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Saiga (塞臥)

Saiga is one of the 7 Hau Dragon pilots. He is extremely arrogant towards his team mates, and gains little respect from them in the process. Saiga is extremely ambitious, and wants nothing but absolute power. He even manages to trick his team mate, Rockfell, into joining him with this.

He pilots Omzack of Thunder, which he claims is the most powerful robot. Omzack is the only robot in the series that doesn't seem to feature any limbs.

Saiga finally meets his end, after Rockfell is killed by Zeorymer, sending him into a blind rage. Zeorymer turns it's attention to Saiga, and destroys Omzack with the Meioh attack, simultaenously destroying Giso and his robot, Burrstone of the Mountain.

Voice Actors
Shiozawa, Kaneto
Sinterniklaas, Michael