Aston Collins

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Aston Collins (コリンズ·アストン)

Professor Aston Collins was once the second-in-command of the Red Shield, primarily in charge of researching the chiroptera with Julia as his assistant. He grew increasingly frustrated at being unable to ever publish his research. Van Argiano approaches him about joining Cinq Flèches and Collins agrees and betrays the Red Shield by revealing the location of the organization's headquarters. He convinces Julia to join him, but turns against her after Amshel makes her Diva's personal physician. Sent into a jealous rage, he confronts Julia and attempts to murder her so he can regain his position. Right as he is about to shoot her, David runs in and acts as a human shield to protect Julia. Though he is shot himself, David is able to throw a scalpel into Collins' arm which causes him to run away screaming. Collins is never seen again in the series and his current status is unknown.

Voice Actors
Blum, Steven
Umezu, Hideyuki
Haás Vander, Péter
Bang, Seong Jun
Lilla, Sidney
Portuguese (BR)