Kaizan "Yester" Doshi

Kaizan Doshi

Grenadier: Hohoemi no Senshi
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Kaizan Doshi (開山 道士)
Kaizan Doshi is the Jester who helps Oomidou Setsuna in her plans of world domination. He was the former rebel leader known as "Mountain Templar," who a year and a half before the final episode, led the rebel army over Mt. Charanbo and onto White Wizard Lake in their march on the capital. His fate was unknown after Suirou's attack on the rebel boats left only a few survivors, including Yajiro, who greatly respected him. Although his main weapon is an Enlightened Evil gun, which utilizes a highly-accelerated column of compressed air to cut-down his victims, Kaizan is a skilled swordsman. He also has the ability to teleport and can fly using specialized boots. He had been evil for at least ten years.

Voice Actors
Nakata, Kazuhiro
Flechtner, Peter
Strauss, Kim