Mitsuru "Mit-chan"


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Mitsuru (満)
Mitsuru, family name unknown, is Shigure Sohma's editor. Shigure playfully calls her Mit-chan. A very depressed young woman, she is more than often seen nagging Shigure to finish his manuscripts or other projects for publishing, which Shigure either often leaves to the last minute or falsely claims he has not finished to torment her. Because of this fact that Shigure always does have his work done, it is viewed by some that she is actually somewhat air-headed in not learning her lesson, though this most likely is not so, considering Shigure constantly does leave his house and takes sudden vacations, disappearing when the deadline is due. He has pushed her so far that she has (comically) attempted suicide several times, whiler her boss tries to calm her down by telling her Shigure is tricking her again.

Voice Actors
Okamura, Akemi
Cranz, Cynthia