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Shun Kisaragi (如月 瞬)

Shun is Kazuya's easygoing roommate. Although Kisaragi resembles a cute, tomboyish girl, he's actually a guy. Shun is the oldest son of the Kisaragi family, who run a chain of traditional Japanese inns. The females in the Kisaragi family inherit the company, but it has no connection with Shun's girlish figure. In fact, Shun is heterosexual; he likes girls, and when he was a junior high school student, he went together with a girl. Shun is very self-confident and proud of his beautiful long hair, and he knows he is so cute. Because he thinks it is the best way to be cool, he does not hesitate to dress like a girl. He can makes sound decisions and is a man of action, and no character believes that Shun is actually feminine. Shun has a younger brother named Reina and an infant sister named Yui.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Taylor, Julie Ann
Sakamoto, Chika
Quick, Lee

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