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Tonpeti (トンペティ)

Tonpeti is a minor ally featured in Part I: Phantom Blood. He is a ripple master who trained William Antonio Zeppeli and many others.

Tonpeti trained the then 25 year old Zeppeli in the ways of ripple and eventually revealed to him that he would face a gruesome death. Nevertheless, Zeppeli continued with his training.

Phantom Blood
The only other known ripple students of Tonpeti were Dire and Straights, who both accompanied him when they went to Dio's town. However, they did not meet with Jonathan Joestar and Robert Edward O Speedwagon until Zeppeli had died. During the final battle between Jonathan and Dio, Dire was killed but Tonpeti and Straights still helped kill Dio's remaining zombies. After the battle, Tonpeti was last seen at the docks (together with Straights, Speedwagon, and others) to see Jonathan and Erina Pendleton, now Joestar, off for their honeymoon. Tonpeti's whereabouts after this is unknown, but it can be assumed the he died during the 50-year gap between parts 1 and 2. Straights became his successor.

Voice Actors
McConnohie, Michael
Ooki, Tamio
Sakaguchi, Yoshisada
Allemane, Benoît
Vaccari, Hélio
Portuguese (BR)
Rétiz García, Fabián