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April 10th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-eightieth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone! Especially those of you who didn't read the trap blog last week.

Ririchiyo: So what DID happen last week? I'm a little fuzzy still.

Just an April Fool's joke, is all. *Pats her head cutely, flustering Riri.*

Riri: That's what you keep on saying, but I already knew you were going to do your trap blog. So what's the big secret?


*Topaz races towards the window and attempts to open it to jump through. He strains slightly before noticing that Riri has bolted it shut.*

Riri: THERE! Now you'll be unable to escape like you always do when I ask to many questions!

Errrrggggh.... Well you see...

*Suddenly a hand appears on the other side of the window, making a loud WHACK noise.*

AIIIEEE! *Leaps into Riri's arms.*

Riri: I know that was shocking but that's no reason to jump like a scared DOG! *drops him*

*The person outside speaks.*

???: Tooommoooo-kuuunnnnn....

Hey, I recognize that voice. Quick, let me open the window and let her in!

Riri: ...Fine. (Why can't she use the front door like all the rest? Though I guess this is better than destroying the kitchen again.)

*Riri walks over and unbolts the window. After both her and Topaz pull up the dark-haired girl.*

???: Thank you so much for that Tomo- er, Topaz-kun. You're the best otouto ever *hugs him*.

Riri: Is THIS why you wanted her up here?

No, I just wanted to do my blog on her this week. Consider this a bonus...

Ichika: *Gasp* Does Topaz-kun want to talk about his Onee-chan over the internet? How amazing!


Riri: I think you're hugging him too hard now...

Ichika: My mistake! *loosens arms* I just got so excited that my otouto will finally accept my feelings.

I wouldn't go quite that far, but I will talk about you a lot! Speaking of which, let's get started...

Hair: Ichika has beautiful long black hair. Mostly black, at least, as the color has a bit of grey tint to it in the light. Still, it's a wonderful color. Her hair extends past her waist while the sides go past her shoulders. Usually it's down as well, though she has a ponytail in the pool episode. About the only flaw her hair has, other than not QUITE being black, is that her bangs are M-shaped. What I mean is that her bangs are parted on the sides to leave some in front of her face. It nearly hangs to her nose as well! I don't mind too much, but she'd look great with a hime cut.
Grade: A

Eyes: Ichika's eyes are pretty nice as well. The top of her eye is sloped very subtly inward, giving her my favorite tsurime eyes. She also has high corners, with her pupils appearing rectangular or box-like. As for the color, it's red sure but Ichika is the type that I don't mind. Plus, looking closely, it's like her eyes transition from red at the bottom to nearly black at the top. Her eyes look really fitting! As for downsides, as a near emotionless girl she doesn't change her eye shape or express herself much through it. I blame the short run time of the series for that as a possible reason, though. She also has pretty obvious eyelashes as well.
Grade: B-

Face: As I said in the last topic, Oneechan ga Kita isn't a great show for facial expressions. As such Ichika's face is fairly plain but she does have soft-looking and rosy cheeks. She also has a small nose, which is always a plus. And again, she doesn't show much facial emotion but I don't have a problem with that. However, Ichika's most distinct physical feature is her mouth. When closed it's caret-shaped (like this: ^) while open it resembles the delta symbol more (like this: Δ). Okay, so I could have said it was triangular, but I wanted to seem smarter. xD
Grade: B-

Ichika: It looks like Topaz-kun likes my mouth!

That I do, it's mainly a lack of effort the animators put in that causes your low scores in those areas.

Riri: Also the lack of glasses as well *puts on glasses and flaunts them by waving her hair.*

Ichika: Oh my! Topaz-kun has naughty fetishes! But luckily I planned for this! *opens large suitcase and puts on a pair of red thick-framed glasses.* Now he'll be attracted to ME too!

I love it, but I wonder if another person's blog inspired this...

Build: Ichika is at least tall-ish, being taller than her brother. The age difference is there but I really like shorter guys and tall girls. Otherwise she's fair. The problem is that she does seem to wear a lot of baggy things (outside the pool episode) so it's hard to tell. She seems a bit plump, judging by the fact you see her belly in the beginning when she's changing, and that's nice. Her legs are also really nice, especially because she wears pantyhose a lot (though others might not agree with my leg picks). Finally she gets a sort of buttshot in the ED when she's laying on her stomach. It's not great but she seems to have a nice butt. Overall she probably could do better here if she showed more off.
Grade: B-

Breasts: I'd say that Ichika is about average here too. She does have a fair chest and a good amount of cleavage is shown in the pool episode. Not bad but she does have the same problem as the previous area; not showing enough. I don't mean topless, but her clothing does tend to hide her figure. As an aside, she does smack the chest of one of her friends for having a bigger bust.
Grade: B-

Clothes: Despite badmouthing Ichika's choices in clothing previously, I do like some of her outfits. Her main outfit is her school uniform which consists of a yellow sweatshirt over a white shirt, a green skirt, a red necktie, and pantyhose. The necktie and pantyhose are both great choices and I can deal with the green skirt I suppose. I'd much prefer a blazer-type uniform than one with a sweatshirt though, I think it matches the tie better. Though it seems that there's also a blue blazer as we occasionally see her wearing one, excellent though we don't see much of it. Also the tie goes really well with her eyes. Another common outfit consists of a red shirt with a blue apron-like dress. She wears other casual outfits, but none of them stand out like that one. She also wears a red/pink-ish bikini in the pool episode and a yukata as well. In the ED she wears a bunny-like pink coat, a Santa dress, and a nurse's outfit. Overall a nice choice, but I hope you understand what I mean by her outfits not showing off too much.
Grade: B+

Ichika: Gasp! Topaz-kun wants to see more of his Oneechan's adult body!

Riri: Don't go stripping now, we're recording!

*Ichika starts pulling her shirt off anyway.*

WAIT, Don't!

Ichika: If you say so. *puts shirt back down.*

Riri: At least only her belly was showing.

And what a nice belly it was- I mean...

*Ichika gets stars in her eyes.*

Ichika: Maybe I should wear a naked apron next then!

That's more of an imouto thing, but I'd still appreciate it!

Riri: So would our reader, but that's for another time.

Personality: There's not much known about Ichika sadly. The show isn't long enough and is mainly a comedy so we don't get much background. The biggest thing, that she's devoted to her little brother (by marriage) Tomo, is more something for libido. Judging by the OVA her previous name was "Ichika Noyama". I would say that Ichika is at least entertaining to watch. She also has two friends, of which Tomo was surprised to hear. As a few final small items she can't swim and she doesn't handle heat well. Oh, and she can seem to speak English too!
Speaking of, er, speaking, Ichika's VA is Juri Nagatsuma who is probably best known for Satone in the second season of Chuunibyou or Kanna from Tamako Market. Either way, she's not quite a famous VA yet. She does do a good job with Ichika though, being able to portray her words quite well. It's a bit goofy but that's Ichika's personality.
Grade: B

Libido: Ichika's attraction to her younger brother (by marriage) is quite high. She's gone to the point of entering his room through the window, making stuffed dolls of him, taking secret pictures, and all sorts of stalker-ish things. She even researched him before meeting. She also protects him from other girls, even if Tomo doesn't necessarily wish it. She even turns down a date from a foreign otaku because he's not her younger brother. I really appreciate their relationship even if Tomo can't and crushes on a girl his own age.
The reason this isn't higher is that it's more of a "guardian" relationship. Outside of pinning down Tomo when he gave her chocolate on Valentine's Day she doesn't show much aggression towards him. I don't think she even gives him a kiss, though at least they hold hands. She seems content just watching over him. We also saw in the past that she's been really wanting a younger sibling for quite some time.
Grade: A-

Age: Ichika is seventeen years old. Not quite A-quality by itself but you'll have to take Tomo-kun's age into consideration. He's thirteen and is a cute shota (really, he's super moe-looking). Hopefully he remains looking the same a year from their meeting as not only will Ichika be EIGHTEEN, able to get a higher score here, but he'll also be fourteen and thus probably still a shota character. It might be my shotacom ways but if that were to happen it would be really great <3. Oh, and we also see her at eight in the OVA but that's not a terrible thing.
Grade: A-

Total Grades: 76
Average score: 8.4
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for this week!

Riri: That's... not too high of a score, but it's the highest in a few weeks!

Ichika: My otouto really loves me, I can tell! *Hugs Topaz tightly and pins him down*


Riri: *sighs* Well, it seems that Topaz is busy being choked by a girl that imprinted him as a younger brother. I'll let him enjoy this for a bit, but for now I'll close out this blog. See you next week!

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April 3rd, 2014
Anime Relations: Ixion Saga DT
This is the Two-hundred-and-seventy-ninth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

==Earlier this week==

*Ririchiyo walks up to Topaz. He's shocked as her hair is short and her hime cut is gone.*

R-Ririchiyo, what happened! You look awful!

Riri: I decided to cut my hair. Figured it was time for a new style...

*Topaz looks up to the heavens and shakes his fist.*

CURSE YOU NISIO ISIN! Why must people follow your horrible tastes!

Riri: Calm down, pervert. It's just a short wig accessory. See? *takes it of to reveal her still-flawless hair.*

Don't scare me like that!

Riri: April Fools!

Grrr, someday this week I'll play a prank on you, then I'll see how you like it!

==Present day==

Welcome back to the blog everyone! As you should know, it's the first week of April, and you know what that means...

Riri: It means that Topaz is going to be discussing another guy.

Long story short, basically.

*The doorbell rings.*

Hmm, sounds like he's here already. Riri, if you wouldn't mind, can you lead him in?

Riri: Do I have to?

You are my assistant. The job isn't just laying around here eating biscuits.

Riri: Of course not, you've got that covered.

Well, they're not going to be eating themselves- I-I mean, I DO work hard! Mostly.

Riri: Yeah yeah....

*Riri goes and answers the door, but returns alone.*

Hey, did we get ditched again?

Riri: No, but you won't believe it! Instead of a guy there's a really pretty girl standing out there!

How odd, but I'll never turn down a pretty girl. Go let her in.

*Riri sighs but heads down and answers the door. She returns with a green-haired female, but Topaz notices something unusual.*

???: Hola Topaz, how nice to see you this fine day! Tee hee~

Riri: I don't remember this girl Topaz, who is she?

Well, that's because he's from before you started watching anime on my lap.

Riri: Shhh! I don't want people to know about that! And I think I missed the "S" in "she's" because it sounded like you called her a...

Riri, you DO know that Mariandale is a GUY, right?

Riri: HUH?!? But she has-


Riri: And such big-

Still a guy.

Riri: I think you're bluffing. You just want a reason to blog about this "Mariandale" today and are thinking of any excuse to do so!

Don't say that, you don't underst-

*Mariandale interrupts*

Marian: I could always prove it to you.... *man's voice* like THIS.

*Mariandale takes Ririchiyo's wrist and places her hand on his crotch.*

Marian (still guy voice): You can touch me all you want too!

*Riri pulls her hand away.*

Riri: Is THAT what b-boys have? Why did you make me TOUCH it, you pervert! Now I'm ruined for marriage! (Topaz will probably even not love me!) Excuse me, I have to go boil my hand now...

I tried to warn you... Also watch out, the kitchen is still open from the battles last month. Those contractors really need to get going...

Marian: Sorry about that, I wasn't thinking I'd upset you with a simple reference like that... *curtsies*

*Riri, still upset, only gives a thumbs-up as she leaves the room.*

So... is that an open invitation, or just for her?

Marian: Ara ara, you're a naughty one aren't you? But indeed, it was just for the joke.

I see then. Unfortunate but I guess our blog readers wouldn't want to read that.

Marian: Blog? What's that, some type of creation from Oblivia?

It's more similar to a newspaper article or such. I talk about beauties such as yourself and give a score accordingly.

Marian: Tee hee, that does sound lovely. Go right ahead and start then.

That I will, and it seems that...

Do note that a few translators have his name as "Mariandel", but I'll use "Mariandale". Speaking of pronouns though, which would you prefer?

Marian: That is a difficult choice. I may have the heart of a maiden but my body is that of a man's. *thinks* Perhaps, rather than using a set one you could mix and match between the two.

That sounds somewhat complicated, but I should be able to pull it off.

Hair: Mariandale's hair is interesting, to say the least. It's a somewhat light shade of green first of all. The color is also unusual in that it stands out among most of the other main characters (who have more reserved colors). Her hair has an odd bump in the back, similar to what a showgirl or another similar profession would have, and it's held in place with a headband (as well as a braid around his ear). It's similar to a ponytail, but pressed against her head more. That said his hair does reach past her hips and even the sides go past his chest. Her bangs sadly are only M-shaped. Overall, not too impressive (the bump in back isn't that great for me) but I do like the length.
Grade: B-

Eyes: His eyes aren't normally what I look for, but they're not bad. I do always enjoy purple eyes, and hers are no exception. They're also quite bright-looking. Sadly not everything is great; Mariandale does have a lot of eyelashes. That said, it's not out of place, at least too much.
Grade: B

Face: Mariandale is treated as a real beauty in Ixion Saga DT's universe. While he is quite pretty there are some flaws. First off, her face is a little simple. Not all the times, but there are occasions when it's noticeable. I don't mind as much as I enjoy small features, but I can also see how the occasional quality in his face can put someone off. Her skin also seems somewhat pale, at least compared to the other characters. However, and I'm surprised I'll ever have to say this, but it seems that he has STUBBLE! Yeah, facial hair on occasion. We see it in the episode where the lead wakes up beside her so I'm wondering if it's shaved or if Mariandale just covers it up with make up. Either way, it's a massive turn off.
Grade: C-

==Meanwhile, in the kitchen==

*Ririchiyo scrubs her hands in the sink*

Riri: Aw man, I'll never be able to get that DISGUSTING feelings off my hands!

*A hooded woman enters the room through the giant Noise-caused hole.*

???: Perhaps I can help you with that. I was not never granted magical powers.

Riri: What? Who are you, and what are you doing here?

???: I am known as Aundae, minion of Patchebel!

Riri: Great, this dumb story again. So what, did Topaz get mad at you losing your glasses and now you vow revenge or something?

Aundae: The reasons are of no importance! Now, would you like to make Topaz not never end his silly blogs in exchange for wiping your memory of this day?

Riri: That would be really shallow and spiteful, harumph!

Aundae: I wasn't giving you a choice....

*Aundae hits Riri with a rainbow colored beam, releasing her Amethyst heart crystal.*

Aundae: I didn't not never think that would work! Now, become a monster and submit to my will!

Build: Mariandale, surprisingly considering he's a trap, has a fairly nice body. She has a somewhat hourglass figure with a thinner waist and wide hips. Well, not as wide as his chest, but still. She's often treated as a "bombshell" as well, which does sort of fit. Finally, as Mariandale is a newhalf, or shemale, do take caution as he DOES still have her "manhood". Well, I suppose that in the finale he did lose "those" but I assume the rest of her equipment is still there. Her crotch is also very exaggerated in fanart, but that's common among futa art so it's not surprising. There's nothing in the anime to indicate his "size" there though.
Grade: B

Breasts: Whether by magic, surgery, or just taking hormones, Mariandale is my first trap, and one of the few traps in general, with fully-formed breasts. Now, in the past I've expressed my dislike of fake breasts. This is one of the few exceptions to that rule. And indeed, they're still played up for fanservice (such as when her shirt is cut open in one of the episodes) and they ARE nice. His chest is very bouncy, and I'd say that if they are silicone they do look natural and not off-putting.
Grade: B+

Clothes: This is where Mariandale suffers though. She just doesn't have enough alternate outfits. We usually see him wearing a blue dress with a white sleeves (with frills). Across his waist he also has a red ornamentation of some sort. She also wears a matching headdress and we can't forget that his cleavage is showing. The skirt part is also short enough that her white thighhighs give him a bit of absolute territory. Overall I'd compare Mariandale's outfit to a waitress or maid (though sadly not the black french maid-styled kind), it's not too bad but the color is a bit off for my liking.
About the only other outfit is in the beach episode where Mariandale wears a pink bikini. She also wears a sarong with it, and like, earlier, this is another exception. For the sake of not having a guy's junk showing when wearing a female's swimsuit I'm alright with sarongs.
Grade: C+

Marian: Tee hee~. No wonder you wanted to touch me. You really are a pervert for anyone you're attracted to.

Just be glad you don't have a hime cut...

Marian: What was that?


Marian: I see then, I suppose I'll just put on this butler uniform for someone else then <3.

*Gulp* We should be continuing on...

Personality: Mariandale first and foremost is the maid and bodyguard to Princess Ecarlate. He's one of the two original units sent to bring her to her arranged marriage, and no I did not intend on that meaning of "units". However, as Kon soon finds out, rather than being just the basic fanservice girl Mariandale is actually a transgender character. Considering the story is vaguely based on an MMORPG, a type of game where guys often play as females, I wonder if she's a direct reference to that. As an added bonus she's even played by Jun Fukuyama so there's also the joke of thinking he's C.C. (due to her hair color being similar) when she's really Lelouch. Speaking of Jun though, he does do a good job of voicing Marian. Her voice is somewhat falsetto but not in an overly exaggerated way at all. Moreso though is that his voice occasionally falls into a deeper octave, proving her maleness. I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm REALLY attracted to this difference. Must be a gap moe thing. You can hear it for yourself if you look up his character song of "Indecisive Bombshell" or whatever it's translated as.
There's a few other things I'd like to discuss though (as I got sidetracked talking about Jun's voice). First is that, as said earlier, Mariandale is a bodyguard but I didn't explain further. She's a skilled marksman and even dual wields two guns until he gets an upgrade from a vending machine. She's also a great chef, able to make modern food (though with questionable ingredients) but don't interrupt him when she's cooking. Finally, during Marian's "episode" they went into a long backstory about his father being murdered and the girl she loves dying with Marian trying to make her love live on by impersonating her or some such. The problem is, though, that the entire backstory was made up by the other characters. As a result we know absolutely nothing about his youth or decisions or why she decided to become a newhalf. I suppose mystery means that fans can think of their own reasons, but as someone who likes this kind of gender problems it's unfortunate. Plus it means that, other than being a "ditz" and a newhalf we don't know that much about him in general which really hurts her score here. At least she's selfless to give up a part of himself up to a fellow costar in need.
Grade: B-

Libido: Although Mariandale likes to tease Kon (as well as anyone around) it's unknown if he's actually into him as more than a fling. They did wake up together but again what they could have done is left up to the audience. Another pairing that's possible is her and Erek, the main enemy. I like them a bit more and they even share a special link, if you know what I mean. Though Erek does have a fiance he loves so I don't think they'll work out.
Grade: C+

Age: Mariandale's age is unknown. He seems to either be in her high teens or low twenties-

Marian: Why thank you!

-but during one point we see him sleep-talking about lying about her age. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but I just gave her the average "unknown" score.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 63
Average score: 7
Final Grade: B-

So with that, the blog today is done!

Marian: Huzzah! How did I do?

You're more than a point lower than last week's girl.

Marian: Unfortunate, and that pattern was doing so well too!

That it was- wait, you knew about that?

Marian: Kon's told me about it. But I was still unclear about what a "blog" was.

Hmm, he does seem like the type to read about cute girls. Speaking of which, I wonder why Riri hasn't returned.

Marian: Maybe something happened to her! After me!

*Marian and Topaz rush to the kitchen. There they find Ririchiyo's unconscious body.*

RIRICHIYO! I should have known better than to leave you alone!

Aundae: Wahahaha! Finally we meet, Topaz. After all this time I, Aundae, will not never remember your final blog!

How many of these silly gangs are after me! Seems this has been happening every year now!

Aundae: Don't call Patchebel's team a "silly gang"! Do you want me to suck your blood?

Wait, the blood sucking... The vampire-like name... That double negative... I know who you are!

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March 27th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-seventy-eighth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*A bitter wind blows during the night as Topaz approaches a mysterious girl sitting on a beam of a construction site. The girl twirls her umbrella in anticipation.*

???: So it seems that the hero of blogs has come to face ME, the wielder of the Tyrant Eye!

That's right, Rikka Takanashi!

*Rikka's face is finally revealed, showing a cute face with an eyepatch over the right eye.*

Rikka: So you have finally recognized me then. *Sheathes umbrella* No matter, I shall defeat you anyway! Errg...

*Rikka attempts to climb down but has difficulty trying to climb down the construction beams.*

Rikka: Yuu~taaa, come help me....

Don't worry, I got you!

*Topaz goes and stands under Rikka. She then lets go, falling butt-first onto his face. She sits there for a few seconds before getting up.*

Rikka: Yuuta- I mean Topaz! Are you alright?

Woop woop!

Rikka: Oh no, I broke the blogger!

*Topaz stands up and shakes his head.* Don't worry, your landing was, how shall I say... SOFT?

*Rikka backs up and blushes, covering her butt. Seeing this, Topaz tries to comfort her.*

But don't worry, I took no damage so we can get right to battle!

Rikka: You're correct!

And if I DID take damage, I could always have you kiss my forehead and make it better!

Rikka: I could- I mean... *blushes and holds her face in her hands.* I see now, you're using psychological attacks to get me off my game. *Rikka unsheathes her umbrella and pops it upward but not open* I'd better waste no time dealing with you!

I wouldn't have it any other way! Bring your best delusions!

*Rikka and Topaz say their catchphrases to enter the Chuunibyou space.*

Rikka: Vanishment...


*Rikka takes off her eyepatch, revealing a yellow eye that shines with Chuunibyou energy. The world around them changes to a rather large schoolyard. The abandoned equipment blows in the wind.*

Rikka: E-eh? This isn't the usual location!

*Topaz's voice is heard from the swings.*

That's because MY Chuunibyou energy is even STRONGER than yours so we went to my space; the location of my most vivid daydreams, my elementary school!

*Rikka finally finds Topaz approaching her, but he's nothing like she expected.*

Rikka: EH!? Y-you're not even HUMAN!

That I'm not!

*Indeed, it seems that Topaz has turned into a monkey-like-*

I'M NOT A MONKEY! *points to the sky towards the narrator*

*But you ARE fairly ape-like.*


*Yet you have a tail, which apes don't have but monkeys do.*

Valid point. You can call me "monkey-LIKE" but not MONKEY.

*Compromise accepted. Topaz became a monkey-like creature, with a long tail yet still human-sized.*

Rikka: W-what are you?

It should be obvious, I'm the guardian of the Life Topaz crystal! Josh 1510! That's One-Five-Ten, not one thousand-five-hundred-ten. My species is "Josh" as well, as I was not imaginative enough for silly things like NAMES back then!

Rikka: Wow, such complete dedication to Chuunibyou the likes of which I have not seen!

I told you, my Chuunibyou skills far outrank yours! But speaking of you, let's continue the blog!

Hair: Rikka has short hair. I'd say that she looks a little "boyish" but she also has a side ponytail for added femininity (not to mention a cute ribbon). It's short enough that the sides (which aren't up for her ponytail) don't even reach her shoulders. I'd imagine that her hair when down wouldn't be that long either. Her bangs are somewhat in front of her face, but it's not that they cover her eyes or anything. She also has an emotional ahoge. Probably the best part of Rikka's hair is the color, a very pretty dark blue that's nearly black in color! At least at times.
Grade: B-

Eyes: I do have a problem with Rikka's eyes though. Her left cyan eye is fine, being nicely shaped though tarame. It's a really pretty color after all. I will say though that her eyes are moeblob-like. I don't mind, but it was a point to bring up. No, what I dislike most is her "Tyrant's Eye" (or "Wicked Eye" in some translations). It's the eye that's under the eyepatch. It's not the eyepatch itself though, as much as I dislike eye injuries they aren't as bad. At least with Rikka I know nothing actually happened. Excluding the fact that she wears a yellow contact under it. I ABHOR contacts! Though speaking of contacts, Rikka does wear glasses, THICK ones no less, in some eyecatches or end cards though I don't know which specific ones. It's a bonus, but Rikka still suffers due to her contact.
Grade: C

Face: Like I said prior, Rikka is done in a moeblob fashion. This isn't too surprising, considering this is KyoAni after all, but Chuunibyou (the series) was done pretty well. Rikka herself has some really pretty expressions, especially her great smile. There's also the cute preview for the second season where she was bothered by Yuuta pinching her soft cheeks.
Grade: B

Rikka: Kukuku. It seems that you dislike the power of my Tyrant's eye! Perhaps this means that you're a HOLY folk!

I'm probably not that holy, you're thinking of another alter-ego Karth.

Rikka: I am never mistaken! *brings out a giant weapon of some sort* Come forth, Schwarz Sechs Prototype MkII, and let us defeat this IMPOSTER! JUDGMENT LUCIFER!

*Massive flames are shot at Topaz, but he waves them away with a simple turn of his hand.*

Foolish Rikka, everyone and their mother resists fire! Haven't you ever played Dungeons and Dragons?

Rikka: I have not heard of Dragon-filled Dungeons, but I predict that they would be no match for my wicked eye! Now go, Laplace-Sphere!

*Rikka rotates horizontally at Topaz, her weapon swinging around her. Topaz remains steady and gets hit by the rotating blade-like weapon and falls to the floor bleeding.*

Rikka: I thought your energy was stronger than mine!

*Topaz smiles* It is. *stands up, looking battered.* This was just to judge your power.

*The blood flows from the ground back into Topaz's body, restoring his wounds while Rikka looks on in awe.*

Rikka: R-regeneration!?!

That's right, now I'm fully healed. After all, I AM the avatar of the god of Life. I can borrow life force from other things and it looks like you can't stop me!

*Rikka gulps*

Not only that, but since my genetic code is made up of all creatures I can instantly transform my body into creatures! Like this: *Topaz's right arm grows huge, becoming a giant demon-like creature's head that attempts to bite Rikka. She barely dodges, leaping away at the last moment.* Oh, they don't need to be real either. As long as someone has even THOUGHT of the creature I can transform into it. After all, all powers are held by the mind which is in the domain of "Life".

Rikka: That's unfair!

*Topaz smiles* That it is, but when you get so involved in Chuunibyou thoughts this is what happens. Power cascades into stronger opponents, abilities become more impressive and rule-breaking, until all you have is a broken character no DM would allow! But that doesn't matter, for I'll defeat you with my Chimeric abilities!

*Topaz's other arm also grows, becoming a group of serpents which strike at Rikka.*

Rikka: Wanting me to stop my ways? You must be in league with the Priestess! Dark Matter Flare!

*Rikka swings her weapon, shooting out a powerful strike that disperses the energy that Topaz is manipulating for his serpent attack. That arm returns to normal.*

I would love to be in league with her, but speaking of which I should get going further on the blog.

Rikka: Curses, he's too strong. I'd better use THAT... *attempts to summon*

Build: Rikka is a slender short girl, being only 150 cm tall and 47 kg. Her measurements are 78/53/80 as well. Obviously she doesn't appeal to me, but she's fairly nice otherwise. Maybe if she had better hair I'd be more attracted to her. Her legs aren't anything special either. However, Rikka does have one secret weapon, of sorts. You see, the original OP (Sparkling Daydream) had Rikka shaking her butt towards the camera. Well, at least I THINK it's Rikka, but still. It doesn't show much due to her dumb skirt but I can say that, including some official art, Rikka is destined to be a butt character. Which her measurements do show, no less! If only she showed it more in the show, like Sanae! Though I do appreciate the spanking she received.
Grade: B-

Breasts: Unfortunately for my blog, Rikka is fairly flat. I guess she doesn't take after her older sister Touka (though there's an age difference). 78 isn't too bad though, she does have some chest but I'd still consider her to be mostly "flat".
Grade: C

Clothes: Rikka is most often seen in her school uniform. Luckily it's a pretty nice one, being a dull black blazer with a red bow ribbon around the neck. On bottom she wears a red plaid skirt with some frills, though I'd rather it not be as thick or frilled as it is. She also wears thighhighs, always a nice plus! In the beach episodes she wears a white or fall-colored bikini (though in official art she also has a black and purple one) while she also wears a black and red yukata in another. I think she MIGHT have worn a school swimsuit, but I might just be imagining things even though she'd look great in one. There's also other outfits, including a nice gothic lolita outfit as well as a bridal outfit, that deserve mention. She also dressed herself in bandages (not JUST bandages, of course) though it was just to fake injuries. Overall she has a lot of great clothes!
Grade: B+

Rikka: Don't forget the Mecha from the Depth of Field specials!

I won't, though that's not cloth-

*Rikka cuts Topaz's sentence short with a loud stomp. It seems that she's created her giant mecha to fight against Topaz!*

Rikka: Obviously my lower-powered attacks will deal nothing to you, so I'll have the NON-LIVING mecha destroy you!

That's a brilliant plan! Except for one thing...

Rikka: What's that?


*Topaz's body breaks apart from within, slowly becoming a mecha himself. He stands no taller than Rikka's mecha, but his human-like torso is situated on four spider-like legs. His left hand is a giant gun while his right hand holds a heart-shaped shield. Finally, an aiming target is formed around his eye, similar to a scouter.*


That's right Rikka, I'm a mecha TOO! Now, go forth! Carbos attack! *Topaz shoots a blue spinning disk at Rikka, but it gets dissipated by a runic shield.*

Hmm, that was weaker than I'm used to. I'll just drain life energy from you directly!

Rikka: No you won't! *Rikka's mecha leaps in the air and attacks. It is useless as Topaz puts up his shield, but just as Rikka breaks through that with her strength she sees Topaz charging up another shot.*


*Topaz shoots Rikka's mecha point blank, destroying half of it and seriously damaging her. She pants as she climbs out of her cockpit just in time to avoid an explosion.*

Rikka: I'm not done yet!

Neither am I, though we are close to completing the blog!

Personality: As the title shows and you've probably seen, the main aspect of Rikka is that she's a Chuunibyou. What is a Chuunibyou you might ask? It's a slang word for people who have active imaginations and actually go through with believing them. They can act antisocial, become too interested in a subculture because they think it's "cool" or, in Rikka's particular case, think they have mystical powers. Rikka herself is the "Wielder of Tyrant's Eye", a persona she designed herself to make her feel special. Also Chuunibyou might be called eight grade syndrome among other names, but that's more poor translation or localization. Yes, it's a bit of a daydream delusion, but there's no real good word in English to describe it. Though I assume everyone had that sort of phase (I'm not completely over with it xD). As a few specifics, Rikka carries around an umbrella named "Schwarz Sechs Prototype MkII", which I think gets upgraded in the second season. She got this way after hearing her downstairs neighbor Yuuta-I mean, Dark Flame Master go on about his own Chuunibyou fantasies. He's since retired (mostly) but as a supportive boyfriend Rikka can still act this way. She also has an underling Sanae who refers to her as "master". Sadly though, Rikka's Chuunibyou actions aren't just silly fun. They're a coping mechanism that she developed to help deal with the loss of her father and she's trying to avoid reality because of this. She had some problems summoning her powers in the second season, but with a renewed contract and a secret ritual she was able to restore them.
Outside of Rikka's Chuunibyou-ness there's still a few things to discuss. First is that, whether or not due to her actions, she's a bit alienated in school. Her only contact at the start of the series is her older sister (nicknamed "Priestess"). She didn't really try hard for friends though so when she met Yuuta they got a fair-sized group together. She's also pretty clumsy (lack of perception can do that) and she's not good at schoolwork, math in particular. She dislikes tomatoes, saying the seeds look like monster eggs. Finally, Rikka's VA (Maaya Uchida) is a fairly fitting one. She does get high pitched at times, but there's not a lot of girls I can say I enjoy hearing whine out their boyfriend's names. Seriously, Rikka's "Yuu~ta" is really adorable!
Grade: A-

Libido: I wouldn't call Rikka perverse, mainly because when the topic would arise she'd become cutely embarrassed. She does, however, have a lot of love in her heart for Yuuta. Or at least has a lot by the end of the first season. The second season is a bit more stiff, with the two being too shy to go much further than holding hands (it was a major point when she finally kissed him, though not on the lips). And yet he's still able to spank her, I don't know. Not only that but a former female friend of his, Sophia, makes an appearance in that season. Rikka fights hard for her love and I believe that she's the designated "winner" of the small-ish harem. She did fight hard in the second season, admittedly. Not only that, but she also lives with him in that season due to housing troubles.
Grade: B

Age: Despite me continually thinking that Rikka is a middle school student, she isn't. She's 16 and is in her first year of high school. Okay, so her age might not be correct, but she's still a high school student. Her birthday is also June 12th.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 67
Average score: 7.4
Final Grade: B

Rikka: Well, it looks like my blog is completed then, but I still have one more attack up my sleeve! Literally! Dark Flame Master loaned it to me. *rips off the bandages from her arm.* Come forth, Dark Flame Dragon!

*A Dragon of black fire circles Topaz, eventually hitting him. Once the smoke clears, he's nowhere to be seen.*

Rikka: I-I did it? I defeated Topaz? But then, why isn't the Chuunibyou field disappearing?

*A loud booming voice comes down from the clouds.*


*Rikka gasps as a giant cloaked figure descends from the sky, it's face hidden except for its glowing eyes. The creature's arms sway in random, disjointed fashion.*

I have merely assumed my ultimate form - UNIVERSTOPAZ!

Rikka: S-such overwhelming strength!

That is just my divine aura, just wait until I ATTACK! UNIVERSAL DESTRUCTION!!!!

*UniversTopaz creates a mini-universe between his hands and sucks Rikka into it.*

*The grand scale of Topaz amazes her with fear. She then gets slammed into a planet with Topaz's giant hand, destroying the planet while he's at it.*

*Afterward, with a mighty swing UniversTopaz flings her into another planet, smashing it into a third before....*

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March 20th, 2014
Anime Relations: Vividred Operation
This is the Two-hundred-and-seventy-seventh week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Aundae: Wahahaha! You may have beaten my monster last week, but this week's girl is a completely incompetent loser. Let's hope you never not made a will! Though... what's taking him? *taps foot impatiently*

W-what? Another monster? I think this might be intentional now!

Machine: AAIIIRRR!!!! *blasts Topaz with a mighty gust*

???: Don't worry! I'm here! It's just... aaaaiiieee! *The gusts force a girl to become grounded, landing butt-first on Topaz's face.* Oh, my bad!

*The girl gets up and Topaz recognizes the girl in a yellow marching uniform-like magical girl outfit.*

*gasp* Y-you're...

==our story resumes==

*The girl turns to Topaz and nods*

Himawari Shinomiya!

Tomoko: W-what? Is anime real life now? Have I watched so much anime that I've ENTERED the show? .... But if that's true, I should go and play more games with yandere guys mufufufufu. *as Tomoko laughs a string of Japanese letters for "fu" flow out upward from her mouth, making this creepier than it should be.*

Machine: AAIIIRRR!!!!

Put that on hold for now, Tomoko. It seems we have a bigger problem!

*The machine draws back for a punch, but Himawari blocks it with her shield.*

I should have known, Yellow Magical girls are ALWAYS shield girls!

Tomoko: Isn't that just the shows you've seen?

Still a pretty common occurrence I guess, considering it's been three.

Tomoko: Still, it's a coincidence.

Himawari: Ahem! If you don't mind Topaz, could you start the blog? I'll need the energy from it to defeat this machine. Though it's a shame, the propeller looks like it could generate a lot of energy and *technobabble technobabble*.

That's a great idea, and if you're guessing that...

You'd be correct!

Tomoko: I GUESS I'll play along as your assistant (this is my big chance to be popular. I'd better make it count, and then Topaz will BEG me to be on his blog more often!)

Hair: Himawari has long hair that reaches about to where her butt starts. It's also extremely wavy and voluminous. When we first see Himawari her bangs cover her eyes, showing both her shyness and that she doesn't care about her appearance. In general it takes a bit before she looks presentable (not in a bad way, of course). Wakaba gave her a couple of yellow clips for her bangs, which Himawari seems to care a lot about. Even up though she can't keep from having hair in her face, though at least now it's only a single strand or so. As far as hair color goes her hair is a pale brownish color.
As Vividyellow Himawari's hair changes a lot, turning her normally messy hair into two long drills. It also becomes far more yellow (which makes sense considering her name) though the shadows look somewhat red. This is probably because it's a fusion between Himawari and the red-haired Akane.
Grade: B-

Eyes: Himawari's eyes are fairly bright and seem full of emotion. Her eyes are really cute (though a lot of the girls in the series have great eyes). It's unfortunate that she has a tarame but not a super-heavy one and a tsurime probably wouldn't fit her anyway. There are also times when she looks bored/sleepy, causing her eyes to look half-closed. As a downside she does have golden eyes, but they're more brown-ish like her hair so it's not too terrible. It's not QUITE the same, but being that Himawari is VividYELLOW I guess I can excuse her eye color.
Oh, and during a photoshoot for a magazine they have her wear a pair of underframe glasses. Certainly sounds like my kind of magazine (joking, of course).
Grade: B+

Face: As said before, in her introduction Himawari has her eyes and face partially hidden by her bangs. I don't mind as it's a cute look, but it is worth a mention. Overall Himawari's ace is nice if a bit simple, and luckily for her Vividred was before A-1 started giving everyone potato-heads. Her face shape is still pretty simple, more acorn than anything, but I do like the soft curves and nice cheeks (not her butt, yet). She does have a small nose and nice facial expressions (I like the squished face look when she's staring at a computer with her face on the table xD). In series she's treated as being very beautiful, but like a lot of characters like that I can't see much of a difference.
Grade: B

Machine: AAIIIRRR!!!!

*The giant machine shoots horizontal tornadoes at Himawari. She avoids them using superior maneuvers, getting ever closer to the creature. However, once she arrives in striking range it lets out another mighty roar and sends her backwards with his propeller!*

At least so far it's a better fight than the one with Chris. Though I guess I wouldn't know as I didn't see that...

Tomoko: Seems more like a s-stalemate to me... (Get it Topaz? Stale MATE? That's what happens when you continue to go after busty girls! Instead go after me, I have tons of experience from my VN's.)

That's true, I guess the best help I can give is to continue with my blog...

Build: Himawari is probably the shapeliest of the Vivid girls. Unfortunately we don't have measurements so I don't know for sure. I'd even imagine that this show would be the best opportunity to have a series with JUST butt sizes; compared to series like DanganRonpa that ONLY have bust sizes butts need more love! Though speaking of Vividbooty, the show is well-known for it. Himawari herself is no slouch, having quite a few nice buttshots. Sadly as you can imagine, Himawari is more well known for her chest, but I'll get to that in a bit. I'm also pretty sure that Himawari is the shortest girl between the main four (and probably Rei as well). It's especially apparent against Wakaba who seems quite tall for her age. Overall Himawari's body isn't anything too special, but I can imagine that once she gets older it might become better (though I don't have any reference as we never see her mother). Needed more buttshots as well, considering what show she's from too.
Grade: B

Breasts: Like a lot of busty girls Himawari is more famous for her large chest than any part of her body (including her butt, sadly). That said she's still not overly busty, probably ending up as a C-cup or similar (considering the girls are in middle school that's still large). They probably focused on it a bit more than they should have, especially in the OP and the beach episode. Speaking of that, I probably should have mentioned it before but Himawari has a VERY silly run cycle. No, she isn't the first female minister of silly walks, but her running does seem to purposely make her jigglier than she otherwise is. Heck, I'm not even sure how she, running with absolutely no arm motion (with her hands at her sides no less), could stay even with both Akane and Wakaba running full sprint. Himawari's not that athletic after all. The beach episode was also particularly busty-scene filled. First off, when Akane talks about how cute Himawari's swimsuit was Himawari presses her breast together while saying "we bought this together". In that same scene Wakaba got angry when Akane said Himawari's large chest couldn't fit in her swimsuit (though I'm sure Akane meant well). Also the conveyor belt scene where I can see that Himawari's running was more exhausted but it did make her breasts jiggle far more than they really should!
Overall I'd say that her breasts themselves are fine, but they're a bit too jiggly for my tastes. Plus Vividred is more off a butt anime so it was obvious that Himawari would be the bust character. That would be fine, Strike Witches has Charlotte and Lynette, but they really should have done something more with butts than just buttshots. Have Akane kill an Alone with a buttsmash or something!
Grade: B-

Clothes: Himawari does have a great wardrobe though. The middle school outfit is a standard white sailor-ish shirt with some blue stripes and a red ribbon around her neck. However, the bottom is one of the BEST, probably because it shows her "bottom" xD. In all seriousness, the school uniform for Vividred doesn't include a skirt and instead all the girls wear buruma-like bottoms. It's one of the best uniforms for that reason. Underneath, at least going by the docking/magical girl transformation, she wears plain white underwear. In the beach episode she wears a yellow bikini, it's somewhat frilly in places and has a few bows, but the thing I got most out of it is that she needed more support in it. She also models a few outfits, one of which is a nice blue dress. Speaking of dresses, she also often wears a green-ish dress with white sleeves. Otherwise her outfit choices seem to be baggy but comfortable, befitting her lazy attitude. Finally in one official art she seems to be wearing a suit-like top with frilly white undershirt, shorts, and thighhighs.
Himawari's magical girl outfit (or Palette suit) is yellow and as said before reminds me of a marching uniform. Especially the hat which has a feather sticking out the front for decoration. The outfit itself consists of a one-piece white dress with an overlay of sorts, a black belt (with her color on it) and white leggings. She also has knee-high white boots (with a stripe of yellow on them) as well as long gloves. As VividYellow her outfit is much more frilly, with a big poofy dress. It possibly reminds me of Mami Tomoe's outfit, though VividYellow's matches her name more. I'm not a fan of the big skirt, you'd imagine that the combination of Himawari and Akane would show her butt more!
Grade: B+

Tomoko: Eh? Are you sure you aren't turning into Zettai? You do seem preoccupied with butts. Not that I'm saying I read his perverted blogs either

He did mention he wanted me to remind readers that Vividred Operation is a butt fanservice show that didn't do everything it promised, but other than that I'm still me.

*The fan machine and Himawari both continue their battle.*

Machine: AIIIRRR! *prepares to fire a powerful gust.*

Himawari: I'm prepared for that now! NAKED COLLIDER!

Tomoko: (Ehhh? Naked CYLINDER? Now isn't the time to be thinking of Topaz's manbits, Himawari! You S***).

You look flustered, Tomoko...

Tomoko: W-well, it is getting to be Spring and I let my imagination run away with me...

*Himawari shoots out four yellow panels which spin around in a circle, eventually blocking the Machine's attack and sending it back at it. The machine is now unbalanced.*

See! Whoever said that shields are just defensive haven't had their attacks thrown back at them for it. Though this creature does seem familiar...

Tomoko: Maybe it's Deja vu or a Doc Robot or something?

That's possible. Quick, Himawari, use Leaf Shield! Or Atomic Fire!

Himawari: I don't have any moves like that! Though I do have a shield, in a way...

I have an even BETTER idea, but I'll finish this blog first...

Personality: We don't see Himawari for the first few episodes. This is because, prior to the series beginning, she was afraid to come to school. One of her former friends was having problems with online bullying on the school forums. Himawari, being a super hacker, removed the anonymity feature at her friends request but was told out by said friend. Because of this she lots her ability to trust and became reclusive. In the beginning of the series she was only a camera in her seat, too scared to leave her house. I'm not sure if she was a hikikomori or not, but she sure acted like one. She still doesn't like going out needlessly and would rather spend her days studying up on technology. In fact, a lot of things that don't interest her she gets bored with quickly. She had Wakaba work for her in exchange for doing a model shoot for a magazine but was more depressed that she forgot about their promise to visit something she wanted to visit. She also loves computers, games and other machines and possesses a "workshop moe" of sorts because of all her tinkering. Eventually she starts to trust the other girls better. Her catchphrase of sorts is "Ma, ma... (Yeah, yeah...)", which seems more likely if she's not listening to someone. That said, I do feel an attachment to her. We share a lot of personality traits it seems. She's "serious" or at least emotionless to a point as well (not enough to classify her as true emotionless girl) which I like.
As far as her attacks go, I think this blog speaks for itself. If you're one of the people who don't read the non-blog parts as a magical girl Himawari uses mechanical gauntlets that pop out into a plus symbol-like shape and deflect attack. This is called "Naked Collider" and no, she's not actually naked (all the Palette Suit attacks start with "Naked"). As VividYellow this attack is powered up further, with a much more awesome design though the idea is somewhat similar. The "Final Operation" is effectively a beam that can dissipate an enemy Alone's attack and destroy that Alone in a single shot. It's possible that this is the strongest attack in the series, at least as far as on the side of heroes.
I can't say much for Himawari's VA Aya Uchida. She doesn't have a lot of major roles (the biggest being Kotori from Love Live). I will say that she does Himawari VERY well. She has a great dull voice and I mean that in a good way. It's also not to pitched high and is fairly neutral. I really did enjoy hearing Himawari.
Grade: B+

Libido: Himawari is usually paired with Wakaba. The latter carries her around like a princess at least once, and Himawari is somewhat dominant to Wakaba when she promises to be her slave. This includes having Wakaba put her socks on. She also becomes close to Akane, the lead, and even kisses her forehead to dock together. I of course mean the transformation fusion, not something naughty you're probably thinking...
Grade: C+

Age: She's presumably 14 like most of the other girls. She's in middle school at least.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 68
Average score: 7.6
Final Grade: B

Tomoko: (I was still better) So what's this big attack you told Himawari about?

You'll see...

Himawari: And now time to finish... Do I really have to, Topaz?

Yes, you're the only magical girl around that can do so!

Himawari: Yeah, yeah... *sighs* Now prepare to be defeated, vile machine! Urrrrgh!

Tomoko: W-what's she doing?

Gathering her magical energy in a certain part...

*Himawari's body sparkles with magical energy. It then gathers to her tushie, expanding it with magic and ripping a hole in her bottoms.*

Himawari: See, this is why I didn't want to do this! Now Akane's grandfather will scold me!

Just do it! Rock the machine like a Hurricane! And I'm sure her grandfather would be smiling too!

Tomoko: Well, at least she still has her cow-like udders. You should be proud...

That I am, though I thought you didn't read Zettai's "perverse" blogs.

Tomoko: O-of course not! (drat, he's on to me!)

Himawari: Alright, this is for you then, NAKED BUTTSLAM!

*Himawari bashes her newly-expanded backside into the machine, dragging it against the ground and jumping right as it explodes.*

Now see, why couldn't more girls in Vividred use attacks like that? Seriously, even shows for girls have buttattacks!

*Himawari untransforms, her butt unfortunately returning to normal.*

Himawari: I have an idea, now my butt hurts! *starts to rub it*

I'm sure I could arrange someone to kiss it to make it better. I'm even an option!

Himawari: *glares* Pervert...

Speaking of perverts, Tomoko-

Tomoko: Eh-h? I-I wasn't thinking of having you kiss my butt at all! I mean, what do you want?

I was wondering if you remember what the person who stole my laptop.

Tomoko: You're still thinking of that?

She might be the one behind all these attacks.

Tomoko: That's a good point. Hmmm.... All I remember is that she was a chuunibyou with an umbrella. Her face was covered so I couldn't see who it was.

Still, that's a good hint and I have a feeling who I should confront.

Himawari: C-can I go now?

Of course.

Himawari: Good, because these new video chips were going on sale today and *technobabble technobabble*

Well, that's it for this week. See you next time!
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March 13th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-seventy-sixth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Wel-welcome back everyone. *hack cough cough* As you can tell, I'm E-Emperortopaz, internet sensation and anime girl blogger person. Now, as you know, I've done a l-lot of girls because I'm so popular. However, today I-I'll be discussing the VERY BEST girl (wait, did that need to be bold AND italicized? Eh, I'll see how it looks after and change it).

Anyway, today I'll be going over the most popular and attractive girl of ALL TIME!!!11!

Hair: Being so popular makes Tomoko's hair all shiny and smell good. It's also black and beautiful. Could it be any more perfect? I THINK NOT!
Grade: A+

Eyes: Tomoko's eyes are perfect and green. They really w-warm up my male parts! Also she wore glasses so this score is totally understandable!!1!
Grade: A+

Face: Because of her beautiful face Tomoko gets all kinds of boys. Thus, she's perfect here too, of course!
Grade: A+

Build: Here is were Tomoko's beautiful body is proven to be irresistible. Guys everywhere want to grope her and she even had a molester on a train grope her! Better watch out!
Grade: A+

Breasts: Tomoko's b-big F-cup boobies are always hidden, but she totally has them! Just look at this! *Pulls out a large-cupped bra. The tag has the name"Yuu Naruse" on it* S-see? Totally huge sweater puppies!
Grade: A+

Clothes: Tomoko's outfits are totally perfect, you can tell as she often wears her school uniform. It has a necktie, so you will understand how she's SO popular!
Grade: A+

Personality: Tomoko is really the most p-popular girl at her school. Not only that, but the whole internet loves her too! But she stays humble and continues her activities of watching anime and playing games. Sometimes she even plays with BOYS!
Grade: A+

Libido: T-Tomoko TOTALLY has done it! With all kinds of guys too, b-but she really loved them all so don't call her names.
Grade: A+

Age: Tomoko rekindled my love of highschool, so even though s-she's a high school girl I have to give her the same grade I'd give an old Christmas cake girl!
Grade: A+

Total Grades: 108
Average score: 12
Final Grade: A+

A-as you can see Tomoko is obviously the best girl ever and you should put her in your favorites. She's perfect and not even my FORMER waifu Arima Senne can-

*The door opens suddenly*


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March 6th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-seventy-fifth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*A mysterious hooded female approaches Topaz's house. She's also carrying a black umbrella.*

Aundae: Fwahaha! I have arrived, and it's time to use these freeze-dried creatures! Now, let's see... "Add water, then run for cover. These creatures cannot be controlled." Sounds dangerous!

*Aundae adds water to the creatures and, as they bubble to life she runs behind Topaz's house.*

*Inside Topaz and Ririchiyo are having a lovely breakfast. While sipping from a cup Topaz flips through pages.*

Riri: What did I tell you about reading at the table?

Sorry, sometimes I get distracted if I take time out to read. It's not my fault that some girl wrote an eight page apology about using my back as a chair last week. If anything I should be thanking her.

Riri: Harumph *flips hair* No doubt it's from one of those perverts you like to blog about.

It was YOU, Riri...

Riri: *blushes* Oh... *looks to the side* I-It was just to practice my calligraphy, alright! (I-I just like writing to you Topaz. Why can't I just admit it!)

If you REALLY want to practice calligraphy, you should put a pen between your buttcheeks and-

*Riri throws a piece of fruit at Topaz's head, striking him in the forehead and knocking him out of his chair.*

Riri: Who do you think you are, your big friend?!? (Th-though if you ask politely I might- NO! Stop thinking perverse thoughts, Ririchiyo!) *shakes head*

*As Topaz is getting back into his chair, a loud sound from the kitchen which knocks him back down.*

Riri: Ehhh? What was that?

*Topaz struggles to get back on his feet.* It sounds like something happened in the kitchen! Quick, let's investigate this awful din!

Riri: Don't you watch horror films? It's never anything good! (and really, who calls it an "awful din" anymore?)

I suppose that is true, but we'd better take a look anyway!

*Topaz and Riri enter the kitchen. There they see amoeba-like creatures destroying everything.*

Man, and I just got everything where I wanted after Dokuro attacked that one time! Looks like a bad week for me to give up eating desserts...

*Topaz's words attract the attention of the creatures and they turn towards him and Riri.*

Riri: Good job, now those things will come and turn us to dust!

Don't worry I'll- Wait, how do you know that?

Riri: We watched the show together l-like we do a lot! *blushes*

Of course, I'm just surprised that you were the one giving the exposition. But anyway, I'll summon the perfect girl for this situation!

*Topaz creates a magic circle at his feet and suddenly a curvy girl in red armor appears.*

*Meanwhile, watching through a window.*

Aundae: Nooo! I forgot to use Patchebel's song! It slipped my mind that he could just SUMMON a girl! There's got to be something to let me... *Notices an open window with a vulnerable-looking laptop.* Aha!

*Back to Topaz and others.*

Mysterious girl: What ya want?

*Riri sighs* Why couldn't it be that one Shiribe loli. Though I guess I shouldn't complain, he'd get us confused... (Also I don't want to give up my position of Topaz's assistant).

Mysterious girl: Hey, you're the ones who summoned me. Don't ya know who I am? I'm...

Oh, we do know, Chris. And you're thinking of the other blogger.

Chris: Oh? I don't need to introduce myself? That's good. Tsubasa said I might have to be blogged on sometime. Hopefully this don't mean that I have to do silly butt stuff either.

Riri: Yeah, that's pretty exclusive to Topaz's big friend.

Though I wouldn't be unhappy if you were to do something...

*Ririchiyo slaps Topaz.*

Riri: Anyway, do you think you can take care of this Noise?

Chris: Can I take care of Noise? Do ya even know who you're talking to? Now stand back! *Crossbows emerge from each hand.*

Wait, before we do, can I have permission to talk about you?

*Chris blasts a nearby Noise.*

Chris: Of COURSE ya can. Now get outta here!

*After Riri and Topaz leave, Chris's crossbows become doubled barreled machine guns.*

Chris: Now if a dance is what ya want, you'll get a dance!


*Chris's machine guns fire rapidly, easily cutting down the approaching Noise. She even flips one on its back and fires directly into its "face".*

*Meanwhile, Riri and Topaz reach his room.*

Hey... I had my laptop right here. Without that I'll have difficulty doing my blog!

Riri: Don't you still have your game-internet-thing?

That will take awhile though, but I guess that's the last resort...

*Topaz gets out his handheld and starts pointing out each letter.*

*More Noise continue to come through the kitchen walls.*

Chris: *pant pant* You're just not giving up, are you? Well then, take THIS!

*Missiles open up on the sides of Chris's hips, and she fires them at the enemies.*


*Massive explosions*

Hair: Chris's hair is a pale purple color. It could also be considered a near-white or silver color as well. Now, at first glance you might expect me to dislike her hair otherwise, being that it looks short and boring. While you're somewhat right, you don't have the full picture. You see, Chris has two sets of very long, thin twintails, giving the impression that she has short hair. And yes, that means she has four twintails, but I'd consider it as two separate sets on each side of her head. Her hair actually reaches her SHINS it's so long. Occasionally she'll wear decorations at the "base" of her twintails as well. Unfortunately this doesn't save her completely, but it's a nice start and I'd like to see her hair down more often. Other things I should mention is that her bangs form a sort of reverse-teardrop shape with how they cross slightly and that she seems to have an ahoge, maybe.
She has an official art image with a nice hat as well. However, she's far more well-known for her Symphogear headgear. And "headgear" is a good way to describe it; it might just be what my school colors were but it reminds me of a wrestling helmet mixed with a medieval or fantasy helmet. Not that I dislike it, it's just odd to describe.
Grade: B

Eyes: Chris also has purple eyes, and they are unarguably purple. They're much darker than her hair after all, and purple is one of my favorite eye colors so perfect there. They're also really nice shape-wise, being somewhat hexagonal with a nice slope in the middle (considering what she was like in the first season it's not surprising). Her eyes look deep and clear as well, like two nice amethysts or something. She has some eyelashes but nothing too distracting. In the second season she seems softer and cuter as well, though this doesn't mean that she loses a lot of her charm. Unfortunately, unlike a good amount of the other female villains, Chris doesn't wear glasses as a disguise.
Grade: B

Face: Chris's face has well shaped cheeks and a small nose. Overall really cute for my tastes, not quite puni but close enough for a somewhat-serious show like this. She also has a good-sized mouth and a cute reserved expression. However, she's FAR cuter in the second season. She has more blushing and is happier in general. Not only that, but at one point she's discussing things with Tsubasa at a family restaurant while stuffing her face and her face looks all cute and messy! Seriously, she was practically shoveling it in and it was really cute! I read on a blog "Good god, Chris. Do you not know how to eat people food?" as an insult but it sounded both funny and cute. Kyaaa!
Grade: A-

Build: Chris has a nice hourglass shape. Unfortunately I think the idolmaster girls spoiled me as not only does Chris have no measurements but that does include her height and weight. The former is what I'm more wondering about as she seems to be the shortest of the main three girls. She's about a full forehead shorter than Hibiki and Tsubasa. I've heard people say she's 154 cm tall, but I have nothing to back that up. Getting back to her figure, she's got a good waist but her navel is only about fair. Her butt is pretty nice though, and we get a good look at it when she's naked in the second season. Her arms and legs are merely average and since none of her attacks are melee it's not like she uses a lot of kicks or anything.
However, as good as her body is, and you can imagine what I'm warning about...
Grade: A-

Breasts: Yes, like a lot of other girls I do that warning in Build about, Chris is more well known for her knockers than anything else. They are a really good pair though, being big and perky which is great for my tastes. Though of course I wouldn't say that their focus is great or anything. I enjoy all the bouncy breast shots (but not over the top) she gets, not to mention how her outfits tend to show off her large chest. Again we don't have measurements, but despite her otherwise-small stature she probably has the biggest bust in the cast. The only girls who rival her are Ryouko and Maria from the second season. Oh, and in one official art she's relaxing in a hot spring, though they should have shown off a few more girls as well.
Grade: A

Clothes: Chris wears a lot of different outfits. Her most common outfit in the first season was a red dress with a good amount of visible cleavage (due to being mesh somewhat), thighhighs, and garters. In the second, when she's seen more at school, she wears the uniform which consists of a dark blue-ish plaid skirt, a matching blazer with a white shirt under it, and, most important of all, a red necktie. Obviously, this uniform is my favorite outfit of hers. She also wears a lot of bikinis in official art as well as a kimono and pajamas. There's also one time where she may have been put in a gym uniform to recover in.
Surprisingly Chris wears two different types of Symphogear, the name for the magical girl outfits in this universe. The first one, Nehushtan Armor, is one I'm not fond of. It seems uncomfortable, is a dull color, has shoulder spikes that are cool and crystal but seem blocky, and finally she shows her underboob. I do like underboob at times, like looking up a girls shirt or something, but this flagrant use of it just for style (the rest of her chest is covered) doesn't interest me as much. I much prefer her Ichaival costume, even if it doesn't show off her butt (a black skirt-like part is covering it). However, it's a nice patter of red and black and it reminds me a bit like a mecha sundress, if you can imagine what that looks like. And yes, instead of underboob it shows her cleavage, which is much more preferred as having the fabric on bottom probably gives her a bit more relief rather than her breasts being held in place. And yes, her breasts jiggle during her transformation BANG <3.
Grade: A-


*A giant Noise appears and tears open Topaz's kitchen's wall. It still even towers over the roof.*

Chris: So YOU'RE the big one. Bet you're the boss too. If you're ready then, take THIS!


*Large missiles appear on each of Chris's shoulders, aiming directly at the creature.*

Personality: Chris seems to be a basic enemy-turned-ally type. She gets fought a few times before joining with the heroes (after being healed from a near-death after a battle as well). She doesn't really trust them or want to team up with them at first. This changes a lot in the second season, where she's more relaxed due to being around others her own age. She even scolds Tsubasa on how she's acting with Hibiki! She also begins seeing music for more than just the destruction it causes. She also had a troubled past, with her parents dying to a Noise attack and she wants to redeem in her own way). She's also a heavy tsundere but in the second season this becomes more of a cutely-awkward type of personality. I really like Chris and, even without her huge cans, she became my favorite character.
As said before, Chris can use multiple Symphogears. Besides the Nehushtan armor she used the Solomon's Cane, a relic used for controlling Noise. Mostly she's seen using her Ichaival (or Ichii-bal as it's sometimes called. I prefer Ichaival as it doesn't sound like something I shouldn't scratch in public xD). In battle she's both a large ham and aggressive, though it makes sense as she's more of a ranged-support character and nukes the entire battlefield rather than focusing on one enemy. Her song style is Rock and, fitting her possibly Anglophone-sounding name, uses a lot of English words. Even the names of her attacks are English, appearing in a metal album-like font. Her attacks are Megadeth Party, Megadeth Quartet, and Billion Maiden, with Giga Zeppelin, Red Hot Blaze , and Queen's Inferno being added for the second season. She can also fire out Reflector Bits as well. That does sort of remind me of Gundam a bit, and especially Billion Maiden could be a nod to the franchise.
Remember Arrester a few weeks back? She had a great voice. I bring it up now as Chris has the same VA (Ayahi Takagaki). I wouldn't say that her voice is perfect, but I do really love her singing voice with Chris. Considering that she sings every time Chris fights we hear it a lot. And hey, any one who can sing with Nana Mizuki and not be overwhelmed by my bias for the latter is a great voice. It's slightly lower than the "average" pitch which is nice. Also, I'm not sure if it's true or I'm just imagining it, but I hear a bit of an accent in her voice. Not like an Osakan or one as pronounced, but more like she overemphasizes some harder consonants, "N"s in particular, which I have no idea why but I really like.
Grade: B

Libido: Chris really doesn't show much outward libido. There's some that say that her tsundere attitude with Tsubasa hints at something, and maybe it does but I'm not so sure. It would be nice, as then Hibiki and Miki could be together, but I try not to ship too hard. There's also people who would like to see her with Genjurou (likely because he's the only major male, at least until the second season) but he's more her guardian than anything else.
Grade: C

Age: Chris is 16 years old, though we do see her in a flashback at age 8. I won't count that, though. She's also going to high school as well, at least in the second season.
Grade: B+

Total Grades: 79
Average score: 8.7
Final Grade: B+

*Multiple explosions shake the house.*

Oh, Chris must be done fighting.

Riri: I still can't find your laptop. I've looked everywhere!

Luckily I don't have any suggestive magazines then.

Riri: No, just manga with big busty women... And speaking of which, what's THIS? *Holds up a yellow-and-black manga with a guy holding a beautiful loli.*

That's a new manga I've started reading. You might like it, it stars a beautiful female lead!

Riri: I know, I'm in it... I'm even on the COVER! *points*

Errr, let's go check on Chris. *escapes.*

Riri: You're not getting away from me that easily! (he-he called me beautiful! Not that I care, of course, but..) *follows*

*Topaz and Ririchiyo make it to the kitchen. The wall is still destroyed but the Noise are as well. Chris looks exhausted and somewhat banged up, but otherwise fine.*

Wow, I wish I could have seen this battle for myself!

Riri: I blame the animation budget...

Whoever is to blame, I hope they're able to pay for the repairs on my house! Also, I see you're alright Chris.

Chris: That's a relief, I was here thinking you were just ignoring me.

With that outfit I'd never be able to ignore you!

Riri: Darn busty girl... mumble mumble.

Don't worry Riri, you're still my assistant. *pats her head.*

Riri: Harumph, I d-don't need condescending head pats from YOU! (fluster fluster fluster fluster!)

Such a cute girl. But thanks for coming and saving us, Chris

Chris: *blushes* N-No problem. I'm just here to defeat the Noise after all. Too bad you didn't watch, hopefully someday in the future you'll be able to see me fight for real!

I would eagerly await that day, but for now it's time to close this week's blog! Maybe next time I'll find my laptop...

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February 27th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-seventy-fourth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

==Previously, Topaz has been climbing the tower of an idol company, hoping to get a song that turns people into zombies taken off the air. We finally begin this blog just as he arrives at the manager's office...==

Secretary: I'm sorry, you can't go in there.

Kotori? I should have expected you here. Why can't I go in to see Ritsuko?

Kotori: She seems to have been swamped with a lot of scandals about idols recently. She told me not to let anyone in unless they have an appointment.

Well, perhaps I can change your mind if...

*Kotori raises her hand.*

Kotori: Don't even think about writing a blog about me. No one wants to read about a C-Christmas cake like myself....

Nonsense, I'm sure loads of people would and-

Kotori: Plus you don't have a rough draft of my sheet and you wouldn't do a blog without that. AND you'd mess up your carefully-planned Arc end if you moved your favorite idol to next month.

That is a good point. I'm sure many people came to read about Ritsuko so I'd better give them what they want. But how do you know about my blogs?

Kotori: Woman's intuition! *opens a newspaper to hide her blushing face.* Anyway, you still can't see her without an appointment.

????: Well, luckily we have one!

*Both Kotori and Topaz turn to the purple-haired loli.*


Ririchiyo: That's right, I've finally done my job of being your assistant and made an appointment!

Good job Riri! *Rubs her loli head, barely messing up her hime cut. She blushes as a result.*

Riri: I-It wasn't anything. I figured that you would have been DUMB and not made one so I made one while you were missing!

*Kotori rustles through papers.*

Kotori: Indeed, there IS an appointment for a one "Ririchiyo Shirakiin". Go ahead inside, but watch out for the Puchi.

The... Puchi?

*While discussing the matter of appointments, a white haired and head-banded chibi character fell asleep in front of the door onward. It snores cutely.*

Awww, so cute!

Riri: Psst, which one's that? I've forgotten.

I don't blame you. That's Takanya, Takane's puchi. Even I forgot about discussing her during Takane's blog. Well, it's more that I wasn't thinking of referencing the Puchis at the time, but still. Now let's gently move her...

*Topaz bends over to move Takanya, but a gleam appears as her eyes open. Suddenly it jumps up and kicks him in the face with a vertical kick. She even hits him with her other foot on the rebound. He staggers back with a bloody nose.*

Riri: This is no time to be turned on by a chibi's panties, Topaz!

This is an injury-based nosebleed, not a perversion one!

Riri: Oh, and then why is KOTORI's nose bleeding?

*Indeed Kotori's nose seems to bleeding like a near-waterfall of pink.*

THAT would be a perversion one... But getting back to Takanya, how are we going to get past that SPECIAL move?

Riri: What, did it make you see SAKURA? (This isn't the time to make jokes, Riri. Now everyone will know you watched such a perverted show!)

Fortunately it did not, though sadly I don't know what to do next...

*Takanya makes a noise and scribbles on a sheet of paper. She then holds it up.*

Sign: Grumble Grumble

*Takanya then lowers it and both Topaz and Riri hear her stomach growl.*

That's a great idea, Takanya!

*Topaz leaves the room and purchases a bowl of ramen from a vending machine as well as using a water-heater to cook it. He then sets it on a nearby table and wafts the scent towards the puchi. She wanders onto the table and does her "Pose of acquiring Ramen", essentially just spreading her arms over her head as well as she can, and begins eating with determination and cuteness.*

Riri: I'm surprised she'd eat vending machine ramen.

I guess she was really hungry, but it won't give us much time so onward!

*Riri and Topaz enter Ritsuko's room. There they see her slaving away at papers.*

Ritsuko: I thought I told Kotori not to let anyone in.

Riri: Don't worry, we made an appointment.

Ritsuko: *sigh* I guess I'd better listen to you then. Go ahead and take a seat...

*Topaz and Riri move papers from two chairs and take a seat before Ritsuko's desk.*

Ritsuko: So what can I do for you, and make it quick.

I want to do a blog on you, and also-

Ritsuko: A blog on ME? Aren't you sure you want another one of our idols? Perhaps Takane, or Azusa? Both are bigger than I am...

But you're BETTER!

Riri: Plus he's already done BOTH of those girls. Yukiho too.

Ritsuko: Wait, Yukiho too? That's a coincidence. All three of them have scandals going on. *glares at Topaz* You didn't have anything to do with them, did you?

*Topaz is nervous* O-of course not!

*Ritsuko catches his lie.*

Ritsuko: NONSENSE! You look JUST like this guy Azusa was with last week! *slams a scandalous newspaper on her desk in front of Topaz.*

Riri: I KNEW I had to watch you. Look, you're dating some dumb busty girl! *tosses the newspaper at Topaz's face. He holds it up and reads it afterward*

H-hey, this is from last week! We were just in THIS building, and she was just helping me find the stairs!

Ritsuko: That... actually is a fair excuse. What about the guy who fell into Yukiho's hole and was never seen again?

Also me, though as you can see there's not a scratch on me. Well, excluding the nosebleed but that's more Takanya's fault...

*Ritsuko writes quick notes on a piece of paper for later.*

Ritsuko: Your eyewitness reports are PERFECT then, you're really helping solve some of these scandals. Just one more; speaking of Takanya, or at least Takane, what happened in that Ramen shop that made all those customer's ill?

Gas leak.

Ritsuko: That sounds sort of farfetched...

Riri: You can't lie like that Topaz.

I'm not, plenty of gas leaked right out of Taka-

*Ritsuko interrupts him.* Alright, alright. That's a bit too much information, I don't want to know in case I'm questioned. Though you ARE right, there was a "gas leak" in a certain way. *finishes writing* And with that, my workload is finished!

That's good to hear! It means you've got plenty of time for the blog now!

Ritsuko: *sigh* I guess I can be talked about. Go right ahead.

You heard her everyone...

Hair: Ritsuko's hair is a very nice shade of brown. I do like brown hair as it's one of my favorites. As far as length her hair is about... medium, possibly? It's hard to tell as her hair is usually up. Usually it's either in braided pigtails or in a high-bun. Personally I like the pigtails more, though I'd prefer if they were a bit more Moemura and less old-fashioned burger icon. We do at least see her with more shoulder-pigtails (IE: ones that rest on her shoulders rather than sticking up like a couple shrimp) as well as with her hair down in the credits for her episode. It goes about to her shoulder blades, if you're curious. She also seems to have two antenna, though they're less obvious when her hair is up. In a past picture we see her as an idol with a ponytail, though this isn't how she is in the games (sadly). Her sidecurls go to her shoulders which is nice so I predict that her hair down is about the same. She has straight bangs but not a hime cut (both because it's not dense enough as well as her side curls not being thick enough as well). I blame her part, though it's a lot better than in Xenoglossia. I really dislike the M-style of bangs she has there.
Grade: A-

Eyes: I mainly know Ritsuko from the Slice of Life show so I see her more as a brown-haired girl than one with blue eyes (which is great as I like matching eye and hair colors). Her eyes are also nicely puni-looking as is the case with most of the idols. She does have an eyelash in the corner, though that's not too big of a problem. Sadly she doesn't have a slope though, I wouldn't mind her with a Tsurime...
Of course, we can't forget that Ritsuko wears glasses. Not only that, but she PERFORMS in them and is rarely seen without them! There is one card without them, but I assume that's because people are dumb and at least it's a SR. Still, boo that. As far as the glasses themselves, they're a somewhat thick-framed pair with narrow lenses. Not so narrow that I can't see her being able to see through them and at least it covers most of her eye as well. Though on occasion, like with a lot of full-frames, she'll be drawn without the top frame so you can see her eye more.
Grade: A

Face: Like the other girls this month Ritsuko has a generic A-1 face. Soft-looking and with a small nose (even if it's implied to be larger than shown by her glasses) but still not all that elegantly drawn. It's especially bad in Ritsuko's case, not because her glasses are some magnet for failure writing, but instead her episode was especially shoddy it seemed. Something just seemed.. off, and they seemed to overuse certain angles (like three-quarters top-down view shots) far more than they should have. That said, she's still a pretty girl and I shouldn't complain too much.
Grade: B

Build: Ritsuko is 156 cm tall and weighs 43 kg. Her measurements are 85-57-85 as well. As you can see, she's probably the most "balanced" girl in Idolmaster as her bust and hips are the same measurement. And it's a fairly sizable measurement at 85 in each, that's about the bare minimum for my "A" rank as well. Unfortunately for her, "minimum" doesn't work as well when you have girls like Azusa or especially Takane to show you up, and Ritsuko looks more slender than anything. Nothing wrong with that, and she DOES have a nice body, but her curvier costars seem to show her up here. I will say that her butt is nice and round as well (as it should be, she was in second hip-wise until Takane blew the rest of them out of the water), at least as far as I can tell.
Grade: B+

Breasts: As stated before, Ritsuko's bust measurement is 85, and that's just enough for an "A" rank. Bare minimum, but there's nothing wrong with that. She doesn't compare well to Takane or Azusa again, but she's medium-sized as far as the show goes. While not as bouncy as Azusa in Puchimas, Ritsuko is fairly "boing-boing" (though Chihya still respects her and doesn't bite).
Grade: A-

Clothes: Ritsuko occasionally wears an idol outfit, though it's much rarer for her to do so. It's only about in "her" episode as she's filling in Azusa and then the finale. The former being a pink and white one that doesn't show off her body all that well as the chest isn't exaggerated and she has a somewhat-tight skirt but the pantyhose is a nice touch (even if it is pink). The latter is a blue and white outfit with a frilly skirt and a shooting star-like strap. To practice she wears a green track suit with it being zipped up and her sleeves pushed up to her upper hands. She also wears at least three bikinis, all of which are some sort of green pattern. Sadly in the show she wears a mini-jacket to hide some of the shape of her chest, but the official art helps. In fact, there's one magazine spread that's JUST Ritsuko in nice clothing!
However, Ritsuko isn't an idol and instead is a manager. Because of this she tends to wear a SUIT more often. I love girls in suits, especially dark ones like Ritsuko wears (it's a nice navy shade). Under the blazer she wears a long-sleeved white blouse with a ruffled collar and on bottom is a matching skirt, though sadly not a tight one. Unfortunately she doesn't wear a tie, let a lone a necktie, though she does have a white ribbon around her neck. There's also another office-like outfit as well, being a white long-sleeved shirt with blue stripes and a tight black skirt with a big belt. It looks very business like as well, and while I like her suit more I expect this to be cooler during the summer months. Even Ritsuko's casual outfits are great!
Grade: A

Personality: Ritsuko is the type of business-minded girl any company would be happy to have. She's both smart and cool and can stay focused under pressure. She also likes putting things in order and analyzing data (really, these are things her official profile says she likes). She's mainly nice but can be demanding and hard on those that need it. She'll even work someone to the ground! Especially shown in her episode where the two girls Iori and Ami try the same thing on her (though that also backfired for them). She'll even scold the producer if he does something wrong. But it's not like she's played up like a villain either, she's just trying to get the girls to work up to their potential. Not only that, but it's not like she's money-grubbing either so despite being hard she seems only concerned with getting the girls famous and nothing more. She probably knows how hard it is to be an idol as well, considering she's a former one herself. She even has a group of fans that stay loyal, coming to her surprise concert when she filled in for Azusa.
Ritsuko has an above-average voice. I like some of her songs as she has a nice pitch as well and most are pretty fast as well. Her pitch is good in general as well, being right above "average" for me (though my pitch tastes are lower than some). Her voice actress, Naomi Wakabayashi, surprises me by even being a meganekko herself, and Ritsuko is one of her two biggest roles (the other being, surprisingly, Kudryavaka Noumi from the Little Busters).
Grade: A

Libido: In the show proper it seems to be more that Miki going after the Producer while Ritsuko doesn't concern her with such things. However, there's a good amount of fans that would love him to go with Ritsuko instead and this is how Puchimas seems to portray it as well; even Ritsuko's puchi Chicchan gets overly excited when she got patted by the Producer. She's a bit tsundere for him though, not in a bad way though. It's more that she facepalms to idiotic things that he does but still retains her genuine care for him.
Other pairings I've seen for Ritsuko are Kotori and Ryo. Kotori mainly because they're both staff in the shows and I imagine that's the reason. I'm not sure, I haven't done a lot of research as I'm not big on the pair. Ryo however, I wouldn't mind. Sure they're cousins but any girl willing to put a teenage boy in drag I imagine should have a nice libido. Blame my perverse fetishes! Oh, and I guess I should mention her love of penguins in Xenoglossia. I haven't seen the show myself but I've seen her hugging another girl in a penguin suit for some unexplained reason.
Grade: B+

Age: Depending on the point you are in the franchise, Ritsuko is either 18 or 19. I only know her as a 19 year old though. She's a great age, though I'd say that 20 is my limit for an A+ so unfortunately she doesn't surpass that. Also, her birthday is June 23rd.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 90
Average score: 10
Final Grade: A-

Wow, that's a surprisingly great score! I'd better change it...

Riri: Hey, what are you doing? I thought you liked Ritsuko!

I do, but with images being denied I don't know if I can give a great score like this. We haven't had this occur yet.

Riri: It'll be fine. Just add a link. Like this.

That's a great image AND idea, go glasses adjusting! And with that, this blog is complete!

Ritsuko: Wait a minute. You didn't just want to blog about me, right? Because if you did you could have done that without me. Though I do appreciate you asking for permission.

Riri: How could we be so forgetful! Topaz, the song!

Oh yeah! There's been this song called "Kill Topaz" that's been turning people aggressive towards me! We heard that this company had something to do with it, so we came to ask you to stop it.

Ritsuko: Kill... Topaz? That doesn't even sound like a song one of our idols would put out. Even then I'd have to sign off on it. *looks through papers* Ah, here it must be. Eh?!?

*All three are surprised that the notice was signed by a "Ritsuco Akusuchi".*

That's not your name at all!

Ritsuko: Obviously someone wanted you to suffer, and enough to sign my name incorrectly off on it. And apparently the idol's name is just an alias as I've never head of this.. "Patchebel" anywhere. She's certainly not part of 765 productions, at least.

Riri: So you'll take that stupid song off the air?

Ritsuko: You bet I will! Our company won't be suffering any more scandals at this rate! *raises fist to show passion.*

Glad to have that figured out then. Well Riri, I guess it's time for us to close out this blog. Thanks for being such a good sport as well as my favorite idolmaster girl, Ritsuko.

Ritsuko: Always glad to meet a loyal fan.

*Riri and Topaz both leave.*

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February 20th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-seventy-third week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz walks up a staircase, pausing at a floor to greet his readers.*

Welcome to this week's blog everyone. As you should remember, I'm currently going up the building of the 765 Production company to speak to Ritsuko about the idol song that's making people crazy. I haven't seen Ririchiyo yet though, I hope she's alright and-

*As Topaz talks he becomes speechless as a bikini-clad busty woman with long hair walks by. He can't take his eyes off her large bosom as she jiggles in the well-supported but revealing blue bikini top, seeming to move in slow motion. Topaz decides to follow her, trying not to be seen. Suddenly she stops, though her chest continues to bounce, and begins eats a banana in a suggestive manner.*

Mysterious lady: Mmmm... This marshmallow creme-dipped banana is delicious...

*She makes more erotic noises as she continues to lick and suckle the banana. However, her messy eating makes her drip the sticky white topping all over her chest. She presses on her chest as if to tease Topaz further.*

Mysterious lady: Ara ara, it seems my chest is all dirty with MARSHMALLOW creme. If only there was a way to get it clean!

*Topaz attempts to reveal himself, but he gets stuck behind the corner he was hiding behind and the woman wanders off. He attempts to search for her, but realizes something worse than just losing a great opportunity...*

I'm hopelessly lost!

*Topaz attempts to look through random doors, but indeed he is lost in the hallways of the building.*

I knew I shouldn't have been tempted by such a great busty girl, now I'll never fulfill my mi-OOMFF!

*While searching Topaz didn't look where he was doing and runs face-first into a short-haired woman's large chest. He even bounces back in reaction, her busty figure still apparent even if she's wearing a sweater, among other somewhat-conserved clothing. She starts to speak first.*

???: Ara ara, it seems that you've lost your way too.

I know that "Ara Ara" anywhere, you're Azusa Muira!

Azusa: That I am, and it seems that you're a fan of mine. Perhaps we should stick together and find our way out.

That sounds like a great idea, Azusa. And if you don't mind, I'll do my blog on you while we're searching.

*Azusa puts her hands together and tilts her head to the side cheerfully.*

Azusa: That does sound pleasant.

That's good, plus I guess that explains the moment with the banana too. Harem incidents and all that.

*Azusa looks puzzled.*

Azusa: Ban-ana? What are you talking about?

The part earlier when you tried to seduce me with a marshmallow-covered banana. It had you in long hair and a bikini and-

*Azusa looks concerned and puts her palm against her cheek.*

Azusa: You must have just been seeing things. Maybe Takane's gas delayed some delusions in you or something. I've had short hair for months now...

I at least THOUGHT it was real, but it seems I was just having a MIURA-ge.

*Topaz chuckles to himself. They start on their way to look for the stairwell.*

Anyway, it looks to be time to start the blog proper, and it looks like...

Azusa: Hmm, you still used an image of me with long hair. I wonder why that is...

Well, you're in luck then. The first topic is hair, after all!

Hair: Azusa has blue hair. In the anime I saw, anyway. She seems to have started with black hair and was once seen with dark purple, but like I said the anime as well as most art I've seen depicts her with blue hair. She also has an ahoge, and in the short in-universe movie they make it turns into a scythe.
However, not everything is great. She DID have long hair, with it nearly reaching her hips in length. It was also usually kept free and looked really pretty. However, she cuts it fairly early on in the series. Afterward she becomes the idol with the SHORTEST hair as it doesn't even reach her SHOULDERS. It's a shame as her hair framed her head and neck really well when it was long. Finally, she also has a rather large part in the middle of her bangs, with them being pushed to the side and reaching her chin. While nice, it also exposes her forehead but not enough for me to penalize her too much.
Grade: B

Eyes: Azusa I think has brown eyes. It's hard to tell, they might be red or purple as well. Purple makes sense as that would explain why her "color theme" is purple. But anyway, she has similar eyes to Yukiho as both girls have a certain "innocence" or "calmness". Though this might just be because they're from the same studio. They're nice and puni, with a gentle appeal I like to think.
Grade: B-

Face: Azusa's face is soft-looking and somewhat curvy as well. Her cheeks especially look pinch-able. Like the other girls she also doesn't have much of a nose, though that's also sort of a problem. A lot of the Idolmaster girls have similar facial features. She is at least usually cheerful and has a big dumb smile on her face. Well, not quite "dumb" as much as "blissfully airheaded" but still.
However, in Ritsuko's episode she had to take the spotlight because Azusa came down with the mumps. It's not often that we see girls get ill in series, and especially with such image-changing diseases. Indeed, Azusa's face becomes puffy and inflamed, and while I respect them for actually showing her like that I have to penalize her for that.
Grade: B-

*As Azusa and Topaz walk, they past a long hallway of windows. Unknown to them, a photographer takes pictures of them from another building, hoping for a scandalous article. Meanwhile, while Topaz is blogging and wandering around randomly, Riri walks up the stairs and doesn't get lost.*

Riri: *sighs* Now where could that idiot be...

Build: Azusa has a very voluptuous body. Like the other girls, she has measurements. She's 168 cm tall and 48 kg, which is surprising as there's only 1 cm difference between her and Takane (the tallest Idolmaster girl). I wasn't expecting Azusa to be that tall, honestly. Her three sizes are 91-59-86, which means she's pretty shapely as I said before. I'd probably prefer her hips to be slightly larger, but a difference of 5 cm is the highest I'd go to describe her as "hourglass" so she barely qualifies. Her legs are... alright, I guess? They're definitely not sticks, nor are her arms. Additionally, besides Takane Azusa has the largest butt of the group. It's a shame that the difference is so wide between her chest and hips though. The main problem, as you can probably tell, is that another body part of Azusa's gets FAR more attention than any other, and, if you can tell by the measurements, that part is...
Grade: B+

Breasts: AZUSA'S ROCKING BREASTS! Seriously, in nearly every appearance or official art she seems to be wearing clothes that accent her chest or is jiggling in some way. Not that I mind, of course, but the main problem is that it causes the rest of her to suffer. By all means, even in the simplistic art style of Puchimas she's bouncy (though considering most of the girls are simplified in general and Azusa's chest is one of her character traits it's understandable, but then it's a shame that Takane isn't known more for her even BIGGER butt!). I even think at one point there were boing-boing sound effects onscreen in that show!
That's not to say that I dislike Azusa's chest or anything. I'd certainly love to rub my face between those 91 cm melons. I'm just saying that she could use some attention elsewhere on occasion. Oh, and the giant Azusa-bot in the (in-series) movie trailer also has torpedo boobs.
Grade: B+

Clothes: Again, like the other outfits Azusa wears a lot of outfits that I don't quite remember all of them. What I do know is that Azusa tends to dress sexier than most of the other girls, with a lot of chest-accenting outfits. Her casual clothes are somewhat conservative though, so I imagine the reason for this is that the company knows how to sell Azusa. She also has a few skintight idol outfits, and from what I hear she wears a skintight outfit in Xenoglossia as well (maybe). I couldn't tell what fruit outfit Azusa wears (Apricot, maybe? They do call it a grapefruit but I can't say I've seen any), but it's a shame they didn't think of putting her in the MELON outfit. It only makes sense, ya know... Speaking of missed opportunities, I imagine that seeing Azusa bounce in the idol-lympic's outfit is nice and fits her character, but in that case they should have had her participate in the bread-eating race instead of Takane (who would change with one of the girls in the balloon-sitting contest). I can just imagine Azusa jumping for bread, and the guys would have to lower the bar to hide their excitement too xD. There was also the moment where she was in a wedding dress for a photo shoot as well, and while I'm not a fan of strapless outfits she did look beautiful. Not, as stampede-of-people-chasing-her like the anime showed but still beautiful. Finally her swimsuit is a white bikini with a bow under her chest (I would have preferred a dark blue or black one to match her hair, but this is fine).
I try not to count the idol-cards as well, but there's some that I feel I must talk about. First is the fact that she attempts to wear Haruka's outfit, probably stretching it out. She also wears a competition swimsuit, a gym uniform with blue buruma, a pilot's uniform, a kimono, and a few other great outfits.
Grade: A


*Yukiho enters a dressing room.*

Yukiho: A-Azusa-san! Excuse me for e-entering but on the news... Wait, she's not here, I wonder where she went... Hmm? Her "Short wig", an accessory that makes it seem like she has short hair, is missing. And what's this in the garbage? A banana peel covered in marshmallow-creme? She sure does have some odd snacking habits... At least it doesn't have an autograph, I guess.

Personality: As I'll say later on, Azusa is the oldest of the idols. Because of this, she acts a lot like a mature older-sister type to them. I do enjoy older sisters so this is a plus. However, Azusa doesn't always obey the "mature" part as, well, she's a real ditz. She's air headed and oblivious very often, with a dash of cheerfulness and innocence. She gets distracted and then lost easily, the latter of which is the main point of her episode (she gets kidnapped but is released when they realize they have the wrong person. Then, on her way back, she starts to help everyone). Her Puchi, Miurasan, even teleports when afraid. Getting back to her general absent-mindedness, this does have the advantage of having her catchphrase be "Ara ara", or essentially "Oh my", which is one of the phrases I really love. She's very easygoing and carefree, being not that deep of a character I imagine. She dislikes spicy food and her hobbies include dog walking, Café hopping, and telling and getting fortunes (especially about love). She was also a gravure model, unsurprisingly. In addition, Azusa joins the in-show group of Ryuuguu Komachi with Iori and Ami.
Azusa's voice actress, or at least the one I know of, is Chiaki Takahashi. She's not terrible, but I would think that the oldest girl would have a deeper voice. Sort of like Takane's. That said it's not like it's painfully high and, considering her personality of being "light", it would fit to have a somewhat higher voice.
Grade: B

Libido: As we didn't discuss her reason for being an idol, you'd expect it to be here. And indeed, you're correct; Azusa became an idol in the first place to meet that "special someone". Other than that though, she doesn't show much libido (in the anime, at least). It even seems that she's oblivious of her large breasts and beauty, though in the games it seems she'll use them to seduce the producer. She also gets asked out, though she usually refuses.
Grade: C+

Age: Azusa is the oldest idol at 21 years old. This is great enough to get her an A+, though as additional information her birthday is July 19th.
Grade: A+

Total Grades: 77
Average score: 8.6
Final Grade: B+

Azusa: *puts hand on face* Ara ara, it seems that I'm very appreciated.

That you are, though I imagine that others would give you an even greater score. And maybe one or two who would give you a worse one.

Azusa: I see then, and it seems that we've found our way to the stairwell. What good timing!

That it is, I guess even a RNG can beat Pokemon! I guess I shouldn't have chased the fake-you out of my path so much though.

Azusa: Ara ara, what would you have done if it WASN'T fake.

...I don't know... But I don't think you'd play me off as that much of a fool.

Azusa: Of course not, fufufufu...

Anyway, it's time to close up the blog for the week. It also seems we'll be finishing up this arc next time! Like most of the arcs being only a month long, but still!

*Topaz heads up a level, but sadly doesn't get any stronger.*

I hate empty levels or worthless ones, but the narrator just means I'm heading up the stairs...
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February 13th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-seventy-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz and Riri walk down the street.*

Riri: So you're saying that we'll get an idea of why these idol fans are all after you by going to this place?

That's right, plus we'll hopefully get them to stop. And here we ARE!

*The two stop a block from a large office building. However, a large crowd surrounds the front of the building, snapping photographs and asking questions.*

"Are you really from the moon?"

"What REALLY happened in the Ramen Shop last week?"

"Can I touch your butt?"

*Various other questions are thrown out but no reply is given.*

Riri: *points* There's no way we'll be able to get through such a crowd of paparazzi, Topaz! What should we do?

I know EXACTLY what to do, and it's something my friend loves doing...

*The scene fades, and when it returns we find Topaz and Riri behind the building in an abandoned lot of sorts."

...we'll take the REAR ENTRANCE!

*The two start walking towards the building, continuing their conversation.*

Riri: That's an overused gag, I imagine. Just because your friend likes butts doesn't mean he'll enjoy it either. Even if he seems to be your only reader. Besides, that was already used by that one Sonico series... *Turns to face Topaz.* N-Not that I enjoy watching shows with you on your lap or anything.... wait...

*As Riri spoke it seemed that Topaz disappeared. She looks around and sees no evidence of him.*

Riri: That IDIOT blogger! I can believe he left me behind and ran off in front! When I see him again I'll scold him!

*Ririchiyo runs forward and enters the building. However, she was completely unaware to the single hole in the lot. Now, let's rewind slightly: grainy images of past Riri appear. However, this is from Topaz's view rather than the camera (you can tell as he eyes her legs and butt as she walks). However, right as she says "friend" Topaz falls into well-disguised hole, dust entering his mouth to prevent him from screaming. Luckily the hole is sloped so he slides to the bottom safely. We now join him as he brushes himself off in a basement-seeming area.*

Hmmm, it seems that I've fallen and from the steep slope it appears I won't be able to get up. Guess I'd better explore around here.

*Topaz walks around and eventually finds a brown-haired girl with a shovel.*

???: EEEEEEK! A man! *starts to dig with the shovel, but Topaz grabs her*

W-wait! You can't dig here! You'll probably hit a water main and flood the entire room!

*The mysterious girl gets bright red and squirms out of his arms. There, he can finally get a good look at her.*

Hey, I know who you are! You're Yukiho!

Yukiho: Eep! H-how... did? I mean, it's good to be a fan, but I wonder how you got in the b-basement...

I feel through a hole, and I presume you're the one who dug it?

Yukiho: T-that I did, but I thought I covered it well enough that no one should fall through. Are you alright, at least?

I'm fine, though my clothes are a bit dusty.

Yukiho: I see then... *looks to the side in dismay*

If you'd like I can do my blog on you and we can call it even?

Yukiho: Oh, you're that one who talked about Taka-neesama last week, weren't you. I-I think I'll be alright with a blog b-but don't do anything too crazy.

You heard it, readers...

Yukiho: O-occasionally people call me Yuki-pyon too. Mostly Ami and Mami, I guess but still....

That reminds me, Takane must have warned me about your hole in a round-about way. She called you "Mole".

Yukiho: That sounds more like Kotori, she has a mole on her face.

Right, I imagine you're more "raccoon" than "mole". Even if you do dig pits.

Yukiho: I-I don't grow a tail, sorry...

Hair: Yukiho has a nice shade of brown hair. It could stand to be a bit darker, but the way it is now is fine (shadows help). In Xenoglossia she DOES have a darker color, but it also looks a little too green than I'd like. Mind, I like brown hair and green hair, it's just that the mix isn't usually that great. As far as style goes she has a bob cut. It's a fairly average hairstyle for me as I prefer long hair. Yukiho's hair barely reaches her shoulders.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Yukiho's eyes are somewhat similar to her hair color-wise. By that, I mean that her eyes are brown. Not QUITE as dark as her hair (in some images she seems to have golden-ish eyes) but they're still a soft coffee-like color. Shape-wise her eyes seem to be as wide as they are tall and really oblong with a tarame. It does give her a kind moe-looking look and fits her personality well, but it also seems somewhat generic (though this might just be the art style). They are soft looking and nice, but not really noteworthy.
Grade: B

Face: Much like her eyes Yukiho's face is pretty soft-looking, not to mention gentle. Like the rest of her cast she has small features and pretty well-done cheeks, at least at times. I blame A-1 for cutting costs on animation and making people look similar. On the other hand her anime depiction is the one that I prefer as she looks worse in the games or early official art. She's not terrible, but again she's not really that memorable. I do say that some of her reactions are fun to look at though, moreso in the episode that focuses more on her.
Grade: B

Build: Like Takane last week (and most idolmaster girls in general) Yukiho has measurements! She's 155 cm tall and weighs 42 kg, and her three sizes are 81-56-81. As you can see she's not bad and her hips are as big as her bust. This is good as I like hourglass figures, though it would help if she was bigger in both places. As is, she's not that exciting. Of course, she's no Azusa or Takane (for her butt) but she's also no Chihaya or Iori either for flat or loli-ish appeal. She's nearly smack in the middle and as a result doesn't get a lot of head-turning fan art as a result of not really having much to go off of. One last thing I will say is that she seemed to be one of the girls that stole Takane's place in the balloon popping contest, squishing a red one with her backside.
Grade: B-


Yukiho: I-I know I'm flat, no need to talk more about it...

Nonsense, Yukiho. 81 cm isn't bad and you'll make Chihaya sad if you continue to talk like that. Especially because your waist is about even with her, so it's not like the difference is made up there. Anyway, speaking of her chest, Yukiho is reserved but does show cleavage on occasion. Not much, as like I said she's a "middle" character, but she's definitely not flat despite her depreciation. And when I say "middle", I mean it; of the 13 "idols" (including Ritsuko) Yukiho is right in the middle with six girls smaller and six girls larger than her.
Grade: B-

Clothes: Like Takane it's hard to judge Yukiho's outfits as she has so many. She has such a variety it's hard to describe them all, but one thing that I noticed is that Yukiho is one of the most reserved girls. While others might show their midrift in an idol outfit Yukiho hides hers (though not all the time). During the beach episode she wore a white swimsuit with a skirt of shorts that reminds me more of a summer dress than something you'd swim in. I don't mind her reserved look as it fits her personality (we'll get to that next, I promise), but it is unfortunate we didn't see her in a better swimsuit. In the show she also wears a fruit-cherry costume (it makes sense in context) as well as the idol-lympics outfit like Takane (though, as said before, Yukiho at least made use of the tight blue shorts). Finally there's also official art of her in a Santa outfit and she looks really cute in it.
Grade: B

Personality: Yukiho is a very shy and reserved character. Her timidness certainly made me like her more, and in her episode we actually see what she's so scared of. She sees men as monsters and rather than what they actually say she hears unfortunate things. She panics as a result. To me this shows more of an understanding of what androphobia is than just having a girl punch a guy (even as a running "joke" Inami is terrible). She also easily bursts into tears, which is why I named this blog "Glass Idol"; Yukiho is extremely fragile and breaks down easily. That said, she did become an idol to fix that and, as shown in the third episode, she's getting better at performing in front of guys. In addition to men she's also afraid of dogs (even small ones) and when frightened she'll actually pull out a shovel and digs a hole. Her catch phrase seems to be "I'll go bury myself!" as well, due to this fact.
Her shyness is just a part of her personality, of course. She comes from a traditional household though we never find out what her father does). She enjoys green tea, writing poetry and blogging (seems I've done a few of those lately). In addition to having traditional tastes and aspects she's also very girly, wearing a lot of flowers or skirts and just having a feminine aura in general.
Voice-wise I have a slight problem. I'm not a big fan of Azumi Asakura as her voice (for Yukiho, at east) seems to be higher pitched than I enjoy. I suppose it does fit Yukiho, but I wouldn't say she's one of my top girls for singing. Unless you're talking about Xenoglossia where she has YUI HORIE's wonderful voice. And I'm not saying that just because I like Yui Horie; her voice does really seem to fit Yukiho better and you can hear it in her "Melos no You ni -LONELY WAY-" cover.
Grade: B

Libido: As I said prior, Yukiho has a problem with men. Because of that, I can't give her a great score here. However, she does eventually learn to be comfortable around the producer. In addition, while a fellow idol Yukiho seems to be Makoto's biggest fan and really enjoy dressing her up in men's clothes. Makoto is the tomboy of the team and has a lot of female fans so they might be paired up easily.
Grade: D+

Age: Yukiho is between 16 and 17, depending on where you are in the show. Yes, surprisingly she's one of the few characters in a series (and the only one in this one) to have a birthday party. It's episode 22 so she's probably 16 more than 17, but still. I imagine that she gets a party because her birthday is December 24th and they couldn't have a Christmas episode without her feeling left out (I certainly feel sorry for any readers with December birthdays. Oh wait...).
Grade: B+

Total Grades: 67
Average score: 7.4
Final Grade: B-

Yukiho: That wasn't too bad actually...

Thanks, it might be a little lower than I expected, but it's not a bad score. Now, if you don't mind, I have to climb this building and talk to Ritsuko to get something taken care of.

Yukiho: I see then, I'll stay down here and try to fill the hole back in like I was trying to do.

That's a good plan, hopefully no one else will fall through it. *starts to walk up stairs.*

Yukiho: Watch out though, the inside of the building is confusing!

Don't worry, I'm good with directions. And I'll see all my fans next week, so catch you then!

==Next week:==

I'm hopelessly lost!
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February 6th, 2014
This is the Two-hundred-and-seventy-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz enters a ramen place and sits down at the bar.*

Hmmm, this is the place that Zettai told him to meet the idol I'm supposed to talk to about this whole "zombies attacking me" thing...

Guy: Hey, no loitering! Order something or get out!

Oh, pardon me Ramen-store owner guy, I suppose that I should order something. But lets see here *looks at the menu*. Hmmm, I can't imagine what most of these would taste like. I've only had instant ramen before...

*Suddenly the restaurant door swings open, revealing a shadowy female.*

???: He'll be having MY usual. Though he'd probably only like to start with one. I'll be taking my usual three, of course. *The girl holds up three fingers.* I'm only in the mood for a quick appetizer, after all.

Guy: Oh, my favorite customer! Don't worry, those will be up in no time.

*The mysterious figure "walks" in and sits across from Topaz. It is then that she takes off her shadowy disguise to reveal long silver hair and purple eyes. Though the thick-framed glasses confuse Topaz at first, he soon realizes who this woman is.*

Hey, aren't you...

Takane: Yes, I'm who your friend told you to meet. Though you don't need to say my name as I'm currently in disguise.

I thought the glasses were new. And extremely attractive too!

Takane: You can thank your friend for that. He was so gracious to give me these red glasses, don't you think?

I'm sure it was entirely unselfish. Though I don't blame him.... Speaking of which, wasn't he supposed to be here too?

Takane: He was with me when I came in, didn't you see him? Besides, he's right here! *Takane kicks her "stool", which moans in familiar agony.*

*Topaz looks over the bar, though the camera doesn't follow him.*

Oh, hey Zettai *waves*.

Zettai: *moans and muffled by Takane sitting on his face* h-hello...

Takane: DID I TELL YOU TO SPEAK? Chairs don't speak! *kicks Zettai on his side, though it's only indicated by his moan.*

You doing alright, Zettai?

*Zettai says nothing but raises a thumb up to indicate he's still alive. Topaz sits back on his stool.*

That's good to hear. I was thinking that was an odd place for a stool too. *sits back down* Anyway Takane, the reason I told you to come here is that I'm having problems with a certain song taking over the minds of idiots.

Takane: Oh, you mean that one "Kill Topaz" song? I found the lyrics to be repetitive and dull, though now that I know it's a form of hypnotism for fools it makes far more sense...

Wait, do you mean you know who made such a song?

Takane: Yes.

Then can you tell me who it is?

Takane: That's top secret. *winks and puts a finger up to her lips.*

Curses! Is there anything I can do to make it not so top secret?

Takane: But I already have a faithful servant... Hmmm, perhaps if you allow one of those "blogs" Zettai does? I'm not big with interviews but if it's just you telling people what they'd already know I have no qualms about it.

That doesn't seem like a fair trade. I both get to advance in plot AND talk about a beautiful lady!

Takane: I appreciate your compliment. Though those topics are what this blog is for, are they not? *Takane looks at the camera and viewers directly, letting out a small smile.*

Hey, no fair breaking what little of the fourth wall we have left! But since you requested it...

Speaking of blogs, I'm surprised that Zettai hasn't talked about you yet.

Takane: All in good time, grasshopper...

Guy: Order up! Four specials! *the ramen-store owner dishes Topaz's bowl followed by Takane's multiple orders.*

*Topaz takes a bite, but nearly burns his tongue.*

OW! So hot, and that's not counting the spiciness!

*Takane immediately begins to eat.*

Takane: Sorry, I should have had him give you less spice. A novice like you wouldn't be able to handle this taste. *slurps up ramen*.

Well, I suppose I can start the blog while I'm waiting for this to cool...

Hair: Takane's hair is really quite gorgeous. First off is the fact that it's a pretty silver or white color. While not my favorite as I prefer dark colors I'm really attracted to silver shades like what Takane has. Out of the lighter colors I do like Silver the best though, and it even fits in well with her personality. Length-wise it goes about to her waist, so I approve of the length. Her hair also has plenty of volume and mass, and it's wavy as well. Her sidetails (which go to her chest) even look a little like ojou ringlets! She also has a near-hime cut, which is always a plus and again contributes to her ojou-like style. However, it's not a hime cut (or at least a "true" one) due having too many splits. Her sides also don't go down over her ears naturally, being held up by a hairband. That said, Takane's hairband isn't too bad; I don't mind hairbands if they don't pull back the bangs so hers is fine. Though it does cause intakes which I'm not a huge fan of. Occasionally she'll have alternate hair styles, such as a ponytail or a more "Japanese" half-hime cut, but despite the waviness I like her ordinary free hair the best.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Takane's eyes seem to be a magenta color, or at least that's what the official sources say. I think it's more of a purple, but since magenta is a red and purple mix it could be that too. Anyway like most of the Idolmaster girls her eyes are simple in shape. That's not to call them cheap per se (they do on occasion) but they do have a very unrealistic look. It's just an art style thing, but sometimes her eyes are overly oblong, at least in my opinion. They are puni-looking though, which means that I do like them. She does have a bit of a slant inward to them, though nothing too exaggerated. She also has them narrower on occasion, though it might be hard to tell. She also has an eyelash sticking out of the corner of her eye. Sadly, despite being an idol she doesn't wear glasses as far as I can remember.
Grade: B-

Face: Takane has a simple soft-looking face. It's acorn-shaped from the front, giving her a nice-shaped chin and jaw going to her fairly nice-looking mouth. Her nose is small, even from angles that normally could make a nose seem large. Even further Takane loses her nose in Puchimas, a spin-off show. That has a VERY simple art style so I probably won't bring it up much more, but I felt that you should know about the art style change.
Grade: B

Takane: Oh ho ho ho, so you're the one that Zettai said really admired girls in glasses.

That I am, which is why I'm thankful that you're wearing them here.

Takane: Though I bet you'd like it even more if I wore them more.


Takane: Oh ho ho. You're an amusing person, I wonder what will happen if I do THIS *adjusts glasses with her fingers.*


Takane: Hey now, don't go getting a nosebleed over me! Your ramen will be ruined if you continue. *continues to eat, but her glasses get fogged up.* Though these spectacles do have their downsides...

That they do, though that's beautiful as well. Anyway, to continue with the blog... *slurps noodles.* Hey, this is really good.

Takane: What did I tell you, after all? *begins second bowl after finishing the first already*

Build: Takane has MEASUREMENTS! And not just her height either! This is a momentous occasion. But enough celebrating, her height is 169 cm and she's 49 kg. While that doesn't seem that tall, remember that Japan tends to be shorter in measurements and Takane is still the tallest of the main idols. In fact, according to TV Tropes her first name is is phonetically similar to the Japanese phrase "So tall" (if read as 'Taka, ne') or the word for mountain peak.
Of course, Takane's height isn't the only reason I like her body. You see, her measurements are 90-62-92. That's nearly the ideal sizes (which are 90-60-90) and while I don't revolve around that notion it's a good base. Instead it's great that Takane is shapely without being too exaggerated. And, of course, what's more surprising is that she's a rare female who is busty YET has a bigger hip measurement. Because of this, her butt is often portrayed as big (which it is, of course). In fact, out of ALL the measurements from every (main) girl, Takane's butt reigns supreme. I'd say that all the ramen she eats goes directly to her butt. Shame that they didn't do much with her in the anime though, especially with the balloon-popping event! As for her legs, they do have a nice shape to them but she's not known for them and her legs are ultimately forgettable. Oh, and she's at least skilled enough to flip a male paparazzi over her head in a judo move too!
Grade: A

Breasts: Takane isn't lacking here either. She's nearly the bustiest girl in the cast (only losing to Azusa by ONE cm) and it looks great. 85-100 is where my ideal range is, so I can't say anything bad about Takane. Ironic as it is for me to say though, it's good that she's not the bustiest as well since fan artists can thus choose Azusa for busty art while Takane can get more pictures of her big shapely bottom. That said, Takane does have a few flaws here. For once despite being nearly as busty as Azusa she doesn't get as many bouncy scenes (not that I'm complaining about Azusa, but they could have evened out the ratio between them better. I'm sure that Zettai would complain that something ELSE wasn't jigglier either, and I agree with that xD). She's also always fairly covered, hiding and downplaying her chest when she can, and as this isn't a more "adult" series we never see her nipples. She does have really nice cleavage when she shows it though.
Grade: A-

Clothes: As an idol Takane wears a whole variety of idol outfits. So much so that I don't want to bore you with all of them. As far as the anime is concerned, she wears a lot of somewhat heavy outfits as casual wear (as I said before). Some more specific outfits include a red kimono, a police girl (when she was acting police chief), a black goth loli outfit (her casual wear also has a touch of gothic lolita to it as well), a black one-piece swimsuit with a white bow on the chest, a sleeveless idol-lypics uniform with blue shorts that we sadly don't get a good shot of, a maid outfit, a frog costume she gets attached to, an apple fruit costume (no doubt a gag at the fact that girls with large hips are occasionally called "apple bottoms"), and a revealing evil costume for a mecha anime spoof. And that's just from the anime, the official cards have many more outfits and it's difficult to remember them. But I can say that if, one day, she wears a teacher outfit or thong bikini, I'd greatly appreciate it...
Grade: A

Takane: Hmm, I thought Zettai would be the only one obsessed with my posterior.

I'm sure it's well-known through the fanbase. Though I must say, you seem shorter in person.

Takane: Well, technically you ARE taller than I am by some amount, but remember you've only seen me sitting down. *Takane stands up, making a sound as if she was pushing a stool back.*

You do seem taller now. But I saw you walk in...

Takane: I was on my HORSE's back, right horse?

*Zettai whimpers and lets out a neigh.*

Takane: Good horse, time for a reward. *sits back down on her stool, wiggling her backside as she does so*.

Hey, if Zettai is your stool, then what was that noise?

Takane: My seat, of course.


Takane: Correct, it was my SEAT.

Oh... OH!

*Topaz gets what Takane means as the customers seated at tables behind her start to move, disgusted by "an" odor.*

I guess even here Zettai's "Harem Lead Syndrome" is effective.

Takane: Possibly. Hey, how did you add a hyperlink to words that we're speaking?

Shhh, you'll ruin the illusion.

Takane: But it is still impressive. *drinks the broth of her second ramen bowl and begins her third.*

I'm sure I can explain it to you backstage, but for now it's time to continue the blog!

Personality: Takane is a standard "mysterious" girl. Not much is known about her background, though rumor has it that she's possibly from Germany or even the moon (though she does have a nice moon, I'd say). It's also said that she may be royalty, considering how noble she holds herself. She uses the Keigo speech pattern to show how ojou-like or rich she seems and even uses "Watakushi" to refer to herself (though I'm not good at picking out speech patterns myself). Even with rivals she uses this speech, showing a lot of respect to everyone. Speaking of her voice though, Yumi Hara is Takane's voice actress and she does a GREAT job. I really love deeper, more mature-sounding female voices. Yumi is essentially a perfect fit for Takane, fitting well with her ojou personality. Takane also covers songs from other shows, in particular Cutie Honey's theme, "Tamashii no Refrain" from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and "staple stable" from Bakemonogatari. I've heard her Staple Staple rendition and it's hard to tell if I like it more than the Saitou Chiwa version (both women sound amazing).
However, not everything with Takane involves her mysterious side, her possibly-ojou background, or her wonderful "And sexy~" voice (note: listen to her rendition of "Megare" to know what I mean). She's all around an elegant girl whose maturity is likely an inspiration to most of the other cast members. Especially to Ami and Mami, the twin lolis. She's also fairly smart (at the very least she knows German among most other Latin-based languages) but occasionally gets amused by "lesser" activities. One example is trying to use a black credit card to purchase from a vending machine (which shows how much of a rich girl she is). Speaking of food, it seems that Takane is a big eater and moreso with her favorite food of Ramen. Not exactly the noodles though, even if she does eat them as she doesn't want to waste food, but rather she likes the soup broth.
If you can't tell, I really do like Takane. She has a great voice and a mysterious past that works well with her looks (especially her hair color). So it pains me to give Takane a low-ish score here. The reason is that she's, more often than not, a background character in the series. Really, she'll show up for a gag or two and then go back to not speaking. She was the last main girl to get an episode dedicated to her (episode 19 out of 26) as well. I really shouldn't blame Takane, but that mixed with the fact that we don't know a lot about her likewise pulled her down a bit.
Grade: B+

Libido: Takane shows really no interest in matters of love in the main series. In the game however it's possible to pursue her route which you try and get her out of an arranged marriage. Note that I haven't played the game, of course. However, her oddity gets cranked up pretty far up in Puchimas. If you don't know, in this spin off the idols have small chibipets based off their personalities and looks. Takane takes to these "Puchidols" VERY easily, finding them cute and wanting as many as she can have. She's not to the point of Kotori, who nosebleeds at their cuteness, but Takane definitely has an attachment to them.
Grade: C+

Age: Takane is between 17 and 18 in the games, though in the anime proper she's 18. She's the second oldest of the idols after Azusa (not counting Kotori or Ritsuko) and seems very wise and motherly despite her barely being "adult". Finally, her birthday is January twenty-first.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 83
Average score: 9.2
Final Grade: B+

*Takane sets down her third bowl of ramen as Topaz finishes.*

That didn't seem to take long.

Takane: I like this place and their meals deserve to be savored. I could have eaten these three in no time if I really tried. Speaking of which *Takane eyes Topaz's still half-full bowl* what are you going to do with that?

Well, I was going take it home and reheat it.

Takane: Reheating ramen? You might as well just throw it out for all the taste you lose. Here, allow me to finish it off.

*Takane gets up and walks over to Topaz's stool. She then sits on his lap, wiggling it to tease him.*

OH WOW! I'm really jealous of Zettai all of a sudden. Are you sure he won't mind?

Takane: A valid question, but being that he's been unconscious since I started the third bowl he shall not remember this. *Takane starts to consume the ramen.*

I'll certainly remember this! Though speaking of remembering I do recall you saying you'll tell me who was behind all this if I did a blog on you.

Takane: *Sets down the now-empty bowl* That is indeed true. Now, if you don't know, the 765 production team was the ones who publicly released the song but-


*Takane gets up so that Topaz can stand up suddenly and walk off, as he does.*

Takane: Wait, before you go!

*Topaz turns around.*

Takane: Watch out for the ones they call Mole and Maze, for they shall cause difficulty and, more likely, filler...

Sounds like good advice, though it makes me think the viewers will have to wait until the end of the month for this plot to be completed. Man that happens a lot.

Takane: Whose the one breaking the fourth wall this time? *smirks.*

S-shut up. *Topaz steps out the door* Anyway, it's time to close the door on this weeks blog. See you viewers next week!

Takane: Hmmm, too bad I wasn't able to tell Topaz who the REAL culprit is.

Zettai: *finally awakened* You could always tell me!

Takane: You would just inform him, I predict. Plus horses don't speak. *Takane mounts her steed Zettai's back* Now, on to the next Ramen place. We still have at least five to go to before dark!

*Zettai carries Takane away.*

Zettai: I don't know if I should be as happy as I am. At least I already had this week's blog done...
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