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Fubuki (地獄のフブキ)

Race: Human (Esper)
Age: 23
Height: 167 cm (5'6")
Abilities: Psychokinesis
Occupation: Superhero
Level: B-Class; Rank 1
Affiliation: Hero Association, Blizzard Group
Relatives: Tatsumaki (older sister)

Fubuki is the leader of the B-Class superhero group, Blizzard Group and Tatsumaki's younger sister. Her rank is number 1. She is a tall, pretty woman, with shoulder length black hair. She wears a long black dress, black boots and several necklaces all under a long fur coat. Her eyes are bright green, much like her older sister's.

She is shown to be able to levitate and launch items. Fubuki uses "Hell Storm" where she levitates the rocks in the surrounding area and then launches them at high speed toward an opponent.

It is soon discovered that she is strong enough to be an A-Class hero, but refuses to become one since she will not be the number one.

(Source: One Punch-Man Wiki)

Voice Actors
Hayami, Saori
Spuhl, Sonja
Post, Laura
Lambotte, Jessie
Bellini, Alessandra
Castellani, Camila
Portuguese (BR)
Aparicio, Marta
Robles, Jocelyn

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