait until she gets up...

==Time passes and Momoko explains a bit more==

: And that's all I know about Aldra, Menace, and the Colosseum. Are you sure you want to go?

Sadly we didn't hear anything new, so I can edit that out. But I do feel I have to go. If anything this is a huge trap and I need to be there for plot reasons.

: I just hope that nothing dangerous happens.

Don't worry. What's the worst that could happen?

: I don't know, but for some reason I have a bad feeling...

I'm sure it's nothing. Besides, I bet we'll meet great girls there! So check back next week, readers!

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