Grunide "The Bloody Beast"


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Grunide (グリニデ)
A truly brutal Vandel,Grineed hated the way he looked and bathes daily in a mixture that conceals it.He is a 7 star Vandel who believes that all Vandels should be cool and emotionless.He has a very short temper and will get mad if he is so much as addressed casually.If he is angered too far he will turn back to his original form.When he is like this he is virtually indestructable and insanely strong.He considers himself Beltorzes rival and will do anything to be better than him.Before his defeat,he planned to gain another star by creating monsters from earthly materials such as rocks.He did this using the information that Kissu brought him from the ruins.To prepare for his unlikely defeat,a bomb inside his body will go off if he is ever killed.(Source:Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Ootomo, Ryuuzaburou
Cason, Chris