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Lind (リンド)

Lind is a Valkyrie, a member of the battle division of Heaven. Like the Goddesses Belldandy and Peorth, Lind carries a First Class Licence. However, unlike the other two, Lind's licence is classified as 'Special Duty, Unlimited,' which denotes her position as a Valkyrie.

To date, Lind is the only Goddess who can support twin Angels. This marks her as somewhat unique in heaven as a Goddess of incredible inner strength. However, her vigorous training had buried her true personality beneath an almost impenetrable network of shields and walls. Because she worked so hard training her combat skills, her non-combat magic has been neglected and, as a result, is imprecise - the results of her restoration spells have been confused with enemy attacks.

After the Angel Eater incident, she smiled for the first time in a long while, resulting in a small sliver of her true personality to shine through the walls of her long-running, seemingly indifferent, business-like demeanor.

In the television series, she does not demonstrate this emotional introversion. Although she is still focused on her duty, she does show a higher degree of emotion.

In the manga, Lind is the fifth first class goddess to be introduced, while in the anime she is the fourth.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Itou, Miki
Keranen, Carrie
Jakobeit, Giuliana

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