Death Billiards
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Otoko (男)

A cocky young man in his 30s who came in before Roujin at the Quindecim realm. He and Roujin were forced to play a game of billiards that would decide their fate. In the midst of the game, he was completely surprised when he underestimated Roujin who, at his advance age, was already beating him in the game and was able to defend himself after he lunged at him with a cue stick. After the confrontation, he was able to recall that he is already dead and that he died at the hands of his girlfriend who murdered him after he cheated on her. At the end of the game, he and Roujin where both led to the elevator where their fate is unknown.

(Anime+, edited)

Voice Actors
Nakamura, Yuuichi

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