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Angela Balzac (アンジェラ・バルザック)

Age: 20s
Height: 155 cm

Angela Balzac is shown wearing a futuristic mecha suit composed of a leotard, garter, elbow-length gloves and knee boots. She has long blond hair tied in two tails for the most time of the movie but she is shown as having a one-long or a short hair in the beginning of the movie. She has also blue eyes. She was raised in a Matrix-like computer system on a space station orbiting a post-apocalyptic Earth. After a hacker from the devastated planet Earth below breaks into the system, she is tasked with finding and stopping the hacker in the real world. To do this, she is transferred into a clone body, given a mech, and told to meet up with an agent living on Earth named Dingo. Thus begins her fish-out-of-water tale as she not only finds herself in a strange land she knows nothing about but also has to deal with a life trapped in a body that, unlike her digital one, requires food and rest. Together with Dingo, Angela travels across the frontier-like ruined Earth, trying to solve the mystery of the hacker's identity and his true goals.

(Source: AniDB)

Voice Actors
Kugimiya, Rie
Lee, Wendee
Draeger, Kerstin
Oeffinger, Leoni
Melloul, Céline

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