Minato "Mina-tan" Sahashi

Minato Sahashi

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Minato Sahashi (佐橋 皆人)

Age: 19
Birthday: Sept 15
Horoscope: Virgo
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 59 kg

19 year old student who's just found out he's failed his exam for the second time to get into college. He's currently lives in Tokyo with no close friends and he's down in the dumps, until he bumps into Musubi. Musubi changes his life when she decides that he is her ashikabi (patner) and becomes a winged sekirei. Not only that but he finds out that Musubi is a sekirei who must battle other sekireis within Tokyo. Now Minato must keep this a secret while he tries to handle a new life with Musubi.

Not much is known about Minato's past, except that Matsu states that he originally is a native from Wakayama and was raised by a typical family. He had top scores from elementary to high school.
We also get to know from Yukari, that Minato would always help her out in the past when she would get lost in dark places like a forest, even though he as child feared those places himself. He would often carry her out.

Minato is highly intelligent, capable of devising ways on how to make better use of Sekirei abilities and is able to execute strategies in order to beat the opponent in Sekirei battles. Despite his capabilities, Minato is an insecure individual in the beginning who has a passive personality and often lacks the confidence to go against his own Sekirei when they decide on something.

(Source: Wikipedia, Sekirei Wikia)

Voice Actors
Tachibana, Shinnosuke
McDonald, Joel
von Jascheroff, Constantin
Choi, Han
Makino, Jan

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