Akira "Aqua Current" Himi

Akira Himi

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Akira Himi (氷見 あきら / アクア・カレント)

Occupation: Bodyguard/Bouncer
Legion: Nega Nebulus
Avatar: Aqua Current
Level: 1

Appeared in the volume 10 side story. A secret bouncer in the Accelerated World who offers assistance to Burst Linkers below Level 3 to gain enough points to reach the safety margin. The requirements for assistance is that the Burst Linker needs to meet up and introduce him or herself in person to her.

Haruyuki asked for her help to get enough points after Haruyuki accidentally leveled up without keeping enough points for safety. She participated in a tag battle against high level players and defeated them. After the match, she erased Haruyuki's memory so that he will not remember her face.

Voice Actors
Ueda, Kana
Kwan, Jennie
Büschken, Olivia