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Blade (ブレード)

Blake (Blade in the Japanese version) is the main antagonist of Fuzors. He has an intense rivalry/hatred for RD for apparently unknown reasons. The lead pilot of Savage Hammer, he uses a Berserk Fury that has the (unique) ability to fuse with a Buster Eagle, forming the Buster Fury/Buster Fuhrer.

Blake seems to be driven entirely by his hatred of RD, but despite this, he has a close friendship with his co-pilot, Luke. He also strongly believes in the bond between a Zoid and its pilot, stating that a Zoid will never willingly betray its pilot.

Blake's Zoid is destroyed by the Energy Liger; it is later replaced with a Gairyuki (sometimes erroneously called Gairyuki Fury). His hatred of RD stems from his first ever battle, where his Geno Saurer was easily defeated by RD's Liger Zero. However, Sandra sabotaged his Zoid and blamed RD for it. He seemed to become less spiteful of RD after that, although he still taunts him every now and then but not for hateful reasons. Blake's Gairyuki is capable of becoming either a Gairyuki Speed (fused with an Evo Flyer) or a Gairyuki Destroy (fuzed with a Dispelow), the former was used against his and RD's last battle against the Energy Liger (No Fuzor sequence was shown and the Fuzor itself only appeared for less than 2 minutes, after which the Gairyuki was hit, splitting the two and heavily damaging the Evo Flyer) and the latter being the first used and later used again for a short time in the final battle (minus the Fuzor sequence).

It is not known what happened to Blake and Luke following their reunion after the battle, considering Sandra having dissolving the Savage Hammer Team, but it is possible the two formed a rival team, this time lacking the intent of revenge.

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